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BBF 3: Exercising with a Twist

by The Watcher

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Storycodes: Solo-F+; Sbf; outdoors; rope; zipties; rubber; cuffs; hood; bfold; gag; nipple; tail; weights; exercise; toys; insert; voy; video; mast; climax; cons; X

continued from part two

This was told to me by Vicky and Suzan. At the moment they are tied up so I will relate the story to you. The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

Part 3: Exercising with a Twist

I was at work on Thursday and work was slow. I saw Suzan stopped in town for groceries. I saw she was walking a bit slower, maybe a bit bowlegged. Looks like that monster she was riding did a number on her tight little pussy. I don’t think I could ride that monster dildo the way she did, but then it would be an experience. If Suzan asked me to do it, I would gladly impale myself on it just to prove my friendship.

Suzan then stopped into the general store and asked if we carried 4 inch PVC pipe and fittings. I told her we did and she said she would stop by in a few days to pick some up. I just wondered what she would be doing with 4 inch pipe. I hope she was not planning a larger impaler, which would be excruciating.

The following Monday a package arrived for Suzan. It was a 3 foot tube mailer from “F Limited Enterprises” Since she was at the outskirts of town she had a PO Box at the general store. She seldom got mail, but since it was a package I called her and told her there was a package for her. She sounded delighted once I told her where it was from. I offered to drive it out to her after I got off work but she said she would stop by to pick it up Wednesday. I was disappointed since I would have loved to stop by her place and maybe start up a friendship.

The following Wednesday Suzan stopped at the general store and said she need a gas can. I asked her what size and she figured a 2 gallon jug would be sufficient. Asking her why the jug, she needed to cut the grass in the backyard. I asked what happened to Jake and she said he retired and her grass was getting tall. She also picked up the package. She looked at the length and felt the heft of the package and she smiled. I wonder would form of torture I had handed her, the package intrigued me.

It was time to cut the grass, but first I had to get my gardening outfit on. I got on a red pair of sneakers, and decided to do a bit of nude gardening with a twist. I decide to wear my rubber hood with the earmuffs to drown out the noise of the mower. The rubber bra with the cups cut out was also added to give my melons some support. The weights with rubber bands attached to my nipple rings to give my nips a bit of an arousal.  I did not want the ball gag since I would be pushing the mower and did not want to run out of breath. Now for the new toys, I thought they were cute and I couldn’t wait to try them out.

It was 1 o’clock and time to go. I was not going over to Suzan’s since she said she would be cutting grass. But then I saw how she glowed when I handed her the long tube mailer and decided that I could just stop by for a peek.

I got near her house and parked 100 feet away and made my way to the house. I heard the lawn mower going so I snuck up to the fence. I waited till it sounded like the lawn mower was going further away and peaked over the fence. What a surprise! This girl does do things in her own kinky fashion. There she was pushing a mower wearing red sneakers, her rubber hood, and a rubber collar. What amazed me was the new item to her outfit. She had a 2 foot long red devils tail hanging from her ass. So that was the packaged she was so happy to get. I had to get a picture but she was too far away. I waited till she came back to this end of the yard and turned around; I popped up and did a quick video as she walked away.

She was walking with a definite swish in her walk to make the tail swing back and forth. I wanted to get a front view but since she was not wearing a blindfold I could not pop up from the fence. I decided to see if I could at least get a side view so I went along the fence near the back. There was a stump I could stand on so I waited till she just passed me and popped up and did a short video catching her side. She was wearing that rubber bra strap with the cups cut out which made her tits stand out like blimps. I could see little weights bouncing from the nipple rings, and the tail swishing about.

As I was about to hop off the stump I noticed what maybe a knothole in the fence at the back of the yard. With nothing to lose I went to the back of the yard and found a knothole about 3 feet off the ground about mid yard. I waited till she was coming back from the front, in line with the knothole and stuck the lens in the knothole and started the video. Watching the screen I could see her coming toward me, she appeared to be singing, with the nipple weights bouncing, and you could see the red tail swishing behind her. She turned right in front of me and started to go back to the front of the yard. So I got a pretty good video of her front and rear.

I watched for a bit and was going to leave when she stopped by the gazebo. She turned off the mower. Then she put one foot on the gazebo landing, and reached down between her legs and pulled on a black string. Out popped 2 Ben-Waa balls. I got the video going again hoping for some new revelations. She pulled a cooler forward and dropped in the balls and pulled out a big bottle of water. She leaned back against the gazebo, and started to guzzle the water. She then let the bottle leave her lips and the water splashed down her tits, she then thrust out her pelvis and drained the remaining water over her pussy. Now if that wasn’t a great visual for a commercial to sell bottled water.

She dropped the empty bottle back into the cooler and removed the Ben-Waa balls. She rubbed them in her hands for a minute and lifted her leg and slowly popped the balls back into her pussy. I could see that those cold ball sent shivers up her spine. She then bent over, wiggled her ass to make the tail flick, and started the mower. She was hard at work cutting the grass and I was horny.

The routine was the same. I drove back home, downloaded the video on to my laptop, stripped, got out some rope, got old knobby out and drove myself into a frenzy.

That was tiring; I did not think I was that much out of shape. I am going to have to start doing some exercises and not just impaling my pussy. With the lawn done, I pushed the mower into the garage. I removed the rubber collar, peeled off the rubber hood, and removed the nipple weights. A tug on the string and the Ben-Waa balls popped out of my pussy. Now the hard part, I reached back and grabbed the devils tail, I found the tiny valve and deflated the butt plug and gently removed the tail from my ass.

It felt great, wearing the butt plug/tail, inflating the plug maintained that the tail would stay in, and while walking, the swish of the tail tugged on my tiny butt hole. The Ben-Waa balls made the feeling extra special, especially when the Ben-Waa balls were chilled. I decided to relax in the gazebo spa; I took a short shower at the side of the Gazebo, raised the cover, turned on the jets to full and slipped into the spa. I then dropped my ass into an inner tube, sinking low into the tube and positioned my pussy right up to one of the pulsing jets. I slowly started to feel my body tensing up as I came to a satisfying climax. I then floated around the spa and just let my mind drift.

It was late Saturday afternoon when Suzan showed up at the general store. I was surprised since she usual stopped in on Mondays and Wednesday. Still I was happy to see her and asked her what she needed. She said that she finally needed that 4 inch PVC pipe. I asked her how much and she had a list of both 8 foot long pipe and 4 foot long. I cut the 8 foot pieces in half. She also needed various elbows and T fittings, than there was the assortment of I-bolts, and pulleys for the project. I asked what this was for and Suzan replied she was building an exercise center.

She said that after mowing the lawn she found out how out of shape she had become. I suppose just being stretched out and impaled was not really a way to tone up. I helped her load the van. I asked if she needed help building it, that I could help. She thanked me and said she could do it and she was off on another build. I thought about it and all that came to mind was some sort of bondage device to impale her. Rats another failed opportunity. Oh, how?

After feverously working on my new exercise center I was done. It consisted of a rectangular frame made out of PVC pipe. It was 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 4 feet high. I had mounted pulleys at the four corners along the top PVC pipe at the foot end and head end. This would give me some weight training; I could either stand at one end or lay in the rectangle and pull on the ropes to lift weights. This was a lot cheaper than buying a weight machine. The added benefit was that I could convert this into some sort of bondage device at a later time.

Now to see if my device will work as I had planned it. First I need weights. Nothing too heavy, gallon containers of water would give me a nice workout. So I went off to the store to pick up four gallons of water. As I was loading the gallon of water into the van, I noticed Vicky watching me at the general store. She seems nice and always tried to be helpful. I gave her a wave and lifted one of the gallons of water and did a curl with it to show I was exercising. She broke out in a smile. Then I was off home to get my gear on and do a little exercising.

First things first, I will need my wrist and ankle restraints, a neck restraint to keep it straight, my rubber bra to keep my tits out, a rubber band for the nipple rings, and the rubber hood. I foregone the dildo since I would be exercising but the Ben Waa balls from last time rubbed me the right way. I thought a small stainless steel butt plug with the blue crystal end would feel nice. A blindfold and earmuffs to be able to concentrate on the exercise, OK maybe an iPod with some tunes to keep a rhythm to the exercise.

I laid out a 4 foot by 8 foot rubber sheet so I would not be lying on the grass. I positioned the gallon bottles of water at the corners and attached the rope to each. I then pulled each one up and secured the rope in a locking cleat, so that when I was secure, I would pull on the rope and the rope would pull out of the locking cleat and I would have to use my muscles to raise and lower the weights. Lying on the rubber sheet, I secured a large rubber belt from my waist at either side to the lower PVC pipe at the center to keep me grounded. Did not want to slide around and not get my reps in. All was ready, ankles and wrist secure, waist secure, slipped on the blindfold, and earmuffs, turned on the iPod for a set of cool oldies and I was ready for my adventure into weight training.

I pulled on the ropes attached to my ankle restraints and the ropes popped out of the locking cleats and the gallon water bottles went down pulling my feet up and legs spread out. I then retracted my arms and the ropes pop out of the locking cleats, the gallon bottles went down, and my arms spread out and up. Well this part worked well. I was sort of spread eagle with both my arms and legs raised. Now to see how the exercising goes. I first tried my arms and did some pulling exercise, brought my arm down and back, then the other arm. This was working well.

Now for my legs, I pulled my legs together, then down, then apart, then up. This was great. I did a bit of bicycling peddling with my legs and it worked great. Now to get into a routine with first my legs and then my arms; I was off to get my muscles toned. When the next tune started I started my routine and was singing to the oldies.

I was thinking twice about going over to Suzan’s, last time it was her mowing the lawn. It was interesting but did not have that twist, OK it was twisted but I was at a distance, I sort of felt left out. I finally decided that it could not hurt to just get a peek of her exercising. I drove down to my usual spot and parked. I slowly approached the fence since I did not know if she would be blindfolded; as I approached the fence I heard a terrible screaming coming from the yard. I quickly rushed to the fence and peeked over, to my satisfaction I saw it was Suzan; she was in her exercise contraption and singing. She does have a lovely voice; unfortunately she can’t carry a tune. I saw she had on her blindfold and earmuffs but I did not see her ice timing mechanism. Would I be safe to get closer to her? I figured that if she stopped and started to remove her restraints, I could quickly run to the gate and escape.

I went around and though the gate and carefully approached Suzan. There she was; legs working up and down and her singing her heart out to the oldies. Well, not actually what I would call singing. Still she presented a vision of loveliness. Seeing that she was not bound to a timing device, I needed to be observant to her actions. If she started to remove her restraints, I would need to move quickly.

She was wearing her rubber hood with a blindfold and earmuffs. A rubber posture collar kept her neck straight, and a waist harness kept her in the center of the contraption. The ankle and wrists restraints were attached to gallon water bottles by black rope through the pulleys attached to the upper support of the PVC frame. She did some nice touches, her rubber bra forced her tits to stick out like blimps, and a rubber band was stretched from one nipple ring to the other. As her tits jiggled the band would keep pulling the nipples together. Checking on her chubby cheeks, I saw that she had tied a zip tie to her two labia rings, there was a rubber string hanging from her pussy. I could only imagine that it was the Ben Waa balls from the lawn mowing adventure. I also got a glimpse of a blue jeweled plug in her butt.

The girl is adventurous. I decided to quickly do a full circle video of her with my camera phone. I especially like the shots I took of her pussy and chubby cheeks. The legs up and spread, the chrome labia rings tied together with the zip tie, and her chubby cheeks with the blue jeweled butt plug. The nipples being bound together with the rubber band was another interesting sight. Her tits trying to spread apart and the nipples being pulled together by the rubber band looked exciting.

I watched as she exercised; first the arms for 10 reps, then the legs for another 10, a bit of a rest and back to the same routine. She was working up a bit of a sweat so it must be working. I watched mesmerized, I just need to get off. I figured that I could get away if I saw her trying to remove her restraints. I quickly stripped and decided to stand behind her and keep one hand on the PVC pipe and work myself to an orgasm. I was working myself to the rhythm of her exercises and slowly started to climax when Suzan stopped.

She reached for her wrist restraint and started to strip the Velcro for a release. I was right in the middle of an orgasm, but I knew I could not stay. I quickly grabbed my phone and clothes, and went straight for the gate. I was still naked as I walked around the house, and I stopped by the fence. I peeked over the fence and watched Suzan strip off her gear. I leaned against the fence and watched, slowly working myself. Suzan was out of her restraints and was stripping off her blindfold, and earmuffs, then the rubber posture collar.

As she slowly walked back to the house she reached behind herself and with a bit of effort removed a silver butt plug. She stood on the deck and she picked up a pair of snips and reached between her legs and cut the zip tie, she then pulled out a pair of silver Ben Waa balls. Suzan then disappeared into the house. I finished myself off, and in a haze walked back to my truck. I just put on my top and threw the jeans, panties and bra on the floor of the truck. I regained some strength and drove home needing some food and a nap.

What a work out. I really feel that I got a bit of muscle tone. I might as well go out to the spa and soak a bit. Need to stop at the birdhouse anyway.

The spa was a warm bubbling retreat to rest my sore muscles. Thinking about the exercising session, it was a nice workout but I need a bit of light bondage to stimulate my fantasy side. Something simple, with not too much exhilaration, I just need a simple fantasy. I would like to be a little more adventurous but I always chicken out.

Suzan stopped by the general store on Wednesday around noon. I was worried since she usually stops by earlier. She was looking at the selection on maps we had on the wall. I ask her if she needed something specific. Suzan wanted a map of just the local area. The best we had was a typical road map of the county. Then I remembered that the village had an aerial map done a few years ago of just our area. I told her about it, she was very interested and asked where she could get a copy. I told her that it was at the Village Hall, but she would have to put in a request and it was $4 a sheet and wait a few days.

She sighed, but then I said that I could get her the maps today after work for free. She asked how, and I said I worked there once in a while and knew the right person. She agreed. I told her I could drop them off after 6.  Since I worked till 5 and then had to copy the sheets when I got off of work, and got home to change, shower and eat; it would have be after 6. She thought about it and said she would supply a dinner for doing her this favor. She asked if I like chicken salad and wine. I said great. She asked again if I could show up any earlier than 6 and I said it would be impossible. She then got a 10 pound bag of ice. I knew when she got the ice she was planning a bit of bondage.

I was elated, I was going over Suzan’s house and I was invited.  I was getting on her good side with the maps. Now I needed to impress her.

Since I actually got off at 1pm I had time to prepare. At 1 I shot out the door and made it down to the Village Hall. I saw Ralph, and he helped me get the copies of the aerial maps I needed. I then raced home to prepare myself for my meeting with Suzan.

I finished making the chicken salad and put 2 bottles of wine in the cooler. I still had time for a little light bondage before Vicky shows up with the maps. I’ll keep it simple. I ran 4 ground stakes deep into the ground. I set up my ice ratchet timer at the head of the stakes, and laid out a 4 by 6 rubber sheet. I slipped on my ankle and wrist restraints and secured down the Velcro. I thought that balloons would be nice and tied up 6 by the stakes. I pulled on my rubber hood and secured the Velcro strap. A posture collar would be a nice addition.

I pulled on the rubber bra and pulled my tits through the reinforced openings so they stood out like melons. I got the ball gag in and secured the strap behind my head. The earmuffs were then strapped on and I left the blindfold loose around my neck. I got out my stainless steel blue crystal headed butt plug. The dildo had to be my monster multi-phase dildo. I wanted to be driven to the wall. I placed enough ice in the bucket to give me an hour and a half session. I wanted to have at least a half hour before Vicky showed up, then I thought about it and decided that I would cut it closer and added a bit more ice to raise the excitement.

I popped in the stainless steel butt plug, spread my legs apart and slowly slid the monster dildo into my hot pussy; I pushed it in deep, and then attached a zip tie between my labia rings to hold the dildo in. I attached the rope with snap rings to the ankle stakes. I then attached them to my ankle restraints. I attached the helium balloons, 3 to each nipple ring and let out the string about 20 feet so the breeze would buffet the balloons around. They would tug my nipples in different directions depending on the wind.

I slipped my finger into my pussy and found the dildo switch and pressed it on. I felt a slight buzz indicating that it was ready to run the program. I put on my blindfold and secured it behind my head.  Stretching out I reached the wrist ropes that were routed through the wrist ground stakes to the ratchet pulley. I attached the snap rings, and then I pulled the release to drop the weight, this wound the rope on the ratchet pulley and pull my arms out spread eagle. I was now at the mercy of the melting ice. I hope I did not over do the ice; I wanted the release to be close to Vicky’s arrival to increase the excitement of being caught.

I got home and took a quick shower; I took the razor and made sure that my body was as smooth as a babies butt. I paid special attention to my pussy; I wanted it to be as smooth as Suzan’s. A quick rub down with my favorite body lotion. What to wear, I was like a school girl going on her first date, what to wear. I thought that my red lace bra and panties would be sweet. Then what; a skirt and blouse? No, Suzan always dresses simply.

Then I remember I had a pair of white cotton stretch boy shorts and a small white tight stretch tank top. I quickly slipped them on and found that the red underwear showed through. I looked sort of slutty. I slipped off the clothes and removed the red underwear; just the boy shorts looked great and natural. The tank top was a bit long so I cut off 4 inches from the bottom. When I slipped it on I noticed that it was a little short. It just covers my boobs but was snug and looked sexy. I check the clock, it was a quarter to 5, and I had better get going. I wanted to see if Suzan would be doing a quickie session before I got there.



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