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Discovered in a Bad Position 2: Punishment

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2009 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; FF/m; bond; bdsm; cbt; toys; anal; oral; mast; cons/reluct; XX

continued from part one

Part 2: Punishment

Ellen pulled into the driveway and parked next to Beth’s car.  They’d had an interesting discussion during their shopping trip, but the latest talk was all about what condition they would find Jeff in.  He’d been told to pack up or tie himself to the table, but there was also the third option that he wasn’t quick enough getting out of his bindings and was still laying on the bed in pain.  Although Ellen still wasn’t sold on the idea of bondage play, she was beginning to enjoy the possibilities of this day as she thought about paying Jeff back for doing self bondage after she’d told him to stop.  The women grabbed their bags from shopping and Beth picked up the special bag she’d put together during a quick stop at her house, then they went up to the front door and Ellen let them in.

Guessing where Jeff might be, they first walked down the hallway and looked into the guest bedroom.  He was gone, the bottle of hot sauce was set on the night stand, and there was a small red mark in the middle of the mattress from where the sauce had fallen, or run off.

Their next stop was the dining room.  To their surprise, Jeff was there.  His legs were tied to separate legs of the table, he was bent at the waist, and his wrists were tied to ropes that stretched from the far end of the table.  He had a black ball gag in place and a look of discomfort in his eyes.

Ellen walked up and stood beside the table so he could see her.  “I really expected you to be gone or arguing, but I can enjoy myself this way, too.  I’d say I hope you enjoy it, but the truth is I hope you probably won’t.”  She leaned forward and gave him a sharp smack on his exposed butt cheek, then walked out of his sight.


When the women left Jeff tied to the bed he was at least grateful he had his sight.  He could check the time left until the key dropped and make his plans.  It also helped that he had the whole scenario spelled out.  He was tied to the bed, wrists held beside him and feet held to the legs of the bed.  The key was on a timer that would release it, but the key itself was taped to the trigger for a second drop.  When he realised that to actually use the key for his release, a bottle of hot sauce would drop, aimed directly at his most sensitive anatomy. 

With about 20 minutes to plan his escape, he thought through the options.  First, he tried rolling up on his side and realized he could do so and hold it for a short period of time.  That might keep the sauce off his penis and balls for a while.  He tried a few variations until there were only 5 minutes to go until key drop, then decided to check the direction of the lock so he could get the key in faster.  The women, Beth most likely, had come up with a good plan, but for a guy who’d been secretly doing self bondage for years it wasn’t as airtight as they’d imagined.  He was used to planning escapes and using multiple methods.

Jeff flipped the key so he could see it and noticed something shiny.  His fingers probed it and he realized it was tape.  The sneaky bitch had put tape over the lock.  If he hadn’t checked it the entire bottle might have emptied before he could get even one hand free.  The angle was bad and his forearm cramped, but he reached the end and peeled the tape off the lock.  He had less than a minute to flex his arm and work out the cramp before the key fell.  As planned, it was at his hand.  That was the easy part.  He carefully lifted the tape holding the key, took a deep breath, rolled up on his side, and let the second trigger go.  His mind wanted to watch what happened next, but he focused on the lock and got the key in on the second attempt.

Even at that, the hot sauce had fallen and was running out of the bottle and onto his hip.  He couldn’t get enough roll to make it run down his buttocks, and the angle hastened its run to his belly.  As quick as he was, by the time the lock was open and he could push it out of the ring holding his cuffs in place, the liquid was burning his hip and he felt it run down to his crotch.  He had to roll onto his back to reach the bottle, but once he did that he turned the bottle upright and the flow ended.  As he pulled the bottle from the string holding it and set the bottle down, the burn ran across his lower abdomen and around the base of his penis, onto his balls, and down between his legs.  He had to get loose and reached across to release his other wrist, then his ankles.  By that time he was in so much pain he could barely move, but he forced himself off the bed and crawled into the kitchen.

Once in the past, Jeff had experimented with hot sauce.  The result was so painful he’d gone online to find ways to stop the burn.  Now he chose to combine two of the methods he’d seen.  Jeff got up onto his feet and got out a bowl.  He poured milk into it and added some sugar, then dipped the dish cloth into it and began applying it to the burn.  The pain didn’t go away completely, but after a half hour of treatment he was at least able to stand without leaning on the counter.  Bright pink streaks showed on his belly and balls from where the sauce had run and burned him.

At that point he needed to make a decision.  She couldn’t make him leave, but she could make his life hell at home.  The other option was to tie himself to the table and wait for her return.  At least, those were the options Ellen had given him.  He was sure Beth would be along to make things worse for him, but part of him still hoped to interest his wife in bondage.  He couldn’t wait too long, so he put everything back into his bondage bag and moved it to the dining room.  Then he used the toilet before restraining himself.  At the narrow end he tied a rope to the two legs and slung the rope onto the table top, holding it there with a 2-liter bottle of cola.  Next he put the ball gag back into his mouth, then went to the other narrow end and tied his ankles to the legs of the table.  If this was for himself, he would have done much more, but now he wanted Ellen and Beth to have to work at it if they wanted to make his life difficult.  He had a premeasured length of rope tied into a loop on the table and now he folded it onto itself and slipped it onto his wrists.  The last step was to take a short rope, hook it around the rope holding his wrists and pass it under and over the rope from the far end of the table.  Tying the ends off was easy and he continued looping it around his wrists and the other rope until his wrist restraint was completely cinched and the final knot was beyond the reach of his fingers.  He would show Ellen he was serious about this, but also felt some fear at being completely unable to release himself.  Even if he could get out of the ball gag, his wrists were well beyond the reach of his teeth.

He tipped the bottle of cola onto its side and pushed it so it rolled across the table and fell to the floor.  After that, all he could do was wait for the women to return.  He would spend an hour in this position before he heard the front door open.


The women only stepped away for a few minutes before returning.  Beth walked over to the counter and looked at the bowl he’d used for his burn treatment.  She smiled approvingly.  “Very creative, Jeff.  I’m impressed.”   She walked to the table and tugged on his wrist bindings.  “Again, I’m impressed.”  Beth looked at Ellen.  “He’s really stuck in this.  Looks like he’s all ours.  Let me show you something.”

Beth walked over to Jeff’s bag and pulled out a length of clothesline.  It was narrower than the other ropes and he hoped she wasn’t going to use it the way he used it.  As she moved around behind him, he feared she would.  Then she confirmed it.  He could feel the rope loop around the base of his balls and penis and get pulled snug.  After that, loop after loop extended up his staff, pinning his balls to his shaft until the rope was almost to the fullest part of his balls.  There she tied off the rope, making sure it was snug and wouldn’t fall off. 

Beth stepped away so a confused Ellen could see what she had done.  His encased penis and balls hung down toward the floor from the weight of the rope, but there was nothing else obvious to see.  “The way this works,” Beth explained, “is by holding everything together in a nice tight package.  If he gets excited he starts to swell, leaving less room inside the bindings, and squeezing his own balls.  Do you have anything that vibrates?”

Ellen got a devlish smile and walked quickly out of the room while Jeff tried to will himself to stay soft.  Soon his wife was back, holding up her electric razor.  Beth looked at it and raised an eyebrow.  Ellen explained, “This thing vibrates all over, even at the base.  I’ve...” she paused and looked at the floor, “I’ve had a few times when I was shaving that I used the bottom and held it … it was .. you know, there.”  She held the razor in front of her crotch so Beth could see.  Jeff couldn’t see, but he was thinking how he wished he’d known his wife had done that stuff.  He could have watched, or helped.

The buzz in his ears told him he was about to find out how much vibration the razor had.  As soon as it touched his penis he jerked at the sensation.  It was pretty intense and he was soon expanding.   Even when his balls protested, he couldn’t stop and the pain only increased.  Ellen held the razor in place, enjoying his discomfort, and Beth added to his misery by spanking him until his cheeks were glowing red.  By then there was another sensation competing with the pain in his gut and he was afraid he was going to cum with his cock bound up, but the vibrations suddenly stopped.

Looking forward to going limp and easing his pain, Jeff was disappointed to see Ellen walk around in front of him and begin unbuttoning her shirt.  There was no hurry to her actions, no sexy dancing, just opening up her shirt until the last button was undone and she slipped the garment off her shoulders to let it slide down her arms and onto the floor.  Beth spanked him five times on each buttock.  Ellen reached behind her and suddenly her bra went slack.  Amazed that she would do this with Beth in the room, Jeff watched the garment slide down and off his wife.  Ellen’s breasts weren’t large and age made them sag a bit, but the pinkish brown circle around her nipples still seemed to call out to him, inviting him to nibble.  He felt the discomfort of his balls increase as he looked at his wife’s breasts.  Beth gave him five more swats on each side.  Now they were beginning to feel like he was being pinched each time because his skin was so sensitive. 

Ellen put a foot over the back of a chair and leaned forward to remove her shoe and sock.  The position caused her breasts to hang, her nipples forming the tip of a point aiming downward.  Five more spankings followed the removal, then the other foot, and five more spankings. 

As Jeff watched Ellen unzip her pants he was groaning from the pain in his balls.  Although he couldn’t see her legs, watching her push the pants down and then her sideways step left no doubt she had removed them.  Ten spankings this time.  He knew he was very red from all the swats.  Ellen’s thumbs hooked into the panties, she pushed them a couple of inches down, then she bent over and smiled.  She stood up and moved her hands away without pulling the waist back up, then walked into the kitchen.  When she returned her hands were behind her back, but she stopped at the end of the table and smiled at Jeff.  As she pulled her hands from behind her, he could see the scissors in her right hand, the ends inside and outside her panties.  At the narrowest part of her leg opening, Ellen snipped and the panties fell open on one side.  Her bushy triangle came into view and Jeff just wanted to touch it, but couldn’t.  Ellen spread her legs a bit, reached across, and snipped the other side.  The cloth fell to the floor and she stood completely naked in front of him and Beth.  She was breathing hard and Jeff guessed she wasn’t completely at ease with this, but it kept him in discomfort as his swollen cock pressed against his balls.

Fifteen spankings on each side followed his wife’s final undressing.  After a couple of seconds, Beth stepped in front of him holding a strap-on in her hands.  “We picked this up at my house on the way home,” she explained.  “I know you can figure out what this long part is for.  Inside is a vibrating nub that will make your wife a happy woman.”  Ellen stood with her legs spread and arms out while Beth helped her put it on.  Jeff knew this was a first for Ellen.  That was sort of progress, but he was going to pay for it.  Beth pulled a small tube of lube from her pocket and put some on the shaft of the strap-on, spreading it by grabbing the shaft and giving it long, sensual strokes that brought Jeff more pain.  As the women walked around behind him, Beth said, “This is your chance to repay him for all the times he stuck himself into you when you weren’t in the mood.”  She helped aim the shaft and put her hand on Ellen’s butt to push the woman forward, driving the shaft into her husband’s anus.  The spreading of the sphincter hurt, and the filling of the rectum increased his discomfort, but when her hips brushed his reddened ass cheeks he jerked from the pain.  Beth reached between Ellen’s legs from the rear and flipped the switch to start the vibrator.  With that and Jeff jumping every time she touched his buttocks, Ellen was soon pumping energetically into his ass.

Beth walked around in front of him and reached for the top button of her shirt.  “May I?” she asked Ellen.  Normally Ellen would not want to have her husband looking at another woman, but the excitement of pumping a shaft into his ass, the vibes at her own sex, and knowing his bound balls and shaft would cause discomfort combined to override normal and she nodded.  Beth wasn’t slow or leisurely and soon the shirt was off, quickly followed by her bra.  Beth’s breasts were larger than Ellen’s, and firmer, but Jeff realized they were helped by surgery.  Beth removed her footwear from her left foot, then her right foot, but before putting it back on the floor she shoved her right foot across the table and into Jeff’s face.  Ellen began slapping his buttocks now as she continued to drive into him and Jeff heard her begin to moan.

The pants opened and slid off easily, but Beth didn’t want to destroy a pair of panties like Ellen had done.  She pushed hers down and stepped out of them, then stood and rubbed the garment in her crotch a few times before rubbing it across Jeff’s face.  He could smell her and knew she was excited by what was happening.  Something told him she was working her own agenda.

He looked into her eyes, but was distracted by her hand moving down between her legs.  A short time later, he noticed Ellen had stopped thrusting and was gradually sliding all the way into him with short jerking movements.  She was nearing her orgasm and wasn’t used to standing up at a time like that.  Jeff watched Beth spread her legs and slide two fingers into herself as Ellen reached full penetration and leaned against his beaten ass cheeks.  Despite the pain from her weight, he felt pain in his balls as Beth’s self treatment led him to a firmer  erection.  A short time later, Ellen’s hips stopped jerking but she kept leaning against Jeff as she watched Beth.  Ellen was shy about her own self arousal had never watched another woman.

Beth smiled at the other woman and told her to feel Jeff’s cock and balls.  Ellen did so and smiled as she realized the discomfort he was feeling from what Beth was doing.  Ellen kept watching as Beth fondled herself by pinching her nipples.  Soon she was bucking her hips and moaning loudly, pulling at her nipples so hard Ellen was surprised she didn’t cry in pain.  Then Beth was crying out as she came and Ellen realized she had been gently stroking Jeff’s cock when he began moving his hips in time to Beth’s crying out.  Ellen gave him a sharp slap across his butt and stepped away, but the strap-on was still vibrating and she was moving toward orgasm again.  She closed her eyes and put her hand on the table to steady herself.

A hand at her waist made her open her eyes and she tried pulling back, but Beth had the waist strap and was holding her in place.  She soon had the strap undone and had turned off the vibrator.  “You have a nice sturdy table,“ she said.  “Let him take you over the top.”

While Ellen considered if she wanted to let the man she was angry with put his mouth on her, Beth picked up Ellen’s discarded shirt and put it on the table in front of Jeff’s face.  “Nothing funny,” she warned him, then untied his wrists.  Not letting him rub them, she guided them behind his back and retied them, cinching them with the rope that had held him in place before and tying the end of that to his balls so he couldn’t pull his hands up.  Ellen was still undecided, but Beth moved to help her up onto the table and positioned her with her legs spread and leaning back on her elbows.  A look at Jeff was all it took to get him to bend over and put his mouth into his wife’s bushy sex.

As close as she had been to orgasm, she jerked and moaned as soon as he touched her.  He looked up at her, past her breasts, to see her head was thrown back.  While he licked her and watched, Beth moved behind Ellen and reached around her, running a finger around each nipple.  Ellen sat up immediately, moving out of Beth’s reach.  “No.  I’m not comfortable … don’t touch me … please …”  Jeff paused as Ellen moved out of reach and watched an unusual event develop.

As Ellen moved to the side of the table, Beth moved over to intercept her.  “Wait a second, please.  I’ll stop if you want me to, but I guarantee your husband watching that will get an erection that will cause him all kinds of discomfort.  Now, you have three choices with this.  You can get down and we’ll discuss what happens to him next.  You can go back to having him lick you until you get your release, with him getting nothing in return.  Or you can go back, close your eyes, and enjoy a little extra stimulation while having your orgasm and knowing he’s being put through some serious torment.  I don’t want to force anything on you, so the choice is all yours.”

Jeff had straightened up again and was watching the two naked women talking, one still on the table and the other standing next to it.  Ellen hesitated, then looked at Jeff and his bound cock and balls bobbing helplessly with the excitement he still felt from Ellen’s sounds and from looking at two attractive, nude women.  She looked back at Beth and said, “Ok, I’ll give it another try.”

As she moved back to the middle of the table, Jeff wasn’t sure if he was happy with her choice or not.  This was a guy’s dream, to have two women, but he was hardly in a position to completely enjoy it.  In fact, as he bent over to get his mouth onto his wife’s sex he could feel his penis swelling and the pain in his balls increasing again.  In fact, his balls had settled into a sharp ache from the constant pressure against them.  Ellen closed her eyes and seemed a bit tense as he licked her, and she flinched a bit as Beth’s fingertips rubbed her nipples, but soon the sensations spreading through her began to take over and she pushed her hips toward him.  He noticed that Beth was also noticing Ellen’s building excitement and soon she was cupping Ellen’s breasts and pinching her nipples with thumb and fingers.  Jeff felt like he swelled even more and went after her with all the skill he had to get her to cum before the pain in his balls got too bad.  He knew he was almost there when she pressed her sex more firmly against him and lifted her hips slightly.

As she came, Jeff closed his mouth over her and sucked as he licked the length of her opening.  Beth squeezed and pulled at Ellen’s breasts in time with Ellen’s moans, and Ellen realized it was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.  When she finally relaxed and moved away from Jeff’s mouth she realized the shirt she’d been sitting on was soaked.  Beth had taken her hands away as soon as Ellen began coming down from her orgasm and was helping Ellen lay back on the table.  Beth looked down at her friend.  “So?”

Ellen had to be honest.  “It was intense.  I’ve never had that much stimulation before.  But I’m not going to make a habit of that.”

“Of course not,” Beth responded.  “But that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge once in a while.  I’m sure it had the desired effect on Jeff.”

“Oh, right.  Poor Jeff.  He’s been so excited and no chance for release.”  Ellen was smiling again.  “What should we do about that?” she asked her friend.

“Go get a small bowl,” Beth answered.  As Ellen got off the table and went into the kitchen, Beth began untying Jeff’s cock and ball package.  “I would love to play with you a little bit myself, but I don’t think Ellen would like that.  Still, it’s fun to watch your torment.”

Jeff knew better than to answer.  Beth removed the last of the rope as Ellen returned with a small bowl.  Beth pointed at the electric razor Ellen had brought out at the beginning of his ordeal and Ellen understood what was going to happen.  She flipped on the razor and put the bottom to the underside of Jeff’s penis while Beth reached around from behind him to press his tool downward so it stuck straight out from his body.  After all the stimulation, he quickly swelled to full size and began feeling the early signals of excitement.  A few seconds later he leaned forward, only to be brought back up by Beth squeezing and tugging at one of his nipples.  When he began to grunt, Ellen moved the bowl in front of his shaft and tipped it to receive his load.  Jeff wanted somebody to stroke him.  The vibrations were arousing, but brought him up very slowly.  He leaned against the table as he tried to will himself to fulfillment faster, only to be frustrated by the steady buzzing. 

Finally he had enough pressure built up and released.  Ellen anticipated perfectly and caught every bit of cream he pumped out.  With just the vibrations, he felt like it took forever to get over the top and begin to come down from his orgasm.  Only after he had completely relaxed did Ellen grab the base of his penis.  Three times she squeezed and drew her hand along his length, drawing out the remaining cum and putting it into the bowl.  Then she put the bowl over the wet spot on the table.

“There’s your dinner,” she told Jeff.  She looked at the clock.  “You have 30 seconds to lick the bowl clean or Beth gets a chance to fill you up with her strap-on.”  Jeff stared at her.  “Now you’re down to 25 seconds.”

He bent over and began lapping up his cream.  The bowl moved and he had to support his head while licking and trying to ignore the taste.  When he felt he was done, he stood up again.  Ellen looked at the bowl.  “Sorry, Beth.  He did a good job.”

“Maybe next time,” she replied.  “I’m so proud of you, Ellen.  I hadn’t considered a time limit.” 

Ellen stuffed the ball gag back into Jeff’s mouth and buckled it into place trapping the taste of his cum inside.  As she put her pants back on she told him, “I’ll get some dinner together and you can eat something.  Then we’ll put a collar on you and put you in the bathroom.  I’d tie you in place, but don’t want you waking me up all night long to go to the toilet.  Beth can spend the night in our bed if she wants to.  Tomorrow is Sunday and we’ll have all day to continue your punishment.  That is, unless you want to give up and move out now.”

Jeff looked at her and wondered what tomorrow might hold.  He slowly shook his head.

“Good.  By the way, Beth and I will eat first.  I wouldn’t want that wonderful flavor in your mouth to get covered up by mere food.”  She smiled and walked into the kitchen. 

Beth walked around the table and put on her shirt and pants, but no underwear.  “Looks like we’ve unlocked something wonderful in your wife.  I hope you’re ready for tomorrow.  I know I am.”

As she walked into the kitchen to help get food ready Jeff was left standing naked with his ankles tied to the legs of the table and his wrists tied behind him. 

He hoped he’d made the right choice in staying. 


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