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Duty Bound

by Guy le Bouc

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© Copyright 2023 - Guy le Bouc - Used by permission

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Part 2: Man Out of Time

Monday morning reappeared all too soon and Major Justin was surprised to find Sergeant Lin already in the parking lot, standing behind her car, watching the Major pull into a spot next to hers.

“Good morning, Sir!” There was something different about how she looked today. There was a glow about her, breasts perky, hips accentuated, her pants bloused tightly around her legs and into her boots.

“G’d morning Sergeant. How come you’re so early?”

She replied brightly, “Oh, there are some things I needed from you. I just wanted to get a head start.”

“Oh? Anything big?”

“You could say that.” She was acting peculiar this morning; a wry smile was plastered on her face as they walked side by side into the building and their office area. It was eating at the Major as the whole way he could tell there was something on her mind.

“I’ll have some paperwork. It’ll need your signature Sir.”

“You alright Lin?”

“Oh yes Sir! There’s… I found something I want. I just think I need to play with it a bit. Have a good morning, Sir!” Her hips swayed side to side as she walked. The Major was transfixed and felt something in him he couldn’t shake; that and his dick was contorting in his pants. When she was out of eyesight, he adjusted himself and stalked into his office.

Lin was very giddy and energetic around the office that day. Everyone noticed and couldn’t help but watch her. The Major couldn’t help it either as he was drawn to meander by her desk mid-day.

“So, what’s the haps today Sergeant?” Trying to sound casual, he took her in as she was perched on the very edge of her chair pushed about two feet away from her desk in a burlesque posture, chest thrust out, knees bent at an acute angle and neckline held in perfect posture.

“I got a date!”

The Major raised his eyebrows and felt a sudden sharp sinking feeling in his stomach, like he stumbled off a cliff.

“O-Oh?” Any semblance of a poker face was gone. Though he felt he could never approach her out of their professional relationship, he couldn’t help thinking about her in a certain way. She was always so alluring and seemed to be so warm around him. He was now very tantalized by her yet felt less than hopeless. Again, wanting something he couldn’t have.

“I got a date… to retire!”

“Oh! Well… what does that mean? Are you moving back home then?” He felt like he was speaking a little too fast, the feeling in his gut lightened a little.

“Actually… We’re going to share the same retirement date! Isn’t that cool? Don’t worry, I’ll plan the whole thing. I’d like to,” she let the next words drip slowly “do it for you.” She looked up at him with a smolder in her eyes, her lips breathlessly apart. His cock twitched and began to stiffen, he couldn’t help himself and leaned in closer.

“Ok, but are you going to move back home?”

“No, like I said, I found something I want right here! It may just take a little time to work it,” in a sultry tone. The Major finally realized he was getting a hardon right in front of her as the sinking sensation left him altogether and a new feeling of rapture took its place.

“Oh,” trying to turn as naturally as he could to block her from seeing his unit forming down his left thigh, it began to throb against his pant leg. “Well, I’ll just get going…” 

“Sir! I need your signature on my retirement forms! Here,” she flipped some pages, “here and here.” The documents seemed awkwardly far from his reach. “Here’s a pen.” The Major tried as naturally looking as he could to brace his left wrist over the now erect cock as he leaned over her to sign.

“Thanks.” He deliberated and he threw caution out the window. He thought, What the hell, if she’s going to be leaving, why not? A bit sheepishly and in a low voice he practically whispered, “Sergeant, I don’t mean to be forward but… your hair smells nice.” He almost immediately regretted saying it. 

She responded with a blank reaction, “Thanks, I washed it.”

Major Justin did his best to quickly sign in the three separate blocks of the papers as his heart was beating rapidly now. He almost dropped the pen between signatures. When he finished, he breathed deep, and retreated a step. She looked at him again with those brown eyes that could pierce anything, her lips curled into a devious smile. He didn’t know what to do or say other than to put his hands in his pockets to camouflage his cock from view before awkwardly walking toward the other end of the building. After half a dozen paces, she half stood up and watched him go, a giggle silenced as she put her hand to her mouth.

Sergeant Lin kept up a guerilla war on Major Justin’s conscience as the week crawled on. 

Does she know I can’t stop thinking about her? No that’s absurd, she’s just being nice. Her normal nice self… Is she making passes at me? Why’s she being so damn nice?!

Justin was at his wits end by Friday. None of his thoughts made any sense anymore. His work was beginning to suffer as well, as Lin seemed to go out of her way to torture him. Every flirty little look, every sultry little pose, gratuitous touches to his arm or leg when handing something off, sitting dangerously close in meetings, finding things to fix on his uniform, waiting for him at various times and places… His cock was half hard nearly all day just in anticipation of being around Lin. She gave off such a sweet smell. He was having tawdry visions of having her in his office bent over the desk, wrapped around him in the copy room, maybe even fucking in her cubicle when everyone was gone for the day and the lights turned out…

“Just! Hey bud, people are waiting.”

“Huh?” John snapped him out of his daydream in his office. Justin was sitting staring out at the grassy field again. His cock was all but poking straight up out of his pants.

“The closeout meeting in the break room. It’s already quarter after four.” John seemed a bit annoyed. Perhaps he had places to be with his wife for the weekend. It also could have been, as Major Justin had been preoccupied all week, John had to take up the slack.

“I’ll be just a minute.” With that, John didn’t hide the frustrated look on his face and ducked out.

Justin sat up in his chair, took a deep breath and tried to think about something other than fucking Lin’s brains out. Old Navy commercials, I hate Old Navy! As his cock began to sag, he grabbed a notebook, and headed to the break room.

Most of his team, already seated, had their things with them packed and ready to go. The only exception being Lin, who had taken up waiting for the Major to close up their office area at the end of each day. She sat bolt upright in her chair, fingers interlocked on the table.

After the formalities of old business and upcoming activities, the Major asked the usual final question concerning the weekend and anything he needed to be aware of. “Anybody doing any high-risk activities?”

Nearly everyone shrugged and looked around at each other. Sergeant Lin raised her hand at once.

“A friend may be doing some solo-free climbing. I may watch, but maybe I’ll join him.”

Major Justin suddenly realized he never asked Lin about this “friend” of hers. A hopeless feeling took root and his demeanor instantly changed; anxiety feverishly gripped him. Also, in all the time he knew her, when did she ever express an interest in rock climbing?

“Uh, Ok. Everyone have a good weekend. Don’t call me for bail.” His joke fell flat and everyone shuffled up to leave. Lin walked out of the room just ahead of the Major and began powering off devices and shutting off lights. Justin went to his office, threw the notebook on the desk, snatched his satchel and gruffly stuffed some files in it. Lin was again waiting for him by the stairs.

“Sergeant, who’s this friend you’ve been hanging out with the last couple weeks?”

“Oh! Uh…” She looked alarmed; her eyes darted. “He’s… just a friend, kinda new to the area. I’ve just been keeping an eye on him.” She sounded apprehensive and distressed.

Justin couldn’t make anything of the answer and couldn’t help but feel threatened by this ‘friend” of hers. “Well, just be careful. There’s all kinds of weirdos out there. How well do you know him?” As this fatherly tone hit her, she gave a blank reaction at first, then hastily turned away from him. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, uh, nothing! He’s nice… um, just a loner I think.” Major Justin was flat dejected. This “friend” of hers appeared to be more familiar than she was letting on. Maybe he’d been fooling himself this whole time. His cock and scrotum shriveled with the emptying of his desires. There was someone else in the picture, he just didn’t put it together before.

The walk to the parking lot was strained and Sergeant Lin couldn’t help but notice how quiet and withdrawn he’d become. “Sir, are you alright?”

“Yeah… have a good weekend. If you do any climbing, be safe, Ok?”

Lin almost smirked and answered, “Oh, I’ll be alright Sir.” There was a long pause where they just looked at each other. “Sir…? do you… is there…?” Now she seemed desolate. “That note, you wrote me Sir. Did… did you mean it?”

“W-Wha…?” Major Justin’s mind went reeling like a car that burst a tire on the highway. He immediately thought back as fast as he could about what was in that note he passed off so long ago.

“It’s just… It was so…” She looked utterly devastated, like she let a mask slip and the Major was looking into her true face. Her voice broke, “…we all try to find our own way back… sometimes it just takes too long…” A tear streaked her face, and the Major was at a complete loss for words. “Lots of people never get what they want… or what they need.” Without warning, she got on tip toe and gave him a peck on the cheek. The look on her face after; she seemed shocked at herself for doing it. She turned quickly, hurried into her car and left. 

What the fuck was that!? 

The Major stood dumbstruck with his mouth open, staring into the tree line, a confounding mixture of emotions swirling in his head. 

What THE FUCK just happened!?

10 p.m. Friday night. He was in no better condition than at the parking lot. Now sullen, now confused, now angry with himself. Maybe I should have said something sooner! Maybe I should have seen where this went when I was enlisted! Maybe I shouldn’t have given her that note! Self-doubt permeated his very being. He wanted what he couldn’t have, and now it seemed further away than ever. He wanted to hold her and make the hurt go away. He wanted to kiss her and make the bad memories vanish. He wanted to be hers, her man, her rock.

Fuck it, it’s over. I blew it.

Justin went through the motions of his ritual. He needed an escape, he needed to not be himself right now. He took a deep breath and pushed everything in his mind into the corner. He stripped off his clothes and put the restraints on his wrists and ankles, the collar around his neck, the glands ring around his head, the ball gag in his mouth. He pushed play on the DVD, checked the time on the digital lock, slipped the vibe over his less than enthusiastic cock and turned it on low, clipped his ankles in place, locked his right wrist, pushed the blindfold over his eyes, and finally clipped his left hand in place.

His cock became hard though it was without the vigor and vivacity it usually had on these occasions. Justin listened to the spanking of buttocks, the sucking of cock, licking of pussy. His manhood was erect, but he knew his heart wasn’t in it. It must have been about fifteen minutes so far. Maybe I’ll just end the timer, go to bed. Justin was just starting to palm the lock when he heard noises, loud, distinct, close by, purposeful noises. Panicked, trying to work the lock into position though his palm immediately started to sweat. 

He heard his bedroom door open and hurriedly shut. The light flicked on. Oh shit! His fingers continued to fumble the lock buttons. There were a half dozen quick footsteps across the carpet then…. Zzzzziiiipppp! Limbs brushed against his right forearm and hands pulled at the restraint D-ring, feeding something through it and the eyebolt in the wall! Reactively he started yanking at all four anchor points, still trying to hold the buttons on the digital lock.

“Mmmfuuff!? Mmooohff Thhhrrr!”

Someone exhaled and calmly backed away from him. The TV went silent as he felt for what was next to his right hand. A zip tie! He let go of the lock knowing it was useless to open it. His breathing went ragged as he tensed up.


That scent! The one from last week! It was so familiar now! Coconut and Hibiscus…oh fuck!

“Calm down Major. It’s Ok” The words came in a slow soothing tone. “I’m not going to hurt you. Not unless you want me to.” There was a long pause as he felt her eyes on him. “I must say Major, you do look good all trussed up like that!”

He was breathing sharply through his nose. All blood in his cock fled and it sagged pitifully. “LLlumnn?”

“Please, don’t say anything. I just want you to listen.” Sergeant Lin took a deep breath. It sounded as if she were directly in front of him.

“So here’s the thing. I don’t know any of the rules and I know I probably broke a lot of them… but sometimes, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.” Justin’s cock, a mind of its own, began lifting again to quarter-mast.

“I’m going to put my cards on the table and if you don’t agree, I’ll let you go, and it’ll be like nothing happened. We can go on as before, as just friends and coworkers. I won’t say anything to anyone about your… hobby.” His cock started to flag again.

“But here’s the thing, you’re the friend I’ve been keeping an eye on Sir.” His cock refilled halfway. “We’ve both been alone and probably fucked up in our own ways… In the Khyber Pass… your note Sir, I wish… when we got stationed together again, I found it and read it almost every day.” Though Justin was helpless and completely exposed, he felt warmth stirring in his chest, like she had just gently touched him. Her voice was kind and soft. “It’s so very rare when one’s wants and needs ever meet, let alone in between two people…”

Shifting gears, she continued, “I could say I used our evasion and recon training to gain entry, but really I just made a copy of your house key from the change of command night.” Justin was hanging on every word. “I kind of guessed at what you were into when I saw the bolts and restraints and stuff.” Her voice took on a sultry air. “I snuck a peak at your playthings, and it started to get me hot under the collar… It was all I could think about the last few weeks. You, and how you are around me, how I feel when I get close to you.”

She put a hand on his chest and slowly slid it to his abdomen. “I’m sure you could guess I was interested in you before, but now…” She was pacing in front of him now, back and forth like a tiger eyeing a meal. Her words started to flow like warm honey. “You like me, you want me, but you’re just a nice boy, aren’t you? You don’t want to be nice to me though, do you.” She took another deep breath to bring herself back. “I think maybe, we could be good for each other. You’re always in control, but on the other hand, you want control taken from you. Maybe… maybe I want the same thing.” She was trying to maintain a businesslike tone. “Even in this, you still had control. I don’t know how your lock works other than it releases you when you want it to. The other week I snuck in a little while after your lights went out and couldn’t help myself. I watched how you became… I got so hot I almost started playing with myself right there…” she sounded lost in fantasy. “When I heard the timer beep, I figured that was my cue to go but then I…” she pouted, “missed the end of the show.”

She slowed her tone, “So here’s what I want, Sir… I want to give you what you need. In return, I want you,” she paused, “to give me what I desire.” The flames coming off these words set his body on fire. His dick swelled to twice its size and began to throb in rhythm. He pulled at the restraints, willing himself to break them and immediately wrap her in his body. He let out a moan of want and frustration, unable to break free.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” she couldn’t help herself from playfully chiding, “first, before this goes any further, I need you to affirmatively agree to this. We tell no one we know at work, or off base. I will stop overtly flirting with you, and you… try to keep your composure around me.” 

Justin pulled himself back from his carnal instincts and slowly nodded, yes, I agree.

“Good! Second, I promise I’ll take it easy on you, as I know you don’t dance.” These words oddly stung, and his cock began to sag once again. He immediately knew that she was alluding to the fact that he hadn’t ever been with a woman. “You haven’t ever danced before, have you. People talk Major, and no one has ever seen you with a girlfriend. But that shouldn’t scare you. This scares me!” His cock resumed full attention in very short order as she lightly brushed her hand slowly from the base of his testicles all the way up to the head with her fingertips. He could tell she was wearing that devilish grin of hers and continued in a faux baby-daddy tone, “I’ve never had a candy bar right out of the wrapper!’ With that she gave his balls a light tap causing them to constrict but making his cock throb all the more! “I just wish your setup gave me more access to this!” and she suddenly yanked his body forward by his cock, quickly pinching his right butt cheek hard.

“Mrrmfffkrr!” Unexpected, he couldn’t help but smile hard through the gag.

“Hey, watch the language Sir! I’m a lady and you are an officer!” she said in mock indignation. “And you’re still a man… and I’m still your subordinate, who may need some disciplining.” His cock was rock hard with anticipation now.

She dropped her voice, “I’m going to ask you if there are any limits for now. I’m going to loosen your gag and you can tell me. After that, we’ll see how much trouble I can get into.”

He felt her lean against him and unbuckle the leather, letting it rest around his collar. She was wearing something; he couldn’t guess what. He took the opportunity to lick his lips. “Lin, listen I don’t want you to think I….”

Smack! She lightly slapped his face! 

 “Sir, you’re not following the instructions.” She cupped his balls in her other hand, giving them a soft squeeze. He gritted his teeth at this offense but regained his composure. It actually made him all the hornier.

Don’t… call me Major. Sir is fine, but no other military references.” He was surprised at how firm he sounded. His mind wandered the litany of kinks he knew about. “No anal toys or sticking things up there.” He felt a little silly saying this and his cock lost some of its enthusiasm. He added a little more quietly, “And no other people involved.”

She giggled, “Sir, I may have my fun, but I’m not that kind of girl.”


“That’s for even suggesting I would want anyone else.” There was a dominant tone about her now. “I want you all to myself. Now, if that’s everything…” she reached up and pinched his right nipple hard.

“Owww! Mummfff!” She quickly rammed the ball gag back in his mouth and secured it. He forgot to tell her, Don’t ever touch my nipples! He huffed through his nose.

“…let’s have a little fun together, Sir.” And with that she pulled his blindfold up on his head. 

He couldn’t have imagined her any hotter! He looked her up and down as his cock nodded in approval. Her hair was pulled into two high and tight pigtails, a shade of dark ruby lipstick on those pert lips and a skinny leather cat collar around her graceful neck. She was wearing a white short-sleeve collared shirt that was tied in the front, no bra, her breasts cupped but hidden behind the plunging neckline of linen. Around her hips was a dangerously short, pleated leather mini skirt, something a smutty Halloween costume might come with. To top it all off, she was wearing pointed black leather knee high stiletto boots. How she managed to creep into his house and run across carpet in them seemed a physical marvel to Justin. The effect of the footwear gave her another two inches in height and made her posture lift her ass and push her chest out.

Justin’s eyes popped. Holy fuck! She looks just like the DVD cover! This revelation stirred a mixture of passion and embarrassment in him. 

“Do you approve, Sir?” She was seductively rubbing her hands over her curves, teasing him with a lift of the hem of her skirt.

His eyes suddenly focused on her bare tummy, the jagged line of the scar that ran under the waistline. Lin saw where he was looking.

“Sir… Justin…?” she dropped her seductress flair for a moment. “It’s okay.” Her hand trailed the scar lightly. “You saved me that night … I still read your note…” She lunged at him and planted a kiss on his lips over the ball gag, her arms wrapped his torso in a warm embrace pulling him away from the wall. Justin couldn’t fathom just how real it all became. He felt dizzy and his whole body tingled like he’d never experienced before.

She backed a step and thought for a moment, taking a breath and resuming her vixen persona. “I had to improvise a few things.” There was a bag on the floor near the dresser. She stepped slowly over to it, one leg in front of the other, letting Justin see her ass wiggle as she walked. She stopped in front of it and bent over at the waist, just as she did at his office door, exposing her derriere to Justin. His cock became rock hard at the sight of her white bikini cut panties under the skimpy black skirt. She rifled through the bag, grabbing a few items and then looked back at Justin, still bent over, a wide grin on her gorgeous face.

“Sir, it’s not polite to stare.”

“Mummph…” a low growl of the beastly animal flickered to life. She had a wooden ruler and a petite rocket shaped vibe in her hands. She stood back up and paced back in front of Justin. She threw the vibe on the bed; it landed close to his bottle of lube.

Now Sir, are you a bad boy?” Slap. She lightly tapped the broad side of the ruler on his right thigh. He groaned in agreement. “You want to do bad things to me?” She ran the corner of the ruler down from his chest to his abs. Slap. She tapped his balls with it and had his full attention. Justin’s arms and legs began to shake. “You want me to be yours?” Slap. She tapped his balls again, harder. “I want you… all to myself.” Slap. She smacked his left cheek.


“My you are a bad boy after all, aren’t you.” Slap. She gave the length of his cock a smack from the underside causing it to strain upward all the more. She dropped the ruler and with both hands began rubbing against him with her body. He was intoxicated as she caressed his arms, gliding a hand down his face and neck. The other gliding up his right thigh. She breathed soft quiet sounds of lust as his muscles flexed at her touch. She kept this up for what seemed like an hour. She bit her lip as she put both hands near his cock, brushing his bristly pubic hair as the vibe kept edging him. He groaned in pleasure at her touch. He felt like they were the only two people in the whole world. He knew then, he would do anything for her.

Slowly she grinded as she lowered herself to her knees, looking up at him. All Justin could do was look down at her and his now iron-hard cock, his fists balled tightly. Without touching it with her hands, she opened her mouth and breathed on the tip, then down the right side of it. Her eyes flashed up at him intermittently though she had his full attention. She flicked her tongue first near his base, then the tip, teasing him as he groaned his beastly intentions.

“Hmmm” she chuckled, “oh Sir, we have all the time in the world.”

“MrrrmmmPH!” His beastly self was agitated, and he pulled harder at his restraints. He couldn’t remember being so turned on, helpless, and determined at the same time. His muscles were going to be sore for the effort of trying so hard to break free.

“Ooh Sir! You want me to suck your big hard cock?”


“I’m afraid I don’t understand you” said in a mock confused tone. Justin was fit to burst.

“MmmPh! HHuUmph!” His feral roars made her smile diabolically and eyes twinkle. She suddenly stood and put her hands up with her chest out.

“Ooh Sir, I think I may need a little disciplining for sneaking in!” She went and kneeled on the edge of the bed, undid her shirt away from him, and bent into a doggystyle position, her ass in the air. “I’ve been such a bad girl for leaving you so unsatisfied. What do you think? Half a dozen lashes?”

“MMEERRRPH!!” Justin’s response came as a savage howl. She smiled in triumph.

Whack! “Ugh, One Sir.” Whack! “Ugh, Two Sir!” Whack! “Ooh! Three Sir!”… She continued to spank herself with the ruler emphasizing her pleasure with pain at each count until six was reached. The progressive intervals of harder spanks sent Justin over the edge. Her right butt cheek was a lush shade of pink. He would have cum all over her with this display alone but then she upped the ante. Turning to sit on the edge of the bed, she slowly removed her shirt. Justin ran his eyes over her breasts and erect nipples. Her lips slightly open he began heaving at her, every part of him wanted every inch of what was just out of reach. She slipped off her panty and threw it, tossed underhand at his strained face, hitting him and dropping straight onto his cock. It was almost a million-to-one shot as the fabric landed perfectly around the head of his railroad spike. Both couldn’t contain themselves and laughed together.

She tried to regain her composure as he swung her panty side to side on his dick. The comedy subsided and she turned on her vibe. She leaned back on her elbows, exposing her tightly trimmed pubic hair, her sex glistening and lips reddened. She grabbed her right nipple in hand while guiding the small rocket vibe between her pussy lips with her left and tracing it up to her pronounced clit. Her wetness trickled down the vibe and onto her fingers as she stared at Justin’s now massive purple hardon, the throbbing veins popped as she pleasured herself. Her breathing became mixed with deep groans of enjoyment. Justin could taste her musk on the air. He wanted to be in her pussy, riding her until she screamed for mercy. She slid the vibe inside and out in a graduated rapidity before sliding off the bed onto her knees. The short skirt hid her flower just enough to make Justin lust for the sight of it. She crawled on her knees the short distance directly in front of him and began thrusting the rocket up and down inside herself more vigorously. She opened her mouth wide as guttural sounds of pleasure were released. “OH! Ugh, Oooh, Humph! O-OHHH!” Justin’s whole body was shaking. She took her free hand, slowly removed his glans ring, her panty, and touched the button on his bullet vibe sending it into high.

“Mmmummmphhhh!” Jetted into the stratosphere she licked the tip of his penis with her darting tongue. She grasped his shaft tightly and took it into her mouth as she began building an intense orgasm. She rocked his iron-hard cock in and out of her mouth in rhythm to her other hand thrusting the vibe inside herself.

“Mhmm, Ohh, OOoh, Mmah!” She moaned and squealed in throes of pleasure as she worked his cock just enough but wouldn’t let him cum, her hand firmly grasping the base. He thrashed and strained at his manacles, clenching his buttocks and humping at her. He would have forced her mouth all the way to his base and shot his load if his hands were free. Suddenly she threw her head back and grasped his cock very tightly.

“Ooooh!!! Oh, Oh, Oh, Fuck! OOOOOOooohhhh! She convulsed and shook, a stream of warm juicy cum shivered down her toy and onto her fingers. She dropped the vibe and stuffed her fingers inside, fucking her pussy while she resumed hurriedly stroking his cock from base to tip. “Ahhh! Ugh! AAAhh! Fuckin’ shoot it all over me Sir! Ugh Ugh Ahhh!

Oh God! Ohhh FUUUCK! FUUUUUCCCKKKK! His load shot like a cannon! It arched over her shoulder and landed on the edge of the bed, subsequent firings falling all over her tits, then the carpet. Even though he had cum, his orgasm continued as his cock muscles gyrated, she was now cupping his balls with her dirty fingers, stroking him ever more slowly. Her mouth hung open, panting, and her eyes were bright and full of stars.

“Mummph, mummph… mumph…” he was breathing hard, head slumped forward, sweat glistening on his body. Every muscle sapped of strength. Completely forgotten, the five-minute warning beeped from the lock.

“Oh Sir, you’re so messy!” She had trouble standing and pulled on his hips to slowly get up, her body alarmingly close to his. She smiled sweetly into his face before…. she pulled the blindfold back over his eyes!

“Well, maybe you’d like me to leave you like this all night? I might come back tomorrow.” The worried expression on what was left exposed on Justin’s face said it all. One eyebrow crooked up in questioning recollection as he whimpered quietly. There was some rustling of items being gathered and others being pulled from her bag. She must have brought extra clothing. All Justin could do was listen and try to catch his breath. 

She left his cock toy running on high. It was beginning to get ticklish. He heard her wiping herself off with something, finish, walk in front of him and dropped whatever it was at his feet. “Hmm? Alright, I did say I would take it easy on you, didn’t I?” She got on her toes and without saying another word, grasped the D-ring on his collar and gave him a kiss on his mouth, going so far as to bite his lower lip. He felt her reach up, a small wire cutter severed the zip tie. The sounds of footsteps out of the bedroom, a door closed, more footsteps out the back door and a lock being secured.

Beep beep… beep beep… He barely had the strength to unhook himself. Blindly, he pulled the sex toy off his manhood, turned it off, and pulled up the leather sleep mask. At his feet was her white button shirt with his cum and her juices all over it. 

She smells like… candy.


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