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Calculated Misfortune Part 2

by Maxxster

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story continued from part one

Part Two

Time had passed very slowly for me, or so I had thought. Sitting as I was, unable to move or free myself only made my mind race down many roads to reflect on my current circumstances and limitations. When is she going to return? What is she going to tell me now? Is there anything I can do to get out of this?

Given what could only be referred to as an Ultimatum and understanding only made things worse. I was in a predicament which was limited to say the least, but what was worse was that it was out of my control and in the hands of the women who held it.

My mind had been reflecting and I have reluctantly concluded that she probably did not have the keys to the handcuffs, and would have given them to someone who could ensure her success if even they did not know what they had been given.

If she went to all this trouble to snare me or trap me, then she would have had a number of options to look at and decide about before starting out on her quest. It made perfect sense to me that it was not until she watched me handcuff myself that her plan to keep me like this was complete.

There is no doubt that she could have fully known how long it was going to take me to get into this predicament or another and her friend going out of town is just a coincidence and she took advantage of that.

At any rate it was as useless to try and think this through as it was not a realistic idea for me that I could get out on my own. I was going nowhere and I knew that and somehow I had to just accept this as it was.

My circumstances are not as bad as one could think. I was belted and cuffed as I had always wanted to be, but never have been given the opportunity to try. A beautiful woman who was the fantasies of many men, and some women I am sure held the keys to my release, but more importantly shared with me a love so strong that she had made an opportunity for me that I could not refuse.

To wonder why I had never thought that she was always so interested in me? The reality was that for both the good times and being there when things were hard she was never very far away. It is not unreasonable to think that she had always cared for me because she did in fact truly love me, but for some reason never took the time to tell me until now.

There are many reasons why I am not as sure that this may have started out as an opportunity for me to explore my own sexuality, it will be out of my control to continue to explore this, for it is apparent that she clearly knows what she is doing and had placed all her cards onto the table before my arrival.

It is hard to have to admit that the thought of being in her control and unable to resist her is starting to cause me even more discomfort within the tube which is clearly holding me hostage to her desires. Or perhaps it is my desire to be controlled by her?

The thoughts would not stop and there was nothing I could do to slow them down or keep them in a proper perspective. My mind was reeling and it was a wonderful moment to hear the door and the clicking of her shoes as she entered the room. The silence that I had endured and being replaced by a sound of a door was amusing to me for a split second before the sweet smell of her perfume overcame my senses. It smelt so nice; I just wanted to smell it more.

She was standing in front of me, it is amazing how the mind can adjust to sense what can’t bee seen. I then felt her hand on my masked face and I leaned into it for her touch. I felt her take her hand away and then I felt both hands on my shoulders as she was now standing behind me. It was so strange to feel her softness and the warmth of her hands. I actually wanted her to comfort me; I was so out of control in my mind that I needed her to let me know I was ok.

If my eyes could see I would have watched her bend over me and wrap both her arms around my upper shoulders and put her head close to my ear. I heard her speak to me and tell me that I was doing better than she could have ever imagined and that she was very pleased that I appeared to be taking this very well.

She also said that we were going to be a very happy now that the life which was meant for us was starting off so well. If I could somehow show her that this is what I truly wanted as well I could be placed into a more comfortable position for the remainder of the evening.

The moment of truth was now here and how the hell was I going to handle this? It was just a few hours ago that I had made the fateful decision to bind myself which has me now in a position which makes me totally rely on the person who cannot let me free. This is a complete irony and now I must decide to somehow show her I wanted this too. Maybe more than she did?

Things were now more difficult but easier to express by the yes or no questions I was being asked. I nodded my head willingly to say I wanted to be kept by her, and that I would accept her cage without struggle and that I was prepared to serve her anyway which she wanted from me. It was a wonderful moment to feel the first strap being removed from my left shoulder and then the right strap was taken off me.

I could bend my body forward and the feel of the cool air on my skin which was wonderful. As soon as I straightened upright I was told to bend forward and lift my hands as high as I could from behind my back which I did. I was told to open my hands and the key to the handcuffs was taken from me.

I never realized that the whole time I was sitting in the chair that I was clutching the key thinking that if I held onto it I could get myself free. It was such a Freudian act on my part. The tightness of the handcuffs was checked and I could hear and feel her counting the notches and then tighten them on both hands until she counted two and then I felt her double lock the handcuffs so they could not get any tighter.

While I was still bent forward in the chair I could feel her moving my hands back down to where the back of the belt was and I was told to not move for a minute. I stayed as instructed and then felt my hands being what I would say was being locked to the back of the Chastity Belt with a padlock.

My legs were undone from the chair and then I felt and heard the sound of ankle cuffs being locked onto my legs. I was told that these ankle cuffs are specially modified and that they only had a six inch chain which was going to be a challenge for me to walk in them. I had to learn that my position was going to be very strict at first but with compliance I would have more freedom as earned.

The final strap across my waist was undone and I would have been able to stand if I was allowed. I was told that I would have to learn the tug of the leash which was now attached to the front of the collar and not to move until given verbal direction or the feel of a double tug on the leash.

The tug of the leash was unmistakable and I heard the command to stand which I did immediately. I was led around the room in short little steps all the while being told how good I looked to her in the position I was in.

There was no hesitation in her words or commands and for the next half hour I was asked to kneel and then stand all the while pulling on my handcuffed hands connected to the back of the chastity belt. I was also led to a washroom and assisted to sit down where I was told that now was the time to take care of that need for I would not have another chance for the rest of the evening. I was completely unaware of what time it was or how long I had been in the position that I was in, it was nice that I was in absolutely no discomfort or that I had any painful joints or limbs.

After I was finished I felt warm water being put through the front of the belt and realized that the tube was being flushed. What a nice touch I thought to be considerate of proper hygiene, she really did think of everything.

The tug of the leash made it clear that I was to move forward and start walking to wherever she choose, all which I could not see. I must have walked about 30 paces and was told to kneel and that I was being placed into a cage for the rest of the night and she would come down in the morning to retrieve me. I was completely apprehensive about this command and before I could think about it I felt the collar being pulled again.

The leash had been placed through the bars of the cage and was being pulled to bring me into the cage without being able to back up. I was told to lower my head a little and I then felt the rubber foam under my knees which was softer than the concrete I had been standing on. It did not take very long for me to walk on my knees to the back of the cage for I was told to stop and slowly bend my head forward which I did. I felt the bars through the leather hood and stopped as directed. I could feel a slight pressure on the collar and was told that it was being attached to the bars until the cage could be secured.

A very large clank was heard behind me which could only be the door closing and then the clack of what must be a very large lock was placed onto the front of the door ensuring that it would now open without the key. A moment later I felt the pressure leave the collar and I was instructed that I could now do anything that I wanted inside the cage to get comfortable.

After what seemed an eternity of twisting and wriggling I was on my back with my hands underneath my body, my legs slightly bent for the ankle cuffs would not allow me to put my feet through the bars at the same time. I had no pillow and no blanket although it was not cold at all, but a very nice room temperature. When I had settled down and quite squirming I felt her hand touch me once more and with all my senses focusing on her I was told that I was put to bed for the night.

In an ever so soothing voice Janice stated that the first night could be hard for me but if I really wanted what she did that I would have to show her that I could endure this simple little inconvenience. I was informed that there are two locks on the door to the cage, one is large casehardened unpickable steel lock, and the other is a 5 digit tumbler lock which she is the only one who knows the combination. I would be secure from any escape on either my own or if someone chooses to steal her now most prized possession.

It is amazing what someone else calls an inconvenience or what they deem as an acquired possession. At any rate it was perfectly clear to me that I was going nowhere and would still be belted, cuffed, gagged and hooded in the morning when she choose to release me.

After a few minutes I heard Janice tell me that I looked wonderful and that she would have one of the best sleeps in her life knowing I was there waiting for her and willing to earn the right to eventually sleep beside her in some form or restraint or another of her choice. It was stated to me that I make the best of this and try to get some sleep for she had plans for us the next day. I was told good night and that she loved me and I heard her steps walking away from the cage on the concrete and then the room went silent.

It is so strange to be handcuffed without your arms, handcuffs restrain your hands, but to have them locked to the back of a chastity belt restrains your entire arms. There is no movement and it only amplifies the feeling of futility when trying to move oneself around to get comfortable.

The cage was not so bad either, it wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small. I had room to turn on my side either one actually and have my knees in a prone position without hitting the bars. I could not extend my legs straight though, but I found that it was way more comfortable lying on my side. There was no great pressure on my shoulders and they were not getting sore, at this rate I could be kept like this for some time I thought. As far as I knew that was going to be the way it was for me for now anyways.

Time passed by quickly, or was it slowly? I don’t really know time is just that time! I had no way to measure it, I had now way to curse it, and my mind rambled and then focused on so many things in the past and then sped up and then slowed down. I know I had slept and woke more than once because the first time I awoke from a sleep I pulled and tugged the handcuffs but they let me know very quickly that they were not coming off. It was really surprising that nowhere along the way did I even begin to have a panic attack of any type.

For some unknown reason it appeared to me that I was completely at peace with this situation. I had no fear, I had no trepidation, I did not even feel anxious at any time I was just completely content. I had to wonder about that as well, why was I giving up so easily? A few hours ago all I could do is fight in my mind a way to get out and now I am completely happy being placed and left in this position. This is a good thing; I was actually enjoying the reality that I was completely unable to free myself and was a prisoner of Janice and her womanly strength.

The strength of Janice to have pulled this off and to have me start to think I enjoyed this came flooding home when the realization that the belt was holding me so securely and causing me the complete inability to get fully hard. To share with you that I was as hard as I could get at that moment and all I could do was to turn over and try to grind myself into the foam which I was lying on. I must have continued with this for a while before I resigned myself to the fact that I was actually doing nothing to satisfy myself, but creating more discomfort at exerting so much energy. It is not easy to try to return to sleep after that, but eventually I did.

Awaking to an ever so gentle feeling in my nipples which caused me to moan with pleasure at the ever so slightly pulling on my nipple rings is something to never forget. I could not get over how good this felt and I was instantly hard inside the tube once again. It was then I heard the sound of Janice’s voice saying good morning.

Janice had entered the room and I guess it doesn’t really matter that I never heard her, she was now there and I was becoming more aware of my ongoing situation by the second as the fog cleared and the physical restrictions came flooding into my mind.

I pulled at the handcuffs and moaned as best I could to show her that I was still in the same position as when she left me there the night before. I was greeted with her comment that I looked better this morning than the night before.

Janice asked if I had slept well. And I nodded my head yes. She also asked if I was at all uncomfortable anywhere? And I shook my head no. It was then that I was asked that totally unexpected question of “Do you want me to let you go?”

To try to figure out how to answer a yes and no question without saying it is very hard. I waited to see if I had heard the question properly and she asked me again and informed me that she would not wait long for an answer. I struggled inside my mind and knew that there was only one answer that I could give, I nodded my head NO. I actually agreed to stay as I was.

Janice then told me, hold tight and I heard her fumbling with the cage. It sounded like metal moving but I had not heard the lock or door open. Janice told me to slide forward and she would tell me when to stop. I did as instructed and I felt my shoulders hit the end of the cage but my head moved as far as it could go. Janice told me to stay still for a moment and not move and it was then that I could feel something enveloping the high collar I had worn but caused no real pressure.

There had been an opening created in the cage for my head to slide through and now I was more restricted than I had slept. My neck held me firmly in place even though it was outside the cage. Janice asked me if I promised not to speak if she removed the gag from my mouth. I was told that although I was not going anywhere she would prefer if I listened and not earned any punishment so early in the morning. Punishment and training would be given to me throughout the day and she just wanted to make sure that I understood what she was asking of me. I nodded my head as best I could that I would do as she told me for I was still in no position to resist, not that I think that I would want to at this point anyways.

The large gag that I had chosen to wear the day before was removed from my mouth and for the first time I could stretch my jaw. That was a great feeling to move my mouth and not have anything forcing it open. The leather hood was still in place and I could not see anything, it was still very dark for my eyes.

Janice informed me that I have an opportunity to show her how much I wanted to be kept by her and that I was going to be used for her morning pleasure. I was told that I should get used to this ritual because this is something that will occur each and everyday she awakens if I get the pleasure of sleeping beside her in her bed or not. I will be tasked with serving her needs before even getting an opportunity to go to the bathroom for myself.

Something was moved above my head and concluded that it was a low sitting chair which surrounded my face. I heard Janice moving and then felt her warm flesh on my lips. I was startled at first but knew what I was supposed to do and decided that I was going to do everything possible to give her the most pleasure and attention I could to please her.

Things started off slowly at first and this was the first time I had ever been intimate with Janice since we had met years ago. To have this as the first encounter was really arousing for me since this was something that I had always fantasized about with the women I had never met in my dreams.

Janice was so very responsive and she made it so easy for me to enjoy pleasing her. I could hear instantly how good she was feeling from my efforts and it was a relief that I could please her so well and so easily. I was actually feeling very proud of myself and took a lot of pride in my efforts. There was no mistaking my level of arousal as well. As difficult of a position that I was in and been kept in, I was able to be comfortable and enjoyed the limited struggling which only added to my personal frustration.

I can’t tell you how long I was engaged in Janice’s pleasure making, but I was very shocked when she suddenly and without notice got up off of my face. The coolness of the air and the wetness I had dripping down the side of my face was clear that as much as I was totally involved with her, she still held all the cards and was content with my efforts.

I begged her to not let me stop and that I wanted to please her more and that I enjoyed what she was making me do. Janice knelt beside me and asked if I remember that she had told me not to speak when she took the gag out? And I replied yes. Janice then told me to open my mouth and remain quiet or it was going to be worse than what I had just earned.

It was shocking to think that after everything that I had just done for her that she would not even allow me the right to ask for more. I felt the gag going into my mouth, but this one was different than the last one. If I had to guess right then I would say it was an overly enlarged Penis which was going into my mouth. This gag filled my mouth so full that I thought I was going to gag, and it was not until I was told to just let my tongue lay flat that I was able to relax and breathe normally.

The gag was done up so tight that there was absolutely no way I could mumble any coherent words at all. I felt her doing up the back straps and then heard what was a lock closing on the back of my head.

There was no way I would be able to do anything more for her or let alone myself in the current situation I found myself in again. I was feeling exceptionally frustrated at this point. The emotions of the moment were very overwhelming for me to get a grip on, all I wanted was to give her pleasure and she was not going to let me.

There is something fundamentally wrong here, I thought she wanted me? I thought I was going to be able to please her? I didn’t understand that I was just an object for her right now and my needs really did not even register on her scale of priorities. I had to get out and tell her how I was really starting to feel.

It was then that once again I realized the futility of my situation. I pulled at my hands which were still handcuffed behind my back to the belt and found out as every other time, I was going nowhere and would be in no position to say anything except that I was not in control or able to tell her anything that she would not be interested in hearing. I again resigned myself to my situation and settled back down before I hurt myself.

Janice told me that she was going to have a shower and then return to help me with going to the bathroom. She suggested that I should take this time to reflect that she was in control and I was still not going to be released from the handcuffs. If I was compliant that things would go easier for me, but I still had to learn what my role was and that there was no better or quicker way than for her to leave me as I was to just think and ponder my situation.

Time seems to stand still but yet moves so very quickly when there is no way to measure it. I had no idea how long it was while I laid there handcuffed and chained as I was in the cell that I spent the night sleeping in with my head now out of the cage locked into a position which I could not move from. I have to say that this position was way harder for my body due to the limited movement than the entire previous night.

The moment I heard and then smelt Janice’s perfume was wonderful; she always wore something that just made me remember laughter and good times. They say smell has the strongest association to memory and I can certainly agree with whoever came up with that.

I was still lying where she left me when I felt her weight on my face again. This time she was wearing silk panties and I could do anything but let her continue with my torment. I could feel the warmth of her enveloping my entire head and concluded that she must be kneeling over me. I then felt my nipple rings being pulled slightly and this caused an involuntary reaction from me and all I could do was just moan into the gag.

Janice must have been smiling at this turn of events because she asked me if she had my attention and I groaned again. Janice told me I was going to be taken out of the cage and I would stay on my knees in the same position that I am in now. I was also told that I would walk on my knees to the bathroom where she would help me sit on the toilet so that I could go pee and then have the tube flushed with fresh water. Depending on how well I did with that would determine any further steps of my day and everything was up to me.

My head was released from the back of the cage and I heard the metal door open and I was instructed to move slowly down until I was out of the cage. I was directed to roll over onto my side and bring my knees up until I was in a prone position. On the count of 3 she rolled me over onto my knees where I felt a leash being attacked to the front of the collar and then the tug which made me start moving forward.

Assistance was given again to help me sit and I felt ice cold water being administered into the front of the belt tube and was relieved when it stopped. I was then again told to lean forward until I was able to kneel again which I did. I felt the tug of the leash and I followed it until I was told to stop, and then stand up. I did as I was told and I felt the lock on the back of the belt holding the handcuffs being removed. What a feeling I could roll my shoulders and move my hands to the sides a little and boy did this feel good for me to be able to do. After a couple of minutes I was told to sit down slowly. Damn!!!!! I was back in the Adec Restraint chair.

Janice started laughing and said, “I bet you didn’t expect this now did you?” I shook my head no and it was then that I felt the straps being applied across my waist and shoulders and legs. I was again completely stuck and there was no way that I was getting out on my own. Janice had informed me that she had put the chair onto its base and she would be able to roll me wherever she wanted me to go and that we would be heading outside in a few minutes to enjoy the fresh air and mid-day sun.

It was not long before the chair was being pushed forward and I could smell fresh air. The air was intoxicating, so removed from the smells of perfume and concrete. It was like an ocean breeze the subtleness of seaweed but also the ocean. It was absolutely awesome.

Life could not have been better in that moment for whatever reason I could not conclude, wow, what an experience.

Janice was now in front of me leaning with her hands on my legs, it was easy to see her in my mind and that was wonderful. I was told that the gag and hood would now be removed and I was to remain silent and keep my eyes closed because it was bright out.

The gag was taken from my mouth and I then felt the back of the hood being loosened and then removed. The overwhelming rush of cool fresh air on my head was amazing and refreshing. I kept my eyes closed and was instructed to look straight ahead after the hood was off and a pair of dark sunglasses was placed over my head and eyes.

The gag was placed back in my mouth and locked on so I could not take it off and I slowly opened my eyes and allowed them to adjust to the light. This took several minutes and all I could do was continue blinking to get them to focus. It was not long before I was able to see as normal.

I was sitting on a deck outside overlooking the ocean with a cool breeze flowing over me. Things could have been a lot worse, but in this moment again I was quite content.

Janice was also sitting a few feet away from me, wearing a small tight bikini which showed off her beautiful body. What a sight to see, the flat stomach, large breasts stretching the material to its limits, and that Ass, it should be one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, what a sight this was, absolutely incredible.

I started to struggle in the chair by pulling the handcuffs as best I could, yet nothing had changed, I was going nowhere but now I could see why within my restraints. Janice smiled at me and told me to continue struggling if I wanted, she did not mind and if anything it only made her smile more.

We must have sat there for a couple of hours, me taking in the sight of her and the ocean, her taking in the sight of me and my struggles, yet nothing was said for so long. Not that I could speak, but for Janice being still and content with the way things were.

Things eventually came to the conversation of food and how hungry I must be. The gag was removed and I was told that we could talk after we ate. Janice brought out a couple of plates with different fruits and meat and she sat in front of me feeding me and smiling continuously, occasionally telling me to be patient and not talk. After we finished she wiped my mouth and gave me a glass of white wine and asked if there was anything I wanted to say?

There was so much to say? Where does one begin? It took me a few minutes and the only word that came out of my mouth was a simple “Thank You”

There was more said after that, but the reality was what it was. I was at home now, not only with myself, but with Janice. It did not matter what the future held after that moment, it was all going to be perfect for the two of us.

I will write more about what life brought for us, but for now I have to keep struggling with my new and wonderful life.


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