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A genoux
Par Maître666

Bonjour chère Aurélie…
    J'ai découvert votre site il y a quelques jours et, depuis, je meurs
d'envie de vous proposer quelquechose ! J'espère que cela vous plaira et que
cela ne ressemble pas autre chose que l'on vous ai déjà envoyé (Je n'ai pas
encore eu le temps de lire tous vos rapports, seulement 2 ou 3…).

1. A genoux sur ton lit, prenez un tuteur, le plus long possible, et placez
le au creux de vos genoux.

2. Attachez vos chevilles à vos cuisses.

3. Placez votre bâillon-boule dans votre bouche, une pince à linge sur chaque

4. Avec une corde assez longue, faites plusieurs fois le tour de votre
poitrine (juste sous les seins) et de vos bras. Ensuite, de chaque côté,
entre votre corps et vos bras, il va vous falloir glisser une petite corde
qui vous servira à serrer de façon à vous empêcher de faire passer cette
corde par dessus votre tête.

5. Enfin, avec une paire de menotte attachée au tuteur, vous allez attacher
vos mains dans votre dos. Ce devra être le plus prêt possible de la barre.

Pour la clé, je vous propose de placer celle-ci dans un cube de glace et de
poser celui-ci dans une soucoupe à terre à côté de votre lit (puisque votre
matelas est à terre, il ne sera pas dangereux d'en descendre ainsi attachée).
Toutefois, si jamais vous avez une idée plus originale pour placer l'objet de
votre délivrance, n'hésitez pas…

En espérant que cela vous plaira et vous apportera du plaisir…

Hot Horse
By Clapautius Trurl

Hi Aurelie,

I have an idea: it is a mix of cruel dillema and on your toes;
first you create a standard setup for riding the pony, that is
a plank between your legs, set high enough to straddle it on the tiptoes etc... How long can you stand before you would start riding it? Set your lifeline with ice cubes at a time which will force
you to do some riding. Then cover the bar with some cloth and
set another timed relase mechanism to spill some nice kitchen
substance onto the cloth, very close to sensitive parts...
Now you have a dillema: sit on the bar and wait until tabasco spills
over and then rise your self to avoid it or ...ride the bar soaked
with your favorite substance.

The added touch could be that you could set a bunch of elastic rods or canes, so that they are bend away from your bum by a cord, end of which is enclosed in ice..Ice melts, the rod springs back and
gives a nice surprise...

Good luck!

Drink bondage
By M.E. Shott

Bonjour Aurelie:

Sorry, but "bonjour" is about the extent of my knowledge of French.

    I'm new to self bondage, but I think I have a scenario you might like to
try. Besides your usual ropes and chains and nipple clamps, you will need a
candle (or other favorite means of "torture"), plus 2 water bottles - the
kind that have a screw on top with a straw sticking out the top. Fill one
bottle with something pleasant tasting that will melt - ice cream, gelatin,
frozen juice, etc. Fill the other bottle with something really, really
unpleasant tasting that you can drink right away - extra strong coffee or
tea, unsweetened lemonaide, water with pepper or other hot spice dissolved
in it, or a fast acting laxative or diuretic. The idea is that you will have
2 ways to free yourself and end the torture -one way is quick but very
unpleasant (drinking the liquid solution), the other way is pleasant, but
you have to wait for frozen substance to melt.

    To get started, after filling the bottles, wrap the tops with lots of
tape to prevent yourself from easily taking the top off while you're still
tied up; and while you're at it, tape a rope to each bottle. Attach a key to
the other end of each rope, along with a weight heavy enough to lower the
key into your hand when the bottle is empty. Suspend the ropes so that you
will be able to sip from the straw of each bottle and the key is above where
your hands will be tied but out of reach. Then find a candle that is long
enough to reach from your crotch to at least the bottom of your rib cage.

To restrain yourself, lie naked on a bench or the floor. Use chains or rope
to tie your feet to something immovable. Suspend the candle above you (but
don't light it yet) with the wick pointed toward your head and the base an
inch or two beyond your crotch so the wax will eventually fall on your
vagina. (Or arrange for some other form of torture). Next, restrain your
left hand under the key suspended from the bottle with the pleasant
solution. This key should be to the lock that restrains your right hand. You
should be unable to move this hand at all. Your right hand will eventually
be restrained under the key suspended from the bottle with the unpleasant
solution. This should be the key to the lock that restrains your left hand.
When you finally restrain your right arm, you should leave yourself enough
movement to reach the key above your left hand when it descends, but not
enough so that you can reach the bottles, the key above your right hand
(that is, until it descends), or the candle or whatever other torture you

After you have restrained your left hand, attach your nipple clamps. The
clamps should have strings attached to them that are just long enough to be
stretched tight when tied to your right hand, so that whenever you move that
hand you will pull on your nipples. Next, you need to devise a way to
prevent yourself from blowing out the candle. You could tie your head so
that you can't move it, tie a scarf around your mouth and nose (leaving it
loose enough to get the straws in your mouth but tight enough so that you
can't get it off) or place a barrier (a board or box or suspended towel)
between your head and the candle. When everything is all set, light the
candle and restrain your right hand.

For a little extra fun, lock your torso to the bench or floor and use a key
frozen in a stocking as the release method. Suspend the stocking over you so
that it will drip on your torso as it melts. If you also blindfold yourslf,
you won't know if the next drop to hit your skin will be hot or cold. If you
make sure that the ice to this key lasts longer than the keys to your hands,
you will have a chance to play with yourself once your hands are free.

On the bench
By Scott Thomson

Here is something I tried in my past......perhaps
something liek this might work for you with a few
modifications.  I took a standard weight bench that is
used for working out.  On one end there is a strap
that you use to put your feet under when doing
sit-ups. I laid on the bench on my back with my head
where the strap was at. My bondage consisted of tying
my ankles to the bench legs and tying my knees as
well.  I then laid back took the strap passed it over
my neck.  Being that there was no tension on the strap
I was not worried.  It only prevented me from lifting
my head up, which you will see why soon.  I had a belt
around my waist to prevent me from shifting side to
side. Then while lying back I took a pair of handcuffs
and locked my wrists rtogehter under the bench.  No
way to move until hands were free.  What made this
interesting was that I took a candle and suspended it
by string parallel over my cock.  I then had a second
candle on the sink.  I took the handcuff key tied it
to the string and used hooks and such to have that
string above the second candle so it was a few inches
above the candle.  When the candle on the sink was
burning it would generate enough heat to cause the
other string to finally break apart.  When it did the
key would fall and I could release my cuffs.
     Before I would begin this session  I would gag
myself well and restrain my legs and waist.  I would
then quickly light the candle on the sink and the one
hanging baove me that has an extra long wick.  This
way wax would not drip so quickly.  I then would lay
back place the strap over my neck and then lock my
wrists behind the bench.  With that I would wait until
the string broke and key would fall to free myself.
Until it did I would have to put up with melting wax
dripping on my cock.  With a gag in my mouth and the
strap around my neck I was unable to sit up and blow
out the candle.
     Here are some things that could be changed.  Asd
the candle dripped on me as soon as there was a puddle
it could no longer be felt.  My idea what if it was
attached to a ceiling fan in the center of the fan so
when it spun it would move in an area over your body?
If it were on the fan blade at the outer edge of the
balde wax would be all over the house.  Another
meathod of key release might be to have it on the
candle dripping wax. After 3 centimeters of wax burned
off the key would fall?  Who knows what is your ideas
or thoughts?  This was some early self bondage
experiences of mine when I was young and first
learning all the tricks.

Painful release
By Kjell

Before you start tying yourself up there are some preparations. You need the normal set-up with ice-cubes in stocking with the key. There is an addition though, to the key you attach a string and run around some object or through a pulley. The string should be thinner than your lifeline and so thin that you can break it if gets stuck somewhere. This string should also go to place where you will spend bondage session. There you attach it to a suitable number of clothespins using strings with different lengths. The clothespins you put in a pile for the moment.
Now for the bondage, start by fastening a leather belt around your waist with the buckle in the front. Make it tight enough that it can't be moved much up or down. Attach a rope it to the buckle in front, run it through your crotch to the back, run it around the belt and back trough the crotch to the front and tie it off at the buckle. You should not be able to rotate the belt around your waist. Next tie your legs together above your knees and at your ankles. Also run the ankle tie around the soles to keep your feet together. Now it is time for your toes, tie them together with string and leave a loose end of ca 1,5 m.
After this it is time for sensory deprivation, discomfort and pain. Put on a gag of your choice and a blindfold. Take the clothespins and attach them to painful places such as on your nipples and breasts, on your labia and clitoris and on your ears. Lie down on your side, take the string from your toes and attach it to the strap of your gag on the backside of your head, tighten it so that you will lie in a hog-tie. Do not make it too tight, you don't want to strangle your toes. Finally loop a short chain around the rope and belt on your back in such way that it can't be moved away from crossing between the rope and belt and then lock your cuffs to it.

Now you wait… and wait ….  When the ice is melted you will have choice to stay where you are or to pull the clothespins from your body in order to get the key.



Under the water
By Tom
[Comment about "Bathtub bondage"]
  Very interesting idea, although I think to have made it a bit better I would have had you obtain a swimming snorkel to breathe through and a noseclip to keep out the water.  Then instead of waiting for the tub to be filled I would have filled it first to a level so that when you layed back you were immersed.  then you would have to lay there until the key dropped to you before being allowed to get out.

Binding in the rain
By Sam Cox


You will need a poncho ( these can be gotten in plastic, cheaply ), chain, 6 pad locks.

This should be done on a rainy day.

You will be nude for this.

First make a chain belt that fits snuggly around your waist and lock it on. Now make two chain cuffs for each wrist and lock them on with padlocks.

Now make a chain collar for your neck and lock it on.

Place all keys for the locks on your table in the house,

Wear shoes with heel's that have a strap so you can not kick them off.

Get some money and call a taxi, and pick up the two remaining padlocks and your house key. Leave the house and wait for the taxi. Lock the front door and hide the key somewhere you can get it later.

When the taxi arrives instruct him to drive to a location at least 1 mile away. Make sure you have money to cover the cost. If necessary give him a tip so you have no money remaining.

Now take the two remaining padlocks and attach your wrist chains to your waist chain, one on each side.

Now walk home without being discovered !


Nipples to Toes
By Denis

    My Dear Aurélie,
        I was amazed to see the new drawing on your site by Sogo,
    for I had almost the identical scenario in mind for you. As I
    have procrastinated and not proposed  my ideas, I fear they
    will seem too obvious. Nonetheless, I will now propose my
    scenario in hopes that some elements will be useful.

        For my scenarios, I usually like to construct a dilemma;
    that is, an uncomfortable position which, if relieved, creates
    another uncomfortable position. That is what I endeavor to suggest
    with this scene. You will have to test the set-up of the scene
    before securing yourself to ensure that the elements work properly

        First tie a rope from the pipe in your hallway which is tied to a
    metal ring or snap-hook about two meters above the floor.

        Second, you need to fashion a special ring device and  a cinch noose,
    (or a bow knot). These are fully described on the website "Lillan's Nexus",
    Go to this website and look at the sidebar for "Self Bondage Tips and Techniques".
    Within that heading, click on "Bondage Life Basics" and read the descriptions
    of the cinch noose and special ring devise. After fashioning the ring device, attach it
    to the ring at the end of the first rope so that the noose (or bow knot) hangs down
    another half meter or so.

        Next, tie your elastic line to the same snap hook  and tie the other end of the
    elastic to some thin line. Your objective is to have a line about one  to one-and-a-half
    meters long with some (but not too much) stretch to it.

        Now, place a chair under the hanging rope. Sitting down, tie your ankles firmly
    to your spreader bar. Place each of your feet on a thick book (phone directories or
    dictionaries should do).

        Aurelie, you didn't say whether it's possible for you to tie thin string around your nipples.
    This is possible for most people (even I can do it), although it takes some practice to do
    it in such a way that the string doesn't pull off under stress. If you can't do this, you will have
    to use strong clips.

        After you've tied (or clamped) your nipples, stand up (feet still on the books) and bend over at the
    waist so your torso is parallel to the floor. Reach down and tie the string from one nipple
    firmly to your big toe. Repeat with your other nipple.

        Aurelie, you should now tie a thin string around your clitoris. If you can't do this, use a clamp
    instead. Now put on your ring gag and buckle it firmly. Again bending over at the waist, tie the
    string from your clitoris to the front of the ring gag. If this is impossible, put a dog collar loosely
    around your neck and tie the string to that.

        At the end of these actions, you should be standing bent over with tension on your nipples and clitoris.
    The tension should be firm, but not overly strict (at this point, anyway!)

        Next, put on your nose hook and tie it back to the elastic/string assembly. When you are in your
    bent over position, you should feel some tension on the nose hook.

        You are nearly ready. Stand up, feet still on the books, and move the chair away (push it backwards
     or just knock it over). Now you should  endeavor to tie your elbows fairly close together. You can
    do this,for example, by having previously tied a rope into a few loops which you can just squeeze
    up and over your elbows.

        You are now ready to affix your hands. You should lock your wrists so that one wrist is on either side
    of the cinch noose. You first tighten the cinch so there is no escape for your hands. Next, in your
    bent-over position, pull on the free end of the special ring device so your hands are pulled up towards the
    ceiling. You should feel tension but not any pain.

         If you have set everything up properly, you should be bent over, with your hands pulled upwards.
    You should feel pressure on your nipples and on your clitoris; you will also feel the pull of the nose hooks.
    You will have the string for the release in your hand, but as a slight change, the release key will have
    been surrounded by a small ball of tape which must be picked off before you can use the key.

        Did I forget anything? Oh, of course, the books! If you are very brave, you will now move forward
    and step off of the books. Before you can reconsider, kick each book backwards with your heels.
    You should now have brought increased pressure on all your bounds.

        You now have plenty of time to consider what you've done to yourself. If your arms begin
    to ache, you can rise up a bit, but of course, that will stretch your nipples and clitoris. If you bend
    over, your will pressure the nose hook and your arms. I'd imagine you are beginning to prespire
    now, and that saliva is already dripping from your mouth.

        Enjoy your fate, my beauty.

                        As Always, Denis

Vacuum bondage
By Lewt


Here is a slightly diferent self bondage scenario for you to try. It
does require some extra equipment, but is well worth it.
I have tried it yself and it is the best, most restrictive bondage I've
You are going to vacuum pack yourself like the food at the supermarket.
Don't worry it's not too difficult and im sure a girl of your ingenuity
will find a way to carry it out.
You will need:

Drill holes in a line all along the tubes spaced at roughly 100mm
Fit the tubes and elbows together to form a rectangle with the holes
facing the middle of the rectangle.
Tape the polythene sheet into a bag to fit over the frame with around 1m
spare at the open end.(the sheet i used was supplied folded over, so i
only had to tape the bottom and the side) do this by folding over the
edge and taping it. Take some time to do this as it is important to make
it airtight.
Put the tube frame inside the bag and make a hole in the side of the bag
to poke the open end of the short tube out of.
Tape the bag around the tube to make it airtight again. There should be
50-100mm of tube sticking out of the bag.
Tape the hose from the vacuum cleaner over the end of the frame tube.
Get inside the bag and lie in the middle of the rectangle of tubes.
Mark the position of your mouth by biting a small hole in the polythene
Get out of the bag.
Make the hole that you bit into the sheet big enough to take the
muthpiece and tape this into position.
Set the timer to come on at 0:05 and go off again at 0:15 giving an on
time of 10 minutes (plenty long enough believe me!)
Now for a trial run. The only thing that cannot be failsafed is the
setting of the timer and if you set it too long you will be stuck until
it shuts off (believe me, once the vacuum comes on you will be stuck!!)
so a trial run is important! And once the set points are set for the
times on and off, do not change them! change the time on the timer to
0:00 (midnight) to start the scenario.
Put two pillows inside the bag and turn the top of the bag inside (like
keeping a pair of socks together) roll the end of the bag round on
itself to seal it (this is easier when you are inside the bag yourself)
Put a little bit of tape over the mouthpiece to seal it.
The vacuum cleaner starts.
The bag collapses. It should squash the pillows flat, don't worry this
is normal, pillows are very squashy. (Aurelie's arent!)
Wait for the timer to turn the vacuum off, do not be tempted to adjust
the timer to speed this up it is important to ensure that the vacuum
will turn off at the right time.

You are now ready to begin!
Set the timer to 0:00 (midnight) again
You have five minutes to get into the bag, pull the open end inside and
roll it up to seal it.
Then the vacuum begins................

Oh, one last thing..

You did remember to take the tape off the breathing tube didn't you?

Have fun


Simple Blind
By Sam Cox
First use a piece of chain and connect your two feet together with about 12 inches of chain between your feet so you can walk. Place all keys at the farthest distance from where you are going to do your self bd. If you have a upper or lower level in your house place them there.
 Close all doors between you and the keys.
 Go to the center of the room where your going to start.
 Use the gag, blindfold and ear plugs, handcuff yourself behind your back.
Now spin around several times and stop. Now spin in the opposite direction.
Now get to the keys.

On your toes, little girl!
By Slipknot

     You will bring a chair into the hallway under the
pipe. The chair is just to sit on till all is ready.
Some of this you will have already prepared for the
senario. You will place a cuff around each arm just
above the elbow with the D rings toward the opposite
arm. Another set of cuffs will be locked on at your
wrist. Sitting on the chair you will slip on your high
heel shoes that are too small for you. You will tie
your ankles together and cinch them. You will also run
ropes under the soles of the shoes just in front of
the heels so the shoes are actually tied onto your
feet and can't slip off. You will tie your legs
together just above the knees and cinch those ropes
also. The end of a short rope will be tied to the
D-ring on one of the cuffs above your elbow. The loose
end will go across your back and then pass through the
D-ring on the opposite cuff and left just hanging down
for now. Another short rope will be tied to that
cuff's D-ring and then it also will go across your
back and pass through the D-ring of the first cuff.
Now if the two ropes are pulled downward your elbows
will be pulled closer together but we want you to
still be able to move your arms for now so don't tie
the ends to anything yet. The bit-gag is placed
between your teeth and buckled tight behind your head.
You slide forward on the chair and sit up very
straight. You wrap a rope very tightly around your
waist just above the hips many times constricting your
waist much smaller. Tie the ends together when all the
rope is used. There are two ropes hanging from the
pipe above you. A snap clip is tied to the end of each
one and both are hanging to the same heigth from the
floor. One of the snap clips is fastened to one end of
your wooden spreader bar. The other end of the bar is
lying on the floor for now. A third rope hangs from
the pipe next to the rope that is clipped to the bar.
It has a loop and tent knot in it. A string is also
tied to the pipe at the same point as the rope that is
fastened to the bar.
     With everything ready you stand up from the chair
and lift the spreader bar from the floor and pass the
end between your thighs. You lift up on your toes and
snap the second snap-hook onto the end of the bar and
position yourself halfway between the ends of the bar.
Having adjusted the hooks earlier the bar is just the
right heigth. If you lift high onto your toes there is
no pressure on the bar but if you lower yourself onto
the heels of the shoes the bar presses firmly against
your sex. Now we begin the complexities of the
bondage. If your bit gag has a D-ring on the strap you
can use a couple snap clips fastened together to clip
the gag to the rope that supports the bar behind you.
If not then you will tie a short cord between the gag
and that rope. The cord must be too short to reach the
rope without pulling the rope and the gag closer
together. Now if you sit on the bar it will force your
head back a little. Next you will clamp your nipples
and tie a string from the clamps to the rope
supporting the bar in front of you. This string also
must be too short to reach without pulling the rope
and clamps closer together You will have to lift onto
your toes to complete this part. Now if you sit on the
bar the gag and the clamps will be pulled in opposite
directions. A nose hook will now be placed into your
nose and the cord will be pulled over your head and
tied to the gag strap in back. The string hanging from
above you is then tied at the top of the nose-hook so
that even when you stand all the way up on your toes
there is still a little pull on your nose. If you
lower yourself your nose if pulled upwards and your
head forced way back. Next you will reach behind you
and pull all the slack from the ropes that pass
between the elbow cuffs. Slip the ends of these ropes
under the waist rope and pull it as tight as you can
before making a knot at the waist rope. Last you will
reach your arms beyond the support rope behind you and
lock them to the tent loop. Now pull the loop till
your arms are raised up behind you and your elbows are
pulled close together. Your arms will not be very
high, maybe less than straight out behind you but you
will not be able to lean forward to relieve any
tension so that will be plenty.
    You are a crafty little girl and way too often
manage to excape your bondage too soon. This time I
want the key to the lock to be frozen into an
ice-cube. Not a large cube, but one that will last a
while. You will use the hose with the ice in the toe
to keep you from getting the key right away but even
after the ring falls and you can retrieve the key you
must wait for the ice-cube to finish melting before
you can get free.
    I am sure you will be eager to get free after a
short while in the high heels that cramp your toes.
You will be sitting briefly on the bar but soon
returning to a more lofty position to lessen the pain
in your breasts and the pull on your nose. Getting the
key finally but still having to wait to free yourself
will be terribly frustrating.

I hope this makes it to your "to do" list,

Play safe and have fun,

A few modifications
  As for the shoes......I pictured standard heels.
Sounds like yours are very high. No shoes will be okay
but I had counted on your feet being uncomfortable to
incourage you to want to sit more often. Perhaps in
the time between now and the time you can do this you
can create a type of rope sandel for me. Take a short
rope and fold it twice so it has two loops at the same
end. When you hold the rope now there are four ropes
in your hand. Hold all four together as one rope and
tie a knot in it about four inches from the end. From
the knot there should be two loops now. Slip one loop
over your second toe and the other over the fourth toe
and place the knot under the arch of your foot. Then
use the remaining rope to tie it in place onto your
foot. Repete this on the other foot also. This will
make it very uncomfortable when standing on your toes
and also when lowered onto your heels. If you make the
bar high enough that it supports you and you cannot
lower to your heels you will still have to stand on
the ropes under the balls of your feet untill freed.

By Slipknot

   You will gather up your ropes and ball gag and a
chair. As in the senario where you set yourself with
your back to the door you will put a loop of rope over
each side of the top of a door. On the back side of
the door the rope loops will be tied to the door
handle. Now close the door. Each loop should have a
knot that hangs just over the top of the back of the
door so that the rope can not stretch and pull down
the front of the door. Confusing, I know. I just want
a loop of rope showing on your side of the door. On
the back side of the door a knot that forms the loop
keeps the rope from pulling over the door once it is
closed. The knot can't pull through the top crack.
   Now you will tie many ropes around your body.
Around your chest just under your arms. Under your
breasts. Around your waist. Then use a doubled rope
and tie it to the middle of your chest rope in front
then down to the ropes under your breasts. Continue
down to the front of the waist rope and tie to it
before taking it on down between your legs and up to
the waist rope in back. It then goes up to the middle
of the breasts and chest ropes in back. Divide the
doubled rope and take it over each shoulder and tie
both to the middle of the chest rope again. You now
have a body harness. You can improve on this if you
want but I want something similar to this when it is
done. Now tie a rope to the top of each shoulder rope.
( all these ropes should be strong...preferibly nylon
if you have it) Each rope goes from your shoulders up
through the loop at the side of the top of the door
and then let each hang down for now. Next move the
chair close to the door but leave room to stand
between the chair and the door. A little less than
1/2 meter. Place the ballgag into your mouth and
buckle it tight. Put your cuffs on your wrist and then
climb onto the chair and stoop down facing the door.
Do not kneel. Just squat down and rest your thighs on
your ankles so your legs are folded all the way. You
can use the back of the chair for support. Now tie
each thigh to the ankle below it. Do not tie both legs
together but tie them individually. Cinch between the
ankle and thigh. Move to the edge of the chair and
lean forward till your knees are against the door and
steady yourself with them. Next take the hanging ropes
and tie each one to a cinch rope at each ankle/leg
coil and pull all the slack out of the hanging rope.
Place your hands on the ropes that go up from your
shoulders and pull hard on them as you ease yourself
forward off the chair and move your knees towards the
floor. Gradually straighten your arms till you are
totally suspended by the ropes. As your weight hangs
the ropes will pull your legs out to the sides and the
harness will tuck itself in tightly between your legs.
Give yourself just a minute to be sure nothing is
pinched and you will be okay for a short while before
locking your cuffs behind your back. Now all you can
do is hang in your harness untill the  safety line
becomes free.

Have fun/play safe

Forced self penetration
By Scott Thomson

 Can you do the splits?  Not sure how plausible this
idea is but in theory I think it would work quite
easily. The idea is for the subject to be straddling a
horse or something similar.  On top of the horse there
will be a dildo or anal plug mounted so it will not
move the slightest amount.  As the subject stands on
their toes the plus or plugs will enter them about ½
inch to an inch, whichever will work to keep it from
slipping out of them.  Now as you might guess the toes
of most will not hold out long and soon enough they
will have to stand flat-footed causing the dildo to
enter them more.  Now if the dildo is tapered and gets
larger at the base it will have a better effect. Now
the subject needs to be restrained so they cannot move
their pelvis forward or backward to avoid the dildo if
they happen to change their mind.  To accomplish this
take a long length of rope, fold it in half.   Wrap it
around your waist passing the end through the loop at
the end.  Pull the rope so it is tight.  Now it should
be secure around your waist after you tie a couple
knots to keep it there.  Now with it in the center of
your back pass both ends between your legs, as if
making a crotch rope.  Place one strand of rope on
each side of the dildo mounted on the horse. Make sure
you have an eyebolt on the front of the horse and then
attach the rope to the bolt.  Make sure that it is
tight enough to pull your forward so you are just over
the dildo.  Do the same with a second piece of rope
only this time have it secure ion front of you and
pass it behind you and tie it off on the back of the
horse.  If this is done right both ropes should be
pulling you in opposite directions and you will be
over the horse not able to move back or forth.  Ok so
your body is locked into position that way.  How are
the legs locked into position?  You will need a way to
make a pulley system for your legs.  You can secure an
eyebolt to the wall at floor level and one above near
the ceiling.  The rope will need to be long depending
on how far away your wall is.  The rope will go from
your ankle, to the bolt on the floor, to the bolt
above at the ceiling and then to a bolt above your
head.  You will need to do that on each side for each
leg. After you pass the rope through all the eyebolts
you will have the rope hanging at the center of your
back where you can reach it. Have that pictured in
your mind?  Now why not add some clover clamps to your
nipples and attach a spring to the center of the
chain.  Attach the other end of the spring to the
ceiling, making sure there is constant tension on the
clamps.  Not much but enough so you can tell.  As for
your arms they should be tied behind your back but
attached to a collar at your neck so you cannot drop
your hands below your waistline.  A lock will bind
them.  They key for this lock will be on the rope that
is hanging behind your back that is connected to your
legs.  However the key is at your neck level or
higher. Should be at minimum 12-18 inches higher than
you could reach.
So how do you free yourself you ask?  Simply pull on
the rope as you pull the rope the key will come closer
to your hand.  However your legs will be spread apart
more and more as you pull.  No big deal you can do the
splits right?  As you do spilt the dildo will be
pushed deeper inside you as your force yourself down
onto the plugs.  Oh yeah the clamps will be pulled
some as well and being that they are clover clamps
they will squeeze you more as you lower yourself.  Let
me know what you think about this idea and if you are
willing to try it.  If you do please send me all the
details of success and failure and how it should be tweaked.

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