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Alysons Story

by Fetterer

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Alysons Story by Fetterer
Chapter 1

After many months of preparation, the time had finally arrived when Alyson would simply enjoy, endure, suffer her system of self bondage and discipline.  The time for programming her computer, the time for carefully calculating distances, the time for constructing devices, the time for manufacturing restraints, those times were now over.  Now, she would simply do it.

After checking the set up of "the room," it was time to prepare herself for the day ahead.  While every brain cell in her skull argued to go ahead and get started, she knew that anticipation was a huge part of her bondage and discipline life. Her first task was to luxuriate in a hot bath after she washed her hair.  Part way through her bath, she shaved her eyebrows, her legs, her arm pits and her cunt.  She had toyed with shaving her head as well, but she wasn't quite ready for that, yet. Her hair wasn't that long, cut rather close to her head in a cap cut, but the idea of a skinless skull appealed to her.  Soon, she thought but not today.

After her bath, she used a blower to dry what little hair she had. Next, she very carefully did her nails and her toe nails.  She then began the long process of applying her make up.  She wanted it to be very bizarre, and she was successful. First was a heavy dusting of powder on her face and neck.  This had the effect of making her almost ghost-like.  She also liberally powdered her tits.  Then, very carefully, she applied a heavy layer of violet eye shadow.  This was not just on her upper eye lids, but the entire eye socket cavity and it even swept up at the corners, fading in intensity as it went towards her temples. After the eye shadow, she applied eye liner.  This was a glossy black and as heavy.  She also penciled in eye brows, curling them up and out to track the eye shadow. She next applied the vibrantly red lipstick, excessively thick and which significantly emphasized her lips.  Naturally, the same lip gloss went on her nipples.

When done, she starred at herself in the vanity mirror and, satisfied, she rose from the stool and stood in front of the whole wall mirror.  She nodded and then moved to the heap of garments on the bed. From long experience, she knew  she had to put her boots on first. These required a good deal of bending and she had learned she couldn't lace them after she had laced on her corset.  She pulled thigh high hose up her legs and then she pulled the knee high, very high heeled boots onto her legs. The heels had to be at least six inches. On several occasions, she had practiced walking and now had no difficulty.  Her one significant problem was the strain on her calves from wearing them for lengthy periods of time. Today, the schedule called for a very long period.  After lacing them up her legs, she strolled around the bedroom to get the feel again. She always giggled at the way her crotch was thrust forward when she was wearing these boots. At the back of each boot, and just above where the heels joined the shoe, there was a small wire.

There were a couple other items to add to her discomfort (comfort?) she had to put on before she got into her corset. Since they would involve twisting her body, she decided to insert the probes into her cunt and ass at this point.  They were very smooth metal (she was thankful she had thought to warm them a bit), but she still used a little lubricant on the ass probe which she inserted first. At this stage, it wasn't yet erotic so she grimaced at the discomfort. Next, she inserted the far larger cunt probe.  This was a serious undertaking and it required some considerable effort to force it into her body.  Each probe had a small flange at the base to prevent her body swallowing either up into her body.  Each probe also had a one foot length of wire hanging downward.

After the probes, she wrapped a rather large leather collar around her neck.  She didn't buckle it tight, for when it was buckled tight, she had almost no head movement, either left to right or up and down. Around her waist, she placed a leather corsellet. The top of it came to a line just below her boobs and the bottom ended at her hips on the sides and back while the front dipped down to just above her bald pubes.  She had practiced many times lacing herself into this garment, so it wasn't difficult this time. First, she drew the laces as tight as she could and knotted them.  Then, she hooked straps to four places on the back and the other ends of these straps she hooked up to a device on the wall. 

When she was satisfied, she toe'd a button on the floor. An electric motor began to hum and the straps hooked to the corsellet came to be pulled with the result the corsellet was drawn tighter about her body. When it became very tight, she took her foot off the button and tied the laces.  She had had it tighter but she didn't want it to be super tight today.  When the laces were re-knotted, she unhooked the straps and stepped away. She was very pleased with this device.  She liked to wear tight corsets but had been frustrated by her inability to lace them really tight.  So she had invented a corset tightening machine. Turning to the wall sized mirror, she gazed with satisfaction at her reflected image.  The probes within her cunt and ass had generated the beginnings of arousal so the sense of fullness was offset. She could just detect the beginnings of the odor of her arousal. At times, this had embarrassed her, but now she reveled in it herself.  Realizing what this meant, she walked about the room for a few minutes, and the odor became very noticeable. Wryly, she thought, it'll be a while before that odor goes away.

Stepping to her goodies, she selected two tiny clamp like objects. Then, with her thumbs and forefingers, she began to pull and twist her nipples.  When she was satisfied one was erect, she took one of the C-clamps and applied it to her nipple.  Quickly, she tightened the screw until she felt pressure on her nipple, and then she tightened it some more.  The effect was first to flatten and then to cause the nipple to ooze just past the clamp.  After a few moments of again exciting the other nipple, she put a similar clamp on it.  She wanted them tight but no so that they would shut off circulation.  And again there were wires dangling.

In quick succession, she wrapped leather straps around her upper thighs and upper arms.  Each of these were secured and each had the tiny wire.  She then pulled on elbow length gloves.  The hands of these gloves were not sleek but rather cumbersome. They looked more like an armored knight's gauntlets than a lady's gloves.  There were several wires dangling from each.

The final item she put on was a tricky item. It was a tongue clamp.  The idea was much the same as the nipple clamps. The clamp was fastened a little back from the end and to force the part of her tongue in front to swell up and stay fixed in the clamp. With her tongue protruding from her mouth, she then marched to "the room." Moving with a purpose, after checking the clock, she rapidly typed in a message on her computer: "run program at 20:15" which meant the computer was to start its program in twenty minutes.

In the middle of the room, there was a heavy plank on two trestles. She straddled it.  Her booted feet were flat on the floor.  On the plank, in front of her, were four cuffs.  The two larger ones she placed on each ankle.  These had ropes attached to them that were routed back to pulleys on either side of the wall and then up to reels mounted on the wall.  The other cuffs went on her wrists and ropes came down from the ceiling to them. There was still plenty of slack so she continued to work. There was a huge wiring harness on the plank.  Each was color coded and she hooked these to the wires from each boot, the thigh straps, her cunt and ass probes, the upper arm wires, and the nipple wires. Then, she took her time and connected several wires to the gloves she was wearing.

Glancing downward, she decided she was satisfied.  She hooked a dangling rope to her tongue clamp and then she tightened her collar so she could look only straight ahead, where ever her head was pointed.  Finally, she put her arms behind her and snapped a clip into the rings on each wrist cuff. And then she waited. She was uncertain how much time it would be before her computer would start to run the program but it couldn't be much.

Her cunt odor was very strong. 

She was aroused.

And then the computer beeped. 

She knew that was the start of the program.  The rope on her tongue clamp became taught. Then, the ropes on her wrist tightened.  Finally, the ropes on her ankles tightened. She had engineered the machinery so it would first become taught; but initially, it wouldn't force her to move as it reached resistance of her limbs.  By flexing her muscles, she could prevent the machinery from tightening further. She knew, however, that this was only a short respite. The computer would soon take over.

The first action was that her ankles were pulled outward. This was continued until she could no longer rest her weight on her feet and her entire weight dropped onto her crotch which was straddling the plank.  This was always a rough beginning.  She had tried it with a narrow board and without the probes but she preferred the plank and the probes.  Her ankles had been pulled out so there was no way for her to rest any of her weight on anything but her plugged cunt. The machine then began to lift her arms up behind her. As her arms went up, her body was pushed forward and then downward.  While this was happening, the rope pulling on her tongue clamp moved outward and maintained a tension with a not uncomfortable pull on her tongue.

When she was in her greatest discomfort, the first of the itches occurred.  Each of the wires carried electricity to some part of her body. Each probe was wired. Each nipple was wired. Each cuff was wired.  The wiring in the boots and gloves made contact with each toe and finger as well as the palms of her hands and the soles of her feet. She thought of these as itches for that's the way they started. She knew, however, that as the time wore on, the intensity would grow and she would be hit with multiple blasts.  And she loved it.  She was a bondage enthusiast.  She enjoyed being bound, secured, made immobile.

And she was almost overpowered by her own odor.  She went through a series of cums.  She enjoyed herself. She felt herself building to a cum, but she held it off as long as she could.  She concentrated on the board which was splitting her cunt.  She could barely lean forward to put pressure on her clit and then she'd back off.  But she didn't want to sit back either for that drove the butt plug further into her ass. The tingle in her tongue had now reached the point where it felt like someone was pinching it. Her nipples and her heels seemed like they were on fire.  She knew that her time was coming to an end because everything seemed to be running together.  Just about the time she thought she would lose consciousness, after the umpteenth cum, the machinery relaxed. Fortunately for her, she had a full weekend to recover.  She loved her bondage; but, she hated to admit it, it was a strain on her body and the stiffness of the day after this time was the worst ever.

Alyson had been introduced to bondage as a result of a modeling assignment.  The pay had been good and she wasn't adverse to being tied, chained or otherwise restrained.  She considered herself thoroughly heterosexual but she had little difficulty in licking a cunt or having her cunt licked by another female while in a bondage scene. She had considered opening a relationship with another person to practice bondage away from modeling, but she considered the other models to be indifferent to bondage, at best, and hostile at worst.  She supposed she could enter a lesbian relationship and make bondage a part of it, but that would be essentially dishonest.

Hence, she used her mechanical engineering background and computer knowledge to devise self-bondage events.  She always smiled to herself when she considered her background: a real beauty with an engineering  degree trading on the beauty of her body.  [In time, of course, she realized the  modeling would eventually end, so joined an international firm in her field.]

Chapter 2

Her next project was suspension.
First she had to arrange the hardware.  This included six sets of block and tackle and a heavy frame.  Her garments this time did not involve the itching electric connections. After the hardware, she programmed her computer.  She punched in the instructions that would lift her off the ground, allow her to hang by her wrists and to then turn her upside down so she could hang by her ankles.

The time arrived: no corset this time as she needed to be flexible enough to bend her body at the waist.  The bondage collar was fine. On her legs, she put the boots.  They wouldn't impact her ability to stand this time, but she enjoyed wearing them.  Over her hands, she pulled long, leather gloves. On her wrists and ankles, she wrapped heavily padded cuffs.  These had extra strength buckles and each had two heavy duty rings as well. In her mouth, she placed a small rubber bladder.  There was a tube connected to it with a threaded joint at the end.  She then pulled a leather discipline helmet over her head.  Quickly, she laced it up the back until it conformed to her face exactly.  The tube was fed through a small hole in the helmet at the level of her mouth.  Her eyes were still useful but there was a blinder dangling from one side of the helmet.

Moving to her computer, she considered her condition.  Mentally, she ticked off her plans and then silently snapped her fingers. She had forgotten the dildoes.  Quickly, she moved to her bench where she could grab the smaller ass-hole version which she simply pushed in with no lubrication.  She grimaced but reveled with the pain of the intrusion.  The huge, cunt dildo required a little lubrication but eventually she got it in. She wrapped a belt around her waist and pulled a crotch strap into place to hold the two probes in her body.

Deciding all was ready, she punched in the start code to her computer and then moved to her platform.  She secured one set of block and tackle to each ankle and each wrist, also to the front and back of the harness holding her dildoes in. She then screwed an inflating bulb to her gag and pumped it up to fill her mouth. Because of the helmet, the bulb could only swell within her mouth. It depressed her tongue but, because of its design, it did not threaten her throat. Taking one last look around, she pulled the blinder into place on her helmet. And then she waited.

She didn't have long to wait.  Within a short time, she felt the ropes on her wrists begin to pull her hands upward.  Since she knew her height and weight, she had programmed the computer to pull the ropes upward quickly until just before a strain went onto her arms, at which point they slowed. The pull was inexerorble and soon she was on the toes of her booted feet and then she was off them, with all her weight on her wrists.  Because she was using two different points of suspension, she simply hung downward with no twisting or turning. The initial time of suspension took a period of acclimation: that is, she twisted her wrists in their cuffs and got used to the sensation.  When she was settled, she just began to hang.  She had no idea how long she would hang: she had programmed the computer to select randomly the period within minimum and maximum parameters.  The unknowing added to the feeling.

She flexed her cunt and ass-hole muscles, and felt the probes within her.  It felt good so she did it again.  And then it occurred to her: had she activated the automatic, intermittent vibrating features of the probes?  Well, she'd just have to wait and see what happened.  She continued to flex her cunt and ass-hole muscles until a tiny vibrating sensation started in her ass.

It was on.  Hurrah, she thought. And then the ropes on her ankles and wrists began to draw and relax.  Within a couple minutes, she was hanging by her heels. This threw a different set of tensions on her body.  At that point, the other probe began to vibrate in her cunt. 
And she came.

When her computer finally lowered her, upright, to her feet, she quickly released herself.
Altogether, she had been in the device for a total of two and a half hours. 

Chapter 3

Reality, however, was different.  Alyson often dreamed those complex and, essentially, un-achievable bondages.  Her actual bondages were far simpler, but she still enjoyed them.  She did have a degree in mechanical engineering but she'd never done any modelling.  Furthermore, her job was with a multi national corporate conglomerate.  She did very well. Alyson had become very adept at binding herself.  She didn't do it often, but at least once every two weeks.  Bondage had come about from watching a TV movie in which the heroine was bound. Alyson had rented the movie and made a copy, and watched the bondage scenes several times.  She knew she had developed a fascination.  And so she tried self-bondage once, and found she liked it.

A major problem had been whether to involve others.  Without others, she had no worries about being embarrassed, surprised or threatened.  But no partner also meant no safety net and it also limited her horizons. While pleasure was her goal, safety was always her number one concern.  It was certainly senseless to bind herself so securely that she might die and start to stink before she was released. While that was an extreme result, it had to be considered.

Fate intervened.

A woman vice president, in another area of the company, invited her out for a drink after they had visited at a company cocktail party.  This woman, Hazel, had been a close friend while they were doing the same work.  After her promotion to VP, Alyson still saw her, and they occasionally lunched.  Hazel was about ten years older than Alyson, so Alyson didn't begrudge her the promotion, and she was content that Hazel chose to maintain the friendship. For a time, they had been especially close.  Hazel had gone through a devastating divorce.  Her husband had caught her cheating, and insisted on the divorce.  It mattered not that Hazel had worked to put him through school, and that he had affairs off and on through out the marriage.  Hazel had been a basket case, so Alyson had asked her out for a drink and dinner. Hazel had poured out her soul to Alyson that nite, but the talk had been a catharsis, and Hazel went on with her life.

So Alyson accepted and the two women went out that very nite. After the third drink, Hazel became nostalgic and again thanked Alyson for being there when she was needed.  And then Hazel added the fateful words that if ever Alyson ever needed anything, all she had to do was ask Hazel. Throwing caution to the winds, and emboldened by the three drinks, Alyson blurted out she needed someone to act as a safety valve. Perplexed, Hazel asked what she meant, so Alyson told Hazel. After being promised Hazel wouldn't tell a soul, Alyson said she was into self bondage but she was worried about safety, and that limited what she could do.

Several emotions crossed Hazel's face as she listened to Alyson: laughter, confusion, surprise, horror, but finally attention and interest.  When Alyson finished, with a bright red blush on her face as she realized what she had revealed about herself to a fellow worker, Hazel reached her hand across the table and covered Alyson's hands.  In a sincere voice, she said what Alyson most wanted to hear that her confidences were safe; and then, secondly that she would be glad to help.  Hazel did add that she would not hurt Alyson and didn't want to be party to any hurt. Momentarily taken aback, Alyson told Hazel that hurt was part of the game.  Not serious hurt, bone breaking or dismemberment hurting, but unless there was discomfort, even pain, it had no meaning.

Hazel listened to her plea, shaking her head, and Alyson thought she had lost Hazel. Instead, Hazel agreed with the stipulation Alyson had to explain each tie-up she did and what the result might be.  Hazel then asked if she was expected to whip Alyson and she replied that she had never had anyone who would do it to her.  Hazel pressed Alyson did she want to be whipped and Alyson was forced to say she hadn't thought it through.

After all this back and forth, a sudden silence fell over both women.  It was a couple minutes before Hazel started to laugh. Nonplussed, Alyson finally asked what was the matter, to be told by Hazel that when she asked Alyson out for a friendly drink, she never dreamed she'd end up tying Alyson.  At this, Alyson too giggled, and then she stopped, reminding Hazel, she had been asked to be a safety valve, not an active tier.  Hazel snorted in reply, saying even she knew enough about bondage that it would be better if she were an active tier.  Oh, she was willing to be a safety valve, when Alyson wanted to bind herself.  Hazel could stay at home waiting for the clearing phone call; but Hazel would never get the answers to her questions unless she was an active tier.

This set Alyson back.  She hadn't considered Hazel might actually want to tie her.  Finally, hesitantly, she told Hazel it might be embarrassing.  Hazel grinned and anticipated Alyson, asking was she worried because Alyson might be nude and might even cum.  At this, Alyson blushed furiously, but then she giggled and admitted it.  Hazel told her not to worry, as it wouldn't bother her a bit, adding she might even learn to like tying Alyson so much she might get excited a bit herself. Alyson roared her laughter, and with tears running down her face, told Hazel that she had been warned because she, Alyson, had a strong cunt odour.  Hazel roared at this.

Chapter 4

It was a week before Hazel managed to get to Alyson's place for a session.  In the meantime, Alyson had got an extra set of keys to all her locks: not just the door locks, but also her padlocks and manacle locks.  It was a formidable collection that she handed to Hazel at work one day. Hazel's reaction was that maybe they ought to be tagged to simplify identification.  So Alyson did just that.

The time finally arrived when Hazel came to tie her friend. Alyson was nervous, waiting for Hazel, and she was even more nervous when the door bell rang, just at the appointed time. Each was a little shy around the other as they sat and drank some wine.  Alyson had left an X frame cross out in plain view.  Hazel eyed it as she came in, and then ignored it until Alyson asked if Hazel was ready. Pointing at the cross, Alyson said she thought they might start with it.  She had a system for binding herself but admitted it would be better if someone else bound her to the cross. Brightly, Hazel stood and said that she was that someone, and what did she have to do. Alyson told her to wait while she changed, or, she added with a wicked grin, undressed.

In a couple minutes, Alyson returned.  She was wearing an open cup, leather bra; leather garter belt with black, seamed hose; elbow length, leather gloves and her knee high, high heeled boots.  Hazel merely stared and then added she thought Alyson looked sensational.  This was quite a comment for Hazel was dressed in high fashion and would be considered vivacious, while Alyson was more mousy.

After a suitable blush, Alyson told Hazel that she should fasten her to the X frame with the various leather straps.  She would stand on tiny pegs, with her back to the cross; and then, when all the straps were fastened, the pegs could be removed.  So saying, Alyson stepped to the cross, and then, with her back to it, she boosted herself up and ended up holding onto the cross behind her as she stood on the pegs.  Of course, her legs were spread wide, which exposed her cunt.  Because of her uncertainty, her cunt wasn't oozing, but she knew it would.  Hazel came to her and began to tighten the straps.  She was very solicitous, but Alyson told her it was better to draw the straps very tight else she might slide if they were loose.  At last the nine straps were tight: one at each wrist, upper arm, thigh and ankle, and a big one at her belly.  Without being told, Hazel knelt and removed the two pegs, and Alyson's body sagged fully into her bonds.

Standing, Hazel stood back to survey her work.  She moved from side to side, nodding.  She asked Alyson to say she was alright, and Alyson assured her she was.  She then asked Alyson to describe the sensation. After a few moments consideration, Alyson told Hazel the biggest sensation on the X frame was that it was implacable.  The wood was absolutely immovable, no matter how much she squirmed.  The second sensation was the total openness of her body and her utter inability to prevent whatever someone wanted to do.  The third sensation was the weight of her body on her bonds.  She concluded by saying that for a considerable time, there was no particular strain on her body.  She did add that eventually she would tire from holding her head up for there was no support and the tendency was to allow her chin to droop to her chest.  Beyond that, she wasn't sure for she had never been longer than an hour on the X frame.

At that Hazel interjected if that was what she wanted, an hour, and Alyson said that would be fine.  And then she relaxed, letting her head and chin droop, and her cunt juices began to flow.  Laughing, after a few minutes, Hazel said she understood what Alyson said about the odour. Alyson did not cum that nite.  Hazel unfastened her after the one hour and remarked about that.  Alyson said she didn't always cum and the novelty of the situation might have had something to do with it.  Alyson flexed her arms and legs and then moved toward the bedroom, but she was stopped by Hazel who told her it wasn't necessary to change from her costume.  So Alyson sat and the two women discussed the evening.

Hazel talked first about her costume.  She wondered if she too shouldn't wear something special.  Alyson was hesitant, but then brought out some of her bondage magazines and showed them to Hazel.  About half the tiers wore street clothes, a quarter were nude (especially if the bondee was nude) while the final fourth wore bizarre fetish garb such as leathers, high boots and so forth.  One even wore a full head, leather helmet with wide eyeholes and a mouth hole. Hazel was keenly interested, and then, noticing the time, and stating the next day was an early day, she took her leave.

Alyson was very happy.  Her vibrator got a vigorous work out that nite.

Story continues in Chapter 5

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