Earn punishment points

  You probably found a lot of errors in my reports. Here you have a way to make me pay for them (and to improve my English by the way):
  1.   Scan my texts (my reports, not the scenario written by my cyber-bondagers) for any English errors and send me them by E-mail.
  2. I shall read your comments and give you points according to their type: typos and orthograph= 1 pt, grammatical=10 pts, syntaxical=20 pts; if you add comments about grammary or meanings of the words, you can get 40 pts.
  3. I shall send you by E-mail the number of points you earned.
  4. You will send me a punishment using those points to increase stringency, dispatching them in different ways: 1 clothespin=10 pts, 5 minutes of torment=10 pts, 1 belt lash=50 pts, custom punishment=200 pts
  5. I shall tie myself nude on my bed, place the number of clothespins you ordered and wait for how long you specified. Then I shall untie myself, remove the clothespins and lash my butt the number of times you wanted. If you specify custom punishment, please tell me when you want me to perform it (before, during or after the clothespins); note that I don't guarantee to perform any custom punishment. Check my what-I-don't-want-to-do page if you are not sure...
  6. I will try to improve my English in my next reports...

Earned points
  Here is a list of people who have found errors and have got punishment points. They can store them until they have earned the number of points they want or use them immediately. Once used, the points reset to zero. I shall correct the notified errors as soon as I can because as long as they stay on my site they can get me punishments (but not twice from the same punisher though).
Bill C. Horn: 3400 pts
Slipknot 10 pts
Heelmeester 90 pts
Denis 1130 pts

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