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All Aboard 2: The Banister

by Miss Fortune

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story continues from part one

Part 2: The Banister

Only a week after Alicia's train ride, she was at it again. This time she was planning to use a gravity ride called "The Tortoise" to satisfy her desires. She was all set to begin her three minute trial run. Once that had been completed she planned on making a few additional changes, changes which would allow her to ride the ride for its full length.

As she ascended slowly up the gentle hill, she thought back to her experience a week ago. She had been involved in a self-bondage adventure on a miniature train, a tongue wheel licking her between her legs as the little train moved along. Before her ride was over, however, she had been caught by Jade, a pretty but rather intense young woman who had soundly spanked her and then diverted the train. Alicia had ended up spending three hours on her train, bound naked and spread-eagled as the train continuously wove its way around a crowded BDSM/Spanking conference! She had come many times during those three hours. What had made the experience incredibly erotic rather than devastatingly humiliating was the fact that Alicia had been wearing a set of ski googles which covered a large portion of her face.

Alicia thought to herself, "I must be out of my mind doing this after what happened the last time!" But crazy or not, she was now committed to another adventure, albeit a much shorter one.

The Tortoise was a prototype ride, one of many on the property owned by her aunt and uncle where she was spending the summer. The ride consisted of a small car riding on top of an elevated rail which ran from the top of a hill all the way down to the lowest point of a valley. The rail's incline was mild, so that when the car was released from its starting point at the top it would travel slowly down the hill, never picking up significant speed. It was designed as an observation-type ride, not a thrill ride at all.

The Tortoise may have seemed an unlikely ride for Alicia to use for her purposes, but it had one particular feature which had piqued her interest... its rail. The top surface of the rail on which the car traveled was perfectly smooth and round - there were no bumps or flaws whatsoever. The sides of the rail were flat, but were just as smooth as its top. The rail's pristine surface was kept intact by an experimental low-friction coating which had been applied to it. In addition to making the surface smooth, the coating also made it very slippery. The rail wasn't very high off the ground, just slightly above Alicia's waist height.

As a child, Alicia remembered taking rides (when her parents weren't watching) down a handrail, or banister, positioned aside of the stairway in her home. She couldn't help but to compare that banister to the rail of The Tortoise. The ride's rail had a much gentler slope than her old handrail, but it was much, much longer. The rail of The Tortoise, in Alicia's eyes, provided her with the very longest banister in the world, one that seemed to call out to her to ride it!

Thinking about what a thrill it would be to sit on the rail and slide down it - very thrilling indeed if she was positioned just right - led Alicia to study the ride in detail to try to determine how to best take advantage of the opportunities it offered. The car had connectors underneath which attached it to the rail at the rail's top and both sides. There were no wheels involved in the car's downward journey; the low-friction surface of the rail allowed gravity to pull it downward at a steady, leisurely pace. To get back up the hill, several wheels extended down from the vehicle's underside. A small motor then drove the car back up to the starting point, at which time the wheels retracted again.

Alicia decided to use a spare rail connector which was stored in a workshop located near the ride. She fashioned a mechanism whereby this connector would be pulled behind the car as it climbed the hill. Once a preset amount of time had elapsed, this extra connector would be released from the car and would independently glide down the hill.

Once she had the release mechanism working properly, the rest was fairly easy. She attached restraints to the spare connector which would hold her wrists in place. She also attached a sturdy strap which would be locked around her waist. With her legs positioned on each side of the rail, she soon had what she wanted - a device which would keep her in a sitting position, leaning slightly forward, on top of the rail. Once she was released from the car she'd slide slowly down the rail with her crotch rubbing against its surface. It took some work to get it set up so there was just the right amount of pressure against her as she moved along, but when she was finished she had something which was guaranteed to give her just as much pleasure as she could possibly handle.

She was now being pulled up the hill in preparation for her three minute journey back downward, a journey she expected to be quite enjoyable. The way she had set things up, she wasn't pressing down against the rail as the vehicle climbed the hill; the downward pressure would only begin after she was released and began to descend. Thus all she was feeling at the moment was anticipation. That anticipation was, however, sufficient to really get her motor going. There was no doubt she'd be adding a supplemental coating of her own making to the rail during her trip!

As she continued the slow climb, she thought ahead to what her next step would be. She hadn't figured out how to do it yet, but her goal was to implement something which would allow her to lift herself off the rail whenever she wanted. That was the only way she'd be able to make the full 20 minute journey from the top of the hill to the bottom of the valley. She didn't dare try that now; there was little doubt that long before a journey of that length had been completed she'd be coming all over the place. That in itself would be fine. What wouldn't be fine was the aftermath. She didn't even want to think about having the rail continue to rub against her once her orgasm was over! That would be far too much for her to handle!

Alicia estimated she had about a minute left to go before the release timer would trigger. The car would continue climbing all the way up the hill, but it would do so without her. She'd glide for three full minutes, then she'd slowly come to a stop at the bottom of the ride at which point the restraints around her wrists would open and she'd be free. She was pretty sure that three minutes wouldn't be long enough for her to get to the point where she'd climax, but she wasn't positive. That element of risk made it all even more exiting! She couldn't help but to wonder what it would feel like to keep getting stimulated, and not be able to do anything to stop it, after she came. She didn't have the guts to actually put that to the test though. There were a few times while masturbating when she had tried to keep her vibrator pressed against herself after she had orgasmed, but she invariably gave up those efforts almost instantly - she simply couldn't do it.

It was a beautiful summer day, warm and sunny. It was perfect for what she was wearing - absolutely nothing. There was always the risk that someone would catch her - after all it had already happened just recently - but just like the risk of her climaxing during her trip, the risk added to the experience.

She was ready and raring to go now. She wanted to feel the rail pressing into her! But she'd just have to be patient; the three minute timer wasn't quite finished yet. She looked around at the surrounding woods trying to distract herself from her lustful anticipations. Just like the weather, the woods were beautiful - green trees, some low bushes, and scattered wildflowers. She sighed in pleasure. Then Alicia saw something which instantly captured the totality of her thoughts... Jade.


Alicia couldn't believe it! What were the odds of being caught a second time, and by the same young woman?? Being caught in such a compromising position, and stark naked to boot, flooded Alicia with embarrassment. The fact that Jade had already seen her bound and naked just recently didn't seem to alleviate her humiliation in the least!

Alicia watched with dismay, coupled with considerable excitement just beneath the surface, as Jade approached and then climbed onto the slowly moving car. A few seconds later, the car stopped. "I hope you don't mind that I've stopped your timer," Jade said. "I'd like to talk to you, and I'd hate for us to be interrupted."

Alicia had not gagged herself for her current adventure, but she nevertheless didn't say a thing - she was completely speechless. Jade climbed down from the car and walked up to her. Alicia couldn't help but to notice a certain amount of passion in Jade's eyes. This increased both her nervousness and her excitement.

"Another interesting setup, I see!" Jade complemented, looking closely at the mechanism which bound Alicia just above the rail. Not all of Jade's looks were reserved for the restraints, however - her eyes spent plenty of time scrutinizing Alicia's naked body.

Remembering what had happened the last time, Alicia suddenly became acutely aware of the position her bare bottom was in... raised up in a perfect position to be spanked. "Oh, SHIT," Alicia thought as this realization took hold. She vividly recalled the spanking Jade had given her during their previous encounter. Her bottom had blazed and stung like there was no tomorrow! Was she in for a repeat of that?

"Wow, I'll bet this is going to feel good!" Jade commented, getting the gist of what was in store for Alicia. "But I don't quite see how it'll work. You're not quite against the rail."

Alicia continued to remain silent. She could hardly explain the details to Jade; the situation was already humiliating enough! Having to actually spell everything out would make her embarrassment even worse!!

"Could you explain your setup to me?" Jade asked.

"Well... it's just... well... you know..." Alicia sputtered.

"But actually I DON'T know," Jade pointed out. "Now be a good girl and tell me all about it!"

After sputtering some more, Alicia refused. "I... I... don't want to."

"Ahhhhh..... you're shy. That's SO cute," Jade responded.

Then Jade patted Alicia's bottom cheeks a few times. Alicia could see the gleam in the young woman's eyes. There was no doubt what was coming.

"Now wait a minute!" Alicia exclaimed.

"Huh?" Jade responded, holding back a smile.

"No spanking!!!!!" Alicia said, more forcefully than she intended.

Jade blinked; Alicia's vehemence had surprised her. She argued, "But you're such a naughty girl! You really NEED a good spanking!!"

It looked to Alicia like Jade was practically drooling. She knew that once Jade got herself started there'd be no stopping her. Alicia's bottom was going to be in for quite a thorough going over!!

Then an idea hit Alicia. "I'll explain my setup to you," she said quickly, "but only if you promise not to spank me."

Alicia saw a look of profound disappointment form on Jade's face, and then she saw Jade bite her lip, apparently in thought.

Alicia waited for Jade's response.


Jade had been absolutely delighted to catch Alicia in the act a second time. She had just returned from an unexpected trip; she had originally planned to visit Alicia much sooner after their train encounter. As it was, Jade had come to see her the moment she had gotten back.

Jade marveled at the cleverness of the girl's design and couldn't help but to smile when she refused to explain it all to her. Jade certainly got the general idea, plus she had already found the control which started and stopped the car, as well as the timer Alicia had set. Still, there were some things about the setup she didn't understand. She wasn't going to press the issue though - if Alicia was that uncomfortable explaining it, Jade would just have to let it go.

Seeing Alicia's cute bare bottom in such an inviting position, Jade knew she'd have to give it a sound spanking. She was really into that, although the intensity of her passions had a habit of causing her to go a little overboard.

But as she prepared to get started, Alicia vehemently objected. That caught Jade off-guard. Then when Alicia offered to explain her setup in exchange for not being spanked, a sense of profound disappointment hit her. It felt to Jade like having a delicious confection placed in front of her, only to have it suddenly yanked away before she could even take a nibble! Jade bit her lip in thought. Despite her disappointment, she decided to honor Alicia's request - after all, it was a way to get the information she desired, and that was even more important!


With her face crimson and very hot, Alicia carried through on her promise and told Jade exactly how her setup worked. She explained about the car pulling her up until the timer went off, and how she'd then be released. She explained that once released, she'd then be lowered onto the rail and would slide slowly down the hill with the rail's smooth, slippery surface rubbing her between the legs. She even explained that she had set the timer to only three minutes because she had to be careful not to have an orgasm, as she had no way to lift herself off the rail when it had subsided. Alicia told Jade everything, and answered all her questions.

Once satisfied that she understood everything, Jade said, "OK, I'll honor our agreement... no spanking!" Winking at Alicia, Jade added, "Not that you don't deserve it, though!"

Her bottom cheeks feeling a considerable sense of relief, Alicia watched as Jade climbed into the car. "I'll reset the timer so you can be on your way," Jade informed her. "Three minutes, right?"

"Wait! Wait! That's three minutes TOTAL!!" Alicia frantically said. "The three minutes had almost elapsed! Don't set it to three MORE minutes or my actual time down the hill will be close to SIX minutes! That's too long!!!"

"Relax, relax!!" Jade replied. "I'm not an idiot! There were only about 20 seconds to go before your original three minutes were up."

Alicia let out an audible sigh of relief.

"Hey, after you're done, how about if we talk?" Jade said. I can meet you at the bottom of the hill.

"Sure," Alicia replied. Although still feeling considerable embarrassment, she actually kind of looked forward to talking to Jade. The young woman was, after all, quite an interesting character! Alicia couldn't help but to like her, at least a little. Maybe they could be friends!

"OK, all set!" Jade declared, climbing down from the car which had just started moving up the hill. "See you in a little while!" Jade began walking down the hill.

Now that she was moving again, Alicia's excitement began to build rapidly. She was shortly going to be feeling considerable pleasure! She thought to herself that Jade was right when she had called her a naughty girl; those thoughts intensified her anticipation.

Taking a few deep breaths, Alicia awaited her experience.


Something wasn't right. Alicia was sure 20 seconds must have elapsed by now, yet she hadn't been released. She didn't have a watch so she couldn't be absolutely certain, but she had strong, uneasy suspicions that Jade had set the timer for longer than she should have. She couldn't help but to recall how Jade had considerably extended her traveling time on the train a week ago.

She tried to convince herself that she must be mistaken. "Jade promised she'd set the timer to 20 seconds," she thought. But then she corrected herself. "No, she didn't actually promise, did she?" Alicia thought back hard, trying to remember Jade's exact words. Jade had said something about not being an idiot, and that she had noticed there were only 20 seconds on the timer. But that was it. She had said she'd NOTICED the timer had 20 seconds remaining, not that she was going to SET the timer to that value.

"Jade....." Alicia said out loud, growing more nervous by the second.

Then Alicia heard a beep. She knew right away what it was - her timer on the car. It had a setting which allowed it to give off a loud beep once per minute as it counted down. But Alicia had set it to quiet mode. Apparently Jade had changed the setting to enable the beeping... but why??

As she continued to helplessly climb the hill, the rail almost, but not quite, touching her crotch, Alicia heard a second beep. That meant the car had been climbing for exactly 2 minutes since Jade had restarted it. Alicia did some quick calculations. When Jade had stopped the car, 2 minutes and 40 seconds had gone by. With the additional 2 minutes that meant Alicia's descent was going to last for 4 minutes 40 seconds. That would greatly increase the likelihood of her climaxing during her journey. But she had explained that to Jade; she had been very clear why she had to avoid that! Why would Jade do this to her!

The car continued climbing. Alicia thought to herself, "Was she mad at me because I didn't let her spank me? Is this my punishment for that??" But somehow that didn't sound right.

Another beep. If this went much longer there'd be no chance at all that she'd be able to make it to the bottom of the hill without coming. She was in for some serious discomfort, and there wasn't a thing she could do about it!

She thought to herself that if it wasn't for the beeping, she would have assumed the timer was broken. Then she realized she had just answered her earlier question: why had Jade turned the beeping sound on? It was simply so Alicia would know the timer was working just fine. She'd be released precisely when Jade had planned for her to be released. But just when would that be??


Alicia was now at the very top of the hill. The length of her ride was going to be twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of having the slippery rail rub enticingly against her most sensitive regions. She was going to come long before she was even near the bottom of the hill, but the rail was just going to continue attending to her for the rest of her journey. She was understandably quite nervous, but was nevertheless sopping wet between her legs.

As she waited, she heard yet another beep from her timer - that was the fifth one since she had reached the top of the hill. Just how long had Jade set the timer for? How long was she going to have to wait?

Alicia's timer could be set to a maximum delay of 60 minutes, and she was starting to strongly suspect that's exactly what Jade had set it for. Bringing her to the top of the hill apparently hadn't been enough for Jade. She obviously also wanted Alicia to have to wait there, naked and helpless, anticipating what was in store for her. A drop of liquid travelled the short distance from her crotch to the surface of the rail, joining a couple of similar drops which had already fallen.

"What's this going to feel like????" Alicia asked herself over and over. She wasn't scared - there was no danger of injury to her - but she was intensely anxious. She was used to feeling a combination of nervousness and sexual excitement during her self-bondage sessions, but she was now feeling these emotions more powerfully than ever before.

"Maybe Jade will come by and release me." But Alicia dismissed the thought as soon as it formed. Jade was going to make her go through with this, just like she had with the miniature train. But with the train, Alicia had been able to stand on her tiptoes to get a break from her tongue wheel, at least she could when the train wasn't moving downhill. With her current setup there was no such escape - that had been a plan for the future!


The timer again alerted her to its presence. A light breeze brushed the warm summer air against her naked body. Her emotions driving her half-crazy, Alicia continued to wait.


It seemed to Alicia that she had been waiting forever at the top of the hill. At some point she had lost count of the beeps so she didn't know how much longer she had to wait. She almost couldn't stand being held like this, knowing that at any moment she was going to begin what she was sure would be the experience of her life - and likely not a very pleasant one! She wondered if Jade would be waiting at the bottom of the hill for her as she had promised. Alicia planned to really tell that young woman off for what she had done to her!!!



Alicia's eyes grew wide as she felt herself being lowered the short distance to the rail and felt its surface press against her. A considerable patch of wetness spread onto the rail where she made contact. Then Alicia began her journey down the hill.

The feeling was utterly fantastic. Alicia had done her work well - the rail sensually rubbed against her, quickly elevating her state of arousal. The way she was bound, she could do nothing to reduce the sensations. She was a prisoner of pleasure, and that knowledge caused her lust to grow even more. Soon she was panting.

She knew she had to fight against the incredible pleasure impinging on her, but that was easier said than done. The rail seemed quite insistent that she get what it felt she needed, and she was finding it awfully hard to argue back. Still, she had to try.

Her excitement just continued to grow. Although the rail did not need to be lubricated, she was doing an impressive job of it anyway. Her mind started swirling. It seemed she had hardly gone any distance at all, yet she could tell that an orgasm wasn't far off. What was she to do??

But she was only human, and it would have taken superhuman willpower to hold back the flood which was about to engulf her. She fought a little longer, but then surrendered... totally. She came in waves of pleasure so intense she literally screamed with joy. As the overwhelming sensations racked her body, the thought of what was going to happen once the orgasm subsided crept into her mind. Strangely, this thought seemed to intensify her orgasm. Her sexual desires were now being fulfilled so powerfully she thought she was going to pass out!

But all good things must come to an end, and her orgasm was no exception. After satisfying her so completely it left her mind reeling, her orgasm waned. But she was still, of course, sliding down her banister.


That was the only way she could describe it. The rubbing which had just felt so incredibly wonderful no longer felt that way at all! It wasn't that she was in pain, just that she was being overstimulated to an extent that threatened to drive her right out of her mind. She had never felt anything like this in her life. The sensory overload was too much to bear.

But she could do nothing to stop it. She tried to lift herself off the rail but her bonds did not allow her to do so. She was going to be rubbed in her nether regions all the way down the hill, and it was going to be quite some time before she reached her destination. If someone were to ask her her opinion of Jade right at that point, Alicia's response would not have been very complementary!

She tried to take it as best she could. Alicia tried to ignore the feelings in her crotch, but that was impossible - the sensations were not something that could be pushed out of one's mind!

After a little while Alicia realized that what she was feeling actually wasn't totally awful. It was bad, very bad to be sure, but there were tiny flecks of pleasure intermixed with her discomfort. It didn't help a lot, but it was better than nothing. It at least partially distracted her from her torment.

But after a little more time went by, Alicia had to correct her previous appraisal. There were more than just flecks of pleasure present; there were enough positive signals traveling to her brain to make her ordeal almost bearable. Maybe it was possible she'd reach the bottom of the hill without losing her sanity, something that a little while ago seemed unlikely!

When she had gone down the hill a bit more, Alicia couldn't help but to notice that the pleasure was continuing to grow. She was becoming aroused, no doubt about it. The sensations inundating her still seemed too powerful, but her growing lust seemed to provide sufficient compensation.

With her sexual desires climbing from one moment to the next, Alicia realized she was headed for a second orgasm. She knew, though, if she climaxed she'd be experiencing another round of major discomfort. But it was just like before - there was simply no way for her to "turn it off." She was destined to come again. It was going to feel good, but there would be a hefty price to pay!

She tried to think of things which would at least delay the inevitable, but that wasn't working at all. As she tried to stave off the oncoming delight, she noticed she was a long way even from the halfway point of the ride! She knew then that she'd almost certainly not be limited to just two orgasms during her journey. There would be a third, and a fourth, and... who knew how many? And suppose she was caught in this situation? Jade had already done that, but what if someone else wandered alone. They'd see her, naked and bound with the rail rubbing her between her legs. They'd see her lose control and come all over the place, followed by a period of distress as the rail continued to stroke her oversensitized regions. She'd be totally humiliated!!!

Alicia exploded.

Although she knew it was coming, her climax nevertheless caught her off-guard with its suddenness. Alicia writhed with pleasure as her sexual arousal was thoroughly addressed.

Then the anguish returned as another cycle began.


Alicia reached the end of the ride just as her sixth orgasm had waned. As promised, Jade was there waiting for her. When her release mechanism freed her wrists from her restraints, Alicia moved her hands to the strap around her waist. She was so exhausted, however, that she was having trouble getting it off. Jade came over to help her. Jade opened the strap around her waist, then she helped Alicia get off the rail and to stand up.

Jade saw that Alicia was soaked with sweat. She must have had quite some ride, just as Jade had planned. The strong aroma of pure sex wafting from Alicia confirmed that her experience had been an interesting one!

Although Alicia was now standing, it looked to Jade like she was pretty wobbly, so Jade remained right in front of her. Jade saw Alicia look up at her. From the look on Alicia's face, it appeared she wanted to tell her something but had either forgotten what it was or simply didn't have the energy to vocalize her thoughts.

Then Jade saw Alicia's knees start to buckle; it looked like she was about to fall over! Jade's arms instinctively wrapped themselves around the other woman. With Alicia still being stark naked, the position Jade suddenly found herself in was unexpectedly intimate: her left arm was wrapped around Alicia's back, causing her bare breasts to press into her, and her right arm had caught the young woman lower down, so the palm of her hand was pressing against Alicia's bare bottom. While not entirely unpleasant - not in the least - Jade decided it would be best to carefully lower her companion to the ground.

Jade carefully placed Alicia on her back, then took stock of the situation. Alicia was sound asleep, her breathing in a slow, gentle rhythm. She had a smile on her face and looked completely at peace, like she had no worries in the world. Looking at her, Jade's heart melted.

Jade had to get her covered. Not that she particularly wanted to - in fact she wouldn't have minded watching Alicia for hours in her current state, but that wouldn't be fair to Alicia at all. Fortunately Alicia had left her clothes near the ride's exit, so Jade grabbed her underwear and put it on her, trying to be as gentle as possible. Alicia didn't even stir; the smile never left her face.

Jade considered putting the rest of her clothing on, but then decided against it - it appeared that Alicia would be asleep for some time, so there was no point getting her fully dressed. But she couldn't just leave Alicia lying on the ground outdoors! Jade looked around and saw a small workshop situated nearby. She trotted over to it and tried the door... it was unlocked. Inside there was a variety of equipment for maintaining the rides, but there was also a cot, all set up, although without any blankets. Jade decided to try to get Alicia inside the workshop.

She went back outside, went over to Alicia, and picked her up in an over-the-shoulder carry. Fortunately Jade was pretty strong, so she was able to carry Alicia to the workshop, get her inside, and place her face-up on the cot. Amazingly, Alicia stayed exactly as she was during the whole transport process; apparently she was completely spent, having been totally fulfilled.

Jade looked in some storage cabinets and found both a blanket and a pillow. She carefully placed the pillow under Alicia's head, then covered her with the blanket. She brushed some of Alicia's dark hair away from her face, then examined her handiwork. Jade had only met the girl twice, yet she found herself falling for her like a boulder rolling down a mountain - there was no going back.

Jade wasn't about to leave Alicia there on her own, even inside the workshop. Planting a kiss in the center of the sleeping woman's forehead, Jade sat down and leaned against the wall. Before long, she was asleep as well.


*** To Be Continued ***

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