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BBF 4: "The Discovery"

by The Watcher

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continued from part three

This was told to me by Vicky and Suzan. At the moment they are tied up so I will relate the story to you. The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

Part 4: "The Discovery"

I drove down to Suzan’s and stopped 100 feet from the house since I was early. I did not want to surprise her if she was not tied up. I slowly approached the fence and saw some balloons floating overhead. I thought that was sweet, she got some balloons for me. I peeked over the fence and to my amazement I saw Suzan spread eagle in front of the deck. Her ice timer had her locked in place till her release.

What was really unusual were the balloons, she had them tied to her. Since she was blindfold, I felt safe to sneak up and get a closer look. I went around the house and got out my camera phone and started taking a video of Suzan. I then noticed that the balloons were tied to her nipple rings. This girl does have an imagination. I liked it. I thought about it and I decided to add a bit more ice to her timing bucket. This way I could show up on time, and catch her in the act. She would think she just miscalculated the amount of ice need for the timer. I then ran back to the truck and parked it out in front of her house.

The vibrator was doing its best to keep me in a state of ecstasy. Sweat was pouring off my body and pooling on the rubber sheet making it slick. I wiggled my butt and I slid about a bit, making the dildo shift and buzz in the right spots. My head was wrapped so there were no sensory inputs, and being stretched out, my nipples being tugged on by the balloons, and the monster dildo was doing a number on me. I was in heaven. I had lost count of the number of organisms, from small quakes to full blown body wrenching spasms.

I got back from parking my truck in front. Seeing Suzan I decided to start taking some more video, she looked hot, stretched out and squirming in her restraints. After another circuit of taking videos from all angles I decided to sit down on the deck steps and wait. Starring at Suzan I noticed that she had set up her self-bondage rig between two in ground sprinkler heads. I thought about it and decided that it would be even better, rescuing her from a drenching. I looked around the back of the house and found the sprinkler timer, it was set for 6 AM; I just flicked the switch to the PM setting. I would just say that these systems sometimes just slip a gear. I went back and watched as Suzan was squirming, I knew she was enjoying herself, she, not knowing the surprise coming her way.

This session was just a constant rollercoaster of pleasure. It could not be any better. WHAT THE HELL! Is it raining, what is going on? I was being soaked. The cold water felt good at first, but I started to get goose bumps, and I was tensing up to keep warm.

It was 6, the sprinklers went off. Suzan was squirming about; I wonder what she was thinking. I got my camera phone out and started walking around her, getting soaked in the process, and taking another video. It was amazing to watch as she just continued to squirm. I decided to finally finish videoing and placed the phone on the deck. Looking up, I noticed myself in the picture window; my outfit had gone from white cotton to a see thru outfit. I was amazed and thought I looked great. I thought that this would seal the friendship between us, me basically naked and her in her rubber fun suit.

WHAT! Someone touched my shoulder. I felt the blindfold being pulled off. I tried to slide away, but being spread eagled there were no options. As my eyes focused I saw that it was Vicky, I was caught! Vicky was saying something but my earmuffs were blocked out all sounds. She finally peeled off the earmuffs and I could hear her saying, “Are you OK?”

I blinked my eyes since the collar did not allow head movement. She asked if I wanted the sprinkler off. I blinked again. I just thought, did she think I had the sprinkler set for myself. She came back in a moment and said that she could not find the control box. I motioned my eyes to the left, and she took off again, while I was being soaked by the sprinkler. The sprinkler stopped and I felt the sun starting to warm me up. Vicky came back and stood next to me. I saw that her outfit had become see thru and she looked sexy.

"So this is the exercise equipment you were building. I do have to admit that it could tone certain muscles!"

I just blushed.

"Do you want to help you out of this?"

I just "Mrffed".

I guess it’s hard to talk with a ball gag and then I released the Velcro holding it in.

After clearing my throat I told her to dump the ice in the bucket by my head. She dumped the ice, the pawl released the gear and I could pull my arms together and release my wrist restraints. I then slid down the rubber sheet and released my ankle restraints. I slowly got to my feet and smiled at Vicky and said, "Thanks for saving me". Vicky wanted to say something, but I said we would talk later. I walked to the deck, with the balloons still pulling on my nipple rings.

Suzan looked hot. I could see her nipples being tugged by the balloons, and she walked a bit bow legged. Must be that dildo trying to push out.

I got to the deck, picked up the snips and cut the zip tie on my labia rings and let the dildo slide out. It was still wildly buzzing, and I turned it off. I could see Vicky’s eyes as she watched me pull the monster out. I think she was excited. I then cut the strings on the balloons and watched them drift off into the sky. I gave my tits a gentle rub especially the nipples. I peeled off the rubber bra, pulling my tits through the reinforced openings. I pulled on the Velcro straps and pulled off the ankle and wrist restraints. I then pulled on the Velcro strap for the rubber hood and peeled it off my face. I still had a bit of a blush as I looked at Vicky. The last item was the butt plug. I felt a bit embarrassed so I turned away from Vicky and popped out the stainless steel butt plug and dropped it in to the bucket with all the other rubber items.

I looked at Vicky and she was hot. That see thru outfit made her look sexy. The look on her face was amazing as I slowly removed each item of enjoyment. I could see in her eyes that she wanted to try out the items. I told her I was cold and wanted a shower and to follow me. She followed, and we went into the laundry room. I told her to slip off her outfit and I would give it a rinse in the washer. Vicky promptly stripped and handed me her outfit. Her body was nicely tanned, smooth and taunt. I led her through my bedroom to the master bathroom. I saw her eyes widen.

Suzan’s place was nice. I stripped in the laundry room for her, it was exciting. I felt that our friendship would blossom. I followed her like a puppy dog from the laundry room to the master bedroom; I expected it to be draped with ropes, pulleys and hooks. It was an elegant room with a king size bed and a red bedspread. The master bathroom was immense, beside the sinks, toilet and tub, there was a huge glass block wall circling the shower. I was amazed. I started to walk toward the shower and noticed that it was a window looking into the shower. The entrance was at the side.

Suzan led me to the entrance of the shower and programmed the water temperature, when the light turned green she stepped into the shower. I followed; the area was large, 8 feet by 8 feet. There were multiple shower heads, and the water was spraying in all directions. Suzan went to the soap dispenser on the wall and got a handful of soap and told me to soap up. I pumped a handful and proceeded to soap myself. Suzan said we should do each other’s backs. I turned around and Suzan grabbed my shoulder and twisted me forward, "This is the way to do our backs". She hugged me tight with her soapy body and started to rub my back with soap.

I started to rub Suzan’s back and we just squirmed together and lathered up. I did reach down and finally got to caress her chubby cheeks, Suzan just purred. After rinsing, we got out of the shower. Toweling off Suzan told me to meet her in the kitchen for dinner and we would talk. I was just happy to be with her. I nodded and she walked off as I finished drying myself. Wrapping a towel around myself, I went off to the kitchen.

When I got there I saw Suzan bent over looking in the refrigerator buck naked. I slipped back to the bathroom and left the towel there. I walked back into the kitchen naked and sat down at the table. Suzan had set the table and brought out some chicken salad and wine. We both dove into the food and stuffed ourselves. After diner, Suzan finally decided that we should talk. We took our wine out to the deck and relaxed on the chase lounge chairs. Sitting there naked Suzan started first.

"Well Vicky, you know my secret. I hope you can keep this to yourself".

I told Suzan I understood that everyone has ways of relaxing and that I had indulged in similar activities, and for her not to worry.

Suzan was pleased and asked me to what extent. I told her about the guy in college, being tied up spread eagle and my personal bits of self-bondage in my bedroom, but nothing to the extent that I had seen her do today. She just smiled.

I asked her what had gotten her to this level of self-indulgence and she proceeded to explain.

"It started in my sophomore year in college, I pledged to a sorority and got in and was sharing a room with a junior. I came back from class early one day, and found my roommate Beth tied up naked on her bed. At first I thought that some of the other girls had hazed her. I started to help her out of her bondage then she got furious. I then realized that she had done this to herself. Beth wanted to be restrained until the ice timer released her. I just sat and watched in amazement as she struggled and squirmed, I could tell that she was really enjoying herself from the moans and spasms she was having. The ice melted and she struggled to release herself".

"After Beth had composed herself she asked me how I felt. I was both astonished and amazed. I asked her why? She just said that it took her to a wonderful place in her id and washed away all other problems. She asked if I would like to try, she would show me the ropes, so to speak. I decided not to at that time, but I did become her safety person. Later in the year as school tensions mounted I decided maybe self-bondage would relax me. I asked Beth for a bit of help and she got me started. I got hooked on self-bondage from then on".

"I was happy to see Beth graduate, near the end she started to become a real pain slut. That was something I was not interested in doing. I just like to get off while being naked and bound. My next roommate, she was there to find herself a husband, all she talked about was her wedding plans".

"After I graduated in industrial design, I got a job in San Francisco for a place that made displays for show and conventions. Living in a town house did not allow me to do any outdoor self-bondage; the common area was too public. I tried going camping, but always chickened out. I was always afraid I would be lost and stuck in the woods. When I inherited this place I decided that since it was paid for, I had a lot of equity in my townhouse and my grandparents left me a trust fund, I would work as a consultant for my old company. And here we are, two naked girls discussing self-bondage. Life could not get any better".

I was amazed by Suzan’s story. I asked her then why she needed local maps since she had this big back yard to spread herself out, so to speak. She said that she wanted to take it up another notch, make it a bit more risky. She said that she was cutting it close with today’s session just to get a bit more of the excitement, maybe getting caught. I did not want to tell her that she has been watched and videoed for some time now; my secret.

We spread out the sheets to form a map. I showed her; her property, the county forest preserve and then the town, beach and where I lived. Then there were the dunes south of the beach and secret cove. She asked about secret cove, but I told her it was a local name and everyone knew where it was. I told her I had done one self-bondage trip down there a few years ago.

"So you did a bit of outdoor self-bondage. How was it? Could you tell me more about your adventure? It sounds wicked".

I explained that after going out to the local bar and closing it, I got back a bit tipsy. It was 1 in the morning, on a hot July night and I was feeling horny. I had gotten 2 pair of shackles from when I volunteered to clean out the jail house. The reason there were being tossed was that each set had one of the locks broken. I cut off the bad shackle on each set and screw linked the good ones together and epoxied the threads on the link. I had played with them in the bedroom and the backyard on occasion and they did give me a thrill.

For some crazy reason I decided it would be exciting to strip naked and use the shackles as handcuffs. I placed the shackles so my wrists would be locked behind me. There were two keys, one for each shackle which I left on the kitchen table. I went out my back yard and through some woods and was soon out on the dunes south of the public beach. I figured this late at night no one would be out. It was exhilarating.

I don’t know why I decided to go further down the dunes, it was just crazy. Next thing I knew I was by the sandstone outcroppings not too far away from secret cove. I decided to go for it; I figured a cool dip would be great. I got to secret cove and plunged into the water. It was refreshing. I then got to the shore line and decided to lay on the beach and let the water lap at my feet. I don’t know what happen but I must have passed out. Next thing I know, the sun was coming up. Here I am about 4 miles from home, naked and my wrists shackled behind me.

I was in a panic state and got myself moving. I headed back toward my house figuring that no one would be out this early on a Sunday. I found it hard to climb up in the sand dunes with my hands shackled behind me. I was making good time, and then I heard voices. I raced back and climbed a small dune and lay behind it. There were a bunch of teens going to secret cove, dragging a cooler and air mattresses. I hid till they passed and decided to walk along the top of the dunes to keep out of sight.

I saw a few people that were taking pictures by the sandstone cliffs and was careful to keep low to avoid them. I got near my property, just had to make it through a small wooded area that bordered my property. I made it to my back gate and quickly got into my house. I got the keys off the kitchen counter, but the keys would not go into the locks. I was worried I was stuck. I could see the village headline news, “Cuffed Naked Girl Rescued by Volunteer Fire Department”.

I panicked a bit. I then figured that the key holes most likely filled with sand. I got into my shower and worked water into the key holes to flush out the sand. I tried the keys again. One of the locks released one of the shackles. At least now if I could not get the other one off I could at least get dressed. After much cursing, spraying water and lubricant in to the key hole, it finally released. I prompted took the shackles and dumped them in the garbage. I was not going to do something that stupid again.

Suzan asked how I felt during the whole ordeal; waking up shackled and naked on the beach, running naked through the sand dunes, and the possibility of being stuck in the shackles.

I had to admit that there was an element of excitement that I had not had before when doing self-bondage in the bedroom. I did have a bit of that excitement when I had first done a bit of simple self-bondage in the backyard but after a few sessions, that too disappeared.

That’s why I’m looking for a more public spot to do a bit of self-bondage. I can stimulate myself to the max with my toys, but there is an element missing and I want to try it.

I told Suzan that I understood and would help her any way I could. We looked over the maps and I suggested that maybe for a first time experiment that the County Forest Preserve would be a good choice. It bordered her property, had a 5 mile groomed trail through wooded terrain ending up at a picnic pavilion. She seemed keen on the area, and we decided to visit the area Sunday, since that was my day off.

After the plans were made for the excursion, we started to talk about this last self-bondage session. I was interested to try her latest rig, but Suzan said maybe another time since we were a bit tipsy from the wine. I told her I was surprised that her bedroom was so plain. I imagined that with all the items she had bought it would be a hodgepodge of hooks, pulleys and ropes. She assured me that there were surprises in that room.

After a bit more wine, I egged her into revealing some of the surprises. She asked if I could stay the night and told her I could; I just need to make a phone call. I called work and left a message on the recorder that I was under the weather and would not be in for work on Thursday. I told Suzan that the opening person would hear the message and adjust the schedule.

Alright Vicky, I’ll give you a look at my bedroom bondage.

We went off to the bedroom, and Suzan told me to remove the red bedspread and fold it up. I noticed that the pillow cases and sheet were black. To my surprise they were not made of cloth, but rubber. The feeling was amazing, slick rubber and the fragrance was overpowering. The smell of rubber, it was like going into a tire store. Suzan admitted she had a fetish for the smell and feel of rubber. It just turned her on.

She reached behind the headboard and pulled out some black rope with snap hooks attached. So it was not used for the pots she was claiming to hang. She then reached under the end of the bed and pulled out some more black rope with snap hooks. She then went to the dresser and pulled out a set of rubber ankle and wrists restraints. She Velcro them on and then pulled a timer box from a shelf behind the night stand. Suzan set the timer for 30 minutes and proceeded to lock her ankles to the ropes and then her wrists.

She explained that the timer ran a magnetic lock, when the button was depressed it would tension the wrist ropes and spread eagle her on the bed. She then stretched out and pressed the button and she was stretched out taunt on the bed. I was impressed, Suzan then asked me to open the bottom drawer of the tall dresser and get her a nice play toy. I opened the drawer and was surprised by the different styles of dildos. She said I should get the black swirled one with the T-handle. This dildo looked impressive with deep swirls going the length of the dildo. The T-handle gave me the impression that it could do some serious stimulation.

"OK Vicky, now do your best, I’m yours for half an hour".

I was elated; I slowly started to shove the dildo up Suzan’s tight pussy.

"It’s best to grab it by the T-handle and slowly screw it in. The ribs make for a wonderful ride. Then turn on the vibrator".

I took Suzan’s advice and slowly screwed the dildo into her hot pussy. When it was fully in I turned on the vibrator and Suzan started to squirm on the bed. She was doing her best to thrust at the beast, I decided to weight her down so I got in the 69 position and was lying on top of Suzan while rotating the vibrating beast. My pussy just inches from Suzan’s face. I could feel her hot breath on my labia.

I continued to stimulate Suzan till she had a rocking climax; I removed the dildo and decided to stimulate her with my tongue. I slowly licked around her pussy and got my tongue into one of the labia rings and gave a small tug. She moaned and I went to work on the other ring and then attacked her clit. She trashed about and finally let out a long moan. The next thing I knew, the timer released Suzan and she grabbed my thighs and jammed her head between them and started to lick and suck my pussy till my head was spinning. I collapsed and rolled off of Suzan gasping for air.

"OK Vicky, time for a bathroom break and it will be your turn".

I moaned and rolled off the bed and went to the bathroom and cleaned up. Suzan came into the bathroom and presented me with the rubber ankle and wrist restraints.

"Time for a bit of the pleasure you were asking about. Slip these on and I’ll see you in bed. I’ll clean up a bit now".

I slipped on the rubber restraints and got my ankles clipped to the ropes. I got the wrist ropes clipped in and waited for Suzan. Suzan came into the room and looked at me.

"What are you waiting for; you have to start the timer. You have to submit to the session it's a mental thing".

I decided quickly that to be with Suzan I would have to submit. I did yearn of being bound by my own hand. I wanted to be with Suzan so I pressed the button. The arms ropes started to pull my arms and I was in a tight spread eagle position. I was at Suzan’s mercy. I saw her go to the dresser and pull out a ribbed dildo with a T-handle.

"Don’t worry; this is the smaller of the two ribbed dildos with a T-handle. I figured that the larger one would be a bit rough for now".

Suzan started to twist the dildo slowly into my tight pussy. I could feel the ribs massaging the inter walls of my pussy. When I was fully stuffed, Suzan turned on the vibrator and the pulsations started while she slowly twisted the dildo. I was starting to come to a climax and Suzan gave the dildo a quick twist, I thought that I would explode. My body was racked by a wave of bliss; I strained at the restraints which amplified the climax.

I was spent and then the twisting and vibrations started again. I was going to another level of bliss when Suzan straddled me and rode me to an even greater climax. She then pulled out the dildo and proceeded to tongue my engorged pussy lips till I finally exploded in a finally mind blowing orgasm. I just passed out.


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