Scenarios yet to be tried

  To my great surprise, this site is becoming more and more popular and I begin to receive a lot of scenarios. This makes me glad and sad at the same time: Glad because most of these scenarios make me horny and wanting to try them; sad because I'm not allways in the mood nor I have allways all the time I want to perform them; even sader I am because you passed some time to write a scenario and you have to wait to get your reward.

  Therefore I decided to add this page to my site to publish untried scenarios. Among the readers of my site ther are many self-bondagees who will appreciate to get fresh scenarios. Please feel free to try them and to send me your reports (if you want). I shall then forward them to the scenario's author and publish them on my site.

  Many of these scenarios I shall perform myself. A few I shall not; either because I find them too hard or too light or too complex or not innovative enough (Now that I get so many scenarios I can be choosy...). I doesn't mean that those I don't achieve are bad; probably there are a lot of persons here who could have fun by trying them. With this page, these scenarios will not fall in oblivion. They are sorted the newer the higher.

Classification of the scenarios
  Like in traveller's guides, I have givens stars to each scenario, indicating the probability that I will perform them. Note that this my very own (Aurélie's) opinion. If you get a poor rating, perhaps you will do better with Claire or Lisa? Or someone else reading this page?

  Here is the meaning of the stars:

Probably there are people who like this sort of things but this scenario doesn't please me at all, probably because its main topic involves something I will never do (too dangerous or disgusting for me). Check my "self-bondage favorites" page.
This scenario is good and it can probably please a lot of people but it doesn't really appeal me. It involves probably something that doesn't interest me. (Pleas check my "self-bondage favorites" page.)
In this form I will most probably never do this scenario. Either it is too complex (for me) to be set up, or it uses some equipment not in my possession, or it would need too many changes in order to be applied.
It is a good scenario but I will probably never do it because I find it not original enough. I have a long experience of self-bondage and I came here on Internet to find new and original ideas.
There are good ideas in this scenario but there are other things that do not appeal me. Perhaps I will take the good ideas and include them in another scenario or I will greatly modify it before to perform it. In any case, this scenario is not in my top priority list.
Very good scenario. The only reason why I didn't perform it yet is either I have a lot other scenarios to do (I try to achieve them by order of reception), or I have too many other things to do for now, or I'm currently not in the mood, or you are attacking some part of my body that is too sore for now, or... Anyway, don't fear: I shall do it sooner or later!
Fantastic scenario! Without any sort of priority order, it will be placed at the top of the list and will be performed as soon as time and mood allow it.

Vote for a scenario
  As you can see, I begin to receive a lot of scenarios. I fear that I will soon get far more that what I can perform... So, how to choose my next one? Of course I can do them chronologically but if the scenario continue to come on my mailbox at this rate, there are good scenarios that will perhaps never be done because they came too late... Of course, I can pick my favorite (and I shall do) but it is often difficult to choose among all the excellent scenarios I receive.

  Thus the idea is to allow YOU to give your opinion. You can vote for the scenarios you most want me to perform. You can vote for any number of scenarios you want, but only once by scenario.

  How to vote? Simply put your name and the the title of the yet untried scenario you vote for in the fields below and click on the "Vote" button. You can vote for any untried scenario having at least one +. I shall then make my choice among them accordingly.

Table of Contents
    I didn't put the author's e-mail on this page, only their nickname. If you want to contact one of them, just write me and I shall forward your message. You, author, if you accept your e-mail to be published here, let me know.

  There are french(F) and english scenarios(E). You can translate the french scenarios at the Systran site.

  Certains scénarios sont en français(F), d'autres en anglais(E). Vous pouvez traduire les scénarios anglais sur le site Systran. Notez toutefois que les scénarios français souffrent d'un léger handicap: ce site étant à vocation internationale, je préfère y placer des textes en anglais; à qualité égale, un scénario anglais aura donc plus de chance qu'un scénario français. Je m'en excuse auprès de me lecteurs strictement francophones et j'espère qu'ils me comprendront.

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