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Almost Damsel in Almost Distress

by Shawna Summers

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© Copyright 2020 - Shawna Summers - Used by permission

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Part 1

Finally! I had the day off from work and I planned to spend it indulging two of my favorite activities... crossdressing and self-bondage! I’ve been dressing since I was 10 years old, and about the only thing that was more exciting than getting all femmed up... was locking myself into some strict bondage and struggling to get free!

I lived in a small apartment complex on the edge of town. Being on the outskirts meant I was able to get a place on my own, finally! After college I got a nice job and was making some decent money, sure I was mostly paying my college loans, but I could afford to have my own apartment. After having roommates all through college, this was my first time really living on my own. So, I was able to get dressed whenever I wanted, which was just about any time I was home!

While I thought that much time en femme would finally sate my cravings to dress, it really only began to whet my appetite! Also, since I was getting so much practice with my make-up, my mannerisms and my voice, I was finally feeling comfortable going out dressed, too. I’m kind of a shy person, so unlike some of the girls who are comfortable right away, I’ve really needed some time to get used to it. I’m not ready to do a drag show or anything, but I think I’ve finally got the nerve to start hitting some of the clubs and bars in girl mode.

Sadly, it’s a fairly rural area, so there aren’t a ton of gay or trans friendly places nearby, but its not too far a trip to some nearby cities which have a decent nightlife. So, mostly that’s left me dressing in my apartment and occasionally venturing out in my car, usually at night, to drive and just enjoy being a girl!

I made my way into the apartment, dropping my keys on the table by the door and looking over my place. It wasn’t huge, but it was a good size for me. It had a main room that was the main living area and a sliding glass door to a small patio. The main room was where the TV and couch were. It had a small kitchen and a bedroom which was where the bathroom was, too.

“Home sweet home,” I muttered to myself as I flipped on the TV. I just put on some music since I didn’t really want to get involved in anything. I first went out onto the balcony looking at the sun starting to set and knowing I had the whole night and all day tomorrow to do whatever I wanted. I felt really alive for a moment, and just took a few moments to breathe in the cool late spring air. I was too worked up and couldn’t really relax, so I made my way back into the apartment.

I made my way into the bedroom and took off my work clothes, getting excited already! However, I wasn’t going to get too excited since I was locked into my chastity cage! Sadly, I didn’t have anyone to hold the key for me, so I usually kept it frozen in a block of ice. That way even if I was “in the mood” I’d have to wait for the ice to melt to get relief! I’d actually gone two whole weeks without cumming, and after the first few days, I found it was much easier to keep from unlocking myself. Of course, I was also SUPER horny, so I was really looking forward to getting dolled up.

I decided to indulge myself and take a nice warm bubble bath first. This not only helped me relax and take my mind off my clitty, but also gave me a chance to check my shaving. I usually keep pretty clean shaven all over except for a small patch over my clit, so it didn’t take long to check I was smooth and hairless all over. I emerged from the tub feeling very femme, though I did hear the next door neighbor on that side through the wall. It sounded like she was in her bathroom.

The one major problem with an apartment is how close your neighbors are! The neighbor on that side was an elderly lady who was apparently a widow and didn’t have many relatives in the area. So, I would help her out with things like carrying in groceries. She was very nice, but she also had a tendency to go on and on about her dead husband. She never even usually called me by my male name, she usually just called me “Dearie.”

I did take a few minutes to moisturize and lotion up. Mostly in case she heard me and needed some help with anything. Thankfully there was no knock on the door, so I went to the dresser where I kept most of my femme stuff and started looking through everything. I had started to accumulate a pretty decent collection of girls’ stuff. I’d always had a decent collection of lingerie, but since I was on my own I’d really started to get some great outfits, too. I had simple stuff for just hanging around, like a nice chemise and some silky pajamas. I had outfits for going out and just being girly, like if I was running errands. So, some cute shorts, tops and such. I kept the nice dresses and outfits in the closet hanging separate from my guy clothes. I had a couple nice dresses that could work for dinner or even a semi- formal occasion, I even had a killer business suit that I was dying to wear to work, but I wasn’t out of the closet for that yet!

The stuff I really loved though, was my fetish gear. I had always had a thing for girls in leather, PVC, boots, corsets and such. So, now I had a nice collection of kinky clothes. I figured if I was going to be a bondage babe, then I should go full fetish slut. I pulled out my red PVC panties and black seamed stockings. Then, I also grabbed my opera length vinyl gloves, PVC mini-skirt and baby doll top. Then I grabbed my two favorites: my thigh high boots and my heavy steel boned corset. The boots were 6” with a 1” platform and the corset was thick PVC with a dozen heavy steel bones so it was VERY strict. Just wearing it was bondage by itself! I was getting excited already, so I went back into the bathroom to do my make-up.

I was doing bondage, but I was hoping to get some pictures, so I decided to go very heavy on the make-up. Full blown fetish slut coming up! I was giggled as I pulled on the panties to keep my cage from bouncing around too much. If nothing else, the lock clicking on the cage could get a bit annoying, so I was able to focus that way. Thankfully, I’ve really been working on my make-up and was getting good at various styles. Simple for going out, stylish for getting dressed up, subtle but sexy for nice occasions, or heavy duty glam to show off. Guess which one I was planning on!

I started with the base foundation. Since I was doing pictures, I went with the liquid since that seems to shine a bit less than the powder. I’m pretty fair skinned, so this was a light cream. After getting it nicely blended in so that it was even all over, I looked over my eye make-ups. I decided to try a new color and went with a dark green. I’d never tried this color, so I was curious to see how it came out in pics. I was figuring I’d probably be gagged, so I wanted something that would show against the straps and gag. I blended the green, starting in close to the eye with darkest part, then using a light gray about midway across to lighten the color towards the end of my eye. It wasn’t truly a “smoky” effect, but it looked pretty good. I wasn’t sure about the color, but I didn’t hate it, so I wanted to see how it looked in the pictures before I decided.

I put on the mascara and I went really heavy with the darkest one I had. It was one of those plumping mascaras, so my lashes looked very heavy. They almost looked like I had fake lashes on! I thought that looked good against the green, so I was feeling good about the choice. I put a bit of blush on my cheeks just to give a touch of color. I lightly blended that since I didn’t want to mess with the foundation too much!

Finally, I looked over the lipsticks. I was debating going with a light color, but I really wanted something to show around the gag, so I opted for the dark, heavy red. It was almost a light crimson, like a blood red color, but looked very bright when on. I painted my lips and debated if I wanted to put on lip gloss, too. Since I was doing pictures, I didn’t want my lips to shine too much, so I decided against it. Besides, the lipstick was supposed to be the “non-smudge” kind, so we’d see how it did after some time around a ball gag! I looked over the make-up and was quite happy with how it came out! I looked pretty good! Who am I kidding? I looked like a complete wanton slut who was on the prowl, which was pretty much the look I was going for!

I then looked over my bondage gear. I wanted to get everything out before I got dressed, since once I got in my corset, getting anything out wouldn’t be as easy! I pulled out my leather cuffs, my bright red ball gag, my blindfold, my handcuffs and fairly heavy posture collar. I also selected a large butt plug, my jet black wig and my breast forms. I debated going with one of my dildos, but the plug vibrated and I was looking forward to the buzzing. I was also debating what to do with my chastity key! Should I get it out, so the ice was melted by the time I had escaped? Or would it be better to have to get the ice out and still wait after I was done? I decided to leave the key for now, I could always get it out before I fully locked myself in.

So, I finally got into my slutwear! I loved the feeling of sliding the stockings over my smooth legs. I was in heaven already and I had just started. Next I slid on my thigh high boots. I so loved wearing these boots. Sliding my foot into the super high heel then pulling the zipper closed. Just that sound was amazing. The boots hugging every curve of my leg was also delicious, too. I did the boots first since experience had taught me that putting them on after the corset was something of a challenge!

I figured I should take care of my plug, now too. So, I got out the lube and after greasing my backside, I slid the plug slowly in. Even though I used one of my toys just about every night, I was still amazed at how tight I could get. I took a few minutes of lubing and pushing, with a break to let my ass stretch, but I was able to get the medium plug seated. Once my cheeks closed around the flanged base, I felt nice and full. I also felt very naughty and even hornier. I wasn’t sure I could get much hornier! I was tempted to pull out the plug and go to town with one of the dildos, but I still wanted to get pictures. I’d have plenty of time to be a wanton harlot later! I had the whole day tomorrow, and I planned to indulge myself.

I picked up the wicked red corset and slightly undid the laces. I then wrapped it around my waist, and hooked the fasteners in the front. Even with the laces undone, I could feel the stiffness of the corset squishing me in. I knew once I was done I’d look like I had some serious hips. I’d even look like I had some cleavage! I grabbed the breast forms and inserted those into the cups. Just with those, I looked I had a C cup. I walked to the closet and tied the lace strings to the door. I pulled them as tight as I could with my hands, then leaned forward and let my weight pull the corset super tight! I could feel the bones and my breathing was reduced, so I knew bending over would be a challenge. I could do it, but not quickly! I undid the laces from the door and tied off the excess, tucking it into the corset. I tucked the garters through my panties, so they were underneath. That way I could pull the panties off without having to undo all the garters. I fastened the garter tabs to the tops of the stockings, loving the classic look of that style.

I felt like sex on heels now! I glanced at the dressed mirror and was amazed at how hot I looked. I blew myself a kiss and giggled a bit. I definitely looked good enough to fuck! I grabbed the mini-skirt and slid it up my legs. It was a bit snug on my hips, but once I got the flared part on my hips the top settled into my much narrower waist! I fastened the back zipper and smoothed it down, then grabbed the top. It was a PVC top with a baby doll neckline and short sleeves, so it managed to be cute and sexy. I slid the top over my head. It took some doing to get it over my now huge tits, but the stretchy material slid down with just a bit of fighting. I grabbed my wig and fastened it to my hair. I had been growing my hair out the past couple months, hoping I could do femme pics with my natural hair, but I knew it would be some time before I could really get a femme style. Besides, my hair was a fairly plain brown. So, if I wanted some color, I’d either need to dye my hair, or keep going with the wigs.

I used a few hair clips to secure the hair band to my natural hair hoping it would stay pretty well. I then took a look and was still amazed at how the transformation could go. I looked like a fetish model! I needed to get some pictures, so I decided to wait on putting on the gloves.

I didn’t like to use my camera since I was still pretty in the closet. There weren’t many people that looked through my phone. However, after one time someone saw a pic of me done up in my picture list. So that I had to scramble and came up with some lame excuse about a girl I briefly dated, I decided to not take that chance anymore.

Thankfully, my parents were avid photographers and had given me one of their old digital SLR cameras. So, I had an almost professional level camera to take my femme pics! I got out the camera, my tripod and the remote, too. It took me some extra time since the heels and corset meant I was not at full speed. Though I did realize, with the all practice I’d had lately, I was moving very well in the heels. After taking the apartment stairs and driving in heels, I found that I could do damn near anything in heels!

I set-up the camera and took several pictures of myself on the bed, at my little table pretending to touch up my make-up, adjusting my garters and even showing off my bondage gear. Once I felt like I probably had a few decent pictures, I decided it was finally time to become a damsel in distress.

Does it count as distress if you put yourself there? I guess damsel in my own distress doesn’t really sound right! So, I moved the camera and all my bondage gear to the main room for the next round of my photo shoot!

I set the timer on the camera, while I put on the leather cuffs around my ankles and my thighs. I’d reset the camera after each time the flash went off. I made sure to get nice and close as I put the ball gag in! I was hoping to get lots of close-ups of the blood red lips wrapped around the bright red ball. I got pics of me fastening the straps in the back of the gag. I also got lots of pics as I wrapped the posture collar on. I made sure the little charm on the front that was attached to the D ring was in the pictures. The “BAD GIRL” charm was definitely how I was feeling!

I got a few more pictures as I worked the opera length gloves up my arms. Then I switched the camera over to remote mode and grabbed the remote in my left hand. I positioned myself and the camera by the couch and made sure I could get a few pics that way. I slid on the blindfold, being sure to get a few pics that way! I already felt completely helpless and I hadn’t done anything yet.

I was also amazed at how enhanced my senses were with my sight gone. I could feel all the textures of the clothes, smell the delicious vinyl scent and taste the rubber of the ball gag like it was new! I could even hear everything better, almost crisper. The soft hum of the AC as it rumbled. The music playing on the TV seemed sharper. Even the next door neighbor on the other side closing his front door seemed louder than usual.

That gave me a quick thought... the really cute next door neighbor! He seemed to work shift work or something since I only ever saw him coming or going very late or very early, so I’d almost never talked to him. Also, a few times I’d been coming back late from venturing out, and he was coming home. That was a real thrill and rush, especially the last couple times he gave me these really friendly smiles. I was a bit shy like I said, so I hadn’t had the guts to do much more, but he was very good looking. I guessed I was bisexual since I’d never really had sex with a guy, but I sure thought about it.

Who was I kidding? I sucked my dildos and fucked myself silly almost on a nightly basis imagining my neighbor was burying his cock in me. I just wasn’t brave enough to make the first move and he seemed like too nice a guy to make the moves on his neighbor.

“Almost there,” I thought. I connected the cuffs on my ankles to my thighs so I was stuck on my knees. I then brought the connecting strap from the ankle cuffs that had my metal handcuffs attached to it, so once I cuffed my hands I was basically stuck until I could get to my keys. Which I just happened to leave in the bedroom... on the bed! So, getting to those from the floor was going to be an adventure. I’d done it before, so it was possible, but it would take some work. I’d be a sweaty tired mess when I was done, but I’d be a very happy girl!

I’d probably also spend the night with my leather cuffs on my hands and ankles, maybe even a gag in, pretending my Mistress or Master was leaving me helpless so they could use me in the morning. My clit was already throbbing in my chastity and my plug was driving me wild.

Oh, that reminds me... I reached back to the base of my butt plug and turned it on. Oh, dear fucking me! The vibrating was going right from the plug on my prostate and its even making my chastity cage vibrate which was a really strong sensation. I almost couldn’t think for a moment! I just wanted to reach down and start playing with myself. I resisted the urge and instead reached behind me to lock my left hand in the metal cuff. I made sure I still had the remote in my hand and took a couple pictures to make sure it was working. I could hear the click of the camera flash, so I hoped the pictures would look okay. Working with a remote is always sketchy at best since you can’t check the focus or framing until later. I know, most people don’t care, but I like my pictures to look somewhat professional since I do have a clue what I’m doing!

Okay, moment of truth. Was everything ready? I couldn’t think of anything I missed, so I reached my hand in and ratcheted the cuff on my right hand. I could feel the metal tighten on the opera glove and that was it... I was caught in my own web! Oh, that moment when you’re fully stuck and there’s no escaping! My heart fluttered for a moment and my breath caught. I usually get to a point where I almost panic, but it never quite goes that far. I guess that’s just my body reacting to being scared, thrilled and exited all at the same time.

So, I squirmed a bit on the couch to test my bonds. I remembered to hit the button on the remote and take some pictures. Once I had a few, I really started to struggle and realized I was drooling like crazy around the ball gag. I hoped the streams running down to my tits would show in the pics. I always found that hot when seeing bondage models.

I settled in to enjoy being a damsel in not-distress and really enjoying the vibrations from the plug. My goodness! The plug was a new idea I hadn’t tried with the self-bondage before. It was almost too much, I couldn’t really think straight I was so horny. I tried vainly humping the couch, but with the way I was up on my knees and the chastity cage, that was a useless idea. I also couldn’t really push on the plug very well to try and get more sensation, so I was just a mass of frustration. In fact, I was trying to decide if I should go to the kitchen before the bedroom and get my chastity key out of the fridge! I was going to need to cum soon!

I’m not sure how long it was before I decided to start moving. I’d been in my headspace so it could have been a while, but was probably only about 20 to 30 minutes. I decided after getting a number of pics to start making my way to the bedroom to get loose. I’m not sure what happened, but somehow I completely misjudged where I was on the couch and instead of lowering my knees to the floor, I bounced off the arm and flopped to the floor! In the process I managed to hit several decorations and knocked one of my tables over. Damn that hurt! I lay there for a moment taking assessment trying to figure out if I’d actually injured myself or not. My arm hurt a bit where I landed on it, and I guess I hit the table with my leg since that had a sore spot, too.

Once I caught my breath and the initial pain subsided, the excitement of the plug and the bondage came back with a vengeance, so I must not have been hurt too bad! I wasn’t sure exactly where I landed, so I needed to be careful not to knock over the camera tripod, and depending on how the table landed...

What was that? That sounded like my neighbor’s door. I waited for a moment, not realizing at first that I was holding my breath. I hoped he didn’t hear anything. Then I wondered about the neighbor downstairs. It was an older couple as well, so I doubted they’d make the trek up to check on me. I had just taken my first breath and decided I was hearing things... when I definitely heard it.

Knock-knock! Well, shit. I briefly wondered if I’d remembered to lock the door. I was usually pretty good about locking, but living this far outside town, break-ins rarely happened, so it was easy to get complacent. I heard a few more knocks and “Hello?” several times.

Finally a very hard knock and what was clearly my neighbor, “Hello? Its Alex from next door. I... uh, thought I heard something fall, and maybe something breaking, are you guys okay?”

Well, he was very sweet for checking. I was trying to see if I could get my hands up enough to loosen my gag, but with the tether strap, I couldn’t lift them very far. If I could get the gag out, I could tell him everything was okay. My heart was absolutely hammering in my chest. I’m not sure if I was more scared or excited at the idea of being found. I guess it was a mix of both!

Did I try to mumble something around the gag? Would that be worse than not answering? I couldn’t decide, so fate decided for me. I heard his door close, so I guessed he decided everything was okay. Or he was calling the cops and they were going to come break down my door! Either way, I needed to get to my keys quick. I really wasn’t in any sort of position to move quickly so I needed to do what I could. I had just gotten my knees under me and was starting to inch my way to the bedroom, when I heard something else.

What the hell was that? Was that my TV? I wondered if I hit the remote when I fell? I started rubbing my head on the floor trying to get the blindfold off, or at least up enough to see! After a few tries, I managed to get it up and the light hurt my eyes at first. I checked the TV and it was still on the music channel, so that wasn’t it.

Then I saw something that almost stopped my heart, my neighbor, Alex was on my porch! How the fuck was he on my porch? Did he hop over? I guess it was only a few feet between them, and it was only the second floor, but still! So, I tried to stay very still in hopes that it was dark enough in the room, he wouldn’t see me.

That worked for about three seconds, I saw him looking in and then he locked eyes with me. His eyes shot up in surprise. A very concerned look came over his face. He reached up and tried the sliding door, and it slid right open! Damn! I must have forgotten to lock it in my rush earlier.

Alex came darting over and knelt down next to me, “Oh my gosh! Are you okay? What happened? Who did this?”

I mmmppphhhed around the gag, and he got the hint, reaching back to undo it. The ball came out along with a ton of drool. Very ladylike!

“Hey... Chrissy, right? Are you okay?”

I nodded, not sure I trusted my voice just yet. I worked my jaw for a moment. While I stretched he started reaching for my cuffs. I saw his pretty blue eyes narrow and he looked at me with a sly smile. Ah, hell. He’d figured it out. I guess I didn’t need to respond!

“Did you... do this to yourself? Is it a game with your boyfriend?”

Boyfriend? What was he talking about?

“If it’s a game or something, I’m sorry, I was just worried, the crash sounded pretty bad,” he said softly and gently, smiling sweetly.

Was it weird I just wanted him to kiss me, throw me over the arm of the couch and fuck the hell out me? Maybe spank me in there somewhere? I was so damn horny, I didn’t really care!

I nodded again, and finally found my voice, “Yeah, it’s... it’s a game.” I smiled up at him. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.”

“No, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break-in. Should I put the gag back? Is your boyfriend here or coming soon?” he wondered and looked around.

“No, its just me,” I stammered. I could feel the heat rise in my face as I blushed something fierce. My heart was beating so loud, I was amazed he couldn’t hear it. Actually, I did wonder if he could hear the buzzing of the plug? I quietly said, “I don’t have a boyfriend.”

Alex looked puzzled, “Then who’s the guy I see here coming in sometimes? A relative? Brother?”

“Oh... uh... no. Its uhh... its me,” I think my face was as scarlet as my lips from how hard I was blushing. I was always so shy, and here I was baring all my darkest secrets to a guy I barely knew!

“What? No way... holy... no, really?”

“Honey, girls don’t joke about stuff like that,” I smiled and batted my eyes. Might as well flirt with him!

“Probably a good point,” he shrugged. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, I can go... or should I untie you now?”

I shrugged, “You don’t have to go, if you don’t want to, I mean since you did come to rescue me, I should at least offer you a drink or something, right?” I smiled shyly, might as well play it up.

He was now looking me up and down, “I... you sure? I feel like I’m intruding.” He looked down at the handcuffs and then around. Then he noticed the camera. “I’m going to need a key for these, is it nearby.”

I nodded, “Its on the bed.”

He smiled and nodded, “Of course it is. Well, I guess wait here while I go get it.”

“I can assure you, I’m not going anywhere, at least not quickly any way!” I laughed and he laughed back.

He walked into the bedroom. I realized that I had a number of my dildos and bondage toys sitting on the bed, well he already had a pretty good idea I was kinky, its not like that was going to change things!

He came back a moment later with the keys, “Yeah, these are handcuff keys.”

“You sounds pretty sure. You know handcuff keys well?”

Oh! His turn to blush and stammer a bit, “I well... yeah, I mean... I have a set just like these.”

“Really?” I asked trying to look over at him. “Are they for you?”

“Uh... no... they’re for... guests,” he grinned down at me.

“Ohhh! Do you get to use them a lot?” I asked, practically purring.

He laughed, “No, in fact, they’ve barely ever been used, certainly a lot less than these have!”

I grinned, “Well, do you want to get yours?”

His mouth hung open for a moment, “No, but if you’re comfortable, it would be a shame to change things.”

“Oh, good,” I replied. “Of course, I can’t get you a drink like this.”

“Thanks, I’ll grab something.”

He went into the kitchen and came out a moment later with a water bottle. He held it out to me and I gratefully took a few sips.

“Thank you,” I said while he took a few sips.

“Well, considering how much spit came out with the ball gag, I figured you could use something to drink,” he smiled as he replied.

I nodded, “Yes, well, I’ve been here for a while now.”

So, we talked for a few minutes, like it was perfectly natural for me to be bound up at his feet while chatting about bondage and kink. I think I was in love!

“So, is this your usual set-up?” he asked matter of factly.

“No, I really wanted to step it up this time, apparently a little too far, I guess,” I shrugged.

“Maybe, but if it means anything, you look amazing!”

I really smiled at that, “Thank you, I was going for a fetish model type thing.”

“You certainly got it,” he gestured to the camera, “Did you take pictures?”

I nodded, “Yes, but with the remote and timer, I never know how they’re going to come out.”

He went over to the camera and pushed a few buttons. I told him how to bring up the display and he started scrolling through the pictures. He nodded and smiled at a few, looked puzzled for a moment, then smiled again.

“How are they?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Hot.” He stated.

“Are they clear? In focus? Can I see them?”

“Yeah, some are okay, you’re fuzzy and out of frame in a few, but most are okay. Certainly as good as some of the selfies people post!” He showed me the camera, and he was right some looked good, some were barely visible, but in general they were clearly bondage fetish porn!

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

In the picture, I was reaching to my butt. I looked for a moment, “Oh, I was turning on my... friend.”

“Ah, a dildo or vibe?”

“Butt plug actually,” I blushed again.

“Nice, good girl,” he said. My heart raced when he said good girl!

“Would you like to take some for me? I never seem to be able to get all the pictures I want, its so hard to take them yourself,” I smiled, emphasizing the ‘hard’ and even winking.

He grinned back, “Maybe, but I’m going to have to replace your gag... to get the right pictures, of course.”

“Of course!”

He smiled as he reached up and grabbed my charm on the front of my collar, “Are you really a ‘bad girl’?”

I smiled shyly, “Yes... Sir, I am.”

“Hmmmm,” he muttered, “You know what happens to bad girls?”

I looked down, my heart racing again, “They get spanked?”

“That’s right, among other things,” he replied.

I looked up and saw a glint in his eyes, “How else will they learn to be good girls?” I purred back.

“If I do this, I’m going to do a lot more than just spank you,” he said with a glint in his eye.

“Promise?” I asked.

“Absolutely,” he smiled and I shuddered with excitement. “Bad girls get used, too.”

“Yes, Sir. Whatever you want, after all, when I’m bad... I’m good,” I grinned for a moment, until he pushed the ball gag back into my mouth, fastening it behind my head.

“Good?” he asked. “Not too tight?”

I shook my head and smiled around the gag, I mmmppphhed as close to “Good, Sir”, as I could.

“Okay,” he said. “If anything gets too much, then start humming a song, like Jingle Bells or something.” Wow! He was even giving me a safe word, or phrase or... what do you call it when you’re gagged? A safe hum?

He picked up the camera and straightened me up on my knees. “Let’s see what we’ve got here.” He started snapping a few pictures, then looking back over them. Then he really started taking several, even getting in close.

He set the camera down after a moment, and placed his hand on my back. I shuddered with the thrill of him touching me, “You okay?” he asked.

I nodded a very emphatic yes and grunted “Yes, Sir!” As best I could around the gag.

“Gooood,” he ran his hand down my back. “My... this is a very strict corset. Steel boned?”

I nodded, and he whispered in my ear, “So you like it hard and strict, huh?”

I nodded again, I was so excited, I could feel my clitty dripping into my panties. He ran one hand up my back to my neck feeling the posture collar and the straps on the gag. He ran his other hand down my arm, feeling my opera gloves and the steel of the cuffs. I was shuddering with fear and excitement.

He shushed me softly, patting my head softly. He ran his hands through the wig for a moment. Then his hands slid down to my waist. He ran his hands over the skirt and across the stocking tops peeking out of the boots. He ran one hand down one boot and up the other while his other hand explored down to my ass. He lifted the skirt slightly and he whistled. He snapped the waistband on the red panties and I jumped.

“Red, eh? You know that’s the color of a harlot, right?” I shuddered again. “And what’s this?” I felt him push on the plug, the vibrations pushed deep into me and I groaned, pushing back. “Vibrating, eh?” I nodded as he pulled and pushed on the plug, fucking me gently with it. But he stopped after a moment, I moaned in disappointment. He responded by smacking my ass.

“When I’m ready for you, girl,” he said. “So, what’s this wet spot and this bulge? Are you in chastity?”

I nodded, so turned on, so embarrassed, so wanting him to do just use me over and over. “I’d ask how long, but since you can’t answer, I going to guess by how wet you are, that its been a while?”

I nodded again, trying to say “Two weeks” Around the gag.

He smacked my ass again, “Don’t worry, you can tell me later, right now I have some promises to keep.” He then started smacking my ass. He started softly at first, just little love taps. Just enough to make some sounds and get me purring. Then he started picking up intensity, the hard smack of his hand stinging my cheeks and getting me breathing heavy. The other part of that is that I‘d also tense and relax on the butt plug, so I was basically fucking myself with the plug. Then he really started to smack, I could hear the smack, then feel the sting a moment later.

He took a break and grabbed the camera, “Your ass is really red, I hope it shows,” and he took a few pictures of my spanked butt. He then put the camera back on the tripod and got some pictures of him smacking my ass.

“Were these the sort of pictures you were looking for?” he asked me.

I shook my head, no. “No, sir,” around the gag.

“Oh, what were you looking for?” he whispered in my ear.

I shook my ass, trying to make it wiggle.

“What is it you want, girl?” he asked.

“Fuck me, Sir,” I tried to beg around the gag.

“What’s that, girl? I can’t understand you,” he teased.

I groaned, and tried to beg again, “Please fuck me, Sir,” around the gag.

“Well, if you’re not going to tell me, I’m just going to have to keep spanking you,” he said smacking me ass very hard again.

I groaned and kept begging to get fucked around the gag, I was mad with lust at this point and I didn’t really care what he did to me. Finally he relented after spanking me a few dozen times more, “Ohhhh, maybe I should take out your gag,” he said sarcastically.

He undid the strap and pulled the ball out of my mouth. Again a huge puddle of drool followed, and I breathlessly began begging, “Please fuck me, Sir. I’m so worked up and horny, please?”

“I don’t know, girl, I think you should thank me for spanking you.”

“Thank you, for spanking me and teaching me to be a good girl, Sir.” I quickly said.

He smiled like the cat who just caught the canary, “I meant thank me more personally.”

“Whatever you’d like, Sir!” I said breathlessly.

“Whatever? That’s a big offer, girl. What if I want to keep you as my slave-girl?” he gently ran his hand along my cheek to my chin. I shuddered at the softness of his touch.

“Promise?” I asked, not kidding in the least.

He smiled that wicked smile again, “Well, how about we start with a blow job?”

I smiled big now, “Yes, Sir! Please? Please may I suck your cock?”

He grinned as he ran his thumb over my red lips and I licked it hungrily. “You are a bad girl, aren’t you?”

I nodded, “Yes, Sir. A very bad girl.”

He undid his pants and pulled out his cock, “Then let’s see how good you are when you’re bad!”

I licked my lips and reached out with my mouth to wrap my lips around his cock. I did my best to give my first blow job. It hadn’t really occurred to me until just now, but I was going to lose my virginity in about the kinkiest way possible! With the collar, and being bound I wasn’t able to get much leverage, so he had to help by pushing his cock into and out of my mouth. I rocked forward and back as best I could to get some leverage, but his large cock was stretching my mouth pretty well. Well, I guess it was large. Certainly bigger than the little 4” clitty I have. While not super thick, it wasn’t thin either. Probably about 8” maybe 9” inches long and several inches around, I was just glad a couple of my dildos were pretty big, it was going to be more than a mouthful.

It may not have been the best blow job, but he was having a great time, teasing his cock in and out, then pulling it back far enough where I couldn’t reach and making me beg for him to give it back. Finally after a few minutes, he started teasing me while sliding a nice steady pace in and out of my mouth. “Is this what you wanted pictures of? You sucking cock like a wanton slut?

“Yes, Sir! Please?”

I could hear the flash as he hit the remote and took several pictures of my first cock sucking session.

“So, I saw you have a lot of toys in there, have you been practicing with them?”

I pulled back so he was just out of my mouth, “Yes, Sir.” Then I started sucking again.

“Both holes?” he asked. I nodded, and slid back again, “Yes, Sir.”

“Then you’re ready for me to take that plug out and fuck you?” he almost growled.

“Oh hell yes, Sir. Please?”

He reached down and did something and I realized that he unhooked my ankles from my thigh cuffs. He pulled me up and I groaned as I stretched my legs for the first time in over an hour.

He pulled me up, and with the heels, I was almost as tall as he was. He pulled me into his chest and I looked up slightly at him. He smiled down, “I really want to kiss you then throw you over the arm of the couch and fuck the hell out of you.”

“Oh my! Yes, Sir! That’s exactly what I want! I was thinking the exact same thing,” I smiled and giggled a bit.

I moaned softly as he pulled me in and kissed me deeply. He put all his lust and passion into that kiss. I knew he wanted me and wanted me badly! I tried to tell that with my kiss back. He kissed me for several minutes, before he breathlessly broke the passionate embrace.

He smiled down at me, “You really are amazing.”

“Thank you, Sir. This is incredible,” I said still breathless.

“You ready?”

“Oh my, yes! Please?”

He turned me around and pushed me over the arm of the couch. My arms behind my back and my ankles clipped together, I was going where he wanted me. I felt him grab my plug and pull it out with a soft pop. I gasped as I was suddenly very empty. I shook for a moment, so excited and so wanting him to take me. I felt him line up and spread my cheeks as put his cock against my rosebud and pushed.

I moaned as his large cock slid in several inches. Oh my, he was pretty big. Thankfully, I had toys that big, too, but still it was going to take a few moments to get all the way in. Thankfully, he was gentle and let me adjust before pulling back and then sliding deeper, then back and again.

He was almost all the way in, “Ready, girl?”

“Yes, Sir! Pl...”

Before I could finish he thrust all the way in and I groaned as he ground into my ass. He gave my ass a quick smack, waited a moment for me to adjust, then pulled all the way back and sliding all the way back in.

All I could do was grunt and moan, I was in heaven. Bound, dressed and being fucked by a dominant, this was simply amazing. He then grabbed my hips and really began pulling me into him as he began to fuck me. This wasn’t lovemaking, this was fucking, pure and simple. He was taking me and I was willingly giving my ass to him. Well, I guess I was bound, but I sure wasn’t putting up a fight and was begging him to take me, to make me his.

After a few minutes, he picked up the pace and was fucking me harder. My word! I didn’t think I could take much more and then I felt it. Building deep inside me was something that I’d never felt before. It was like an orgasm, but much slower building and much more intense.

I grunted as he was pounding me, “You... may... need to... gag me... oh my... going... to cum... screaming.”

He chuckled and I felt him reach down and grab something then he slid the ball gag into my mouth and buckled it while he was still keeping his pace pounding away.

If anything being gagged excited me even more and the build-up was even faster! I began moaning loudly, then grunting, I could feel it was building up and he was going even faster and harder until I came... and it was mind blowing. I’ve never felt anything like that before! I screamed into the gag, and I was bucking like mad. I guess all my thrashing pushed Alex over since while I was cumming, I felt him grab my hips tight, pull me in and cum deep inside me.

I could only shudder in little aftershocks as he slumped against the couch, panting for air. We stayed like that for a minute until I could feel him slipping out and his cum leaking down my ass.

“Sorry, Chrissy, but I have to pull out,” he said softly.

“I know,” I said a bit sadly.

He pulled out, then maneuvered me on my side on the floor. He reached down and grabbed the key to the cuffs and unlocked my hands. He undid the gag and collar as I pulled off my gloves.

“Thank you,” I said softly.

He pulled me into his arms and I snuggled into him. Wow, this was really amazing. If it wasn’t for the puddle of cum in my skirt, I wouldn’t want to move! I even said something to that effect.

“Sorry, but you got me a little excited,” he grinned.

“Its not all you, hun,” I giggled.

“Really? You came inside your chastity?” he sounded both surprised and impressed.

I nodded, “That’s why I wanted you to gag me, it was... intense.” I tried to describe the feeling, but I really couldn’t. So, instead we kissed again. This was still passionate, but much gentler. Still exciting, but more afterglow than lust!

We snuggled some more, but eventually I need to clean some of the cum off of me! As we went to get up, I look shyly at Alex, “Would you like to stay the night?”

He smiled back, “Would you like that?”

I nodded emphatically, “Absolutely!”

“I might want to tie you up and fuck you again in the morning,” he teased.

“Promise?” I asked.

He ran his hand down my cheek again, “You really are amazing.”

I beamed and blushed at the same time, “Thank you.”

I went to go clean some of the puddles of cum off of me as he cleared all bondage gear and toys off the bed. “This is quite a collection you have here, its going to take some time to use all of this on you!”

“Well, I’ve got all day tomorrow,” I grinned as I came out of the bathroom in my corset and stockings, with a new pair of panties on.

“Tomorrow? I’m talking about several sessions here,” he grinned as pulled me into bed and kissed me.

“Well, then I guess you’ll have to keep coming back,” I teased back.

“I told you, I was going to make you my slave girl!” He shot back.

“Promise?” I asked.

“You damn well better believe it!” as he snuggled me into him and turned out the light. I was so spent, I don’t even remember falling asleep, but I know I had a huge smile on my face.


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