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Cabdrivers Dream come True 2: The journey begins

by Harry

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© Copyright 2016 - Harry - Used by permission

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story continues from part one

Part 2: The journey begins

Chapter 1: The Replay

It was just past midnight, when I arrived home. Though we had been sleeping for couple hours, I was exhausted. Mentally and physically. I dragged myself up to 3rd floor, where my apartment was.

No more than four hours to sleep if I want to start my shift on time. And I do. Only once in my work history I have been late from work. And that just because my alarm didn´t wake me up.

When I got out from my jeans, I noticed that envelope in my back pocket. Janica had put that there before I left her place. It was just like the others had been. Unsealed, and one folded paper inside.

"If you feel your reward was not satisfying enough, please give me a call and we can arrange new meeting.
Or you can call even if it did...
My number is ...

I took my phone, and sent her a text:

"At home. Still bedazzled. Very pleased, but if You feel You didn´t do enough, I´m happy to give You a chance to try again... Call You tomorrow. "

After sending the message, I put my phone on silent, and checked that my alarm was set to 4 am. I have just enough time to sleep three and half hours, then a quick shower, 2 large cups of coffee and I´m ready to work again. Not sure if my head even touched my pillow before I felt asleep.

4am came so quickly, it felt that I hadn´t slept at all. Normally I don´t have much problems waking up early, but that morning was different. I felt last nights exercise on my body, and my head was aching from too few hours of sleep.

Somehow I managed to pull myself up from the bed, and still almost at sleep, wavered to kitchen and put the coffee maker on. I knew from the past, this headache was not going to go away without a painkiller, so that was my next task.

After cool shower, and first cup of strong, black coffee, life was coming back to me again. I checked my phone, and there was one unread text message. And not surprisingly, it was from Janica.

"My savior. Not sure if anything will be enough. Definitely need a chance for replay. Call me TODAY!"

At least one part of me was fully awake. My cock was pointing straight forward and ready for action. Which though it did not get at that time. It was not time to play with myself, it was time to get ready for work.

After the rest of my morning routines, I checked I had everything I needed with me and started my work. Reluctantly.

At about 10am, I had just picked up my latest customer, an older gentleman, from local supermarket. Just when he had told me his address, and I joined the traffic, my phone rang. It was Janica. I don´t like to talk my personal things at phone when I have a customer with me.

It´s not polite either, bad customer service. But many people, who uses taxi often, knows we have to answer our phones for pre-orders. So he just smiled and said it was ok for him that I answer.

"Hello Janica. I´m sorry, I´m with a customer right now, can I call you back in about 10 minutes?"

"Oh, sorry. I just couldn´t wait. Sure, call me back when you can"

"Ok, bye"

And that was it. Just hearing her voice started to bring my cock alive. My customer noticed my call was done, and started to tell me about the place he lives. I could hear what he told me, but I still didn´t hear a thing. My mind was totally elsewhere.

After dropping my customer to his place, I parked my car and called her back. She answered immediately.

"Hey Harry. You are alone now?"

"Hi. Yes, just me now. You said you couldn´t wait...?"

"Yeah. Well, you remember that missed plane? Umm, I have booked new flight for today, and I´d like you to take me to airport, if you can. Your shift ends at 4?"

"Yes, 4pm. And yes, I´d like to give you a ride. To airport. What time you need me to pick you up?

"Can you pick me 4:30? I know it´s overtime for you, but please? I´d like you to be my driver", she said with a giggle.

"Umm, sure. Not the first time working late. Meet you then. By the way, thanks for last night..."

"Ok. Great. I´ll be ready then. See you"

And she hung up.

Now that was a strange call. Was booking a taxi ride so important she couldn´t wait? Not a single word about what had happened last night. I had forgot to ask her about that business thing, but now it obviously is still going. That call still didn´t match the text she sent.

Well, we would have at least 90 minutes time to talk while going to airport. Her plane must be leaving around 7pm or 8pm.

I arrived at her place a bit early, like I always do. I parked my car in front of her house and a déjà vú - moment hit me. Yesterday morning 6am I was here waiting for her and a surprise was coming. The house looked the same, only light came out from the kitchen window, though it was still light outside, so it would not be needed. But it was on. My curiosity took over me, and I walked to her door. It was closed, so I knocked. And waited. No answer. After a while I knocked again, a bit harder this time. It took couple seconds, and the door opened.

I didn´t know what to expect. But what I saw surprised me completely. I was thinking of two different scenarios. First, she might be on her, I don´t know, business suit, with a suitcase and ready to go. I have no idea what her business is, it still is just "business" to me. Or second, maybe I find her again blindfolded, gagged and bound from her hall with an envelope in her hand.

But no. Both of my thoughts were wrong. This was something I haven´t expected. She had to came out from shower just before I arrived because her hair was still thoroughly wet. No makeup. And wearing a loose grey jumpsuit, she looked like she was going to curl to one corner of her divan couch with a blanket and bowl of pop corn to watch a movie and relax. She wasn´t going to airport, not now at least.  I was just one big question mark.

Though there was nothing erotic in her outfit, she was glowing. And she was gorgeous. Actually this was the first time I saw her with clothes on. Last two times only clothes she had was the stocking wrapped around her head, as her blindfold. Cuffs and gag too of course. But no real clothes.

I just stared her beautiful eyes when she spoke.

"Hey Harry. Come on in. Would you like something to drink, coffee, soda maybe?"

I was still just staring at her, but managed to mumble something like, "Hi. Umm, not going to airport?"

There was a slight grin on her face when she said, "No, not just yet. Come on, we need to talk"

She took my hand and lead me to her living room. There I saw the same armchair what I used to fuck her last night. I wanted to just grab her and bind her to that chair again and...

Janica got me back to reality. "Multipurpose chair, isn´t it?"

I was caught daydreaming, my trousers looked like a tent and my face must´ve been bright red. "Yeah, it sure is. Good memories"

She pulled my hand and guided me to sit on the chair. There was no way she not noticing my hard on. Then she sat on my lap, sideways, her feet hanging on the left arm of the chair.

She wrapped her hands around my neck, and came close to whisper in my ear. "Is there some place you have to be tonight?"

Actually, there was. I had to take the cab to a co-worker for next days shift. But it didn´t come even close to my mind at that time. I had next day off from work, so no hurry to anywhere.

I put my right hand around her waist and stroked her cheek with my left thumb. Slowly pulled her face close to mine, and kissed her lips softly. "No. Nowhere to be tonight. "

That was all she needed to hear. She locked her lips with mine and her tongue started a wild dance in my mouth. It didn´t take long until our clothes were all around the floor and I had her kneeling on the chair again. No ropes, no cuffs, just her.

If there is something I truly love, it´s giving pleasure. I knew if I just stuck my cock to her dripping pussy, the pleasure would be just mine. So it was my turn to start a tongue dance. Starting slowly from her inner thighs, working my way to her wet pussy.

I tasted her juices and my own lust was almost unbearable. I did every trick I knew with my mouth, and soon, judging by her moans she was ready to cum. I stood up behind her and started to guide my cock to her warm, wet and waiting pussy.

I grabbed her shoulders and with one thrust I was inside her. It took only couple thrusts to make her moans even louder, and her body started to tremble. It was just animal like scream and groaning and panting mixed together. I was just about to cum too, and pulled myself out. Quickly she was on her feet and then on her knees, and I was in her mouth. Only couple seconds in her sweet mouth was enough. I tried to pull out to shoot my load on her face, but she grabbed my butt and kept me in.

When she thought I was empty, she let me out of her mouth. I didn´t see even a single drop come out from her mouth when she stood up and swallowed my cum. "Good girl", I said almost silently, and gave her a long kiss.

After a long shower we dressed up and went to her kitchen. She started, "Now, we really need to talk. How about that drink now?"

"Coffee would be great."

She started to make the coffee and laughed. "What´s with you cabdrivers? I know couple, and they basically fueled by coffee." Her smile was so sweet, it made me laugh too.

"Occupational hazards. Though my love for coffee started when I was just a kid. But I bet you didn´t want to talk about coffee addicted cabdrivers?" Right then my phone started to ring. In my mind I cursed the person who invented mobile phones. "Speaking of which, I´m sorry but I have to answer this."

It was my coworker who would be driving the taxi next day. He called and asked what time I was back from the airport and bringing the car to him. "Oh, could you wait couple minutes, I have to check something first? I´ll call you back in five ok?"

I turned to Janica, "Do you still need a ride to airport? I totally forgot I promised to bring the car to him tonight."

"No, but tomorrow morning I really need a ride at 4:30. So maybe your coworker could take me there if you are not working?"

"No way. I have a better idea. I will pick him up, and he takes me home. I take my own car, and drive you to airport with it. Sounds like a plan?"

Her eyes were glimmering. "Would you really? Can you do it now? You can then come back stay here over night. How about that plan?" She was licking her lips and looking straight to my eyes.

How could I resist? I reached to grab the back of her head and pulled her face close to mine. I just looked at her for couple of seconds, and then gave her kiss. "You are amazing. It takes me about an hour to do that, I´ll call and ask if he is home now."

He was just waiting for me to call, and pick him up, so I told him I´m on my way. I turned to Janica. "Was there something you wanted to talk about before I go?"

"Nothing that can´t wait. We´ll talk when you get back. Go now, don´t waste time." She laughed and hushed me on my way.

It took me about an hour to get back to her place. I had had plenty of time to think what was 'the talk' going to be like. Maybe she´s giving me another letter. A 'Dear John'-letter. It´s not you it´s me - talk.

No, nothing seemed to be wrong. Did she want something more serious? Did I want something more serious? I was happy on my own. I had no problems to find a sex partner if I wanted, and I enjoyed the freedom I had.

She was great though. Beautiful, seemed smart, mysterious. And obviously well paying business career. And sex was amazing.  But something was missing. I just didn´t know what. Well, I was about to find out.

Janica came to open the door and immediately rushed to hug me. "Finally. Come on in. I have made something to eat. Don´t tell me you went by a McD?"

"No, came the shortest way back. And I´m starving."

She walked me to living room, where she had placed our dinner. We sat down and started eating. After couple minutes of silence, she started, "I have been thinking everything about what has happened these past two days."

"Here we go. Just hit me", I thought

"I´ll be now as straight as I can. As much as I like you, I have to make a choice. Between you and my career. I have worked so hard to get to where I am now, and right now I have so much going on there. Too much to loose just because of I got too distracted. But..."

A short pause. "...I would like to have a fuck buddy though"

I opened my mouth and wanted to say something, but she continued. "But I have something I need to ask first. Would you be my safety person for my selfbondage sessions?"

"Umm, sure. Why not. Thank you for your trust."

"Great", she continued. "Let me tell you what I had in my mind...."

For the next maybe half an hour, I just listened. She told me how she was enjoying her selfbondage sessions, and after this last incident, she would be taking more caution to safety. But she enjoyed the sex too. And without commitments, a fuck buddy sounded the best idea.

She explained her thoughts, when she would have free time, and I had the opportunity, she would start by selfbondage session, and I would be checking up on her at specific time. She told me where she would be leaving a spare key those nights for me, if something went wrong.

 And then, she would be mine. Like the first night we shared. I could do anything I wanted to her.

"You don´t have to answer me now, and I prefer you not to. If you can hold it for tomorrow, and tell me just before leaving me at airport, I would be grateful. It will be a strong emotion to go to flight with, so it will be either my punishment or my reward."

She did that on purpose. Just there she had me. How could I say no? This was a jackpot to me. Daydream come true.

I tried to act as calm as I could. "Ok. If that is what you wish. I´ll give you my answer at the airport."

I would say almost anything to see that smile again, what I saw that moment. "Thank you", she whispered.

We were finishing our dinner, just talking about everything. Small-talk, some might say. Joking, having fun time. She wouldn´t talk about her job much and I didn´t push. It wasn´t important to me, not at this point at least.

At some point, I felt something between my knees. She was rubbing her feet against my legs, and trying to open my knees. Was there any point to resist? No, absolutely not. I let her do what she wanted, inch by inch moving forward towards my already aching cock. It was trying to break out from its cloth prison. And then she found her goal. I just flinched. She was looking straight to my eyes, so my reactions were open to her. As she continued her 'foot massage' my breathing just got heavier and heavier. I just had to grab a hold at the tableside.

"Close your eyes", she whispered.

I wasn´t looking what she was doing anyway, just leaning back and enjoying. So I closed my eyes. She continued rubbing my front with her feet for some time. I was panting. Then she stopped. But just only to crawl under the table. She started to unzip my trousers, now using her palms to rub my aching cock.

She took her time taking my trousers off and when she took me in her mouth again, I had to groan in pure pleasure. Her hand playing with my balls didn´t help me hold back any more. And again, I got out from her mouth after she noticed I had nothing more to give.

It took me a moment until I opened my eyes and she had sat back behind the table. She was leaning her head to her left hand, looking at me. Before I could say anything, she giggled and said, "A good dinner needs a proper dessert".

The rest of the evening went fast, a bit more of sexual activities, lots of talking and laughing, and around 10pm we were both ready to pass out.

We woke up 3:15 next morning. Just enough time for her to make herself ready to go for a three day business trip to Tokyo. I made breakfast while she packed her things.

The drive to the airport was quiet. She was clearly waiting for my answer, though I bet she had already guessed what it would be. I was in too good mood to say no to her offer. And why would I?

I walked her through the check-in, and to the cafeteria close to security-check. That was as far as I go. We had still time for another cup of coffee before she had to go to plane. The loose time went more or less just looking each other, until it was time to go.

I walked her to security check, and just before letting her go, I whispered in her ear, "Did you really expect something other than a 'yes' for an answer? Of course yes. Go now. Let me know how the flight went when you are there." After a kiss to her cheek I gave her a gentle push towards to check, and there she disappeared.

Chapter 2: Step-by-step

Over the next year, we had met about once a month. The scenario was always the same. We agreed the date and time I would show upto her house, and check up if everything was ok. By the time I got to her place, she had already finished her selfbondage session, and was horny as hell. She told me she was trying not to cum but to tease herself, with pleasure and little pain, and save herself for me for the nights. I wasn´t sure if that was the case, and frankly I didn´t care at that time. I had fun time with her, and looked like she was enjoying herself too.

Sometimes it was just sex. Pure lust between the two of us. Sometimes I used her toys on her, maybe used some ropes and cuffs to bind her. And those times she seemed even more excited that just plain sex nights.

Every time after physical activities, she told me about her session, how she bound herself, what kind of toys she used and what feelings she was experiencing during her session. At some point she had added earplugs to her collection, and told me that made her predicaments got even more exciting than they already were. She told me about her secret fantasies, and often she was just remembering that morning we first met. Many times she would bound herself the same way she did that time, and fantasize about being found and used. Though I didn´t use her when it happened, but I bet she in some way was still disappointed that I didn´t.

Things were getting a bit boring, same pattern every time. Something was still missing. I had been thinking how to spice things up again, and one thought crossed my mind. Though our meetings were not every day basis, I still had many opportunities to study her when we were together.

During our activities, or when we just talked, I was trying to find out what made her click. And as the time went by, I was more and more certain, that my plan could put our relationship on a whole new level. I thought to give her the experience she wanted. Or maybe even craved.

We planned our next meeting taking place after three weeks. She would be having a week holiday from work, and no other plans than what we had made. Good. I´d have time to plan this to be perfect and she would have the time needed.

The plan was this: She had told me to show up on her place at 5pm. Based on what she had told me from her previous sessions, she would be bound in her bedroom until 4:30. Her timer would release her half an hour before I was to arrive, so she would have some time to clean up herself a bit and put her session gear aside. But this time would be a lot different.

I had arranged my work schedule so that I too had that day plus a week off, though she didn´t know that. I told her I was working normally until 4pm, and would come to her place at 5. Just like our previous times.

I planned to go to her house an hour before the agreed time, and use the spare key she left for me in case something went wrong. If she was really using earplugs with her blindfold, she would have no idea I would be there. Though she might guess it is me, so I´d have to come up with something to conceal my identity.

She was going to get a ride of her life.

When the day finally came, I was ready. I had plans made for the night, and for next day also. I had bought a voice changer, so I could speak to her without her recognizing my voice. I also bought new deodorant to hide my scent. I wasn´t sure what equipment she would have, besides all her dildos and plugs, so I figured to take some of mine with me. I gathered some ropes, cuffs, nipple clamps, everything I might need. I even took my own set of padlocks and keys to replace hers. I had to make a stop to a toy store before I would go there, to buy couple crops and floggers too, those I didn´t have already.

I arrived her house just before 4pm. I walked straight to her back yard, where she had hidden the key. Her bedroom window, like any other windows, seemed dark. Maybe there was some light, but her curtains were closed, so I thought she was still there, bound and waiting. I grabbed the key and as silent as I could, opened her back door and walked in. I closed and locked the door behind me, and tried to listen if there were any sounds. Nothing. As I walked through her living room, towards the stairs leading upstairs, I thought I heard something. Like a silent music playing, coming from upstairs. Luckily the stairs were made from solid wood, so I could climb upstairs almost silently. Yes, she had some music playing, though if she had her earplugs, what was the point. Damn, I needed to be extra careful.

As I moved closer to her bedroom door, I stopped to listen again. A little buzzing sound came out and I could also hear Janicas quiet moaning through her door. I pulled the door handle, slowly opening her bedroom door. I had my phone ready to take some video of herself with her own bindings. If she heard me coming, I too had my voice changer ready if I needed to say something at that point. Slowly I pushed the door all the way open and saw her. Lying on her back on her bed, a black stocking wrapped around her eyes, same red ball gag in her mouth, and what looked like to be disposable yellow earplugs in her ears. She didn´t react to my presence in any way. Perfect.

I put my bag of equipment to the floor, and started filming with my phone. She had added a metal collar to her bounds, and her hands were locked with leather cuffs and padlocks to a rings in both sides of the collar. Her ankles were bound to her thighs and there were also couple more ropes going under her bed holding her knees wide open. One long rope came from under her bed, going over her chest to prevent her sitting up. Her wand vibrator was tied to her left thigh with a black leather belt, buzzing on her clit. I could also see the end of a pink butt plug peeking out from her ass. There was a key hanging above her from a thin line, just like before. There was also another thin line going from her left wrist to the key, so when the timer released it, it didn´t matter where it dropped, she could just reel the line in with her hands and get the key for the padlock holding her hands. Her timer was a countdown version, and it showed there was still 24 minutes to go before release.

I just stood on the doorway, filming her squirming and moaning. I wanted to just jump in there and fuck her brains out, but somehow I managed to hold myself. I just watched and filmed her about 20 minutes, and saw the timer showing only 3 minutes to go. My timing had to be perfect. I got to my bag, and took scissors ready to cut the line right after the timer released the key. I wanted her to realize that the time was up, and feel the key dropping. Then I would cut the line and she would be reeling only the line without the key. 2 minutes. I checked my phone was ready to film what struggling might happen next. I stayed as far as I could until the time was nearly up. 1 minute. I really didn´t know how she would react. It wasn´t the first time she was stuck, and she knew there would be a rescue coming if that happened.


Time was up, and the device let out a little sound marking for release. The key dropped, just missing her bed falling over the edge. She felt the yank on her wrist and started to search the line to reel the key back. I was ready. As soon as I realized she had noticed the key dropping, I cut the line and put the key to my pocket. When she got hold on the line and started to pull there was nothing in the end of it. "Now the real fun begins", I thought to myself. When she realized there was no key attached to the line, she started to scream to her gag. Trashing and squirming from side to side, she tried to break free. But her bonds held up. It took her about 5 minutes to stop trying to break free, and calm down. Maybe she did freak out a bit, but then remembered her back up. But what she didn´t know, her back up was already there.

It was my time to get out from her bedroom. Luckily she had not bound herself in any kind of suspension. Only restricting her movement. So I had nothing to worry about. I had planned to let her squirm in her bonds for at least two more hours before walking in. So I took my bag and backed out, closed her door and went back downstairs to her kitchen.  I made myself some coffee and found the days newspaper. Every half an hour I went to check if she was ok. Just a little peak from the door and back. The third time I went to check up on her, she was trashing in her bonds, and sobbing behind her gag. I could see she was starting to panic.

Maybe I should start my show now, but no. I stick to my original plan, 30 more minutes to go. Though it must be hard to realize the time when you don´t see or hear anything, she had to know it was already past 5pm. She must´ve been thinking where I was. So far every time I had been precise with my timing. But not this time. Once more I backed out and went downstairs. My own excitement was growing, and I spent the time walking back and forth her house. I was nervous. Soon would be the time to make or to break our future. I knew this night would be the defining point in our relationship.

6:25. It was time to get the party started. I took the crop I bought on my way to her house, and pair of nipple clamps with me, and started my way back upstairs. Still silently I opened her door and found her just like she had been there all the time. She had stopped the trashing, and I could hear a quiet crying behind the gag. She was ready and after placing my phone to her dresser table to film, so was I. Without any warning I took the crop and slapped her left inner thigh with it. Not hard, but hard enough to leave a little red mark. She screamed. The stinging slap came out of nowhere and surprised her completely. Her right thigh was next to get a red mark. *SLAP*. That started a wild trashing in her bonds, and an animal like voice when she tried to scream.

After about 15 seconds, I started to move the crop gently from her thighs towards her groin. I rubbed her clit with it a couple of seconds, and then gave a faint slap to her clit. Her body arched with another scream. I don´t even try to guess what she were thinking at that point. I continued to go up, and next target were her tits. Her erect nipples were just screaming my attention. *SLAP SLAP*. One for each.

I wasn´t sure if this was what she had hoped all along. Even without herself knowing it. I had been noticing on our previous nights together, that she liked the pain. Couple times I had been twisting her nipples during our acts, slapping her butt quite hard with my hand. And she never complained. So I thought to test her. Even if it meant losing her forever, I had to take my chances.

I wasn´t totally wrong. Her pussy was soaking wet, though the vibrator was still buzzing close to her precious. I didn´t want her to lose her mind, so that was the time to start the real show. I knew from own experience, that those disposable earplugs didn´t block all sounds off. So with a voice loud enough, she could hear my words through the plugs. I took my voice changer and set it to a deep male voice.

"Well well, he wasn´t lying." I kept a little pause to let the words sink to her head and continued "I was a little skeptical when he told me I might find you here like this. But there you are. A little bondage slut waiting to be used. What should I do with you...?"

"MMMMPPPPFFFFHHHHHH! AAAEEEEOOOOEEEEEEEE!" was all she could scream. Nothing to understand.

I moved the crop over her body, and touched her cheek and the gag with it, "Now now. Stop screaming or I´ll have to tape your mouth even more shut."

It was time for a little pleasure. She was trying to wriggle away from me, but there was not much room for movement in her bindings. I pressed her chest firm enough to hold her still, and I guess because she quickly stop resisting, she had accepted the fact there was not much she could do to stop me.

Still holding her still with my right hand, my left hand started its journey to the south. Inch by inch I went down to her clit. Her breathing was becoming heavier and she started squirming under my hands. I didn´t even have to check, I knew her juices were oozing out of her. I took two fingers to her opening, and started slowly to push them in. I wasn´t really surprised she started to push back. She lift her hips and tried to get my fingers deeper inside. Her heavy breathing turned to silent moaning, and when I took my fingers out, and started rolling them over her swollen clit, I knew she was close. A little squeeze to her clit didn´t make her scream like an animal. I knew it must´ve hurt a bit, but she let a little yelp out. My hand started its journey back north, and when she realized my work between her legs had ended, she started to beg behind her gag. "EEEEEZZZZ! EEII MMMM!" Or at least that´s what I thought it was.

I didn´t hit her nipples hard before, so they were my next task. I grabbed both her tits and squeezed them together. With my thumbs and forefinger, I started to roll and pinch both her nipples. It´s just fun to play with some ones nipples, especially when the other can´t do a thing to stop me.

I had put nipple clamps ready on her bed, and now was their time to start working. I saw before she got her own clamps too, though she rarely used them. But the feeling was familiar to her. And the way she reacted on first clamp, I could tell for 100% certainty, she didn´t like them. Though otherwise she did seem to be enjoying herself a bit too much. She needed a reminder what her situation was.

I stood up from her bed and said "Now, I will take your gag off, but there are some conditions. First, don´t scream. If you scream, I will put that gag back and it will stay in your mouth. Non negotiable. Second, speaking is only by permission. You can speak only if I ask you a question or specifically allow you to speak. Also non negotiable. Do you understand what I said?"

First couple of seconds she just stayed still, until she turned her head a little and started shaking it. Then I saw she still had her earplugs on, and first I took them off. I then repeated what I had said.

She nodded her head twice and silently mumbled "es" to her gag.

I opened the straps and pulled the ball out of her mouth. At first, she didn´t say a thing, just stretched her jaws. But then she started her pleas "Please. Please, whoever you are, please let me..."

And the ball was back in her mouth. "So you either didn´t understand or just knowingly did exactly what you were not suppose to do, without a permission. What should I do with you?" I didn´t buckle the straps, just held the ball in her mouth. She tried to push the ball out, but it would stay there until I take it out. It took maybe 20 seconds until she stopped fighting back. "Let´s try one more time. Two questions. Do you remember what I said to you? Nod once for yes."

She nodded. "Good. Did you understand what I said to you? Nod once for yes." A slow nod. "Good. Now this is your last warning. There won´t be a third chance."

I took the ball out again, and this time she stayed quiet. "What should I do with you? I was told you are a hottie, but damn. Talks just don´t do justice every time."

I kept a little pause, just to see if she would say something. But no. She kept silent. The threat had worked. "Now, I have a question for you. How would you describe your feelings right now?" I bet she didn´t expect that, and for a good five seconds, she just laid her mouth open, speechless.

I was waiting for a burst, and I got one. She started slow "Descri... My feeli..." I could see how she took more air to her lungs, ready to give me a verbal lesson. I wanted to hear her react, though I already knew it would just earn her a punishment. I let it happen anyway.


I waited until she finished, and said "That was not an answer I was waiting for. Let me make myself clear..." I pulled her left nipple clamp down and she let that same yelp out again "... when I ask you a question, only thing what comes out from that sweet little mouth of yours..." Oops, a mistake. I had often told her the same before, sweet little mouth of yours. I have to be more careful. " an answer to that question. Nothing less, nothing more. Understood?"

Only a silent "Yes." came out this time.

"Good. You should know that burst earned you some punishment, which will take place later. Now, how would you describe your feelings right now?"

She started to sob again. Looking her now, I wasn´t sure this was a good idea anymore. "Scared obviously. My friend should be here soon and..."

I put the ball on her lips and stopped her right there. I knew what I was going to say next was cruel. But I needed to see her reaction. And the truth would be revealing to her soon so I thought this as a Grande Finale of mind games. "If you mean Harry-boy, he´s long gone already. Who did you think told me about you?"

First she slowly swallowed and then said "No. I don´t believe you! He would never!" She burst to tears. "Why are you doing this to me?"

At that point, I knew the game was over. If there was a safe word, she would be screaming it now. I could sense that from her. I just hoped the damage wasn´t permanent. I quickly tossed the voice changer to the corner and started to unwrap he blindfold, talking calmly to her.

"Calm down. It´s me. Be still so I can open your bounds." I took the key from my pocket and opened the locks holding her hands. I could see she was both amazed and relieved.

"Harry? What the...?"

She was shocked too. Damn I was stupid. Did I really misread those signs so badly?

She was surprisingly calm. We were in silence for a long time. It felt like hours, but in truth it might have been 5 minutes. Then she looked me straight to my eyes. "I think it is better for you to leave now. Leave the spare key on kitchen table on your way." Then she turned her head away.

She said it so cold that the only thing I said was "I understand". I didn´t bother to gather what I had brought, just took my bag and left. I had nothing to gain in that situation, could only make things worse.

When I got back home, it hit me. And it hit me hard. Was I really that bad judge of a character? I thought my years as a cabdriver had made me good guessing things about people, just by listening and observing them. But now, this was like a wet rag to my face.

My intentions were never to hurt her. The mind games were rough, but I thought she could handle it. Obviously I was wrong. Badly. Was there something I could do to right my wrongs? Not now, but maybe later. I would give her three days, and if I don´t hear from her, I´d ask what´s going on.

I just needed to know if she was ok.

After two days, she called. I was surprised by it, we didn´t call much. But of course I answered, I wanted her to call me. "Hello Janica. I wasn´t sure if I ever hear from you again."

"Hello Harry."

I had to ask it right away. "Are you ok? Tell me I didn´t hurt you badly?"

There was something in her voice. Something I had never heard before, "Can you please come over? I need to talk to you and I really don´t want to do it on the phone."

Ok, what´s going on. "Of course. Put the coffee maker on, I´ll be there in 20 minutes"

"Yes, Sir"

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