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Christmas Stocking

by Wishful Husband

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© Copyright 2009 - Wishful Husband - Used by permission

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My Husband is the most difficult man in the world to buy a Christmas present for. He never likes what I buy for him and always ends up returning it. The only thing he ever wants is me in a garter belt with stockings, tightly hog tied and ball gagged. Having me under his total control and completely available while using me as his sex toy. This is his only wish for the holiday which I have done for him in the past (see Santa Toy Bag and The Twelve Straps for Christmas). I must admit I have come to enjoy this too.

While out Christmas Shopping, I came across a giant Christmas stocking. It was five foot long and three foot wide, made of a red plush material with white fur trim around the top. The stocking looked just like a traditional one but it was only giant. I think it was meant to be hung on the wall or door as a decorations, however I had another idea for it.

My next shopping stop was to the lingerie story, were I bought a pair of expensive white colored seamed stockings to wear with my Christmas garter belt. I also decided on buying a pair of red 4" high heels. Shopping for my Husband was now finished, I already had plenty of bondage gear at home and I was sure that my Husband would have a few surprises for me anyway.

Staying with our Christmas traditions we invited our friends over for Christmas Eve dinner. It was a special occasion so I bought myself a special holiday dress. It was a very short little sweater dress made out of super soft red cashmere. The dress was very tight and not wanting to have any lines showing I did not wear any bra or panties. I decided to wear a pair of my crotchless pantyhose and my new red high heels. Well you should have seen the expressions on our male guest's faces when I walked out in my new dress. When my Husband saw me in the kitchen it caused him to have a very noticeable erection. "Can you help a guy out?"

"I don't think so we have company "

"Honey you look awesome in that dress you are so hot."

My Husband was unusually helpful in serving our guests and assisting me in the kitchen. I especially enjoyed teasing my husband when we were alone in the kitchen in my new dress. Walking by him I would pretend to accidentally bump my shapely ass into his erection. While he was standing behind me I would open the refrigerator and bend over to reach for something exposing myself in my crotchless pantyhose. There's a reason why most guys keep their beer on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. "Honey that dress is so tight and looks so soft on you , all I can think of is rubbing my hands all over your incredible body."

" Not now honey we have company."

"You have the most awesome body and that dress makes you look irresistible. " I truly enjoyed teasing my Husband mercilessly with my body, and by having measurements of 36D-24-34 with long legs makes it very easy. I hope I would not regret later all the teasing I had done to my Husband.

Finally after drinking all the wine and finishing their deserts it was time for our company to leave.

Walking them to the door we said our goodbyes, I then shut and locked the door. When I turned around my Husband wrapped his arms around me and began to rub his hands all over my shapely ass. I gave him a very passionate kiss and pushed away. "Not tonight Honey I am too tried and I have a lot of cleaning up to do, plus you drank a lot of wine and your performance will be better in the morning. Why don't you be a good boy and go to bed now, maybe Santa will bring you something nice". Well you should have seen the smile on my Husband's face when he realized what might be waiting for him under the tree in the morning. He quickly shuffled off to the bedroom while I finished cleaning up the kitchen and straightening up after our guests.

After cleaning up I threw some more logs on the fire I wanted to make sure I had a nice warm fire going. I then laid out our lambs wool rug in front of the fire. I get so horny when I am squirming around hog tied and ball gagged in front of the warm fire on our soft lambs wool rug.

My next step, I took a long hot bath and made myself silky smooth. Getting out of tub I dried myself off and did my hair. Next I put on my special Christmas garter belt, it was made out of red felt and the edges were trimmed in white fur. I made certain it was strapped tightly around my waist and was positioned on top of my hips. Nothing bugs me more then a loose garter belt that slides down on your hips. Sitting down I put on my white colored stockings while making sure the seams ran down the middle of the back of my legs. Standing up I pulled my stockings up and attached the four garter straps to the top of my stockings. Then I adjusted my garter straps so that they would hold up my stockings so that they would be very tight and would not be baggy. I was quite certain that my hands would be strapped behind me making it impossible to adjust them. Putting on my new red high heels I spun around a couple of times while making sure that my stockings and garter belt were just right. I must admit that I looked fantastic in my special little Christmas outfit.

Finally I understand why my Husband gets so turned on when I am in a garter belt and stockings. The garter belt frames my muff and ass making them look more shapely and totally available for the taking. The silky stockings make my legs look so great and feel so smooth, while leaving my upper inner thighs bare. This allows for complete and open access to the very sensitive area around my tight little pussy. My husband has also discovered another benefit of a garter belt, while he's doing me doggy style he likes to grab hold of the tops of the two garter straps in the back near the waist strap. While pulling on them he can control my hips preventing them from moving forward allowing him to fuck me harder and deeper. He also likes to pull back on them while grinding his groin which helps to stimulate the sensitive area around my love hole. He describes it as grabbing the reins of a bucking bronco while giving and getting the ride of his life.

I decided I would write a note to my Husband. "Dear John, I know that you have been a very good Husband, however your wife has been a very naughty girl. She is constantly teasing you while getting you all worked up and frustrated. I think its your turn to teacher her a lesson. So I decided I would wrap her up and you could use her as your sex toy. You might want to add a few more straps and make sure you leave her ball gag in. She complains too much and she will try to talk her way out of her predicament. Enjoy Love Santa... P.S you have all day and give it to her good."

Finally I was ready for some self bondage. Pulling out the giant Christmas stocking I laid it down in front of the fire,and attached Santa's note to the top of the stocking . Grabbing my bondage bag I sat down on top of the giant stocking. I began by tightly strapping my ankles together. Taking a second strap I looped it around my ankle strap, I then threaded the 1' strap through the middle chain link of my white fur covered handcuffs and then buckled the strap into a loop about 4" in diameter. I then made sure that the loop and handcuffs were hanging behind my ankles. Now it was time to put in my Husband's most favorite item my big ball gag. My Husband insists that to fully enjoy bondage I must have a ball gag on. It prevents my constant complaining and he claims seeing me in one gives him an instant hard on. The only reason not to have a ball strapped in my mouth is because I am using my mouth to suck on his cock. Taking out my 2" red ball gag with a white buckling strap, I opened my mouth has wide as I could and pushed it deep into my mouth. It took some effort but I got it pushed in so that it was behind my front teeth. There was no way I could spit the ball out and it would take some effort by my Husband to pull it out of my mouth. Finishing it off I tightly buckled the ball gag strap behind my head and underneath my hair.

Now it was time to get inside the Christmas stocking and complete my hog tie. Since my ankles were tied together I had some trouble crawling inside the giant stocking. It was similar to trying to slip into a zipped up sleeping bag. My body was now completely inside the stocking with my head sticking outside the top of the stocking. Turning on my side I bent my legs up in back of me, then putting my hands behind my back I felt around until I was able to grab hold of the handcuffs. Locking my wrists into the handcuffs I used the opposite hand to tightly lock the cuffs around each wrist. There would be no slipping out of these handcuffs and since they were covered in fur I was able to lock them on super tight.

Once again I had placed myself into a super strict hog tie with a huge ball gag tightly strap into my mouth, completely nude except for a garter belt and stockings waiting for my husband to use me as a bondage slave or a sex toy. Testing my hog tie I tried pulling with my ankles then with my wrists hoping I could loosen or break my strict hog tie. Having no such luck I then tried rolling around hoping I could find some relief. All this did was make me very hot and frustrated. Rolling on to my stomach I got myself all worked up by squirming against the plush material of the stocking. It was very warm inside the stocking and now I had made myself hornier then hell. My mind was racing with thoughts of what surprises my Husband would have planned for me. It was very late and it probably would be a good idea to calm down and get some sleep. Good thing it was really warm inside the stocking because it helped me to fall into a deep sleep.


It was Christmas morning and I was suddenly awaken by the sound of my Husband throwing some logs on the fire. "Well good morning, Merry Christmas did you sleep well?"

" Mmmrphrph, mmmrphrph,"

"I can see it pays to be a good Husband because after reading the note from Santa, he really did give me a special present." My husband than grabbed the bottom of the giant stocking and pulled on it and before I knew it I was out of the stocking and on top of our lambs wool rug. "What a beautiful gift, that Santa really knows how to wrap a present or did his elves do it?"

"Mmmrphrph," with my bondage bag in his hand my Husband bent down next to me and began to run his hands over my tightly hog tied body. Rolling onto my side he started off by gently massaging by 36Ds. Then he worked his way down my back to my shapely ass which he thoroughly rubbed causing me to moan . He then worked his hand between my legs and massaged my inner thighs. Finally he reached my moist muff, "Oh my you are very wet and damp down there, we are going have to do something about that."

My Husband then rolled me on stomach, "Santa said I should add some more straps." Taking a leather strap from the bag, he tightly strapped my elbows together. Finding the key he unlocked my handcuffs which released me from the strict hog tie I had placed myself in. It always feels so good when you are let out of a tight hog tie. He then quickly replaced the handcuffs by tightly strapping my wrist together. Unbuckling the strap around my ankle he help me up onto my feet. He noticed my new high heels on the floor and with his help he made me put them on.

"Honey I bet you want to open some of your Christmas presents?"

"Mmmrphrph," shaking my head no, I didn't think I was ready yet for any big surprises. Leading me over to the tree he picked up a package with my name on it.

"Go ahead Honey why don't you open this one, oh let me help you with that."

Ripping open the package,was a leather collar with a O ring and four foot leash. I really hate being on a leash and I shook my head no while glaring at my Husband.

"What's a matter you don't like your gift you haven't even tried it on?"

"Let's not be ungrateful now," It was pointless to resist, my husband, he then stepped behind me and buckled the collar around my neck. It didn't feel so bad, it was about 2" wide black leather collar lined in fleece. It could have been worst, it certainly wasn't as bad as one of those very restrictive posture collars. Moving to my front my husband attached the clasp on the leash to the O ring on the front of my collar. Giving the leash a gentle tug, "Lets take a little walk and stench your legs". Having no choice I obediently followed my Husband's command. He walked me all around the house and I could tell he was really getting turned on by this. I was completely nude except for my sexy little garter belt with stockings, my elbows and wrists strapped behind my back which caused my 36Ds to pop out, a large red ball gag tightly strapped in mouth which silenced me, while I walked provocatively in my high heels . I could only imagine how sexy, helpless, and available I must have looked.

Finally we stopped in the dinning room and he told me to bend down. My Husband then knelt down and lifted one of the table's legs slightly off the floor while he slipped the hand strap around the table's leg. He then dropped the table leg back to floor and slides the strap up the leg of table telling me it was alright to stand back up. I was now my Husband's pet on a chain, somewhat free to move around but no further then 4 feet. My feet were getting sore from my high heels so I managed to get up on the table and sit down. Trying best to remain a lady I sat on the edge of table with my legs crossed.

My husband returned to the table with some more gifts. "Look at you sitting there all lady like with your legs crossed." He then ripped opened another gift, "look Honey it a body harness for your beautiful rack. Now get off the table and stand up so you can try it on".

Helping me off the table he showed me the harness it was made of very thin black leather straps. It was not like the other ones I had seen made from wide and thick leather straps. This one the straps were soft and were not much wider then thick rope. My Husband started with the collar strap that he buckled tightly around my neck. The rest of the harness was attached to the front center of the neck collar. A long strap hung down the middle to my knees, attached to each side of the middle strap were 4 pairs of straps, which would wrap around my body and buckle in the back. Starting with bottom straps he wrapped it around my waist and buckled it in the back. Going next to the top set of straps he went around above my breasts and upper arms and buckled it in back. The next set went below my breasts and around my arms and buckled in the back. The fourth set went around my upper waist around my arms and buckled in the back. "Honey so far so good now its time to adjust it", which meant starting at the top set he unbuckled the strap pulling it as tight as he possibly could and then buckled it. He then did the same in order to the remaining 3 sets of straps. The harness was so unbelievably tight, I could not move my arms even an inch they felt like they were locked to my back. I stood there looking down at my body strapped in this harness never feeling so confided.

Wondering why the end of the middle strap was hanging down by my knees, "Honey I saved the best strap for last." Still standing, "now spread your legs and bend over at your waist. Good girl." he walked behind me reached between my legs grabbed the loose strap and pulled it between my legs and buckled it as tight as he could on the back of the waist strap. "Mmmrphrph, Mmmrphrph,"

"What's a matter you don't like your new outfit, its not too tight? "

My Husband left the room, leaving me standing there leashed to table. The harness was so incredibly tight, I tried bending several times at my waist, I tried squatting down, I tried to move my arms, hoping to loosen the harness. It was impossible the leather straps would not stretch, the buckles would not loosen. Returning to the room my Husband had a large exercise mat which he laid out on the table. Picking me up he placed me on the padded mat and forced me to lie down on my side. "Honey I have a special gift for you just wait until you try this one out."

"Allow me to open it, I got you a very new and special vibrator its called the Stinger. I bet you want to try it out?" I had never seen one like it . Unbuckling the crotch strap on my harness, it was time to try out the Stinger. it was 8" long and bendable the end of the vibrator was stuck into my tight little anus and was bent into the crack of my ass, bending it up to my muff were it had a large rubber penis attached, which was inserted into my tight little love hole, and at the top of the Stinger at the head were two prongs that wiggle back and forth and would work on my clit. The Stinger was all one piece which plugged both my holes and a bendable section that cover the very sensitive area between my two holes, and to top that off two probes that worked on my button. My Husband then buckled the two straps on the Stinger around my thighs which were designed to hold it firmly in place. It had multispeeds with a remote control, it was designed for anal, vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

"Honey this a multifunctional sex toy that will get all three of your areas going and cause a overwhelming orgasm". My husband then re-buckled my crotch strap, "Honey that should hold you new vibrator in place for you."

Taking two straps for each of my legs he rolled me on my stomach and quickly frog tied my legs. Next thing I felt was a strong jolt this was caused by my Husband who hit the start button on the vibrator's remote control. This thing was incredible it stimulated my entire pleasure regions, the vibrator was humming away on my two holes and areas. It didn't take me to long to reach the edge of an orgasm. However just when I was about to go into a full blown orgasm my Husband switched the vibrator off. "Mmmrphrph, Mmmrphrph", that dirty rat he smiled at me and restarted it. Again he did the same rotten thing to me, it was frustrating the hell out of me.

"Honey your are always thinking only of your self, what about me?"

So he picked me up and set me down on my knees on the floor. He then unbuckled my ball gag and with some difficulty he pulled the big red ball out of my mouth. Before I could say a word the vibrator fired up and my Husband shoved his very hard cock into my mouth. "If you want to go you better suck me hard and deep". I was so horny and frustrated I would have done all my male neighbors. I was losing control of myself, fearful that my Husband would turn it off again I really went to town on his cock. A wave of pleasure began to over take my body I began to moan intensely losing all control and apprehension, I sucked him deep until he exploded into the back of my mouth, swallowing every drop I kept on sucking until he could not take it anymore he actually pulled his cock out of my mouth. Giving him a big smile I said "What's a matter you finally had enough?"

"Very funny", and before I could resist he jammed the ball gag deep into my mouth and buckled it back in.

"Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph,'" he then picked me up and placed me on the table on top of the mat. I was sitting on my knees frog tied with my legs wide open, with my leash still on.

"You look like quite the centerpiece, talk about decorating your holiday table". My Husband then switch my Stringer vibrator back on and in no time I was overwhelmed in multiple orgasms. I was rocking back and forth, then I began to shake and quiver, my moaning became louder, I start to perspire. My jaw started to become sore because I was biting down so hard on the big ball strapped in my mouth. Finally my Husband saw that I was reaching my breaking point. He quickly shut off the Stinger, unbuckled my crotch strap and pulled the vibrator off of me.

He then help me to lay down on my stomach and unstrapped my frog tied legs. "Honey I think you could use a break, why don't we open up another gift".

After the last three I was afraid what would be next so I shook my head no, "mmmrphrph mmmrphrph."

"Don't worry this one going to be fun", as he ripped the gift open. "Look Honey Santa left me the anal ring toss game I always wanted to try it out".

"Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph", shaking my head no.

"Come on let's try it out". Helping me off the table onto my feet and still on my leash that was attached to the table there was no chance getting out of this game. "Lets get the game started", as he moved me to the end of table and forced me to bend over and made my tightly harnessed upper body lay down on top of the table. Making me spread my legs my shapely ass sticking out for the taking.

"I think you will like this game", as he took hold of the anal plug that had two foot stake attached to the end. Being the caring Husband that he is, he lubed up the anal plug and stuck it up my fine ass. The plug was in deep enough that it would be impossible for me to remove it, but only my Husband would decide that. "How's that feel is it in deep enough honey?

"Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph", my Husband is such a comedian. Stepping back by several feet he start tossing the rings at the stake that was sticking out of my ass. The first toss was a miss, the same for second, put finally his third toss was a ringer.

He then picked up the two misses and lifted the ringer of the my anal stake. Taking his time he grabbed and rubbed my ass in an attempt to get me all worked up. "I think I will try some more tosses I am not going to stop until I make three in a row. Why don't you give me some incentive and shake that great ass of yours". After many tries he finally made three ringers in a row.

"That was fun Honey and I think the winner deserves a prize". He then pulled out the anal stake, standing there bent over and totally exposed, he dropped his pants and slid his cock into my very moist pussy. Taking long deep strokes I could tell he was going to take his time and I was in for a long and slow screwing. He grabbed my back garter straps and pulled on them while he was grinding his pelvic area into my pleasure area. Before I knew it I was coming again and seeing my enjoyment my Husband started to bang me real hard and it wasn't very long before my Husband shot his load into me. "Honey that anal ring toss game is fun I especially enjoyed the prize at the end".

He then lifted me back up on to the table forcing me back onto my stomach. "I think its time we take a little break, but I think your packaging needs some attention".

"Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph", shaking my head no I was hoping he was going to release me.

"Listen Honey Santa said I had all day and its only noon time and we still have not opened all your gifts yet". He then re-buckled the crotch strap on my super tight body harness. Taking three leather straps out of my bag , he tightly strapped my ankles together, then put one above my knees and finally one tightly around my upper thighs. "Since you still have your leash on I hope you understand that you can't go very far, so I think I will give you a break and not strap you up into a tight hog tie".

'What a guy,' I thought, he then rolled me on my side and began rubbing my tits and playing with my nipples.

Working his hands down to my rear end he rubbed and grabbed my great ass. Then he turned his attention to my moist muff by gently stroking the area around my pussy, then he gently slides his finger in me while he used his thumb to rub on my clit. Before I knew it he had me all worked up and had me moaning in frustration. If I didn't have this big ball gag in my mouth I would be begging him to fuck me hard. My Husband then smiled at me, "Honey that's for all the teasing you did to me last night when you were in that tight sexy sweater dress. You know something with you spread out on our dining room table, in your super tight body harness, your legs completely strapped together, your new collar on with a leash attached to the table, a big ball gag tightly strapped in your mouth, and dressed in your sexy little Christmas garter belt with stockings and heels on, it looks like an all the sex you can have buffet."

"Honey don't go anywhere, you just stay there and look pretty".

"Mmmrphrph, mmmrphrph."

"Why don't you relax and try to get some rest. You still have a lot of gifts to open and I am sure you will want to try them all out?"

"I am going to go and take a shower and get prepared for our afternoon and evening sessions."

"Mmmrphrph mmmrphrph." I had already and enough and I was very nervous about the gifts that we had not opened yet. Unfortunately my Husband was in complete control of me and I was just a human sex toy, his Christmas present. They say it is better to give then it is to receive, and I certainly had given my Husband an unforgettable Christmas but I had also had received so many orgasms I lost count.


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