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Alone in the dark 2

by Adam Egg

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© Copyright 2003 - Adam Egg - Used by permission

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Alone in the dark 2 By Adam Egg
After about half an hour of sobbing, Maria had most of the real fear out of her mind.  She realized that she wouldn't die here alone.  The housemates would come back and find her.  She would be hungry, thirsty and humiliated about three quarters to death but not quite dead.

'OK, I should make the most of this while I can.', she thought.  She remembered a former boyfriend that had moved away to a new job.  She really, really hated to part with him but she couldn't go.  (She cried over him for a week.)  He had a special way of fondling her breasts that would make her orgasm without touching her in any other way.  She hadn't tried it on herself but now might be a good time.  He would place his hands flat on her breasts with her nipples between his middle and ring fingers.  With a gentle squeeze on the nipple, he would press down and begin to roll her breasts around in a circle.  First, both hands would move in the same direction, then they would move in opposite directions pushing her breasts toward each other then pulling them apart.  As Maria would become more aroused he would squeeze his fingers together a little tighter, press down harder and push and pull farther.  As she would get close to an orgasm he would switch hands placing his right hand on her left breast and visa-versa.  Not only could he give her a firm hug he could also trap her arms by her sides making it difficult for her to stimulate herself.  This may be where Maria got the idea of bondage.

Let's try this.  Hands on breasts, nipples between fingers, squeeze, press down, and rotate.  Maria's mind drifted back to those days with him and and how good he was, emotionally, intellectual and physically.  Her hands weren't as large or strong but it seemed to be working.  She knew, if she moved her legs around it would help so she slip down along the bed to put some slack in the leg chains.  This way, she could bend her knees to open and close her legs.  Now she wished she had added a crotch rope.  Around and around went her hands, open and close went her legs and off her mind went to the past.  "Hug me tight.", she would say to him.  Thinking back worked and her arousal increased.  She changed hands and tried to give herself a hug, just as he would have done.  She pulled with her legs and arched her back as the orgasm ran through her.  Some moaning, some groaning, some more rolling of her breasts and it was all over in less than a minute.  I wasn't great but it was good enough.  Now she missed him again and started to sob.  After a few minutes she fell asleep.

After a while, Maria awoke feeling very good but as she tried to roll over she realized she was still bound.  Cold, hard reality rushed back into her mind as she noticed the mild pain in her jaw.  As she flexed her jaw, the pain went away and, feeling stiff, she stretched a little.  She noticed some warmth on her arm, the timer had turned the lights on so it was after 22:00.  Just great, two hours down, 46 to go.  'Maybe I can fall asleep again.  Maybe it's later than I think.  Maybe I can have another orgasm.  Maybe I can get free.  Maybe, maybe, maybe.', she thought.  As she pondered her situation, outside she heard a car door close, then another.  She could hear loud voices and the sound of the front door being unlocked and opened.  The housemates were back.

"I can't believe they lost our reservations, I confirmed them two weeks ago.", Terri ranted.  "I'm calling my brother, he's a lawyer.  They should should pay for a tank of gas, at least.  That son of a...."

"Relax, hon.", Cathy interrupted.  "We still have the rest of the weekend together.  Let's make the most of it.  Now be quiet, I think Maria went to bed.", she admonished, trying to calm her friend.

Terri and Cathy are good housemates, a few years older, always kind to Maria and on time with the rent, but they seemed to be 'extra friendly' toward each other.  If they were lesbians, they never admitted it nor tried to involve Maria and that's the way she wanted it.  Terri is more boisterous and will speak her mind at the drop of a hat but Cathy is the level headed, intellectual type that keeps her friend in line and out of trouble.  When they moved in, Maria gave them the large bedroom to use together and the third bedroom was made into a large closet.

"That was one long drive.  I'm going to bed.", said Terri.

"Right behind you, dear.  And sh-h-h-h, don't wake Maria."

Maria could hear them coming up stairs.  Now the panic really set in, should she try to make some noise and get their attention, should she be quiet and deal with it later, or was there a third option.  She could hear them outside the door and the point was about to become moot.

"Maria's light is on." Terri whispered.  "Bet she fell asleep reading, again.  I'll sneak in and turn it off.  OH NO, Cathy, come here, quick!  Someone chained Maria to the bed!  Help me get her loose!  Maria, are you OK, are you hurt?"

"Wait a second, Terri.  This is too elaborate for a criminal and nothing has been touched in the house." 

Even though her head was covered with the hood, Maria put her hands on her face and tried to hide. 

"Terri, look around for the keys."  Maria motioned a hand toward the spare key ring hanging on the wall.  "Maria, did someone do this to you?" 

Under her hands, she shook her head 'no'. 

With a tone in her voice, as a parent seriously talking to a child, Cathy asked, "Please be honest, did you do this to yourself?" 

After a few seconds, Maria gave a small, slow nod 'yes'.  Maria was blushing so hard that her whole body had turned pink. 

"What did I say when we moved in, Terri.  I thought she was into something like this but you didn't want me to say anything."

"Oh hush.", Terri snapped, "Here's the keys."  Cathy started with the gag and removed it in a less than a minute.

After Maria flexed her jaw a few times she stammered, "Please, just unlock the hood and I can do the rest.  I know the combination for the locks, it's all zeros.  When I can see them, I can handle the rest.  I'll be OK if you just unlock the hood and leave, please.  And we don't need to talk about this again."

"Maria, believe me when I say, we like you too much to repeat a single word about this to anyone, ever.  We didn't tell you but, Terri and I are lovers.  We thought you might be into bondage but Terri wanted to be quiet about it.  We have fantasied about a session like this.  We know you are straight and not gay and we want it to stay like that.  We now know you like bondage and we can give you a tremendous amount of pleasure."

"I don't want to be touched by a woman.", Maria almost begged.

" wouldn't really need to think of us as women.", Terri added.  "With the hood or blind fold on, you could think of us any way you want.  Tell you what we will do.  We'll unlock the hood and leave.  You think about what we have said and let us know in the morning.  If you don't say anything then this NEVER HAPPENED.  Good night."

"Good night.", Cathy echoed and they left.

Maria didn't move as the door closed, she was too mortified but also stunned and shocked at all that was said.  They had her, they could have done anything, they could have made her do everything, but nothing happened.  Maria had always considered Cathy and Terri to be trustworthy.  She could trust them with household money for groceries or to make sure the house was locked when no one was home or not to have wild parties or a dozen other things but this was different.  After about five minutes she slowly removed the hood and blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to the light.  She removed the locks and, gently put the chains on the floor.  Next, she removed the ankle and wrist cuffs and put them in the toybox. 

Once everything was put away she put on her pajamas and quietly went to the bathroom to do, what she needed to do, get a quick drink and straight back to bed.  She pulled her knees to her chest in a fetal position, held the blanket in tight and wished for the old teddy bear from her childhood.  How embarrassed, how humiliated, how degraded she felt but, at the same time, how kind, caring and understanding Cathy and Terri had been.  It was after midnight but her emotions were running too high and she cried herself to sleep again.

Friday had been a rough night and Maria didn't get up until after 10:00, somewhat later than a normal Saturday.  After a quick trip through the bathroom, she slowly came down stairs and found Terri and Cathy in the kitchen.

"Good morning.", they chimed together.  They were morning people, Maria wasn't, especially this morning.  "The pancakes are still warm, want some?", Cathy added.

"No thanks, just coffee.", Maria said in a voice so feeble it could barely be heard.  Terri put Maria's favorite cup on the counter and Cathy filled it.  The silence was deafening as she drank the first few sips to get her brain started.  After a minute she sat the cup down, put her hands over her face and started to cry again.  They both hugged her immediately.

"Oh please don't cry.", Cathy soothed.

"It's not worth crying about.", Terri added.

"But I'm so embarrassed and you two knew all the time.  I feel even worse.", Maria sobbed.

"Yea, like we haven't been caught in compromising positions.  How about the time at the truck stop.", Terri started.

"Oh yea, and the time behind the store.  I won't forget that very soon.", Cathy added.  They both started to laugh a little in a effort to lighten Maria's mood.  "It was embarrassing at the time but now they make funny stories.  It's part of who and what we are.  And this is part of who and what you are.  We accept you with open minds and open hearts."

"But, but you had me, helpless.  You, you could have done anything.", Maria stammered.

"WE DON'T TAKE.", was Terri's strong reply.  "We only accept what is freely given."

"Really, truly?", Maria questioned.  They both nodded 'yes'. 

"OK, I'm going to change.  I need to think about this some more."  She took her coffee and went up stairs. 

After about ten minutes she was back down and went outside to do some yard work.  Cathy and Terri washed the breakfast dishes and cleaned the kitchen, then went to the living room to continue some weekend chores.  A little dusting, a little sweeping and a lot of talking.  They were worried that Maria wouldn't get past her embarrassment and allow them to help.  At the very least they would be the backup safety.  After about half an hour Maria returned to make her big announcement.

They stopped cleaning as Maria walked in and said, "I have decided to accept your offer."  Terri and Cathy smiled at her and then at each other as Maria continued.  "But I want to talk about what will happen."

"Of course,", Cathy said while getting a tablet and pen.  "Let's negotiate a scene.  Personally, I would like to see you the same way as last night.", she said as they sat down.  Maria blushed and looked at the floor. 

"Maria, please,", she started, "you don't have anything to be ashamed about." using her parental tone of voice again.  In the past, Maria had heard this statement but always from a man, never a woman.  "If that's agreeable, I would like to arrange the chains and locks in a more secure and less movable position."  Maria nodded 'yes'.  "Hood and gag are optional as is breast or crotch bondage and nipple clamps.  And you wear as much or as little clothing as you want.  Since you don't want to be touched by women, which we respect, we will wear latex gloves with cotton covers.  That way you can feel something but not actually be touched, OK?"  Maria nodded.  "We can use a vibrator how ever you want and you choose a safe word.  How would you like the scene to proceed?"

Cathy appeared to know a lot about this as Maria started.  "After I take a shower I will secure myself with hood and gag then I want to be left alone for a random amount of time between 30 and 45 minutes.  A vibrator will be added with the crotch rope and you can turn it on, off, up and down as you want.  My safe word will be a small 'squeaker' taped to my hand.  I will set the lights to turn off 15 minutes after I start and back on in two hours.  You can 'have' me for 30 to 50 minutes then remove the hood, turn the vibrator on low, turn the main room light off, and leave me alone again.  Also, remove any breast ropes or nipple clamps before you leave.  With the overcast sky and the curtains closed tight the room will be dark enough so I can't see the locks until the lights come on again.  If I'm not down in two and a half hours then there is a problem and I will need help.  Did I forget anything?  Oh yea, there is a riding crop in the toybox you can use, a little."

Cathy had been writing all of this on the tablet.  She added a list of numbers between 30 and 45 counting by three with the numbers one through six added randomly beside each larger number.  "Terri, pick a number between one and six."  She choose four which was beside 39.  "OK, the random time is set and 15 minutes will be added to adjust for the time delay on the lights.  And, if you 'squeak' we will remove the gag so don't lock it on.  Terri, anything you want to add?"  She shook her head 'no'.  "If there is nothing else, you can take a shower and we will set the chains."

Maria lead them upstairs, went into her bedroom and closed the door.  As they waited, she removed all her clothes, put on a robe and went to the bathroom, then Cathy and Terri went work.  The chains at the foot of the bed were left at their current length but a rope was added between the chains and a second rope went under the bed to hold them in place.  The chains at the head were shortened with a snap buckle and two ropes were added the same as at the foot.  Next, two ropes were added along the length of the bed connecting the chains on each side.  Once locked, Maria's movements would be very restricted.  Finally, the extra items were laid out.  A cuff with lock at each corner, the hood and gag, some extra rope for breasts and crotch, vibrator and clamps, but they couldn't find the squeaker.  Maria finished her shower rather quickly, dried off, put on her robe and came to the bedroom to see what had been planned.

Terri had gone down stairs so Cathy informed Maria what they had in mind, and that they couldn't find the squeaker.  (It was in the dresser drawer.)  The hasp on each lock was rather long so she could use one hand  to lock then unlock them later.  With no questions, Cathy closed the door as she left and Maria went to work.  (She didn't notice but Cathy left the door open just a tiny crack.)  The first thing she did was turn the clock around.  She wasn't sure if it should be cursed or thanked.  Next, the timer was set for the lights and breast and crotch ropes added, a little loose.  Next, she got on the bed, put on the ankle and wrist cuffs, locked her feet and tightened the other ropes.  She then added the gag, nipple clamps, slid the vibrator under the crotch rope, secured it with a rubber band and laid back.  She covered herself, from neck to thigh, with a towel and added a note: Remove when ready.  She used some medical cloth tape to secure the squeaker to her palm near the wrist.  After a test she was satisfied that it would work. 

She slid the hood over her head and got ready to finish the last step.  She didn't add the extra locks on the cuffs or hood this time, once secured she couldn't reach them even if she wanted.  She was able to hold up part of the hood to see where to put her left hand and hooked the lock through the chain but didn't close the hasp.  It was a little stretch and she could feel the breast rope pulling.  She lifted the other side of the hood to see where the chain was then put everything back into place.  This was somewhat more of a stretch and, not only, did the breast rope pull more but so did the crotch rope.  She dug in her heels, pushed with her legs, pulled with her left arm, and put the lock through the chain.  She could feel the warmth from the lights as she lay there, thinking.  This was her last chance to back out.  She was about to give herself to someone, in a way, that she had never given herself to anyone before. 

Panic began to set in and she thought, 'Wait a second, what am I doing.  Am I a total idiot.  These two, near strangers, are about to have their way with me'  Then she remembered back to the previous night, they had her, and did nothing.  But they knew about Maria's interest in bondage.  They may have suspected the weekend of self-bondage and faked the reservations.  Was this whole thing a giant scam?  About then the warmth on her arm disappeared, the lights were out and they would be here is less than 45 minutes.  There's one way to be sure.  Click, click, done.  That was it, nowhere to go for the next two hours, maybe.  If this was a con she could be stuck here for a week.  Talk about a long walk on a short pier.  'Forget it, panic later, pleasure now.', and she put it out of her mind.

With all she had been thinking about she hadn't noticed her level of arousal.  She concentrated on the the crotch rope and rocked her hips.  That got things started and she could feel the towel gently rubbing her stomach, then nipples. The clamps were doing their job.  She hadn't turn them too tight but as her nipples hardened, the clamps seemed to get tighter and it was good.  She tried to shake her chest from side to side and stimulate her nipples a little more.  It didn't do very much because the breast rope was too snug.  She could arch her back and rub her nipples against the towel and that felt good too.  She wished she had connected the clamps to the crotch rope, then, when she arched her back her nipples would be pulled.  Maybe next time. 

She continued to rock her hips and arch her back.  Rock and arch, rock and arch, more and more aroused, closer and closer to an orgasm.  She tried to move her legs but they were held too well.  Then she pulled with her arms and found the rope would squeeze her breasts.  Good, now she had three things she could do, rock, arch and pull.  Surely, with all of this, she could bring herself to an orgasm.  Even though it took quite a while, she was right and her mind faded into its own pleasure.

"Isn't she beautiful?"  Cathy's voice nearly scared Maria off the bed.  'Are they here already?  I didn't hear them come in.  How long have they been watching?', she thought and felt the embarrassment again.

"Oh yes, very.", Terri added.

"Sorry to scare you but sometimes it adds to the experience.  Did you have an orgasm?"  Maria nodded 'yes'.  She could feel the bed sag a little as each woman sat on opposite sides. 

"Let's see what we have here."  Maria could feel the towel slowly side off her body and down one leg.  She felt very exposed and vulnerable as a chill ran down her spine.  "You did a nice job with the extra bondage.  This really makes your breasts stand out and they are so firm."  Cathy began to rub a breast and a feeling went through her that she had never felt before, like tiny insects crawling all over her.  Her level of arousal was on the rise again.  Terri joined in, on the other breast.  "We should add some stimulation.", Cathy said as she turned the vibrator on low.  Maria instantly pulled with her arms and legs and arched her back.

"I think she likes that, turn it up.", Terri commented as she rubbed one hand over a breast and the other hand along the ribs.

"Not yet!", Cathy cautioned, "We want her to have lots of pleasure, not pass out."  The vibrator felt different.  With it under the crotch rope it could shake the front, the back and a lot of other places that have never been shaken before.

"I know what will help."  Terri removed one of the nipple clamps, leaned over and began to use her tongue.  Maria immediately reacted, first twisting away then back toward her mouth in an effort to escape, then squeezed her left hand and 'squeaked'.

"Stop it, Terri, she doesn't want that!", Cathy ordered.  "Are you OK, Maria?  Do you want us to stop?"  Maria nodded 'yes' then 'no' as each question was ask.  "Hands only, nothing else!"  'Being touched by a woman.', Maria needed to put that thought out of her mind.

"I'm sorry, maybe this will be better."  Terri apologized as she moved down the bed.  Her hand slid from Maria's breast to her ribs as the  other hand worked its way down to her thigh.  The inside of Maria's thighs were very sensitive erogenous zones and as Terri's hand slid up and down, Maria's hand started to close on the squeaker.

"Not too high.", Cathy warned.  She was watching every move Maria made as she opened her hand again.  "If one is good then maybe two are better.", Cathy said as she copied Terri's movements. 

The vibrating and rubbing was all that Maria needed as she exploded into a super-orgasm.  Her abdominal muscles contracted in an effort to fold her in half.  This put more pressure on the crotch rope as her back and legs came off the bed.  She was only sitting on her ass with legs bent and arms pulled back.  This caused the breast rope to give her a firm, satisfying squeeze.  Terri and Cathy had moved away but the vibrator continued its unceasing buzz as she flopped flat on the bed again.  Next, she arched her back so hard that only her shoulders and feet touched the bed.  Moaning through the gag she tried to twist her upper body one way and her lower body the other.  After several twists she accidently made a fist and squeaked.  Cathy instantly turned the vibrator off and Maria fell limp.  She didn't want to squeak but she wouldn't have lasted more that a few more seconds, she had never felt anything that intense.

"Maria, are you alright?!", Terri said in a panic.  Maria managed a feeble nod 'yes'.  "That must have been REALLY good."  Again, a nod.

"I think she's had enough, we should leave.", Cathy said and stood up.  Maria muffed through the gag and shook her head 'no' and squeaked.  Cathy bent down to remove the gag while asking, "You want more?."

After the gag was removed, Maria flexed her jaw and panted, "Yes but I would like a short break, a drink and the other clamp removed." 

Terri left for the bathroom and returned with a glass of water and a straw while Cathy removed the clamp. 

"And you haven't used the riding crop yet.", she added after a short drink.

"If we use the crop, leave the gag out so we can hear her scream."

"Terri,", Cathy gasped, "Don't scare her.  I don't want to use the crop.  That may be too severe for a novice."

"I'm not 'that' much of a novice, I've used it on myself."

"Yea, yea.  Where, where?"

"Your too anxious, Terri, s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.  Where did you use it on yourself, Maria?", Cathy asked.

"Breasts, stomach, thighs and ass."

"We won't be able to do the last one but we are 'good to go' on the first three.  Give her another drink, Terri, and give me the crop." 

As soon as she was done with her drink, 'whack', square in the middle of the stomach.  Maria stiffened, she didn't expect it so soon.  Five seconds later came a second and a third after another delay.  Each time Cathy hit a slightly different spot and each time Maria would jump.  Cathy turned the vibrator back on low and said, "Tell me when you have had enough and I will move to another area."

The delay made it difficult to predict and prepare for the next strike.  Maria tried to count to five but was too distracted by the vibrator.  She tried to relax and inhale because she would gasp out with each whack.  Eight, ten, twelve, she lost count.  The only thing she could think about was the vibrator and when the next five second delay would end.  She moaned and squirmed and finally said, "Enough". 

Cathy went to her thighs with only the five second break.  Maria wanted her breasts done second but that didn't happen.  Cathy started on top striking each thigh in turn as she changed the vibrator to medium.  Maria squirmed and moaned as Cathy moved toward the sensitive inner area.  She tried to twist her legs and protect that area but the cuffs were too tight. She knew the orgasm was coming and said, "Enough", so that Cathy would move to her breasts and, maybe, turn the vibrator up just one more notch. 

Cathy worked each breast equally with strikes on top and bottom.  After several hits the vibrator went to high and another big orgasm started.  It was the same as the last time except there were four hands on her, two on her breasts and two on her thighs.  The extra attention increased the waves of pleasure that wash over her.  Squirming, moaning, writhing, groaning, it went on and on and on, building more and more.  It was growing to more than she could handle and she had trouble breathing.  With her last breath she almost screamed "ENOUGH". Cathy pulled the vibrator away from her body and Maria fell so hard, from her arch, that she bounced on the bed.

"Tell me the truth,", Maria panted, "Am I still alive?"

"Yes, alive and probably doing very well.  Relax and catch your breath for a minute.  There is some time remaining before the lights come on again.  Do you want to stop now or continue as planned.", Cathy asked.

"Continue as planned with the gag but I would like a drink first.", Maria replied. 

After a few sips she held her mouth open, the gag popped in and was gently buckled in place.  She could feel the rope being removed from her breasts followed by a minute or so of gentle fondling to help restore circulation.  The vibrator was slipped under the crotch rope, re-secured with the rubber band and turned on low.  Finally, the buckle to the hood was opened and it was slid off.  Maria had her eyes closed and didn't realize she was alone again until she heard the door click closed.  They had slipped away as quietly as they came in. 

The batteries in the vibrator were somewhat old and got a good workout today so instead of the fierce buzz there was a gentle hum.  Even with all her wild gyrations, being held in the same position for all this time made her feel a little stiff.  She tried to stretch the way you would when you first get out of bed in the morning.  After a short time the lights clicked on, it was almost over.  She could see the locks and with a little fumbling she opened the lock on her right hand.  Even with the batteries running down, her arousal was running up.  After removing the vibrator and crotch rope she brought herself to final, rather small, orgasm while still three quarters bound.  With that done she finished releasing herself, put everything on the bed, got dressed and went down stairs.  Terri and Cathy were in the kitchen having a late lunch.

"Hello.", they chimed together.

"Here, have something to eat", Terri said, pushing a plate of bread, meat and cheese over to Maria.

"How do you feel?", asked Cathy.

With a little sigh and a big smile she replied, "I feel really good.  Thank you both, so very much, for your understanding."

"And thank you for trusting us.", Cathy added.

As Maria made a sandwich, Terri commented, "Today has really 'lit my fire' so Cathy is going to tie me after we eat."  Maria's eyes got big. "And you can watch."  This is going to be a great weekend.

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Alone in the dark 2 by Adam Egg
inspired by 'Alone in the Dark' by TeeCee.
02.11.04 updated
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