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Discovered in a Bad Position 4: Sunday Afternoon

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2010 - Ralph - Used by permission

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continued from part 3 Part 4: Sunday Afternoon

So many thoughts went through Jeff’s mind as the time passed.  How much time?  The burn of the hot sauce on his balls and on the welts left from the belts had faded, or he’d just gotten used to them, and he cool breeze hitting his skin had soon dried the sweat and just left him naked and chilled.  Because of the angle of the garage and the plants around the property, nobody would be able to see into the couple of inches open at the bottom of the garage door to see his bare feet.  What occupied most of his thoughts, though, was the idea that Ellen had changed from a wife telling him not to indulge in self bondage to a torturing bitch.  He couldn’t blame all of this on Beth.  Ellen had a truly happy smile when she brushed that hot sauce onto him and the only good thing Jeff saw in it was that she hadn’t painted his cock.  Still, he could see the welts from the belting he’d gotten even if the reddish glow from the flogging had faded along with the burn.

His arms had lost their sensation long ago and he was hanging limply from his secured wrists.  The spreader bar was still keeping his legs apart and he worried about the vulnerability of his manhood.  Maybe when he got his next opportunity he needed to pack up and get out before he got really hurt.  Was it really worth this price?  Lost in his thoughts he didn’t hear the door from the house open and when Ellen spoke it made him jump.

“Right where I left you.  That’s a good boy.  Are you ready for the next stage?”

What choice did he have?  He’d said he would take whatever they dished out and now they had him bound.  Even if he said no, they were going to follow through on their plans.

Beth was a bit stronger and stood by him while Ellen released the rope.  As it was, the best Beth could do was help ease him to the floor.  When Ellen came over he realized neither woman had put her top back on.  Dangling breasts danced around his head and he would normally have been thrilled.  This wasn’t normally, however, as was driven home by Ellen removing his spreader bar and replacing it with a 15 inch hobble tie.  His wrists were left locked together while the overhead rope was removed.

“Come on, Jeff, to your feet.”  Beth tried helping him up, but it took both women tugging on him to get him onto his feet.  He wobbled for a while, able to walk, or at least shuffle, for the first time in a long time.  “Into the house.”

The hobble tie made it difficult to get up the two steps and into the house, but he managed.  During the process he noticed Ellen had shut the garage door.  Now that he no longer needed to be kept chilled, she could do that, he guessed.  Jeff let the women guide him into the living room where he noticed piles of rope near the coffee table.  There was also a large bath towel spread out on the low table, so he knew where his next location would be. 

Sure enough, they sat him down on the narrow end of the coffee table and laid him back.  Beth held his legs while Ellen stretched his arms up and tied them off to the far end of the table.  She and Beth then each took a leg, untied the hobble, and spread them to the legs of the coffee table.  Rope began at his ankles and continued up his legs, finally wrapping around just below his knees.  The rope came from the outside to the inside, was pulled under his knees, and then passed under the table to the opposite side where it was tied to the table leg.  This had the effect of keeping his legs spread apart.

Now that he was secure, Beth sat on the couch to watch Ellen at work.  First, Ellen picked up a ring gag and positioned it in Jeff’s mouth before tightening the strap.  She knew she needed to be careful to let him swallow his spit and waited until he did to make sure he wouldn’t choke.  At least there was still a little concern, Jeff thought, unless she just didn’t want to have to explain a death in her living room.  Next she picked up a boot lace and doubled it.  She wrapped it around his balls and cock, formed a lark’s head, and proceeded to lace him up.  Once the laces were brought back to the belly side of his cock, she looped them through the lark’s head and brought one lace down either side of his cock, between his balls, and pushed them under where the original lace loop passed beneath his balls.  She then looped each lace several times around each of his balls, then formed a few loops around his cock before tying off the ends.  The restriction was trapping the blood in his cock and he was soon fully erect, skin stretched and in pain. 

Beth looked at her friend and smiled.  “You really did do some homework on the internet, didn’t you?  That is absolutely devious, Ellen, and I admire you for it.”

“Thank you,” Ellen replied, “but there’s still one thing missing from it.”  She bent over and lowered her mouth over his swollen manhood, gently licking the underside with her tongue, then pulled away.  “See, he really likes it.”

Jeff wasn’t liking it, but the stimulation had done it’s work and his cock was even more swollen and throbbing now than before.  And it hurt.  The laces were cutting into him and his balls wanted to pull up, but he could do nothing about it.  What else did she have planned for him, he wondered.

Beth and Ellen stood side by side between the couch and the coffee table and looked down at Jeff.  Ellen smiled.  “I hope you enjoy the show.”  Both women unzipped their pants and pushed them down, showing they wore nothing underneath, then they sat down.  “I never thought at my age I’d feel sexy walking around with no underwear on.  I bet you’ve done that, though, right hubby?”  He had and had enjoyed it, but had never imagined his wife doing it.  Beth had her purse in her lap and was digging around in it before proudly producing two vibrators.  “I never did this either,” Ellen continued, “but I might just enjoy it.  I’ll take the red one.”

Ellen took the red and Beth took the blue, then both women spread their legs.  Ellen watched Beth stick the vibe into her mouth and cover it with a layer of spit.  A quick learner, Ellen did the same, then both women lowered their vibes to their waiting pussies and slipped in the tips.  With a little twist, Jeff heard the buzz as they came to life and Ellen’s eyes opened wide.  If this was her first time, that buzz probably felt good and strange at the same time.  She was a fast learner, though, and soon had the little toy slowly moving in and out while keeping an upward pressure to buzz her clit.  Her eyes closed and her other hand caressed her breasts.  Jeff watched spellbound, in pain from the constriction on his cock and balls.

Beth had more experience and after a while her hips bucked as she sucked air.  When she tugged a nipple and held it while lifting her bottom from the couch, Jeff knew she was having her orgasm.  He lifted his head to look at his swollen cock, throbbing purple now from the laces wrapped around it.  By the time he looked back at Beth she was sucking on the vibe.  Then she winked at him and smiled.

Ellen was breathing harder and her eyes were closed as she worked on herself.  Beth leaned toward her and put a hand on Ellen’s belly, stretching her finger to rub her friend’s clit.  Her mouth closed on a nipple and sucked, bringing a loud moan from Ellen.  Gradually, Beth moved her hand down and covered Ellen’s so she could control the pace.  As she sped up the strokes, Ellen’s hands dropped to her sides and she gripped the cushion.  As she moaned with every stroke she seemed unaware of the other woman sucking her breasts and guiding the vibe.  There was no mistaking the orgasm when it hit, with Ellen bucking her hips all over, raising them, twisting from side to side, and her hands grasping at anything they could reach.  Beth slowed the thrusts and moved her head away, glancing at a very uncomfortable Jeff tied to the coffee table.  As Ellen caught her breath, Beth pulled the vibe from her friend’s pussy and slid off the couch.  She waited until she was sure Ellen was watching, dangling the glistening toy over Jeff’s head, then lowered it through the open ring in his gag, filling his mouth with the taste of his wife’s juices.  It was when Beth began slowly stroking the phallic tool in and out of his mouth and said they might be able to find him a friend to play with that he began struggling to push it out.  His efforts just made Beth laugh and she gave one last deep push before withdrawing the vibe.

As Beth stood up Ellen asked her, “Were you sucking on me?  I thought we’d agreed that was out of bounds.”  Ellen was frowning now, the glow of her orgasm faded. 

“You just looked so hot like that, and your poor husband was so tormented by watching us I just couldn’t help myself.”  She pointed to Jeff’s bound genitals as she spoke, making sure Ellen understood.  “Besides, unless I don’t know you as well as I think I do, you just had one of your best orgasms ever.”

Ellen looked away.  She had, but didn’t really want to admit another woman had helped her with it.  Beth gently turned Ellen’s face back toward hers.  “Look, I don’t want you as a sexual partner or anything, but I like you, I think you can be really sexy, and if our pleasure causes him a little pain I don’t think it’s that big a deal.  I’m sorry if I hurt you.”

Turning to walk away, Beth was surprised to have Ellen grab her thigh and hold her.  “It’s ok, I guess.  Just not in my normal, but since this whole weekend has been outside my normal, I’ll drop the protest.  Just don’t think I’m curious about sex with women.  I like men and that isn’t going to change just to satisfy you.”

Beth looked at Jeff first, then at Ellen.  “There’s time to try to change that, if I want to try.”  Jeff, whose cock had finally softened a bit during Ellen’s comments, stirred again at the tease.  His groan got the women’s attention.

“I know you had a plan for now, but I’d like to try something,” Beth said.  “It’s just a variation on your own thoughts, but it will push you a little bit farther.  What do you think?”

“I think after what you did to me I would be out of my mind to trust your ideas.  But I’m feeling a little crazy right now, so let’s hear it.”

Beth picked up a length of rope and Ellen’s eyes widened.  “He looks strong enough to take it.  You wanted to tease him and right now I’m betting you’d like to get a bit more excitement yourself.  I was thinking I could tie you on top of him and we’ll see who hold out longest.”

Ellen shook her head.  “I’ve told him for years to drop the bondage stuff, we’ve been punishing him for ignoring me, and now you want me to let you tie me up.  Does that make any sense?”

“No, but you’re the one who just said you’re feeling a little crazy.”  Beth took a small step closer.  “Besides, if you’re on top, then you’re still in control.” 

Ellen continued to protest as Beth moved gradually closer and Jeff tried to keep his cock from throbbing again.  Finally Beth was close enough to touch Ellen and she gently took the woman’s fingers and drew her arm up.  Speaking softly, she looped the rope around Ellen’s wrist a few times and gently tied it off. 

“You said he has a good tongue.  Now you can be in a position where he’ll have to use it to earn his freedom.”  Gradually increasing the tension on the rope, Beth drew Ellen up from the couch and guided her to the coffee table’s short end where Jeff’s hands were tied.  “Come on,” Beth whispered, “trust me.”  Her free hand had reached Ellen’s butt and was giving the cheeks playful squeezes.  Beth smiled as Ellen’s breathing picked up.  “Bend over for me.”

Some soft coaxing and a hand pressing on her back was enough to get Ellen bending.  She looked at Jeff’s swollen tool, skin stretched tight from his erection and knew this was really driving him crazy.  That was all it took to get her across the line and into compliance with her friend.  She spread her legs as she was drawn down over Jeff’s body and soon Ellen’s wrist was tied to one of the table legs that held Jeff’s legs open.  She offered her other arm to Beth, who soon had that secured as well.  Ellen realized she could now release Jeff from his bondage, but he couldn’t release her.  An odd sensation swept through her as she found herself bound, yet in control. 

Jeff’s view of his wife’s pussy became very clear as Ellen lowered her hips onto his chest.  He watched Beth pass white ropes around her waist and then felt the added pressure as the loops were pulled snug.  She’d been tied to the table, laying on top of him.  He could still breathe, even if it took a bit more effort, but the smell of her sex just inches from his nose absorbed most of his attention right now. 

Beth moved on to Ellen’s legs.  “I’ll leave a bit of slack so you can adjust yourself a little, but the full impact won’t be there if you have two free limbs.”  They were tied to the legs Jeff’s arm binding were attached to, with about 6 inches of slack.  Just enough to move, but not enough to get away or even get them onto the top of the coffee table.  Satisfied, Beth stood up and backed away.  “Good.  You two look very cozy like that.”  She walked back up to them and put a hand at Ellen’s waist, slowly turning it and letting her fingers lead the way to the cleft between the cheeks.  Her fingertip paused over Ellen’s ass and pressed down a bit.

“Hey, stop it!” Ellen called out.

“Ok.  Lots of time for that later.”  Beth moved her hand again and let a finger slip into Ellen’s pussy, just to the first knuckle, then drew it out again to let Jeff look at the wetness shining on her finger.  “I think she’s a little hot right now, don’t you?  Maybe you should help her with that,” she encouraged Jeff.

Maybe he took a bit too long to move, but as he felt Ellen’s hot mouth closing over the head of his penis he responded.  He had to lift his head, but the ring gag made it easy to stick out his tongue and use it to caress his wife’s sex.  As soon as he did, Ellen stopped sucking on him.

“If you can get me off, oh, let’s say 6 times, maybe I’ll be nice and let you cum,” Ellen teased.  She knew he had to respond.  His swollen cock told her he wanted desperately to get release and if the only way was to satisfy her then that’s what he would do.  Now she could appreciate Beth’s idea.  Ellen had to stay and tease him, but he still had to do her bidding.  Then her thoughts were interrupted by a comment that caught her completely off guard.

“You two enjoy yourselves.  I’ll be back, mmm, sometime to let you loose.”  Beth had gotten a set of clothes out and was getting dressed, starting with bra and panties.  Ellen gasped, realizing Beth was planning to leave the house with her and her husband tied to the coffee table. 

“Stop.  You can’t go now,” Ellen protested.

Beth kept dressing and smiled at her.  “Sweetie, don’t make me gag you.  You’ll have so much more fun if you can keep him on edge and you need your mouth for that.”  She paused to kneel beside her friend and whispered, “I asked if you trusted me and you said yes.  Still trust me?”

Ellen looked at her.  “You don’t make it easy sometimes,” she answered softly.

“I know.  I do that on purpose.”  Beth stood up and gave Ellen a swat on the butt that made a loud crack and made the bound woman jerk.  Finishing up getting dressed, Beth picked up her purse and headed for the door.  “See you later.”  Then the door opened, she stepped through, and the closing door signaled she was gone. 

I hope she took a key with her, Ellen thought.  With no idea how long Beth would be gone, Ellen got back to sucking Jeff’s swollen member.  It didn’t take long until she felt him push his hips up to her, and then she stopped.  “Oh no, nothing so simple, Jeff.  You need to give me a few orgasms first.”

The ring gag made it difficult for him to suck on her, but he found he could get sometimes get a good enough seal to suck her lips over his extended tongue.  The rest of the time he had to just lap at her, teasing first one, then another orgasm from her by running his tongue between her labia and caressing her clit.  His lower face was covered in wetness, a combination of his saliva and her juices.  The worst part was when she drove her hips downward to keep the pressure on during the second orgasm.  The pressure pushed his head back toward the table and his neck was sore from fighting back by the time her hips stopped moving.  He was tired and she had done nothing to get him off or release him.  The sound of Jeff’s head clunking back onto the coffee table got Ellen’s attention.

“Worn out already?” she asked.  “I still want more.  This is really arousing me, and I want more orgasms than I’ve ever had before, even if I’m sore later.”  She heard Jeff moan, but there was no other sign of his compliance.  “Ok, tell you what.  I might be able to use my teeth to untie you, but you have to get me off or I don’t continue.”  She leaned herself a bit forward and worked to get her teeth onto the knot in the laces holding his member. As the ends slowly pulled back toward the knot, the movement of Ellen’s mouth and face around his shaft reignited the fires and he lifted his head again. 

Ellen knew there was no way she’d get the boot lace off quickly, but she took her time anyway just to extend her husband’s torment.  Meanwhile, his renewed attentions to her nether region were paying off and she felt another orgasm rising inside her.  She closed her mouth around his shaft and sucked on him as he pressed her to the edge, then let her moans and heavy breathing force her mouth open to allow her saliva to run down him in large globs, coating his penis and balls and sliding down to run between his legs.  She could tell that had a strong effect on him as he kept licking her.  By the time the fourth orgasm swept through her, she’d untied the knot and released two loops from his shaft.  His pounding heartbeat made him bob up and down and Ellen grinned at the torture she was able to impose even while she was bound herself.  This was much more fun than she’d expected and she began to wonder why she’d been so against Jeff’s bondage games.

With the two bodies pressed together and Jeff’s effort to keep raising his head, they were both sweating by the time she neared her sixth orgasm.  Ellen took advantage of it to slide her body over his, exciting her nipples while he continued lapping at her pussy.  She had undone about half the lacing on his cock and balls and he seemed to enjoy the additional freedom as she occasionally licked at his cock.  He was far too excited to take it into her mouth anymore.

Jeff, meanwhile, was looking forward to the release of his tool and having his wife finish him off.  She’d never sucked him all the way to conclusion before, and now her hands were unavailable.  Sure he was only a minute or so from release, he used all his skill to bring her over the edge one more time.  Her bucking hips and moans told him when he succeeded and he slowed, bringing her down gently so she would want to be nice to him.  When he finally stopped, he felt her mouth close over him, slide down, then slide up and off.  Then she laughed.

“I’ve decided I don’t want to be nice, but I sure do feel good.  Thank you for that,” she said and rested her head on his hip.  His protests were distorted by the ring gag and she tried to ignore his efforts to move his shaft to her mouth.  “You’d better be good, or I’ll grab the laces and pull until you are,” she threatened.  They were still half on and he realized she could still make him very uncomfortable.  He stopped moving and lowered he head in resignation.  “That’s better,” she said softly.

Ellen sometimes looked at the clock, trying not to look too often.  She had an idea of when Beth had left and had looked after Jeff gave her that final orgasm.  It took him about an hour to do that, and now it had been another 45 minutes with her laying on top of him, enjoying the glow and looking at his penis as it slowly ebbed away, the loose boot lace still tied around his balls and the base of his shaft and the ends trailing away between his legs.  She’s learned so much this weekend, and now she wanted to plan another weekend.  As ideas flowed, she found herself getting excited again.

The sound of a key in the lock grabbed her attention and she watched as the front door opened and Beth walked in with a cup carrier holding 3 cups.  Beth smiled at them as she walked by and Ellen got a whiff of the coffee in the cups.  After setting the cups in the kitchen, Beth returned and began untying Ellen’s legs.

“It looks like you two had a really good time.  I think it’s time to finish up and look back on this experience.”  Once Ellen’s legs were undone, Beth walked out of the room.  She returned with a towel, which she spread out on the couch.  Ellen’s hands were still tied, so Beth lifted her hips a bit and ran her hands over her friend’s buttocks.

“Beth, come on.  Let me go.”  Ellen tried to look back, but could only see that Beth was smiling.

“I shouldn’t take advantage of this situation,” Beth said, “but you’re my best friend and I want to give you something really special.”  She slipped a finger into Ellen’s sex.  Ignoring the protests, Beth said, “Looks like you’re still excited.  Or is that excited again?”

“It’s about to stop being excited, now stop it,” Ellen complained.  She felt a second finger enter her.  “I said stop it, now get those … whoa.  Don’t do that.”  A third finger had been slipped into her and Beth was slowly thrusting them in and out of the woman’s pussy. 

In response, Beth gave her friend a sharp swat, causing Ellen to jump, and the tension in her legs caused the sensual movement inside her to be magnified.  “I promise, this will be worth it.  Just hang on for a couple of seconds.”  Ellen kept her complaints going as Beth unwrapped the rest of the lace and freed Jeff’s member.  Without a pause, Beth untied Jeff’s hands, then retied his left hand above his head while leaving his right hand free.  “Jeff,” she said, “I’ll give you until Ellen has her orgasm to get yourself off.  If you take too long, I’ll retie your hands and you’ll spend another hour on the table while your coffee gets cold.  Nobody else will get you off, so if you want it you’d better do something about it yourself.  After all, isn’t this how you planned to finish up yesterday?”

Ellen still wasn’t happy about another woman sticking fingers inside her, but had to admire the deviousness Beth was using.  She felt the three fingers enter her again and begin their sensual dance as she watched Jeff’s hand grasp his shaft and begin slowly running up and down on it.  She even opened her mouth and let a stream of saliva run out onto him, just to help him along a bit.

Jeff was feeling completely humiliated.  He knew from everything they’d put him through that the threat was not an idle one and he was looking forward to release from his bonds and from the pressure in his balls.  This wasn’t something he’d even planned to do in front of women.  If there was a woman, why did he need to stroke himself, after all?  He felt himself firm up, but also noticed Ellen’s strained leg muscles were tightening up.  The position, holding her hips up in the air, was going to bring her to the edge quickly.  Fortunately for him, the extended teasing had also gotten him aroused and he soon felt the stirrings of his inner mechanics.

Beth was watching Jeff’s hands while stroking Ellen and fondling her breasts.  She really wanted to get off herself, but had some things in mind and had to stay focused to do them.  As she watched Jeff’s member reaching full rigidness and felt Ellen beginning to push her hips against the thrusting fingers, Beth felt it was time.  She withdrew her fingers, pushed in her thumb, then returned the fingers and thrust hard.  Ellen’s cry said she was close.  On the next finger thrust, Beth set her thumb against Ellen’s anus and pushed in.  Ellen twisted her hips and protested, but it was too late.  Thrusting with 3 fingers in her friend’s pussy and a thumb in her ass, Beth soon took Ellen over the edge with a powerful orgasm.  Beth also heard Jeff grunting and looked down.  He was trying to keep his eyes open, watching what Beth did to his wife.  Smiling, Beth withdrew her thumb but kept the fingers in place as Jeff tightened up.

Ellen had opened her eyes again and got a close view of Jeff’s shaft head swelling, the fast stroking he gave it, and the sudden eruption of milky fluid.  She watched as it arced through the air and splattered on his belly and chest.  Despite milking him twice yesterday, he had a full load to fire off today and multiple streams shot up his body only to land and begin running off his sides or pooling on his belly.  Once he was done, she felt Beth’s fingers withdraw, then watched as her wrists were released. 

Once free, Ellen stood and faced the other woman.  “I told you to stop.  You said I should trust you, and you didn’t stop.”

Beth didn’t seem bothered at all.  “No, I didn’t.  I just had to do that and see how you responded.  Seemed like a pretty good orgasm to me.”  Ellen was still frowning.  “Oh come on,” Beth continued.  “You had no trouble shoving a whole dildo into him and yet you’re going to get all worked up over a thumb?”

Ellen was flustered now.  “That isn’t the point.  I said no.”

“But your body said yes,” Beth responded.  “And if I’d listened to what you said, you would have never known that.  You don’t need to go sticking things up there all the time, but once in a while when the mood is right, maybe you can enjoy what you don’t think you’d enjoy.”
As Beth knelt down to untie Jeff, Ellen had to agree that it had made a big difference, even though she thought it would really turn her off.  They’d have to play again some day to see what new methods might turn her on.  She handed Jeff the towel to clean himself off with and told him to sit still for a few minutes.  The women went off and returned with the coffees while Jeff enjoyed just being free of restraints.

“Ok, Jeff, new rules.  You don’t play self bondage unless I know about it.  We’ll set aside some time to explore this interest of yours, after I do some more internet research.  I have some ideas from this weekend, but I’m sure there’s more out there.  Also, if I invite Beth to play you can’t say no.  If she wants to play, you check with me first.  Beth, you don’t do anything to him unless I say it’s ok.”  She looked back at Jeff.  “If you break the rules, our marriage is over, I expect to get just about everything, and I don’t think you want to challenge that and have your private interests brought out in a hearing.  Am I clear?”

Jeff nodded slowly.  He’d asked her for years to play along and she refused.  Now, in one weekend she’d decided she not only liked it, but she wanted to learn as many evil tricks as possible.  Be careful what you ask for, he thought.  You might get much more than you ever expected.  He twisted his neck to stretch the tired muscled and took a sip of his coffee.


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