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  Perhaps did you liked the scenarios that were sent to me? Perhaps even did you try them and found other self-bondage solutions? Perhaps was your adventure different than mine? self-bondage adventures are each time slightly different even for a same person with the same scenario, thus what happens when different persons perform the same scenario, each one with their own sensibility and preferences? Perhaps did you try another scenario and would share it with us (so we can try it too  ;-) )?

  This page is for YOU, for YOUR adventures. If you want to place your adventure here, just send it to me. Feel free to join a picture or a drawing illustrating your plight

  Please don't send fantasy reports; only put here something you have really achieved (or someone else who agrees that you put her/his text on my site). If you have a fantasy, it is not wrong, but here is not the place to put it. If you have a self-bondage fantasy, either fulfill it and send me a report of what you did or (better), send me your fantasy and I will try to fulfill it and send you my report thereafter!

  The reports are sorted by date (the newest at the top of the list).

  If these reports get you aroused, imagine what it could be if YOU had chosen the scenario, the position, the ropes... You could make me do whatever you want... If you are interested feel free to tie me up!

  If you find some technical words difficult to understand, check my glossary.

  Pour les francophones, vous pouvez également m'envoyer des rapports en français.

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