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Alysons Story 2

by Fetterer

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© Copyright 2003 - Fetterer - Used by permission

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Alysons Story by Fetterer
Chapter 5

Events rocked along like that.  There would be times when Alyson would make arrangements with Hazel so Hazel would come to Alyson's home if Alyson didn't call by a certain time.  Alyson found these to be far more enjoyable than they had been.  To be sure, there were still safety considerations; but, even if she became overzealous, she had her safety net.  Hazel was cheery about these sessions, always admonishing her to be careful.  The telephones were carefully tested and then Alyson would put her body in bondage.  There was one time when Hazel showed up at Alyson's place in the middle of the bondage.  The bound Alyson was terrified someone was breaking in.  Hazel had the time mixed up.  They both had a good laugh over that.

The other times, when Hazel bound Alyson and stayed with her, were vastly different for each.  Hazel was on a learning curve, and she questioned Alyson closely about each position and device. Alyson was pleased with Hazel's interest and was flattered by Hazel's awe of her ability to endure, but she also felt an edge was taken off the scene by that same awe. There was the time Hazel requested an explanation of gagging. Alyson thought it was elementary to gag, since it added to the helplessness.  Eventually, Hazel understood that but by the time she put the big, red ball in Alyson's mouth, Alyson's interest had waned.  Still, Alyson had to admit Hazel never had to be told anything twice and her ties were tight.

In fact, Hazel's ties were so tight, Alyson nearly passed out one nite as Hazel was tying her into her leather corset.  Alyson had never been able to get it very tight, and she didn't realize the added constriction she would have when Hazel tied her in.  One minute, she was standing, holding the post, as Hazel was pulling and tying; the next she had begun to swoon.  Fortunately, Hazel caught her before she hit the floor and she held Alyson until she could get her breath.  It was only later Alyson realized that Hazel had shown no inclination to loosen the corset; she just supported Alyson until Alyson's legs were again able to support her body.

There were some other clues that couldn't be ignored: Hazel was showing some inventiveness in applying the basic bondages, like the third time Hazel put Alyson in a hogtie.  The first two times had been simple ties.  Wrists tied behind the back.  Ankles tied. Ankles pulled up and back toward wrists and rope tied connecting the four limbs.  It was strenuous, but Alyson's legs were not pulled higher than her ass.  On that third time, as she was pulling Alyson's legs back, Hazel simply pulled them all the way to Alyson's wrists and bound them tightly.  This was a far more formidable hogtie and Alyson wasn't sure how long she could endure.  It might have been just an accident, but then Hazel added an extra rope at Alyson's elbows and she tried to bring them together.

Alyson had to admit Hazel was experimenting on her body.  She wasn't sure where this would lead, but of course she didn't object.

Chapter 6

Before Alyson said anything about Hazel's growing skills at binding her, it was announced that Hazel was being transferred to Romania as head of a new office of the company.  Alyson was devastated.  She had grown to enjoy the freedom in her bondages that Hazel's being present to her had brought.  It was a very glum Alyson who made her way to Hazel's office that day.

Hazel, of course, was ebullient.  So soon after promotion to VP, and now she was being given the opportunity to open a new office in one of the newly opened markets in Eastern Europe.  For a moment, she was perplexed with Alyson's lack of enthusiasm, and then she smiled broadly as she told Alyson not to be so sad. Only slightly mollified, Alyson tried to smile, to wish her friend well.  Hazel brushed her good wishes aside as she announced that she, Hazel, had been given the chance to select her executive assistant, and she had selected Alyson.

Alyson did a double take, and then it began to sink in.  A broad smile spread across her face, and then she frowned.  At that, Hazel said that whatever else, her selection of Alyson was based on Alyson's work and nothing else.  Yes, they'd be together in a foreign land, but she expected Alyson would work every bit as hard in Romania as she did in the States, harder maybe to earn the huge increase in salary -- which boggled Alyson.  Still doubtful, Alyson asked Hazel again to identify her work performance that made her the choice.  Patiently, Hazel ticked them off, and then added that the down side of any sort of relationship, and they surely had a relationship though few would ever dream what it was, was the ambiguities it bred.  She again assured Alyson that she had been selected for her merits. She added that the president of the firm had congratulated her on her choice of Alyson, which meant the big wigs were aware of Alyson's abilities.

Alyson simply shook her head, and then she grinned.  She said she'd try to make the most of it and would strive to prove Hazel's choice had been wise. After that, they talked about when they would travel to Europe and when they'd move.  Hazel also gave Alyson some idea of the work she expected.  It was Alyson who finally asked if Hazel planned to punish her if her work was not satisfactory.  Hazel gave her an enigmatic smile and said there were some very old castles in Romania, and many of those had dungeons.  Alyson shivered.

Hazel's highly complimentary comments about Alyson's abilities and how well they were recognized was established when she too met the top brass.  They congratulated her and, while they expressed their full confidence in Hazel, they too were aware of Alyson's capabilities so Hazel's selection had pleased them. Then, very business-like, the plans for opening the office were laid out.  The basic steps were settled from the many other offices the firm had opened in foreign lands over the years.

One of the senior executives observed that it is always better when a senior member of the new team can speak the local language but since neither Hazel nor Alyson did, an English speaking Rumanian would have to be recruited.  At this Alyson interrupted to say she had been studying Rumanian since Hazel told her of her selection and one of her unusual traits was her ability to learn languages very quickly.  When asked how quickly she would be fluent, she said surely within three, maybe two weeks.  Looked at sceptically, Alyson let fly with a short speech in Rumanian to the astonishment of all. When pressed to translate, Alyson stated she had said she could speak and write Rumanian as well as high schoolers in Romania and would be able to speak as a scholar in two to three weeks.

In awe, the top brass was even more deferential towards Hazel for having selected such an assistant, but they were pleased with themselves that they had endorsed Hazel's choice. It was finally worked out that Hazel would visit the company's new office in Tokyo and Hong Kong while Alyson went to Berlin and Prague. Only at the end of the meeting was Alyson caught off guard.  She was asked about her boy friend and what would he think. Stammering, she stated she had no steady.  Hazel came to her rescue by saying maybe they both would meet new men in Romania.

The next two months passed in a whirlwind.  True to her word, Alyson quickly could converse in Rumanian with anyone.  She'd even managed to master the accent of different areas.  The two of them completed their trips and compared notes, and then wrote their plan.  It was quickly approved.

Plans were made for their move to Romania.  One nite, rather tired, they had met for a drink and a light supper.  Hazel said half way through the meal that Alyson was rather quiet, and got a reply that Alyson was tired.  Hazel said she doubted that and Alyson, smiling ruefully, admitted she was slightly apprehensive. When pressed about what, Alyson said wondered what would happen to their bondage sessions.  Hazel laughed and suggested they immediately adjourn to Alyson's apartment to discuss it.

Moments after they entered her apartment, Alyson was on her tummy, in the middle of the floor, in an even stricter hog-tie than before: her arms and legs were crossed so her left wrist was bound to her right ankle and the right to the left.  A leather head harness was on her head and a rope from the top of the harness was tied to her feet in such a way as to hold her head up.

Mildly complaining it wasn't the most comfortable position in which to carry on a conversation, Alyson finally took note of Hazel's ability to tie her more tightly than she expected. Beaming like a proud school kid, Hazel asked if the position were too strenuous but Alyson argued she hadn't meant that, just that an amateur had become so adept.  Hazel chuckled and then asked why Alyson should be so surprised, that if Alyson could learn foreign languages so quickly, why shouldn't she (Hazel) be able to learn how to tie knots.  In spite of the strain, Alyson giggled, and then Hazel added that she had been reading bondage books to get ideas.  And then Hazel volunteered that Alyson's bondages would continue in Romania.

Alyson began to smile and then asked about her equipment.  They finally agreed that her costumes should travel but the other stuff like ropes and the like might be bought there. Alyson was in her rigid hog-tie for a half hour before Hazel released her from it, but not from bondage as she tied Alyson's wrists behind her back and tied her ankles, and then let her sit, nude, as they continued their talk.  Hazel calmly asked Alyson what was the status of her love life.  Un-embarrassed, Alyson simply said she enjoyed being fucked, but she had been avoiding a serious commitment since she had committed herself to serious bondage.  In fact, she admitted she had a fling while in Berlin.

Chapter 7

Two weeks later, they arrived at Bucharest.  Accommodations had been arranged at a leading hotel, and they adjourned there to rest after the long flight.  The next day, they met with a representative of what passed for the Chamber of Commerce.  He was so very accommodating as their firm was the first of its kind to want to set up a local office.  He was greatly impressed to find Alyson could converse with him, and she did so with authority for Hazel had instructed Alyson to handle these negotiations.

Their first step was set up a small, temporary office.  A young, secretary-type woman  was hired.  Phones were ordered.  Desks and other equipment were rented.  They were almost in business.  By noon on their third day, Hazel could call the States and report they were ready for business.

That evening, they dinned in Hazel's suite.  While they were impressed with the furnishings, they agreed they wanted something less public.  Alyson stated that Alex, the Chamber man, had suggested they might want to buy a house.  Hazel was sceptical until Alyson revealed the rentals were dismal and the available housing limited.  She added that Alex knew of a house that would be cheap because no Rumanian wanted it since it had formerly belonged to the local chief of the secret police.  The locals couldn't bring themselves to destroy it, but no one wanted to live there and it wouldn't make much of a museum.

With misgivings, Hazel accompanied Alyson to the house the next day.  It was on a tree-lined street, on a large lot.  It was largish but by no means a castle.  In fact, it was inviting. Upon entering, they found a large entrance hall, a drawing room, a sitting room, a library, a dinning room, a big kitchen with eating area.  There also was full basement, which they merely glanced at.  Upstairs, there were four bedrooms.  One obviously was the room of the chief for it was very masculine.  Two others were about the same size and were obviously the rooms of women. The fourth was clearly a guest room.  The two bedrooms for women were furnished identically.  They were large rooms, each with their own sunken baths.  The oddity was that the bath area was not walled off from the rest of the room.  It was clear these were the rooms of mistresses.  Seeing the free standing toilets and bidets, both laughed.

Alyson asked Alex why two identical rooms.  After all, she stated, they understood having a mistress, but in two identical rooms, that seemed silly.  Hazel chimed in that maybe he was better than the average man.  Good naturedly, Alex laughed, and then stated no one knew what went on up there.  The women who visited did not come from the village, and none were ever seen out on the street alone.  Furthermore, it wasn't very healthy to show excessive interest in the personal life of the head of the secret police.  Alex did add that the two rooms were not the same.  One had several staples imbedded in the floor, walls and ceilings.  Hazel was startled but said nothing, while Alyson was perfectly bland, as Alex added that no one had been figure out why they were there.

There was a third floor attic.

When they finally asked about the price, the amount was incredibly low.  Alex explained the village wanted to get rid of it.  With little discussion, the two women agreed.  The mortgage payments would work out to far less than the combined monthly housing allowance they were getting. Since the house essentially was in move-in condition, with Alex's help, the two women were able to move in after only a few days. The village was happy to have the two American women live there, and the two Americans were tickled.

On their first nite, they talked about the open bath areas in the bedrooms.  Of course, both of them had a theory, at least, about the staples in the one bedroom, and there was no doubt who'd select that room.  As for the bath areas, since neither had any experience with a room like the ones they now had, they decided not to make any changes right away.

Later, Hazel offered to put Alyson in a hog-tie, their first bondage session since they left America.  Alyson was delighted, commenting there was no better way to begin their residence in their new house.  Standing, Alyson said there was no bathroom where she could disrobe privately so Hazel told her it was okay to strip in front of her, that she'd seen Alyson naked often enough.  Shrugging, Alyson began to pull her sweater over her head.  Casually, Hazel asked if Alyson had unpacked her boots, and Alyson replied in the affirmative, pointing at the bottom dresser drawer, as she continued to strip.

Hazel went to the drawer and took out the boots.  Sitting in a chair, she stated they looked very nearly the same as her size eights, and Alyson agreed they were the same.  A now nude Alyson watched with interest as Hazel slipped off her shoes and began to pull on the boots.  Without a word, Alyson came and knelt in front of Hazel and asked to help, as the lacing was tedious.  So Hazel sat back and watched Alyson as she laced first one and then the other boot on her legs.  Alyson then rose and helped Hazel to her feet, explaining the very high heels sometimes were difficult the first time.  Hazel swayed a bit, but quickly got the hang of walking.  Then she calmly reached up and pulled off her own sweater, revealing she wore no bra. This was followed by a lowering of a zipper on her skirt and she was then standing in only panties, panty hose and boots.  Alyson padded to the dresser in her bare feet and returned with the long leather gloves, saying Hazel might want to wear them after tying her, adding it was easier to tie knots with un-gloved hands.

Hazel glanced at herself in the mirror, and said she'd probably have to stop wearing panty hose.  They just didn't fit the image she saw in the mirror. In a few moments, Alyson was belly down on her bed with her right hand lashed to her left ankle and the left to the right.  Hazel then added another rope at the elbows, forcing Alyson's elbows almost together.  Hazel commented that they would have to work on that.  At that moment, Alyson had a massive cum.

As she was coming down, Hazel gently scratched Alyson's arms and thighs with her fingernails.  Finally, Hazel stated the obvious and Alyson agreed that yes indeed it had been a mighty cum.  She had other cums in bondage, but none so massive, and none so obvious when Hazel had tied her.  It was obvious to both that they had passed another milestone that nite as Hazel had stripped to bind Alyson.

Hazel asked Alyson the longest she'd ever been in a hog-tie, and Alyson said a little less than an hour.  Nonchalantly, Hazel informed Alyson she'd set a new, personal record that nite. Leaving Alyson on the bed, Hazel began to walk around the room. When she'd come to staples in the wall, she'd stop and examine them.  Comments such as "she spent a lot of time here" or "I doubt she was ever bound here" peppered her talk.

Alyson's eyes began to rove the room and they centered on a portrait on the wall opposite where Hazel was examining.  She starred at the eyes, and was startled.  There was someone there, behind the portrait, watching her.  Urgently, she called Hazel, who accused Alyson of just wanting to be released.  Nevertheless, she examined the portrait.  After a moment, she returned to say the eyes of the portrait were glass, probably to insure realism to do just what they had done to Alyson, scare her.

Even so, Alyson was unnerved, and she convinced Hazel to release her.

Story continues in Chapter 8

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