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Ashley Self Bondage - 1
A Bondage Participants Life
by Ardvark
Ashley: A Bondage Participants Life
1. A Bondage Participants Life

I can’t remember a time when bondage was not a part of my life. Even as a young child, I was interested in stories where the main characters spent at least part of their time bound hand and foot or tied to something. Most of my playtime fantasies centered around me being the one that was tied up or tied to something. I would make up lavish stories that involved burglars, kidnappers, roving rebel bands or other imaginary captors. I loved the story about Robin Hood, and often envisioned myself a poor peasant girl who was being held in the dungeon at Nottingham.

The movies that I liked always had a woman or girl who was captured by whatever group Hollywood wanted to portray as the bad guys. Westerns were some of my favorites. They always had the Indians portrayed raiding the settler’s homes and villages, capturing the women and children. The books I read as I was growing up also tended to be centered around this type of theme. I found two or three historically accurate novels about settlers that were captured by the Indians and taken miles from their homes. When the author wrote about the women being bound while riding on the horses, I would read the passages over and over. In one, they spoke of the women having to run, naked and with their arms bound behind them, between two rows of Indian women and children who lashed them with whips. Like running a gauntlet. I read that passage until the spine on the book broke from the usage. The images that I had in my mind of these women running naked and bound was exciting to me. I imagined myself in their position.

Our family lived quite a way out in the country, in South-Central Pennsylvania hills, close to Harrisburg.  It was very mountainous, with only a few farms in the valley close to us. Much of my time, when I was young enough to escape chores, was spent alone therefore. It was during these formative years, when I had to rely upon my on resources for entertainment, that I began to develop what would become a life-long passion. I found ways to tie myself up. When I first started, I would tie my ankles together or to the legs of a chair. The tricky part of course was learning how to tie my hands. At first I would use a belt, or a short rope or one of my stockings. I would hold the ends in my hands and twist them to simulate being tied. It was very satisfying at first, but soon left me wanting to feel more. I wanted to feel as if I was truly bound.

As I grew a little older the specter of chores cut into my leisure hours so I had less time to devote to my fantasy world. The trade off of course was that I was a little older, with a much more active imagination and a few additional experiences, such as movies, to draw from during this fantasy play. The time I did have to indulge my fantasies, in other words, was better spent. 

I learned to make, or adapt things that I could use for bondage play. For example, I was shopping with my mother one afternoon. In the notions section of a local department store I found some very heavy wide elastic. As soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what I would do with it. I bought two or three packages of the wonderful stuff and some very strong button thread and a spool of waxed-nylon thread. That night, in my room, I made my first handcuffs and leg irons. I made the sets of cuffs by stitching loops that fit my wrists and ankles snugly. I used very strong nylon button thread to stitch the loops closed. I made two sets that had a space between the cuffs. I accomplished this by passing the waxed nylon thread through the hole in a couple wooden beads to make handcuffs. They were crude perhaps, but effective. I could slip a cuff on one of my wrists, then hold the thing while I forced the other wrist through the other cuff. They felt secure and restricted my movements the way I wanted, but could also be quickly removed in an emergency. (Like the sound of mother’s footsteps on the stairs.) I was nearly discovered on more than one occasion.

As time went on I developed other home made devices to enhance my stories. I even stitched a pair of cuffs onto an old cloth belt so I could secure my wrists at the waist the way you see prisoners on TV with their hands chained to a belt in front. Another excellent source for things that can be used for bondage was the pet department. Collars designed for various size animals can be adapted very well to use for self-bondage. Cat collars, for instance, are not big enough to be used for cuffs in the conventional sense. They are perfect for linking two other cuffs or dog collars. They can also be used for attaching a larger collar or cuff to a bedpost or other secure point.

None of these early flights of fantasy had any sexual overtones to them. They always involved a young female who was traveling in a strange land or some other dangerous situation, but there was nothing sexual about them. Sometimes the story had the heroine on a wagon train that was attacked by Indians. Other stories that I made up had the girl on a ship that was seized on the high seas by pirates. Another favorite story line involved a girl who found herself in a country where a revolution was in progress. The girl in my story is traveling one day through mountains where the rebel forces are operating. The rebels capture the girl when they stop her car at a check point they are holding. Stories on the evening news often lead to other fantasies. One night, such a story was about a woman who was home alone when burglars broke into her house. They tied her up then burglarized her home. 

From the time I was five or six years old, until I was in my early teens, I had no one with whom to share my bondage interests. Let’s face it, this isn’t the easiest subject to introduce into a conversation. You can’t walk up and say, “Hey, I love to be tied up, do you?” Even when you know that the activity gives immense pleasure, you can’t know how another person will accept it. So, for all of those early years it was absolutely a solo pursuit with nothing sexual. Of course in those early formative years, prior to the onset of puberty, sexuality would not have been an issue. In time, this too would change.

2. Things Change: I’m No Longer A Kid

The first time I had a session that turned sexual, was the very night I turned thirteen. It was almost as if someone flipped a switch and I became a sexual being. Puberty entered my life with a bang!

All of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins had been at our house for my birthday party that day. My Uncle Ed, a bachelor, who was an amateur magician himself, had given me a magic kit. It would have been a real bummer of a gift to a normal thirteen-year-old girl I suppose. In fact, everyone laughed at Uncle Ed for giving someone my age a magic kit. What none of them knew was that to me, it was the best gift I got that day. The magic kit had a couple pairs of handcuffs! They were not real handcuffs because they needed no key. They had quick release buttons on each cuff. I loved them. I tried not to look too happy, fearing someone would wonder why I liked handcuffs so much. I did tell my Uncle Ed that I loved his gift though. He thought it was because I might be interested in magic tricks also and promised to buy some other magic act things. I didn’t say anything that would spoil his illusion. Besides, I thought maybe some of the other magic kits also have neat bondage stuff in them. In truth, he gave me several kits after that. One had several really nice big scarves and a piece of chain. I smiled when I opened that gift also. I was thinking, “If you only knew, Uncle Ed, if you only knew.” About a year later, he gave me one that was absolutely wonderful. It was called the “Escape Trick.” It had three or four nice leather straps, another set of handcuffs and set of leg irons with a 16 inch chain between the cuffs. I loved it too. Naturally, I did have to make some attempt at learning the magic tricks, and I did some of them passably well. I was good enough, that Uncle Ed was real pleased and continued to buy me neat stuff.

The night of my thirteenth birthday was one of those miserable, muggy, hot, mid-summer nights. It was one of those brutally hot August days that descend on the mountain valleys in South-Central Pennsylvania. Most of the adults at the party, including my parents, consumed far too much beer or other alcoholic beverages that afternoon so it wasn’t long after the last of our relatives had departed when my mother and father suggested we all go to bed. I lay there for what seemed like hours as I waited to hear the telltale sounds that told me they were both fast asleep. I knew from past experience, that once they both began to snore, you could tear the house down and they would never know.

I slipped out of bed and checked to verify that both were sleeping soundly. I even went to their bedroom door and called mom. I got no response, only a slight change in the pattern of their snoring. They were both in a very deep, alcohol aided sleep. I returned to my room and closed the door, just to be safe. I quickly got Uncle Ed’s wonderful gift out of my closet. I put the handcuffs on and practiced so I would be able to get out of them if I had to. I tried several different positions, hands in front, hands behind my back, hands on the opposite side of my bed post, etc.

As I practiced with the cuffs, my mind raced with all kinds of fantasy ideas that involved the handcuffs. For that matter, my mind had been playing these fantasies the entire afternoon. These new fantasies were radically different from anything that I had ever created in the past. I was unknowingly getting ready to bring sex into my bondage play. All afternoon, while I was running scenes through my mind, I had this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought I was just excitement, but soon realized that the feeling was causing something else that was new. I was getting moist between my legs.

The mugginess of the evening lent itself to this new aspect of my bondage play. I was soon aware that I was perspiring very heavily as I laid there on my bed with one pair of handcuffs on my ankles, the other on my wrists. The still, muggy night air was oppressive. To make myself more comfortable, I stripped my nightshirt off and continued my play, totally naked. I had never taken my clothes off for bondage play before this, but for some reason it was important to me this night. The fantasies that I had been playing in my mind all afternoon called for the girl who was being held captive to be stripped naked by her captors. She was then paraded or otherwise put on display.

There was a bright, full moon that night so my room was nice and bright from the light coming through the windows. My bedroom is on a back corner of the house, so I opened both the windows in my room. The difference in pressure from the inside to the outside of the house, caused a slight stirring of the air. This slight cross-breeze coming through my open windows felt good against my skin. The coolness of the breeze heightened the sense of my own nakedness and gave me a strange feeling inside again. I just assumed it was because I was nervous about what I was going to do now. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I practiced with the handcuffs. I was startled to see how hard and erect my nipples had become. I was also aware once more of a moist, almost wet feeling between my legs. I once again put a set of cuffs between my ankles, then handcuffed my wrists behind my back and shuffled around in front of the mirror so I could see the naked girl who was bound. In my mind, the image became someone else, some poor heroine that was being paraded before her captors so they could see her naked body.

My first fantasy that night involved a girl who is stopped along the highway, by a rogue cop, who accuses her of being a robber. He forces her into his car and takes her to jail. Once he has her in the jailhouse, he makes her take all of her clothes off so he can make sure she isn’t carrying any weapons. Then he questions her about some robbery they think she committed. He uses his handcuffs to immobilize her wrists and forces her to remain naked the whole time. I have a plain straight-back chair in my room and I used some of my old elastic bands to secure my ankles to the legs of the chair. This was easy to do, I slipped an elastic band on each ankle, lifted the chair long enough to position the other loop from each set on the front chair legs, then sat in the chair. My ankles were now forced to remain spread.

It was then that my first real sexual bondage thought developed. The funny feeling in my pussy made me want to rub it. Some kind of contact seemed to be what I wanted. Since I was going to tie my hands behind me, I had to figure some way to provide that kind of contact.

I put my bondage belt around my waist and used the rope tie from my robe to link my new handcuffs to the belt. I found the center of the rope and looped it around the belt in front of me. I passed the two loose ends under me and between my legs, then passed the rope under the belt in back. Then I tied the handcuffs to the ends of the rope. When I sat in the chair, the rope between my legs pulled tight. I could move my arms now to manipulate the rope that pressed against my pussy. I was beginning to develop, but really became really aware of my body that night. My pussy had only a very thin covering of fine hair that was now feeling very moist. My tits were about the size of small oranges, but were well shaped. They also sat high on my chest had very nice nipples. When I was seated in the chair, I could see myself in the mirror on my closet door. The sight of myself sitting there bound and naked produced an even funnier feeling in my groin. The more I moved and the more the rope pressed on my pussy, the more intense the feelings in my loins became. Soon I was jerking back with my hands to pull the rope deep into me. I also noticed my nipples again. They were now very prominent and erect. A thought flashed through my mind, I wished that I could pinch them. I wanted to feel some kind of contact with these swollen points. At about this time, I also became aware that my hips were rolling, while at the same time, my knees flexed in and out to produce a varying degree of pressure on my young pussy. My breathing was also becoming very ragged. All of a sudden, I felt this intense rushing sensation throughout my entire body and my sight grew dim. I also became aware that I was making noises. As a farm girl, I wasn’t totally unaware of what this signaled. I was grunting and moaning like a cow being serviced by a bull. This was the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt in my life. It was the first time it had ever happened to me, but I also knew I wanted to feel that rush again. I had just experienced my first orgasm and it was a rush.

3. The Die is Cast: New Horizons

As soon as I caught my breath after my first flight into orgasmic ecstasy, I quickly put my toys away and slipped my nightgown back on. I opened the door and listened to make sure my vocalizations hadn’t awoken someone. When I was sure that all was quiet and still, I laid down and tried to go to sleep. As excited as I was though, I found it impossible to sleep right now. I thought if I lay here for a few minutes, sleep will overtake me, but I wanted to feel that rush again. After several minutes of laying there without being able to get back to sleep, I discovered a need to touch my pussy again. My hand slipped under my gown and I spread my legs slightly. My other hand was soon pinching my nipples. The pure pleasure this gave me, even when I dug my thumbnail in, was wonderful.

I realized at that point that sleep was not going to come now and I got back out of bed once more. I could tell from the sounds coming from my parents room that the house would have to fall to awaken them now so I left my door open this time. I got much more breeze with it open. I took my nightgown off again and got the box with my toys in it out of the closet. I knew I had to do something about the vocal noise I made when the rushing feeling came over me, so I found a pair of my knee length socks. I wadded up one of them and put it inside the other one. I put the wad in my mouth and tied the longer sock behind my head. I tried a few moans and grunts and was satisfied that the gag I was wearing would do the trick.

My fantasy, this time, had me being kidnapped and tied up in the back of a pickup truck. My bed served as the back of the truck. I knew I wanted to have my legs spread a little, so I fashioned a set of leg irons by using a piece of rope to link two of my ankle cuffs. Then I put the other things, including my new handcuffs, where I could reach them and sat in the middle of the bed. I tied another piece of rope to the back of my belt and pulled the rope to the front by passing it between my legs. I slipped the end under the front of the belt and tied my handcuffs at that point. Then I slipped an ankle cuff on each leg. I closed the handcuffs on my wrists and pulled upward to test movement and to set the rope that passed between my legs. I could now sit with my legs spread pretty wide. On an impulse, since I could still move I crawled out of bed to fix my closet door so I could see myself in the mirror when I was on the bed. Just walking around with my legs hobbled and my hands pinned to my waist in front brought a heightened sense of feeling to my pussy as the rope rubbed on it as I walked.

Back on the bed, I sat with my legs spread wide as I could get them, and laid backward. My pillow raised my head enough to permit me to see myself laying there bound and gagged. I immediately began to feel that strange sensation in the pit of my stomach again.

My captors began to torment me. They would pull my hands upward, forcing the rope deep into my crotch. Sometimes they would jerk on the rope. They also told me to spread my knees wider so they could watch the rope as it pulled into my pussy. In less time than it had taken the first time, I was soon very wet between my legs and that wonderful feeling of riding up in a high speed elevator began. I needed more pressure on my pussy and was soon rubbing the small bud of flesh  near the front of my sex with my fingers. I loved the slippery slick feeling of the moisture coming from my pussy. My clit was now swelling and had pushed out from behind the protective cover of my pussy lips. I fingered it even harder now, pinching it to cause electric shock-like feelings shoot up into me.

It’s a good thing I had gagged myself, because I know I would have been making very much noise this time. The feeling of falling began and seemed to go on for a long time. Each time it would almost end, I would touch my little button again with either my fingers or the rope. 

As soon as I recovered from this fantasy, I hatched another. I knew I should be going to sleep by now, but was too sexually excited to think of sleep. I put my night gown on temporarily and slipped down stairs in search of two clothespins. Once I had them, I returned to my room and slipped my gown off again. I was prepared to play one last time.

For this fantasy, I was to be a servant girl who was being punished for some mistake she had made. The master of the house had ordered her to be stripped and brought to his chambers. She was then held while clothespins were put on her nipples. These hurt when I first put them on, but soon the pain was dulled and became a source of pleasure. The maid is then forced to stand with her back to a post. (The corner post of my 4-post bed worked for this.) Her ankles are encased in a set of handcuffs that have the links between passed behind the post. A belt is put around her waist. and a rope is looped at the front of the belt. After the rope is passed between her legs, it is put over her belt in back. The loose ends pass on either side of the whipping post. Handcuffs are secured to this rope on the opposite side of the post and her hands are locked in them. She is now pulled back hard against the post and the rest of the staff is brought in to see her standing naked with clothes pegs on her nipples. The tightness of my crotch rope causes any movement I make to pull on the rope teasing and rubbing on my clit. It is only a very short time before I feel the release again. This time, when the feelings subsided, I am completely worn out. I fell asleep almost as soon as I crawled back into bed after putting my toys away.

The next few days seemed to stretch on and on. I could never seem to find a time for me to experiment again. One thing or another always seemed to prevent me from carrying my play to the same level. I was sure that what I had experienced must be the subject of books and began looking for things on the subject of bondage. I had to be careful when looking for things. In a small Pennsylvania village, it isn’t wise for a young teenager to make their sexual experiments too public. I did find a book in the local library about human sexuality that had a picture of a pretty young girl tied up while her lover played with her body. I read this section with interest and now knew that others in the world have the same feelings that I do. The feeling that I want to be restrained so that I can’t prevent the pleasure I am receiving.

Finally, about a week after that memorable late-night session, mom and dad said they were going out for the evening and wouldn’t be home until around mid-night. They had never left me alone when they went out until now. “Now that you’re thirteen, we hope we can trust you to stay here and entertain yourself while we’re gone,” mom had said. I assured them that I would be a model of good behavior. I could hardly wait for them to leave I was so excited. I had to work very hard not to appear too excited about the prospect of being home alone all evening.

As soon as they were safely gone, I locked the doors downstairs and headed for my bedroom. I was stripped to the waist by the time I reached the top of the stairs and within a minute after entering my bedroom, I was totally naked. I find this is my preferred method. I sometimes use a costume to set the mood, but once the victim is captured, my fantasies don’t allow her to retain any of her clothes. Somehow I couldn’t imagine someone who would capture a woman and tie her up letting her keep any clothes. After all, in my new fantasies at least, the main purpose was now sex.

The first thing I did that afternoon was figure a better way to fasten my legs in a spread fashion. I took some rope from the “secret box” in my closet. I used one short piece of rope from either bed rail to make tethers for my ankle cuffs. I simply doubled the rope and slipped the loose ends through the loop with the bed rail in the loop. I laid these across the bed while I prepared the main ingredient. I put my belt around my waist and fastened another length of rope to the center of the belt in front. Then after passing the rope between my legs, I stretched it behind me and above my head to gage the length I needed, then I tied one set of my handcuffs at a point that wouldn’t let me stretch my arms fully above my head.

When I had all my bonds in place, I sat on the bed and spread my legs so I could tie my ankle cuffs to the ropes coming from the bed rails. Then I locked the handcuffs in place and lay backwards on the rope. I could now push my hands up over my head to tighten the rope between my legs. The story I invented involved a young girl who is abducted from her coastal town by pirates. The pirates tie her down on one of their bunks and fondle her body while she writhes in an effort to get away from their exploring hands. I thrashed around on the bed for a very long time before I felt the warmth begin in my belly. Soon I learned that I could roll my hips up and down to rub the rope against my pussy. I could feel the moisture form along the length of the tender pink flesh. Soon the rush began and I could feel the tension mounting in my whole body. When the feelings all reached a certain level, I felt as if I was falling. I could hear myself groaning and crying out as my orgasm just kept going on and on.

As soon as I had rested and had my breathing back to normal, I set about redoing my bonds. I have a canopy bed with tall posts at each corner. I picked the one positioned where I could adjust my closet door so I could see myself after I was bound. I realized from my previous experiences, that I was pretty vocal when I climaxed. It didn’t matter today, because I was home alone. A better gag was the obvious answer to the problem and I needed to try it out while the house was still mine alone. I fashioned my gag by rolling up a pair of socks this time, and putting them into a nylon stocking. I tied a knot in the stocking at either end of the ball so it wouldn’t slip out. I put the lump formed by the socks into my mouth. With two socks instead of one, my mouth was filled pretty full. Then I tied the stocking around my head. The use of a nylon stocking gave me a little extra length and made it easier to tie it tightly. I wanted to know how the thing worked though, so I got my tape recorder out and recorded two screams. I screamed as loud as I could. I played these back so I had something I could use to gauge my next screams. I made a few test sounds and found that even if I screamed as loudly as I could, the sound wasn’t very loud at all on the tape. I was satisfied that I had the noise problem settled.

To secure myself for masturbation I stood with my ankles bound to the leg of the bed. I pre-positioned my handcuffs by slipping them through one loop of my elastic cuffs, then I put the other cuff over the top of the bed’s corner post. The rope, secured to my belt was passed through my crotch and tied to the bedpost in front of me. I tied the rope and secured my wrists in the cuffs while standing on my tip-toes on the bed’s side-rail. I did it this way so the rope would pull tight when I stood on the floor. When I dropped down off of the bed rail, the rope pulled very tight into my pussy and pressed hard on that wonderful little button of flesh near the front of the slit. I was actually unable to reach the floor and had to ride a “rope pony” for this fantasy set. It also pulled me very hard against the bedpost. 

Eventually, the rope stretched or slipped down the post enough that I could just touch the floor with my toes. Even when I stood on my tiptoes, it was still very tight. If I rocked back toward my heels, the pressure was almost painful. As I swayed from side-to-side and back and forth, rubbing my clit against the rope that split my pussy I watched with interest the effect the stimulation was having on my nipples. I could see my reflection in the mirror and noticed how my nipples became very erect and darkened in color. I began to imagine a young girl who lived in Medieval times. She had been accused of stealing and her punishment was to be bound, naked to a post in the center of the village so all who passed could have their way with her. I began to rub my nipples against the bedpost as I also rubbed harder on the rope. I could feel the tension building in me now and knew that I was very close to achieving that same rush that had come over me a few nights earlier. As the peak of my arousal took hold of me I could tell that the gag was doing its job properly. I was biting down on the gag in my mouth very hard and was moaning into the thing and would have been screaming if the thing wasn’t in my mouth. I knew that a gag would now have to be an integral part of any bondage scene played out while anyone else was in the house. I plan on making one that will muffle the sound even more. That way, I can just let loose when the climax hits me not having to worry about alerting my folks to the fact that their daughter is masturbating herself to intense orgasms while naked and bound.

Since I had a few more hours before my folks would be home, I decided to let my fantasies take me elsewhere besides my room. I made a makeshift set of leg irons from two of my elastic cuffs and a piece of rope. Then I handcuffed my hands behind my back with the ever present crotch rope. I fixed the rope so it was fastened to my belt in front. It passed between my legs, then up over the belt in back before it was tied to the handcuffs. I walked around the house like this, enjoying the danger involved in walking past windows on the first floor. Oh, I knew that our house was set well back from the road. It was just the idea of being that exposed to the outside world. In my story, a young girl had been captured by slave traders and was being lead through the marketplace. I stood up on the coffee table in the living room pretending that it was the auction block. I could see my reflection in the mirror over the fireplace and was again turned on by the view I was presented with as I stood there with my legs spread, pulling on the rope between them. It seemed to take a little longer this time to get the feeling in my groin, but the extra time gave me a chance to really embellish my story. I would lean forward pretending that I had been ordered to show a prospective buyer how my tits looked up close. This movement also drew my rope tighter and put more pressure on my pussy. Then I leaned backward from the waist with my legs spread as far as I could get them so a merchant could examine my pussy. All of these images soon had the effect I wanted and brought that now familiar tightness to my belly. The warm feeling that seemed to be centered in my pussy and rose up through my body from there.

After the orgasm on the auction block, I continued my tour of the house. In the basement I found some locations that I would use later. In the recreation room I began to see the furniture in a different light. It was all heavy Spanish Colonial style with large, heavy wooden arms. There was also a wonderful large old Captain’s chair that had wonderful possibilities.

There are posts and exposed beams in the basement as well as lots of things like workbenches. In my father’s workshop, I found a couple large dowels that gave me ideas. I planned to get a couple the next time I was in the hardware store.

I checked the time and still had time for one more good session before it would be too risky in the lower parts of the house. Mom had said they wouldn’t be back until near mid-night, but I didn’t want them coming in early with me in the basement playing naked sex games. I used the large Mediterranean chair for my final orgasm in the basement. I rigged the rope/handcuff combination so the rope was tied to the belt in back, passed between my legs and looped over the belt in front. I drew my legs up and tied my ankles to the top of the chair arms. This made me almost lay in the chair seat and opened my pussy really wide. As an added stimulus I clipped my clothes pins onto my nipples. They hurt a little bit again, but I found the slight pain increased my desires. When they were clipped in place, I fastened my wrists in the handcuffs and began to squirm around in the chair to provide the necessary pressure to my clitoris. As I grew deeper and deeper into my fantasy, I used my fingers to rub the little button. Of course, in my fantasy, it wasn’t my hand at all but that of a total stranger. While I was working on my clit with one hand, the other strained in an effort to find my nipples. All I could do was flip the clothespins fastened there, but the sensation was intense. After a few minutes, the combined stimulus of the rope, my finger on my clit and the wiggling clothespins brought me to a mind shattering orgasm. Once this climax started, it seemed to go on forever. It would peak then trail off only to peak again and again. I was straining at the bonds holding me as I worked as hard as I could to get every last ripple of orgasm out of it. When it finally ended, I had to lay quiet for a few minutes in order to get my heart rate back to normal. I really liked this sex thing!

I collected all of my toys as soon as I was able and went back to my room. My pussy was actually a little tender, but I was very, very contented. I put my things away and took a shower, then put on my night clothes and went downstairs to watch TV. My folks were very proud of me when they came home. Little did they know how I had “entertained myself” while they were gone. I talked to them for few minutes about the nice time they had that evening and assured them that I had been fine. “I don’t mind at all if you and dad want to go out and have some fun once in awhile,” I told them. 
Dad smiled and kissed me saying, “You’re becoming quite a grownup young lady.” If he had only known.

Continues in Part 2


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