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Discovered in a Bad Position 3: Morning Torment

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2010 - Ralph - Used by permission

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continued from part 2 Part 3: Morning Torment

Jeff didn’t sleep well.  Making the night even longer, he had no idea what time it was.  When Ellen had decided it was time to put him to bed, she’d tossed an inflated mattress onto the floor of the guest bathroom along with a few blankets, then cuffed his hands in front of him.  She’d found his light chain and locked one end around his neck and the other around the toilet, leaving too little slack to reach the light switch.  After warning him not to roll over too often at the risk of choking himself, she’d dropped the keys to his locks into her pocket, turned off the light, and closed the door behind her as she walked out. 

The bathroom had no windows and when the light in the hall was turned off he was plunged into darkness.  The only things he wore were the handcuffs and the chain around his neck.  Jeff got under the blankets and tried to get comfortable, but the events of the day ran through his mind and kept him awake.  He thought about how excited he’d been to get the chance to indulge in self bondage.  Then there was the fear at being found by his wife, followed by his surprise and pain at her actions to torment him.  He knew Beth was behind much of what was happening.  In fact, it was probably because Beth wanted to see him tormented that Ellen hadn’t just told him to leave.  Still, it was surprising just how much Ellen’s own imagination had come into play.

When he heard women’s voices outside the bathroom door he assumed it was morning.  A short time later he could smell coffee and a delicious breakfast being prepared, but he was left by himself for a long time.  He heard water running through the pipes and still he waited.  Finally the door opened and Ellen stepped through the doorway.  She was dressed in a loose sweatshirt and jeans, but the sight of her form seemed very sexy to Jeff and he felt his penis stirring.  He managed to roll onto his side and hide it just before she turned on the light.

“Time to get up, Jeff dear.  We have a wonderful day planned for you.  First, though, let’s get those hands behind your back since you like them restricted so much.”  He lost his budding erection and extended his hands toward his wife.  She unlocked one and jerked the other arm behind his back.  He meekly moved the other one to join it and heard the ratcheting sound of the cuffs securing his arms behind him.  The chain was another matter.  She released it at the toilet and tugged on it, using it as a leash to lead him out of the room.

He was tied to the chair for his meal, which consisted of honey on bread.  Nothing too fancy for him today.  Ellen had to feed him and she was in no hurry.  It was humiliating to have to wait for her to decide to move the bread to his mouth so he could bite a piece off from it.  Beth walked in halfway through his meal and he had to face the further embarrassment of sitting naked in front of two dressed women.  From what he could tell neither of them wore a bra and he was glad his hips were shielded by the table so neither woman could see his erection as he watched their nipples press against the fabric of their tops.

Once he was done with his meal, Ellen sat down and looked him in the eye.  “Ok, here’s your last chance.  You ignored what I told you and that really pissed me off.  I want to take it out on you one way or another.  You can agree to pack up and leave, or you can agree to stay.  If you stay, I’ll release you so you can wash up, but when you’re done you’re mine for as long as I want to keep you.  I guarantee you will feel pain and I will enjoy making you feel it and watching you as you try to stop it.  For years you tried to get me to play your bondage games.  I wouldn’t play and I told you not to play, but you did anyway and now I’m going to keep you in bondage and make you hurt.  Maybe that means you win in the end, but you’ll pay for your victory if that’s the case.  So make your choice now.  Leave, or stay and I’ll do my best to make you wish you’d left.”

After what she did yesterday, he really had some fears about today.  Part of him wanted to run away before she could do any real damage.  Part of him agreed that he’d been wishing for years that she would play the game with him.  He thought he’d make the rules and teach her, but Beth was proving to be a dangerous learner in her own way now.  Still, the thought of facing the unknown kept pushing its way to the front of his desires.  He was honestly scared as he made his decision.  “Stay,” he said.

If he hadn’t been scared before, the smile that shaped his wife’s lips would have scared him.  She leaned toward him and said softly, “There’s no turning back now.  I might even enjoy this, but I doubt if you will.”

Both women left the room and went into the garage.  When they returned Ellen put his leather cuffs and a ball gag on the table in front of him and released him from the chair.  “Since you seem to like restraining yourself, put these on.”  He complied, starting with the ankle cuffs, then the wrist cuffs, and finally the gag.  Ellen smiled and tugged on the strap of the ball gag to make sure it was snug.  “We can’t have you bothering the neighbors.”  A tug on chain still attached to his neck brought him to his feet and he followed her to the door.

As they entered the garage he looked around.  Both cars had been moved out to make room for the 2 foot cube wooden box in the middle of the floor.  A rope hung above it, went through a pulley, and then ran to a ring somebody had mounted on the wall.  The main door was opened a couple of inches to let the cold outside air in and he shivered.

Ellen told Jeff to climb up onto the box and handed him another lock.  “I think you can figure out where that goes,” she told him.  “I want to hear that click.”  Jeff slipped the lock between his wrist cuffs and raised his arms above his head.  He found the ring at the end of the rope dangling above him, slipped the lock through it, and pressed the ends together.  As soon as the lock clicked shut he felt a tug and noticed Beth was already holding the rope at the wall.  Ellen joined her and between the two women his arms stretched upward and the rope was tied off to hold him in place.  Everything had happened so quickly he hadn’t paid attention to all the details. 

The women had bolted U-clamps to the edge of the box and now Jeff watched helplessly as Ellen ran a wooden rod through one U, across the top, and through the other U.  He was already beginning to figure it out by the time Beth handed her the eye bolts.  Once Ellen had those secure at each end of the rod, it wasn’t going to come out and the anchors for his ankles were in place.  Spreading his legs forced him up onto the balls of his feet, and the short clamps connecting the eye bolts to his ankle cuffs left his heels up in the air off the side of the box.  It took less than a minute for the strain to cause pain in his legs and not much longer for them to start shaking.  Beth climbed onto the box behind him and began wrapping duct tape over his mouth and around his head, sealing him from the bottom of his nose to under his chin.  “Just a bit of insurance,” she whispered to him.  After applying a few layers of tape, she stepped back off the box.

“You can relax if you want to, darling,” Ellen told him.  “As long as you can hold yourself up by your arms, that is.”  She had a wicked smile on her face as she stood in front of him and looked up.  Her gaze dropped to his crotch where everything was exposed by this spread-leg position and she reached out to caress his cock.  “Oh, look at you.  Still have a bit of fire in there I see.”  He was beginning to firm up once again and she used her other hand to hold his balls.  “Time to start your lesson.”  She suddenly squeezed his balls and pulled them downward, bringing his nearly hard penis to a position almost straight out from him.  Her hand released it and she began slapping him, first from above, then from the tender underside, and finally moving in front of him and slapping his penis from side to side until it was bright red.

“Beth, look at this.   He’s still mostly hard.  I guess he likes getting his cock slapped around”.  Beth gave an appreciative nod and looked at Ellen.  Ellen looked up at Jeff, then smiled at her partner.  “Go ahead.  He’s all yours for now.”

As Ellen stepped back, Beth smacked Jeff’s balls with her open hand.  He grunted, but was stretched too tightly to move much.  She then began smacking his penis with her open hand, first from the top, then the bottom, then side to side, then his balls from the front and from the back.  This settled into a regular pattern with Jeff unable to do anything but grunt louder as the pain built up.  He could feel his balls swinging as they were slapped, but the stinging in his cock was the worst.  He didn’t even notice when the slapping stopped because the pain continued.  To his surprise, he was still fairly erect and Beth took full advantage of that.

He felt licking on his belly and looked down to Beth’s head.  She looked back up at him with malicious glee as he stiffened even more.  Jeff looked at Ellen, but his wife was watching Beth working on her husband.  Jeff and Ellen both watched as Beth set her lips at the tip of his cock and slowly slid down over his tenderized skin.  It felt good to him, but not good at the same time.  She worked her mouth down his entire length, then began to slowly pull back, drawing her lips back so Ellen could see she was dragging her teeth along his skin.  Jeff didn’t need to see it to know what was happening.  He wanted to scream in pain and ecstasy all at the same time.  Once she reached the tip again Beth moved away and motioned to Ellen, but Ellen declined.  “Do it a few more times.  I want to see this.”

Jeff couldn’t believe his wife was telling another woman to suck him.  The arousal and teeth scraping continued three more times until he was rock hard and throbbing with desire to finish up.  He was sure that one more slow suck would bring him over the edge and Ellen must have guessed the same because she put her hand on Beth’s shoulder and moved her away.  Her next move caught both Jeff and Beth by surprise.  Ellen pressed her mouth against her friend’s and pushed her tongue inside, getting her taste of Jeff’s precum, then she pulled away before Beth could respond.

Ellen looked at Jeff and smiled.  Her kiss had kept him hard, as she expected.  She looked at Beth and said, “I just had to see his reaction to us kissing.  I’ve heard it’s a big turn on for the guys.  Seems I heard right.”

For once Beth seemed to have lost control and she just watched as Ellen walked to a shelf where they had put a few items earlier.  Ellen returned with Jeff’s biggest flogger and let him know it by laying it across his ass with all her strength.  The pain caught Jeff by surprise and he lost his footing, briefly hanging by just his wrists until he could get his feet back onto the box.  During his scramble to regain his footing, Ellen had moved to the other side and now gave him a backhanded swat that once again had him fighting for balance.  He heard the box move across the concrete floor and realized his struggles would just stretch himself out more. 

He realized his eyes were closed when he felt the nipple clamp closing on his left nipple.  He looked down to see Beth move to his right side and clamp that one as well.  She no more than stepped back before Ellen was flogging him with an X pattern across his buttocks, back, and thighs.  She slowly circled him and he thought he was lifting the box from the floor after the tips of the lashes caught his penis the first time.  His backside was still stinging as she moved in front of him, still attacking the same area.  At some point she caught the chain to his nipple clamps and the right side was pulled off.  After lashing his cock and balls a few times she raised her aim again and pulled off the left clamp.  Moving on around to his left side, Beth approached with the recovered clamps and put them back on, causing double the pain because they had been torn off the first time.

Ellen finished up behind him again and finally stopped.  He was glowing red from the middle of his torso to just above his knees and the stinging was a feeling like none he’d ever had before.  Jeff hung limply from his wrists while Ellen caught her breath, unaware that Beth was releasing his ankles and removing the wooden rod until he tried to step up onto the box only to have it pulled out from under him.  Suddenly he was hanging 2 feet in the air by his wrists and feeling the rod being reattached to his ankles but without the benefit of any support.  When she was done, he was left slowly rotating in the air with his arms stretched over his head and his ankles held 2 feet apart.

As he turned, he lost sight of the women, but by the time he was facing them again he noticed both were holding belts and moving to opposite sides of him.  He struggled as he dangled and tried to cry out for them to release him, but the tape held him lips tightly to the ball gag and all that came out were muffled mmmpffs.  Ellen put her hands on her hips and smiled.  “I’m sorry, dear, but I can’t understand you.  If you can’t speak better than that I won’t know what you’re trying to say.” He was still spinning slowly, and as he turned sideways to her she struck with the belt, catching him across his belly.  “Don’t you remember I told you in the kitchen it was your last chance?  You gave me control and I’m taking it.”  She grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt,  quickly lifted it over her head and tossed it aside.  He was watching the jiggle of her naked breasts when Beth caught him across his buttocks with her belt. 

Jeff jerked in his suspension, but could go nowhere.  He looked at Beth and watched as she also pulled off her top and tossed it aside.  Ellen struck, the belt wrapping around his thigh and catching his balls.  His cry of pain was completely muffled by the gag and the tape, his skin already made sensitive by the flogging he’d received.  His arms were already tired from being stretched and then hanging suspended, and he knew he was completely at the mercy of the two women who would show no mercy.

“Let’s add a bit of randomness.  I’ll set the timer to five minutes and we’ll stop when it goes off.  You can watch the time tick down if you can.”  Ellen was setting up a timer on a countertop and Jeff noticed it had a little extra time on it.  As she walked back toward Jeff she grabbed Beth’s hand and led her over to a spot a little in front of where Jeff would be when he rotated around.  Beth’s eyes were questioning, but Ellen seemed to be in complete control.  She turned Beth around, moved up behind her, and reached around to caress Beth’s breasts.  Jeff watched, unable to look away, and his penis responded to the image in front of him.  Ellen gave a soft laugh.  “That’s a good boy.”

Beth let Ellen lead, responding to her friend’s touch.  The feel of Ellen’s tongue on her neck was a surprise, but a pleasant feeling.  She could feel her own body reacting and hoped Ellen wouldn’t leave her unfulfilled.  Happily, Beth felt the other woman’s hands slide down her belly and push down the sweatpants she was wearing.  Ellen leaned around her friend to lick and suck on nipples while her hand explored between her friend’s legs.  Jeff strained to keep watching as he slowly spun around, but the sound of Beth’s moans kept him excited.  He knew his hardened cock would be a target, but seeing two semi-naked women was a thrill he never expected to see.

He looked at the timer and noticed it had passed 5 minutes, but Ellen wasn’t quite done.  Jeff had no idea how she’d learned to do what she was doing, but Beth was obviously enjoying it, now bucking her hips as she neared her climax.  Ellen dug two fingers into her friend’s wetness, rubbed her clit with a thumb, sucked a nipple and grabbed and tugged the other and a short time later Beth went over the top and gasped in her pleasure.  Ellen slowed her pace to give Beth a chance to come down gently, finally withdrawing her hand and offering her wet fingers to Beth to suck on.  She happily complied, and the sight was pure torture in itself for Jeff who could do nothing but watch.  Finally Ellen stepped back and picked up the belt again.  She looked at the time, now under 4 minutes, and said, “It looks like you got a little reprieve time.  Let’s get this going.”

She walked up beside him and grabbed his hip.  A quick push had him spinning quickly, making it impossible to focus his eyes on anything.  The women, one on either side of him, began a steady rhythm of lashing him with the belts.  They only controlled the height, ranging from his nipples to his knees.  The exact location was determined by his spin.  Sometimes his back was struck, sometimes his balls, or belly.  He felt the belt hit his chest and the nipple clamps were torn off again, clattering to the floor.  His erection took a long time to fade, being struck several times as it did.  He’d lost track of how many times he’d been struck by the time he was slowing down.  Now the women could aim more and Ellen started at his knees working upward while Beth started mid-torso and went down.  His body was burning as he felt his balls hit, then buttocks, then balls and cock, buttocks again, then just his cock, but he was turning and the next lash got his balls again.  His stomach was churning and he was using up what little strength he had left to try to protect himself, but the spreader bar kept his most sensitive parts exposed and the women made sure they weren’t neglected.  Finally, as he was beginning to spin back the other way, the timer went off and the lashing ended. 

Beth held him in place and ran her fingers over his flesh.  He could feel welts, all sensitive to her touch from the long abuse.  Ellen had gone to a shelf and pulled out something she’d hidden.  She held it up in front of him.  “Remember this?  You very cleverly managed to avoid getting doused with it yesterday, but there’s plenty left in the bottle and I don’t want to see it wasted.”  In her hand was the partially empty bottle of hot sauce they had rigged to pour onto his cock yesterday.  “We’ll make a game of it though, and keep it random.  Still, with all those nasty red lines on you I don’t think any place will be very safe for you.”

With that, Beth gave him a push that started him spinning quickly again.  Ellen shook the bottle in his direction, letting some of the liquid splash out onto him.  He felt it on his side and as it ran down and crossed a welt he felt the burn digging in.  She kept splashing it onto him and although he hurt in more and more areas he hoped he could avoid getting any into his crotch.  Then a splash landed on his upper chest and ran down across his nipples where twice the clamps had been torn off.  If not for the tape over his ball gag, he was sure the neighbors would have heard him scream.  He was sure the bottle had to be almost empty when he felt a large glob hit his belly and begin running downward.  There was nothing he could do to stop it from running around the base of his cock and onto his balls.  As the burn settled in he begged for release, mmmpfing as loudly as he could. 

It ended and Ellen stopped his spinning.  Amazingly, his cock was still untouched.  Ellen noticed as well.  “It’s a pity we couldn’t get this little guy a little splash, but I’ll play by the rules.  Then again, they are MY rules.  Beth, get me a paint brush from that cabinet.”

Beth smiled and quickly retrieved a clean brush, handing it to Ellen.  “Now, then, what rules do I want to make?  Should I paint all of you or just your little manhood here?”

Jeff was in agony from the welts, sensitized skin, and streams of hot sauce running across his naked flesh.  Ellen ran the brush across his buttocks, gathering up some of the sauce, then back again, back and forth painting him with the burning liquid.  Next she moved to his belly and painted upward, making sure both sore nipples were completely covered.  Finally she put the brush in front of his cock and looked up at him.

“For years you wanted me to play in your bondage games, and I refused.  Well, you finally got your wish.  Tell me, darling, how am I doing?  Is it everything you imagined?  Between Beth and the internet I have lots more ideas of what I could do to prolong your torture.  But now I have a choice to make.  I can use this brush and paint your cock with this sauce then leave you squirming, or I can move it away.  Or maybe you’d like to just push up against it and feel the pain yourself.  No?  You don’t want my gift?  But I want you to have it.”  Jeff looked down as best he could, trying to avoid the brush in his wife’s hand.  “Ok then, a compromise.”  She pulled his balls forward and ran the brush down the front of them. 

Before the heat completely set in, the women went to the wall and released the rope, allowing Jeff’s feet to rest on the garage floor but not giving him much slack.  After tying it off again, Ellen went back to Jeff and removed the tape from over his gag.  “You may need a little more breath while Beth and I go in and have some coffee.  Maybe I’ll let her return the favor I showed her earlier.  Oh, that’s what I like to see.”  The thought of Beth tending to his wife had Jeff’s cock returning to life despite all the pain he was feeling.  “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’m just making your life hard.”  She smiled at her own joke.  “But maybe I need to expand my horizons, since you seem to have expanded yours for so long.  We’ll see you later.”

Jeff watched Beth and Ellen walk up the steps and into the house, still topless.  He wondered if Ellen would really let Beth take care of her needs.  In more pain than he’d ever been in before, he wondered how he could still get an erection by thinking about the two women.  The burning was settling into his balls and stood out beyond all the other pain.  He couldn’t bring his legs together and could barely stand after a while.  Limply he hung from the rope in his garage, wondering what they could do to him after this.  A breeze outside blew a cold draft under the partially open garage door, and he shivered in spite of all the heat soaking into his skin. 


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