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Angel’s Present

by Gandalf

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© Copyright 2003 - Gandalf - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; corset; hobble; cons; X

Angel’s Present by GandalfAngel’s Present by Gandalf
It was her boyfriend’s birthday, and she wanted to give him a present.  But not just any present…something he wouldn’t forget.  They’d been dating for around two years, and their relationship had changed quite a bit since they first went out.  How quiet and innocent he seemed at first!  He wasn’t a pig or anything, he just liked sex.  Typical guy, right?  But add a little bondage to the mix and he was a real happy camper!

She’d been doing most of the tying lately, and she didn’t mind at all.  She liked the fact he was helpless in front of her, to do whatever she wanted.  She liked being able to gag him as well, because when he wanted out he got downright whiny!  She did like him being able to see her though, and she was quite a bit of eye candy if she did say so! 

She was 5’9”, had dark brown hair that softly curled its way down her head past her neck and shoulders and nearly to her butt.  It had slightly auburn highlights when the sun hit it, and her eyes were a hazel color that contrasted her tanned Mexican complexion very nicely.  She had great curves too, 36C breasts, firm and pert, with those short little perky nipples he loved to suck and nibble on.  Her 25 inch waist had been whittled with hours of working out, and her butt…that was what Dave found irresistible about her!  Perfectly rounded and toned, and at 34 inches that completed the hourglass figure that gave him such a hard-on!

What she was wearing now would definitely give him some major wood, she thought!  She had remembered putting everything on in a certain sequence, and was replaying the process in her mind as she waited for him to get home.  First she rolled on those soft silk stockings he loved, thigh highs.  They went nearly all the way up to her crotch, where her pussy was already starting to get moist with anticipation.  She resisted the urge to pleasure herself, knowing it always felt good to have someone else’s hands rubbing her than her own!  Then she laced up a pair of black knee-high boots that boasted 5” heels.  A bit high for her, but her everyday wear were 3” pumps for work so the added height wasn’t that much higher.  A little unsteady at first, but she practiced walking around until she got the hang of it. 

She could just make out the clock from her vantage point…two hours until he got home.  Quite a bit of time but hopefully she could find *something* to do!  She still had a lot of dressing to do, so she turned back to the pile of clothes on the bed.  She stepped into the skirt he liked so much.  She smiled at that, because it was a hobble skirt, a *very* tight one that went from ankles to waist.  She managed to pull it up to her waist and zip it up in back.  Nearly done, she thought.  She picked up the corset from the bed, and admired it.  Shiny silver busks in front to keep it together, and very strong boning all through it.   It was a recent copy of an old Victorian pattern, so it had a very small waist and it flared at the bust and hips.  It had a sort of shelf bra in it that pushed her breasts together and up, another thing Dave adored! 

She attached the strings to the machine attached to the wall and turned it on with a foot switch.  The motors started to whine and slowly but surely she felt herself getting tightened into the corset.  What a wonderful invention, this corset tightening system.  I could never get it this tight doing it myself!  She took littler and littler breaths as the corset squeezed her already nice figure into an absolutely breathtaking hourglass shape.  The little clicking sounds meant it was as tight as it was getting, so she reached behind her and gathered up the laces, and tied them off after disconnecting them from the machine.  She took her little breaths and hobbled her way over to where she would be until he got home that afternoon. 

She left the note on the table in the entryway where he wouldn’t miss it when he came home.  He always put his keys there, and when he did this time he’d read that he had a present waiting in the bedroom and that he should come and open it.  She grinned at the thought of his hands touching her all over and her struggling to get free.  Whether she was tied up or not she liked that.  But being tied up just fueled the horniness inside of her.  She called him again to make sure he would be home on time…she didn’t want to spend an extra few hours tied up that she didn’t have to.  She checked her other bits to make sure they were all in order.  She looped a bit of rope through the eye bolt in the ceiling (he’d put that there to have some bondage locations other than just the bed) and tied one end to three 10 pound weights she’d set on the edge of the dresser. The other end of that rope she tied to the hasp of a larger padlock, to be used later.

Then on went the gloves that went from fingertips up to nearly her armpits, and boy were they tight!  What a chore to get those on by herself!  But she managed She took the leather wrist cuffs and cinched one around each wrist, buckling it and locking it on with a little padlock.   She proceeded to pull on the last piece of gear on her bed…a full hood with a hole in the top for a ponytail.  Her hair was just long enough to get through there, leaving enough to get nearly down to her shoulders.  She laced the hood up tight so that it felt like a second skin on her face, the smell of leather filling her nostrils.  This hood was extreme, with only nose holes to breath through, and a penis shaped gag to fill her mouth.   Satisfied with its tightness on her face, she relaxed and tried to breathe slowly and calmly.  No sight, muffled sound, and no way of speaking really turned her on.  She imagined it was his cock filling her mouth, and she could almost feel the wetness between her legs. 

She fumbled to find the large padlock on her dresser, the one with the rope tied to the hasp.  She threaded it through the D-rings of the wrist cuffs she had on.  A challenge really with her hands behind her back and all the other gear she had on.  She managed until she heard the barely audible ‘click,’ meaning she had succeeded.  She was now a prisoner of her own doing, but she wasn’t done yet.  One good swift bump of her hip against the dresser sent the 30 pounds of weight off the edge, and the rope pulled quickly through the eyebolt.  She felt her wrists being pulled up behind her, and her top half was bent over compensating for the change.  The weights hung a foot off the ground, although she could not see that because of the hood.   I must have measured pretty well, she thought. 

She didn’t have long to wait though, because she managed to hear a car door and their house’s front door through the hood. Dave found the note and wandered upstairs to see what it meant.  He was quite taken by his “present,” all dressed up and tied for him.  Her oh-so plump ass was stuck out behind her, and she had that hobble skirt on too.  AND the heels…AND the corset!  Wow, she really outdid herself this year!  This sure beats a Gift Certificate somewhere!!!  He moved in to unwrap his present…

"This is my first attempt at writing anything like this, so any comments both positive and suggestions are warmly welcomed.  If you've got any suggestions on things to try (self-bondage or otherwise...*grin*) or just things to make my writing better, feel free to email me anytime.  Thanks!   --Gandalf"

Story continues in 'Angel's Turn'


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