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Duty Bound

by Guy le Bouc

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© Copyright 2023 - Guy le Bouc - Used by permission

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Part 4: Sweet Dreams are Made of Tease

Justin was having the best slumber he’d ever had in years. There wasn’t any dream per se, none involving fear or anxiety, no visions of terror. He just felt warm and whole for once, as if he were drifting on a pond during a moonless night. Total blackness yet unafraid.

However, he slowly became aware of a shiver and someone else’s sounds of panic. He was spooning Lin, his arms loosely around her.

“Uh, Nnn… Fuh, N-no, ugh… Nmm, n-no…” Lin was convulsing and spasming almost as if she were having a seizure.

“Shhhh, hey! I got you. Hey! I’m right here. You’re okay…” Delicately as he could, Justin pulled Lin closer, pressing up against every inch of her. He cradled Lin’s head with one arm, the other her waist, drawing her to his comfort. She stopped shaking, realizing where she was, and began softly weeping instead. Justin clung to her whispering in her ear, “It’s ok, you’re alright. I got you… did I hurt you?”

Lin sobbed quietly, “No…” She turned into Justin and buried her face in his chest wrapping him in an embrace, her tears wetting his skin. Justin surmised that unlike himself, Lin’s dreams were still of the Khyber Pass…

Midmorning Justin reawaked with Lin sleeping against him. He carefully exited the bed and tiptoed to the bathroom, removing the restraints and collar from the previous night’s activities. Not wanting to wake her, he warmed a washcloth in the sink instead of using the shower and wiped himself off as best he could. Justin brushed his teeth as he thought about Lin, staring at himself in the mirror. He put on a towel and went into the kitchen. A plate of eggs and buttered toast along with a glass of orange juice were carried back to the bedroom in short order. Without a sound, he placed them carefully on the nightstand close to Lin and laid back down next to her.

Minutes later, either the smell of warm food or Justin’s movements stirred Lin and she sighed, “…hey, where’d you go?”

“I made you breakfast.”

“Oh. Come here.” She held him tightly as he marveled at her. How did he ever get so lucky as to be with her, much less have her? He thought about how, last night being his first time ever sexualizing a woman’s intimate areas, he must have done it right as she was still here and seemed to rather enjoy it. He was worried that maybe he broke her somehow with how vigorous he became, particularly as she had some kind of episode in the hours before dawn.

Lin hazily looked at him, “You okay?”

“Uhm, yeah.” Justin was tentative at the turn of questioning.

“Hmmm… You’re so rough,” she smiled while tracing a finger down his chest. They kissed and made out tenderly as they ran hands over each other’s bodies. His cock hardened again, and she worked it into her still wet sex as they made love through the morning call of birds sounding outside. While it wasn’t the wild torrent of the previous night, the passion they both felt was real and warming.

“Alright, so the twelfth at fifteen-hundred hours in the… unit conference hall?”

“Sounds good Ma’am. Has there been any movement with the awards?”

“Well, we’re just waiting for Sergeant Lin’s to come back through Personnel for signatures. Two and a half months is still plenty of time.” Major Justin was seated opposite in Colonel Kim’s office. The commander was six years his senior and closing in on retirement herself. “So what are you going to do once you hang it up? Go contractor like John? Find a desk out in the cube-farm?”

“No. I may go back to school. I was thinking about getting my PhD, maybe teach at college.”

Colonel Kim raised her eyebrows and grinned. “Oh! Well that’ll be something! I think Lin said something about doing the same. You know, getting a bachelor’s degree though. That’d be funny if y’all were at school together. You could carpool!”

The Major hadn’t considered having to get stories straight going forward with their covert relationship and did his best to keep a nonchalant tone. “Oh? Did she say what she’d be taking?”

“I think she said psychology. Well, I gotta head over to HQ for some more meetings. If that’s everything?”

“Yes Ma’am,” Justin stood at attention and rendered a parting salute, “Sergeant Lin will coordinate with your staff and send out the notice by next month.”

“Sounds good. See ya Major,” as she returned his salute while still seated. “And hey, you are allowed to go ROAD you know, I think you earned it and then some.” ROAD short for retired on active duty, it was expected that a relaxed latitude regarding formalities for those departing the service was given. Major Justin wasn’t the type to give up on military protocol so willfully.

“Yes Ma’am, I’ll try to work on that.”

The Major walked down the hall back to his area and entered his own office. John was inside waiting. “Heya Just! Boy, you’re looking chipper! You, ah, get some this weekend?”

“What?” Justin was immediately flustered and flummoxed with John’s antics. “No, I just… it was a nice weekend is all.”

“Haw, I’m just kiddin’ ya man! Lighten up!” John was playing with the carabiner that was left on the corner of the desk. “I knew you were meeting with the commander about your retirement. Just wanted to rib ya a little!”

Justin narrowed his eyes on the carabiner being so unconcernedly handled by John. He couldn’t help but sour on him for touching it without asking. “Did you need something?”, a little more pointedly than was called for.

“Oh, right!” John looked down at the carabiner as the Major was fixedly eyeing it. He placed it back on the desk. “Lin wanted some input on your retirement gift. I suggested a wall plaque with the unit emblem and the usual stuff, but she didn’t think that was good enough.”

Surprised again at their lack of collusion he took a moment to think. “I dunno, maybe something to do with… um, time?”

“What, like a gold watch or something? That’s a bit old school, isn’t it?”

“How about a clock. I could use one in my bedroom.”

“Okaaay? What, you wanna keep track of how late you’re sleeping in?”

Justin couldn’t help feeling smug, “Maybe I’ll need to.”

Chuffed at the reply, John continued, “Heck, I thought you’d care less about being on time now that you won’t have to pull on a uniform anymore!”

“Oh, I won’t, not anymore.”

Friday and the usual close out meeting in the break room. Major Justin had just finished asking if anyone had plans for the weekend when John pipped up. “Hey Lin, what’s with the carabiner?”

“Excuse me?”

“The carabiner in the Major’s office, I saw you take it earlier today.”

Lin was clearly an excellent chess player and went three moves ahead in a very convincing manner. “Yeah, I dropped it in the parking lot sometime last week. I have a friend that I watched go climbing and sorta got into it. Thanks for finding it Sir. I’m sure they’re not cheap.”

Justin got in on the act, “That where you’re headed this weekend?”

“Yeah, I’m borrowing some of his stuff to try it out for myself.”

Justin suppressed a surprised expression and was more than glad to be seated at the table as his erection went from zero to sixty in nothing flat. He parried back at her, “Well, like I told you a couple weeks ago, just be careful if you go climbing. It’s one thing to watch, but if you get hurt, I’m responsible.”

Lin kept her eyes on some papers in her hands as a faint smile creased her lips. “Oh, he’ll be looking out for me. He’s very experienced and I’m pretty tough ya know.”

Justin had to feign coughing to keep from eliciting a laugh. He cleared his throat, “Aughmm, Ah. Sorry, something went down the wrong pipe.” He sipped from his water bottle trying not to look at Lin anymore. “Alright everyone, have a great weekend.”

“Jessica, would you mind staying to help the Major close down? I’ve got to get to my climbing date early and set up some of the gear.” Jessica, a fellow enlisted member, replied that she would as Lin and the others got up to leave. Justin remained seated trying to figure out how to relax his cock or hide it from view.

If I only brought my damn notebook!

Justin almost ran two red-lights and scared an old couple trying to cross the street as he sped home. It seemed like everyone who could be in the way, was. As soon as he got into his driveway, he took a deep breath to try and calm himself. Hey, keep it together, she might not even be here. Justin gathered his things and unlocked the back door. Next to the entry he saw Lin’s boots and hat. She’d obviously come straight to his house from work. Huh, I wonder where she parked?

Noting how all the shades and blinds were closed, Justin unstrung and pulled his boots off, hopping on one foot at a time and leaving them haphazard on the rug. He whipped off his hat and uniform top, tossing them on the couch across the room. The bedroom door closed, he hurried in to find the lights on and Lin facing him stark naked, partially stretched spread-eagle on the eyebolts in the wall. Besides the black fur-lined wrist and ankle restraints, she was wearing a black leather slave collar with a single O-ring on the front. Her ankles were clipped in position, somewhat widely apart given her height.

“Well, I had just finished setting up for my climbing session. Glad you could join me Sir,” she said with a seductive grin.

“Hmm, seems like you may need some help with the equipment, '' Justin added. Lin, being smaller in stature than the Major, used two adjustable straps with split rings on the ends to connect her arms to the upper eyebolts, though they were slack. Justin grabbed her by the hips, planting a passionate kiss on her. His cock throbbed and strained, pleading to be released from his uniform pants. “Here, let's get you settled in first,” he cinched the straps tighter one at a time, pulling her wrists up and her body taut, completing an X formation.

Lin elicited lustful breathing as the restraints became tight, her mouth open, panting as her chest heaved. Justin barely restrained himself, kissing her neck and biting her ear as he slowly rubbed his hands down her breasts, caressing her curves and warming her body with his rough hands before he ended by running one slowly over her tightly trimmed pubic hair, the other moving down the small of her back. He reluctantly pulled himself away and went to the toy drawer to retrieve two small brass luggage locks and two dainty chrome slide-lock nipple clamps. The clamps had black rubberized tips which were held in place by a slide that ran the length of the pinchers, the higher up the slide went the tighter they became, three small silver balls dangled beneath for weight. He first fed the locks through the wrist restraint buckles, adding to her inability to escape, using a small clip to attach the keys to the O-ring of her slave collar.

“Don’t want to lose these. Try hard enough and you might be able to get yourself off.” She grinned at his double-entendre. Next, he gingerly attached the nipple clamps, unsure if she’d ever used such before (he of course aware of their use in adult movies). Lin didn’t say a word, watching Justin at work on her with care and desire. Not wanting to hurt her and kill the mood, Justin tightened them on Lin just enough to hold. She exhaled lustfully as they held on to her.

“Oooh Sir,” she cooed, clearly very turned on at being so restrained and objectified. She gently swayed her breasts side to side as the balls attached to the clamps followed her movements, the keys on her neck lightly jingling. Justin stepped back to admire her, noting her wetness just becoming visible, her sex very tempting indeed.

“God, you’re so fucking beautiful.” Justin stripped down to his tight boxer briefs, hanging his unit and balls out for Lin to behold. “It’s too bad you can’t suck my cock from up there. I may need you quiet for what I’m about to do with you.”

“Is that so Sir? Hmmmn…” Lin bit her lip, teasing the Major’s cock some more. Justin turned and retrieved more items, spreading them on the bed. He picked up a penis gag. Upon seeing it, Lin gave a bemused look. Justin grasped her firmly by the neck as she inhaled sharply. He could feel the blood quickening through her veins. His beast was coming to life.

He growled lowly at her through bared teeth, “This what you wanted? To make me desire only you. To be my own, personal, fuck toy!” His muscles tensed and his cock became like a steel rod, the veins protruding and pulsing.

“Y-Yes Sir,” she swallowed, her eyes wide. He relaxed his grip, bringing himself back.

Abashed at himself he consoled, “Lin, I would never, ever hurt you. You’re the only one I trust… I… I hope you know that.” His cock slouched a little.

Lin relaxed and breathed, “Sir, I trust only you. I feel safe with you.” Her next words came out dripping with sex, reigniting his erection, “You promise to give me what I deserve, Sir? What I desire?”

Justin’s body and soul were on fire yet again. He had to check himself from manhandling her all too much, all too early. “Oh, I’ll give you more than you can take. Open slave!” She opened her mouth as the faux cock was slowly inserted. The penis gag was a black bulbous rubber head with a short shaft attached to a black leather panel and strap. It wasn’t cartoonishly huge, resembling Justin’s own cock in shape and girth but only protruding two inches. Once rested in her mouth she gave it a suck as he strapped it tight, then pulled the buckle one notch tighter. She relaxed, realizing it wasn’t overly intrusive and moaned into it, keeping her tongue under the head.

He growled approvingly at the sight of his nearly completed work. She seductively moaned some more as she writhed her body against the wall, daring him to touch her, to take her and fuck her senseless, to make her his alone. She was completely helpless and within his power. This is what she wanted and desired, to be the only one to give him what he needed.

He gave her pussy a light slap as she, “Hummphed,” in surprise. “You’re my fuck slave, understand? We’re going to see just how long you can hold out for your master.” His brooding made her excessively horny as she groaned at his words, her wetness visible on her pussy lips as she continued to temptingly wriggle her body.

Justin tried to settle himself a bit as he wanted to take his time with her though his dick stuck out like a promontory from his boxer briefs. Lin admired not only his throbbing cock, but his tight rear as Justin tensely moved around the room. He began with a kiss on her neck, feeling her pulse with his lips. He moved his strong hands down her waist, delighting in her alabaster figure, reminding him of a finely carved classical marble statue. She sighed at his touch as he leaned against her, his fingers and palms unusually warm and toughened by coarse use over his years in the military. Her skin felt like velvet as he ran them all over her body, taking in the small of her back, her rump, thighs, and her graceful neckline. She swooned at his caresses and closed her eyes, Justin ran a hand through her silky black hair, his other slowly gliding up her inner leg, tantalizingly close to her pussy lips. He kept his palm flat as he stroked the shortened hair around her warmed sex. She began to moan louder as she opened her eyes, begging him to put his fingers inside, but Justin resisted still.

“Oh, the key’s right there when you’re ready for release” Justin teased. Lin smirked under her gag. She watched as he kneeled and deeply inhaled her musk before slowly kissing her softly near her sex. He used his tongue to play with her pubic hair, softly caressing it in rhythmical circles as Lin whined into the gag, wiggling her pussy for attention in front of his face. His hands returned firmly on her hips, he smiled as she looked down at him slowly torturing through abstaining from directly pleasuring her. He teased with the tip of his tongue, coming within millimeters of her wet and ready clit. She stared wide eyed as he flicked and circled his tongue around it. She ached for its warm and agile touch, pushing herself away from the wall. Justin had to inch backward on his knees to maintain his distance and position of torment. He moved on to the left side of her pussy and slowly licked up her inner thigh as she whined in frustration and want. She jangled the wrist restraints in annoyance as the locks tinkled loudly. Justin continued tantalizing her, now employing long puffs of air from his lips back and forth against her clitoris as her juices began to leak down her legs. The continuance of kisses, licking, and lust-inducing puffs were driving Lin wild with pent up sexual frustration.

“Well now my slave, that simply won’t do at all. I said we were going to see how long you could hold out. Maybe you require some additional training?” Lin furrowed her eyebrows as she again pleadingly moaned for Justin to give her a proper fucking. Justin went to the bed and returned with more items. In one hand he held the black studded leather sleep mask and the riding crop. The other held the wired dual bullet vibe and medical tape. He first put the mask on Lin, blinding her as to what was going to be in store. She loved the additional sensory deprivation as it made her all the more vulnerable and hornier. It was so freeing to place her trust and her body in the hands the Major, now her master. She listened intently as Justin ripped strips of tape before she felt one bullet vibe being firmly affixed over her clit. She gasped as she finally felt something slip up inside her vagina. He fed in the other bullet, her wetness allowing him to slowly push it up as far as he was able with his middle finger. She let a long low groan escape as he said, “Keep this inside, understand.”

“Mumph Mrrr!” Lin relished the brief satisfaction of Justin being inside her, though it wasn’t nearly long nor rigorous enough for her. He finished by taping the vibe remote to the outside of her right thigh, though it remained turned off.

Smack! Justin struck her inner left thigh with the riding crop, not unduly hard but enough to cause Lin to clench, jump, and yelp in surprise. “Whose pussy is this?”

“Mmmeph Mrrr!” Smack! Lin yelped again as Justin stuck the outside of her left breast, causing the nipple clamp to bounce.

“That’s right, all of you belongs to me. We’re going to start your remedial training now.” Smack! The strike to the outside of her right butt cheek stung a bit more. Justin thumbed the vibe on low as Lin reactively tensed. The waves of pleasure completed her sensuous joy in being restrained, blinded, gagged, sexually manipulated, and owned by the man she desired above all else. She would have orgasmed early if it hadn’t been for Justin’s stern warning and accompanying taps over her body with the riding crop. “Like I said slave, your task is to hold out until I allow you to cum. Understand?”

“Hmmph! Mmmeph Mrrr!”

He gave light swats to her thighs, neck, breasts, hips, around her pussy, gams, and even one to her cheek. Lin moaned, gasped, shook, and shuddered as the vibes teased her sex and the crop stung her erogenous zones just enough to keep it interesting. Justin interspersed the strikes by tenderly rubbing his hands over her and kissing her flesh. He licked and nibbled areas where he struck. Lin struggled to maintain her breathing and keep herself from cuming as she felt his lips, tongue, and hands on her. Justin was all too keen to oblige and kept his beast in check, allowing her only fleeting glimpses of his base self while actively tempting her body.

Ring, Ring… Ring, Ring…

“Hello?” Lin was barely aware of Justin answering a call as she was torn between restrained carnal lust and masochistic pleasure. “What? Are you serious?” Lin was gradually brought out of her sexual daze as she registered Justin’s half of a conversation. “I’m a bit tied up with a project right now… No, yeah (sigh)… Alright I’ll be there as soon as I can… Yup, bye.” Lin listened hard as she heard the sound of clothes being quickly put on and the jingle of a belt buckle being fastened.

“Sorry Lin, John called. There’s been a security alarm at the office. I’m on call this weekend so I’ve got to go do the building sweep and make sure the classified safes haven’t been tampered with.”

Lin heard him walk toward her, expecting to be uncuffed. A bit cliché, Justin whispered into her ear, “I did say we were going to see how long you can hold out for your master, didn’t I slave? I’ll be back soon; I’ll even leave some entertainment on for you.”

Lin wasn’t sure if he was serious or not though the vibes taped over her clit and inside her pussy doggedly remained oscillating at the same level. “Hmrr? Hmmrr!?” she beckoned as the vibes continued to stimulate her.

“Don’t worry, the vibes will turn off automatically… when the batteries run out.”

“HMMMUMN!” Lin was beside herself as she heard him turn on an adult movie and then walk out of the bedroom, shutting the door behind him. Her bondage predicament, complete with constant stimulation and the pornographic show flooding her ears, was nearly enough to send her over the edge. She listened hard over the sounds of produced sex and fucking; it sounded as if one woman was deep throating a cock while another was getting her pussy rammed, sloppy sounds of ecstasy and bodies slamming together in a sex-fueled orgy. She heard Justin faintly pick up some keys and shuffle out of the back door, a lock clicked.

“Hmrrr…! HMMMRRR…! MUFFMIN!?” Lin pleaded and yelled as best she could through the penis gag for her master to return. She had to regain her composure in short order as the vibes assault nearly overcame her. Her juices continued to trickle and drip from her as her arms and legs began to shake. Lin considered her options. It was a frustratingly hopeless endeavor. She thought about how Justin became the first time she spied on him and appreciated her own situation all the more. She could have kissed him for leaving her so utterly removed from the world, removed from all but one choice; to keep herself from orgasming and the sustained torture that would undoubtedly ensue until Justin’s return. She dedicated herself to concentrate on her breathing, curling her toes and flexing her fingers while trying to maintain control over her bodily urges. She moaned in loud low torment and despair, interspersed with shock squeals of nearly breaking. Cold sweat covered her skin as the sounds of other men and women enjoying a good hard fuck and cum issued from the TV, making her task all the more difficult as she had no option but to listen and imagine. She promised herself not to fail her master’s task with every fiber of her will.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bedroom door, Justin listened to Lin’s moans and squeals of restrained edging and torturous frustration. He had feigned the phone call, programming the ruse into his phone by changing the alarm settings while Lin’s eyes were covered. Her predicament was an improv that coalesced in Justin’s mind when he first laid eyes upon her so willingly restrained to his eyebolts in the bedroom. It also evolved into a challenge unto himself to see just how well he could keep his beast under control and give Lin what he hoped she would desire most. To be his, to trust him, to know that she meant more than just kinky sex. He wanted to fulfill all her desires to the best of his ability forever.

Justin quietly removed the clothes he had put on and shut off his phone. He kept an eye on the clock, setting a goal of making Lin’s test last twenty minutes. Unsure at times if she would make it, he wanted to see just how far she could control herself in preference to his dominance, how committed she was to submitting to his will. Justin’s cock was so hard and throbbing he was tempted more than once to masturbate given the noises issuing on the other side of the door. Listening close, he imagined her writhing and trembling as the TV broadcast pornography to her heightened sense of hearing, being deprived of sight left her no choice but to imagine the kind of fucking she so badly wanted. The seconds trickled on as Lin’s frustration and anguish became more and more pronounced. Justin was torn himself between whacking himself off or ending Lin’s training early to give her a proper fucking. His beast was swimming just beneath the surface as he worried his own labored breathing in response to Lin’s activeness would give him away.

“Mmuuummmfff… MMMhhhMMmm! Memmph, Memmph, Hmelph…!”

Finally, the twenty minutes had elapsed. Justin snuck as quietly as he could back into the bedroom. Lin’s scent filled the room with the raw heat of her desire. She herself was a convulsing restrained goddess, spasming and jolting as beads of sweat and juices streaked down her body. The keys on her collar and locks on her wrists softly tinkled. Lin was eliciting loud uneven breaths as she moaned and squeaked in an effort to control her body. Justin practically floated across the carpet to stand in front of her to take in her form. His cock was pointing straight at the ceiling.

Without making a sound and surreptitiously as possible he thumbed the vibe control taped to her leg to off.

“Hmmph!?” Lin was still twitching, her body quivering from limiting herself for so long. Justin got to his knees and carefully removed the bullets from her sex one at a time. “HhmmmphMM!” she squealed as her over sensitive privates were so gingerly touched, the tape easily releasing due to her warmth and sweat. The bullet inside had to be tugged at because of Lin’s grip on it inside her vagina. “HHmmMMMhhmm!” she winced and jerked at the toy’s removal, juices dripping as it slid from her domain. “HHHRRRmmmHumm!” Justin grasped her about her waist as he slowly ran his tongue from the bottom of her pussy lips all the way up to her clitoris. He danced his tongue around her hyper-stimulated button, giving it quick rhythmic suckles as she twisted herself in an effort to either get full advantage of this new stimulus or keep away from its all to effective teasing. Justin rotated his hands behind her buttocks pulling Lin away from the wall and entrapping her all the more as he pleasured her sex with his mouth. “HMmmoooMMmm! GWAwwwGggg!” she was practically crying trying not to cum with his tongue darting inside her and then more nibbles to her clit. He stopped and unclipped her legs one at a time. She was weak and would have collapsed if her arms weren’t restrained, holding her up. Justin stood, running his hands over her as he rose. He carefully removed the nipple clamps and tended to them with warm soothing kisses, providing comfort to her breasts and calming her.

Justin embraced her and held her body close for a short while as Lin regained more regulated breathing. He removed the keys from her collar and released her arms. “HhhMMuummphm…” She practically fell onto him after being let go, her body completely sapped of strength. Justin placed her wrists behind her and clipped them together. She offered less than no resistance as he then scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed. Placing her down lengthwise he positioned himself next to her with his head nearer her waist. Justin pulled her left leg over his neck, and with his hands propped her up into a sitting position on his face, her feet pointed down at near his ribs. He kept his hands on her hips as she lowered her sopping wet sex onto his eager mouth. Justin looked up at his bound lady, gagged and blindfolded, the leather collar encircling her supple neck, nipples erect, with her graceful arms cuffed behind her. She was his, she was getting what she desired, from whom she desired it. “HHmuumm!” Pleasure washed over her as Justin licked and probed her sweet pussy, playing with her clit and twirling his tongue around it. “MMmmuumm!” She started to bob up and down on his face as her juices spread, mopping his chin, nose and cheeks. “Humm, Humm, Hooommph!” her speed of grinding against his tongue increased with his use of it.

He let out a garbled, “Youm, uff, caaan cummm slaave”

“Hoommm, HooomPH! PHoUFFF! OMMM GWOOD! HMMRRRR!” Lin wailed as she exploded her cum all over his mug, her back arched. Justin held onto her waist as she bucked in orgasmic splendor over him. “Hummm, Hmmmm, Ooohhmm… Hmmrr!” Her body became limp and Justin pushed her off. He got up onto his knees as she now lay on her back, still blindfolded, cuffed, and gagged. He positioned her gams up over his shoulders as he aligned his cock with her pussy. “OOOOhhhMMMmmm!” her eyebrows arched as he drove himself into her very wet and pulsating sex. “HumMM! HUMMMM! HOOOMMMM!” her orgasm became very prolonged as he pumped his member in and out of her at an ever-increasing speed. He let his beast go as he held her at the thighs, watching her tits bounce with his pummeling. The bed threatened to shake itself apart with his force of repeated thrusting into her “OOOhhh! OOooMMm! GWWAADDD!”

“Huh! Huh! AUuuGHnn! FUCK! FUCK! AUuugHH!” Justin let go of her and pulled himself out, aiming his quivering dick towards her face as his ejaculation covered her breasts and midriff in warm, spurting semen. “Ooh Fuck! Yeah! OOHhh!” he finished and collapsed next to Lin, both trying to regain their breath as their heart rates gradually climbed back down. He pulled up the leather sleep mask. Her eyes were so beautifully contented, he wished he had been able to look into them the whole of their session. He unbuckled the gag and then freed her hands from behind her.

“Oh Sir! Oh, you’re so… fucking messy!”

“One might say you’re the other way around!” as Justin wiped some of Lin’s essence from his cheek with his left hand. Lin quietly laughed while looking into his eyes.

“Did you actually leave?”

Justin chuckled a bit, “No, I wouldn’t ever do that to you.”

Lin kissed him as the restraints were removed one by one. They held each other on the bed for a long time, before drifting off.

The next morning, after some much-needed showering and tidying up, Lin couldn’t help but think about the night before and how much it turned her on. Justin couldn’t help but be attentive to her, clothing her his sweats, cooking breakfast, and setting up a place for her at the table. He showed her to his one stool as he pulled up an ottoman to sit and eat beside her.

“Hey, what’s the box of DVD’s?”

Justin looked in the direction Lin indicated on the entertainment stand. “That? It’s the complete ‘Space Journey’ series… from the 1960’s? You must have heard of it! Captain Cark and Mr. Spork? There were even a couple of movies in the 80’s based off the TV show.”

Lin grinned broadly, proclaiming loudly, “Oh my God! You’re a dork!”

Justin froze and gaped at her; his eyes skewed in disbelief at her name-calling. “I am not a dork!”

Lin snorted and giggled at Justin’s shocked reaction, “I’m just kidding!” Though Justin looked a tad hurt.

He ventured on, “Well, I was going to say, our cover at work is blown. We can’t use the carabiner on my desk anymore.” Lin thought about it in agreement as she ate her very crunchy bacon and peppered egg whites. “The commander mentioned… you were going to school after. What if…”, very bashfully approaching the subject. “What if you were around here more?” Lin stopped chewing, fork in hand, looking into Justin’s eyes; her own very wide. “Maybe you could stay with me… you know, save on rent?”

Lin swallowed hard, “You mean, move in with you?”

Justin rationalized in his mind, Nothing ventured, nothing gained. He could put up with eighteen-hour days in the field, being shot at, sleeping in a foxhole in the freezing rain, yet trying to get his proposition out seemed so much harder than any of that. “…yeah, I think it’d be good, for both of us…”

Lin put her fork down and narrowed her eyes on Justin. “You sure? I’m not necessarily the most organized person. My stuff would be all over the place.”

“Well, fair is fair as I shoot my stuff all over you.” Lin giggled again.

“Okay. My lease is up in just over two weeks. You sure you got room for me?”

“I’ll make the room for you.” Lin smiled at Justin’s affections. “How ‘bout you spend today with me and we’ll watch ‘Space Journey’ from the beginning? I’ll make popcorn!” Justin felt like a kid in Lin’s presence outside of work.

She smiled sweetly, “Ok, but I need to read my ‘Intro to Psychology’ syllabus first. Term begins a week after our ceremony. Meet me on the couch in a few?”

“You got it.”

Justin set up the DVD before going to the kitchen to make popcorn as Lin thumbed through the course paperwork she pulled from her bag. She reread one of the assignments that stuck out, …Write about a true-life situation which involved another’s affirmative choice or being controlled into a desired outcome. Explain the difference… Hmmm, I wonder what that means?

He waited patiently for her to finish before pressing play. The opening credits of the first episode, titled Kohlrabi Maarrue, scrolled as Justin described the plot line. “So it starts with Captain Cark successfully beating an unwinnable test of character at the Space Journey Institute. He more or less cheated and no one caught him, but that’s how he gets to be captain of the Indominable. Mr. Spork is his second in command and environmental officer, an alien with unwavering morals and bluish colored blood…” Justin went on to describe the cheesy sci-fi epic as Lin realized just how boyishly charming he could be. “… so then there’s this war with the Glinkons…”, Justin realized too late that he proved her right. He was a dork. “Sorry I’ve droned on into the show. I guess it’s not something you bring up with a hot girl you’re trying to impress.” Lin blushed at his words about her. “That’s why I got some art for the place after your last visit.”

“Really? You mean the black-and-white picture of cows? And the weird metal tree branch-candle holder on the wall? I guess I noticed them… but you got them for me? Why?”

Justin felt out of his league with Lin but was strangely ok with that. “Well, yeah. I wanted you to think I was cultured and stuff.”

Lin couldn’t help but gush at his gosh-shucks nature. “Just come here ya big nerd.” Justin smirked as he reposed on the arm of the couch and Lin laid up against him, eating popcorn as they spent most of the day watching the classic show together without a care about anything else but each other.


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