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Amber’s Misfortune1

by Gagged Utopia

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Amber's Misfortune, My Gain - Part 1
by Gagged Utopia

Introduction of Amber

Amber was a student attending the state University. Currently however, she was keeping herself busy with her summer job working as a waitress at a local pub. She seemed to enjoy her job, or at least tolerated it with a smile. I always enjoyed looking at her beautiful body; it was very athletic and toned. He nice round large breasts, I almost couldn’t control myself as I would dream of new ways to torture them. In fact, many times that was my reason for leaving the small pub.

She was always very pleasant and would talk about her studies at the university. I learned that she wanted to become an accountant and possibly later on own her own business. However, all I could ever think about was how she would be of so much more use under my control. I must admit, it was not her intellect that I was interested in. Since she was a young girl, she was very naive of the world and as most young people are. They will trust just about anybody with anything, including the fact that she was heading out of town to surprise her boyfriend who worked in a nearby state.

“Gee, wouldn’t it be a shame if she never made it there” I thought to myself after hearing of this. I couldn’t imagine why such a beautiful girl wouldn’t have left her boyfriend and found somebody new here. As I watch her from the corner booth that I often sit at, and I see a dozen men try and pick her up a night. I always sat away from the crowds that came in, but so I wouldn’t arouse suspicion, I always have a lot of paperwork from “work” that I am always reading.

Preparing for her Capture

Since the seat that I chose was near the back where I can often her the other girl’s gossip about all the guys in the pub, I was able to pickup that she would be leaving for her vacation for two weeks starting that Friday. That gave me one day to get everything in order to make this perfect. I really didn’t have to do very much for preparation since I have planning this for a couple months. I already owned the toys that I was going to use on her; I already outfitted the basement to remove all outside light as well as soundproofed it. Soundproofing was not really needed, since my closest neighbour was about a half mile away, however, for this to be perfect, nothing could go wrong. A paranoid jogger hearing a scream, or the mailman hearing the crack of a whip would ruin everything.

About a month ago I had broken into Amber’s dorm apartment. It was not very difficult since he left the windows open (first floor dorm) and I only had to put down the screen. Once I was inside, I searched around for a spare set of keys. Right on the key rack, just like a good girl. I then took the keys to a nearby hardware store and hand copies made. When I returned, I replaced the keys and stashed a tazer and duct tape on the top shelf of one of the cupboards. It didn’t look like anything had been up there for ages judging by the dust, and should keep my items safe.

I had planned to wait about two months before making my attack on her, but a vacation that nobody was suppose to know about was too perfect. The pub and friends will think she is away on vacation and nobody will be expecting her in her hometown since it a surprise. I thought about it long and hard and decided to go along with the plan ahead of schedule. Maybe it was because I couldn’t wait any longer, or maybe because I wanted to fuck her in the worst way, but I strayed from my plan nab her early, against my better judgment. The purpose of the two to three month wait was to reduce suspicion that something bad happened to her. If by the off chance somebody saw me enter her dorm, they probably won’t remember anything about it two or three months later, even if they did, they won’t remember any details.

Amber’s Capture

It was Friday night and I watched from my rental car Amber leaving the local pub. She was dressed to kill as usual with her black leather mini-skirt, halter-top and black high heels. I saw her get into her car and started to drive back to her dorm room. I kept my distance and eventually lost sight of her due to her going over the speed limit, apparently in a rush to get home to get packing. I knew where she lived, so I wouldn’t have to chase her down and risk getting pulled over. I played it safe and arrived at her dorm and saw her passing back and forth closing the curtains. I didn’t really think anything of it, but knew that I would have to wait until she was in bed.

After about a half hour, I saw all the light go off and knew that it was time to make my entrance. I inserted the key and slowly opened the door. One thing I had not thought about was trying the key myself and seeing if the door made any noise. Thankfully, it didn’t. I stepped inside and walked over to the kitchen and got my supplies from the top cupboard. I then travelled to her bedroom and noticed that the door was closed. I found this kind of odd since she lived alone, why would she close the door?

It was unlocked as I opened the door. I pushed it open as slow as I could and poked my head in to take a look. What I was looking at was something that none of my conversations with her ever was able to pick-up. In front of my was a tightly bound Amber lying and fighting with her bonds on the bed. My first thought was that somebody already beat me to the punch or that somebody was robbing her. That thought was quickly dispersed as I noticed the dripping ice hanging from the ceiling. “My god, what luck do I have.” I thought to myself as I opened the door more to get a better view. 

I didn’t really have to worry about noise as she appeared to be quite occupied with humping her imaginary partner. I stepped a bit closer and could see that she was wearing mostly black leather and latex. I could also hear the buzzing of the vibrator that was most likely stuck under her black leather panties. She was wearing a heavy boned latex corset that didn’t seem to be pulled too tight, but still give a very erotic hourglass effect. Around her waist was a thick leather belt, which her leather wrist cuffs were attached. Looking down I could see her legs were bound together with some more leather belts, as well as some smaller belts that held her black high heels that she was wearing before.

Looking farther up her body she had some more leather belts above and below her breasts that she must have slipped her arms into just before locking them into the wrist cuffs. She had a set of clover clamps on her breasts that had the metal chain threaded though a very strict leather posture collar. “Good lord” I thought to myself, “those tits are better then I imagined, and to top it off, getting used to her new lifestyle won’t be as much trouble as I thought”. To top off her wonderful outfit, she was wearing a latex hood that appeared to be on there very, very tight. Underneath, I could see the outline of straps that all met in the area of her mouth. There is where I could see the bright red rubber ball sticking out of the mouth opening of the hood. There were also nose holes, and I imagine eyeholes as well, but she had a rubber blindfold over her eyes.

I became overwhelmed by what I saw in front of me. I had never dreamed the girl of my dreams would not only be under my control, but packaged herself up as a nice treat. I saw my hand reaching to grab her breast, but then I stopped myself at the last second. Even though she was already under my control, she didn’t know it yet. The later that I get her out of her dorm, the better, less people around to get suspicious at 3am then the current time. So I decided to have some fun. I first went over and removed the key by melting the little bit of the ice cube left in my hand. It didn’t seem like she was planning on being bound up for very long… seems plans have changed a bit.

I sat down on the small wooden chair in the corner of the bedroom and watched her fight against her bonds, quite fiercely I might add, she must be stronger that I had guessed. Not that it really mattered now, since she had done such a terrific job in binding herself up, they were not giving up to her thrashing even in the least bit. After about a half hour of this (the key would have dropped by now for sure) she went still and I could hear her trying to regain her breath. It didn’t take her long and she slid off the side of the bed and started to inch herself on her side to where the key should have landed. On the floor where the ice was dripping was a bowl that was about half full of ice water. Amber then moved her hands inside the bowl and started the search around. After letting out a grunt she repositioned herself and started to search with her other hand. After a few minutes of having no luck I could see that she was starting to get nervous and frustrated. She tipped the bowl over spilling the water and started to pat around for the keys more and more franticly. 

As she came to grips that the key was nowhere to be found she started to panic. She was trying everything to move her hands out of the cuffs, but she had locked them on too tight. There was no way that they were coming off unless they were cut or she could find the key. I watched her thrash on the carpet floor for a good 5 or 10 minutes, I had never seen anybody with that much energy. She finally ran out of breath and was panting quite severely though her nose holes. She regained her breath after a few minutes and all you would hear was the sound of her vibrator buzzing away. She lay there perfectly still, just like she had fallen asleep, that is, until I started to hear her cry. I almost felt bad for her, until the evil side of me took over.

Time to make Contact

It was now time to let her know why her key is not there and really put some fear into her. Even thought I went to the pub often, I purposely used a southern accent for the few times that I spoke with her. I laid it on pretty thick, so there is almost no chance of her recognizing my voice now. I walked over to where she was laying and in one quick movement I turned her onto her back and straddled her hips and then pinned her shoulders down with my hands. As predicted, she started to thrash just as hard as she did before, only this time she was quite pinned. Even if it were not for the restraints, she would have had a hard time getting loose from my grip. I told her to calm down before she got hurt, but that didn’t deter her in the least. I had to move on to more drastic measures in order to get her attention. I reached over and grabbed her nose, held my hand over her mouth and cut of any air supply that there was. “If you don’t calm down you are going to run out of air very soon and being stuck in this position will the be least of your troubles” I whispered into her ear. “Nod your head yes if you are going to calm down and listen to what I have to say. In doing this, I may let you breathe, if you don’t, you will die right here and now.” 

Given her limited options to stay alive, she wisely chose yes and I let go and she could breathe again. After a few quick breaths, she laid still underneath me. “If you have not already guessed, I am in possession of your key. It was actually my intention to rob your dorm and be on my way when I discovered you lying on your bed. I must say, it was quite a sight. Given that you have an incredible body, and these opportunities do not arise very often in life, you are now my slave. Indefinitely.” I explained to her.

“Ironically, I am bondage lover myself. Unfortunately I do not have anybody to share my hobbies with. My guess would be that you’re in the same position that I am. It is almost a match made in heaven, you love to be tied up, and I love to tie up women. Before we get started with that though, we need to get you to your new home.” With that I stood up and went over to her closet to and found quite a selected of latex and rubber clothes. I selected a number of pieces to my liking and put them on the bed. On the floor of the closet were storage bins filled with her toys that got her into this mess… well… sort of. I grabbed some of the leather straps and flipped her over onto her stomach and cinched her elbows together and also tightened the straps going around her chest, thus pinning her arms very securely to her back. I took another strap and tied her ankles to her waist belt essentially putting her into a hogtie. 

I walked back over to the bins and selected several items that I didn’t have back at my dungeon and set them on the bed as well. I went into her dresser and selected some various panties and bras to take with us on our trip. I walked over to the kitchen and grabbed several black trash bags. I stuffed the clothes and toys into one bag and tied it up and put it next to the door. Now was the task of getting her out to my car in a way that if somebody did happen to see, they wouldn’t get suspicious. I double bagged the remaining trash bags and slid one past her knees and up to her waist. I then used my duct tape to secure it in place very tightly. “I am going to put this bag over your head and secure it with tape just as I did your legs. If you do not move in any way and do not make a sound, I will open the bag up so that you may breathe again, if you make any sound what-so-ever, I will throw you in the dumpster and you will look like normal trash. You will surly run out of air long before anybody knows you are there… that is if they found you at all.” I said to Amber. I asked her to nod her head if she understood and she did as I asked. I then pulled the bag over her head and then I sealed it shut making sure to apply some tape around her fingers so that she cannot poke any holes in the bag.

Since she was now on a limited air supply, it was now time to take her out to my car. It was just past 2am and most people in this part of the dorm area should be in bed. I picked her up and walked though the front door, making sure I had the keys to get back in. I walked down the steps and out to my car parked on the side. One thing that I had not thought of before now was how I would explain what was in the bag. It certainly didn’t look like a person due to her contorted form. I decided that I would just say there were camping supplies that I didn’t want to get wet. It didn’t really matter anyway, since I had made it to my rental car without any trouble and nobody was in sight in any direction. I opened the trunk of the car and placed her inside and pushed her towards the back. “I have to get one more bag out of your dorm, and I will be right back, if you be good, I will open up the bag so you can breathe again,” I whispered. I ran back inside and grabbed the bag, locked the door behind me and tossed the bag in the trunk as well. I could see that her air supply was getting pretty low and she is probably getting dizzy from breathing her own air by now. I stood there for a minute admiring my prize; I almost couldn’t wait to get her to her new home. 

After the moment passed, I ripped the top of the bag off and exposed her head to the fresh air. I closed the trunk and drove out of the parking lot. I only had one more stop to make before I could go home. Before I arrived at Amber’s dorm, I found a similar car to the one that I rented and swapped the plates the night before. The reason for this was that if I had to make a speedy getaway, I didn’t want them to risk them contacting the rental car place and getting my information. By swapping plates, assuming that I was able to get away from whatever I was running from, I would swap the plates back, turn in the car and nobody would be the wiser.

I finished swapping the plates back and drove to my house. I pulled the car into the garage (I didn’t let the neighbours ever see the car, just in case it was on the news any decided to call it in). Part of me feels that I am just being paranoid about a lot of this, but when your committing a federal crime that could put you away from a lifetime, it’s better to be safe then sorry. I walked around to the back of the car and grabbed the bag of toys and clothes and brought it inside and put it in the basement. I then grabbed Amber and brought her down to the basement. I undid the plastic bags and the hogtie. I also removed the straps around her chest, elbows, knees, nipple clamps and her posture collar. “That must feel much better,” I asked. She nodded her head.

It was late and even though I wanted to fuck that hot little pussy, I had to get her ready for bed… I had a whole two weeks ahead of me. I picked her up off the floor and put her on a small bed with a metal frame. I took off her heels and slid down her panties. She was soaking wet, and not only that she was completely shaven. I figured that it was the vibrator working it’s magic the entire time that was what was making her wet. So I pulled it out and shut it off and tossed it into the pile of other toys. Next I un-cuffed one of her hands, quickly brought it up to the top of the bed and cuffed it with a set of handcuffs that I already had chained there. I did the same with her other hand so that they were both above her head instead of behind her. 

After that I undid the belt around her waist. I was trying to decide if I wanted to take her mask off  too, and finally decided that I should give her jaw a rest. I don’t want it to be too stiff; I have other plans for it. I went over and put a Jason mask over my face, turned the lamps so they would point in her face and took off her blindfold and hood. She kept her eyes shut since she has not seen any light for about 6 hours now, her eyes would take a while to adjust back so she could see. I undid the straps to her ball gag, but before I took it out I said “If you make a sound, I will put this back in and it will never leave your mouth again. You will speak when I ask you a question and answer everything with Master. If you understand this, nod your head.” She just lay there for a moment not doing anything. She is probably still thinking that she might have a chance if she screams, but she much of decided against it because she eventually nodded her head yes.

She lay there for a minute stretching her jaw. While she was doing that I reapplied the blindfold to her head. “I realize that you can still reach the blindfold, but I have hidden cameras located in here and if I see you take it off, for any reason other then I commanded you to do it. Do you understand this?” I asked. “Yes”-said Amber. With that I picked up one of the leather straps, folded it in half and took a swing against her breasts. “aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh !!!” she yelped. “I think you forgot something, and by the way, if you make a noise again, I will give you something to make noise about!” I yelled. “Yes Master!” she replied. “That is more like it. What you just felt was a sample, or warning if you will. I do not have my real toys of torture out yet, but I will warn you now, that sting you felt is about 1/10th of the pain you will feel if you disobey again” I said. I turned off the light in the basement, walked upstairs and hit record on the VCR and went to bed on the couch.

Amber Gets Whipped into Shape

Throughout the night I could hear her pull on the chains in an effort to escape. A few times I even turned on the TV monitor to see if she had taken off the blindfold. It was now getting pretty late and I needed sleep myself so I drugged up a glass of water and went down to the basement. She became instantly quiet after hearing my footsteps. I walked over and asked “Would you like a drink of water?” 

“Yes…Master” she replied. I tilted her head up and poured the water into her mouth. “I do not want to hear any more noise from down here, or I will give you a reason”. I knew she would be out like a light regardless in about 10 minutes, but the faster she learned to behave, the better. I went back upstairs and fell asleep myself.

I woke up a few hours later, much more rested and ready for the day ahead. I went over to the bathroom and grabbed a small bag in the cabinet and proceeded to go downstairs. Amber was still fast asleep, and probably would be for another 3 or 4 hours. Plenty of time for me to get ready. I took off her blindfold and laid her flat on her back. She was completely naked except for the restraints. I then opened my bag, applied the solution to the contact and put it into her left eye. I then did the same for her right eye. The purpose of the contacts was that I didn’t want to risk her ever seeing who I was, and I also wanted to see her pretty face and not always have to worry if the blindfold is on tight enough.

I could see her eye’s twitching as they were trying to adjust to the foreign objects in her eyes. I waited a few minutes then started to prepare for the days activities. I untied her legs and uncuffed her arms from the bed and carried her over to a table in the shape of an X. I laid her down and proceeded to apply the straps to her arms and legs. One of the nice things about this table is that it is padded in leather, is waist high, and has leather straps every few inches that can cover every part of a person’s body. Once she was strapped in I figured I would give her a little more time to sleep off the drugs and get something to eat.

About two hours later, I went back downstairs and could see her starting to move around. “I see you are awake my dear Amber” I said.  “Who are you? Why can’t I see? Why the fuck are you doing this to me! They will catch you, you will never get away with this!” she screamed. I put down her breakfast that I brought for her and then walked over and selected a nice whip from the wall. With a loud CRACK across her thigh, she screamed out loud “Aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh !! Fuck! Let me go, let me go now!”… Crack! This time across her breasts, but not hard enough to leave any marks. “Oooooouuuuchhhh !!! Please stop!” she pleaded, now with tears in her eyes. “It seems you don’t have a very good memory of the conversation we had last night, I am only trying to help you remember,” I stated in a stern voice. 

CRACK! This one landed right on her stomach causing her to gasp. “Please stop! I can’t take this any more, it’s too painful… Please stop!!!” she pleaded again. I brought my hand up for another swing… “… Master” she whispered at the last second. “What was that?” I asked. “Please stop Master,” she said. “That’s a bit more like it. You see, you are about to endure quite a bit in the weeks to come, I suggest you learn your lessons fast and you won’t have to endure more pain then needed.”

“Let me apprise you of your current situation. I know just about everything about you. I know you are not expected back at work or school for at least the next two weeks. I know that nobody knew you were going to visit your family and friends since it was a surprise. You are under my control and are being kept in my dungeon. It has been soundproofed, and the closest person is miles away. We are not near your work or dorm, and nobody would ever find you here. By the off chance that you were able to get free, the door to your freedom is very solid and has a combination lock on it. Without knowing the combination, you are stuck here regardless. When this is over, I am going to intoxicate you and crash you and your car over a cliff. Any tests on your body will be classified as a drunk driving accident and no suspicion of foul play. There is one caveat to this. You can submit to be my slave for the rest of your life, and if I believe you, I may keep you around. Do you understand?”

“Yes…………Master…” she replied. 

“Good, do you have any questions?” I asked. 

“Why can’t I see Master?” 

“I have put blackened contacts in your eyes. You will not be able to see with them in.”

“Why have you done this to me, Master?” 

“I have known about your self-bondage for quite some time. I decided to give you what I felt you wanted and needed”

“I am hungry and need to use the bathroom,” she said. 

CRACK! Right down the middle and right into her cunt. 

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” she cried. “Sorry, Master, it was a mistake”.

“I have some food here for you, as for the bathroom. I suggest that you hold it for a while. If you shit or piss anywhere, not only will you eat it, but you will lap the toilet clean to make you appreciate what it’s for.”

I fed her one of the sandwiches that I made and helped her drink some water. She ate it quite fast. “I will give that food some time to settle. In the mean time, Try and get comfortable.”

With that, I grabbed a vibrator and slid it inside her cunt. She was already quite moist (naughty girls can’t resist a good whipping). I turned it on and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “I will be back soon my love.”

Amber's Misfortune
continues in Part 2


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