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Some of the experiences I have had

 Business Suit Bondage

These were posted on the Yahoo Self Bondage Club, reposted here for those who
are not in the club.

  Forced journeys in Self Bondage
                                                                        4/28/99 4:43 am

  Forced journeys

  One scene I tried was really fun and had a surprise
  ending. The idea was to tie myself up and hobble a long
  journey from one end of the house to the other.

  I dropped the handcuff keys on the floor of the bedroom.

  Then I proceeded to the living room, where I stripped off
  all my clothes. I tied my ankles and knees together.

  I tied a big ball gag into my mouth and blindfolded myself.
  Feeling with my fingers, I looped a coil of rope around my
  chest. I then tied a rope from my collar to my knee rope,
  making me bend forward. I slipped both arms into the coil,
  reached behind my back and handcuffed myself.

  I made 3 turns around, and started on my 'journey'. When one
  is blindfolded, everything seems far away. I could only go inches
  at a time, but managed to navigate by feeling with my toes.
  On the way, I banged into the wall, ramming the ball gag
  deeper in.

  Eventually, I entered the bedroom after a long time wandering.
  In my mind, I thought it would be easy to get the key.
  I would just kneel down! But I forgot about the collar to
  knee rope. The moment I knelt down, I felt a tremendous pull and
  I would have crashed down on my head had I not twisted my
  body in mid air and landed hard on my right shoulder!

  But the keys were on the other side of my body! I could not
  reach them. I had to 'spin' around slowly on my side until
  I could find the keys. What a relief after my release!
  Not to mention the sexual release I reserved for myself!

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  Re: Massager Self Torture
                                                                       11/23/99 1:21 am

  Self Nerve Torture

  I finally had the last component to my scene when a fellow member of this club described using a sock
  to hold ice timer.

  To an eyelet at a doorway, I attach a sock-ice-timer with ring device. I place my ankles into a spreader
  bar. The spreader bar is attached to eyelets on the lower part of the door frame. My cuffs I attach to the
  line coming from the sock device. Keys to the cuffs are on a string tied around my waist. I am nude. I
  stick the electro pads on to my butt cheeks with duct tape to make sure they don't come off. I then
  harness gag my slutty mouth and place a blindfold over my eyes.

  I set the device to turn off in 20 minutes, then turn up the setting to 8/10. I quickly reach behind, cuff
  myself, and then slowly pull my wrists up using the pull line coming from the sock device. This pull
  line has a weight attached to help in my pulling downwards. Soon I am unable to reach the pads. The
  sensations are unbearable. I scream for mercy into my gag, but the tormentor is nobody but myself.
  When your nerves are over stimulated by an electronic massager, pinched and kneaded and pounded,
  20 minutes is like 20 years! When the device pounded, I jerked forward involuntarily. Tears flowed
  inside my blindfold.

  The device goes off but I just hang there limply, even though the strain on the arms is painful as well.
  After 45 minutes, the ice melts enough for the sock to fall down, releasing me. After taking off all my
  restraints, I find my thighs are wet from vagina fluids. Using a mirror, I see that my cheeks are a bit
  reddish from the electrical pads.

  Thanks for all the ideas, folks!!!

  Scary Noose Self Bondage!
                                                                       4/27/99 11:27 pm

  Don't ever do this!
  Don't ever do this!
  Don't ever do this!
  Don't ever do this!

  One really stupid & scary self bondage scene I did once involved
  a noose and handcuffs.

  I saw an article in a "detective" magazine about a poor
  victim who was hung by the neck from a doorknob. I was young
  and stupid then (21) and wanted to see how that could kill

  I fashioned a noose and placed it at a low height hanging
  from a door knob. The idea was to lie down on my chest,
  put the neck into the noose, let go, and handcuff my
  hands behind the back. When choking, I was to feel for
  the key taped on my buttock and unlock in time.

  The moment I put my hands behind my back, the noose
  tightened and I felt my head was about the explode.
  I snapped the handcuffs quickly. Now I knew why the person
  died, the head is quite heavy and is enough to pull
  the noose tighter and tighter! I was passing out
  and dying, but managed to feel for the key, struggle
  to put it in the keyhole and unlock one cuff. I then
  quickly supported myself up and sat up, untying the
  noose. My heart was pounding so hard!

  The whole day was spent with a deep noose mark around
  my neck. I was so embarassed so I wore a buttoned up
  shirt. Till today, I get turned on by that memory and I
  still tie my scarfs tightly around my neck during sex.

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