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Amber’s Misfortune3

by Gagged Utopia

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© Copyright 2002 - Gagged Utopia - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; kidnap; torture; n/c; XX

Amber's Misfortune, My Gain - Part 3
by Gagged Utopia

A few hours have passed and Amber starts to come to.  It doesn’t take long before she realizes that she is hanging by her arms from the ceiling and her legs are chained to the floor.  A state of confusion rushes over her, as she is sure that she is dead, but why would she still be chained?  She comes to the realization that she is still very much alive and that she is still my prisoner.

“Hello my dear, have a good nap?” I asked.

“…”.  You just stood there and slightly grunted.

“I would expect an answer from my slaves when I ask a question, apparently I am doing a very poor job in teach you how to behave.”

Almost immediately, you speak up “No Master, I have learned my lesson, please don’t hurt me.”

“I only do what you force me to do.”

“May I please use the bathroom now Master?”

“Your not getting off that easy, had you obeyed me from the very start, then things would have been different.  I think your just telling me what I want to hear.”

“No Master, I am sorry for not obeying you before.  I was just scared and foolish.  Please let me use the bathroom, the pain is unbearable Master!”

“Well, let’s take your mind off the pain.  Don’t speak another word unless I ask you a question, understand?”

“Yes Master.”

What I had planned for my dear Amber should break her once and for all.  I grabbed a set of very strong and special nipple clamps.  What was special is there were 3 clamps on each side connected to a bar, keeping them in a line.  A long chain attached the bars.  The purpose of the bar was simple, when the chain was pulled, all of the clamps would be pulled with equal pressure.  Since the load on the clamps would be displaced evenly, pulling them off, even with a fast and strong pull would be almost impossible.

“Remember slave, don’t make a sound or you will never get those plugs out.”

I took the middle clamp on one of the bars and attached it to her right nipple.  I could see her biting her lip and wanted to scream out in the worst way.  The clamps had no rubber or plastic protection; only bare metal teeth bit into her skin.  I then placed the middle clip from the other end to her left nipple.  I continued on, applying the rest of the clamps to her breasts.  I could see that tears were starting to come out of here eyes and the pain must be intense.

“Don’t worry dear, the pain in the clamps will dull in a minute.  Your doing very good, I expected you to cry out.”

“Thank you Master.”

I gave the chain a quick tug and she bit her lip again, almost crying out.  “I didn’t ask you a question, so don’t speak.”

Grabbing a couple of handy handcuffs I released one of her arms and cuffed it, and then released the other one and cuffed it as well.  I lead her over to a plastic cube on the other side of the basement.   Only a few more preparations for her little adventure left.  I started to slide a latex hood over her head; it took quite a bit of work, but was able to do it.  There were no eye or nose holes, just a mouth hole.  I then picked her up, placed her inside the cube and forced her down to her knees.  I used a lock to secure her handcuffs to her leg cuffs.  Using another lock, I locked the chain to her nipple clamps to the bottom of the cube.  I closed the lid, and locked it shut.

Picking up the microphone, I said “If you can hear me ok, nod your head.”

Amber heard her Master and nodded her head.

“I have earphones installed in your hood.  I suppose I can let you know what’s going on.  I assume that you still can’t see?”

She nodded her head again.

“Good to hear.  In a few minutes, the tank that you're in will slowly fill with water.  There is a tube at the top of the cube your in that you can breathe with, since your going to be under water for quite a while, I suggest you use it.  I have put a number of combination locks on the case that I don’t have the combination to.  Well, I have the numbers, just have them mixed up so when I go to unlock them it might take a while until I figure out which number goes to which lock.  The point I am trying to make is that if you don’t find the tube in time to breathe, not even I can save you.  I wouldn’t want to lose another slave to this cube.”

Amber started to struggle against her bonds and move her head around apparently looking for the tube.  What I had told her was true, and the reasoning was simple.  I needed to determine her will to live.  If she really wanted to survive, she would find that tube that was right above her.

I reached over and opened the valve to let the water in.  It was somewhat cold, enough to cause a chill, but not hypothermia.  As the water started to rise, panic started to set in as she still had not found the tube yet.  Without the use of her hands or eyes, she was having a lot of trouble.  The water is now passing her breasts and Amber still is not even close to finding the tube.

“Your not reaching up enough dear.” I said into the mic.

I think I must have startled her, but I saw her jump when I spoke.  After a few seconds, Amber pulled hard on the chain and reached up and nicked the tube with her nose.  She was not close enough to it however.  Amber must have known that it was the tube because I could see her readjusting herself and trying to reach up higher.  This time it hit her upper lip.  By now the water had reached her neck.  In only a few more moments she'd be drowning in the water.  Hopefully, she will make it.

Right now Amber has come to the painful realization that she is going to have to pull on those clamps as hard as she can to get to the tube.  I can already see a little blood trickle from her breasts.  With one final heave she lifts herself up and keeps pulling and pulling against the clamps.  I can see her nipple getting pulled farther and farther away.  All her work was a success however, as she was able to get her mouth on the tube and breathe though it.  I shut off the water as it reached the top and she was totally submerged.

“MMMMMMMMMMmhhhhh” was all that could be heard throughout the basement as Amber moaned into the tube.  The pain must be intense.  For well over a day now she has not been allowed to piss or shit due to the over-inflated plugs in her pussy and ass.  Her tits are being pulled almost to the point of being ripped off.  To top it all off, she is stuck on her knees, blinded by the contacts breathing gasps of air though a tube under water.

“Are you comfortable slut?  Oh wait; you can’t talk right now can you.  Let’s develop a little system so you can.  Moan twice for yes and once for no.  Don’t make sound otherwise.  So I ask again, comfortable slut?”


“That’s a shame, let’s see if I can help”

I reached over to a small control box and turned it on.  Slowly, I turned the dial one quarter of the way.  Instantly, I could see her body become solid as every muscle tensed.  By reaction, she threw her head back, releasing the grip on the tube and took in a gulp water.  I turned the switch off and lowered the dial and Amber returned to normal, however she had to get to the tube again.  This time the tube was filled with a bit of water and she would have to drink it fast in order to get air in there again.  With another lunge, she made it to the tube again and I could hear the water being sucked out.  I gave her a few minutes to recover.

“Are you comfortable now slut?”


“I’m glad that I could help.  You will find that I will always make my best effort to make you comfortable.  That shock that you felt was on one of the lowest settings.  The highest would kill you instantly, while somewhere in the middle will leave you paralyzed until I shut it off.  Would you like to feel it again?”


“Ok slut, let’s have a little chat.  I want you to be honest, if you are, then I won’t punish you further.  If I think your lying, well… I think you can guess.  Understand?”


“Do you tie yourself up often, like the way I found you the other night?”


“Have you ever fantasized about being a slave?”

A reluctant… “MMMMMph  MMMMMph”

“I figured as much.  You boyfriend is probably a prude, and has no interest in your desire to be a slave does he?”


“It’s a good thing I found you then.  We wouldn’t want a little slut slave like you not to have her wish.  I bet giving me a blowjob right now would sound pretty good huh?”

“MMMMMph!  MMMMMph!”

“Maybe if you’re good, I will let you a bit later.  Right now I have to do some things.  Sit tight and don’t drown.  I would have to have to bury you before I got my blowjob.”

I actually did have things I had to do.  It was nighttime again and I needed to get her car out of the parking lot before somebody realizes that it’s there and not with her.  I called a cab and had them take me to the airport.  From the airport, they had shuttles to the campus where I could walk to her car.  I didn’t want to take a cab to the campus directly because it might draw suspicion, or at the very least might stick in the drivers’ head if the cops ever were to ask questions.

Amber owned a little Honda Civic.  I had to get the keys for it inside I slowly opened the door.  What was strange is the door was unlocked.  I know that I locked it before I left last time.  They keys were next to the door on the counter, so I grabbed them and started to walk out when I heard a noise.  Intrigued, I investigated further and slowly started looking inside the apartment.  The noise was coming from the bedroom, so I peeked inside.  I was shocked yet again.

Just like before, there was a bound woman on Amber’s bed.  “What the hell is going on!” I thought to myself.  No knowing what to do, I started to walk forward, but tripped on the woman’s shoes on the floor. 

“Hi Rob, I am glad that you came over.  Do you like?” said the mystery woman.

Not knowing what to do, I just moaned a bit… I had no idea who Rob was, or what he sounded like.

“Well, I’m all yours tonight.  Amber is away and said I could use her dorm if I wanted.  She also is really big into bondage, so I figured we could give it a try.  She had shown me a number of magazines and I looked at them all to surprise you tonight!”

Before me appeared to be a beautiful blonde woman, dressed in a lacy teddy.  She was blindfolded and the ankle of each leg was tied to the thigh.  On top of that she had a thick belt on with handcuffs attached to the back of them.

I didn’t want to say anything, so I just reached down and started to rub her breasts.  Gently I rubbed her body up and down and she purred.

“I want you to use me, I want to feel like a real slave, ok Master?” she giggled.

Always being one to give a girl what she wants, I grabbed her, flipped her over so her ass was sticking in the air.  I could see Amber’s toys on the ground, so I picked up a ball gag and forced it in her mouth.  She started to protest, but I had it in her mouth before she could say anything.  Having the gag in her mouth really seems to have upset her, but it was too late now.  I picked up some lube that was on the floor, greased up her asshole, and slowly pushed my way in her ass.

Right about now she was furious.  Chances are she never let anybody take her in the ass, and on top of that, having the gag in her mouth didn’t help matters.  She started to put up a pretty good fight, but bound as she was, there was no getting away from my grip.  It didn’t take long before I felt that I was about to cum.  I think that she was actually starting to like it a little, because she started pumping with me instead of fighting it.

After it was over, I rolled her over on her side and I lay back on the bed as well.  She started mumbling in her gag, trying to get me to take it out, but I just laid there.  Out of nowhere, the phone rang and scared both of us.  After a few rings the answering machine picked up.

“Hi, it’s me.  Leave a message and I will get back to ya!” … Beeeeeep …

“Umm, this is a message for Tiff, if your there, I just wanted to say sorry I couldn’t make it, but I had to work late because somebody didn’t show up here.  I hope I didn’t ruin your surprise.  See ya.”

Tiffany must have been in a state of shock.  She was bound, gagged and helpless and the man she just had sex with was not her boyfriend Rob.  After a few seconds went by, she started to try and get off the bed, I guess to get away.  I grabbed her and pulled her to the center.  Then I used some rope and tied the back of her gag to the middle of the bedpost.  Tiff wouldn’t be going anywhere.  I didn’t have time to deal with her right now and had to get back to Amber.

I left the apartment with her helplessly tied to the bed without any hope of getting free without help.  I made sure I locked the door, as well as the deadbolt.  Nobody would be getting in without a key.  Then I hopped into Amber’s car and drove home.  When I started to get close, I pulled into an apartment complex that I lived near.  Since there were so many cars there, nobody would notice if hers was parked there for a couple weeks.  Locking the car, I started to walk to my house.

I walked down to the basement and turned on the light.  It had been two hours since I left her, I only planned to have her there an hour.  Sure enough, she was a fighter.  Her breath was raspy, but she still was breathing though the tube.  I put my hand over the tube for a few seconds, just to let her know that I was here.  I picked up the microphone.

“You still comfy slut?”

“Mph  Mph”

Her voice was pretty weak and I knew she was only hanging on by a thread. 

“I ran into a friend of yours, Tiffany I think is the name.  It seems she likes bondage just like you do.  I tied her to the bed before I left so I assume that she will die before anybody rescues her.  I will tell you what, if you’re good, I might go back and save her.  Sound good?”

“MMMph  MMMph”

Reaching down, I turned the valve that held the water in the tank.  It only took a minute for it to drain.  As soon as the water left dropped to where she didn’t need the tube anymore, she collapsed. 

It took a while, but I was able to unlock the padlocks to her plastic cell and open the lid.  Amber had wrinkles all over and looked like hell.  I pulled over her hood and unlocked the handcuffs.  I didn’t really have to worry about her fighting back as I was sure that she was not going to put up a fight.  I led her over to the bed and laid her down. 

“I’m ready for that blowjob now.”

“As you wish Master.” she responded without a second thought.

I helped her find my penis and she started to rub it to get my hard.  It didn’t take long before she could smell Tiffany’s ass.  She twitched her nose, but once I was hard, she started to suck on my cock.  It didn’t take very long before I was starting to cum.  Amber sucked down every drop until I was dry.

“Very good slave.  You’re learning well.  I am sure your tired and would like to use the bathroom.  Follow me.”

I led her to the corner of the basement.  The floor was carpeted here, but on top of it was a thick plastic sheet.  On top of the sheet of plastic, was a small cage.  I opened the lid and helped her into it.  I had her get onto her knees, and then I slid a bar over the top of her legs and locked it in place.  I then had her sit down on her ankles while I slid another bar in front of her stomach.  With both bars locked in, she can’t stand up, and can’t wiggle herself free.  Forcing her head down, I slid another bar behind her back and underneath her elbows.  I then locked her hands to the side of the cage with handcuffs.  One last bar was added for comfort.  Lifting her head up, I slid a bar under her neck.

“As promised, I am going to let you eat, sleep and even shit if you like.  I am going to go upstairs and get some sleep myself.  I suggest that you do the same.  We have a long day tomorrow.  We can discuss what to do with your friend Tiffany then as well.  Oh, that smell in front of you probably smells like dog food.  That’s because it is.  If you’re good, maybe in a few days you can have some real food.  Until then, bitches in this house eat dog food.”

“Thank you Master”

I reached inside the cage and untied the crotch rope that was holding the plugs in.  I quickly deflated the plugs and yanked them out.  Urine started to come out, but I could tell that she was trying her best to hold it in.  I closed the lid of the cage and locked it shut.  With the bar in front of her neck, it would take some effort to reach the food and water, but she should be able to do it.

“By the way.  It is ok for you to piss and shit in your cage, that’s what the plastic is for.”

“Thank you Master”

I walked up the stairs to my bedroom.  I was tired.  It’s hard work training a slave.

Amber's Misfortune
continues in Part 4


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