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Caught 2

by Don

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© Copyright 2009 - Don - Used by permission

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continues from part one

Caught Part 2

Hi, Don here again.

I hope you read the first installment of getting "caught" so you know a little about the family and how we live.

Today is Sunday and our daughter, Janie and her boyfriend of three or four years, Joe, usually play tennis or volley ball at the park in the morning and then come back to our house for lunch and play in the pool for the rest of the day. They use to alternate between our house and Joe's but when Joe started college two years ago, his parents sold their home and bought a bigger and better one about a thirty minute drive from here. They haven't put in a pool yet and don't know if they will, so the kids spend lots of time here in the summer.

Its about nine o'clock and they are off, so I get to start cleaning the pool and washing down the deck and patio. I strip off my swim suit and start vacuuming the pool. About fifteen minutes later Joe walks into the back yard and says, "Hey, Mr. D. I see you like the sun, also."

"Yep, and does that mean you like to go naked too?" I asked.

"Yeah, but I don't get much chance since we moved".

He said he also liked my cockring. One of the swim team guys had brought some in last year and most of the team wore them under their swim suits as they liked the look. Joe said he wore his a lot because he liked the feel as well as the look.

When I was his age I had no idea what a cockring was. Then he asked if I wanted any help with the cleaning.

I said, "No, but what are you guys doing back here so soon?"

He said, it was so hot, they didn't want to play at the park so they are going to the beach and Janie wanted to pack some stuff to take with them. Sure enough, ten minutes later they're gone. Said they wouldn't be back until five or six. I finished the cleaning, swam a couple of laps and told Jane, my wife, that I was going to do the vertical spread eagle thing, since the house would be ours for awhile.

I was at the marine store not long ago with my brother-in-law and found some interesting gadgets. One is a "snatch block" or "one way pulley." You put a rope through it and it will only pull one way, when you release it, its locked in place. Sooo, I bought a dozen of the things. Now, our bedroom has an eight foot sliding glass door going out to the pool deck. The window has vertical blinds that close completely or when open have about an eight inch gathering at each side.

Behind this area I installed eyebolts at the ceiling and floor level. They are fastened into the studs at the sides of the door so they are quite strong and they don't show when the blinds are open or closed. To each of these eyes I fasten a snatch block and run a quarter inch rope through them from the floor to the ceiling. I have tied a slip loop into the ends of the rope with a safety knot so that when the loop closes around my wrist or ankle it can be pulled so tight that it won't slip off but not so tight as to cut off circulation.

Now I put a loop on each ankle and pull up on the rope until my legs are spread wide. Because the rope won't go back through the block, I'm stuck there. I can choose whether I want to face the pool deck or the bed on the other side of the room. Today, I chose to face the pool. Nobody is going to see me unless they are on the neighbor's roof behind us or in our yard.

Next, while my hands are free I put on a ball gag. If I want a blindfold, it goes on now also. Then I put my hands in the loops made for them and pull the ropes down to spread my hands above my head and outward. So there I am, completely naked except for my wedding ring, cockring and ball gag. I am in complete self bondage and there is absolutely no way for me to release myself. I'm sure some of you readers know the feeling this causes.

Our neighbors next door left on vacation last Friday. Before they left they told us their married twenty two year old son would be checking the house and probably having some friends in on the weekends and that was okay with them. So about an hour after I get set up we hear the beginnings of a party. I find out later there are four couples, all married and in their early twenties. Jane has come in to check on me and see if I was okay and to give me a few tickles and swats. She wants to know if I want to stay there with the party going on. They can't see me from their yard so I see no reason to be freed. Aha, bad reasoning.

They start a game of pool volley ball and five minutes later I see the ball come over the fence into our pool. On their side of the fence they have a bench covering the pool pump and filter, so its no trick to step on that and then right over the fence into our yard. On our side of the fence we have a chinese lantern with a flat top that lights the pool deck at night and it makes a very convenient step to get back again. So right behind the ball is our neighbor's son to retrieve it. He sees me in the window and gives me a big grin and a thumbs up.

Five minutes later and another ball comes over, followed this time by a different guy. Again, I get a thumbs up and he leaves. This goes on twice more and I figure the visits are over. WRONG! Next ball and our neighbor's daughter-in-law comes over to retrieve it. Again, I get a big grin and three more visits. Oh well, that's part of the fun of bondage. I can only take this position for a couple of hours, and Jane knows it, so she comes in and releases me and when I remove the gag I tell her what has been happening. After I relax and get the use of my arms and legs again, and seeing no reason at this point to put on a swim suit, I go into our pool and do a few laps.

When the son hears me in the pool, he comes over to the fence and says, "Mr D. I hope we didn't embarass you."

I said, "No apology needed, after all I asked for it".

Then he asked if I could help with a favor. The girls liked the show so much they wanted their own. Did I have any rope they could borrow and could I suggest how to do it? Naturally, I have plenty of rope around and I suggested we use the hooks on their patio cover that were installed to hang sun shades. I know they are really strong because I helped put them in. The patio cover is held up by five posts that are six feet apart thus creating four openings that are about six by six, perfect for stringing up a human body.

So I told him to get rid of their wives for a half hour and we'd get them set. I just mentioned in passing that I hope they each had lots of trust in their wives. The wives decided it was time to go in anyway, get showers and dry their hair, and put on dry clothes before dinner.

At that point I went over and showed the guys how to make the slip loops and cut the rope to the proper lengths. They took off their swim suits and two of them tied the feet of the other two to the posts and their hands to the hooks over head. Then the son tied his other friend and I had the job of tying him. I made sure he was stretched to the limit, apologized that I didn't have any gags for them, and came on back to my own yard. It was only about fifteen minutes later that it was obvious the girls had discovered their prizes. The squeals of delight and then the yelps of pain and the giggles of tickling lasted for at least another fifteen minutes.

I went over to the fence then and hollered for the girls. They came to the fence and I told them they probably shouldn't leave the guys like that for much longer as they weren't used to it. They thanked me for the show I gave them that afternoon and for helping the guys with their own show. Then each of them hopped up on the bench to give me a hug and, I expect, to make sure I was still naked and went back to their patio.


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