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by Nightguy

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this followed on from the Miles stories

Susan’s plan for the evening was simply to watch some TV.

Well, it wasn’t quite as simple as that because lately Susan rarely did anything as mundane as watching TV without adding something to the experience. So what she added this time was a hogtie. She lay quietly on the floor in front of her couch, dressed in a pair of shorts and a sports bra, with her hands and feet chained together and connected behind her back. It wasn’t a tight hogtie, just a rather comfortable one, and she had been like this for a couple of hours by the time her phone rang.

Susan wasn’t very put out about the call, she had almost dozed off where she was and the call saved her from spending yet another night in bondage on the floor. So she blinked the sleep out of her eyes and wriggled to where she had set her phone next to the couch, her safety in case she couldn’t get out of her bonds. A couple of pecks with her nose, and she turned the speaker phone on so she could answer.

“Hi,” she said simply.

“Susan?” asked a voice she didn’t immediately recognize. “It’s Scott. How are you?”

Susan smiled when she realized who it was, and felt a warm flush pass through her. She had been hoping he would call her after the last time she saw him. That memorable week she had spent naked and bound out in the country had ended with her going back to the farmhouse where they had met, so she could get her clothes back from him. To his word he turned up around mid-day, but to her initial disappointment they didn’t play anymore bondage games. Instead he had her get dressed and took her into town where they found a nice place to have lunch. They then just talked, and Susan’s disappointment soon vanished as she got to know more about this new guy in her life. She was also impressed by the fact that simply by not pushing anymore bondage on her, that he was interested in her as a person and not just as a naked bondage toy. He wanted to know about her!

But that lunch was the last time they talked, and now almost a week later he had finally called. So they passed some pleasantries while Susan lay there in her hogtie enjoying the sound of his voice, before he got to the purpose of his call.

“I wanted to know if you have the weekend free?” he asked her.

“I do, yes.”

“That’s great, because I want to spend some time with you… and… I have a plan for you to follow.”

Susan smiled again. So far, Scott had proved to be somewhat inventive, a definite advantage in a guy as far as she was concerned. But this would probably mean placing herself under his control again, and a small part of her still feared that sort of commitment.

So she had to ask about his plans for her, which made him chuckle.

“Never mind, I’m going to Email you what you need to know very soon. But are you up for some bondage fun?”

Susan hesitated before answering. A large part of her was very ready for anything involving this man, but those urges had brought her to disaster a couple of times with other guys, so she was hesitant to trust them entirely.


“I know you want to, Susan,” Scott continued, his voice level and soft. “I think I know you pretty well and we share a passion. In fact I bet that right now, as we speak, you are in some sort of bondage. Am I right?”

Susan blushed, although even she had to admit that knowing her, her being in bondage would be likely. So she quietly admitted that she was and the both of them laughed.

“Well check your Email before you go to bed tonight, and I’ll see you this weekend. And don’t worry, you’ll be fine,” he said tenderly before ringing off.

Susan smiled again and continued to smile as she made her way across her small apartment to where she had simply left the keys to her chains. In minutes she had freed herself and was at her computer, eager to find out what Scott had planned for her. He didn’t disappoint her and she felt butterflies in her stomach as she read what she was supposed to do. It wasn’t in the same league as her week on the road, but what he asked would certainly make her very dependent on him for her release, and he only told her the start of the weekend, not the entire thing. As he had said, it was only what she needed to know.

So she nodded and shut down her computer, deciding to go ahead with Scott’s plan, and went through her preparations for bed. Her bedtime rituals were no different really than any other single girl’s, except that once in bed she wrapped a couple of Velcro cuffs about her wrists that were permanently connected to each other and to the head board. The cuffs prevented her from bringing her hands down below shoulder level, and could be ripped off in a moment if she chose. But they provided her with some security once she had taught herself how to sleep in them, and like that she went to sleep.

* * *

It was cooler than it had been the week before, the temperatures more in the comfortable range rather than the melt your face off range. A few clouds dotted the morning sky, but there was no threat of rain yet, something the local farmers were getting more and more worried about. The ground was drying up, rivers low, and crops needed watering. Many farms had been forced to give up because of weather like this in the past although Scott’s Uncle, while he had still been alive, merely took the long view and weathered the bad with the good. Now that land was being farmed by others, although the farmyard itself was still there, the last of the legacy passed down to the young State Patrolman.

He was there now, looking at the sky and checking his watch as he quickly set up the last of his preparations. He had met a very interesting girl the week before, a really great girl that had been occupying his thoughts pretty much every waking moment since he last saw her.He was going to see her again real soon, but their meeting, like the last one, would be kinda special. Or so Scott hoped.

So feeling more nervous than he looked, he finished setting up and got back into his patrol car. He would come back later in the day, and only then would he see if his plans had born fruit.

He hadn’t been gone but half an hour when another car pulled into the overgrown driveway that led to the farm yard. It moved slowly along the gravel drive and pulled into the yard, stopping as instructed in front of one of the outbuildings. The driver knew this was the right building, because its doors were propped open.

Out of the car stepped a young woman in a plain cotton dress. She was a pretty young thing, and quite often the word ‘Pixie’ came to the minds of people seeing her for the first time, for she stood only a hair under five feet tall, and her build seemed more delicate than it was. She wasn’t a model thin ‘I can see all your bones’ sort of a woman, but she was slim and trim, her figure accented by her long straight hair.

The girl stood for a moment looking around, as if searching for someone, before turning to reach back into the car for the bag she had left on the front seat.

Susan was feeling somewhat nervous herself. She had hoped that Scott would have been there to greet her, but his note had said that even if he wasn’t that she was to follow his instructions as quickly as she could. But it would have made her feel better if he had been around.

The reason was that she would soon be putting herself into some bondage that once completed, she could not get out of again! Not without Scott’s help that is.

But that was the point, wasn’t it. His instructions made that pretty clear. She was to lock herself up as ordered, and trust that he would be there to free her again.

Up until now, she had never placed herself in any bondage where there wasn’t an escape of some sort somewhere. Even that twenty mile walk had keys at the end of it. But now, she was following someone else’s lead, and placing herself in someone else’s hands.

It was about trust.

Oh Lord.

Susan’s heart was going a mile a minute as she considered what she had to do. But she wanted to do it, she didn’t want to disappoint this great new guy in her life. It was just…

It was just…

What did he see in her, besides the bondage thing? That was another thought that kept rearing its ugly head. Susan felt she never attracted the right guys or got the good breaks, and Scott seemed way too good to be true! Was he the one? Or was there a huge crash rushing toward her when all this fell apart!

She didn’t want to think this way, not now. Right now, she had a job to do, and in the back of her mind she knew that once the chains were on she would feel better anyway.

Her questions of trust would have to wait, they would be answered one way or another pretty soon anyway.

So, she dropped the bag she had pulled off the front seat onto the ground, got back into the car and backed it into the waiting shed. Inside, she nervously pulled off her dress and came back outside, nude now except for the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and her ever present collar. Her instructions told her to close the shed doors and lock them with the padlock provided, which she did very deliberately, knowing that with the click of that lock she was at least now stuck here at the farm without clothes, no matter what else she chose to do.

The point of no return, most certainly, and now she just had to make herself even more vulnerable.

The bag contained many things and was somewhat heavy, but she carried it with ease as she made her way around behind the big house to where a large willow tree stood. This was a very big tree, its branches forming almost a giant cage as they bowed low to the ground as willows were want to do. They didn’t obscure the view though from the inside, and Susan realized how clever Scott was in picking this particular spot, for she could see the highway fairly easily from beside the tree, but the tree itself would pretty much mask her from the road. This made standing there naked in broad daylight feel a little easier, and it was another point in Scott’s favor.

He had also left something else for her, but she needed to get on with her bondage first.

His instructions had been pretty simple as far as this went. She was just to put on the same chained arrangement that she had worn for her trek the week before. So after giving her nude body a good going over with bug spray, she locked her ankles together with the eight inch chain and locked another longer chain about her waist. The next step would be to lock her wrists behind her again, but one or two other items had to come first.

From her bag she got out several bottles of water which she placed next to the tree trunk. She didn’t know how long she would have to wait for Scott, and at least wanted the water. She also left the tree for a moment to use a bush, blushing a little at the thought of doing this outside in the daylight. And then one more thing.

Attached to the tree was a long heavy looking chain with an open lock on the end. Susan’s instructions were to lock this chain to the ring on the front of her collar before locking her hands behind her. Of course, she didn’t have a key. In fact, she wasn’t to have any keys within reach when she was done.

Picking up the end of this chain set her heart beating even faster. Could she do this? Could she NOT do this?

At times like this, when faced with a decision she didn’t know if she could make, she usually just closed her eyes and took a plunge. So the sound of the lock clicking shut beneath her chin almost made her jump, and a warm glow spread through her body as she realized she was now chained solidly to this tree.

Chained to the tree.

No escape…chained to the tree.

She chanted this quietly to herself, a mantra of sorts as she reached behind her back for the waiting chains and one by one, trapped her wrists behind her. The last lock secured, she tugged at her bondage and simply savored the moment… chained… exposed… no escape… her only release at the hands of Scott.

Susan unconsciously rubbed her thighs together as she stood there, the smile on her face telling the whole story of her feelings at that moment, a smile to make even a Cheshire cat jealous.


Houses live. They breath, they grow, they sleep, and they get old and die.

A house’s life energy though, comes from its people. A house has to be lived in, that’s its only purpose, and the more it is used and loved, the healthier it is!

In its day, the farmhouse was very much loved. There were children who played everywhere, exploring the woods and river nearby and played fort under the big willow tree at the bottom of the back yard. The house and its barn were a hive of activity with the business of farming, and there were even chickens if the remains of an old chicken coop could be believed.

But time moved on, the children grown and moved away, until all that was left was a solitary old man who ended up leaving his home to his favorite nephew. The land around the yard was sold to those who could farm it, but the rest was left alone. And with no one to live in it anymore, the house began to die.

From her spot next to the old willow tree, Susan could see the past in what she saw of the present. Faded and peeling paint on the side of what was once a beautiful home with a large veranda obviously designed for entertaining. The remains of an old chicken coop now falling in on itself, a rusted swing set sitting on a parched and neglected lawn. It was so dry in fact, that the grass that had turned brown in the summer heat didn’t even reach the willow tree anymore. Instead the ground where she knelt was bare soil, turned to dust with the lack of rain.

Susan was getting covered in it, as she moved about trying to stay comfortable. Her tether chain allowed her to stand and walk a few paces here and there, but most of the time she either knelt or sat as she waited for Scott to come free her.

She didn’t mind though, her thoughts little spent on her physical comfort. Her body knew what it had to do in order to deal with the discomfort of her bonds, which left her mind free to wander.

So she listened to the wind as it blew through the leaves, caressing her bare skin with warm kisses. She watched a couple of squirrels crash through the branches above, chasing each other in their games. She counted birds, and in fascination allowed a couple to come within arms reach of her as she knelt bound to the tree. She felt at peace, almost a sub space of sorts, and eventually she simply lay down and fell asleep, her last waking thoughts of the man she was waiting for.

A wormhole opened up in the sky over the farmyard, and the hovercar popped into existence like a light turning on. It settled to the ground near the tree and Space Ranger Scott stepped out, resplendent in his black jeweled battle shorts.

He saw the naked girl lying next to the tree, and with a smile he began to pull out his…


Sorry, wrong genre.

Susan was still asleep when Scott finally came back, so she didn’t hear his car pull into the yard on the other side of the house. Scott had switched to his own personal car, having completed his shift. He was now free for the weekend, and wondered if Susan had indeed shown up as he had instructed.

Those instructions had given him no end of grief, for despite their talks he had no idea if he even had the right to do such a thing. Did Susan WANT him to take over, to give her orders for bondage games, or anything else for that matter. And even if she didn’t mind doing as he asked, had he gone too far with what he had planned for the weekend, or even worse… not far enough!

He was scared to death of crossing the line with her because he didn’t want to lose her just when he had found her, but he was also afraid that he wouldn’t measure up either. Not that he allowed himself to show such feelings, but the relief he felt at seeing the locked outbuilding where he had told her to park her car, was pretty immense. She had come, so hopefully she had followed the rest of her instructions.

He pulled a bag from his car and quietly walked around the house to see if she was by the willow tree. He didn’t see her at first, the canopy was so large and thick, but then he spotted a figure lying near the trunk, and as he drew closer he could see that she was asleep.

She looked so beautiful to him, her chains bright against tanned skin, her body half covered in the dust that billowed up with every step back here. He just stood for a few minutes admiring her shape, her curves, her face, and especially her long straight hair which was one of his favorite things about any woman.

He could love her for her hair alone!

But it was time for her to wake up, he had plans. He thought about waking her by lying down next to her and running his fingers lightly over her skin, maybe gently tweaking a nipple, or even kissing the back of her neck. Instead however, he got a bucket of water from the antique hand pump next to the house that still worked, and simply tossed it at her.

Susan woke with a scream, twisting and wriggling away from a nasty cold shock.

Scott didn’t dare laugh out loud, but the grin on his face told the tale anyway as she stared up at him from the ground.

“Asshole!” she said more angrily than she actually felt. She was more embarrassed than angry, feeling her nudity and vulnerability in the suddenness of his appearance. She had wanted to look good for him, kneeling primly like a real slave girl when he arrived. Now she felt like a drowned rat lying in a muddy pool of water all covered in wet dust.

“Sorry,” Scott replied, meaning it. “But I had to do something! You were just looking too beautiful sleeping like that, it was all I could do not to tear my clothes off and ravish you on the spot!”

Susan opened her mouth to speak, but didn’t know how to reply to that. Instead she looked away and blushed, wondering if what he said was true and in part liking it.

Seeing her reaction, Scott did chuckle. But what he said hadn’t been entirely true, for even wet and muddy she appealed to his inner animal. God she was beautiful!

Putting away such thoughts for a more appropriate moment, he knelt next to her and checked out her bonds, asking in a more official manner if she was okay and if she needed anything unlocked.

Susan just shook her head, feelings and thoughts muddled, until she felt him take her upper arms and lift her to her feet. He stood her up, not exactly face to face as he had over a foot on her in height, but so she was now facing him. With a finger he lifted her chin, forcing her to look up at his face, and Susan felt so small, so helpless with this man that she felt a little scared. Her heart raced and she could swear she could hear it as she stood naked in front of him pulling at her chains. Yet… in some strange perverse way it also felt so right to her. In so many of her fantasies, she had been in this position, the dominant male in a position of power while she stood helpless and alone. And Scott certainly pushed those buttons inside her.

It didn’t help at all, or maybe it did, when he bent low to kiss her.

She couldn’t quite stifle a moan of yearning as their lips met and his arms wrapped around her. Her body felt like it was on fire as she pressed herself against him, up on her toes, her arms pulling at her cuffs in an effort to hold him even closer.

It wasn’t as if she had never been with other guys before, but at that moment, under the willow tree, life was simply perfect.

For Scott it didn’t feel much different, and it took an effort of will not to take their kiss further. But a part of him was still scared at going too fast or too far, he just didn’t want to take that risk… not just yet. Besides which he still had more plans for their weekend, so with great reluctance he stepped back out of her reach and turned to compose himself while he fetched the bag he had brought.

Susan had to catch her breath after the kiss broke, something she had never had to do before, and she almost asked him why he had stopped before her brain caught up with her body and shut her up. Yes, she wanted him. Chained up, naked, with no control over her own fate, she felt as horny as hell. But she also felt a wave of embarrassment over her condition.

What on earth would he think of her if he knew how she felt at that moment! She was ashamed to look at him and made a quiet excuse that she needed to pee, allowing her to shuffle around to the far side of the tree out of his sight for a few minutes.

She was much more composed by the time she hobbled back, but was surprised to see him gone again, until she spotted him up by the house laying out a picnic lunch on the veranda.

She couldn’t help smiling as he walked back to her, and blushed a little at his touch as he unlocked the chain connected to her collar.

“I brought some food, then we can move on to the next part of my devious plan,” he whispered with an evil grin, and Susan laughed. The tension of moments past flowed from her as he helped her hobble back to the house and up the porch steps.

He seated her on an old wooden chair at the table, and fed her portions of the chicken salad he had brought for them both while they talked. It felt very odd to her, eating like this, her hands still locked behind her back, her naked body quite open to him. But she didn’t feel threatened by it at all. Like being chained to the tree, it just felt right.

They talked about vanilla things, like how things were at work for her right now, but occasionally she would ask about his plans for her. It wasn’t until they finished eating though, that he would talk about it.

“Okay,” he said seriously, “time to play. Considering how we met and what you were doing at the time, I have tried to set up something that I hope you will like.”

“I think I will, no matter what it is,” Susan replied without thinking.

Scott looked her in the eyes before simply shrugging. “I hope you do! But don’t hold it against me if it seems tame to your eyes. I don’t know you well enough yet to really judge your limits… but I hope in time I will!”

The couple sat for a moment saying nothing, just watching each other, and it seemed that at that time more was said than words could have conveyed. It wasn’t love, but it was an understanding that this relationship would continue, that neither of them considered it a game. It was a realization that would provide the foundation of much to come for the both of them.

“Okay then,” continued Scott, aware that something important had just happened but needing time to digest it, “before we start though, I want to make sure we a both on the same page about a few things. Okay?”

Susan nodded, simply waiting for orders and realizing that she was actually enjoying herself.

“Now I would love to be able to say that I have total control over our time together,” Scott said nervously, trying to pick his words with care, “but honestly, I’m not sure about your feelings on that.I mean… er… the whole Dom/sub… Master/slave thing. Are you really okay with my being in charge?”

Susan was a little surprised that he had to ask and didn’t know how to react to that until she saw that Scott wasn’t just this new commanding influence in her life, but also a real guy with real concerns about… her!

So much for fantasy stories where the alpha male simply picks up his chosen woman and takes her back to his dungeon for a nights ravishing… Scott had finally broken through that image that Susan had erected around him to become something more human.

She almost laughed at her own eagerness for the fantasy, but she understood his fears at that moment, for hadn’t they been her own often enough!

Scott leaned back in his chair, his expression a little confused at her lack of response. So Susan knew she had to say something or the entire weekend, and maybe even their relationship, would derail before it really got started. It was time to step out of bondage sub mode, and be a woman he could respect as an equal.

Like Scott, Susan tried to pick her words with care, not wanting to scare him away either. “Scott, you have no idea what all this means to me,” she said quietly, her eyes on his. “Here I sit, nude and chained, not just because you asked, but because I wanted it. If I had any real doubts that I couldn’t trust you to look after me, would I be here at all? I’ve never really thought myself a submissive in real life, although in my fantasies… well. But, being with you… I am very happy doing whatever you need me to do because I know that you wouldn’t want me hurt, and because I know we can talk about our needs. It’s hard for me to describe exactly what I mean right now, Scott. But yes, your being in charge is okay. I… wouldn’t have it any other way right now!”

Scott just looked at her, his gaze intense enough to make her lower her eyes. The alpha male was back in this man, and it was strong enough to inspire a little warm fear deep within her. No other guy had ever made her feel like this.

“Okay then,” he said calmly, “thank you.” She sensed him leaning forward toward her, and felt a tug at the ring on her collar which made her look up at his face. His expression was firm, but there was a hint of amusement in his eyes that made her smile.

“Time to play,” he whispered, and he told her what her next task was to be.


“Time to play,” Scott had said, and he had been right. Susan thought the task he had set her to be pretty cool, even though her two hour time limit seemed to pushing things a little. But it was a challenge, and she loved bondage challenges, so she was ready.

Scott had directed her to the river, leaving her in her current bondage of eight inch hobble chain and hands locked behind her, only adding one more thing, a bit gag which was also locked on. Susan had never dealt much with gags, they weren’t exactly suitable for safe self bondage play, but this one at least didn’t obstruct her mouth very much, it just didn’t let her talk all that clearly.

But like this she had a journey to make if she wanted to get free anytime soon. Scott told her that a half mile up stream there was a bridge across the river, and hanging from a cord under the bridge was a key. This key would either free her hands or unlock her gag, but he wasn’t going to tell her which. But that wasn’t all. A half mile downstream of the farm was a big old oak tree with a huge branch that stretched out over the water. From this branch would be hanging another key, again for either hands or gag. It would be Susan’s choice which one she went for first, but whatever she did she only had two hours to get back to the farm with her hands and mouth free… or else.

Scott didn’t say what the ‘or else’ meant, but from his expression Susan didn’t know if she wanted to find out or not! The couple hadn’t really discussed punishments yet, it seemed to be one of those things they would discover as they went along… or at least Susan would.

But she didn’t have time to think about it, for with a grin Scott said go and she had to be off, and he watched with interest as she shuffled into the trees naked and bound.

Susan made a quick decision as to what to try for first, the bridge. She had already made that trip in this bondage once before and figured it would be easier going. She only hoped she picked the right key, for if it turned out to be the one for her gag then she was screwed for she wouldn’t be able to use it until she freed her hands. And from what Scott said the keys couldn’t be taken away. So she picked her way carefully along the bank of the river, watching carefully for anyone who might see her.

She was having fun out by herself. Alone by the water, naked except for her bondage, she felt like a proper little slave girl, again on the run from a cruel Master. It was a fantasy she used quite often, and smiling behind her gag she wondered what would happen if she ever tried to run away from Scott like this. Maybe they could play this game too!

Stepping through undergrowth with your ankles connected by an eight inch chain, however, took a lot of concentration. So in order to step up the pace she put aside her fantasies and focused on the job at hand.

So focused was she that she came upon the bridge before she expected it, and the man sitting on it.

Susan almost yelped as she ducked down to avoid being seen, and her heart started racing again with shock. But it quickly became evident to her that she hadn’t been seen because the guy wasn’t even facing her way.

The bridge was very much like the one she had seen the week before where the teenagers went skinny dipping. Not much more than a reinforced wooden platform stretched across the water. This one was a little higher up, maybe eight feet above the water, but basically the same. The man on it was sitting on the far side, feet hanging over the edge. He had on a denim jacket and a red ball cap, and appeared to be fishing.

Susan swore quietly into her gag and considered her options. She could either head downstream to the other key, with no guarantee that it was the one she needed, or wait this guy out which she really didn’t have the time to do… or try to sneak up behind this guy while he was looking the other way.

One thing she couldn’t do was give up, although she was pretty tempted. Letting Scott down… hell, letting HERSELF down wasn’t an option… yet. So she figured there was really only one thing she could do, although she hated to do it.

She stood up, feeling as if she was exposing her body to the world, and very quietly moved to the water. She would have to get wet anyway to get the key, so wading the last fifty feet or so to the bridge wasn’t so bad. She just felt so vulnerable standing out in the open. All the guy had to do was turn around, and he would see her, naked and unable to cover herself. What he would do she couldn’t imagine, but what were the odds that it would be something good!

So she moved carefully and quietly toward the bridge, thinking that every step would be the one to give her away, until she finally made it underneath. Breathing a sigh of relief she pushed against the waist deep water until she could reach the cord hanging in the darkness under the bridge, and pulled on it with her bound hands.

Up above her head somewhere a bell began to jingle. There was a BELL attached to the cord!

Oh crap!

All her work in getting here without being noticed was now ruined, no way could that guy miss this! Even if he didn’t know where it was coming from yet. So Susan froze, afraid of what to do next. But she couldn’t just stand there, she had to see if the key fit the lock holding her hands behind her.

There was no sign of the guy after a minute, so Susan risked tugging on the key again. The bell jingled again, but not so much, as the frightened girl carefully maneuvered the key into the lock behind her back. She gave the key a twist and the lock popped open.

Now her cuffs were free of the chain about her waist although they were still locked together. But this was all she needed to tuck her hands past her bum and around her legs. To do that, however, meant sitting in the water, floating really because it was so deep. And if she did that the current would carry her out from under the bridge pretty quickly.

Still, she had no choice, and she realized that she would probably feel better with her hands in front of her anyway should the guy spot her. At least she would be able to cover something!

So she crouched down in the cold water and wriggled and jiggled until her hands were behind her knees. Then she lifted her feet and felt the river take her as she tried to pass her locked wrists past her toes.

Coming out from under the bridge she looked up in hope that she had gotten away with it, but to her horror she saw the fisherman standing right there looking down on her. She almost screamed until she saw a familiar grin, and in her shock she realized that it was Scott, disguised in jacket and hat.

“Bastard!” she yelled around her gag.

Scott just laughed.“Well done, Sue!” he yelled back, “I had no idea you had made it until I heard the bell. But you had better get going, time is passing!”

Susan was tempted to give him the finger, but she did see the humor in their situation now that her fright was over, so she just smiled and let the current carry her further from the bridge. And that’s when she had a brilliant idea! The river moved relatively quickly along this stretch, and she found it pretty easy to just lay back and float, her breasts and face the only parts of her above the water. So why not let the river do the work and take her all the way to the other key!

It would certainly save her from picking her way slowly along the bank!

So that’s what she did. Like a mermaid from some aquatic fantasy, the bound girl navigated her way a mile down river with little effort on her part. And it felt great to be in the cool water in the heat of the day. It even kept the mosquitoes off. The only hard part was keeping the water out of her face, because the gag wouldn’t let her close her mouth all the way. Even so, she ended up swallowing a little water by the time she closed in on her next target.

The big old Oak was just as he had described it, and it was pretty easy for her to just plant her feet on the river bed and stand up to reach the key. In doing so Susan was glad she had gone for the bridge first, because she never would have been able to reach this key with her hands bound behind her. The cord it was attached to was only just long enough for it to reach the lock behind her head, and with her wrists still cuffed together it wasn’t easy to unlock. But she managed and out came the gag, much to her relief.

Now she just had a half mile to walk back and she would be done. She hoped that riding the river had saved her some time, even though the water only flowed at a walking pace. But she had no way of knowing if she was behind or not! She just had to do the best she could.

So Susan waded ashore and began picking her way back through the tree line toward the farmhouse, finding it a little easier going with her hands available for balance control. And eventually she made it back to the yard, running as fast as she could in her hobble chain.

Muddy, naked and happy, Susan searched for Scott and found him in another of the farmyard’s out buildings. This building was obviously a shop of some sort for inside there were lots of tools and the smell of hot metal.

Scott himself was stripped down to just a pair of jeans for he had clearly been working on something while he was waiting. And to Susan’s eyes he looked really good.

When Scott saw the naked girl he grinned and looked up at a wall clock before coming out to meet her. “Great job! You beat the clock, I’m proud of you!” he said. And when he reached her he held her close and kissed her again.

Again Susan melted in his arms, and the fact that she had made him happy only increased her own pleasure. It felt so right being where she was, it was heaven.

“Did you have any problems?” he asked her once their kiss was broken.

“Just some sneaky guy on a bridge,” Susan replied, her hands on his hairy chest. Mmmm yes, he did feel good.

Scott laughed. “Good… but this was the easy one of the day. I have one more planned, but I’m not ready yet. Are you up for more?”

“What do you have planned?”

Scott just smiled.“Not until I am ready. Come on, I’ll take you to where you can wait and rest up.”

Although curious as to what Scott had planned for her, she said nothing as he took her bound wrists in one hand and led her back to the willow tree. There, he reconnected the tether chain to her collar and left her with some bottles of water to drink. So settling back on the dusty ground, Susan waited and thought about how good Scott looked without a shirt on.

It wasn’t really very long before he came back, and when Susan saw him coming around the side of the house she got to her knees and assumed a pose she had read about on the web. Her knees were spread, her back was straight, and because her wrists were connected she simply put her hands behind her head. She also tried for a demure, submissive expression, but she couldn’t hide the smile on her face as he drew close to her, and she wondered how she looked to him, blatantly exposing herself like this.

She needn’t have worried, because upon seeing her like that Scott’s heart almost doubled its pace. God she looked beautiful to him, and he wondered how he had gotten so lucky as to find her. Again it was all he could do not to take her and make love to her right then, but he forced himself to stick to the plan.


He stood over her, simply taking her in, noting with interest that she was certainly feeling the moment as well. But he waited until she eventually looked up at his face, and again they had a moment together when nothing needed to be said.

“Time to play,” he said again, and indeed it was.

“I got the idea from a bondage web forum,” he said once he had led the bound, naked girl into the barn. “As written it seemed kinda flimsy, and I doubt that the guy had ever tried it for real. But the idea was solid, it just needed to be built right!”

Susan had wondered with amusement what Scott had planned for her as he had walked her up here in her hobble chain, but once she got a look at the contraption taking up space in the center of the barn she got a little confused. But then something clicked in what she was seeing, and its familiarity made her wonder if she too had seen the same thing he had on the same website. Which in turn made her wonder if she and Scott had already met, virtually speaking.

“What it needed,” continued Scott, “was just a little reengineering. And with so many left over parts from various bits of farm equipment sitting around, it wasn’t hard at all to put it all together. It just took a few evenings to figure it all out and do most of the welding, and today I just needed to weld on the D rings where I want you positioned!”

He smiled at her, a sort of ‘Have I got you now’ sort of a smile, and Susan smiled back feeling a little less ready than she showed. Looking again at Scott’s proud erection (the thing he built in the barn…you perverts :) ) Susan identified what she could, matching it up with the device she had read about on the web.

Standing up vertically in the middle was a tall threaded metal rod, about six feet high. This was welded to a plate at the bottom, which in turn was welded to what looked like an old tractor tire rim… which in turn was securely staked to the dirt floor of the barn. It seemed pretty solidly built and Susan didn’t think it would go anywhere. But what interested her more was the arm. Apparently welded to another metal plate, which in turn was welded to a big nut, was a long metal arm about ten feet in length. At the far end, spaced well apart were three D rings, presumably for her! The arm was held horizontally, attached to the pole via the big nut that was threaded on to it, and Scott’s instructions as he rearranged her bondage, bore out her suspicions as to what she was supposed to do.

“It’s pretty simple really,” he said. “I lock you to this end of the arm.” Which he did, locking the ring of her collar to the center D ring, and her wrist cuffs to the rings on either side. This left her spread out somewhat, her hands now about two feet apart, and because she had to stand on her tip toes so her collar didn’t dig into the back of her neck, she felt even more open.

“All you have to do,” said Scott, checking to make sure that all was secure and running his hands over her defenseless skin in the process, “is push the bar around and around until I tell you to stop. Nothing to it right?”

Susan nodded, or at least tried to and that was when Scott noticed something about her that had escaped him earlier. Susan wasn’t a talker, not when she had to face a bondage challenge that is. When they were together casually, she talked as much as he did and he loved listening to her. But these few times he had set up something for her, she kept her mouth shut and simply listened. Scott found this interesting, and put the knowledge away for another time.

“Okay then,” he said, “but there is a twist to it… no pun intended. “The center rod is threaded, a pretty coarse thread as I got it from what was left of a wrecked combine behind the barn. So, as you go around, the nut the bar is attached to will slowly wind down the threads. Every four times you go around, the bar comes down an inch. Which I think should make you happy considering the strain I see in your calves right now!”

“Yes!” Susan replied, smiling. She wasn’t very comfortable, but was willing to go on knowing that it would only get better.

Scott grinned. Susan’s legs weren’t the only part of her body showing the stress of her position, her musculature was pretty well defined and Scott like what he saw. He moved in front of her and put his hands on her waist. “You are SO beautiful right now,” he whispered to her, making her blush. He kissed her on the forehead and moved out of the way.

“Right, so all you have to do is keep pushing the bar until I say stop, and I won't say stop until you hit the mark I left lower down the pole.”

Susan tried to see where the mark was, but couldn’t. That was okay though, for in a short bit her head would be free enough for her to turn and see how far she had to go. But then she got a sudden shock as Scott spanked her on the butt and shouted “GO!” So with only her toes for traction, Susan began to push.

It wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be, principally because of the way her wrists were connected to the bar. There wasn’t enough slack for her to grip the bar with her hands so she had to use her forearms. She didn’t want to push with her neck, at least not at that moment. But the bar moved easily enough, mainly because Scott had greased the threaded pole pretty well although she didn’t find that out until later.

Scott retired to an old armchair next to the wall, and watched the naked girl struggle to make her first circuit. He hadn’t meant to set the bar so high to start out with, it had been a guess on his part, but she was handling it and it was fascinating to watch.

“You’re doing great, Susan!” he called out when she finished her first time round. “Just keep going and it will soon be over!” He knew it wouldn’t be over that soon. He figured that it would take about 190 circuits to get down to the mark he had set about a foot off the ground, and at her pace maybe an hour and a half to get there. She would move quicker once her feet were firmly on the ground, but as it got lower that would start to change.

That was what had appealed to him about this device, it was so simple in concept, yet so devious in practice.

Susan continued to rotate around the device, and it took her over ten minutes before she was flat on her feet and moving more comfortably.

“How is it going?” Scott asked, a little concerned but seeing nothing wrong yet.

“Not bad,” replied Susan, feeling a little winded and glad to be on her feet. “It’s hard to push without my hands though. Lots of pressure on my wrists and I’m trying not to scratch my cuffs!” She stopped moving and looked at him, wriggling her wrist cuffs as much as the padlocks connecting them to the bar would allow.

Scott got the hint, he liked her cuffs and collar and didn’t want them scratched up either. “You keep going, I’ll get something to fix that,” he said, getting up and heading outside to his shop.

Susan smiled and began pushing again, happy that he was willing to make adjustments to his plans when needed. One thing she had learned doing self bondage for so long, was that often things didn’t go completely to plan and that you had to be flexible. So she was even happier when he came back with two short bits of chain and a couple more padlocks, and now while her wrists were still connected to the bar, there was enough slack now for her to hold it in both hands.

“You know,” he said, while he made the adjustments, “I had a lot of ideas on how to make this harder for you to do… a lot of interesting ideas,” he said with a chuckle, “but I figured the best thing to do was give you the basics first and we can add on later. Sound like a plan?”

Susan smiled and nodded. She loved plans like those, especially when it meant that he still wanted to see her. So she pushed around the bar with a smile on her face, thinking about Scott and the future, when she noticed that things weren’t getting any easier. In fact, things were getting rather awkward and she realized it was because the bar was still going down each time she went around the pole.

This reminded her to look at the mark he set, and instead of being about half way down which was where she would have set it, it looked to her to be almost on the ground.

“Hey!” she called out.

“What is it, is there a problem?” Scott asked from where he sat watching her.

“I have to push this thing down that far?”’

“You sure do!” he grinned.

“I can't do that.”

“Yes, you can. I know you can,” he replied, meaning it.

Susan just sighed and kept on going, but she wasn’t quite as happy as before. The bondage was okay now, the locks and chains kept her nicely positioned and she couldn’t change that. She was also impressed by the combination of activity and restriction that he had managed to put into his device. But to keep on going meant her bending at the waist a little lower every circuit, and as time and distance went on it was getting harder and harder.

But she kept on going, with Scott calling out encouragement whenever she seemed to slow. He started walking with her, talking quietly to her about how well she was doing and how she was going to beat this thing. But he didn’t touch her, despite how sexy her sweaty naked body looked pushing the bar round and round. He loved that look on a woman, dirty and nude, for the bare floor of the barn was as dusty as the ground outside, and each step she took kicked it up around her.

Round and round she went, her breathing a little harder, her breasts hanging low from her chest as she continued to bend over. But she said little as she continued, focused on her next step, her next circuit. But it was getting to be too much for her, he could see that, until she stopped and decided to get down on her knees. She grunted with the pain her change of position gave her, but it was better being upright again, almost like starting over. Only now she had to crawl in the dirt to keep going.

She looked up at Scott who stood nearby. She wondered if HE was happy, seeing her like this. But the man looked more concerned than happy, although when their eyes met he gave her an encouraging smile.

“What if I wanted to stop?” she asked, needing to know where the man’s limits were if she was place herself in his hands.

He looked at her for a moment, almost seeing into her if the expression on his face was anything to go by, and Susan felt exposed again. But he did answer her. “You don’t,” he said.

“But what if?” she insisted.

“If… you ever reach that point, then we stop. But while there is a lot about you I look forward to discovering, one thing I feel I do know well is when you have reached the end, and you aren’t there yet! So I suggest you keep moving… because we can't eat until you are done!”

His off hand remark about eating surprised her, but what he had said was true enough. She didn’t want to quit, not yet. But did he really know her that well yet?

With these thoughts in her head she started going again, crawling around in a circle pushing this bar that continued to get lower and lower. Scott didn’t let her get far though without making another adjustment. He had some long pieces of cloth which he wrapped around her knees and shins, and she was grateful for that because the ground was pretty rough. But he did nothing about the pain in the rest of her body as the bar got lower and lower, and she was only a few inches from the end when she had to stop.

It was just… too much.

“I want to stop,” she said, her muscles quivering from the strain of holding her body at an angle that wouldn’t choke her.

Scott was right there, he hadn’t left her side since she got on her knees.“You can do this, I know you can.”

“Please,” she pleaded, although she couldn’t look him in the eye.

“No… you’re not there yet.”

“How the hell do you know!” she said angrily, not wanting to be there anymore. She pulled hard at her cuffs but of course they didn’t budge.She was stuck until HE released her.

“I know!” he said calmly, aware of the stress she was under and how fragile she was at that moment. He knew she was angry at him for making her do this, but he also knew that anger wasn’t real. Like a weight lifter being made to push just once more, or a runner being told to go just a little further, Susan had reached a wall she needed to push through. It wasn’t HIS need, it was HERS! This was why she had walked naked and bound for forty miles, risking rape and maybe even murder, because she needed a wall to push through. She needed a challenge so she could feel alive, and now he was giving her one.

This device seemed so simple, even boring in the way it worked, but its cumulative affect on the body was such that it would take someone pretty dedicated to finish using it, and Scott felt that Susan was such a person.

She HAD to finish, she wouldn’t forgive herself if she didn’t.

And that’s what he told her as she knelt in the dirt, bent so low that her nipples almost touched the ground. He talked quietly and calmly but no less firmly about how she had to finish and how he would see that she did even if he had to find something to spank her with to get her moving again.

She DID look up at him when he said that, wondering if she had put herself in the hands of a sadist. But Scott just chuckled and told her that paddling wasn’t his style. “Unless you really deserve it, slave girl!” he growled, making her smile in spite of her current situation.

But she hurt, and looking at the distance to go it seemed like miles. Yet in the back of her head she knew he was right. She didn’t want to go on, but she knew that once free she would continue to wonder if she could have finished.

“Tell me,” she said softly while she gathered her strength, “just how would you make this more difficult?”

“Well,” replied Scott carefully, seeing a change in her expression that gave him some encouragement, “one obvious way would be for you to drag a weight behind you.”

“Oh yeah?” Susan said, and she began to push again, moving forward slowly but at a steady pace.

“Sure! Of course how that weight was attached to you would make a difference too. I could always just tie it to the bar!”

“Lame,” gasped the naked girl, covered in dirt and sweat.

“I thought so too. But some nice breast bondage with the rope passing down between you legs, that could be fun!”

“For who, you or me?” she asked, although she smiled at the image.

Scott smiled too.“How about a crotch rope, a nice tight one because the weight is so heavy!”

“You can do better… than that!”

“Okay, then a good clamp, right here,” he said, brushing his hand between her legs as she shuffled along, “pulling that weight along behind you.”

Susan shuddered at his touch, the contact sending a glow through her body that fought against the pain, and she almost laughed. There she was, chained to a bar and bent over so far that as she moved her nipples dug trenches in the dirt, and a simple caress of her exposed pussy seemed like the greatest thing that had ever happened to her.

She wondered what kind of a person really liked this sort of thing. Why was she wired this way! Was she insane?

And yet… despite everything she felt right at that moment, both physical and mental and emotional… no, she hadn’t figured it out yet.

But she had stopped moving again and her thoughts were broken by Scott’s hand resting on her upturned buttocks.“Keep moving,” he said. “One way or another you are finishing this.” And he swatted her across the rump making her yelp.

Of course this got her moving again, and it wasn’t long before Scott said to stop, her target reached.

Susan didn’t resist as Scott unlocked her bonds, actually removing her wrist and ankle cuffs although he couldn’t take off her collar because that key was still at her home. He picked her up and carried her out of the barn, not caring about how her dirty body made a mess of his. The sun was low as he carried her over to the house and in through the front door which he had earlier unlocked, and there was enough light inside for him to take her up the stairs and into the only working bathroom.

He had set up things there as well, firing up the oil fueled water heater in the basement hours before, so there was hot water when he turned the shower on and set her down in the tub. He then stripped off his own clothes and climbed in with her, picking up the soap and tenderly washing her down.

Through all this, Susan said nothing. She just watched and let herself be handled as he took care of her. Her back still hurt, not to mention a lot of other muscles, but all that faded into the background as Scott soaped her down and rinsed her off.

It was as he finished that she took over, taking the soap and washcloth from him.

“My turn,” she whispered, almost adding the word ‘Master’ but stopping herself in time. All those fantasies, all those stories read and dreams had, and now here she was living one with a very handsome man that actually wanted to take care of her… and who knew what she needed. She knew she was being affected by it all, and didn’t know if she should resist or simply surrender. But she did know that this man in front of her needed her right now, and she was willing!

So she bathed him, washing away the dust of the day as he had washed her, noting with a smile his obvious response to her ministrations, and the couple shared not a word further while she worked. And when she was done he picked her up again, bringing her face to his, her body to his, and she melted into him.

Together they stepped out of the tub, her arms and legs wrapped around him and holding her tight, and he carried her down the hall into the room where they had first met.

The bed was still there, no sheets or anything to cover its bare mattress, and he laid her down without breaking contact before pushing himself into her.

It was right, they both felt that, they both KNEW that! There were no doubts in either of them that this was the time they had been waiting for, and they were able to surrender to each other their passions on that dirty, dusty bed.

Their vigorous antics stirred up a cloud of dust that stuck to their wet, naked skins and only once passion was spent and they lay in their afterglow, did Susan notice the state they were now in.

“God, we’re filthy,” she said with a smile, a finger tracing the outline of Scott’s chin.

“Guess we’re going to need another shower,” he replied, taking both her wrists and holding them above her head with one meaty hand.

Susan wriggled underneath him, enjoying the captivity of his hand and the weight of him on her body. “And another, and another…” she said with a smile.

Scott chuckled. “But I think next time, a little rope?”

Susan’s smile got bigger, and eventually they did take another shower… once the dust settled.



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