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Beth’s Story

by Kim Normunde

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© Copyright 2001 - Kim Normunde - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/f; tight-clothing; boots; program; toys; insert; gag; cuffs; tease; stuck; denial; climax; cons; X

Hi my Name is Beth. If you have been reading Kim’s adventures you have heard of me. I work with, I know that she said she worked in an office but did she say what she did? I am an engineer while she is a programmer.

Let me tell you what I look like. I am 5’9” tall, 140 pounds, medium length red hair, very firm body, and medium size tits. In Kim’s last story she saw me with three black guys in the woods, what she did not mention is that from time to time I like to get used, that was what they were doing. Kim came over to my place that night and told me what she was doing out there, and her story got me so hot that we made wild hot love all night long. When we did get up the next day we called in sick and talked some more. Kim asked me if I liked the idea of being tied up and I said yes. Kim asked me if I liked the thought of being in tight restricting clothes and I said yes, she then told me of the store that she went to and the types of items I would need. I thanked her and said I was going to go shopping, she said she would go to her place and get the program she had wrote and bring it over.

The first thing I did was to go to an adult bookstore that I frequent and get some magazines and some toys. I then went to the clothes shop she told me about and bought a mini skirt, tank top, bikini panties, bra, corset, ball gag, and boots. I took all of me new purchases home and waited for Kim.

Kim got back to my house shortly after me, she suggested that I go take a bath while she put the program on my computer. I had been in the bath for about a half hour when she came in to get me. She helped me think out my little game and program the specifics into the computer.  We set the program to release the wrist cuffs after the ankle cuffs, we also told the computer to turn the dildo on and off and to set different speeds each time it came on. This done Kim gave me a long kiss goodbye and said that if I was not at work tomorrow that she would stop over after work and free me.

After she was gone I started the program and headed for the bedroom to get dressed. The first thing I did was to put the dildo up my pussy and use a chain to lock it in place. As soon as the dildo was locked in place the computer turned it on, let the games begin. I then put on some knee high nylons and put on my boots, these boots had 7” heels and as I zipped them up they got tighter and tighter, when they were zipped all the way up I locked them on as well. I then put on the mini skirt and tank top, the tank top had a zipper on the front that let it zip it up and squeeze my tits together. About this time my dildo stopped, damn thing brought me to the brink and did not let me get off. I then put the corset on , I did it this way because looking at my reflection in the mirror and damn I looked good in this thing and it looked good on me. I finally put the ball gag in and locked it in place. 

I walked around the house making sure that all was locked up and I then laid on the living room floor and got ready to lock my hands to the legs of the sofa. I managed this by the way the locks locked, they were locked by simply applying a little presser and they took it from there.

Here I was laying on the floor and thinking about the way I looked and the dildo started again and this time it stayed on long enough to bring me to two orgasms on quick order. As I lay there rolling around and getting hotter and hotter the doorbell rang. Who in the hell could that be?

"Beth are you in there?" came a voice, oh my it is my boss’s voice. "Beth I just came by to see how you are doing, I guess I will see you in the morning".

The sound of his voice made me cum again because I thought I was busted again but this time I would be at his control. After I heard him leave I could not help but think that I should not be doing this but damn it sure was fun. The hours just seem to fly by when all of a sudden the locks popped open on my wrists and I was able to get up, the lock holding the dildo was still on and that damn thing was driving me crazy, the computer had it coming on for two minutes at a time and at different intervals.

I decided to try and get some sleep so I went up to my room. I was laying on my bed waiting for the lock to pop open but it never did the dildo however did stop long enough to let me doze off. All of a sudden the dildo started very slowly and the got faster and faster I shot up in my bed and tried to get it out but nothing, as I sat there trying to think a huge orgasm started but then it stopped and so did the building orgasm. I managed to fall asleep again and this time I got about two hours sleep when the alarm clock rang time to get up. I was so tired and sleepy when the dildo reminded me it was still there, what to do? I tried the program but all I got was a warning that if I messed with the program before it stopped it would lock the key on the computer and never stop. Damn Kim she pulled a fast one on me.

I went and showered and got ready for work, the only dress I had that would hide the chain was a sun dress, I slipped it on after felt so hot that I started to shake and I just knew that I would cum but that damn dildo stopped again. I slipped on a jacket as well to hide the fact that my tits were so hard that my nipples were hard as nails. I started for the door when Kim called, she told me that I would have to come and find her to get the password for the program so I could get the dildo out of my poor pussy. I looked for some time and could not find her so I went back to my desk. 

Guess what the dildo started again and I thought how and then Kim’s voice came out of nowhere, she said that if I wanted release for my plight I would have to take the dress off and just wear the jacket for the rest of the day, so I did. At quitting time I went to her office and asked her to please let me out of this thing but instead she turned on the dildo for a minute and then turned it off again. This got my attention. Kim handed me a pair of cuffs and said, "Put them on".

I did and she locked them on and then she got the lock off and pulled the dildo out and made me lick it clean. Kim asked how I liked the past twelve hours but then she put her hand on my pussy and said that I must have liked it just fine. Kim made me ride home with her like this and when we got back to my place she reset the program and then pushed me out my back door and left me there. I must have looked like a slut dressed like this but just the thought made me orgasm.

I sat outside like this for an hour or two and lucky me no one noticed. I finally got in my house and then I showered and went to bed one very happy slut.


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