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Distressing Development

by Ralph

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© Copyright 2009 - Ralph - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; rope; cuffs; discovery; F/m; gag; oral; bdsm; anal; con/reluct; X

This story is the second in this series and follows “Distress Call”.

It was Friday afternoon and Jeff was feeling horny.  It had been over 4 weeks since the first time he’d phoned Liz to help him get out of a selfbondage mistake and since that first time there had been 3 additional times he’d phoned her, all at her instigation.  Jeff had continued researching and had gathered a few more bondage items and wanted to put them to use.  Liz hadn’t invited, or directed, him to phone her, but he planned to use this as an anniversary of sorts.  A month since the first call and 4 weeks since that first Friday night when she had directed him to position himself on the coffee table.    That would be his theme again tonight.

He’d put in a long day at work on Thursday so he could get home earlier on Friday.  After a light meal he was ready to go.  Step one was to get out his growing bag of stuff.  Step 2 was to get the wine and glass.  Step 3 was to make sure the phone was nearby.  Finally, step 4 was to strip, which he did quickly, tossing his clothes onto the nearby sofa. 

Jeff went to his bag and pulled out a long length of rope and a shorter one.  Then he got out one of his newest toys: a set of police quality handcuffs with connecting chain.  Next came a black ball gag and the duct tape.   After using the toilet and putting a bath towel on the coffee table he was ready to begin.

Sitting at the short edge of the table, he tied his right ankle to one of the legs.  It took some twisting, but he managed to stretch the rope along the long edge of the table and loop it around the leg there a couple of times.  Jeff stretched the rope along the short end and tied a loop into it about halfway between the legs.  He put the chain of the handcuffs into the loop and pulled the rope the rest of the way across the short end, tightening the loop around the handcuff chain, before forming a couple of loops around the leg of the coffee table.  From there he stretched the rope down the long end to where his left ankle waited and tied it to the last table leg.  When he laid back his legs would be spread by the table, but he was looking for a bit more stimulus.

He took the shorter rope and tied it around his waist, pulling it snug and tying it behind him.  He hung the ends over opposite sides of the table and tossed them across the underside.  Trying not to sit up too much, he tied the ends to his legs just above the knees.  He practiced laying back and the added tension on the ropes held his knees firmly in place at the side of the table.  Now he pulled up the towel so the table was bare between his legs, he set the open bottle of chardonnay about a foot below his balls, and he picked up the phone to dial a familiar number.

“Hi, Liz.  It’s Jeff.”  “I know we didn’t plan anything, but I’ve gotten stuck again reliving one of our past experiences and was wondering if you could help me out again.”  The silence that followed did not encourage him, but his hormones were running the show now and he wasn’t going to back down. 

After several seconds Liz replied.  “I’ve got some plans for tonight, but I’ll try to get there around 6.  Just hang on until I get there.”

Jeff glanced at the clock.  It was 5:15.  Ok, he could do 45 minutes tied down.  He grabbed his penis and stroked it to full erection, then grabbed the ball gag and put it into place.  He laid back and taped the glass to his belly, just as Liz had directed 4 weeks ago.  A few more strokes to remind him of what might come later and then he raised his hands over his head and locked them into the handcuffs.  While he waited he mentally reviewed that earlier Friday when he had put a loop into the rope above his head and slipped his hands through it.  He probably could have gotten out of that with some effort.  This time there was no getting out without help.  The handcuffs were metal and held by a loop that, even if it came loose, would not allow his release.  The tension holding his knees in place was amazing.  He couldn’t even lift his knees like this.  Jeff just hoped those plans Liz mentioned didn’t mean she would have to walk in, release him, and leave without a bit of play time.

What Jeff did not know was that Liz had hoped these sessions would generate some interest so Jeff would ask her out on a regular date.  So far that hadn’t happened and she was beginning to feel used by him.  He was pretty good at getting her off, so she didn’t want to just cut things off, but she felt it was time to move to a different level.  If he was using her, then she would also use him.  Except she knew she had the advantage.  A bit of coercion might be good and she would begin ratcheting things up today, since he’d phoned unexpectedly.

Jeff, of course, was just doing what seemed good to him, but he began to wonder what her plans were as he watched the time pass 6 and reach 6:10 with no sign of her.  By 6:20 his arms were beginning to ache from being over his head for an hour.  Finally there was a sound at the door and she walked in.  The sight of her had an immediate effect and Jeff tried to will his growing erection to lay back down before she noticed. 

“Oh, I see you like my dress.”  Liz was looking at his penis as she stood in the doorway.  Fortunately, the open door made Jeff nervous enough that he soon began returning to a more normal size.  She smiled at him at last and closed the door.  “Just so I’m clear on this,” she said as she walked toward him, “this dress isn’t for you.  Emily and I are going to check out the new club tonight.  She dropped me off and went back to our place to get ready, so you and I only have until she gets back.  I would just release you, but it seems I’m stuck here for a time and might as well enjoy myself.”  By this time she was standing next to the coffee table and Jeff could easily see up the too-short hemline of her red dress to see the pink panties underneath.  The prominent points in the bodice made it clear that those panties were the only thing she wore under the dress.  Her 4-inch stiletto heels made her stand taller than normal and clicked every time she moved. 

“This looks rather familiar.  Oh, that’s right, you said it was reliving a past experience. “  She bent over and inspected his hands, giving him a good look at the curves beneath her buttocks.  “Nice cuffs.  Much better than that pretend binding last time.  But where is the key?”  She stood and looked around.  “Oh, there it is way over on the table.  What do you have to say for yourself?”  Jeff looked up at her helplessly.   “Nice gag, by the way.  I guess you can’t say anything.  This could be more fun than I expected.”  Jeff got a bad feeling in his stomach as she ran her hand down his chest, across his belly, and past his now erect penis.  He felt her fingers curl around his balls, then noticed there was an increasing pressure on them and they were being pulled away from his body.  He looked up into her smiling face.  “Be honest with me.  You didn’t really get stuck by accident, now did you?”  He shook his head.  “I didn’t think so.”

The sudden pain made Jeff feel sick to his stomach.  Liz had opened her hand, keeping his balls stretched out by pinning his sack between two fingers, and had smacked them with her other hand.  His yelp of pain was covered by the ball gag, as were his requests for her to stop when she continued stretching his balls and began smacking his penis from side to side until it stung.  She’d never done anything like this before and through the haze of pain he was beginning to feel a sense of fear.

It ended as suddenly as it had started.  “Oh, did my little Jeff get hurt?  Let me make it better.”  So saying she knelt down and kissed his penis, then took the tip into her mouth and ran her tongue over it, then slowly dropped her head until his entire member was buried between her lips and he was twitching with the desire for her to finish him off.  His legs strained against the ropes holding his knees and he grunted, but she didn’t move and gradually he began to lose firmness while still deep in her mouth.  It almost drove him mad and then she simply opened her mouth and let him drop back onto his belly, shaft coated with her saliva and a large glob of her spit running over his balls and between his butt cheeks.

She stood up and reached for the tape on his belly, unceremoniously ripping off both pieces and freeing the glass he’d put there.  “You remembered my favorite.  How sweet.”  Picking up the bottle from between his legs she poured herself a glass and drank half of it.  “We should share.  You have a new toy, so I should introduce you to a couple of my new toys.”

Liz went to a chair where she’d dropped her purse and pulled out a ring gag.  She walked back to Jeff and loosed the ball gag, replacing it with the more accessible form.  “I really like that ball, but you’re going to need an open mouth for a while.  I’m going to pour in a bit of wine and you have a choice.  You can drink it, or you can let it run out of your mouth and onto the table or floor or wherever to clean up later.  Ready?  Here we go.”

He couldn’t stop her as she moved the bottle to his mouth and decided it would be too much trouble to clean up a red wine spill, so he accepted the liquid as she poured it into his open mouth.  She kept pouring and his mouth was filling up, so he swallowed, and still she kept pouring.  Again he swallowed and still she poured.  He was beginning to wonder if she would force him to drink the entire bottle when she stopped and held up the bottle for him to see.  It was a little more than half empty.  She finished off her glass and stood up.

Unbuttoning her dress she looked at him and issued her challenge.  “If you can get me to orgasm in less than 5 minutes I’ll have another glass of wine.  If not, you finish the bottle.  So let’s see how good your mouth can really be.”  Dropping her panties, she moved over to straddle his face and looked at the clock on his wall.  “Ready, and go.”  She lowered herself onto his mouth.

This was an area where Jeff was confident in his abilities and he knew from the past that she couldn’t hide a true orgasm, so all she could do was lie if he got her to cum.  Using a combination of sucking her vagina, pushing his tongue into her, and caressing her clit with lips and tongue he soon had her moving her hips and breathing deeply.  When he felt her bend over and rest her hands on the coffee table he know he had her and soon she was crying out with her climax and pressing her sex against his mouth.  He didn’t stop, though and continued exciting her even as her juices ran down the sides of his face.   Jeff took her through 2 more orgasms before she lifted herself off him and moved away.  He could tell from her flushed face and upper chest that he’d done his job well.

“Ok, you win that round.”  Liz pushed her hair back and poured herself a glass of wine.  This time she sipped it until it was half empty.  She set it down next to his head and took off one of her shoes.  Dipping the heel in the wine she told Jeff, “Now you can caress my heel as much as you like to caress me.  Let’s see a bit of tongue action.” So saying, she lowered the heel into his open mouth.  Jeff did nothing but try to look at her while avoiding the shoe.  “No?  I’m very disappointed.  That will be 10 lashes.”

Liz moved back to her purse while Jeff tried to figure this out.  Things were not going like they had in past times, and he was wondering what she had in her purse to lash him with.  The answer came soon enough as she returned with a long leather boot lace which she was folding back on itself several times.  She looked him over, then swung the lace across his left nipple 10 times, each strike bringing a surprising amount of discomfort to the stretched skin.

“Let’s try this again,” she said and once again dipped the heel into her wine.  Again Jeff refused to lick it.  “This time 20 lashes.”  The first 10 stung as they caught his right nipple, but the last 10 were almost like pin pricks on his balls and penis as she lashed him hard.  He bucked as much as he could, but the ropes to his knees kept him very much in place.  “Next time, I’ll tie this around you balls and pull 10 times, so let’s try the heel again.”

This time Jeff ran his tongue over the heel of her shoe, trying to make it look as sexy as possible.  Her smile told him all was well for now.  Satisfied at his humiliation, she picked up the glass and finished it off.  “Still about a glass left in here,” Liz said picking up the bottle.  “Ready?”

The bottle was put to his lips and once again he was forced to drink.  By now the first dose was beginning to hit him and he felt odd.  To his surprise, Liz stepped back and put her clothes back on.  She removed the ring gag and put his ball gag back into his mouth, then stepped away and picked up the handcuff key.  Was it going to end so soon, and like this? 

Her cell phone went off and she dropped the key into her purse as she pulled out the phone.  “Hi, Emily.  No, I’m not quite done yet, so why don’t you come on up here and wait for me to finish?  It’s apartment 4.  See you soon.”

Jeff was stunned.  Was that a real call?  Had Liz just invited somebody to his apartment to see him tied up naked? 

“You remember Emily, don’t you?  She was in a couple of our classes in high school.  She’s my roommate now and we share just about everything.”  A short time later there was a knock at the door and Liz opened it up.  Jeff looked at Emily, who looked past Liz and got a shocked look on her face.  “Come on in,” Liz said as she ushered the other woman into the apartment.

“Did you do that?”  Emily asked.

“No, he did that to himself.  Seems he likes the bondage thing and got stuck a month ago.  I helped him out and we’ve had a few other meetings where he’s tied himself up.  This time he did it and then called me to come and get him out.  I usually make him pay a bit of a price for that benefit.”

Emily was walking around the coffee table looking at the bindings.  “Interesting.  And you do this to yourself?”  Jeff nodded.  “And now what?”  That question was direct at Liz.

Liz walked over and stood next to the coffee table.  “Now, I play one last game before giving him a bit of release.”  Jeff looked up at her questioningly.  “No reason to waste a good wine bottle.”

As that sank in, she picked up the bottle, set it on its side between his legs, and began pushing it upward toward him.  Realizing what was happening, Jeff tried to wriggle away but the rope from his waist to his knees held him in place.  He felt the bottle touch his anus, then push against it as Liz held it level, and finally press past the sphincter and enter him.  He barely heard Emily’s “Oh, wow!” as he felt it slide in until the bulge of the bottle was against his balls.  Liz turned to Emily.  “Tear me off 2 pieces of duct tape.”  With a sudden excitement, Emily complied and watch approvingly as Liz taped the bottle to the table top, locking it into place.

“Now for that release.”  Liz grabbed his penis and began stroking it, quickly bringing it to full erection.  She looked at Emily and said, “Why don’t you smack his balls with the palm of your hand a bit?”

“Won’t that hurt him?”  Emily asked.

“Of course,” was Liz’s reply.  I said he had to pay a penalty for disturbing my plans.  Both women laughed a bit, then Emily smacked Jeff’s balls while Liz kept stroking him.  “Harder,” urged Liz.  Emily struck harder and faster.   “Still harder.”  As Emily’s hand smacked his balls, Jeff could only grunt in pain.  He felt himself getting limper and soon Liz stopped her stroking.

Clearly in charge now, Liz guided the action.  “Em, he doesn’t seem to like me any more.  How would you like to try to get him firmed up?”  Emily gave a nervous laugh and grabbed his shaft.  Without the pain he quickly assumed full proportions again and soon was grunting in a very different way. 

“This is really different”, Emily said.

“You’ve never given a guy a handjob before?” asked a surprised Liz.

“handjob yes, but not while he was tied up.”  Suddenly Liz moved Emily’s hand away and slapped the sensitive underside of Jeff’s penis several times.  After a nod to Emily, she added more slaps.  Each one stung, but surprisingly he did not go limp.  “You get more options this way,” Liz told Emily.

Liz grabbed his shaft again and began stroking hard.  His grunts became a continuous growl that turned into a cry of frustration as she suddenly stopped just before all his muscles tightened up.  He gave a few frustrated pumps with nothing coming out while both women laughed at his discomfort.  Liz straddled him at the legs and used one hand to squeeze the base of his shaft and the other to slowly begin stroking him again.  “Hold the wine glass in front of his shaft,” Liz told Emily. 

Emily complied, interested in what her roommate had in mind as she watched Jeff suck in his stomach and heard him getting louder.  He was ‘mmmpff’-ing loudly when Liz released the base of his shaft and he began firing streams of white cream into the wine glass.  The first spray hit so hard some of it splattered out and Emily had to quickly adjust to catch the following streams.  Liz kept milking him until he was going limp, then she stretched his shaft upward and smacked it with her other hand, causing it to smack down against his abdomen and bounce back to the other side before stopping. 

Liz stood up and Emily offered her the glass with a thick glob of white goo in it.  “And what do you do with this?”

Liz gave a wink and said, “If I was in a better mood, I might drink it myself.  But I’m not in that good a mood.  Hold his head.”  Liz took the glass and Emily moved into position to hold Jeff’s head.  It wasn’t as hard as she expected, but he figured he had nowhere to go and they would find some way to do whatever they were planning, so he put up a token fight and then surrendered.

In the previous experiences, Liz had smeared his cum on his face or chest, but this would be different.  He was expecting it to be poured into his mouth, and accepted it because it was his own.  Instead she positioned the glass differently and poured a glob onto his right eye.  As he adjusted to that, she poured some onto his left eye and he was pretty much blinded.  He felt more dribble across his nose, under his nose, and finally into his mouth only to resume on his lower lip and chin.  The cum on his chin immediately ran down to his neck.  Emily was making approving sounds through this ordeal, punctuating them with an “Oh yeah!!” when it went into his mouth.  Liz ended by setting the class against his lower lip and tipping it up.  “Lap it up like a good boy,” she told Jeff.  He half heartedly complied, unable to see exactly what he was doing.  The taste burned into his mouth and throat.  He had no choice but to swallow it.

Satisfied, Liz moved the glass away and set it down on the dining room table.  “Come on, Emily, we’ve got a date at the club.” 

“What about him?”  Emily asked.

“He’ll still be there when we’re done.  Maybe he’ll want to play some more.” 

Jeff began blinking hard, trying to clear his vision and had just gotten the sight back in one eye when he heard the door opened and watched the women walk out, closing the door behind them.  Maybe Liz had put the key on the table without telling him, just to tease him.  He carefully ran his fingers over every bit of the coffee table in his reach, but there was no key.  It must still be in her purse.  He pulled at the handcuffs, but realized the only way out of this would be to push the rope down the legs of the table.  With him on the table, even if he got the ropes to the floor he couldn’t get them off.  He had secured himself so he absolutely needed help getting out.  The cum streams down the side of his face from his eyes and from his chin to his neck were drying when he heard a sound at the door.

Emily walked in, leaving the door open behind her, and walked over to him.  “According to the rules I was given, I drop the key and you get one chance to catch it.  Miss, and you wait until we come back later tonight.”  She held the key out at a point she believed was above his hands.  “Ready?”

He forced himself not to think about the open door and watched as the key left her hand.  It fell and he hoped he had his hands beneath it.  He felt metal and clenched his fists quickly.  He realized he had caught just the ring, but by not letting go he would have access to the key if he was careful.

“Good job,” said Emily.  “I’m a bit disappointed you didn’t drop it, though.  You could have gotten me off later, and Liz says you’re pretty good with your tongue.”  She turned and walked out the door, pulling it almost closed behind her. 

Jeff realized anybody walking down the stairs would see his door was ajar and might check to see if he was ok.  He kept his stress in check as he carefully moved the key into his right hand and released the left handcuff.  Soon he was released and could focus on the rope holding him.  The pungent taste of his cum was still in his mouth and it would take a lot of something to get it out.  Liz had definitely raised the intensity, and he would have to rethink doing this again.  On the other hand, now that Emily knew about it, maybe she would play more often and that male fantasy of multiple women would make it all worthwhile.  Something to think about.

The last rope fell from his legs and he lifted his foot out of the loop.  As he stood up, there was a knock at the door.  “Hello?  Is everything all right in there?”  It was Mrs. Wilson, the 60 something widow from upstairs.  He couldn’t let her see him, and the room, like this.

“I’m fine, Mrs. Wilson.  I just had to get something out of my hands before I could close the door properly.   Thank you for asking.”  Jeff nudged the door shut, trying not to make it look like he did it in panic.  If she’d come down a few minutes sooner, Emily would have been in the room and the door would have been open.  It really was a pretty close call.  The idea of old Mrs. Wilson seeing him naked took away much of the excitement at the thought of being discovered. 

His cell phone sounded, signaling a text message.  Jeff picked up his phone and brought up the message.  “if you have the balls for it, bring your stuff to my place next Friday at 7.  no underwear.  liz"  How did she get his number?  And did he dare answer this challenge?


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