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Ashley 2 - My First Suspension

by Ardvark

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Ashley Self Bondage - 2
My First Suspension
by Ardvark
1. My First Suspension:

My shoulders are aching from being in the same position for nearly two hours. The real problem is, I won’t be able to get relief from this situation for at least another hour. I have been able to wiggle from time to time, lifting myself by one arm or the other, but for the past few minutes, the strain on my arms has been very severe. The only relief I have been able to get has been the fleeting moment when I’ve been able to stretch enough to put some of my weight on the tips of my toes, I can’t maintain that position for long, because of the strain on my legs. For this session, I have a spreader bar between my ankles. This makes holding myself up by my toes even more challenging. When I have been able to stand on my toes, my arms were still held above my head and now ache from being forced to maintain this position. My hands are getting numb because of the fatigue in my arms and legs. After the first hour, my body was well worn out and I was pretty much just hanging from my wrists.

My nipples are screaming for release. They are being pinched by wooden clothes pins that I put on just before activating the suspension rig. They hurt when I first put them on, then they go through a few minutes were my nipples are numb. That numb period is passed now and the sharp throbbing has set in. The key of course is that I know that when I finally do take them off, the stabbing pain from the return of blood flow will be enough to trigger a huge orgasm.

The vibrating dildo, held in place by a leather strap passing between my legs has kept me in a perpetual state of sexual tension for the entire period I have been bound. I have been brought to orgasm so many times during the last two hours that I can’t begin to count the times. I have lubricated so hard and for so long that the belt is the only reason the thing is still in me. Both of my thighs are soaking wet from vaginal fluid. Each time I come, I grow weak in the legs and have to hang limply for a few minutes to get my breath back. 

As I struggle to find relief for my poor hands, I groan into my gag. This too is beginning to cause a numbing strain on my jaw muscles. My breathing is raspy and ragged now from the continual sexual tension and from the effort needed to try finding relief from my suspension. I look in the large mirror on the wall opposite from where I hang and watch as my naked body slowly twists and turns. My entire body glistens from sweat, not only because it is warm in my bondage barn, but from the energy expended sexually and from the strain on my body.

The loud click is a welcome sound. It means my bondage session is about to end. The click is followed immediately by the steady whirring sound of the motor driving my modified garage door opener. The cable from which I am suspended plays out slowly and I feel my weight being transferred to my legs. They are too weak and shaky to accept this burden, so I allow myself to be lowered until I am laying on my back on the floor. I have to wait until the cable is completely played out before I can reach the set of keys that are clipped to the collar around my neck. The slack in the cable now lets me separate my arms so I can unlock the padlock that attaches the cable to my left wrist cuff. I can then feed the cable back through the D-ring on my right cuff.

With my hands free, I take a few minutes to roll my shoulders and move my arms, getting the stiffness out of them. My gag is the next thing to go. I massage my jaws a little then start to get the rest of my paraphernalia removed. As I release the clothes pins from my nipples, they are stabbed by a sharp pain that quickly turns to an intense pleasure. This pleasure is increased as I use my fingers to massage my nipples. I lay back for a few seconds, tweaking my pain-wracked nipples and rubbing my clit long enough to enjoy one last enormous orgasm. The humming dildo presses hard against my clit as I lay back so the combination of all these sensations was great. After I could come no more, I unbuckled the belt and pulled the still humming little fake cock out of my soaking wet pussy. Then I sat up so that my ankles could be released. They were encircled by wide leather cuffs that are attached to screw-eyes in either end of a long wooden dowel with padlocks.

The device that has held me captive for the past two hours is something that I built a year or so ago. As a self-bondage practitioner, I had long ago wanted to find a way to put myself in suspension. My early attempts were crude to say the least. Not only that, I learned that if they were effective and worked, they were also usually dangerous, or had the potential of becoming dangerously permanent. If they were safe, then they weren’t very effective.

I came up with the idea for my present method as I worked a demonstration mock-up for a garage door opener at my local Sears store. The one I bought has a metal block that travels along a huge threaded rod. The travel distance of the block is about 10 feet, end-to-end. When used for a door controller, it attaches with a couple metal rods to the door. When the strew turns, the block runs either inward or outward, depending on the cycle the motor was last in. No springs or cables, just this simple threaded block that runs on a threaded rod. I discarded most of the door opening stuff and instead attached a cable to the block. This cable was fed out over a pulley at the end of the door opener frame. When the block is run all the way to that end of the threaded shaft, the cable reaches the floor. When the screw runs the block all the way to the other end, the loop in the cable is only inches from the ceiling, (about 8 feet high). The door has an adjustable stop that allows me to preplan where I want the cable to stop drawing upward. Since it works on letting a small metal tab attached to the block make electrical contact with a similar tab at a fixed point on the frame, I bought extra tabs as replacement parts. I mounted them in a way that I can determine which tab will stop the thing by simply pushing that tab forward and putting a pin in place to hold it. When the traveling block makes contact with the fixed tab, the motor stops. The next time it starts, it will reverse its direction. These tabs also start a timer that determines how long the session will last. I preset the timer for the period I want to spend bound and suspended.

While working on the thing and getting it ready for my use, I suspended a plastic barrel with water in it. I put it on a scale and filled it until it weighed 120 lbs. That is just a little heavier than me. I also keep this attached to the cable between sessions to keep the cable from getting kinks in it.

Since I wanted to be able to time my sessions, I plugged the opener into a good quality sequential relay box, that is controlled by a good multiple-stage timer that could be set to turn the power on and off and control current to the relay box. Essentially, this acts like someone pushing the start and stop buttons. I could start the motor by starting the timer. It would run until it hit the interrupt tab. It would stay there until the end of that cycle. At the end of the timed power cycle, it would turn off for one minute, then turn back on. This would cause the opener to run in the reverse direction until it stopped at the bottom end.

When I was satisfied that the thing would stop and reverse the way it was supposed to, I got ready to try it with me on the end of the cable. The first time, I took all of my things to the garage. Prior to building my “bondage barn” I used the garage as my play area. For this maiden session, I stripped my clothes off and put all of the bondage stuff I wanted on, I climaxed just from the anticipation.

The suspension rig is real simple and easy to set up, but relies on all of the slack being run out of the cable in order to work properly. For my normal, head up, arms over head suspension, I feed the cable through the D-ring on my right wrist cuff and attach it to my left wrist with a padlock. Naturally, I have to have all of the other things done before I reach this step. When the cable draws upward, my left wrist is pulled upward with it. Since the cable has been passed through the D-ring on my right wrist cuff, the two cuffs are soon held solidly together by my own weight. They will have to stay like that until the cable is reversed and I can finally get some limited use of my hands.

The first time I ever used it, I put my dildo in place, then bound my ankles and knees together. The clothespins on my nipples were next. My gag went in after the nipple clips. When I was satisfied that I was ready, I attached myself to the cable and started the opener. I started getting wet, just watching the cable draw upward. It is a turn-on all by itself. Just knowing that in only seconds, I would be helpless for my preset time triggers my first orgasm.  Soon the cable pulled my arms over my head, picking my weight up slowly. I was lifted high into the air so that my feet were well off of the floor and my wrists were pulled to about an inch below the pulley. I felt safe pulling myself that far off of the floor because this was going to be a relatively short session, just for testing. If the session is going to be prolonged, I make sure the cable stops where I can at least take the strain off of my wrists for brief periods. After I was fully lifted, I swung there, twisting and turning as I viewed myself in the large mirrors I have installed at various points around the room. I imagined that I was a female prisoner of a Medieval land owner. I had committed some minor rules infraction and he was having me punished by first having me stripped naked, then shamelessly putting me on public display in the manor house’ courtyard. All of the residents of the village have been told and they all come past where I am hanging to see my hour of punishment. Many of the young men in the village are bold enough to fondle my naked body, rubbing my clit and pinching my nipples. Encouraged by their peers, they grow bolder and bolder as they trigger many orgasms in me. The entire village will now think of me as a slut. It is common knowledge that girls who are subjected to this form of punishment are often victims of rape many times after they have been on display. I will surely find this true also.

After several very successful sessions, I had the scare of my life. I had just bought a pipe that I could put between my ankles. It had rings at each end that could be used to attach my ankle cuffs. In the center of the pipe I had another ring welded so I could attach the pipe to the cable. This was my first time at suspending myself, feet up. I put my ankle cuffs on and locked them to the ends of the pipe. I put my gag in place and put metal binder clips on my nipples. When I was ready, I started the timer. As the cable began to draw upward, I slipped my hands behind me and fastened my handcuffs. Everything went fine until just before the stop would have been reached. The power went out, stopping everything. I had never considered this possibility. At first, I thought that it would probably only be a minute or two before the power would come back on. I figured, the worst thing would be that the thing reversed, putting me back on the floor. All I would have to do is start it over again.

About an hour later, I realized that if the power stayed out, I was now hanging upside-down, bound and naked in my garage playroom. This was before I bought the storage barn and converted it into my little bondage playroom. What was going to happen if I couldn’t get free in time to prevent problems due to blood circulation. If I had put my handcuffs on with my hands in front of me, I might have been able to at least pull myself up once in awhile. With my hands swinging uselessly behind me though, I could do nothing.

The power stayed out for nearly two hours. The problem I had was after it came on, the door opener just finished its cycle. There were two programming options on the opener concerning the way the opener would react to loss of power. I had mine programmed to continue in the direction it was going until it reached one of the trip-pin stops. Since this time, it had never encountered the reversing stop-tab, it pulled me upward for another couple inches, then stopped. Now, it would reverse the next time the power came on. This interval was controlled by my timer. I had already been suspended by my ankles for nearly two hours and still had one more to go, unless we had another power failure. Then it would be even longer.

Eventually, I was lowered to the floor and was able to limp into the house for a good nights sleep. After that, I devised two new things. First, I invested in a good quality battery backup unit, similar to those for computers. It insures that the timer keeps running and has enough battery power to insure the motor will work on schedule.

The other thing I now always include in my sessions is an emergency disconnect. It is a thin nylon rope that is always tied to my belt in a place where I could reach it if I really had to. It is never easy to reach, but can be done if I absolutely have to. If I pull on this cord, the connector that holds the cable to my bonds opens and I’m released immediately. I would fall to the floor, but if it was an emergency, I wouldn’t hesitate. I have never used it, but I want to know that in case of fire, I could get out.

Continues in Part 3

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