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Bad Idea

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; cuffs; hood; gag; collar; heels; boots; nipple; hogtie; casting; toys; vibe; electro; shock; climax; cons; X

Not having had the time to play since trying the corset idea (see Corset Theory Testing) I decided that this weekend I would spend time in several different positions, starting Saturday morning I cuffed my ankles together, just to make it more interesting I strapped on the five inch heels a girl friend once gave me challenging me to try and walk in them, she had found them on sale and even though they were just a bit too small I had reluctantly worn them when we had been alone and they gave me a deep appreciation of how uncomfortable these kind of shoes can be. She had pity on me not making me walk in them much but forcing me to wear them all day and into the evening before relinquishing her time in control and telling me that she was sure that since I was almost six foot tall and about two hundred pounds it made walking in heels much more difficult.

Now I have them strapped on again, my ankles locked closely together along with my knees being strapped tightly together, a vibrating cock ring tightly around my balls, around my neck is in a stiff posture collar under it a leather hood with a mouth filling gag covering my entire head and face is laced tightly the lock in the collars buckle making sure nothing gets removed prematurely. I have left the keys in my bedroom having applied my bonds while I sit in the garage, after applying the butterfly clamps to my nipples I routed the chain through the D-ring on my collar keeping pressure on the clamps and giving them a good yank if I pull back any at all on the collar I feel ready to go.

I take my S&W handcuffs and lock my hands behind my back and I’m done, having no choice other than to walk to the bedroom and get my keys. There are two small steps I need to climb before turning around and opening the door and navigating blindly through the house to the bedroom all the way on the other side of the house. The cuffs make it difficult to step up but the heels are already hurting my feet making even standing still difficult with the wobbling and having to keep my balance while I try to reach the door knob.

It takes an hour of stepping carefully the vibrator humming away while my cock shakes as I wobble in the high heels leaning slightly forward to keep the chain from yanking on my tortured nipples but having to fight rocking back and forth and tugging on my nipples. Reaching the bedroom I find the keys and release my hands, I am very aroused and decided I needed more, so kneeling I take my leg irons and lock them around my ankles then slipping the handcuffs through the long chain I quickly lock my free wrist in the open cuff and roll onto my shoulder pulling myself into a snug hogtie.

I’m now laying on my side with my hands cuffed behind my back the chain to the leg irons looped over them, my posture collar making my head pull back pulling harder on my nipples and the high heels still making my feet and legs cramp. I can’t see them but I know where I tossed the keys and as I think about them I roll onto my stomach moaning as the clamps get crushed into my chest making them hurt considerably more as I begin the short trip to freedom. Within a few minutes the vibrations and frustration push me over the edge and my body convulses as I orgasm still a few feet short of my goal but I let it happen and lay grunting as I slumped in the bonds holding my legs folded over my thighs and my wrists close to my ankles.

Thirty minutes later I reach my keys and remove the hand cuffs and leg irons and stagger to the bed before laying back and resting before removing my hood and gag and finally removing the high heels. I putter around wearing the collar and gag for a few hours before getting bored again and finding the new case of fiberglass casting material I purchased and quickly wrapped my right hand and wrist immobilizing my thumb and cleaned it up and let it dry. A few hours later I have an idea and pull out the ballet boots I had purchased years ago wanting to see just how restrictive they really were.

I have worn these several times mostly because it is all most impossible for me to walk in them but they add a interesting twist if I lock them on while I am locked into other positions and make myself have to walk to get the keys for them once I’m free of my other restraints usually making me wear them much longer until I build up the strength to stand and try to walk to get the keys to be able to remove them, they are a restraint by themselves for me.

Now my idea was to lace them tightly on to my feet leaving the cutters out in the garage and wrap them in the fiberglass casting, the idea is if the casting can hold my ankles back it would make me walk more on the heels of my feet making it more comfortable to walk in them. Once I have them wrapped and the cast is setting I lock my bit gag into my mouth and the posture collar on again applying the clamps before locking the leg irons around the thick castings that surrounds my ankles and feet. Now I sit with my feet trapped in ballet boots chained together, gagged and clamped and wrap my left wrist in a longer cast taking care to leave my fingers completely uncovered, I sit back while the cast sets and turn on the vibrator again.

I have been enjoying the restrictions and the vibrations for almost an hour, my feet and legs are cramping and my nipples are hurting so in my foggy state I take another pair of hand cuffs with a slightly longer chain than normal, I know I can reach the key hole in the cuffs with my wrists casted having done it several times before with these and cuff my hands behind my back, the ratcheting sound almost pushing me over the edge as I sit back and think about what I just did. All my keys are in the garage and I haven’t checked to see if I can even walk yet!

I panic for a minute but find it’s too late and no matter how bad it hurts I will have to make it to the garage to gain my freedom. The vibrations are bringing me to an orgasm quickly now that I’m cuffed and I decide to start moving hoping my arousal will help me walk, standing was much more difficult than I thought, not being able to bend my ankles with the tall heels and my hands behind me made me struggle to my toes. The pain was instant and enough to kill my arousal immediately as I stood testing if the boots were any more comfortable and finding quickly they weren’t.

Moaning I began the relatively short walk to the garage wincing with each step and the boots making me pull my head back yanking on my nipples, as I shuffle slowly I realize kneeling isn’t an option since the keys are on my work bench and I don’t know how I would get back to my toes once I got there. I try to stay on my heels but each step forces me to lean on my toes that for that brief moment they are supporting almost two hundred pounds and hurting them worse with each step.

The painful walk takes me over half an hour but I grab the keys and cutters and drop to my knees, the frustration and vibrations have made me hard again as I kneel in the garage panting around the gag. I kneel for a few minutes before lowering myself to the floor and reach back hooking the leg chain to the hand cuff chain with a snap hook dangling on the hand cuff chain forcing myself into another hogtie and crush my nipples again as I roll over and begin my struggles to keep my nipples from being torn off by the clamps, as I fight the chains I orgasm again grunting and straining against them finally slumping again gasping before releasing my hands and crawling back into the house and to my bedroom and collapsing on the bed and sleeping for several hours waking up with my feet and legs aching and my jaw feeling like its being slowly ripped off.

I unlock the gag and collar remembering the clamps as they awake my nipples just before I toss the collar to the side yanking one off and pulling hard on the other one. Yelling loudly I curse myself for being stupid and release the clamp and rub my nipples until the pain fades and look at my casted feet and wrists grinning about how bad an idea this was.

Crawling to my desk I sit and type this still wearing all the casts, I am very hungry but don’t want to stand to fix myself something, the boots are holding my feet en-point and the casts on my wrists are making typing very difficult but the frustration is making me aroused again so I turn on the vibrator and think about if someone were to take the cutters I couldn’t remove the casts and I would be stuck in the boots until they gave them back, as I wonder if my body would adapt and how long it would take my erection grows and I decide to do one more position before removing the casts.

Needing to eat first I attempt to walk again and concentrate on staying on the heels of the boots and actually feel like I am more comfortable when snap! The heel of the right boot breaks in half leaving me reeling trying to catch myself. I managed not to fall but now have no support for my right foot leaving my left foot supporting me entirely. I drop to my knees and crawl back to the bedroom and inspect the boot and find the heel had broken at the top of the metal support inside it, the boots were very inexpensive and even though they have been worn very rarely I have had to modify and repair them several times already but I think this might be the end of them.

I choose to perform one more self tie before removing the boots and casts on my wrists and quickly apply pads for my tens unit over my nipples and two pads on my ass, setting the control unit to max and set it aside. Opting to use rope for this one I tie my ankles tightly together cinching the coils tight before tying above and below my knees the wrist casts making it difficult to manipulate the rope raising my frustration level and making me more exuberant in tightening the ropes. I take my leather ankle cuffs and place them around my arms just above my elbows and then lock my leather cuffs around my wrists before pulling the leather hood over my head and lace it tight and lock the collar over the laces.

Hooking up the tens unit and hooking it in the collar I turn it on, the program I have chosen will start off low building in strength until it reaches max high then slowly work down slowing the pulses repeating the cycle giving me time to secure myself before it gets to high making me turn it down. After adjusting the gag I took a length of rope and looped it between the cuffs on my elbows and begin to cinch it pulling my elbows together until I can feel the pain in my shoulders and stop tying the rope around my chest leaving my elbows about four inches apart which is very close for me.

I lay on the floor and roll over onto my stomach and find the short rope remaining from the ankle cinch and thread it through the D-rings on the wrist cuffs and pull it back through the ankle cinch and began pulling as the tens unit starts to pulse my nipples and ass strongly making my body flinch as I continue to draw my ankles closer to my wrists grunting as the pulses are starting to get painful.

My ankles are very close to my wrists and I tie the rope off locking it before tying it in multiple knots before letting go of it and feeling it slip pulling the knots around the cinch making it very difficult to reach to untie. Now the pulses have become painful and I pull hard on the ropes holding me in a tight arch as my nipples are set on fire and my ass jumps as the electricity is shot into them, I struggle desperately as I whine and grunt from the pain and start wiggling my way to the knife I had placed on the floor across the room.

The vibrator is buzzing on high which I had forgot to lower and is quickly becoming painful and makes me grunt louder as I struggle against the ropes and continue to move as the pulses slow, as the pulses slow it makes my nipples and ass flinch less but holds the pulse longer as it lowers, when it reaches ten and below it becomes painful again as it holds the pulse much longer making me hurry while the pulses are still quicker. I have to stop and wait for the pulses to climb back up grunting and moaning as it feels like my nipples or being pinched with a pair of pliers and my ass felt like someone was hitting it with a cattle prod.

Moving again I get to where I think the knife should be and try to find it as the pulses are buzzing me again making me struggle harder and in my search realize I have gone to the wrong direction and am in front of the wrong door. The trip had taken over an hour and most of my remaining strength and I lay drained in the ropes as my body is kept flinching as the tens unit was slowing again but I was too tired to care, now I wished I had eaten before starting this session.

I lay getting shocked and my balls getting vibrated for a few days it felt like before I started moving to the correct place stopping to rest and try to untie the hogtie rope in between struggling to move. As I fought with the knots my arousal was peeking again and the shocks had gotten to a comfortable level and since the vibrators batteries were dying the vibrations had gotten pleasurable and with the frustration of fighting the knots and pulling on the ropes I exploded. The orgasm was the best of the day and drained me completely again and I lay gasping being held in a strict hogtie and gasping through my nose wondering why it is I like this so much, the only thing I like more is when I get to tie a woman who enjoys it as much as I do and lets me enjoy forcing her into multiple orgasms.

I struggle with my bonds finally making it to the knife and cut the ropes holding me arched letting my legs spring back onto the floor. I struggle to cut the wrists ropes then cut the rope holding my arms behind my back not wanting to waste time untying them, rolling over I sit up and turn off the tens unit and untie the ropes around my legs and ankles then unlock the collar and remove the hood, looking at the clock I figure I had been hogtied and shocked for over three hours.

I am exhausted and drag myself to the kitchen and force myself to stand on the broken boots so I can reach the plate of leftovers and set them on the counter then kneel again in front of it and eat the food greedily. Once finished I drag myself to the garage and sit on the step and begin to cut the fiberglass from around my wrists. Once again I had used too much fiberglass and fought the casts with the cutters having to cut and break each cast until I can pull my hands out of them, the casts over the boots where not as thick and took less time to remove and I was able to unzip the boots and pull them from my aching feet and sit rubbing them until the cramping stops and I can stand and walk to my bedroom.

Seeing the clock I add up the hours and found out I had been casted for over twelve hours, half of that I had spent in some form of a hogtie and have had four ejaculations. I thought not bad to myself as I lay down and went to sleep immediately dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures and none of the ideas included ballet boots of fiberglass casting.

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