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BBF 5: Into the Woods

by The Watcher

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© Copyright 2015 - The Watcher - Used by permission

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continued from part four

This was told to me by Vicky and Suzan. At the moment they are tied up so I will relate the story to you. The names have been changed to protect the kinky.

Part 5: Into the Woods

Sunday could not come too soon; work was a drag due to inventory. Now that Sunday was here, time to get ready for Suzan’s bondage.

We packed a backpack, checking the inventory: butt plug, dildo, twist tie, ankle and wrist restraints, ball gag, blindfold, and a rubber hood. Then there was the rope and snap rings; we had paced off the area were Suzan would be tied off and cut the ropes to length. Suzan made sure the video camera was charged. I brought some bottled water and a can of bug spray so Suzan would not be hassled by the little critters.

We dressed in jogging gear, nothing obvious. Then we drove out to the Forest Preserve and parked by the gate for quick access just in case. We hiked down the trail about 3 miles and came to the glade. Going a little further we jumped the ravine and backtracked to the glade. So far, so good, we had only seen a couple of jogger going back to the parking lot. They must have been early risers.

First we tramped down the grass so it would be a bit more comfortable. Then I sprayed the area for bugs. Suzan stripped out of her clothes and started to get ready. First were the wrist and ankle restraints. Suzan then stretched on the rubber hood. She popped in the blue jeweled stainless steel butt plug and slipped in the dildo. She used a twist tie to tie her labia rings together so the dildo would not slip out. Suzan then took a good drink of water to stay hydrated.

"OK, I’m ready for the ball gag and blindfold. You know Vicky; so far no one has come down the trail".

"It’s still early; they should be coming down soon. Remember that last week we only saw about a dozen people while we were here".

Suzan laid down on the grass and spread out her arms and legs. I quickly locked the spring clips on her restraints and lead the rope off to some saplings. I quickly tied the ropes off so Suzan was spread eagle out on the grass. She looked so hot.

"OK Suzan, time for another drink and then you get the ball gag and blindfold".

"You are going to watch out for me up on the ridge, right?"

"Don’t worry, I’ll be up on the ridge watching out for you and videoing taping you as people go by. You should get that added excitement you were looking for".

I slipped the ball into her mouth and fastened the Velcro strap in back and then gave her a smile and put on her blindfold. We decided not to use earmuff so she could hear people passing, this would heighten the excitement. I slipped my hand down by her pussy and slipped my finger in and pressed the button on the dildo. It started to do a low buzz and I could see Suzan start to maneuver her hips to get the maximum effect. I rubbed her belly and then packed up her clothes into the backpack. I walked off and turned; I saw Suzan grinding on the dildo. See must be in nirvana.

I quickly walked next to the ravine till it narrowed, jumped cross it and went across the trail and climbed the ridge. I followed the ridge till I was above the trail and across the ravine from Suzan. I saw her spread eagle in the glade. I got out the video camera and took a few minutes of video for reference. She was going to love this, I wonder if I should have told her that the County Jogging Club was holding a rally at the pavilion today at 11 o’clock. There should be about 100+ people coming down the trail in a bit.

This is great, stretched out, bound, outdoors naked and stuffed. It was better than I expected. I just don’t hear any people coming by; maybe I’m too far from the trail. I’ll just have to occupy my mind on a seductive fantasy. I was bound and helpless in the woods, left for marauding gangs to ravage.

I heard the sound of squeaky wheels. Looking down the trail I could see 5 guys pulling wagons with coolers on then. They must be the advance party to set up for the rally. They were joking around and walking at a brisk pace. I started the video camera and could see that Suzan must have heard the racket and was tugging at her bonds.

'What the hell is that squeaking sound? What is coming down the trail? I hope they're not on bikes, they might see me'.

I saw Suzan start to really tug at the ropes to try to hide herself. She is getting that pit in her stomach; that she may be discovered. Well, that’s the extra excitement she wanted.

I got some good video of the guys with wagons and Suzan in the background. She must be enjoying herself, just wait till the runners come by.

'I haven’t felt that amount of excitement for a long time. It was just what I was missing. Now back to my fantasy'.

About an hour later the main troop of joggers was coming down the trail. They were running two and three abreast, guy and gals. You could almost feel the thump, thump, thump of pounding feet. Some were just running but a group was singing a cadence as they went.

I could see Suzan raise her head and then start to squirm and pull at her ropes. She was totally confused, not seeing what was happening around her. She appeared to be really in a panic about being discovered in her state of undress and spread eagle, bound between some saplings.

'What is going on, I can’t understand it. The noise; like hundreds of people running by me. I don’t believe it. What has Vicky done to me!'

I had mixed emotions; part of me loved the heightened excitement which was getting me off. I stuffed with a butt plug, the dildo buzzing me to an orgasm, and bound with no escape. The other half of me; the worry of discovery, and the shame. I was so confused, but I actually loved every moment of it. I arched in a final mind blowing orgasm; luckily the ball gag kept my screams silent.

Suzan must love this; I can see her as she tensed up and pulled on the ropes. It must be one hell of an orgasm. I zoomed in on her to get some great video. I wish I could be experiencing this with her.

I had been thinking about joining Suzan. I could join her in this experience. Put both of us in a bondage situation.

After the club had run by Suzan, I gathered up the camera and backpack and got down from the ridge. I headed back to the parking lot and got into my truck and headed back to Suzan house with a plan.

'What an orgasm! I am happy that I had done this. Vicky should be coming by to rescue me. At least I hope so, but then again, if the runners had run by once, they should run by again. Maybe I should just stay if Vicky shows up'.

'That dildo is doing it again; I’ll just submit to its evil buzzing and get off again'.

Back at Suzan’s house I quickly stripped. I got the other set of ankle and wrists restraints and put them on. I measure out two pieces of rope and made 2 - foot long sections with crimped loops. I grab another snap ring and snapped it to one of my d-ring on my wrist restraints. I found the red jeweled stainless steel butt plug and popped it in; I’m starting to love the feel of the little intruder. I got out the rubber hood and stretched it over my head and adjusted it. I grabbed a ball gag and just hung it around my neck. I got two zip ties. The last thing was a dildo. I got a moderately sized one. Now I’m off for a wild adventure.

I left Suzan’s house and headed southwest. If my memory is correct, the pavilion should be in that general direction. Reaching the end of Suzan’s property I came to a pole fence that marked the end of her property and the start of the County Forest Preserve. I bent over and stepped through the fence and headed to where I could see a tall stand of fir trees. The pavilion was surrounded by them. Working my way through the wood I finally approached the pavilion. I kept behind the shrubs so not to be noticed. Here I am, naked, wearing a rubber hood, rubber ankle and wrist restraints wearing a butt plug and caring a dildo, ball gag, and rope. What a sight I would make.

I heard the club president announcing different dates and time for their next rally and then he concluded the meeting. The joggers were getting ready to hit the trail again. I would imagine Suzan was going to get another backing arching orgasm when they trudged by. I will be seeing her in a while with my surprise.

The joggers were gone and the organizers were cleaning up the area and packed up their wagons. They finally started down the trail. There was no one at the pavilion. I left my hiding spot and headed for the trail. I saw that they had gone past the first bend, so I started down the trail. Soon Suzan will be surprised again.

I hear them again! A herd of people thumping down the trail. Again I was on heightened arousal as they went by. The fullness of the butt plug, the dildo buzzing away, my inability to hide and cover and being basically naked got me going again. I was happy that Vicky did not come by after the first time. This was just driving me to another level. I again let myself go and came to my second mind blowing orgasm.

I took my time going down the trail, checking to see that the guys with the wagons were well ahead of me. I got to where the ravine was shallow and crossed it and headed toward Suzan. I saw her spread eagle on the ground. She was grinding her hips and breathing hard. She must have been having a wonderful time.

Then I thought I would give her another shock. I stomped as hard as I could up to her so she could hear me. I could see she did hear me and cocked her head in my direction. I then stopped next to her and with my best loud low booming voice said: “LOOK WHAT I FOUND! HEY BABE, LOOKS LIKE YOUR LOOKING FOR SOME FUN, I CAN DO THAT.”

Suzan was pulling at her ropes in a panic. I grabbed her tits and gave them a squeeze and then ran my hand roughly over her pussy. I then said in my low loud voice: “YOUR HOT AND WET, YOU’LL MAKE FOR SOME HARD FUCKING”.

You could see that Suzan was now going into high panic mode, pulling at the ropes and trying to close her legs. I then said in my low loud voice: “I’LL CALL MY GUYS WHEN I GET TO THE CAR AND WE’LL COME BACK WITH A SACK AND CARRY YOU OUT. WE’LL GIVE YOU A REAL HARD TIME; YOU THINK THAT DILDO WAS GETTING YOU OFF. NOW DON’T GO ANYWHERE, I’LL BE BACK WITH THE BOYS IN NO TIME”. I then gave Suzan’s crotch a good squeeze and stomped off.

'My god what am I going to do, where is Vicky? I need to get out of here now! This is a disaster'. After I calmed down a bit, my fantasy mode kicked in. To be bound and carried out in a sack had its appeal. But being reamed by some farm boys was not that appealing, I would rather have Vicky ream me. I let my fantasy take over and start to grind my hips and started to get off again.

I watched as Suzan pulled and pulled at the ropes, but to no avail. I waited till she calmed down. Once she seemed to be calm, I came up to her and touched her shoulder. She flinched at once. I said; "Suzan, it’s Vicky. It is time to go". She calmed down but tried to say something through the ball gag. All I heard was "ga ga…….."

I then told her to calm down, we would be going soon and that I had a surprise for her.

I first attached the zip ties to her ankle restraints so she could not release the Velcro straps and get out of them. I then untied her right leg and attached the hobble rope to her legs. I took the leg rope and got it around her waist; took off the twist tie off her pussy lip rings; and ran the rope between her legs. It was a crotch rope, giving it a good tug, it would keep her dildo and butt plug tightly planted. I untied her other leg rope from her spread eagle position and wrapped it around my waist. I slipped in my dildo and then I ran the rope between my legs and gave it a good tug before I tied it off on my waist rope.

Now my dildo and butt plug were buried deep in me. That was a rush. You never get use to that stuffed feeling. Now for the hard part; I had to take off one arm rope and give Suzan a rope bra, to get those tits to stick out. I released both arms. I sat her up and quickly brought her wrists behind her and locked on a snap ring. Now she was stuck with her wrists locked behind her. I slipped the rope around her chest and made a quick rope bra to get her tits to bulge out. I took the second rope and gave myself a quick rope bra. My tits were bulging out; not as big as Suzan’s but were impressive.

I then attached my rope hobble. Suzan was mumbling around her ball gag all the time I was trussing her up; I just kept saying I had a surprise for her. I slipped a finger into my pussy and turned my dildo on; that shot a jolt up my spine. After a moment to regain my composure, I helped Suzan stand up.

Again I told Suzan I had a surprise for her. I told her to keep calm and then removed her blindfold. See stared at my face in surprise since I was wearing a rubber hood. When see looked down she saw I was naked except for my restraints, rope bra, crotch rope and rope hobble. She staggered back and looked at me again.

I explained that I wanted to share in her excitement and decided to join her. I could see the expressions in her eyes that she thought I was crazy. Then the next part of the surprise; I told her that we had no clothes. She looked around quickly, in a panic. I calmed her and then said that we could not go back to the truck because I had driven it to her house. This really got her in a panic. I explained that we would have to go to the pavilion and then through the woods to get to her property. She was now miffing in her ball gag and I had to grab her shoulders to steady her. I finally shook her to get her calmed down.

I explained that I had come all the way from the pavilion naked and it would be safe. All she needed to do was to place a snap ring on my wrist restraints while they were behind my back. This way we would both be bound. I slipped my ball gag in my mouth and tightened the strap. I turned around and placed my wrist together behind my back. I waited for Suzan to turn around and use her hands to lock mine up. She refused to move. I removed the ball gag and turned around and told her we would not move from this spot until she locked my wrists together. I knew that would motivate her, since she still thought some guys were coming to bag her and carry her out of the woods. I replaced the ball gag and tightened the strap. I turned around again and Suzan reached back and found the snap ring and D-rings on my restraints and locked them together. I felt a rush up my spine knowing that we were dependent on each other to get untied.

I bowed to Suzan to thank her for doing it and started to lead the way to the trail. The short hobble was not too bad, the grass and weeds being trampled from our going comings and goings.

The first problem became apparent when we came to the ravine where we had crossed. We had taken a giant step to get across; now with the hobble it was impossible. We then had to go along the ravine until it got shallow to cross. After crossing it we then broke through the brush and were on the trail. I then noticed that this was going to take longer to get to the pavilion. When I had first come down the trail I could walk quickly, now I was limited to small steps. I figured that we were just going to be on this adventure a bit longer.

At least Suzan had taken to the hobble. She was doing running bouncing baby steps; that made her chubby cheeks bounce which looked so cute. I just did my shortened stride. At each bend in the trail Suzan would stop and carefully look to see if anyone was ahead. She also looked back fearing the farm boys with the sack. Then she would bounce up and down to indicate that I should hurry up. That would make her tits bounce around. I thought that maybe I should have brought some weights for her nipple rings. That would have given her another rush.

After what felt like forever we made it to the pavilion. Suzan wanted to continue but I wanted to sit down and rest a bit. I plopped down on a picnic bench. I did not think, slamming my butt down on the bench, I drove the butt pug a bit deeper. That got my attention and caused a bit of a rush. Suzan must be more experienced since I notice her come down on one cheek first and then sit. We were relaxing, looking at each other I got the feeling on how excited I was being outside, naked and bound.

We were resting when I heard a sound, like voices. I looked at Suzan and she was staring at me. No time to get to the shrubs surrounding the area. It was too far to hobble. I looked at Suzan and starting to hobble behind the women’s bathroom. We both were standing against the back wall when a couple of voice filled the area.

I know those voices! I edged to the corner of the building and got down on my knees and looking through the decorative shrubs. Suzan was then next to me. We looked out carefully and were surprised by what we saw. It was Irene and Jason; little miss prim and the horn dog. They seem to be very amorous together. They were peeling off each other’s cloths.

"What did I tell you babe, they're all hanging around the parking lot. We got the place to ourselves".

"This is great Jason; I’ve always wanted to do it outdoors".

They proceeded to embrace and run their mouths over each other. Jason got Irene on the picnic table and spread her legs and then buried his head between them. Irene was moaning and started to sound like a moose in rut; she finally gave out a loud moan and just laid there. Jason sat back on the bench and took some deep breaths.

After a few minutes, Irene sat up and climbed off the picnic table. She knelt in front of Jason and proceeded to give him a blowjob. She seemed to be a pro at it since Jason was breathing hard and moaning. After a few minutes she stopped.

"Hell, why did you stop, I was just getting off".

Irene got up and knelt on the bench and supported herself on the picnic table.

"I want you to fuck me doggie style. I want it hard and fast".

Jason got up and got behind Irene and slammed his cock into her. Irene let out a yelp and proceeds to make guttural sounds. Jason was hard at work pounding Irene. After a few minutes Irene reached back and grabbed and spread her ass cheeks.

"Jason, I want you to finish me off in my ass".

"Sure babe, I’m here to please".

Then Jason pulled out of Irene’s pussy and without missing a beat slammed his cock right into Irene’s ass. Another squeal emanated for Irene, she was really moaning like a castrated soprano. Jason finally finished pounding Irene and just plopped down on the bench. He was bushed.

"That was great babe, never knew you like it up the ass".

"There are a lot of things you don’t know about me Jason, but you’ll find out".

After they rested, Jason started to dress.

"Better get a move on; never know who might be coming up the trail".

Irene got up and slipped on her thong and then proceeded to pull the side straps up to her shoulders. It was a hell of a wedgie. 

"What are you doing babe? That looks like it should hurt".

"I giving myself a wedgie, this is going to rub me raw. When we get back to your place I’ll be horny as hell and I’ll ride you like you have never been ridden before".

"Great Babe! We’re both going to get off tonight".

Irene finished dressing and then they both walked toward the trail. Irene was walking a bit funny, I bet she was going to be raw has hell.

After they left I looked at Suzan and she was just mesmerized by the whole event. I rocked back and finally got up and Suzan followed suit. I figured that we better get a move on before someone else showed up. We hobbled through the fir trees which was not much cover and got to cover among the shrubs. I found the trail I had blazed from Suzan’s house and knew we would be home soon. The hobbling was coming along without too much difficulty until we got to the pole fence separating the Forest Preserve from Suzan’s property.

When I came through before I didn’t have a hobble, and just stepped over the center pole and bent under the top pole. With the hobble this was impossible. I finally figured out that we could get on our knees and lean against the bottom pole and use some foot leverage and flip myself over the pole. After I did it Suzan followed and we were off again to freedom. After following the trail for a bit we spied the fence that enclosed Suzan’s back yard.

When Suzan saw it she was off like a rabbit. Well at least as fast as her hobble would allow her to go. I followed as best as I could. Suzan had raced around the front of her house and I figured through the gate. I could not see why she was in such of a hurry. We still needed each other to release our wrist restraints. When I came to the gate, there was Suzan bent over with her ass against the gate trying to reach the latch. With all the wild devices she had made I was surprised she could not figure out how to release the latch. I bumped her away and put my back to the gate, slid down and got my shoulder under the latch and slid up. The latch opened and Suzan shot through the gate. I caught up to her on the deck.

Suzan stood showing her back to me and waving her wrists, wanting me to release the wrist snap ring. I backed up to her and I fumbled around for a while until Suzan got tired of my ineptness. She then grabbed my snap ring and released my wrists. Big mistake; I swung my arms around in relief and stretched them. I then pulled off the ball gag and peeled off the rubber hood. My face and hair were soaked. I massaged my jaw. I proceed to remove my ankle restraints and stretched out my legs then asked Suzan if she would like a bottle of water.

She was wiggling around and wanting her wrists released. I went into the house and brought out 2 bottles of water. I decided that she had enough and clipped the zip ties on her ankle restraints and released her wrist from the snap ring. She got the ball gag out and peeled off her rubber hood; after massaging her jaw and drinking down a half bottle of water; she let into me.

"What are you crazy! We could have been kidnapped and held as sex slaves for some farm boys".

"What are you talking about?"

"Before you came to untie me some guy had found me and was going to call his buddies and come back and carry me out in a sack. Who knows what they would have done".

"I’m sorry, I did not know. I just wanted to join you in your kinky adventure. I saw how excited you were when the joggers came by that I wanted some of the same excitement".

"That’s another thing, who were all those people? When we were there last Sunday it was pretty deserted".

"Didn’t I mention that the County Jogging Club was having a meeting there that day?"

"No you forget to mention that!"

"OK, I admit that I did it on purpose, but you said that you wanted that edge, increased excitement during this session. Didn’t you get that heightened moment?"

"I admit that it was a fantastic rush!"

"We’ll talk later; I need a shower and food".

We proceeded to remove the remainder of our restraints. Removing the rope bra was a relief, we both massaged our tits. We both removed our crotch ropes and the dildos practical slip out of our pussies. Suzan removed her ankle restraints and stretched her legs. We took all the stuff and dropped them in the laundry room. We headed for the shower; got the temperature set and got under liquid relief. We soaped each other up when we discovered that we did not remove our butt plugs. We grabbed each others plug and gave them a good tug since I felt they were glued in. We rinsed and toweled dry; then headed for the kitchen. Raiding the refrigerator we stuff ourselves and got some tall glasses of wine. We then stepped out on the deck and relaxed on the chase lounge chairs.

"OK Vicky, let’s get this straight, you tied me up spread eagle in the woods along a trail where a hundred jogger would be going by, right?"

"Well you wanted to raise the level of your fantasy which I did, no one saw you even though they were jogging within 20 feet of you. The blindfold let your mind take you to another level".

"OK, I’ll give you that; it did send me to another level I had not experienced. But the guy that found me and wanted to bag me would have been disastrous".

"I’m sorry about that, but when I came up to you; you didn’t look like you were in fear".

"Ok. I had calmed down and was fantasizing about being sacked".

"Well we did get away; and they are probably still scouring the woods for you".

"What possessed you to come out to the woods naked and in restraints?"

"You’re not the only one who wants to get that gut wrench feeling of discovery. It brought me back to when I was coming back shackled from Secret Cove. I wanted to join in the experience with you. I bet you did get off on the whole experience".

"I admit that I truly loved the entire time; it brought me to another level which I had not experienced. I thank you for that".

"I did not know that Irene and Jason were an item".

"There not, Jason is a horn dog, and Irene is Miss Prim but puts out to whomever. Your lucky they did not catch us. Then we would be gnawing on Irene's pussy and then get reamed by Jason. They probably would have left us tied up spread eagle in the 69 position at the pavilion".

"I do like the thought of being tied, at least as a fantasy. We’ll have another glass of wine and then it’s time for bed, I’m bushed. Can you stay the night?"

"Sure, I requested Monday off. I knew that I would be running around naked in the woods today. It was building up in me all week, to join you in the adventure. It was driving me crazy".

We finished off our wine and went off to bed. I turned down the red satin sheet. The rubber bed sheet just shone. We slipped into bed and cuddled. I decided than to give her another shock. I grabbed her tit and said in my deepest booming voice: “LOOK WHAT I FOUND! HEY BABE, LOOKS LIKE YOUR LOOKING FOR SOME FUN, I CAN DO THAT.” Suzan flung herself to the far side of the bed.

"It was you; you were the guy getting the sack. That scared me to death. How could you!"

"I was just trying to get you fantasizing about other possibilities. Get your juices flowing; get that knot in your stomach kind of feeling. I see it worked and you said you fantasized about being sacked".

"OK, I did say I wanted something a bit more daring".

"If you’re interested in something a bit more daring, I have to deliver a portable kennel in about a week. Maybe you would like a ride locked up in kennel in the back of my truck. You could wear that cute devil’s tail".

"You’re doing it to me; I’m starting to imagine all kinds of possibilities. Since we’re talking, I would like to see you impale yourself on the rig I have set up in the backyard".

"Sounds great, ever since I saw you impaled on it I fantasized about doing it. But we’ll need a longer PVC pipe for the dildo, I’m taller".

"No we won’t, you’ll just spread your legs further apart. You’ll love the feeling".

We cuddled again and I whispered in Suzan’s ear that I wanted us to be BBF’s.

"No you silly goose, its BFF’s!  Best Friends Forever!"

"No honey, its BBF’s!  Bondage Buddies Forever!"

"Yes we are!"

The things that we will do!!!!!!!!



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