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A Holiday Sequel To Ornaments

Alan yawned as he turned off his computer screen. The airport manager had given the go ahead to close the airport due to the foul weather conditions and Alan wasn’t needed anymore. Not that there was any more scheduled flights coming into the small municipal airport. However, there were a few poor souls in the tower and on the ramp that needed to be there for emergencies.

Before wading out to his parked Jeep, Alan stopped into the employee’s lounge and started a new pot of coffee as well as setting out a plate of stollen and oliebollen that his wife, Katy, had prepared for the staff.


Alan warmed to the thoughts of his wife as he zipped up his coat and trudged out to the parking lot. She was a beautiful woman with long, platinum blonde hair, smiling blue eyes and a sizzling warm heart. She was the most giving woman he had ever met and he always wondered how a man like him could be so lucky. He wished he could share everything with her. However, he didn’t want to scare her off of his love of bondage. That secret would have to remain in the realms of fantasy.

The drive home to their apartment wasn’t too bad. Most of the main streets remained plowed but slick, but Alan took his time until he finally pulled into their carport.

Glancing at the Jeep’s clock, it showed that it was a little past two-thirty in the morning.

It was a quiet as a mouse outside and no one was stirring. A few of the apartments in the complex still had their Christmas lights on, coloring the falling snow as he walked towards the stairway. He could see through the sheer curtains that Katy had left a living room light on as well as the twinkling Christmas tree. He hoped that she hadn’t waited up for him but knowing her, she was probably curled up on the couch underneath her quilt reading one of her romance novels and waiting for him to come through the doorway.

As Alan was about to open the door, he noticed a red envelope stuck inside the wreath on their door. Taking a closer look, he noticed how it was addressed: ‘To My Loving Husband – Please Open Me Now’, penned in his wife’s beautiful script.

Alan smiled as he put the envelope underneath his arm and opened the door, eager to get out of the cold. His grin became wider when he saw his wife, dressed in a skimpy red corset and red opera gloves, curled up beneath the Christmas tree with the presents.

However, his grin turned to the look of shock as Katy rolled over and looked towards him, a smile stretching around her bright red ball gag and a leather blindfold covering her eyes.

Upon closer inspection, Alan saw that his wife was also hogtied. She was trying to say something around her gag, but all that came out was a bunch of mushy nonsense as she tried to look up at him with through her blindfold. He just stood there by the door, transfixed by what his wife had done to herself.

Then Alan remembered the card.

Quickly, he opened it up. A dark red and gold Christmas card depicting a French horn and some holly was nestled inside. Flipping it open, written in his wife’s perfect script, was a note:

‘Darling, please feel free to open one of your packages tonight. It is wrapped underneath the Christmas tree. You will know it when you see it. Your loving wife, Kathrine’

Alan put down the card and smiled at his wife. She must have found some of his old bondage magazines or found out what websites he had been visiting. At that moment, his love for her grew even deeper seeing her acceptance of his unspoken desires.

Kathrine woke up with a cold draft chilling her when Alan had opened the door. She wished now she hadn’t used the blindfold. She would have loved to have seen the surprised look on his face. She had fallen asleep a little time after she had pushed herself over the edge. The phallus inside the locked chastity belt was still working its magic inside her, filling her with a warm, erotic desire. With Alan here, she hoped that he would pay attention to that soon.

As if reading her mind, Alan reached down and removed her blindfold, kissing her gently on the forehead before standing back up.

Katy watched as Alan took off his jacket, admiring again the man she loved. He was a little over six foot tall and had the same blonde hair and blue eyes that she had. He wasn’t muscular like in a body-builder way, rather he had more of a runner’s type of build. She was disappointed when he left the room, hoping that he would strip down entirely for her.

When Alan returned, he was wearing only a black pair of silk pajama bottoms and a warm smile. He sat down beside her and looked into her eyes.

“So what package do you mean, honey,” Alan said as he began to look at the other gifts beneath the tree.

Kathrine uuummphed loudly into her gag as she tried to squirm closer to him. She rolled onto her side and that is when Alan noticed the leather chastity belt she was wearing, complete with padlock.

“Did you want me to open this one?” Alan teased, holding up a small, blue wrapped present.

Katy shook her head and thrust herself out to him the best she could. Alan laughed and began to tease at her erect nipples through the velvet cups of her corset. Each little pinch sent a little electric bolt of pleasure searing through her. Soon she felt him peel down the cups to reveal her naked breast.

She let out a low moan when he leaned over her and began to lick around each areola, nipping gently with his teeth. An erotic fire was building inside her with each touch. Soon, she was rocking her hips, trying to get some friction from the dildo inside her.

When Alan stopped, she opened up her eyes and mewled into her gag.

“I am sorry honey, but I can’t really help you down there,” Alan said as he flicked the padlock on her belt.

Kathrine moaned loudly into her gag, motioning with her head towards the Christmas tree and the dozens of shiny keys that hung from it.

Alan looked to where she was nodding and finally noticed the keys hidden amongst the decorations. Katy had only a few locks keeping her in bondage and there were considerably more keys. Reaching up, he took the first one down and caressed her left nipple with it. Slowly, he traced in down over the flat of her stomach to the edge of her locked belt. He tested it and the lock did not click open. Setting it aside, he tried with a second key with similar results.

Katy could tell as he tried the tenth or so key that he was getting a frustrated as she was. She could tell be the bulge in his pajama’s pants that he still was hard, but he was taking less and less time teasing her with the keys. Finally, the lock clicked open to her belt and Alan began to unbuckle it.

Alan was again surprised when he found the dildo attached to the belt. Carefully he eased it out of her and laid the belt aside.

“You have been a naughty girl, haven’t you,” Alan grinned, “I think now it is time for you to be nice.”

Quickly, he stripped out of his pj’s, his erection still at full sail. Alan pulled her out from the tree a little ways and turned her over unto her back. Then, kneeling down, he picked her up and carried her over to the arm of the sofa, balancing her there on her ankles and buttocks.

Alan stood in front of her and spread her knees, making sure she didn’t topple back. Then he eased himself inside of her, feeling her heat engulf him. Holding her, he began to rock her forward onto himself as he thrust forward; slowly and first but slowly gaining pace as they matched each other’s rhythms.

Kathrine could feel a fiery churning building within her as he thrust himself into her faster and faster. She tried to bear down on him the best she could. She wanted no more than to embrace all of him fully, but her bindings kept her from doing just that. The more she struggled against her restraints, the hotter the fire burned inside her until it finally engulfed her in a white-hot pyre of writhing passion.

Then she felt Alan cum inside her, feeding her flames that much more.

Alan crushed her to himself, holding her there until she felt him shrink inside of her. He then eased her onto their couch and nestled in beside her. Katy felt her gag being unfastened and pulled out of her mouth.

“Merry Christmas,” she smiled, giving him a lingering kiss, ”I hope you liked your present.”

Alan smiled as he pulled her closer to him, “I do, honey. I think I am going to get a lot of use out of it. I couldn’t have thought of a better gift.”

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