Up and Down 2
A scenario by Monsieur Charles
Commanded: 17th of July 2003
Executed: 19th of July 2003

  This scenario is a refinement of the "Up and Down" one. You should read it first in order to fully appreciate this one.

  Well, as I said, I reread your first message and understood the principles of the weight between the knees. And I tried it.

  The settings were mostly similar to the first arms and wrists. For the legs it was quite different though. First, I found a weight: a 4-liters plastic bottle of water, with a handle to pass ropes through. Four kilograms, yes! I tied a rope between my ankles to prevent me from spreading them more than about 30 or 40 cm. This rope I tied to the bottle. That way, the more I spread my feet, the more the bottle went down (it proved not be very useful though). I tied rope cuffs around my knees, connected by a rope passing through the bottle handle. In order to keep the bottle at the same height as the knees, I had to spread them quite a bit. To the handle were tied the two clothespins at the end of  a short string, which I clamped on my nipples. This time I also added a double-clothespin in my mouth as a gag: two clothespins tied together in opposite directions with an elastic band. I clamped one on my lower lip and the other on my upper lip; this keep effectively my mouth wide gapping.

  I was entirely nude, of course.

  I went below the hang knot, passed my hands in the coil, etc. and quickly I was trapped with my arms strappadoed behind and above my back. The position was far worth than last time because now I had to remember to keep my knees spread wide. There was no hope anymore to stand with legs almost fully straight. I could perhaps have done it, should I have been able to spread my feet as far as I wanted, but the rope between my ankles was taking this away from my options. Of course, I had to stay bent over at the waist to keep my nipples close to the bottle.

  With the experience of my first try, I knew I had to go quickly as my legs were going to tire. Moreover, this time there was no dangling knotted rope. Everything was tightly packed up in the air. I quickly untied several knots before feeling my legs begin to shake. I squatted down to rest them and discovered a new problem with this bondage: kneeling was now a much more difficult process:  first I had to squat down, on the ball of my feet, the arms stretched upward. Then I had to place carefully the bottle on the floor, by lowering carefully one knee then the other. Finally I could put both knees on the floor while having to bend low my torso in order to keep my nipples close to the bottle. Even with my feet flat, it was hardly comfortable. Finally I found that by pulling on my arms, I could put my head on the floor, in front of the bottle. In that position, my legs could get some rest, but it put some stress on my arms, as when you have to work a long time with your hands above your head. Standing up again was a little easier but nevertheless needed some good coordination.

  I stood up again and continued by assignment. The bottle was heavy between my knees and I had to stay concentrated to not let it drop by closing my thighs. Each time I forgot about it, a painful pull at my nipples reminded me to do better. With my feet close together, my knees wide open and half flexed and my body all doubled over, it was a very unnatural position. And all the time I had to concentrate on the knots my fingers were struggling with. And now I knew that kneeling was a long and difficult operation I could not afford to do so often if I wanted to get free in a reasonable length of time. From time to time, when my legs got too shaky, I just squatted down, but it was hardly relieving. Just distributing the work differently among the muscles. And by leaning my torso between my thighs, I could relax the muscles working to keep the knee rope tightened.

  I was sweating a lot of course and also drooling, with my mouth wide open and my head inverted. But having to fight against the knee rope was also giving my pussy a very good time. As if it was self stimulating. I couldn't work to get an orgasm but I was very excited for sure and was drooling from that lower part of my body too.

  However, with the added weight and strain on my muscles, I couldn't stay standing up munch long. I had to knee and put my head on the floor very often. The simple operation to get back on my feet was already taking a lot of energy, and then the hardest part of fiddling with the knots while keeping my knees apart was still to be done. This bondage let me some new degree of freedom: if I bent my waist more, I could give my thighs some relief by letting the bottle go down a little, or I could spread them as far as possible to allow my torso to unbent an extra inch and relieve my arms from their straining position. I found that I was much more aware of the strain on my arms than in the first scenario.

  After some time, I felt that my mouth was completely dry although I was still sweating and drooling from my pussy a lot. Between each knot, I squatted down to get some illusory relief, and every three or four knot I allowed myself a full kneeling rest. Keeping the standing position was more and more difficult. My nipples were kept well aware of the presence of the bottle as my thighs were doing a bad job at sparing them. My fingers were becoming stupid too. Having to run longer and longer lengths of rope through the knots made me make mistakes or half work. I guess it was just my concentration that was dropping, as well as my arms getting tired too. And to rest the arms would have mean standing as straight as possible, that is with my knees keeping their rope as tight as possible, while doing nothing with my fingers, just letting my arms to hang and rest. This was definitely something I couldn't afford. Would I have done it, my legs would quickly have become tired, forcing me to kneel and stress my arms again. Time was working against me. I had no choice than to continue untie the knots as fast as I could.

  At this time I tried to snap off the clothespins from my nipples. That would have solved all my problems. I tried to let drop the bottle to tire them free from my nipples. But I just got painful yanks to my poor breasts. I had not the courage to stay immobile when the bottle dropped and just followed its fall with my torso. I also tried to untie the hang knot, but it was irremediably tightened to death. My only option was really to get my work done with the Gordian knot.

  Finally I managed to do it! The bowline was little more difficult to untie because I had  put more stress on it. Each time I passed from the kneeling to the squatting position, I had to seize the rope with my hands and pull me upward, in order to keep both my knees at the same level and escape from a painful nipple yank.

  But once my hands were free, I did not remove the clothespins immediately. I was so excited by this position. I just kept it, bent over, knees far apart, bottle swinging beneath my breasts. And in this half crouching position I fingered me to climax. It was an easy job as I was already so excited, and the orgasm was terrific. I then just let me fall down, removed the clothespins and savoured the waves of my pleasure running through my body, on the carpet, still feeling the delicious caress of the ropes on my legs and the pain in my throbbing nipples as blood rushed in the poor flattened tissues.

  This was still better than the first try. Next time, I shall have to find a way or a need to travel across the room, having to walk while keeping the bottle in good balance. Any idea?

  Thanks Monsieur Charles.


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