An adventure by QuadCitiesDom

Well, this one just had to be done, so I did it. This is by far my best
yet. I got my horse in the middle of the room, stripped, put on my
leather restraints, and got the padlock handy.

I started by tieing a very large dildo to the horse, and then I tied a
keyring with 6 similar keys to the horse about 6 inches behind the
dildo. When I had myself cuffed behind the back, I would only be able to
reach them by impaling myself on the dildo. I had never had anything
nearly this large in me before. I attached my ankle restraints and
straddled the horse. I then lubed my future anal intruder very well.
I stood on a small block, and bent over, locking the ankles. Standing
back up, it was time. I locked the wrist restraints with the padlock,
and kicked the block out from under my feet. The head of the dildo was
just nudging my darkest corner. I was on my tiptoes.
Now it was thinking time, but not for long. My feet were getting cramps
very quickly. I tried to hang on, because I knew this was going to hurt.
Finally the pain in my feet overcame the fear of pain in my ass, and I
started to penetrate myself to get the keys. It hurt so bad I quickly
stood back up. I stayed on my toes until they finally just gave out.
When they did, I came down on the dildo very hard. It pushed itself into
me all the way.

Now it was time for release. I reached back and found the keyring. To my
not pleasant surprise, they were covered in lube and very slippery. I
spent the next 45 minutes trying to just grasp a key well enough and
find the keyhole in the padlock to release myself.

I was just at the point of pulling the dildo back out when the worst
thing in the world could have happened. My girlfriend was opening the
door. Having no other choice, I just pulled on the closest pair of
shorts and put them on. She wouldnt leave me alone for over an hour.
when she finally did, it felt good to get that thing out.

Self impalement, I love it.... Does anyone have any other ideas for me
to try?

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