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BBF 2: The Pillory

by The Watcher

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continued from part one

This was told to me by Vicky and Suzan. At the moment they are tied up so I will relate the story to you. The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

Part 2: The Pillory

As I lay on the chase lounge chair, sipping a bit of wine, I thought on how I could intensify my latest bondage adventure. I needed something to really impale me. I am going to give it some thought.

I was back at the store on Thursday and wondered how Suzan had survived her session. About mid-afternoon I saw Suzan’s van pull into the grocery store parking space. I saw her get out and walk into the store. Again she walked with a slow swish as she entered the store. A while later she emerged with a cart full of bags. She saw me by the window of the general store and gave me a nod and wave. I wondered if she knew if I had seen her yesterday.

The following Monday, Suzan stopped by the general store to buy a 4 foot piece of 1 ½ PVC pipe, flange and a concrete block. She also picked up a 3 foot section of steel pipe and 12 foot of chain and 2 snap rings. I wondered what she had planned since the addition of the pipe and chain sounded permanent. Than Wednesday around noon Suzan stopped by to buy another 10 pound bag of ice. I was intrigued as to her plans that afternoon. I checked with Kevin to see if I could get off early from work, being it was slow, he said it was OK.

Now this is going to give me a really rough ride. Since the last time was a bit of a vanilla bondage experience I figured I would take it up a notch.

I had the same rig as last time which would spread me out between two trees with a bit of a twist. I had mounted a dildo on the PVC pipe which was on a flange that was bolted to the concrete block that was buried in the ground. I then had threaded the chain through the steel pipe and suspended the chain between the two trees either side of me.

I prepared the same outfit except for a few minor changes. After putting on my rubber cut out bra and pulling my breasts through the rings, I attached the weight to my nipple rings with rubber bands. I hoped that the bouncing weights would increase the stimulation. I lubed my ass and the butt plug and worked that little monster into my tight rear end. After a bit of a struggle I was stuffed again. I put on my rubber hood and secured the Velcro strap. I then popped in the rubber ball into my mouth and attached the Velcro straps behind my head. Next were the earmuffs to block out unwanted stimulation, need to focus on my fantasy.

The short ropes attached to my ankles were replaced by short rubber bungee cords attached to the ground stakes. I had my rubber wrist restraints attached to my wrists, but first, the dildo. My twist on this bondage fantasy was that the dildo was attached to a PVC pipe, which was attached to a flange which was bolted to a concrete block which was set halfway into the ground. I had cut the PVC pipe so that with the dildo attached and my legs spread out on the ground, the dildo would be rammed in me to the hilt. I would have to lift myself up by pulling myself up on the steel pipe suspended between the two trees, like a chin up bar. I would then lower myself on to the dildo, basically impaling myself. The two rubber bungee holding my ankle restraints will spread my legs apart keeping the dildo buried deep in me. Once I start the dildo, I strapped on the blindfold, clip on the wrist restraints to the rope for the ratchet pulley.

Now for the moment of truth. The bucket was filled with ice; the dildo has buzzed indicating it was set to run the program. I was impaled on a dildo and once I pulled the ratchet pulley release, my arms would be pulled out sideways away from the chin up bar so there was no way to get off the dildo until the ice melted. Even if I brought my legs together, I would still be impaled. Plus the rubber bungee would force my legs apart keeping the dildo buried deep inside me while it vibrated away.

It was time, I pulled the release rope, the weight fell, and the ratchet pulley pulled the slack out of the rope for my wrist restraints stretching my arms out. I was impaled for the duration. The dildo started to vibrate and I slowly ground my hips down on the monster. I was in heaven, all thought disappeared and I just concentrated on the impending star filled climax.

So what has Suzan planned for today? The chain, steel pipe, and concrete block sounded severe. I raced over to Suzan’s place, parked about 100 feet away and made my way to her yard. Peeking over the fence I saw she was stretched out again at the same place as last time. I went along the fence and as I was further down, I peeked over and saw she was blindfolded. I then raced around to the front gate and let myself in. I slowly went along the fence and when I was close I checked to see if she was blindfolded and had her earmuffs on. She did.  It was safe for me to come out in front of her.

I was totally amazed at what she had done. She was stretched out and impaled on a vibrating dildo. She was grinding her hips as best as she could while the dildo was buzzing to new heights.

I checked the ice container and saw there was enough for now. I then slowly walked around her taking in her creativeness. The rubber ankle and wrist restraints were the same, the bungee cords on her ankles were keeping her legs spread driving that dildo home. The rubber bands on the weights, for her nipple rings were a great idea. Those little weights were just bouncing away as she ground her hips. The nipples appeared rock hard. What I did not see last time since she was wearing a crotch strap; she has her labia lips pierced with a chrome ring on each side.

I was horny as hell as I watched her writhing on the dildo impaling her. I heard the dildo start to buzz, I wanted to join her so I stripped and lay in front of her. I started to slowly work myself in rhythm with dildo. I brought myself to a climax the same time that Suzan climaxed. I laid there for some time, just staring at Suzan as she slowly started to reach another climax.

I finally cleared my head, got up and checked the ice. It was running a bit low. I decided that she should at least enjoy another hour, so I added some more ice to the bucket. I got my camera phone out and decided I should take a video of Suzan in her glory. I slowly walked around her making sure I had videoed every square inch of her. Then I moved the cooler in front of her and rested the camera on the cooler. I then got close to her and made a video of both of us. I even worked myself up, massaging my breasts and working my pussy as she was stretched out next to me. I could hardly wait to see us together.

I replaced the cooler; got dressed; blew her a kiss and left.  Driving home I though how I could gain her trust. How will I get to share in her fantasies? I have to figure out a way to get on her kinky side. I don’t want to surprise her or force myself on her. Just to share with her.

I got home and it was same routine. Strip; download the video off the phone; get out old knobby; tie up my ankles; start the video on my laptop; and work myself to a screaming climax.

I felt my arms loosen, the ratchet must have released. I undid the blindfold and then I reached up to the chin up pipe I had suspended above me and with great effort pulled myself up to release myself from my tormentor. I lifted myself off the dildo and settled down on the ground. I released the wrist ropes and got down and undid the ankle bungee cords. I was beat; it felt like the session would never end. This session was a real mind blowing experience, climax after climax. I’ll go back to the deck to remove the rest of my gear.

Walking back, I remembered to stop by the birdhouse. I got to the deck and removed the earmuffs, ball gag, and peeled off the rubber hood. I pulled the rings on the Velcro straps for the ankle and wrist restraints and pulled them off. I’ll clean everything tomorrow. I went in and I stopped by the fridge and got some water, I was really thirsty. I got to the shower, set the temperature and got all three shower heads massaging my body. I then noticed that the butt plug was still stuck in my ass. With some effort I finally removed the beast and was able to relax. After a hot shower, food and a few glass of wine before heading for bed.

I was working at the general store and glanced out the window and saw Suzan’s van parked by the food store. So she made it through the impaling. That looked like it would really send you off in fantasy land. I wonder what it was like. I wish I could get closer to Suzan.

Coming out of the store I saw Vicky over at the general store. I gave her a wave and a nod; I would be seeing her soon to get parts for my next erotic build.

It was Monday when I saw Suzan again. She stopped in with her shopping list. This time she was getting some 1 by 12 boards, L-brackets, hinge, wood screws and another length of PVC and steel pipe. I asked what her new project was and she said she was building a gardening table. My mind could not fathom what she was really building, and then putting herself through some wild bondage. I can only wish I could join her. I did not want to force myself on her or blackmail her into friendship. But this time I asked for Wednesday afternoon off. I hope that was her day of play.

This was going to be a unique build. I decided to build a pillory with a twist. Instead of me standing with my head and hands stuck in the pillory, I would be kneeling. The pillory would be suspended between two boards with elongated holes on either side so the pillory could slide back and forth in the elongated holes. A pipe on the pillory would be mounted on the lower half to slide in the holes giving me about 4 inches of travel.

With a bit of work I built an upside down bench with the legs facing up, cutting 2 elongated horizontal holes in the legs, I mounted the pillory. The pillory had two holes cut out for the wrists, which I padded with rubber covered foam. I placed a wooden block by the wrist holes so I had something to grip. For the opening for my neck I placed rubber covered foam in the opening and padded the area where my shoulders would be resting. I screwed this pillory assembly to two 1 by 12 boards which were cover with rubber covered foam to protect my knees.

It’s Wednesday morning and time to put the finishing touches to my pillory plunger. I had the pillory mounted by the end of the deck, using the screw in anchors and some rope I secured the assembly to the ground. I now placed the PVC pipe with attached dildo on the deck, using clamps. I extended the pipe so that when I was locked in the pillory the dildo was rammed in my pussy. With trial and error I found the sweet spot to where I could rock back and forth in the pillory and the dildo would never come out.

I attached my ratchet pulley timer and checked that it would first lock me in the pillory and when the ice melted release me. I had picked my monster dildo with an external power supply and vibration mode for this session. This dildo had huge nub’s that reminded me of treads on a snow tire, this was going to send me to another level. Now it was time to get the ice.

I saw Suzan stopped into the grocery store and come out with a load of wine. Looks like Suzan was having a party. She came across the street to the general store and picked up a 10 pound bag of ice. I asked if she was having a party, and she said the wine was on sale and was a great buy. I asked her how the garden bench was coming along and she said it was finished and she was going to christen it this afternoon. I just wondered what kind of bench and what pagan ritual she would be performing on it.

Getting home, I stocked the wine cooler with wine and had a light meal. Now it was time for some extreme fun. I got out the rubber hood, and decided to add a rubber collar to change things around. I stripped and put on ankle restraint and chose a short rope to bind my ankles to the board. I got my rubber bra and strapped it in place and pulled my breasts through the openings, I just loved how they stood out like melons. I decided to use rubber bands for the nipple weights, during the last session I loved how they just bounced and pulled on the nipple rings. Since I was using a monster dildo, I decided to use a smaller stainless steel butt plug, I loved the weight and the blue crystal reflecting out of my butt looked cute. I got the hood on, collar and popped in the ball gag. I strapped on the earmuffs and went outside, first stopping at the birdhouse, then to mount my contraption.

I filled the bucket with some ice for a 2 hour session. Set the drop weight rope near me and got ready to launch myself into climax nirvana. I knelt on the board and slowly slid back till the dildo tip slid about 2 inches into my pussy, I pressed the dildo launch button. It gave a short buzz to indicate it was ready to give me a pounding.  I then strapped down my legs. I put on my blindfold and placed my neck in the lower half of the pillory, I slowly lowered the top half of the pillory down on to my wrists and neck. I pulled the drop release cord and the racket pulley pulled and locked the pillory down. I was in for the duration.

The dildo gave a short buzz, I slowly rocked back driving the dildo slowly deep inside me. The huge nubs were just rubbing me to an eye opening experience. I had to go slow since this dildo was a real rough rider. Until I was really lubed up it would be slow going.

As the rhythm of the dildo quickened its pace, I started to rock back and forth slowly, to get my pussy juices flowing. The pillory limited me to a 4 inch stroke which was enough to drive the dildo home when I backed up and still be well into me when I leaned forward. This is what I have been looking for; to bring me to another level, it was painful but erotic.

As I became well lubricated I started to drive myself faster to finally match the pulsations of the dildo. I was like a woman possessed driving myself quicker on to that monster dildo till I tried to scream in ecstasy for the climax I was having. The ball gag reduced my scream to a low moan. I was passed everything but the mind blowing climax. I had to stop my rocking to catch my breath. I was exhaling passed the ball gag, my lips flapping. This was exhilarating. The dildo came to life again and I slowly started to do another round of driving myself on to that monster.

Leaving the general store I rushed over to Suzan’s house to see what exotic contraption she has created; and decided to torture herself on. I parked 100 feet from her house as usual, and made a quick trip to the fence. Quickly looking over the fence to the stand of trees at the back of the property, I was disappointed. She was not there. I wondered if maybe she was behind the gazebo. I followed along the fence and checked, but again was disappointed. Then I looked back toward the house and I saw Suzan on all fours in front of the deck. I was excited to see her. I checked and saw she was wearing the hood, getting closer going along the fence I saw she had on her blindfold and earmuffs. It was safe for me to proceed. I quickly raced around the house, through the gate and was sneaking up on my prey.

She had done it again; she was on all fours, rubber hood, ball gag, blindfold and earmuffs. What was different was the rubber collar she was wearing while locked in the pillory. The rubber bra had her tits stuck out like blimps, with the weights bouncing on the rubber bands attached to the nipple rings. The new addition of the gem encrusted butt plug looked so cute. What I was amazed at was the dildo mounted on the PVC pipe fastened to the deck. It looked monstrous. She was rocking back and forth on this monster at an astounding rate, her pussy juices were starting to froth. I could hear the dildo buzzing like crazy, her heavy breathing and seeing her sweat soaked body. She finally climaxed and slumped, breathing in though her nose and exhaling around her ball gag. She must be in nirvana.

I so wanted to touch her and tell her I was there but resisted the idea fearing she would resent me for spying. I thought the next best thing would be to enjoy myself next to her. I checked to make sure there was enough ice in the bucket, stripped, sat on the deck stairs and waited till she started another session. I heard the vibrator do a short buzz, and saw her start to ram herself on to that monster dildo, I did my best to finger myself to the rhythm of the dildo and went into a pleasure state myself.

After some time, coming out of a hazy state, I decided to take a video of my little chubby cheeks working herself into a frenzy. I circled her with my video phone and got all the lurid details of her self-bondage. The pillory was a nice touch, having her secure and impaled on that monster dildo. The weight bouncing, tugging on her nipple rings, the monster dildo reaming her with her pussy juices foaming around her pussy. And of course, the blue gemmed butt plug, framed by her chubby cheeks. Before leaving I decided to do another selfie with her. I move the cooler around to the front of her, placed the camera phone on the cooler and sat it up on a towel to make sure she was in focus. I then stepped into the frame and did some poses around her: I straddled her and crouched down and gave a big smile as I fingered myself facing the camera, then knelt by her ass and appeared to give her a kiss. I would have loved to but dared not.

I replaced the cooler. I got dressed, checked her ice supple and decided to add another handful of ice to her timing bucket. What else could a good friend do! As I left, I blew her a kiss. I so wanted to become her friend, but she never came into town to party, just supplies, but what supplies they were.

The routine was the same. I drove back home, downloaded the video on to my laptop, stripped, got out some rope, got old knobby out and drove myself into a frenzy.

I felt that the pillory upper frame was loose; the ice bucket must be empty. I used my wrists to lift the hinged top bracket off me, and leaned forward to get myself off that monster dildo. It was a relief in one sense since I felt like a dish rag, but a sadness that the stars had passed. But I was sore as hell. I unbound my ankles and rolled over on the grass to stretch out. That was the best session I have had but did make me sore as hell from that monster dildo driving into me.

I got up and decided to get a shower. I first stopped at the birdhouse. I got inside and drank a tall glass of water. I was off to the shower, this time I stretched my nylon hammock across the shower stall so I was positioned under the triple shower head. I set the temperature, and laid down on the hammock and let the water spray over my body, the warm water revitalized me. After drying off, a bite to eat and many large glasses of wine before bed. I dreamed of the last session and the explosions of stars I had in the pillory, but it was a rough ride.


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