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Almost Damsel in Almost Distress

by Shawna Summers

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© Copyright 2020 - Shawna Summers - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; cd; M2f; chastity; corset; oral; cuffs; gag; toys; buttplug; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 2

I woke up sweaty and a bit confused. I was also having a bit of trouble breathing. I realized I was still wearing my heavy duty corset. I also realized there was someone snuggled up against me! Suddenly visions of last night’s self-bondage session came back to me and I remembered Alex, my neighbor, had spent the night.

I had a momentary surge of excitement at remembering him finding me in bondage and ravaging me. Of course, the chastity cage did its part and my excitement was very quickly brought back down. I realized I’d basically passed out since I was still in my corset and stockings. I also needed to pee, so I figured I’d better try to get up.

I was somehow able to get out of bed without waking Alex. I went to the bathroom and while sitting to pee, I realized I also still had my make-up on. Lovely, I’m sure that looked wonderful! First, I took off my outfit from the night before, especially the corset! I loved wearing it, but that sucker was restrictive!

I washed my face as best I could in the dark and piled my clothes up so I’d remember to scrub them later. I’m sure there was sweat and cum on them, probably some drool and lube, too. I then grabbed a nice pair of panties and slid on a silky chemise. I then slid back into bed and Alex snuggled right back into me.

As he slid against my back, he wrapped me in his arms again. I was amazed at how wonderful it felt. To be so completely wrapped up. I felt warn, safe and happy. Well, and horny, too. I could feel his cock against my ass and I guess he was feeling the same since I could feel him stirring. I reached down and began to caress his leg, making my way around to his quickly hardening cock.

I stroked it while rubbing my ass cheeks against him. I could hear him making some soft groaning noises, so I took that as a good thing. I manipulated him for a few more moments, getting him fully aroused. I then slid under the sheet, wrapped my hand around his shaft and began gently licking around his cock and balls. My tongue really got some moaning, so I decided to wake him up with a full blow job. I got him rolled onto his back and kept my hand stroking him while I got my mouth working on getting him nice and wet. Once I had him nice and worked up, and I was pretty sure he was fully awake, I wrapped my lips around and began sucking on him.

Once I got him all the way in and began working on a nice pace, I could feel his hands on my shoulders, so I decided to go nice and slow, taking my time. Sucking deep and slow, feeling every inch slide in and out of my mouth, my tongue trailing out to lick the head when I’d take a moment to catch my breath.

After some time of slowly sucking him, I felt his hands on my shoulders getting more insistent, so I picked up the pace and started using my hands, too. I must have had him pretty worked up since it was probably only a minute or so after I picked up the pace I heard him really groan and he gripped my shoulder tightly. I could feel him tense and sure enough a moment later, I could feel his cock pulsing. I took him deep in my mouth and started milking him with my mouth and throat. He shuddered and groaned for quite a long time, so I kept sucking gently until he relaxed back. I slid up to lick the last few drops off the tip, milking just a bit more, then gently licking him all clean.

I could hear him still breathing heavy, so I smiled up as I licked my lips clean. He was looking down, a big smile on his face, “In case I didn’t tell you last night, you are amazing.” He was grinning ear to ear.

I slid up next to him and he wrapped me in his arms again, “Well, you were poking me with it, so I figured I’d better take care of it.” I was purring as I smiled.

“You better be careful, I’m going to have you wake me like that every morning,” he nuzzled my neck.

“Sounds great to me! That is what good slave girls do, right?” I snuggled in, remembering his threat / promise to make me his slave girl.

“True, but there’s a lot of things good slave girls do,” he said mysteriously.

“Should I ask?” I wondered aloud.

“You can, but I’m not going to tell you, instead I’ll show you,” he stated somewhat ominously. He got up and began going through some of my gear and toys. I rolled over and hung off the edge of the bed to see what he was doing. He looked up at me and smiled mischievously. I smiled back, batting my eyelashes, trying to be cute and demure. He kissed me on the forehead, then reached up to grab my ass.

“I’m glad you rolled over, that will make access a lot easier,” he said.

“Well, I can be easy… oh…,” I started to be a smart mouth, but he quickly began fingering my hole and I forgot what I was about to say.

“What was that, girl?” he asked.

“I… I forget,” I stammered, lost in the pleasure.

A sharp smack to my ass brought me back. “I forget, who?”

“Sorry, I forget, Sir,” I replied, the sting from the smack, spreading warmth to the rest of my cheeks.

“Are you humping the bed?” he asked laughing slightly.

I realized I was rubbing my cage against the bed, and smiled sheepishly, “Yes, Sir.”

He leaned in close to my ear, “Does that mean my little slave girl is all worked up?” 

I bit my lip and nodded. That got me another ass smack, so I quickly added, “Yes, Sir. I’m very horny. I really enjoyed sucking your cock.”

“Good, you’re going to get a lot hornier before you get any relief,” he added chuckling evilly. I shuddered and he kissed me again, this time passionately on the lips. As he kissed me, he pulled his finger out, but quickly replaced it and it was cold. I assumed he got some lube. I moaned into the kiss as he slid the butt plug into me. Quickly getting it seated all the way. I was moaning and clenching my ass while futilely grinding my caged clit against the bed.

Alex’s voice was in my ear again, “Does my little slave girl like having her ass filled?”

I all but purred, “Oh, yes Sir!”

“Good, you better get used to being filled up. If it's not my cock, then I plan to have you plugged or have a dildo or vibe or something up that tight, sexy little ass of yours.” I shook my ass to show off for him. He took that as an invite and started spanking me more. I was soon moaning and grinding on the bed like mad. He took one of my wrists and wrapped a leather cuff around it, quickly wrapping the other one then hooking them behind my back. The click of a padlock made me shudder. There was something so final about that sound. It meant I was locked in until he was done with me! Usually I’d only heard that while doing self-bondage, and the click was ominous then! Somehow it made my heart flutter even more now!

He pulled me so I was lined up on the side of the bed and began cuffing my ankles together. There was another soft click and I shuddered again. He crawled up trailing kisses along my legs, stopping to make little love bites on my asscheeks. I shuddered more! And then he started kissing up my back, over the soft silk of the chemise. He started kissing and nibbling on my neck while I could feel the warmth of his body. That got me moaning softly and making little mewing noises.

His voice in my ear, even though soft, startled me for a moment, I was lost in such a haze of lust and passion. “I like hearing you moan, but I also want to hear how you sound muffled.” He reached around and said simply, “Open, girl.” I obediently opened my mouth. Just him calling me ‘girl’ had my stomach buzzing, or maybe that was his rapidly hardening cock against my leg? Or the plug? My thoughts were pulled back as the bright red ballgag was slid into my mouth. Alex lifted my hair out of the way and fastened the buckle, pulling it tight enough that I couldn’t get it out, but not so that it was uncomfortable.

“How do you feel?” he asked, running his hands along my side. 

I shuddered and muttered, “Very good, Sir,” into my gag. 

He laughed and said, “That sounds very sexy.” He rubbed my back down to play with my ass, kissing the small of my back. “Tell me more,” he commanded as he kissed and licked along my back and ass.

So, I began mumbling through the gag, moaning and groaning when my mind blanked too much to actually form words. I was so worked up after a few minutes, I just wanted him to yank out the plug and take me! He had other ideas though and instead snuggled in next to me.

I asked, “Are you going to fuck me, Sir?” and wiggled my ass for emphasis.

He laid his head against me, kissing my shoulder and then he lay his arm across my back. “Not yet, girl. I want to snooze some more. Go back to sleep.”

Go back to sleep? Was he fucking kidding? My clitty was straining its cage, the plug was making my ass want more and the gag and bondage had me in full sub slut mode! I was also ready to be a good little subby, so I laid my head down and closed my eyes. Thankfully, I was pretty tired, but couldn’t really settle in.

I took a few minutes, but I was eventually able to doze. I awoke a few times, the bondage, startling me as I’d try to move, but then I’d doze back off. I never really went to sleep, so when I felt a soft kiss on my shoulder and Alex’s cock hardening again, I was wide awake!

“Sleep well, sweetie?” he asked, I could hear the smile. I shrugged my shoulders as best I could with my arms behind my back.

“Awww, didn’t sleep?” he asked, teasing.

“A little, but not deeply,” I replied around the gag.

“That is so sexy,” he grinned, he leaned in closed, resting his cheek on his hand, just watching me.

I smiled around the gag, batting my eyelashes, trying to be as sexy as I could.

“If you’re going to be this sexy when bound up, I’m going to keep you bound all the time,” he grinned, with a mischievous glint in eyes.

“Really? Promise?” I asked around the gag.

“Oh? Does my little sissy slut like that idea?” he teased more.

“Yes, Sir!” I nodded emphatically.

“Well, judging by the puddle of drool on the bed, you must have been gagged a while,” I looked down and he was right, there was a pretty good puddle there. “And I bet there’s a puddle under your clitty, too, isn’t there?” I could feel my cheeks flush red.

He grinned more, “You look so cute when you blush, the color really highlights your pale skin.” He ran his hand over my cheek. His touch was like fire, I was so fucking horny. I closed my eyes and nuzzled his hand.

“Lift your ass up, girl,” he ordered.

I squirmed my knees under me and scooted so my ass was up in the air. I wiggled my ass for good measure.

“Oh, are you teasing me?” he asked.

I sort of nodded. It's hard to nod when you’re laying on your face! I felt him reach under me and whistle. I turned my head to the side, looking over to him. He held up his hand and the ends of his fingers were wet. I could feel the cold air cooling my panties and I knew I had been dripping pre-cum the whole time.

He tasted my juices and looked at me, “Very sweet,” he smiled and rubbed some on my lips. “And a LOT of it. Someone must really be enjoying their predicament?”

I blushed and nodded, adding, “Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir!” as best I could.

“Hmmm, I like you with some color in your cheeks… let’s get some color in your other cheeks,” he slid back. I thought he mean he was going to fuck me, then I felt his hands on my ass.

The first smack was light and soft. It didn’t hurt, but he got going and started with a whole bunch of light smacks all over my ass. The quick series got me moving and groaning, then he paused and a moment later, I heard the whoosh.

I tried to brace, but the smack still caught me by surprise. This was a hard one! It hurt and I groaned around the gag.

“Ohhh, was that a good one, girl?” he asked, pulling his hand back again.

I started to mutter, “Yes, Sir,” around the gag, but the next hard smack caught me mid-gag speak and I just moaned into the gag.

He smacked me with a rapid series of strikes, alternating between long hard strokes and short, quick strokes that surprised more than stung. After every smack I’d clench and pull the butt plug deeper into me, then relaxing so it would slip out a tiny bit, then I’d clench on the next stroke. The result was that I was basically fucking myself with the plug. Between the plug, the bondage and spanking, I was out of my mind horny!

When Alex paused to catch his breath, he laughed and said, “I wish you could see how red your ass is.” He sounded quite proud of himself! I just wiggled my ass and moaned around the gag. He ran his hands over my back and then back down to my ass.

In one quick motion, he pulled the plug out, moved up behind me and thrust his cock all the way in me. I moaned with relief, trying to push back on him and get more friction. I wanted him to fuck me like mad, I was very worked up!

He started with a steady pace, sliding in and out of me at a medium tempo. Bound as I was, I couldn’t do much more than grind back a little. I tried begging him to go faster, but he either couldn’t understand the gag talk, or wasn’t listening. He kept that pace going for a maddeningly long time.

I could feel myself building slowly, like a kettle being brought slowly to boil, I was simmering higher and higher. As he began to pick up the pace, I moaned my approval and began grinding as hard as I could. The angle he had was pushing every thrust against my prostate and I was getting very close.

He began to make grunts and growls as he thrust harder and faster. I think he knew I was close, but didn’t want to push me yet. The pace built slowly and so did my sissygasm. I was crazed with lust and was trying anything I could to get more friction and pressure on my prostate. I was so close, I could feel my clit dripping steadily.

Then he began really fucking me hard, grabbing my hips and asking me, “Are you going to cum, girl?”

I nodded and moaned, “Yes, Sir!” around the gag.

He kept up the deep, hard fucking driving his cock deep into me with each thrust, “Don’t cum yet, girl. Hold it!” 

Was he kidding? I was already mad with lust and I was supposed to hold back? I clenched as best I could, trying to stem the building tide. I wasn’t sure I could.

Suddenly, I felt the gag loosened and slip out of my mouth, along with a ton of drool.

“Do you hear me, slut?” he smacked my ass for emphasis.

“Yes, Sir! I’m trying,” I moaned desperately. “Please? Please may I cum?”

He smacked my ass again, “No, girl. You may cum when I tell you. Cum before that and I will punish you.”

I wanted to be a good little slave girl, but I was a dam that was about to burst and nothing except sheer force of will was holding back the flood!

“Yes, Sir!” I yelled breathlessly, then descended into muttering and moaning incoherently.

“Are you ready, girl?” he asked with what sounded like a huge grin.

He was teasing me now, but I just wanted to cum! “Yes, Sir! Please oh please oh please oh please?”

Then he simply said, “Cum for me, my little sissy slut,” and I arched, moaned and felt like my head exploded! I tried to keep kind of quiet, but after the first few seconds, everything was just an orgasmic haze.

I’m not even sure how long I came for, but it had to have been well over a minute. I was still having little aftershocks as Alex slowed down, panting breathlessly, I could feel how slick my ass was and it took me a moment to realize he’d cum while I was orgasming. I didn’t even notice.

I finally started to cum down, as he slowed to a stop. Leaning forward to kiss the back of my neck. I shuddered again, this time with the thrill. “My goodness, girl. Do you feel better?”

I nodded as best I could, “Oh yes, Sir! Thank you, that was amazing.” I was smiling like I was never going to stop!

“I could tell, I thought you were going to scream your brains out,” he laughed a little as his cock slid out of me.

I moaned a little with disappointment, I wanted him to stay in me forever. I replied, “I’m not sure what happened, I was lost in the haze.”

“Oh so, you forget telling me that you were going to be my little sissy slut slave forever?” he said as I felt him do something and the lock on my wrists clicked.

“No, Sir, but I’d be happy to do that!” as he unlocked my ankles, I turned and smiled up at him. I then dipped my head down and began licking his cock clean. It tasted like a mix of lube, cum and what I guessed was my ass, but I wanted to worship the tool that had given me such pleasure.

I looked up as I cleaned him and he was watching me, smiling happily. His hands running along my shoulders and through my hair. I made a nice show of licking and gently sucking him completely clean, smiling up as I finished. He reached down and touched my cheek gently. Then reached forward and picked the butt plug back up. I obediently bent forward and he gently pushed the plug home. With how slick my ass was from his cum, the toy slid right in!

I looked up again, smiling again, this time, also biting my lip as I felt my ardor rising again. He laughed and said, “Getting worked up again, girl?”

I nodded, “Yes, Sir. One problem with being locked is that I’m pretty much always horny.”

He nodded, “Good, I want you like that, makes you much more obedient.”

“I’m very eager to please, Sir,” I replied.

“I know, that’s why I want to keep you,” he stated.

“Promise?” I asked seriously.

He nodded, “Oh yes!” 

I smiled, my heart skipping a beat! “I love that you’re so dominant, but also so tender. It's such an amazing mix, it makes me turn to jelly.”

“That’s what I like about you, you manage to be a complete slut, and yet this sweet girl, too. It's very beautiful,” he said simply, kissing me tenderly.

I almost felt like I was going to cry. I don’t think anyone had ever said anything so wonderful to me. I just nodded and he followed up with, “On that tender note, I really need to pee.”

I obediently positioned my mouth at his cock, thinking that was what he meant. He seemed a bit surprised at first, then as I opened wide, he simply asked, “You sure? You don’t have to.”

I shrugged, “If it will please you,” and I reopened my mouth.

He grinned like the cat that just ate the canary and a moment later, I felt him peeing into my mouth. I moved closer so that I didn’t miss any, but far enough back that he could watch. He must have had to go since he almost filled my mouth! I swallowed the acrid taste quickly. I wasn’t exactly super turned on by golden showers, certainly the taste put me off a bit, but I did love how submissive it made me feel! So, that made me enjoy that aspect of it.

As I swallowed down, he smiled and patted me on the ass, “Good girl, now go get cleaned up.”

I headed into the bathroom to try and clean up. Thankfully, I didn’t grow a lot of facial hair, so I didn’t need much of a shave, but I wanted to be as femme as possible. I took a quick shower, the warm water feeling very nice, though it did make my ass sting! That surprised me until I remembered the fierce spanking. I wondered if I’d have any marks or bruises, it sure felt like it! I actually kind of liked the idea of having some bruises or something to remember the experience by!

I came out a little while later expecting Alex to be asleep, but he was up and moving. He looked a little sheepish as I came in, like I caught him with his hand in the cookie jar! I cocked my ear to the side, “You, okay?” I asked.

He nodded, grinning like a giddy schoolboy, “I’m just looking through some of your toys.” I had a lot of stuff, even some things, I couldn’t really use by myself. “You have some great stuff here, babe.” Did he just call me babe? That made my heart flutter a bit for some reason. “Though I am a little confused about some of it,” he looked back at the stuff.

I blushed a bit, I could feel my cheeks flushing, “Yeah,” I replied sheepishly, “I get a little excited and get some stuff just… hoping that it will get used on me sometime.” 

He held up a leather armbinder, “So, you’ve never actually used this?” I shook my head and he smiled even wider. “I have quite a few toys, too. The same thing, just hoping I’d get to use it on someone someday.”

“Ohhhh, like what?” I purred.

“Oh no,” he said, wagging a finger at me, “I’m not ruining the surprise.” I turned my lip down in an exaggerated pout. He came over and kissed me, just making me melt again, why did him kissing me have such an affect? It was weird, I never really thought of myself as gay, maybe bi since I was very attracted to guys when I dressed. I never really thought about the other parts of a relationship with a guy, hell I’d never really thought about anything besides sex with a guy! So, the idea of falling for a guy was a bit strange to me. One thing at a time though, we’d really only just met, but there was something magical here…

We broke the kiss and I was smiling softly. He smiled back at me, “So, looking through this stuff reminds me, I think you owe me a fashion show.”

I looked puzzled for a moment, then remembered, “Oh, right! Do you really want to see all the clothes? Like even the non-fetishy stuff?”

He nodded, “Yeah, sure. Any chance to watch you show-off.”

“I do like to show off! What should I do first?” I asked opening my closet and looking through my femme stuff.

“Go ahead and surprise me,” he laughed as he settled on the bed, watching me intently.

I frowned, “Well, then you need to… close your eyes or turn around or something.” He looked puzzled, so I explained, “It won’t be a surprise if you see the outfit before I put it on.”

He laughed, “Fine, that makes sense. How about I go make us some coffee?”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, already digging around in the closet. “I can put on some make-up, too.”

“Well, if you’re going to do that, then I’m going to run back to my place for a moment,” he called from outside the door.

“Sounds good,” I replied, pulling out a dress I’d been dying to wear for a while, trying to figure out how to do some quick make-up, since I didn’t want to take all day with it, but still wanted it to look good!

Several minutes later, I opened the bedroom door to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. I saw Alex sitting on the couch, reading something. There were two mugs of coffee on the table in front of him.

He turned as I came out, “I wasn’t sure how you… wow! You look fantastic!”

“This old thing?” I replied casually, striking a pose to show off the slinky red dress I had on. It was just long enough to be modest, but short enough to be sexy, slightly above knee length, it was a figure hugging red dress with a modest neckline. Just enough to show some cleavage, but still cover the fact that I’m using falsies. Cap it with red fuck-me pumps, and it made a pretty sexy look. At least that’s what I thought anyway.

Alex made a twirling motion with his finger, so I took a few steps forward and did a slow turn, making sure to wiggle my ass a few times as I did it.

“That is sexy, babe. You would slay at a club or anything… wow,” he shook his head, grinning from ear to ear. I blushed a bit, but smiled happily. I knew he was exaggerating a bit, but still it was really nice to hear him gushing about how great I looked. So, I strutted over in my red pumps and leaned over to give him a long, slow kiss.

“So, you still want to see everything?” I asked hesitantly.

“Absolutely,” he nodded back.

So, we spent the next couple hours with me showing off the variety of different outfits I had. I went from simple, fun outfits like a polka dot sundress, to a very practical shorts and t-shirt, to a sexy but stylish business suit, to a super prim and proper taffeta gown. I enjoyed showing off my leather pants and the white shirt I paired with it, and the variety of shoes and heels I had. I was impressed, Alex was attentive and had different things to say. Some he liked, some he thought were interesting, and others he simply asked, “Where were you planning on wearing a taffeta gown?”

Of course, I saved the really good, fetish stuff for last, but gave him a few teases of leather mini-skirt, and pleather bustiers and some sexy boots and heels. Once I came out in my PVC catsuit, Alex got the hint that the fashion show was shifting to new territory! I showed him my few latex pieces, like my latex skirt and gloves, with my patent leather corset. My vinyl mini skirt and tube top showed a lot of skin, but was still a super fun outfit. I even showed off my leather crop top, thigh high boots and my backless leather skirt! That got his attention! And got us talking, too.

“A backless skirt, eh? I guess you’d get some attention wearing that one out?” Alex quipped.

“Well, I guess, but not sure I’d have the guts to wear it out,” I admitted.

Alex looked at quickly, “What’s the point of having them, if you’re not going to show them off?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I guess it's like having bondage gear you can’t use. It just seemed like something I wanted to get and made sense at the time.”

“So, would you ever wear something like that out?” he asked, a wry smile on his face.

I shrugged again, “I don’t know, maybe. I mean, I get turned on by the idea, but not sure, I’d ever have the guts to go through with it.”

“So,” he grinned, “You like the idea of teasing guys with your ass hanging out?”

I blushed and looked down at my thigh-high boots, “Well, yes, I love the idea.”

“So, if your Master ordered you to wear that and took you out, you’d be pretty excited?” he was smiling slyly. I could almost see the wheels turning. I was both scared and excited about where this was going.

I shuffled my spiked feet back and forth nervously, nodding nervously, then finding my voice, it was raspy with my arousal, “Yes, Sir. I’d be very excited about that.”

“And a bit nervous, too?” he smiled at me.

I nodded, “Yes, Sir. But if I was on your arm, then I’d feel pretty good about wearing out anything.”

“Anything?” he asked seriously. I nodded, biting my lip. “Even this? A backless skirt.”

I blushed, but nodded, the arousal winning out on the embarrassment. He stood and came over to kiss me and hold me. Leaning in close, he raised my chin so I had to look him in the eye, “Don’t ever be embarrassed by what turns you on.” He smiled softly, “I love that you’re so sexy, and slutty, and it turns me on to no end. I assure you, I’ve had some wild fantasies and there are all kinds of crazy things I want to do with you… and too you,” he smiled mischievously.

“Oooh, like what?” I purred.

He shook his head, “Oh no, that’s the advantage to being the Dom,” he smirked at me. “You have to tell me yours first and I get to decide how much of a freak you really are.”

I looked up at him, frowning one corner of my mouth, unsure if he was teasing or being serious. He smacked me on my bare ass and added, “Now, girl.” It was funny how a smack on the ass redirected me to sub mode! So, I thought about some of my wild fantasies of being the only girl at a gangbang, or being bound and used over and over at a bondage party, or being tied down and whipped, or being dressed as a pony girl and pranced about, or being led into a place with a bunch of horny guys on a leash, or being dressed like a slut and pimped out on a street corner, I had so many that were a bit wild, and they just went up from there! So, I decided to go for a wild one that didn’t seem too out there.

“Well,” I looked up into his eyes, “one of my favorites is being at a bondage party or dungeon type situation, and being spanked and shown off and fucked in front of the whole group.”

He raised an eyebrow up like he was looking at me funny, “Really?” was all he said.

I smacked him on the arm, “Don’t be an ass.”

He smiled, “Actually that’s pretty damn hot, I like it. I wonder how you’d look all tied up and being taken over and over by a group of guys…”

“Or girls,” I added.

He looked at me sideways again, “Oh, really?”

My face flushed and I started getting hot again, “Sure, if they have strap-ons, or depending on how I’m bound if my mouth is available.” I was getting worked up again!

“Nice, anything else?” he asked.

“A girl’s gotta have some secrets,” I replied with a faux haughty accent.

Alex grabbed me by the hips and pulled me in close, kissing me on the cheeks and whispering in my ear, “Well, if a girl wants to make her fantasies come true, she also needs to learn to share.” He then began kissing my neck and nibbling on my ear, which just drives me crazy.

After a few minutes, I was clawing his shoulder and started biting him without realizing it. “Owww, damn! Are you okay?”

I was looking at him, panting, “You keep doing that and I’m going to have to jump you right now.”

He grinned down at me, knowing exactly the effect he was having on me, “Well, I’ll tell you what, why don’t you get changed again, this time into something cute and good for a lunch date.”

That pulled me back, “Are we going out?” I asked, both excited and a little nervous.

“That’s up to me, so you better pick something good,” he kissed me on the forehead and turned to sit back on the couch. I scurried off to get changed!

What seemed like a very long fifteen minutes later, I had gussied myself up in my sundress, a nice pair of wedge heels and even some nude stockings. Of course, I went for subtle on the make-up. I’d been trying to practice with subtle looks in addition to wild and outlandish looks. With my fairly pale skin, I liked to go for a more autumn look with lots or brown, but that would let me mix in some red or yellow for a splash of color. So, I did my eyes with a very light brown, mixing in a soft pink for a nice reddish-brown blend. Of course, I went very light on mascara and decided to skip the eye liner since I was trying to be quick! I did some blush, but again a light brown, mostly for some soft color. I then did a light pink on my lips, since I wanted them to be kissable, but more cute than sexy.

 My hair was a slightly different story, I tried to go for the most natural looking wig I had. I only had a few, but there was a shoulder length reddish-brown that I thought would be the perfect complement to my make-up! I brushed it out, and tried to style it, but again, I was trying to be quick. So, I just went with it brushed out and down loose.

When I came out of the bedroom, Alex looked at me, and seemed surprised. “Wow, you look great!”

I beamed, and even did a little twirl to let the dress flair up a bit! “Not too much?” I asked hesitantly.

“No,” he replied, coming over to look me up and down, then wrapping me in an embrace and kissing me. “You look great, sexy but in a cute, fun going=on-a-date way.”

“Not in a vinyl fetish sex whore kind of way?” I joked back.

He answered by kissing me again, “You make both styles look good, babe.”

Awww, I was bubbling and smiley! This was amazing! “Are we… going out?” I asked hesitantly.

He nodded emphatically, “With you looking like this, hell yes!”

He took me on his arm and led me out to the parking lot, he even opened the car door for me. I could get used to this!

A few minutes later, we were at a local place I’d never been to before called Dante’s Pub. As we were about to get out of the car, I took a few deep breaths to try and calm down. My hands were shaking I was so nervous!

“Are you okay?” Alex quietly asked, sounding a bit worried.

I nodded, afraid my voice was going to quiver, “Yeah, I always get… nervous? Scared? Something… when I go out.”

“Okay, we don’t have to go, we can go back…” he started.

“Oh no!” I blurted out, “I want to go, I just need to get my nerves tamped down.”

He grinned, “Okay, well we can wait a few minutes. You want to talk about it?”

I nodded, “Yeah, maybe that will help me rationalize it.”

“So, why are you so nervous? You really look great, if that’s it,” he stated, smiling.

“Thanks,” I smiled nervously. “I don’t know why. It happens every time I go out. I get really scared and nervous. Almost to the point of shaking. “ I held up my hands to demonstrate. “It eventually goes away, I just have to kind of calm down that irrational part of my brain that is screaming ‘Run! Everyone knows and they’re all judging you!’ I guess it’s a survival thing, I don’t know. See, better already.” I held my hands up again, and they weren’t shaking at all.

Alex smiled, then kissed me softly, “Well, one thing is different this time. “ I raised my eyebrows quizzically. “I’m with you, so you have someone there that’s definitely not judging you.”

So, we headed in. Alex opened the door and I held onto his arm as we went in. Partly from nerves, partly to keep in contact, but also partly to help with the heels! They weren’t the highest I had, but even four inch heels in a parking lot can be an adventure! By the time we got to the front door, I was feeling really good and was even comfortable on the heels. In fact, I was feeling fierce!

The restaurant was a quiet little place done in an English pub kind of style. It was also fairly dark, which I appreciated since it would help me blend in more. The waitress saw us to our seat. As I sat, I almost yelped as my sore ass made contact with the wooden seat! Jan, the waitress, introduced herself and went to get us some drinks.

We sat and just talked for the longest time. It was a wonderful date, and probably a good idea as a “get to know you” type thing. Alex was the youngest of four kids. His parents had recently passed away. I offered my condolences, which he was very sweet about. His brother and two sisters were both much older, so it was assumed he was an ‘oops’ baby. His parents never treated him any different for it, but they were older, in their late forties when they had him and they’d been in their sixties when they passed. Alex was the only one still around home, since his siblings all had gotten married and had their own families. Only his oldest sister was still in the area, but still several hours away.

So, he’d been working in a transportation company and had taken over managing the third shift when both his folks got sick. Apparently his mom had been sick for some time fighting lung cancer. She had gone into remission several years before, but it came back with a vengeance last year. While she was fighting that, his dad got sick and died of lymphatic cancer within a very short time. His mom was terminal, so it was just a matter of making her comfortable while this was going on.

He talked about all of this with the quiet confidence of someone who’s told this story a number of times. Working the late shift, let him be able to make a fair amount of money, but still take his folks to appointments and things like that. He’d gone to a trade school and was qualified as a vehicle mechanic, but he only did that for a couple years, before his intelligence, confidence and way with people had him moving up.

I explained that I was an only child. My mom left when I was little, so I never really knew her. It was mostly my dad and I growing up, but he was kind of an odd person, so I was mostly on my own. He did remarry when I was a bit older and Terri, my stepmom, was okay, but both of them worked, and had their own stuff. That was probably part of the reason I had a very vivid imagination!

I also explained about going to school and getting my degree, then getting my programming job which paid pretty well, and let me be able to live on my own and also let me do a lot of shopping! 

After talking all of that, we got our food and Alex asked the key question, “When did you start crossdressing?”

“Well, I was interested for years. I always remember seeing girls at school and such in cute little dresses. The big thing was when I was seven or eight, I was the ring bearer in my uncle’s wedding. I had to wear this itchy, uncomfortable suit and tie, but the flower girl… she got to wear this really pretty, cute, fun dress. Everyone gushed over both of us, but I hated my suit and she was having a blast. She even got to wear make-up, had her hair done and all that. I was so jealous!

“I also remember playing with my cousin Allie growing up. Whenever we played at her house, we’d always play Barbie and I loved all the variety and types of clothes she had for all of them! It was so much fun, I wanted to get my own Barbies, but how do you ask for something like that as a boy? I never felt like I could do that. Especially with just my dad around. The turning point really came because of Allie actually. We’d been swimming at the local community pool near my house most of the day, and you have to understand, when Allie left, she would always forget something. Well, this time, she left her one-piece bathing suit hanging to dry in my bathroom!

“I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that, so I locked the bathroom door and tried it on! Oh my, I knew the moment I pulled it on that I was going to be dressing in girl’s clothes again! I still remember the exact thought I had was, “I’m doing THIS again!” I was so excited that of course, I played with myself. I managed to not make a mess in the suit thankfully, but that was the start of years of sneaking into my stepmom’s stuff and trying things on. I don’t think she ever knew, but over the years Allie managed to leave a bunch of her clothes at my house, so I managed to get a pretty good set of my own girls clothes, that I didn’t need to sneak into my stepmom’s for.”

“Do you still have some of those?” Alex asked.

I shook my head, “No, I purged all of that out when I left for college.”

“Purged?” he asked, a bit confused.

“It’s a trans thing. A lot of us do it. The idea mentally is if I get rid of all my femme stuff, I won’t be tempted to wear it any more. The problem is that it's not the stuff, dressing is in your head. So, the urge always comes back, and you wind up getting more clothes. I guess sometimes, especially when you’re young, you think it’s a phase, so maybe you’ll grow out of it.” I shrugged, “either way, it's something most of us do over time, and it's one of the dumbest things we can do yet we do anyways. I lost a lot of nice stuff over the years.”

“Was that the only time?” Alex asked.

“No, I also purged again when I finished college. While I was at school, I had roommates and such, so I rarely got much time to dress, but thankfully in the laundry, college girls are just as bad guys and they forget and lose stuff all the time. So, I got a ton of girls clothes that I almost never got to wear! When I moved to my own place, I again purged figuring I’d never have to worry about wearing girl’s clothes again. I figured I’d meet a nice girl and have her wear all the fun clothes. Then the urge started again and I started building the wardrobe you’ve seen. I’ve also vowed, I am never purging again!”

Alex nodded, “Good, I’d hate to see all those great clothes, go to waste.”

“So, how about you?” I asked him. “When did you get interested in trans girls?”

“Last night,” he deadpanned. I frowned and looked at him sideways. “What? No?” He laughed. “I think I’ve always been interested, I just never had a description for it. Through school, I dated girls, and even was… intimate with a few, and I enjoyed it, but it just wasn’t what I was looking for. So, then I wondered if I was gay. I dabbled with a few guys, and I enjoyed that as well, but again, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I still remember discovering trans porn and suddenly I had a name for what I was looking for!”

“Did you meet or date a lot of trans girls?” I asked, curious.

“No, not for lack of trying. I did meet one girl who was a lot of fun, but she was married, so she was just looking for dates and sex. She wasn’t interested in a relationship. She moved away last year and then with my folks being sick, I really hadn’t had much time to look. I’d only just started looking again a few months ago,” Alex summed up. “So, what about bondage? When did you discover that?”

I blushed momentarily, I don’t even know why, I just did! “Well, I tried tying myself up a few times, but it was never quite the same. I think you can understand, but last night was… well, a fantasy come true.”

Alex smiled brightly nodding emphatically, “Yes, I remember tying up a few girlfriends and that was exciting, but having a sub give themselves over, is just a level of intoxication I can’t even describe.” His smile sort of told the story.

While we were chatting, the waitress brought the check over. I was a bit surprised to realize we were done eating! I had barely noticed the meal! As she came over, she noted, “I just wanted to let you know that you are both really cute together. I get the feeling this is a special date of some kind, but you make an adorable couple.”

“Thank you, Jan was it?” Alex replied smoothly.

“Yes, that’s me,” she smiled.

“Thank you, that’s very sweet of you,” I shyly added, a little hesitant about my femme voice.

She looked at me, “And I love your dress, cute but still fun and sexy.”

I felt like I was going to float out of my seat! A compliment like that from a genetic girl! I beamed at her, “Thank you, sweetie!” I also looked much closer at her, and took a look at her earrings, seeing the lower earrings were multi-strands with colored stones and they were nice, but I was much more interested in the ones higher on her ear. I’d originally taken them to be letters, like two Us, but I realized they were handcuffs! “I love your earrings!” I said back to her.

“Thanks, they’re fun, but light enough they don’t get in the way while running around here,” she tousled the bangly earrings.

I shook my head, smiling mischievously, “No, I meant the other ones.”

“Ohhh,” she smiled back mysteriously, “Those are special.”

“May I see?” Alex asked. 

As she turned her head slightly to show Alex, I leaned in a bit, “May I ask… are they handcuffs?” I asked in a high whisper.

“Maybe,” she smiled mysteriously again. “Since we’re asking personal questions, can I ask… are you…” she hesitated, not sure how to phrase her question, but I guessed where she was going.

“Am I trans? Yes,” I nodded.

“Okay, thanks. I didn’t want to offend if you were a genetic girl,” she added.

“Genetic girl?” I asked. “Do you know trans terms?”

She again got mysterious, “I know a thing or two about a thing or two.” She also rubbed her handcuff earring absently.

She then leaned in a bit, “Well, I just wanted to let you know that you are so natural and so cute, I had no idea until just now, and even then I wasn’t sure,” she smiled down at me.

“Thank you, sweetie. That really means a lot to me,” I gushed. I was practically giddy!

She left the check on the table, “Again, it was great meeting both of you, you really are an adorable couple. I hope to see you again!”

She headed off before Alex or I could say anything else. I looked at him, “I liked her!”

“Sure you did, she was flirting with you!” he laughed.

“Oh, jealous are we?” I mocked.

He shook his head, “No, but I think I should be the one flirting with my date, especially when it's our first date!”

I nodded, “That’s a fair point, but you’ve also done a lot more than just flirt with me today.” I emphasized shifting uncomfortably in my chair.

He grinned, “Oh, a little tender?”

I looked back quizzically, “A little? I almost yelped when I sat down, and not just from the plug!”

“You should have, I think our waitress friend would have known what was going on,” Alex noted. I nodded in agreement. Alex grabbed the check, “I’ll be right back, I’ll just take care of this.”

I said, “I’m going to use the bathroom while you do.”

He smiled at me and winked as he headed toward the cashier. I went to the back, and did have a strange moment trying to decide which bathroom to use. Looking like I did, I didn’t really want to use the men’s room, but if any women came in I didn’t want to get made and make them uncomfortable. I finally decided to hell with it and used the ladies room. It was a bit of a thrill actually!

Once I came out, Alex took my arm and we headed back to the car. “What would you like to do now?” he asked.

“I was thinking maybe a walk, but it's still a bit chilly for that,” I shrugged. “Maybe just go for a ride?”

So we drove around and talked some more. This time a little less intense, more fun, personality quiz type stuff. Favorite movies, songs, that kind of stuff. My geek side really came out as I started talking about sci-fi and fantasy stuff.

Alex looked at me when I actually took a breath talking about geeky stuff, “You ever done any cosplay?”

I shook my head, “Heavens no, you saw how I got about going to lunch. Could you imagine me trying to go out in a costume?”

“So, what would be your ideal cosplay?” he asked.

“Oh man, I don’t know. I guess Slave Leia would be a long-time fantasy, but I don’t know that I’d have the body, or the guts to do that. That’s a lot of skin,” I looked thoughtfully.

“It would be a good one,” Alex smiled. “How about Catwoman?”

“That would be pretty good, certainly from the catsuit. Maybe the Baroness from GI Joe,” I decided.

“Not bad, but that still seems not quite you,” he looked thoughtfully, then suddenly, “Oh! Psylocke from the X-men!”

I nodded, “Yes! That would be perfect!”

We went on like that for a while before eventually ending up back at the apartment. We went in and settled onto the couch. Alex looked for a movie, he eventually just put on some music so we could talk. As I snuggled into him, he asked me one of ‘those’ questions, “So, what are your hard limits?”

“Oh wow… well, I guess blood and scat and kids are kind of the standards right?” I looked up.

He nodded in agreement, “Yeah, I’m with those, too. Anything else?”

I shrugged, “Not that I’ve found yet, I mean, I’m pretty open to trying almost anything.”

“Okay, so let’s try the other way, what are you into?” I could hear him through his chest, which was a strange way to listen to someone’s voice.

“Well, I like crossdressing, bondage and fetish clothes,” I noted.

“Obviously,” he laughed.

“Well, chastity again, obvious. I’m into both oral and anal,” I noted.

“Do you like one over the other?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I thought. “They’re both fun, I think I enjoy performing oral more, but anal is ultimately more pleasurable.”

“Okay, and you’re fine with golden showers,” he added.

I nodded, “Yeah, and corporal, but I’ll be honest, anything really heavy kinda scares me. The idea of being whipped or caned is kinda scary, but I also wonder if I could take it, y’know?”

Alex nodded, “Yeah, I get ya. So, that’s something we can ease into, maybe start with paddles and floggers and see how it goes from there.”

“What about role playing?” I asked.

“You mean like Master and slave girl?” he grinned at me.

“Or whatever,” I shrugged.

“That could be fun. I’m not sure I could stay in character,” he noted.

“Okay, so we could work on that one,” we went on like that going through various ideas, kinks, fantasies. All this talk of kink was getting me worked up, and at some point, I realized Alex was getting aroused, too.

I changed position, so I could try to get my hands on his cock, but he saw what I was doing and grabbed my hands. I looked up, pouting.

“Not yet, we have another adventure planned,” he smiled.

I looked a bit surprised, “Oh, are we going out, or staying in?” I purred.

“Going out, definitely. There’s a gay bar called Lucy’s, and we’re going out for drinks and some dancing, and maybe some other fun,” he smiled slightly. “So, you should go get changed. I’ll be back over in about an hour, okay?”

I leaned in and kissed him, “Okay!”

Now, I had to figure out what I was wearing! I decided to grab a quick shower to wash my make-up off and start with a clean slate. So, this was a gay bar, and from what I knew they even did drag shows. So, I could go vampy, but I didn’t want to overdo it my first time out. I could always go all out fetish slut any time! So, I wanted to get something sexy and hot, but not too over the top.

I eventually decided on my leather pencil skirt with my black off-the-shoulder top, polished off with my patent knee boots and oh yes, fishnet stockings.

So, now I needed to figure out make-up. I looked through the colors and decided to go for a more low key version of last night’s look. I started with some red nail polish. This was a light shade of red, so not the fire engine, more of a light red, but more vibrant than pink. While I waited for my nails to dry, I set out my clothes and my other make-up.

Once my nails were dry, I put on some light foundation. I figured the club would probably be hot, so I didn’t want to sweat off all my make-up. This was more powder and cover-up, than true foundation. I proceeded to put on some dark red eyeshadow, and added a bit of pink to make a lighter shade. I also used a tan color to add some color on my cheeks, again trying to keep it light and not go too heavy, but make it clear I’m done up! I added some mascara and eyeliner. I hated putting on eyeliner, but I loved the look. Ah, the sacrifices we make for beauty!

Naturally, I capped it with some bright red lipstick. I loved how the color really stood out against my skin. I was always amazed when finishing make-up how the splashes of color and emphasis on certain areas could make me look completely different, and even different from how I looked for lunch!

I realized it was getting close to time, so I hurried to get dressed. I started with a garter belt and rolled up my fishnets. I just love the way stockings feel! I pulled on a red thong that I just loved the look of, then tucking my cage in the front to give me as flat a look as possible. I heard Alex come in the apartment door, so I called that I was almost ready. He mumbled some sort of reply about women taking forever to get ready, but I couldn’t really hear him, so I just called out, “It takes time AND money to look this cheap!” I heard a laugh in response. On that note, I added my red shoulder length wig to keep the red and black theme going.

I decided to go with a lightly boned corset to keep a femme shape, and that would still give me the look of cleavage but not let my falsies show at the neck line. I tugged the black top on and adjusted the sleeves which lay on my upper arms giving an off-the-shoulder look and really showing off my neckline and cleavage. I was a bit nervous about the look, but it turned out pretty well. 

I pulled on my skirt which felt pretty amazing. The smooth soft feel of the leather was just a delicious feeling. The sleek pencil design also made me look taller and also drew the eyes down to my legs and the generous amount of thigh the short skirt showed off!

I finally capped it with my patent knee boots. These were also a four inch heel similar to my lunch shoes, so I figured I could manage those for the evening. I loved the look and feel of these boots. They were stilettos, so all total this gave me a very vampy appearance!

I came out and did a little “Ta-da!” as I exited the bedroom. The look on Alex’s face was priceless! His mouth came open and he just stared for a moment, looking me up and down. I smiled and just beamed, I felt like a sex goddess!

He came over and wrapped me in his arms, kissing me deeply. This wasn’t just a peck, this was a soul sucking deep passionate kiss. When we finally came up for air, it was my turn to be struck. I’d never been kissed like that before.

He ran a hand over my shoulders and down my back to grab my ass. “You really are amazing,” he smiled softly as I shivered at his touch. I was on fire right now, and I’d do whatever he wanted. I just smiled and tossed my hair as an answer. “I like the red,” he added. “It’s a great color on you.”

I blushed a little, “I think I look pretty good in red and black.”

“Or black and blue,” he grinned back, smacking my ass.

I left out a soft moan, “If you want to actually go somewhere, we’d better leave soon, or I’m never going to make it out of here.

“I do have two things I want to do first,” he held up the black choker as an explanation. I gasped softly, my ass and clit both throbbing with my excitement. “Oh? Does that gasp mean my girl likes her collar?”

I nodded excitedly, “Yes, Sir! I just squirted a little I’m so excited!”

He raised his eyebrow in surprise and I blushed deeper. “Kneel,” he commander softly. I sank to my knees wondering if I’d get to suck his cock while I was down here. I so wanted to! He raised my chin with a finger, so I was looking up at him. “We don’t have time for that now, trust me, we’ll get to it later. Now, kiss your collar,” he held the soft leather out to me. I kissed it like I loved it, I certainly loved what it represented!

“Good girl,” he intoned and buckled the collar around my neck. “While you wear this collar, this is a symbol of our bond. You will do as I tell you, when I tell, without question,” he said sternly. “Do you understand, girl?”

I nodded, “Yes, Sir. I promise to be a good little slave girl.”

He smiled, “Good, then stand, turn around and bend over.”

I nodded and stood, turned my back to him and bent over. He made a soft noise, then I felt his hands run along my thighs, under my skirt, up to my ass and crotch. He teased my locked up clitty, feeling the dampness that had almost soaked my panties. “My word, girl. You are wet,” he said, making me feel like a wanton slut, and so help me, that excited me even more! He then moved to my ass and played with my plug for a moment, making me moan deeply.

A moment later he deftly pulled the plug out with a wet pop and a gasp of surprise from me! I thought he was getting ready to fuck me, and I wanted it! When I felt the push at my ass, at first I thought it was his cock, but then I felt my ass close around the base and realized it was the butt plug. I’m not sure what the point of that was, but I was so fucking horny, I just wanted him to take me!

He then smacked my ass, and said, “Stand up and let’s go, girl.”

We headed out to the car, the cool spring air making me shiver a bit, but he wrapped his arms around me until we got in the car. It took a few minutes to drive, but we arrived at Lucy’s. One of the few gay and trans friendly bars or clubs in the area. I held tight to Alex’s arm as we headed in, partly because of nerves, but mostly to keep close!

We entered and it was pretty busy for it still being somewhat early on Saturday. As I looked around, I saw a wide variety of guys, girls and other. As I looked closer, I realized some of the guys were butches, and the girls were other trans girls, but it was a definite mix. This looked like my kind of place!

As we made our way in, Alex steered us to a small table with two stools. As I took a seat, I noticed a lot of heads turned our way. I thought everyone was checking me out, but I did realize a number of folks were checking out Alex, too! I wondered if we were fresh meat?

“What do you want to drink?” Alex asked.

“Just a soda is fine,” I replied trying to speak loudly, but still in a femme voice. It was tough over the noise of the club.

“I’m not drinking, so you can have something if you want,” he replied.

“Oh, you’re sweet,” I smiled. “No, I just don’t like alcohol.” I scrunched up my face as I said it.

He laughed and weaved off to get us drinks. As he headed over to the bar, a couple of girls came over. There were three, and two were probably over six feet without heels. In their heels they looked like Amazons! Sexy Amazons, but still they towered over me! The other girl was more my size, and I wondered if she was a genetic girl or not.

The tall blonde in the red dress spoke first, “Oh my God, honey! You are like the hottest thing ever!”

I blushed a bit and said, “Thank you, I love your dress.”

“This old thing,” she replied, then put her hand on my arm and whispered, “It does look good, huh?”

One of the other girls piped in, “Stop it, Tina. You’re being an ass.” This was the shorter girl, who I realized was trans, too. “I’m Candy, and this is Yasmine and you’ve already met Tina. We just wanted to say welcome, always a pleasure to see another girl out!”

“Especially one as pretty as you!” The brunette Yasmine said.

Alex made his way back over, and the girls introduced themselves and we chatted for a few minutes, before the girls moved on.

The rest of the night continued like that. We met a bunch of people, including a few people that I recognized from work! I guess they didn’t recognize me. I was trying to figure out a good way to mention this at the office!

Alex took me out to dance a few times. Candy even came out and asked me to dance as well! That was a little weird since we were both in heels! Thankfully we were about the same height. She was really nice and very sweet, though she was also a little lit, so she was also very grabby, not that I minded at all! I thought she might try to kiss me, and I was a little sad she didn’t.

When I got back, Alex asked me if I liked her, I shrugged, “She’s pretty… and sweet… and kinda sexy.” 

Alex nodded, “You ever think about being with another trans girl?”

I nodded, “Oh yes, absolutely! I was kinda hoping she’d kiss me.” I shrugged, “One problem I’ve found is that most trans girls seem to be subs or bottoms or both, so it might be tough.”

“Well, just find a switch, or we make it a threesome,” Alex grinned. I nodded at my excitement for that idea, I wondered if he’d want to try and take Candy home!

Alex leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “I do have a special surprise for you, and while taking Candy home isn’t part of it, we might look into that for next time.”

I smiled, “I think that would be wild and fun.”

Alex nodded, “And I think she would love a shot at your sweet ass.” I just shrugged as a reply. Alex leaned in again, and spoke very forcefully, “Now girl, I want you to go to the bathroom, go to the first stall and put on everything that’s in your purse, then wait for me to come in.”

I looked up at him in surprise, I was about to ask for clarification, when I remember my instructions. I grabbed my purse, and smiled, “Yes, Sir! As you wish!”

I scurried off to find the bathroom and see what I was in store for! I was surprised how heavy my purse was. I wondered if he put another outfit in there? It was a shoulder bag, so there was some room, but not a ton.

I got back to the men’s room and hesitated a moment, then remember Alex said he was coming, too! He was going to fuck me in the bathroom! I went in and thankfully it was empty, though it occurred to me a bar like this probably had trannies and drag queens and such using the bathrooms all the time!

I put the seat down and set my purse down to pull out the contents. I don’t know what I was expecting, but a ring gag was not it! Oh wow! I squirted a bit into my panties again on seeing that gag! My goodness! It also had a small lock on the buckle! I was going to be locked into a ring gag in the bathroom of a gay bar! I thought I was going to cum right then! Thankfully I got control and pulled the other items out. First there was a blindfold, also with a lock! Holy shit! He wasn’t playing lightly! There was also a pair of earbuds? I wasn’t sure what to make of that.

Finally I pulled out the handcuffs. They were open, but no key in sight! Once I locked myself into all this I was blind, deaf and helpless! I couldn’t wait! I put the earbuds in first, wondering if they had something special. There was a heavy techno beat with some moaning sounds. I wondered if it was a porn movie or something? Maybe it was like Lords of Acid or something like that?

I started with the gag, buckling it in and feeling the rubber wrapped ring hold my teeth wide open! I was drooling already! I clicked the lock behind me, shuddering at the sound and also squirting more! My panties were soaked!

As I put the blindfold on and locked it, I heard the door and someone came in. At first I thought it was Alex, so I quickly locked the blindfold and fumbled for the handcuffs. However, the guy walked over to the urinal and did his business, so I waited until he flushed before locking the cuffs behind my back. Oh my! I squirted again! I was so fucking horny now! This was soooo wild!

What was really funny, I couldn’t decide if it would be more fun to be discovered or not. I loved the idea of being in here for the whole night, and anyone that wanted to coming and using me for sex relief! In fact… Holy Shit!

If I hadn’t been gagged, I probably would have screamed! The butt plug started vibrating! And oh wow did that feel amazing! I was lost in a bliss of arousal!

The best part was the buzzing was hitting my clit and cage, so everything down there was quivering! Then the buzzing got more intense!? What the fuck? Was this on a remote? Then I remembered Alex taking out my plug! He plugged me with a remote control vibrating plug!

Thankfully, the guy using the bathroom left, because the buzzing went higher. I would describe this level as mind numbing since I sort of lost control and was just a drooling bundle of frustrated nerves! I also started humping the seat trying to get more friction on the plug, on my cage, whatever I could get!

Then the buzzing dropped down, not too low, more a medium, but I was still simmering! I heard the bathroom door open again and someone else walked in, but that was about all I could hear. How sad was it that I wanted them to come over and use me?! I was so worked up it was amazing! I would even be happy to drink their piss at this point, in fact, for some reason the idea of being left in here as a piss slut got me worked up even more!

The music changed and this was some kind of hypno audio track. It kept saying things like, “I’m a sissy” and “I love cock” and “I want to be fucked”, holy shit this was not helping! Where was Alex? I was about to go out of the stall, just to find some relief.

I heard the door again, but wasn’t sure if it was the first person leaving, or someone else entering. Then I could just barely hear the stall door open. I looked up. Even though I was blindfolded, it seemed right, but I couldn’t see anything, and I could only hear a bit.

It must have been Alex since I felt hands exploring me, rubbing me all over, teasing my nipples, feeling my soaked panties and clitty, testing the buzzing of the vibe before finally sliding their thumb into the open gag! I was so worked up, I slid my tongue out, running it all over their thumb! Trying to beg for their cock with my tongue!

They teased me for a few minutes, before the thumb was withdrawn and the hardness of a stiff cock was pressed to my lips and gag. I ran my tongue over tasting their sweet pre-cum before their cock pushed my tongue back into my mouth.

They were gentle at first, only sliding in a few inches, letting me adjust to the stroking. Once their cock was nice and wet, they started pushing into my throat and it was only a few strokes before my lover was buried balls deep! He rested with his balls on my chin and pubes teasing my nose for a moment before he slid out, let me take a quick breath and slid back in hard and deep. He continued with those slow strokes for a few moments before I felt both of his hands on my shoulders and the back of my head and he started really going at me!

He started fucking my face, ramming his cock down my throat and I loved it! Also, he turned the vibe back up to mind blowing and I was in a haze of lust! I was pushing myself onto his cock almost as much as he was pulling me! I knew I wasn’t going to last long like that, I just hoped he wasn’t going to be long either!

Sure enough a few minutes later, I could feel it building deep in me. It seemed to start in my toes and roll through my whole body, before I was shaking and convulsing in an incredible sissygasm! As I bucked and shook and came, I could feel my lover driving deep a few more times really shoving his cock into me and making me gag, this only made me cum even longer! Finally I felt him pull me tight onto his cock, and I could feel his cock pulsing as he shot his cum right down my throat.

He shook a few times before pulling out and milking the last few drops of cum onto my tongue. As he pulled away, I expected for him to release me. It took me a moment to realize that he’d left! Holy hell, that scared me, but also thrilled me at the same time. Thankfully, the plug turned down to just low and my mind started working again, at least a bit.

I squirmed for a few minutes, enjoying the afterglow of the orgasm and how well I had been used. I did start to wonder though, was that actually Alex? Did he just pimp me out to someone else? There really wasn’t any way for me to know, and I got the feeling he wanted it that way, so asking was probably out. For some reason, the idea that he let someone else use me turned me on even more! I fantasized about Candy using me, but I’m pretty sure I’d have felt her nails.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about five minutes, the stall door opened and the music and vibrator stopped.

I could hear Alex talking softly and felt the click of all my locks. I shook my wrists getting some blood flow back as he pulled off the gag. This was accompanied by a ton of drool! And of course, the blindfold. I squinted as the light hit my eyes. I looked up smiling happily at Alex, who just shook his head at me.

I shrugged as he pulled me up and kissed me deeply again. “Did my girl enjoy her adventure?”

“Yes, Sir!” I nodded vigorously, then I also yawned.

“Tired?” he asked softly.

I nodded and put my head on his shoulder, “Yes, Sir. That was thrilling, but also tiring.”

He pulled me up and we headed back out into the night, I barely remembered the ride home I was in such a state of bliss! I felt like I was floating as we made our way back into the apartment. Alex removed the choker, and I was a little sad, but I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open. I had enough presence of mind to wash my face and put on a silky negligee. I wrapped myself in Alex’s arms and drifted right off to sleep with a huge smile on my face!


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