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Amber’s Misfortune2

by Gagged Utopia

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© Copyright 2002 - Gagged Utopia - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; kidnap; torture; n/c; XX

Amber's Misfortune, My Gain - Part 2
by Gagged Utopia

I walked down the stairs to the basement and could hear Amber squirming around, letting out a soft moan every once in a while.  She seemed to be enjoying her little friend very much.  The vibrator that I used was very lifelike in texture and feel, very close to my manhood that is.  It was time for me to have some fun, so I walked up to her, pulled it out, and replaced it with my own cock.  “I figured you would want the real thing for a change.” I said.  She tried to thrash around, which was only making it better for me as I pumped away.  After a few minutes, her resistance to me seemed to diminish a bit and was having a harder and harder time resisting the pleasure she was feeling.

Being very close to climaxing ( and from the sound of Amber, she was too ) I pulled out and walked over to her.  “Your going to suck my cock now, if you try anything, I will leave you here to die and torture you everyday until you do.” I said.  I took the vibrator and stuck it in her mouth.  Amber didn’t even try to suck it, she just bit down as hard as she could.  She didn’t get far and realized that she was biting into a plastic vibrator. 

“It seems that your not one for following my orders!” 

“Fuck you, I’m not going to suck your cock.  I’m sick of all of this !  Let me the fuck out of this !  What the hell gives you the right to do this !  Goddamn you !  You can whip me if you want, but I will NEVER obey you !”

“Well, I don’t have to answer to your idle threats or questions.  However, for my own entertainment I will.  You will suck my cock, and you will love it.  I won’t let you go, at least while your still alive.  You will obey me, and if you think whipping you is the worse I can do to you, you’re in for a treat.  In fact, I think it’s time that you learn your lesson”

I started to un-strap her arms and upper body.  I handcuffed one hand and sat her up and forced her other arm behind her and securing it with the other cuff.  I then undid the rest of her body and put a set of leg cuffs on her as well.  Next it was time for a nice ball gag, so I didn’t have to hear her whining.  I shoved it in her mouth and strapped it tight.  It was one of the full head harness gags, so she was not getting it out anytime soon.  I grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her to the middle of the basement where I put a noose around her neck and tightened it.

I grabbed some lube and put it all over a inflatable dildo and buttplug.  I shoved the buttplug up her ass without too much trouble and pumped it up a little bit.  Next I did the same with the dildo.  I took some rope and made a crotch rope for her and secured them inside very tightly. 

The next step was to go to the freezer and take out a large block of ice that I had frozen in there.  This block was quite heavy and not easy to move around since it was almost a meter in height, length and width.  I slid it over to where she was standing, picked her up by her legs and had her stand on it.  Before she realized what was going on, I pulled the slack out from her rope and tied it down.  I then reached over and pumped up the dildo and buttplug as much as I could.  She was noticeably wincing from the pressure they must have inside of her right now.

“As I am sure you can assess by now, your are quite stuck, gagged and cannot piss or shit due to the plugs.  If you would have just done your job and sucked my cock, you would have been able to use the bathroom.  Now you can suffer down here.  After a while the ice will become very cold to stand on, but you better get used to it because the longer you can make the ice last, the longer you can live.  I have to run some errands, I shouldn’t be long.” I said. 

“MMMMMphhphhhph!” she muffled.

Before I walked back upstairs, I setup a small whipping device that I had made a while back.  It is just a horizontal fan that I attached leather straps to the blades.  They are not really meant to cause a lot of pain, but over time they tend to get worse and worse until it is almost unbearable.  I had tested it on myself first to make sure it was effective and on the high setting, it was more then I wanted to take in almost no time at all.  I turned it on low and went upstairs and made sure the VCR was recording all of this.

I could see her trying to get off the block of ice, but quickly discovering the tight rope around her neck barely let her reach the edge of the block.  Hopefully this will cure her desire to fight me so much and realize that she is under my control and power.  I continued to watch her for a while and I was just about to look away and get ready for the rest of the day when she slipped!  My first reaction was to run down there and save her (since I didn’t want her to die just yet) but knew she could be ok for a little bit unless she didn’t regain her ground.  I watched her jump around, desperately trying to get her feet back on the ice, but it was too slippery now.  For all intents and purposes she probably thinks that she is going to die right now and that I am not even here.

It was getting close to the one-minute mark and I knew that she would be going out any minute now if she didn’t get back on the ice.  Just as I started to walk out of the room, she made it back on to the ice and was steady.  Her naked, heaving chest desperately trying to get more air, but now the rope was much tighter and breathing was very difficult.  It seems that she is learning her lesson much faster then I had hoped.

I continued with my preparations for the next couple weeks, but didn’t take my eye off the screen that often, just in case she did it again and couldn’t get up.  She seemed to be fairly still now, probably scared to move from her last ordeal. 

After an hour, I returned to the basement and found that the ice was melted quite a bit and the rope holding her up was pulled quite taught.  Her breathing was very scratchy and I knew she didn’t have much farther to go before it would start to fully cut off her air supply.  I pulled up a chair and decided to watch up close. 

“Looks like I am just in time for the big event!  I have been thinking about what you said before about you never sucking my cock and never doing what I ask of you.  It kind of ruins the point of having your own personal slave, wouldn’t you think?  So I decided that this would be it.  I might as well let you die right here and now instead of wasting my time over the next couple weeks.”

Frantically shaking her head no, she started screaming into her gag.  “MMMMppphhhphph!”

“I take by your reaction that this is not the fate that your looking for?”

Amber shakes her head.

“Am I to also understand that you want to suck my cock now ?”

After thinking about it for a couple seconds, she shook her head yes again.

“It’s a shame that you don’t have my trust anymore.  The thought of you actually obeying me does please me very much, but you have already lied to me and I have no reason to trust you.  I think I will just enjoy watching you die.  At least I know you can’t avoid doing that.”

During our conversation the rope was being pulled tighter and tighter and I could tell it was pretty hard to breathe.  She tried fighting with her bonds again, but didn’t get very far.  Eventually she stopped since she couldn’t get enough air to support her efforts.

“I tell you what Amber.  You look like you really would love to suck a cock right now.  Since I’m a nice guy at heart, let’s see if your willing to keep your promise this time.” 

I loosened the rope and helped her off the cube of ice.  I grabbed a ring gag, pulled out her ball gag and inserted the ring gag before she started to say anything.  I pulled her to her knees and sat down on the chair and positioned my already hard cock in front of her.  I put her mouth over my cock and stuck it inside.  I then took the rope that was still around her neck, threaded it under the chair and tied it to the bar in the back of the chair.  Amber couldn’t lift her head more then a few inches off my cock and only could breathe when she pulled up all the way.

“I don’t want you to take all day to get me off.  You have 5 minutes.  I’m watching the clock now.  If you’re as eager to suck my cock now as you say you are, you shouldn’t have much trouble now should you?  If you fail to get me off, I will just tighten the rope and you can die choking on my cock.  I suggest you get started.”

After hesitating for a few seconds, she started working on my cock.  I could feel her trying to get her mouth off my penis, but found that it only made the rope tighter around her neck.  “Only 4 minutes left, better get going.” I said.  It was then she realized that she was stuck and the only way to get me off was to take it all the way in and use her throat to do it.  Due to the ring gag, she had no use of her jaw, so actually trying to suck on it was not much of an option.  Minute after minute passed by and I could tell that I was getting very close.  She was bobbing up and down as fast as she could, only taking a few seconds to breathe every once in a while.  Amber had about 30 seconds left, and it looks like she was going make it. 

Just then, I felt myself starting to get off.  What was even more important was that I knew I picked the right girl to capture.  She is going to be a tough one go get rid of, so I might as well get the most out of it now.  I could feel myself starting to cum inside her mouth, so I reached behind the chair and pulled the rope tight and forced Amber’s head down on my cock.  She muffled cries only stimulated me more and I continued to cum down her throat.  When I was done, I looked down at her and said “I think I will let you die on my cock anyway.  I shouldn’t have to go though this much trouble just to get my slave to suck my penis or do what I say.”

Amber’s muffled cries could barely be heard as she slipped unconscious.  I bet she never thought she would die like this.  What a way to go… oh well…

Amber's Misfortune
continues in Part 3


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