Hot Sheet
A scenario by Mick
Executed by his sub, Dee

The Scenario (by Mick)

Here's one I tested on my sub Dee earlier today.   Any one of you are welcome
to try this scene.  The only question is wether you can get the Arsorbine Jr.
or equivalent where you live.

This is a relatively long scene: 4-6 hours.  It would be a good way to tuck
yourself in for the night.

Time needed:    4-6 hours

Supplies:       one bottle "Absorbine Jr, Arthritis Forumla" (if you can't
            get that, get some arthritis liquid with 4% menthol in acetone
with Capsaicin added).  Other Menthol preparations may work, but the
capsaicin is important, because it makes the
effect last.

Equipment:      Your favorite ankle bondage (rope, chain, ankle cuffs, etc)
            One pair handcuffs or locking wrist cuffs
            One bed sheet (the thinner the better)
            Two ropes 10-12 feet

Release:        Lifeline key attached to a large enough amount of ice to last
            for 4 hours.


    Prepare the lifeline key and frozen ice release mechanism ahead of time.

    Make sure your bedroom is a comfortable temperature for the night.

    Take all the top covers off your bed, but tie the top sheet flat over the
bed, using the 10' ropes to the corners to keep the sheet taut.

    Prepare the ropes/chains/cuffs to tie your legs to the bottom corners of
the bed.  Make sure that the ropes or cuffs are comfortable enough for the
whole night.

    Prepare a rope or chain to the top of the bed in the middle, and attach
your handcuffs so that you will sleep with both hands overhead (I read in one
of your files that you don't like your hands apart for self-bondage).  Make
sure that your hands and arms will be high enough that you won't be able to
touch your breasts or nipples.

    Attach the lifeline to the handcuffs, and be sure that the key will be
available once the ice melts.

    You're going to sleep naked, but any mild crotch stimulation is an
acceptable option (crotch rope, latex panties, plugs, MILD vibrators only.
This is a sexual frustration assignment.  A blindfold would be one other
possible addition, but a dark room is good enough.

    Another option is erotic music.  We usually use Madonna's Erotica album.

    Once dressed/undressed, generously dab your nipples and aureloae with the
Abosrbine, Jr.  You probably won't feel anything at first.  Let the liquid
dry, and then apply more.  Do this between 4 and 6 times.  You will probably
feel a mild tingling sensation before the last application.  Warning, your
vagina would be 1000 times more sensitive to menthol/capsaicin, so don't put
any down below.

    Set your alarm (optional), and turn out the light.

    Get into bed under the sheet, and attach your ankles to the bottom
corners.  Be sure that the sheet covers your body up to your neck MAKING SURE
THAT THE SHEET IS TIGHT OVER YOUR BREASTS.  Then cuff your hands overhead and
go to sleep.  If you've arranged the sheet properly, you won't be able to
move out from under the sheet, and any body movement will result in the sheet
rubbing your increasingly sensitive nipples.  Pleasant dreams.

    Once you're awake and the ice has melted, free yourself and enjoy a
well-deserved orgasm or two.


The report (by Dee)
Here's is what Dee wrote about the first time I used this stuff on her
nipples.  Our posts are on Yahoo's "Erotic Risks" club.  In particular, I put
Dee through your pouring bottle scene, and posted the photos under album
"DeesTraining" in that club.

Now I'm asking for suggestions for scenes/punishment to "encourage" Dee to
write about some of the things we've done.  She's very reluctant to write
about her sexual feelings, so…I forced her.  Here's her first report:


This is Dee.  I really don't want to be writing but Mick is blackmailing me.
He has decided that he is going to finish the job of removing all my pubic
hair tonight and that if I write about one of our last experiences he will
try numbing the area first.  Mick wants me to write about either the pouring
water bottle or the Absorbine, Jr. on my nipples.

Well here goes nothing.   I guess I'll write about the Absorbine, Jr. since
he just finished putting more on this morning in order to persuade me further
and all I can feel as I type right now are my nipples.

The night that Mick first tried the Absorbine on my nipples I was blindfolded
and tied.  All I felt was something wet and a semi-familiar smell, but
nothing else.  I guess since I didn't feel anything, Mick then proceded to
dab the Absorbine on my outer labia to show me what it should feel like.  I
felt nothing for about a whole 3 seconds, and then it was HOT.  I  couldn't
keep from moving since I couldn't rub myself and it was sooo...HOT.  Mick
took forever to finally give my an orgasm and to help take the heat away.

When he was finished he put me to bed with my hands tied so that I can't
touch myself as usual and we went to sleep.  At some point during the night
all I could feel was the heat on my nipples.  They were hot and sensitive.  I
kept moving and every movement made them more sensitive.  Finally Mick must
have felt me moving and heard my moaning because he reached over and pinched
them.  I had another orgasm just from that.  My nipples were still sensitive
but not as hot and I was able to get back to sleep after that.  They did
remain sensitive the whole day  -- Just like now.


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