What is self-bondage?

Brief presentation

  Do you know what is bondage? In short, it's simply a sexual activity where one partner ties up the other; with ropes, scarves, chains... with gags or not... strictly or only in imagination... it's a wonderfully varied activity, and soooooooooo pleasing!

  So, self-bondage is just that but here there is only one partner and she ties herself up. Yes, she can do it! I can do it! It needs only some knotting skill, suppleness and imagination. I've been training in this skill for ten years (I begun when I was 14 years old) and I'm now pretty good at this. I can probably do anything that you could command me (but perhaps I wouldn't do it because it would be too dangerous). The main idea is to use slipping knots or chains and padlocks.

  What I usually do is to tie myself up in some strict bondage, to padlock my wrists such a way I can't untie myself, and then I have to struggle on the floor, to creep inch by inch to the padlock's key that lies at the opposite corner of my apartment. Struggling against the ropes is by itself a great sensation and I often have several orgasms before I get the key and can access to my clitty to give me the last one...

Safety tips

    As you can figure out, self-bondage can be very dangerous. However I managed to survive ten years by respecting a few simple and logical safety rules; these rules I don't want to begin to violate now and so, if you want me to achieve your scenario, you will have to follow them. Here they are:

Release mechanisms

    What's fun in self-bondage (for me) is when I cannot escape my binds... Mmmh, well... when I can't escape my binds as fast as I would want. So I have to use some trick to keep myself helpless until some time has passed or until I have completed some "mission". Here I put some tricks I use; they mostly relie on chains padlocked around my wrists, or handcuffs.

  But before all, a little note about security: chains are inescapable without the keys and as I'm alone when tie up myself I have to be sure to be able to finally get the keys. Therefore, I rely ONLY on absolutely secure release mechanisms: no motors, nothing that can be suddenly out-of-order, nothing that can get stuck or extinguished, only simple and inexorable mechanisms: the ice melts, the gravitation makes things fall on the ground, I can creep slowly but surely on the floor, etc...

Where to learn more technics ?

  You can find a LOT of information about self-bondage on these fabulous sites: http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Gallery/3731/

  You will find other useful links on my links page.

How to find a bondage partner?

  Self-bondage is great. Playing with a partner is another kind of pleasure. But it is not always easy to find a someone to do it with you, in particular when you are a little shy like I am. Here is how I found mine: I'built a hot profile and searched for similar-minded peoples.