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Caught on a Walk in Bondage

by Mindful_bound

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Part 1

Note: this is a work of fiction exaggerated based on real events. This is not a safe idea, and should not be used as a guide, inspiration, or instruction. I have been out of the lifestyle for a while now, but am in a much better situation now to partake in my interests, free from judgment or shame about it. I plan to continue this story and document some others of mine, true, and fiction.

I was eager to again be living on my own. Having lived without expressing certain aspects of myself, I quickly realized how much I did miss them. I did some self-play previously, but when your partner isn’t into it, the play only happens when you can get private time. Now on my own, I have private time, and the drive to do bondage just exploded in me. Having gone without it, or at least to a real extent apparently meant that when I suddenly had time, that is all I wanted to do.

I spent my first weekend here more in than out of bondage. The weather was perfect, and it was very late. Having worked my excitement up all day, I got the wild idea of simply taking a nice walk around the complex, while secretly bound. I do not think I actually wanted to get caught, but I sure loved the idea of it. I started throwing in potentially embarrassing things as well; women’s panties, the occasional women’s clothing item (not too obvious), and even things like diapers. I found the emotional game of it was enough to really take me to a whole new headspace. Occasionally I would see people out, and the thrill that left me was over the top. It all changed one night, and that was the first time I got caught.

I am definitely embarrassed by this but here we go. I want to preface that not all of the things I have done are not directly because I was into them, but because the idea of the humiliation was such a HUGE rush of emotion for me.

It was a late spring evening, cool but nice weather. I was in a pair of shorts, a tank top, and my hands were cuffed behind my back, to my belt. I positioned my arms so that they sat parallel to each other, in the hopes that that might just look like a way to hold my arms, versus my arms being bound that way. I did have a ball gag on, but I had a bandana over, allergies is the reason I had justified. I was walking along the walking trail for my complex. It went around a small lake, with the buildings on the outside; some had patios that overlooked the path. I was on my second stroll around, feeling incredible, helplessly out in the open for all to see, but knowing most all were asleep, and from a distance I was just a person. Up shortly ahead I saw a lady sitting on her first-floor patio. I kept walking, increasing my pace to pass by quickly and subtly, but when I got close she stood up, and called to me:

“Hey fella, come here.”

Her voice was kind, friendly, and seemingly without judgment, so I looked up at her with a questioning look.

She was maybe 10 feet away. When I stopped she took a few steps closer to her railing,

“I know what you are up to, and frankly you should be embarrassed.”

What did she know? I thought. I was far too clever to be found out, which of course was not true, I took silly risks.

“I won’t do anything, this is just a warning,” she then took a serious expression and with a stern commanding voice she instructed me to turn around. I shook my head no, and started to walk away, but soon she was off her patio walking towards me. “Stop.” was all she said, but the command in her voice hit my submissive buttons and I did. “Give me a turn” was her next instruction, and I did slowly, bushing and nearly shaking with nervousness.

“You really have tied yourself up, just as I thought,” she stated. “I have seen you on occasion out here, you little perv. And I think you need to be taught a little lesson.”

Holding my arms, she reached up and removed the bandana, my gag now in full view.

“What a funny boy you are,” she stated, “what is your name?”

Dying inside from embarrassment, while nearly buzzing with excitement, I mumbled as best I could through the gag.

“Ok, fair enough, but do you live here?” she asked.

I nodded softly, this was going too far. I loved it, but I was actually scared.

“Very well. I am telling you, do not do this again,” she said, tying the bandana around my wrists, further binding them to my belt. I now had even less wiggle room with my arms. I squirmed and mumbled a protest but she was unphased.

“Off you go now,” she said with a pat on my butt. “But if I find you out here again, I will not be as nice.” She winked with this last smile.

I mumbled and blushed as I quickly walked off, apologizing and mumbling. I was helpless before, but now I felt so much more exposed. The red ball gag strapped to my face, now in full view, did not help the feeling. I got back to my door in a hurry and once inside I fell against the door, sliding down to a seated position. I felt like I was going to hyper-ventilate out of fear, excitement, embarrassment, and just pure bliss. I was in a strange new head space I had never felt so powerless in front of somebody. I sat there against the door for a long time, just slowing my breathing, replaying the situation, still snugly tied.

It was stupid, embarrassing, potentially dangerous, and I could not wait to push it further just to see what would happen…bad idea of course, but the look she gave me. She had fun too.


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