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Caught 3

by Don

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© Copyright 2009 - Don - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; Sbf; rope; pulley; F/mf; bond; susp; hogtie; cons; X

continues from part two

Caught Part 3

Hi, Its Don again.

It's Saturday morning about ten, we've had breakfast and I'm out on the patio relaxing, naked of course, and trying to figure out if I really want to clean the pool or let it wait until tomorrow. Janie comes out and asks if I had any plans for this morning.

I said no and asked what she wanted to do.

She said she'd like to have another bondage session if it was ok with me.

"Sure, what did you have in mind", I replied.

She thought maybe spread eagle if it wasn't too soon for me after the party last Sunday.

I laughed and said, "You should have been here to see the guys after they set themselves up for their wives".

Anyway, we headed for the bedroom and told Jane what we were up to and please check on us periodically. I got out the "one-way pulleys" and set up four on the bed and four on the wall by the sliding glass door to the pool. I showed Janie how the loops worked to hold you tight but not cut off circulation and how to pull yourself tight with the ropes. I then put my feet in the bottom loops and pulled them so I was spread pretty wide.

I told her I had gotten her a ball gag of her own if she wanted to use it. I also said, "Now was the time for a blindfold if you were going to use one. If she had any questions, now was the time to ask because I was going to finish tying me up and she would be on her own".

She said she understood and for me to go ahead.

So, on with the ball gag, then the blindfold and finally I put my hands in their loops. I took a deep breath as usual and pulled the ropes to spread and stretch me out. I was now naked, in complete bondage and unable to free myself in any way. I heard the bed springs as Janie was putting her bonds on and then a gasp as she apparently pulled the ropes tight. From the gasp I knew she hadn't used the gag. Jane came in and asked if we were all ok. I nodded my head yes. She told Janie to hold still while she put her blindfold on her. Then she said "open wide" and I assume put Janie's ball gag on her because all I heard from them on was some mumbles.

Jane came over to me and removed my blindfold and I could see that Janie was spread, but not very tight, and had on the blindfold and gag. Jane looked at me and put her finger to her lips, telling me to be quiet, as if I was going to yell. Now Jane is not usually playful with anyone but me, I get tickled unmercilessly when I'm tied up, mainly because she knows I like it. With Janie she is much more reserved, not like me who will tease and tickle her whenever I get the chance, hence rule number 4, "Daddy gets tied up first and untied last."

Jane went to her dresser and removed about an eight inch feather from her drawer and proceeded to use it on Janie. Starting at one hand, down the inside of the arm, down the side of the body, down the outside of the leg, across the bottom of the foot, up the inside of one leg and down the inside of the other, up the other leg, body side and inside arm, finishing at the other hand. All this time Janie was writhing and trying to yell without any luck. She went completely limp when the tickling was finished.

Jane now walked over to me and I figured here it comes. Instead she snuggles up to me and puts her hand down on my erection and starts a slow hand job. After some twenty years she is so attuned to my body she knows exactly how I will react and which stroke to stop on to keep me from a climax. At that point she stops and leaves the room with me completely frustated. Janie, I'm sure figured all my moans and mumbles were because of a similar treatment that she had gotten, little did she know.

About five minutes later Jane comes back and asks if we're both ok and when we nod yes, the treatment is repeated, except Janie gets a breast and stomach workout this time also and I'm even more worked up when she leaves again. This went on twice more and Janie decided she had had enough and when asked if she was okay, shook her head NO. So Jane comes over and places the blindfold back on me so Janie won't know I witnessed this whole thing and then lets her loose. There were a few whispers and all of a sudden I'm getting the feather treatment. Not exactly like Jane does it so I guess my daughter is getting some revenge. Apparently she is also getting some instructions because my balls, penis and buns start getting their share of the activity, also. They both leave, but Jane comes back and whispers to me that she'll finish me off tonight.

Janie comes back in a few minutes, I figure she had gotten dressed, and said, "Mom wanted to go the store and did I want anything".

Not wanting to play twenty questions I shook my head no. Then Jane came in and asked if I wanted to be freed before they went to the store. I shook my head no and she asked if I NEEDED to be set free. We had only been at this for a little less than an hour, and I'm usually good for two hours stretched out like this so I shook my head no. She said ok, reached over and pulled my ropes tighter, REALLY stretching my legs to the limit, and said they'd be back in a little bit and for me to have fun while they were gone.

Lots of fun I could have, I'm completely naked except for my cockring, standing in front of an open window, I'm stretched out where I can't reach anything except the ropes to stretch me tighter, I'm blindfolded so I can't even see the clock, my mouth is full of ball gag and I've been cock teased and feather tickled. Lots of fun, and I loved every minute of it.

As I stood there completely helpless, my shoulders started aching from having my arms pulled up in the air. Nothing I could do about it so I just tried to think of more pleasant things.

After what seemed an eternity, the girls returned and came in and apologized for being gone so long but they had gone on to the mall and forgot about me and my situation. They had been gone about three hours, no wonder I was feeling it. Jane knew from the past that the best way to treat me was to massage my arms while they were up in the air and then to tie my hands behind my back which put the exact opposite strain on them that they had just been through.

After that, she would massage the muscles or tendons where my legs attach to my pelvis and then massage my legs from the feet up to get circulation going again. Then she released one foot, put a six inch hobble chain on me, released the other foot and attached a leash to my cockring and led me out to the patio where I could flop in a lounge chair. She had me turn on my stomach and hogtied me as this put the exact opposite tension on my legs as when I was spread eagled.

I rolled over on my side still naked, blindfolded and gagged and every once in a while one of them would come over and give me a hug or a squeeze just to let me know they were still there. After a while, Jane removed my gag and started feeding me lunch followed by some ice cream. The gag went back in and she removed the rope between my hands and feet and I lay back and took a nap.

Next thing I know, Joe is saying it looks like I was having a fun day. I mmmphed. He said he and Janie were going to a movie and probably wouldn't be back until after midnight. I nodded my head that I understood. A few minutes later, Jane grabbed the chain still attached to my cockring and I was led, hobbled, hand tied, blindfolded and gagged to the bedroom where I was treated royally enough to make up for the rest of the day.


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