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Duty Bound

by Guy le Bouc

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© Copyright 2023 - Guy le Bouc - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; bond; rope; cuffs; collar; gag; ball-stretcher; crop; mast; toys; sex; spank; punish; facesit; rom; cons; X

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Part 3: Switch and Bait

Stuck. Physically free, but mentally stuck. The events of last night replayed in his head over and over. At first when he woke up, he thought it must have been a dream except for Lin’s cum stained shirt on top of the laundry basket. Should I call her? It felt to him like he was three people in very short succession. There was the him of before, there was the sex crazed beast chained to the wall with the sensuous sexpot torturing his soul last night, then there was himself of today trying to piece it all together.

God, she was so fucking hot! Do I need to call? Will she call me?

He was sitting in his kitchen in sweatpants and a sweater, spoon in hand, a bowl of cereal slowly getting soggy. He was staring through the kitchen, through his bedroom door, to the eyebolts in the wall. The house seemed eerily quieter than it had ever been before. KLANG! Startling himself as he was deep in contemplation about what happened and what to do, he absentmindedly let his spoon slip from his fingers back into the bowl. She was right, I am messy.

Cleaning up the splashed milk and cereal, he decided to wash and dry her shirt, and his bedspread, as a start. Well, I guess she said what she wanted… and I agreed to it. A strange thought entered his head concerning blackmail and coercion. No, we’re both retiring and it’s not like I’m living on Park Avenue. This was new territory Major Justin was going to have to learn to reconnoiter quickly, especially since they both entered into some kind of agreement.

BUZZ! The dryer kicked off and Justin pulled the bed spread and her shirt out. Am I supposed to give this back to her? How would that work at the office? His mind went back to an old anime where one of the characters left her jacket at the protagonist's apartment on purpose as a calling-card that she would be returning. Justin decided this was a good omen and hung it in his closet. Bringing it to work was too risky as she said rule one was to never let anyone know. Looking over at the eyebolts, an idea formed, and he unclipped one of the carabiners, it would be traveling with him next week. He pressed on with his usual weekend chores, barely resisting the urge to call or drive over to her apartment. He’d try to play it cool and see where things led next.

Monday morning and the Major didn’t see Lin’s car in the lot when he pulled in. It was almost starting time before Lin came into the conference room for the weekly kickoff meeting. She took a seat midway down the table. John and the rest were already assembled.

“Good morning Sir,” her almond brown eyes didn’t make contact with him, jet-black hair tied up as always, she looked very relaxed.

“Morning, Sergeant. So, anything pressing this week?” The meeting continued as normal though the Major was very self-conscious about looking at Sergeant Lin a bit too often. Concluding the meeting, he couldn’t hold out any longer “… OK, just make sure the figures are completed by Wednesday. Sergeant Lin, my office, fifteen minutes.” Everyone looked her way thinking she might be in trouble, but Lin kept her composure as they all pushed their chairs in and left the conference room.

Knock, knock. “Sir, you wanted to see me?”

“Come in, close the door.” She complied, standing at parade rest in front of his desk and looking straight ahead. Major Justin was unsettled at her demeanor as he sat down in his chair. She’d never been this subservient in front of him before. “Please, at ease.” She took a relaxed stature though she kept her arms behind her back. “I just want to talk about last... about what happened.”

“Sir? What do you want to talk about?”

There was a stunned silence as the Major didn’t know where to start.

“Sir,” she sighed, “this probably isn’t going to be easy, but it doesn’t need to be hard for us either. I meant what I said that night. I… I like you… and what you’re into… and I haven’t…” she hesitated, “I’m just so tired of being alone, of feeling broken… and.. I thought you’d understand…”

The major got up from behind his desk “Please Lin, sit down. You can drop the Sir stuff for now. I don’t want anyone to know anything either. Violating fraternization alone…” He caught himself being all too official, “…sorry, it would be bad, for both of us if command were to find out.”

She sat and the major took the chair adjacent still looking at her and placing a hand on her back as she took a deep breath. “I haven’t let anyone in since before the Khyber Pass. I held onto your note and read it every time I was sad. You’re the first person I…” she shuddered, “allowed to see me, to see my wounds.” Justin continued to gently rub her back as he watched her. He couldn’t help feeling for her. He knew exactly where she was coming from; being alone, feeling broken, unable to let anyone in… “I just wanted to be with someone who knows…” She looked into his eyes.

“I know what it’s like…” he couldn’t help it, he was falling hard but it felt good. It was the first time he ever let someone in either, and it felt good not to be alone with someone who knew. “So… what do we do?”

She sighed, “I don’t know, but I’d like to keep going. That was the first time… in such a long time… that I felt so good. I felt like someone else, and it felt good.”

“You have to know,” he felt a weight come off his shoulders, “I’m not a freak… but I’m not normal either. I, ugh, I’ve never been with… I am a virgin.” The words felt both humiliating yet liberating to speak aloud. “You know I’ve been alone, I just… I have a hard time trusting, ya know? You’re the first person I’ve ever allowed in…”

“Technically, I broke in.” She smiled and Justin chuckled.

“Yeah, I guess you did, a couple of times.”

“And technically, you’re not a virgin anymore,” she said with a sly smile. “…and now?”

Justin quickly considered the semantics of if he was or wasn’t, deciding it was a moot point as he’s enjoyed his share of erotica over the years and was by no means a prude. Justin stood and pulled the carabiner out of his pocket, placing it on the corner of his desk as he continued to the window. “Well, we need some rules of engagement. We should talk about our boundaries and go from there. I’ll start.” His cock was already stiffening in her presence. Looking directly at her he continued, “Don’t EVER touch my nipples!”

Lin went into a fit of laughter as Justin remained stone faced, “I’m sorry Sir! I wasn’t expecting that!” She calmed down, “Ok Sir, I swear I won’t touch them,” she said with a wild grin, “unless I’m looking for some punishment.”

Justin’s cock erected itself in his pants as he did nothing to hide it this time. “Everything else I said that night goes too. I have certain things I like, certain needs, it’s just I haven’t ever… had anyone to...”

“It’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with what you like. I like those things too and… I like being with you” in a hushed tone.

Major Justin flushed in spite of himself, “I like you too. You… you’re nice to me.”

Sergeant Lin smiled coyly as she stood up. “So, what’s this then?”

“Well, consider it an invitation. I’ll leave it up to you. If you see it on my desk, and want to come over, just take it and I’ll know.” Justin was hopeful that this wasn’t coming off as weird or corny.

Lin looked at it and registered an understanding, fondling it delicately between her nimble fingers as she bit her lip. “What if I want to be the one on the wall?”

He felt a surge through him as his cock thumped his beltline. Stumbling over his words, “…Uh. That… That sounds good too.”

Her devilish grin etched itself on her face. She slowly pocketed the item and then leaned forward over his desk resting on her hands, her arms straight, bosom and ass pushed out, legs slightly apart. “I think I’ll enjoy this, Sir.”

Justin turned to stone as his cock trembled wildly in his pants. He wanted to rush her, rip her clothes off and have her right there in his office when…

Knock, knock. “Hey Just!”

Shit! Through the door came John’s all too familiar voice. “The commander was wanting a word about the request for info that went out last week.” Lin kept at her pose, looking at the closed door and then slowly back at the Major with her mouth open in a wicked smile. She started to slowly grind the desk. The Major, now with a major erection and an exasperated expression, hesitated for what seemed like a week.

His voice cracked, “Tell her, ahem, tell her I’m coming.”

Lin tried not to giggle out loud.

“It’s not too tight?”

“No, It’s good.” He was trembling slightly, and his heart was beating fast. Last time was more of a spontaneous event with spontaneous consent. Tonight, involved a different level of planning and informed structure. He felt awkward standing in his bedroom with the lights on and Lin fussing over his restraints from behind. There would be no timer lock tonight, Justin had given her four professional climbing carabiners which he wouldn’t have the option or ability to open. There were some discussions about what to expect, and a few trips to the sex shop between the two of them, though not together and always in disguise. His purchases were in the dresser drawer while hers were a mystery as they were in her bag on the floor. They agreed that not every item needed to be used, but to go with their instincts.

“Please, just relax, I promise I won’t hurt you” Lin said in a sweet tone as she tightened the leather collar around Justin’s neck from behind, his cock was throbbing under his robe already. She’d arrived with her hair pulled into a ponytail, wearing a dark blue overcoat, the thin leather cat collar from before and black stockings which were peeking out from underneath. “Let me just check the rest,” she said giddily, tugging at the wrist and ankle restraints. “Ok, so what’s your safe word?” Lin asked as she clipped a black leather leash to Justin’s collar D-ring.

Justin was again caught off guard yet again. “What?”

“Safe word. You know, something you say if things get too… much.” She moved in front of him, eyeing him seductively. “Something like oranges, or camel, or… ooh sandwich!”

“Uh, oranges, oranges is fine.” He was still very nervous and considered calling the whole thing off.

“Alright, so no touching your nipples, no butt stuff, no blindfold. You’re OK with everything else? Getting bossed around a little?”


“Do you trust me?” She said looking dead into his eyes, marking off each word purposely.

He exhaled and answered more confidently, “Yes, I trust you.”

She smiled, “Good! Strip!” Tentatively, he slowly untied his robe and let it drop around his ankles. In a strong firm voice while circling him slowly she continued, “Kick your robe away. Put your hands behind your back.” Doing so, she grabbed one wrist, and clipped it to the other. “Get on your knees,” he did so as she guided him down from behind and added in sultry tones, “you bad, bad boy” and clipped his ankles together for good measure too. She then retrieved an adjustable strap with two clips on either end, fastening his hands to his ankles and tightening it just enough to keep his torso and legs at a ninety-degree angle. His cock was now sticking out straight ahead of him as she looked over his shoulder from behind. She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair, down his neck and over his back, ending with a gentle slap on his right butt cheek. He moaned and flexed forward slightly. Silkily she said, “See, there’s nothing to be scared of… yet.”

She walked back in front of him and turned out the lights, a lit candle now providing just enough vision, and grabbed the ball gag from the bed. “I’ve taken away your control over your body, and now… I’m going to take away your control to speak.” This made his cock harden all the more as she commanded him, “Open,” and shoved the black ball into his mouth, moving closer to buckle and cinch it tight. He inhaled sharply to take in her scent as she did so. He was now completely at her mercy and loving it even if he was still nervous. She took a step back and looked him up and down as he involuntarily flexed his muscles, remaining as still as possible, though his cock was bouncing like a springboard.

“Hmmm, you look like a tight little package just waiting to be opened” she cooed, unable to hide her approval. “Alright, Sir, I got one little addition I haven’t told you about. It won’t hurt but I’ll need you to be still. Oh, but first…” she flung open her overcoat and held it open placing her hands on her hips revealing her body in a sudden exposure that made Justin gasp and his eyes go as big. She was wearing a red leather waist cincher that cupped her exposed breasts, a red g-string with black lacing, and those black stockings that finished at her thighs with thick black edging around the tops. She removed the coat and threw it across the room out of the way. “You like what you see?” Justin nodded like a bobblehead. She turned around slowly in front of him and stopped, looking over her shoulder at her hostage’s reaction. Justin noted the cincher laces pulled taught, his eyes trailing down her curves to the g-string between her delicious ass cheeks and her graceful legs encased in black silk.

She drifted over to her bag and bent forward, exposing her rear in all its glory, straightened up and returned with what looked like a two-inch thick black rubber mini donut in hand. “This may scare you at first, but I think you’ll like it” she said with a sexy grin. “Now hold still and try to relax.” With that she kneeled in front of him and started cupping his balls in one hand, gently tugging them as she massaged them away from their base.

“Humf? Mummuf! Mummf!”

“Shhhh, don’t worry, I promised not to hurt you” she consoled as his balls reluctantly descended and she gently formed an O around his sack with her thumb and forefinger. “There, this will just take a sec.” She let go of him and pulled open the rubber donut wide with both hands, slipping it up in a fluid motion over his testicles and letting it constrict, keeping them pulled away from his body.

“Fuummff!” His breathing became heavy and he kept looking from her to his unit.

“Trust me.” She gave his cock a few quick playful slaps before applying lube to her hand and wrapping her fingers around to gently stroke it back into rigidity. “It’s called a ball stretcher and it’s supposed to make your climax… more.”

More? More what? he asked himself. It’s true it didn’t hurt, but he did wonder if it was supposed to hold or cut off circulation and if it’d neuter him if it was on too long.

Satisfied at his cock’s regained enthusiasm she got back to her feet and fetched a short handled riding crop next. She paced behind him and said, “Now Sir, I should teach you a little lesson about being a bad boy.” Swat! The first stroke hit his right buttock and he grunted in painful ecstasy. “Oh, did that sting?” Swat! “Now Sir, do keep your hands away or I’ll find another area to punish.” Swat! Swat! Swat! He grunted and winced at each stroke as her aim was impeccable. “This is what you wanted Sir?” Swat, “To have no control?” She straddled his legs behind him and used the crop with both hands to choke him. “To be at your lady’s mercy?” The beast within him began to flicker to life again as he growled, his cock pumped to capacity. “I’m going to be the one to give you what you need, Sir. And like I said, you’re going to give me what I desire.”

She stopped choking him and stepped directly in front of his face, grabbing his hair and pulling his gagged mouth and nose into her covered sex. “Oh Sir! You’re supposed to be a gentleman. You like my scent? You want that don’t you.” She began grinding his face into her g-string as her wetness permeated the fabric. “You’re no gentleman at all, are you.” Smack! Harder, she pulled at his head as he did his best to find her folds. Smack! He roared into her vagina and she began to elicit heavier, labored breathing. The g-string was now soaked with her juices and his saliva issuing from around the gag ball. She kept at it, grinding his face into her sex, roughly grasping his hair, and striking his back and buttocks at irregular intervals. He did what he could to use his nose, lips, and the gag to find her sweet spot though it felt like it was tantalizingly out of reach.

As soon as she began to moan in low lusty tenors, she slowed to a stop and regained her breathing. She turned her ass into his face, feet slightly apart; she held his leash between her legs and bent forward, bracing herself against the bed with one hand as she looked back at her hostage. “Get to work bitch! I want you to make me cum tonight!” and she yanked him forward into her ass cheeks, adjusting her angle to align his gagged mouth with her barely covered pussy. “Oooh, yeah, get into it!” and she tugged harder on his leash. “Ooh, fuck yeah, Oh!” His fists balled up behind him, his toes curled, and his head tilted back at an awkward angle, he did his best to hum through the ball as he nodded up and down the now sopping g-string pressed into her creases. “Huhh, Ugggh, fuck, yeah, Oooh!” she was bobbing her ass up and down his face as the vibrations from his mouth seemed to be having an effect. She continued grinding and humping him for a while more.

“Ohh! Mhmmm, Ah!” Relaxing her grip on the leash Lin moved away and Justin almost fell forward. “Whew, Ok, let… lets move on, hmmm?”, she unclipped his ankles. He was dazed and lightheaded as her musk clung to his face and his cock continued to throb. Looking down he’d almost forgotten about the ball stretcher, noting that his dick looked bigger with the testicles pulled further away. Lin grabbed the collar D-ring with one finger and his cock with her other hand and not-so-gently got Justin to his feet. He grunted in resentment at her treatment. She let go of his collar but kept his cock firmly in her grip. She gave his balls a slap with the other hand as he grunted in pleasure.

Breathing hard she said, “Oh Sir, oh you got me so dirty. I’ll bet all you’re doing is thinking about how badly you want to fuck me, hmm? I think I’m going to have to put you away for a bit.” Leading him by the leash, she walked him over to his wall where the eyebolts were waiting. She took on a more dominant tone again, “Face the wall and spread your legs.” Justin hesitated but did as he was told and she clipped his ankles into the eyebolts. She gave his ass a firm open hand spank making him tighten and growl louder. “You are NOT to move your hands unless I move them. Got it Sir?” Justin considered his options and as soon as his wrists were unclipped his left hand moved to grab the top edge of her g-string pulling her in closer while the right hand slid in between the fabric and her skin, fingers gliding down her shorn pubic hair to her pussy lips. Her breasts felt warm and inviting against his back as he pulled her in. She didn’t pull away but leaned in, pushing his chest and erection up against the wall. Lin let him linger in her folds as the fingers found it wet and inviting, her clit raised and aching to be touched. She breathed softly, “Tut, tut Sir. You broke the rules. Now I’ll have to administer some corporal punishment.” Yet she stayed close to him, letting him fondle her sex and penetrate her with a finger for a few more seconds. She elicited quiet lustful sounds before she slowly pulled the offending hand up and restrained it, then retrieving the other to confine it too. “For disobeying orders… ten lashes I think?” Lin walked off to retrieve a flogger from her bag. “Eyes front!” she said very forcefully. Expecting strokes across his back or buttocks, Justin braced himself but was quite surprised indeed when the first one came from underneath and slapped his descended balls and taint.



“What was that? I don’t think it was a number. Start again!” and Lin struck the same area a bit harder. SWAT! Justin crumpled his fists as his legs buckled. He closed his thighs as tight as he could.

“Unph!” Justin’s eyes teared in pain as he snarled the number.

“That’s better!” SWAT! She swung underhand with the same force as before. Justin pushed himself flat against the wall and away from her wicked whipping as best he could.

“Hummf!” SWAT! The third began to sting though his cock lost none of its strength.

“Hmmee!” SWAT! The strokes continued with a short break in between, though by number six Lin had adjusted her aim more toward Justin’s inner thighs. By ten, his eyes were watering and he felt extremely vexed at being restrained, not allowed to look at her much less do anything about his position. He wanted to tear the eyebolts out of the wall and give her a few licks in some choice locations as retribution for this indignity.

“I think I’ll just leave you there to think about what you did Sir. Don’t you dare try to look around either or I’ll devise something more… unpleasant.” Lin’s tone had Justin worried and he honestly thought about giving his safe word. After about fifteen seconds he heard the buzz of a vibe turning on and then off, some rustling, and then his toy drawer being opened. Lin popped open a DVD and turned on the TV. Soon Justin heard the familiar sounds of a pornographic movie featuring S&M. About five minutes in he heard the vibe kick on and Lin began breathing hard again. The noise of the vibe changed in tone as Justin surmised she must be inserting it into herself. Lin began giving off soft tempting moans of pleasure and Justin was worried that he wouldn’t be able to hold out from trying to peek at her on his bed. “Mmm… Oh, oooh… yeah, fuck, Ooohhh…” A cold sweat was forming on his forehead and shoulders. His cock was thumping wildly against the wall. “Oooh, oh, uh, ugh!” Lin’s sounds of ecstasy were coming in hot and over the top. Justin began to hump up and down against the wall.

The number of minutes seemed like they streamed into hours as Justin was forced to listen to Lin’s sounds of self-gratification while he took on the herculean effort of not breaking. Being unable to touch her much less himself made the torture all the more cruel. “Mummph, mummph, Mummph!” he half whimpered, only able to imagine Lin fucking herself with a stick-type vibe, grabbing her own breasts and fondling her own curves. He was again straining at the restraints with everything he had, sometimes thrashing at them. His body was dripping sweat as the beast within him was dedicated to escaping and ravaging her.

“Oh! Oooh! Ohh!” the bed began to squeak in rhythm as it sounded like Lin was on the verge. Justin was roaring into his gag and pulling at the restraints as hard as he could when he wasn’t rocking his manhood up and down against the wall. He was a wild animal now, no longer a man in control. He wanted her and couldn’t have her. He was working himself in time to her sounds of depravity almost ready to cum when… “Sir, I must say, you’ve shown very, very good bearing… and I’m liking what I see!” Her breathing was ragged and heavy. “Watching you, ooh, I wanted to cum so hard…” There was a definite shift in her tone from to something more real, more desirous.

The movie ceased and he felt Lin caressing his neck and shoulders with the tips of her fingers. She moved in close and began running her body up and down his length. Justin froze, almost at the cusp of a hands-free ejaculation. She swooned as she ran her hands down his back, one moving to his front while the other cupped his balls from behind. “You like not having control? Maybe you want it back.” She felt his massive purple hardon, tracing his bulging veins with her fingertips. She continued to gently press up against him from behind. He could feel her pubic hair against his left butt cheek, slowly grinding into his firm glute, her wetness on his skin. He yanked at the eyebolts, willing them to break. “Shhhhh…” Calmly, slowly, she unclipped his ankles one at a time. Cold sweat was pouring down his spine, his jaw ached with how hard he was biting into the gag. In a soothing whisper she said, “I’m going to release you. I want you to continue to face the wall until I say so.” She unclipped one arm, then the next, keeping herself pressed into his back. Justin left his hands up against the wall, afraid he would break if he moved them.

A minute passed where he heard her get on the bed and the whir of a vibe begin. “Ok Sir, you can turn.” Lin had removed the g-string and was in a doggystyle position on the bed looking at Justin in profile with a bullet vibe on low in one hand pressed up against her clit, the other in front bracing her up. She looked like a goddess with her head held aloft, back arched, ass up and toes pointed. “Mmmm, come over here Sir,” she sighed. Justin moved forward like a zombie with his cock pointing the way, stopping at the edge of the bed. Lin looked away, “I want you… to fuck me,” her voice lost its former commanding tone. She looked back at Justin again, more forcefully she stated again, “I want you… to FUCK me, Sir!” Her voice cracked, “…Please… Sir!” She turned her head down breaking eye contact and lowered down to her elbow as pensive, yet lustful breathing issued from her. Justin was now half himself, half the beast that was just shackled to the wall. He slowly gained the bed behind her, his knees pushing her legs wider apart. He placed one hand on the small of her back as she moaned at his touch. He then grasped his cock, guiding it slowly to her waiting pussy. Just at the moment of sliding himself in, he rubbed his head forward and back the length of her wettened lips. She ached for him to be inside her and pushed back on him slightly, “Please Sir! Please put it in and take me!” The words registered with him and he let go of his cock.

SLAP! “OHHH!” The open hand spank to her butt cheek surprised her. He unbuckled his gag, powerfully pulled her by the ponytail and thrust it into her mouth. His saliva on the ball forced into her, he buckled it tightly around her head. “Mumph!? Mmmm!” She squealed at the stinging of her ass and the indignity of having the used gag forced on.

He looked down, admiring the red outline of his handprint perfectly tattooed on her ass cheek. Justin resumed concentrating on his newfound position of dominance and power over her, letting loose with another hard spank to the same spot. SLAP! “You're right, I am no gentleman…” With that, he slid his massive, hardened cock slowly into her sex.

“MMMOoooph!” While very wet and properly lubricated, she was also very tight and his cock stretched her to her breaking point. Her eyes widened in alarm and her mouth opened wider than the gag in a perfect O as his cock hit home, burying itself up to its base.

He growled with both hands gripping her ass, “…and I am going to do very bad things to you.” He began driving into her slowly at first feeling her walls stretch and how wet her pussy was. He graduated his rhythm faster, and faster still as Lin wailed loudly under his assault on her sex. She found it challenging to keep the vibe in place as she suddenly became weak and buckled under his consistent ramming. She began screaming into the gag as she regained the sweet spot on her clit and Justin’s cock continued to drive into her like a machine. The Major was glad he had gagged her lest the neighbors call the police!

“MMmPh! mOOOmph! MoOPH Mem GUNph! Oomm! Shiiir OOOOhmmm!” His domination of her pussy continued in a torrent of fucking as he took the liberty to pull her ponytail and spank her ass yet again. SLAP! Her head pulled up off the mattress, her cries made Justin a raging bull taking vengeance on her for torturing him so.

“Yeah, fucking take it Bitch! This is what you wanted? You wanted to be mine! Fuckin’ take it!” One hand keeping her head drawn back by her hair, the other tugged on her waist cincher laces, pulling her into him as hard as he could. His testicles positioned away from his body by the ball stretcher, they hammered into her clit as her vibe continued to stimulate her. Her juices sprayed from her sex in between the rapid thrusts, soaking the bedspread. They ran down the bullet vibe and onto her hand, streaming to her elbow.

“MMMMMOOph! GWWAFAAFF! OOOHHHmm FUFF! FUUUUFFPh! OoOOOHMMMM!” He felt her pussy quiver and constrict in an earth-shattering orgasm as her entire body shook. He continued to keep her head off the mattress, fucking her as fast as he could as she rode the violent wave she was receiving. SLAP! Her eyes rolled into the back of her skull as the bed jackhammered into the wall under Justin’s violent barrage into Lin’s gushing pussy. She continued a loud howl of agony and ecstasy as her man was giving her what she desired. A cold sweat covered her skin as her free hand tightly grasped the blanket in front of her. SLAP!

“Oh! OH! OH FUUCK! AHHH FUUUUCK! AAAHHHH!” His mouth agape in orgasmic elation, he pulled himself out just in time as he shot his huge load all over her back and perfectly reddened ass, his hot cum spurting unconstrained in large puddles on her skin. His face, fingers, and toes contorted as the ball stretcher made his orgasm more intense than he’d ever experienced before. Both, in the throes of powerful sexual agonies, collapsed together in a heap. Their loud breathing broken only by sounds of extreme satisfaction and exhaustion. Justin grunted as he carefully, though not without minor discomfort, removed the ball stretcher and left it off to the side.

“MMmmmph… Gmwwwfmph… Hoommph…” Lin’s vibe continued to hum somewhere buried in the folds of the bed. She slowly pulled the arm that was under her out to her side.

“Huhm, huhh, hmmm…” Justin felt like he just sprinted three miles, his mouth was parched, and his heart was still hammering madly. Prone on top and to the side of Lin, one arm was wrapped around her midsection as he let himself inhale the fragrance from her hair. He unbuckled her gag and resumed holding her. He couldn’t see her face as Lin either fainted or passed out, long soft breaths replaced the labored panting. Justin smiled as he too drifted off, he could hear her heart beating ever more slowly.


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