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Anita 2

by Orion1701

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© Copyright 2005 - Orion1701 - Used by permission

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story continues from part one

Part Two

It was another hot summer day and Anita was on her deck waving goodbye to her neighbors. Maggie and her husband were heading for their cabin out by the lake for the weekend. Maggie had asked Anita to help her pack a few things, which the red head did happily. The extra items included a set of handcuffs, a blindfold and ball gag, and even a hundred feet of rope. They had spent several days practicing to help Maggie learn how to use them. 'Hummmmm... maybe Maggie will remember the video camera', she thought. 'Oh well that just left the house empty for a self bondage weekend'. She could bump and thump all she wanted without worrying about the down stairs neighbors. Nobody would be over to disturb her, the only person who knew about her games was heading out of town.

Every thing was set up and there was no reason to wait. She took the old wind up alarm clock that she had modified just this morning and sat it on a high shelf. Anita had carefully removed the glass and the hands from the clocks face. This left a running clock that you cannot read. Anita carefully wound the clock listening to the steady tic-toc. Then she gave the alarm set button six turns. Without the hands she had no way of knowing if the alarm would ring in minutes or hours. If left alone it would ring at a maximum of twelve hours before the spring ran out.

On the back of the clock there is the winding keys. On the alarm key was glued a ledge of cardboard. The key to her locking leather cuffs would set there until the alarm sounded, tipping the ledge. The sound of the alarm would also let her know the key was in easy reach and the general location. Anita intended to be wearing a blindfold and would not see the key when it fell.

Off she went to the bedroom stripping off her shirt and denims. She knelt by the bed and placed a leather cuff around each ankle, locking them shut. Both ankles were then locked together using a padlock. An eighteen inch chain ran from the lock to another that awaited her wrists. The chain would allow plenty of wiggle room yet not allow Anita to straighten out her legs. The blindfold came next, placing her in total darkness. Anita then used a harness ball gag. It had a forehead strap and covered the blindfold so she could not rub it loose. Finally she reached behind her back and wrapped the wrist cuffs around her arms. Using a padlock she connected them to the chain, successfully placing herself in a hogtie. This was it, it was now too late to change her mind. The last lock was in place and the keys were way out of reach. She was going no where until the alarm dropped the keys. 'Oh well, nothing to do now but wait'. But already her fingers were probing her restraints for a weakness.


A short time later Maggie was getting ready as well. Sam was out building a fire and she ducked into the bedroom with a small bag. First she slipped out of her clothes and pulled the first item out of the bag. Black lace panties with snaps in the crotch for easy access. Then came a matching black lace strapless bra with the hooks in front. Maggie then hung a ball gag around her neck like a sort of necklass for later use. Maggie slipped the steel ankle cuffs into place clicking them shut. There was about twelve inches of chain between the cuffs. Finally she slipped a handcuff around her right wrist. After laying the key on the dresser the dark haired woman placed her hands behind her back and closed the cuff. She looked at the keys fearfully. 'I can still back out'; she thought. 'He will never know'. But then she shook her head, 'no I brought these things and I am going to use them. Time for a little surprise!'

The chain linking her ankles rattled softly with each step as Maggie went to join her husband. Sam had placed a blanket and pillows on the floor by the fire place. She could see his nude form in the fire's glow. Sam Malone lay flat on his back resting his head on his hands. His eyes were closed, and he had the beginnings of an erection starting. As Maggie approached the rattling of the ankle chains attracted her husbands attention. He looked to her bare feet seeing the metal bands circling her ankles and the connecting chain. His brown eyes traveled up to the odd ball hanging around her neck on a strap. Maggie was softly biting her lower lip like she always did when she was nervous.

Maggie turned showing her profile and her cuffed wrists. "You weren't kidding about something new were you?"

"What do you think?" she asked, as she displayed her bondage to him. 

"Nice, very nice." Sam said, " where did you get the cuffs?"

"I borrowed them from Anita." Maggie answered, "She showed me how to use them."

Sam laughed. "I won't even ask how you two got into this. Come here and lay down." he commanded.

Laying down without falling was difficult without the use of her hands, but Maggie was soon snuggling in close to her husband. 

"Where are the keys?" he asked.  

"On the dresser." she answered, as he wrapped a thick arm around her. 

"And this?" he asked, pointing at the red ball on the strap around her neck. 

"It is a gag." Maggie explained, "you place the ball into my mouth and buckle it in tight."

"And then what?" he asked.

"Then I am your quiet little obedient wife to do with as you like."

Sam sat her up and inserted the ball between her teeth and buckled it snugly into place. He also noticed something clenched in his wife's hands. Tugging it free Sam examined it. The thing looked like a sleep mask made out of leather. Well, this he knew how to use without being told.

"Mummph, maghph." Maggie tried to speak as the blindfold slipped into place. "Shhhhh....." Sam said as he once again took his now totally helpless wife into his arms. Maggie's lace covered breasts pressed against his chest, as his lips found that tingly spot just below her left ear.

Maggie purred and snuggled closer to her husband as much as possible. With one hand he popped the hooks on her bra freeing her ample breasts. Sam firmly gripped one of Maggies orbs with his hand squeezing gently. Then she felt his lips playfully pulling at the nipple. Teasingly soft he caressed her breast. Mummmmm..... Maggie hummed into the gag, her small fists tugging quietly and uselessly at the cuffs restraining them. 'I'm really screwed now,' she thought, or at least I will be soon.


Back home Anita had been twisting in frustration for over two hours. The radio had told her that much, but she was still no closer to freedom that when she had started. Until that is when the alarm goes off and drops the keys to her. 'Damn', she had forgotten to use the stimulators, and she could not pull the chain linking her hands and feet against the right spot. 'Double damn........ '

Anita twisted in her bondage, frustrated beyond belief. She imagined Maggie in the cuffs and chains. Sam roaming his hands over her tenderly. Teasingly soft yet firm and unyielding. Maggies helplessness at her husbands hands. Sam's muscular torso moving against her helpless naked body. His cock sliding into a well lubed dark space.


Anita rocketed into an orgasm! The thought of her captive friend making love to her husband drove her over the edge. The images were so clear she could almost feel it. The red head moaned into her gag and pumped her hips into the carpeted floor. Oh if only she weren't alone!


Maggie on the other hand had far more than she was ready for. She did not know if it was the bondage or just the blindfold and not seeing what was happening that made things tingle. She wanted desperately to wrap herself around him but the steel restraints made that impossible. Maggie needed him more than ever now. But deep down inside she also knew that the longer he took the better it would be. The black lace panties were unclasped and pulled away barring the last of her. 'Oh damn', Maggie thought, 'If I had know it could be like this years ago'. Sam had always been a great lover, but after today? Well you never know. All thought was driven away as a hand rubbed the moist area between her thighs.

Sam's lips brushed hers. For the first time she kissed her husband while in bondage. Long and deep was the kiss. Their lips crushed together. Maggie felt his erection enter her smoothly. Slowly sliding it's length to the hilt and back out again. Working slowly, in even strokes, pushing her deeper into an unfamiliar darkness. Straining against her bonds Maggie bit at her gag as she reached a plateau. Over she fell into a powerfully earth shattering orgasm. Frightening and fulfilling all at once. Sam was coming too, thrusting into her with deep powerful strokes to the finish. He rolled to one side in complete exhaustion. Maggie was soaring in an orgasmic world of rainbows and fireworks. A place of immense joy and contentment.


It was now about five am according to the radio announcer. It had been a long night of frustration and restraint for Anita. She had dozed as best that she could being hogtied all night, but real rest had eluded her. Still she had not heard the alarm that signaled the dropping of her keys. 'Maybe I slept through it'; the helpless woman thought. Anita twisted and rolled her way into the living room. It was a long and difficult journey bound as she was. The helpless girl received a healthy dose of rug burn for her efforts. The leather cuffs had held her securely without restricting her circulation. With all of the crawling and struggling Anita was soon drifting back to sleep under the area of the clock.

Riiiinnnnnggggggg........The alarm finally went off, scaring Anita. 'At last'; she thought. Now she didn't' have far to go. Only the keys weren't there. The string was hanging where it should be but not the keys. The loop holding the keys was broken and that meant that the keys were scattered on the floor.

Phew..... at least she knew they couldn't go far. She had worried that they didn't fall and were up high out of each. This way freedom was a matter of time while she searched the floor. Not an easy task for someone who is bound and blindfolded but worth the effort.


Sam Malone sat on the chair by the burnt out fire place sipping his early morning coffee. Maggie still lay on the blankets, still in the cuffs and blindfold. He had finally removed the gag before falling asleep. He really loved his wife, and every curve of her smooth body. But not so much as right now. He never knew she could be so.... wild. Why he had thought about asking her to try this a year ago, but was afraid she would say no. Yet here she was wrist and ankles cuffed, as well as a blindfold. She was totally and helplessly his, and he had another Idea.

A short time after she woke up Maggie was sitting in a sturdy wooden chair. She was still nude and blindfolded. Sam had not allowed her to remove it through breakfast, which he fed to her. He wrapped a rope around her and the chair back, running it over and under her breasts. Then he tied her ankles to the rear chair legs, pulling them back and up until her toes left the floor. Her hands were tied behind the chair and a rope went down under the seat to keep her hands securely in place. The blindfold was removed and the gag went in. Maggie found herself sitting in the pantry with shelves of canned goods.

"See you later!" Sam said, "I'm going to do some fishing".

What? Maggie wondered. But he pulled the curtain closing her into her small cell, naked, alone, and helpless, to await his return.

For the first hour Maggie tried to get free. Twisting her small wrists in their ropes and shaking her bound feet. She could see the knots holding her legs up in such an uncomfortable way, but could not reach them. Peering down between her breasts she could also see the knots holding her torso so snugly but was powerless to reach them. That's when she heard the sounds of someone on the porch. There was a knocking and the door opened. 

"Anyone home?" the voice called. It was Judy from next door. Damn it, why didn't Sam lock the doors? Foot steps moved through the kitchen and through the cabin. "Maggie," Judy called again, "are you here?"

Maggie held her breath, trying not to make the slightest sound. Judy was the biggest blabber mouth on the lake and everyone would soon hear how she had found poor Maggie tied and naked. No, she defiantly could not let Judy find her. The bound woman listened as her uninvited guest re-entered the kitchen and stopped in front of the curtain that blocked the pantry. It was the only protection she had from discovery. She could see Judy's canvas sneakers under the curtains edge as she stopped to call once again.

At this point Judy was less than three feet from Maggie and the chair she was bound to. The sneakers took a step closer as Judy actually brushed against the curtain dragging it open with her shoulder. She never looked back though. It was a good thing for Maggie because she could now see Judy as she left, closing the door behind herself. Maggie staired at the closed door and sighed with relief. Now if only Sam would come home before someone else looks in the back door and sees her there.


A key! After several minutes of searching Anita had the first key. It was too big for the cuffs so it had to be for the locks holding her limbs together. She tried the padlock at her wrists first, but it would not turn. 'Oh damn.... It's for the other lock'. Laying on her side and tugging on the chain Anita pulled her feet closer to her bound hands. She inserted the key into the second lock and turned. It snapped open freeing her ankles from the chain linking her feet to her hands. The cuffs were still locked around her ankles but they weren't locked together. More importantly she could now walk and straighten out her cramped legs.

This made searching easier and quicker. Being able to use her feet in the search Anita soon found another key. It would not fit the cuffs or lock holding her hands together. 'Ok, it's for the lock on the harness gag'. No problem, but she could not unlock that without first freeing her hands. So far that key has eluded her every effort to find it. There is always the spare keys in the garage but that would mean she would have to go outside. The trouble with that is it was now around nine o'clock with the sun well up and she was still bound, blind, gagged, and naked! If it were dark out she could slip easily out and down the steps into the yard.

Yet an hour later. With water dripping from her chin and running down her breasts from the drink she tried to get, Anita admitted defeat. She was sure she had searched the whole floor but still could not find the missing keys. There was no longer a choice, she knew she would have to risk being seen to get loose. It wasn't so much the stiff shoulders that helped her decide, it was the aching jaw from her gag.

With her hands still bound behind her, and trailing the eighteen inch length of chain that used to link her ankles to her wrists. The gag and blindfold still securly in place, and the leather cuffs still around her ankles Anita started for the door. The doors were much easier for her this time. It was the minutes she would spend exposed on the stairs that worried her. Once down in the yard she was safe, there is a high wood privacy fence around the yard. The sun warmed deck planking almost burnt her bare feet as Anita worked her way down the stairs without falling. As it was she had to crouch down low for the small protection the railing may provide. Which of course was very little anyways.

The steps spiraled down and seemed to go on for ever. It is funny how things seem so different when you are wearing a blindfold. Anita was sure she had gone down a lot further than the one level. Eventually she felt the cool comfort of the grass on her feet. The stairs ended facing the yard so that put the garage to her left. The red head set out carefully feeling her way with her toes. For that reason it was a toe Anita almost broke instead of her nose. The hot sun was trying to burn her as Anita slid her shoulder along the wall until she found the door.

The doorknob always stuck and today was no exception. Anita tried three times to twist the knob and thump it with her bare ass. Someone rapping on the gate terrorfied her. "Gas man". a male voice called. Anita panicked, throwing her weight against the door once again. It popped open and she tumbled inside. The gas man called again, this time opening the gate. Anita struggled up from the floor and brushed against the overhead door. From there she slid into the corner behind the door she had just fallen through. Anita stood in the narrow space behind the open door as he aproached. The bound girl was panic stricken!

Heavy foot steps aproached the open door. He stopped just outside the open portal and called again. Anita cowered silently in the corner barely two feet away from him. The gas meters stood just outside the door against the very wall she leaned against. It was almost too much to be so close to discovery by a total stranger. The fear and excitement all at once. 'What would he do if.........., would he free me or would he have a better use for a helpless young naked woman?'

She heard his clipboard snap shut with a snap. Then he entered the garage. They were seperated by mere inches, and a door. BANG, the door slammed shut. Anita nealy screamed at the sound. She waited for him to make a sound. Then she heard the gate outside open and close. He was gone, her secret was safe. She was safe. S....H....I....T....! She sighed in relief as her knees got too weak to hold her up.


Sam came home and untied his wife. He took her into the bedroom and retied her standing with her hands high over her head. They were tied to a rafter and she was going nowhere. Her husband had laughed himself silly at her telling him about Judy. To him at least it was funny. Her ankles were tied as well as her knees. Then the blindfold was replaced. Sam's hands slipped gently around her nude body. Gently touching everywhere she wanted to be touched.

Swaying and writhing in her bondage Maggie felt herself soaring to new heights. Sam stood behind her with his naked body pressed against hers. Both hands were on Maggies breasts pinching and teasing them to hard points. His manhood swelled and was resting against the crack of her ass. After several minutes he untied Maggie's legs and hugged his wife from in front. Instantly her legs were wrapped around his waist. Sam slid his fully erect cock into place and lowered Maggie slightly. Now impaled on his organ, Maggie twisted and swung from her bound wrists while riding her husband for all she was worth.


Free at long last, Anita worked the stiffness out of her aching jaw. The padlock that had linked her wrists lay on the floor along with the chain that use to link her into the hogtie. It felt so good to stretch for the first time in hours. She had never been bound for so long before. The garage was too stuffy to remain in so Anita picked up her things and went out into the yard. Looking around carefully she saw that in no way could anyone have seen her. She would be exposed for a few seconds on the stairs but that was unavoidable. Staying as low as possible Anita scampered up the stairs to her deck. There she crawled to the door staying will below the railing.

The nude girl reached for the knob and turned it. The knob twisted but the door did not open. "What now?" she asked. Peeking in the window of the door Anita could see the mirror by the phone. More importantly she could see the lock on the door. The t-shaped knob was turned in the lock position. "No shit..." She muttered. Anita moved to the opposite side of the deck where there was more protection to think.


It was evening and Maggie found herself kneeling in the grass outside the cabin. Her hands were securely cuffed behind her back and her ankles were crossed and tied to a stake. Another rope was tied to the cuff chain and ran between her legs. It went between the cheeks of her ass under her pelvic area and up to a limb in a tree. Each time the wind blew it pulled the rope taught, tugging at her arms and driving the rope deeper into her sensitive pussy.

Sam approached carrying a switch he had pulled from another tree. He brought it down across her breasts making her flinch. Slowly he walked around his wife stinging her naked body again and again. For her part Maggie danced on her knees, a sensually erotic dance as she tried to avoid the weapon. Each twist and tug drawing the crotch rope deeper into her. Her large breasts and ass seemed to be her husbands favorite targets. But a few slashes were applied to the exposed sole's of her bare feet.


The sun was finally down but the night was no cooler. That was fine with Anita, being naked she did not want to be cold also. Anita went down the stairs to the yard. As she stepped away from the steps the yard was ablaze with light. 'Oh no'; Anita said, 'the motion lights. I'm safe enough in the yard but the driveway has the same lights. If I go out there I'll be seen for sure. Even old Mrs. Crandle with her coke bottle glasses will be sure to see a nude girl in an empty driveway when the lights come on'.


Home, Maggie could not believe it. After this weekend all she wanted was to rest and relax. She was so sore all she could wear was one of Sam's large t-shirts. It hung just low enough to protect what little modisty she had left. In fact she was so tired Maggie almost did not see the nude girl on the lounge chair. 

"Hi!" Anita said, smiling at her friend. 

"I'm fine but what are you doing?" Maggie said, "Sam is coming in soon."

"I got locked out yesterday and have been trapped in the yard ever since." Anita replied. 

"Well come in and I will get the spare keys."

They went into the Malone's apartment, and Sam the sweety did not even show any surprise to find a nude woman in the house that wasn't his wife. His only reaction was, as long as the neighbors don't complain I don't care.

He looked at Anita and said, "I understand the things Maggie borrowed were yours?" Anita nodded. "Well then thank you for an interesting weekend. You'll have to join us up there next time. And maybe you could help us put together some things of our own."

"I'd be happy to;" she said, "and I'll even show you how everything works."

"Sure, maybe next weekend........?"


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