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Claudia’s Assignment #4

by Claudia

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© Copyright 2007 - Claudia - Used by permission

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Claudia’s Assignment #4

This is my report from my Saturday morning task given to me by one of the Gromet readers.  This is the one where I used the Emergency Backup Release letter to Maria my housekeeper.  This letter was published on the Gromet site recently and if you haven’t read it yet, you should so what happened Saturday will make more sense.  Maria comes to the house around noon on Saturday so I planned the task to begin two hours before noon, 10:00 AM.  The task seemed sort of tame by my standard so creating the urgency to complete it in such a short time really spiced it up.

I put the letter on a small end table that I placed in the middle of the room just inside the front door so there would be no way Maria would miss it.  I put it into a nice envelope with her name written on it with a thick black marker pen.  I stood the envelope up facing the door, the envelope braced upright by a nice crystal water goblet.  Now it was 10:00 AM exactly and I would have to hurry.

I went directly to my bedroom and pulled my box of toys out from under my bed.  A second box had a selection of ropes and chains of different lengths, diameters and materials.  I sort of looked at my selection of self bondage tools and got this warm smile on my face.  It was going to be a fun morning.  Then I snapped out of it.  I had to hurry, no wasted time or I would be in big trouble.  I put the boxes on my bed and I picked out my favorite ball gag, a big red one that fills my mouth, pushing my tongue back and stretching my mouth open as it slips behind my teeth.  The straps buckle tightly behind my head and at the nape of my neck there is a buckle that locks into place.  I had left the keys to this lock on the dresser. 

Next, I picked out a heavy duty set of clover nipple clamps connected to each other by a  12” long chain.  Most of you know that these clamps get tighter if you pull on them, quite ingenious I have to say.  I put the first one on my right nipple, it is placed just below the base of my nipple, squeezing it hard which caused considerable pain but tolerable.  I put the second one on and the same intense stabbing pain ran through my body.  Damn these things hurt, but I know from experience that they will not damage me.  Then my Master interjects a new twist, he wanted me to add weights to the chain between my nipple clamps.  I’ve had to do this before and it causes the clamps to become tighter and every move I made caused the weights to move and bounce which in turn jerked my nipples.  It is devilish to be sure.  He had me buy a selection of fishing weights last year so I have a bunch of them consisting of different weights starting at a few ounces up to one pound.  I have one 5 pounder that is more like an anchor that I can’t lift off the floor, I have to drag it along as I move from one place to the other. This one can be hooked to the nipple clamp chain but also to clamps on my pussy.  Now I was wasting time again trying to make a decision.  I remembered that I had only until noon or disaster.  I finally decided on an 8 ounce weight. I hooked a clip to the weight and then to my nipple clamp chain.  It pulled down on the clamps causing my nipples to point to the ground and my breasts, oops, “tits” to stretch downward as well.  This also increased the pain that I was just getting use to.  Oh well, this isn’t suppose to be easy.

Then I remembered that I completely forgot to set up my primary release.  I was to put the keys to my handcuffs on the kitchen counter with a string attached that dangled to the floor.  The string on the counter was suppose to be placed in a little pile and then honey poured over it to make it slippery and gooey.  I jumped off the bed which was a mistake.   The weight bounced up and then down yanking my nipples with a jolt that caused me to double over in pain.  I bent over as if just bending would relieve the tension the weight put on my nipples. Then I reached up to ease the pain and maybe lift the weights, but Master would have none of that.  He had me stand there, bent slightly with the weights swaying back and forth and me suffering for my stupidity.  If I had not been in so much a hurry this would have never happened.  

I grabbed the handcuff key from my toy box and I managed to walk to the kitchen, the weights still swaying a bit, me bent over a little but still making progress.   The key already had a string tied to it from when I had it frozen in an ice cube for a typical release a few weeks ago.  I had to bend over to get the honey out of the bottom cabinet when I finally arrived in the kitchen.  This caused the weight to swing a bit more putting more strain on my already sore nipples. The pain was a sharp biting one when the weight moved and a constant squeezing pinching one in between.  It certainly reminded me that I had nipples.  I put the key on the counter and let the string dangle to the floor and the extra string I put in a little pile with the key next to it and then poured a bunch of honey over the pile.  Now I was set but a lot of time had gone by and unlike my normal casual paced self bondage tasks, I was on a time schedule, I had a dead line to meet or I might as well be just dead. 

I started to hurry back to the bedroom but that extra speed resulted in extra pain when the weight started swaying more.  I decided that the pain was worth it because I was behind schedule and needed to make up the time.  I had to endure and suffer or face a worse fate if I fail. I got to the bedroom and back onto my bed on my knees, the weight still bouncing causing me to wince every once in a while.  Okay. Onward. 

Now I pulled my two boxes closer to me so I could reach into them without moving too much.  I scooted up to the head of the bed and faced the wall.  I then proceeded to bind my ankles to my thighs.  I used a 3/8 inch nylon rope from my rope box and did both legs in record time. I reached into my toy box and grabbed a 1 ½ inch butt plug, its black and made of some sort of rubbery material.  I lubed it up and slid it into my asshole.  It always goes in, but it is always painful as the wide part slips past my elastic ass ring.  I have learned that if you push out like you are trying to shit, it goes in easier.  Don’t know why, it just does.  Anyway, next is my super charged dildo.  You know where that goes.  By this time I am so wet it just slips right in, no problems at all. 

So now I do a crotch tie with a chain so I can lock it into place.  I think the instructions said rope, but I like the chain better and it can be locked.  I grabbed a length of chain and pulled it snuggly around my waist.  I locked it just under my belly button and there was leftover chain long enough to go down between my legs and tightly though my pussy and then I locked it to the waist chain at the small of my back.  This one is pulled so snug it keeps my inserted toys in place and rubs my clit when I move which is an added bonus or maybe bonus is the wrong word. The chain lock keys of course have been put on the dresser too.  This crotch chain very stimulating if you know what you mean as there were links right over my clit pressing and teasing it.   

Time is now quite a factor, I have to hurry, go faster.  I reached into my toy box and pulled out a spreader bar with ankle cuffs on both ends.  It is set for two feet wide.  I locked one end on my left ankle and the other on my right. This keeps my ankles spread wide and they are tied to my thighs so my pussy very exposed. The keys for the locks are on the dresser with the key for the ball gag.  Once I was totally bound, I woudn’t be able to reach the top of the dresser until I could release my hands from the handcuffs.  The handcuff keys are of course in the kitchen.  I next put on my collar and locked it with the “D” ring in the back.  That key was also on the dresser with the others. 

Next, I had to get up onto my knees with my back straight.  Because my ankles are tied to my thighs, I had to lean against the wall pressing my clamped nipples against the hard unforgiving surface.  The whole weight of my upper body pushed against my tits, squashing them like pancakes against the wall.  This also made the clamps dig deeper into my tit flesh causing more pain than I would have liked. It was not so enjoyable anymore and I considered backing out of this whole thing, but Master made me continue.

Now on my knees, I pulled the long leftover chain from my crotch tie back and locked it to the middle of the spreader bar taking out any slack so it pulled against my pussy with a constant pressure.  From there, I pulled the chain up to my collar and threaded it through the D-ring. Pulling down until my back was bowed and then locking it into place. 

The point of no return was now at hand.  I had my handcuffs close so I picked them up and snapped the left one on my wrist.  I had to lean back a little more causing my back to bow more than before.  Then I pulled the chain between the two cuffs under the spreader bar and got ready to snap the right cuff on.  I hesitated a moment knowing that this would commit me to finishing task and a lot of time had gone by. This is not exactly what the instructions suggested, but I believe the intent was accomplished.  This setup has taken me much longer than I had anticipated.  I have less than 45 minutes to get to the kitchen and back.  Tied the way I was, this would not be easy.  Well, Master is a very stern Master.  He insists that I complete the task so I reach down and turn on my vibrating dildo and then I snap the cuff shut and I am now trapped and committed.  I am in a vertical hogtie of sorts and no escape without the keys.  My instructions said to use duct tape and affix a vibrating dildo over my clit, but that was just not going to work out.  This will have to do.

So, my next task was to get to the kitchen and retrieve my handcuff keys.  To do this I had to get off the bed which was no easy chore.  The first thing that happened as I tried to turn, I lost my balance and fell backwards onto the bed.  This little accident caused a sharp pain in my pussy as the chain there was pulled and yanked bruising my clit as it dug deeper into my pussy pushing my inserts deeper also.  The fall also caused my nipple clamp weight to pull harder nearly making me scream in pain. I was stunned by this turn of events.  This is not as easy a task as I thought it would be and I was beginning to think that may not have given myself enough time. I managed to turn over which was a struggle in itself causing more yanking and pulling on the chain in my pussy and when I did get over, the pressure of my torso on my tits and their clamps was excruciating. 

On my belly now, but still on the bed, I squirmed over to the edge of the bed pressing my clamped tits into the mattress and again causing more pain than I wanted.  I started to become very concerned.  How was I ever going to get down to the floor in my state of bondage.  I calmed down and figured that my knees would have to slowly inch over the edge until my body just slipped off.  With my neck collar and handcuffs bound to my spreader bar, there was no way to bend at the waist so I knew I was in trouble.  I scooted around so my knees dangle over the edge further torturing my tits that were digging into the bedspread as I struggled. I finally got there and in position.  I sort of wiggled back and forth trying to get my knees over the edge.  Damn my tits hurt as they were pressed solidly against the bed as I squirmed.  I was hoping the pressure would cause the clamps to fall off, but no such luck, they just clamped on tighter.  Then it happened, my weight had shifted far enough over the edge of the bed that I was pulled off without any control.  Just a free fall for lack of a better description.  My tits of course caught on the edge of the bed, the clamps yanking and pulling at my nipples as I screamed into my ball gag.  Then my knees hit the floor, I twisted pivoting on one knee and I toppled over onto my stomach, my tits smashed against the floor with the clamps digging hard and deep in to my nipples with a vengeance.  You know I am a pain slut so when that happened and with the vibrator going full blast, I had a giant orgasm right there on the floor.  What a slut I am….

Bound as I was, I couldn’t crawl.  My only means of forward progress was to wiggle back and forth and sort of inch my way over the floor.  My bedroom has a rug with a coarse texture which made progress difficult and painful. Talk about rug burn.  Again, my tits and nipples were getting the worst of it.  They were carrying most of the weight with my upper body pressing down on them forcing them into the coarse pile of the rug.  It was like I was dragging my own tits over sand paper and it hurt like hell.  I had no choice in this now.  Maria would be here soon and she would find the letter and then all would be lost.  I never thought that I would be asking for my own rape and torture at the hands of another when I wrote that.  I mean I did write it, but I never in a million years thought that it would ever come to fruition.  I had to get out of this situation so I kept wiggling and shifting my weight which caused the chain to rub my clit and my tits to scrape against the carpet and then bam, another orgasm erupted like an earthquake without warning.  I made it off of the rug and onto the hardwood floor.  Now this was worse because of the waxy surface.  It grabbed and pulled at my flesh making progress very painful.  Every time I shifted my weight trying to move a inch more forward, my skin grabbed the waxed floor.  Especially my tits, they just wanted to stick to the wood and not move that little inch.  The weight that was attached to the chain between my nipples caught under my body so it too was yanking and pulling as I wormed and wiggled my way to the kitchen. I came again.  God… I love to cum but it was slowing me down and I had no time for them.  If I was late, I was in big trouble. 

After what seemed like an eternity I made it to the kitchen.  It was literally at a snails pace, but I made it.  I had no idea at the time how much damage I had done to my tits but I knew it was substantial.  My belly was rubbed raw too, I hurt all over but my nipples were in serious trouble.  Even my clit was in pain from being bruised by the chain, but not as much as my nipples.  I got to the string and had to use my mouth to grab it and pull it inch by inch down until the honey coated string was hanging in front of me.  It tasted good but it was also a bit slippery and it made it harder to pull.  I wasted little time in pulling the handcuff key down and I was soon able to undo my hands and that was quite a relief.  I removed my nipple clamps as I lay on the kitchen floor screaming into my gag again.  If you have never done this, I can tell you the worse part about putting nipple clamps on is taking them off. When the blood rushes back into the nipples, it awakens all the nerve ends that were made numb before.  The result can only be described as very painful. 

Now everything else was locked on and the keys were back in the bedroom so I had to continue.  Time was very critical.  I had to decide whether to squirm to the livingroom and retrieve the letter and then to the bedroom to get the other keys and risk Maria finding me bound in this hogtie as she opened the door, or go release myself first.  Well, I decided it was best to get the envelope.  I had my hands now so I was able hold my body off of the ground which helped to keep my tits from rubbing the carpet but it caused them to sway with every movement.  What I sight I must have made. I was able to pull myself along using my hands and my knees dragging and scraping along the floor. I managed to reach the little table and then grab the envelope.  Envelope in hand I headed straight for the bedroom not concerning myself with the friction burns on my knees nor the swinging of my breasts. 

I heard a key being inserted into the front door lock and I was still in the hall way, not yet having reached the safety of my bedroom.  I increased my efforts, my knees being rubbed raw, drool dripping from my ball gag and my clit being bruised by the crotch chain.  My knees were beginning to bleed a little from the scraping on the floor as the wax grabbed and held the skin.  I couldn’t stop though, in fact, I increased my speed causing more pain and damage.  Finally as the front door opened, I slipped into my bedroom and safety.  I managed to close the my door as Maria was yelling “hello” to see if I was there.  I couldn’t answer though because of the ball gag.  Damn, she may come looking for me.  I struggled with renewed effort to get to the dresser where I was able to reach up and get the key to my gag which I quickly used and pulled the big red ball from my mouth. I answered ”hello” back to Maria just in time.  I told her I was just getting ready for a bath and to start in the other rooms first.  I slowly undid all the locks and released myself and then I did in fact did take a nice hot long bath.

Boy, that was close.



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