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Duty Bound

by Guy le Bouc

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© Copyright 2023 - Guy le Bouc - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; F/m; M/f; bond; straps; mittens; bedtie; ice-timer; gag; collar; chastity; toys; trick; buttplug; sex; anal; rom; cons; XX

Continues from

Part 5: The Assignment

Over the few intervening weeks before their conjoined retirements, most of Lin’s things found their way into Justin’s house and the couple took on a domestic air between them. Lin remarked at how happy Justin was as she helped him prepare and cook meals. Lin was surprised at just how good a chef he was as he rarely made food for anyone beside himself before. And Justin, begrudgingly, appreciated the attention that Lin gave to his laundry.

“You can’t just throw it all in the wash together! Whites need to be separate, and you have to hang your synthetics to air dry or else they get all ball-y!” She held up one of Justin’s workout shirts that had a large area of fabric pills bunched around the belly.

“OK, I’ll try to do it your way. Come here.” He planted a kiss on her as he grasped her around the waist, “Thanks. I really do like you being here. I… I feel better when you’re with me.”

She smiled, “I do too. You make me feel safe and… and…”, she stopped herself from saying anything else, not wanting to jinx it. They broke into an impromptu slow dance with no music. She rested her head against him as he delighted in her warm embrace. However, a strange plan of curiosity germinated in Lin’s head about a scene she wanted to play out with Justin that evening. The writing assignment about a true-life situation in her psychology syllabus kept haunting her. Lin could feel Justin’s cock grow as they moved together, and a devious smile formed as she thought about Justin’s favorite show, ‘Space Journey’. Sure, they were enjoying their amorous aspects with frequent regularity now that they were cohabitating as Lin took to living out her submissive fantasies with Justin in a dominant role. She thought, maybe she wanted to find out just how dominant he was willing to be for her. Her interest in psychology, and the assignment, provided the kindling to the little game that started to form in her mind. She considered Justin’s penchant for the old sci-fi show and what he said about the Kohlrabi Maarrue being an unwinnable test of character… She’d have to make a run to the sex shop before nightfall.

Later that evening, Justin was surprised when Lin brought up the idea of tying him down to the bed to try out the new under-bed restraints and bondage mitts she’d bought, as well as his old ice timers. Justin was comfortable being the authoritarian in the bedroom, but as he hadn’t switched with Lin in quite some time he figured why not. The restraint straps being quite long, she looped the one near the headboard around the posts as Justin cinched the one at his ankles. Both nude, Lin finished securing Justin’s arms to the headboard with the ice timers and drew him tight, before fitting the mitts over his hands and securing them with zip ties. Justin was already excited as to what Lin had in store when he asked, “Why the mitts?”

“Well, as the restraint straps use these split rings that you could, with some effort, escape. Open.” She inserted the penis gag into his mouth to add a little humiliation and tightened it behind his head. Justin, being willing to do anything for her, trusted her enough not to degrade him too much. Lin made him all too curious though as she quickly got up and put her slave collar on and the wrist and ankle restraints from the eyebolts in the wall.

As she left the room she commented, “I want to see just how far you’re willing to go to own me. How much you prefer control, to being controlled.” The comment stewed in Justin’s mind, giving him an ember of concern.

She returned with a bowl and something else hidden behind her back. She got on top of his legs and shifted just below his genitals. Justin put his head back expecting something pleasant very soon as she applied some lube to his solidly erect manhood, but… 

“MmLlmmm!? WHham Phahkk!” he shrieked into the gag. The bowl was full of ice! She started rubbing some of the cubes up and down his rapidly shrinking shaft. He bucked his hips, trying to keep his dick away from the unforgiving cold but it was fruitless as she straddled his thighs. His once hard cock withered like a snail in a pile of salt.

“Do you like control taken from you? Well, consider this the coup-de-gras.” From behind her she retrieved a contraption Justin had only seen in the back corner of the sex shop, even then only fleetingly as he wasn’t interested in its use. Lin began fitting a pink plastic chastity device around his cock and testicles. She started with a c-shaped piece that resembled one side of a handcuff with a hinge that went under and around his balls and shaft, locking tightly to his contours as he squawked in displeasure. She then fitted the sleeve that went over and encapsulated his shaft, snapping together with a spacer for a small addition of comfort so as not to crush his member too much. “The store said this plastic one is best and won’t cause you too much pain. They said it won’t come off either unless the keyholder,” she winked, “decides she wants you out.” She said this with way too much glee in her voice for Justin’s liking. What Lin said was in fact a half-truth, though she wasn’t going to let Justin in on the secret just yet. The cage was a very cheap model for beginners or short duration play, more of a novelty, the material flimsy and prone to cracking if used long term or mistreated according to the clerk. She slid a brass luggage lock through, joining the spacer to the closed c-ring and snapped it shut. Justin couldn’t believe it and was immediately incensed! While it was true in the not-too-distant past, he had enjoyed being bound by her, teased, and used, it made him feel special and desired by her. But this! This was going too far! He whimpered into the gag wondering to himself what the plan was and if he would be able to break it off without injury. His mind spun with fear and dread. Lin read his expressions, impressed with her ruse as she smiled all too maliciously.

“I’ve adored how you treated me and given me what I desired… and then some,” she said playfully rubbing her ass with a pout. She gave herself a firm slap on her butt cheek that reactivated Justin’s cock, though he was worried about hurting himself as it began to fill what little space in the cock cage there was. “I’ve also loved how much I got to you. I liked watching you turn into that hot, wild animal that wanted only me. Fucking me so hard, oooh…” she was rubbing her clit slowly with the edge of her fingers, sliding between her folds. Her use of past tense began to really worry him. “But now, I’m going to give you a choice. As much as you think you like handing over control, I believe you love dominating me even more,” she said with a sly smile as she continued to work her sex with her fingers. “I rather preferred that much more too.” She moaned as she grabbed her left nipple, sliding her other fingers inside her wettened pussy. Justin’s cock strained against the plastic cage willing itself to either push it off or somehow burst it apart. His brain however registered a different type of pain as if one were wearing shoes that were three sizes too small and laced very tight. His penis throbbed as he couldn’t stop it swelling, becoming unbearably uncomfortable, then dully aching. He roared at her, his face contorted expressing the indignity of his situation. “Oooh, there’s that sexy animal!” she cooed. “Too bad he’s all locked away,” again with a pout in her baby-daddy tone, mocking him as she dangled the key in front of his face. She used a flimsy clip to attach it to the O-ring on the front of her collar. It danced from her neck taunting Justin’s eyes and his swelled but stuffed cock.

“You like being this controlled? Maybe you’d like it more if it were long term, huh?” Justin was in a panic, pleading at her through his gag. She removed herself from the bed and grabbed his digital lock and the wired dual bullet vibe from the top of the dresser. “I took a page from your book, with my own little twist, maybe other boys will like it too… as they tend to my desires while you are under my control full time?” She taped the vibe controller to her right thigh, stuffing one bullet inside her vagina and securing the other over her clit with the medical tape. “I’ll even let them lead me around by this collar in front of you, fucking me while you can only watch,” she thumbed the dial just on low. “Oohh, mmmmm! Is that control you’re willing to give away? Hmm? To give me away?” She started to breathe heavily as she quickly clipped her ankles to the eyebolts. She looked at the time registered on the digital lock before she latched and locked her right wrist, the strap already pulled taut. She finished with clipping her left to the other strap, pulling it tighter as she could with one hand.

Justin looked on in desperation and resentment as her breathing became more labored. “I did say something, unnh… about giving you a choice?” She slowed her speech, “If you can break free before the time on my lock is up, you can have me any way you wish, Sir. Uunnh, if you can’t… Ooh… you’ll have to wear that chastity cage until I feel frisky for you again. Hmmph… the way you used to fuck me, it may be three months or more. Especially since, ungh, you got me all these new, ungh… distractions to use on myself.” Justin was turned on but pissed off to no end. “Maybe in that time, I will be someone else’s fuck toy? A younger stud’s sex slave? I’ll have to get his permission to unlock you, however unlikely that is,” she added with a devious grin. She couldn’t have guessed just how dangerous her teasing had become. Justin was absolutely livid! She was saying she would break virtually every boundary he put down, every trust he had in her; no other people, being only for each other… putting this cage on him! These words from her though, were the highest order of violation. He strained at the ice timers, vowing to vehemently punish her for these injustices.

“I’ll even give you a bonus if you get free in time.” She looked into his eyes dead-set and determined, slowly she uttered, “No, safe, word.” Justin’s brain wondered if she were secretly rooting for him, his beast however was focused on only two tasks: escape and retribution. “OOoooh, you, unngh, only have thirty minutes,” she jangled her right wrist indicating the digital lock. “I only filled your ice timers halfway, so that’ll give you a fighting chance.” Lin continued panting and moaning, attempting to control herself from becoming even more wet as she watched her beast vent and rage from the bed. A stream of her juices began to trickle down the inside of her left thigh as she writhed, much to Justin’s vexation.

She ceased talking and only watched, moaning intermittently between her ragged but controlled breathing as Justin first pulled at the wrist restraints. He was quite ok with breaking the headboard if possible. He strained his arms, flexing his chest for all it was worth, roaring loudly as he did so. The wooden headboard creaked and popped but remained intact. His muscles burned, then seared as he pulled so very hard, the lactic acid building as a couple minutes passed. Justin paused, then put his whole body into it, the straps under the mattress lifting it at his feet. He stopped, an idea and a plan formed as Lin continued to watch and sigh in pleasure and delight, seeing her man try so very hard to win her. A bead of sweat dripped from the ice timer and splashed on the bondage mitten.

Justin stretched his body long, rolling to one side with great effort lifting the corner of the mattress nearest his ankles to his right. The brief period of slack created during the bed’s return to starting position allowed him to walk the strap further down the underside of the bed. He was thankful for the shear materials that made up the restraint straps and upholstery of the mattress. He repeated the procedure alternating sides half a dozen times to move the restraining strap as far away from his torso as possible.

Justin then strained into a power crunch, bending his knees, hips, and stomach ever more tightly, even putting his chest and arms into it. His whole body shook and sweat poured from every inch of his skin as the mattress first achieved ten degrees of lift from the box spring, then twenty degrees. His sinews stretched, and he felt like he tore things within his joints. The bed lifted to thirty degrees and finally seemed to overcome the resistance of drag and compression. It buckled at a pinch point under his thighs as he pulled them into his chest and howled into the gag. The restraint strap affixed to his ankles finally, mercifully slipped up and over the corners of the mattress before it plopped back down. Lin watched in an amazed desire as Justin took no time to regain his breath. 

He rolled his body backward over his head and braced his feet against the headboard, pulling his head out from under him, facing down toward the foot of the bed and resting on his chest. Lin thought he might try to crack the headboard in two despite this not helping his situation as she figured the posts and back-board were too thick to break. Instead, he contorted his body to his right, placing both of his calves on one ice timer and feet onto the post to hasten its defrosting with the heat from his legs as he pushed and pulled. Justin kept his arms taut as the cold steel burned his sweating flesh. Minutes ticked by until… It released! Justin roared as he again contorted in a gangly break-dance move and wrapped the other ice timer under his armpit. He bayed into the gag as he scowled at Lin. She was more than impressed with his determination, sheer force of will, and ingenuity in sacrificing his body to free himself. She became anxious about his demeanor, however, as this scene she set up became more than just about kinky sex, provocation, and her assignment. Justin was visibly upset and more determined than she’d ever seen anyone become. Lin became aware, perhaps she’d pushed her scene too far. She stopped concentrating on her breathing as the seriousness of her teasing took hold. She opened her mouth to say something, to tell him to stop, that it was all just a joke. But she couldn’t, thinking he wouldn’t believe her, making him more incensed. That, and she was transfixed, enthralled, and committed to seeing just how far Justin would go for her.

She hadn’t actually planned for him to escape and was awestruck by his physical and mental exertions. Her original idea was for him to become so frustrated and desperate to the point of never wanting to be on the bottom again. Her plan was to then release herself, tease him some more before releasing his cock and treating him to a blowjob and cowgirl action, as he’d still be tied down, maybe with some consoling and playful words about how she wouldn’t let other boy toys do this with her. What she was witnessing now however struck at her conscience and turned her on so much more. He would never give up on her. He wanted and needed her to be his, only his. This thought sparked a fire in her as her body burned for him to take her completely. Her heart skipped beats watching him do everything in his power for her. Was it love? Was it lust? Or both colliding like wayward planets in a devastatingly beautiful coalescence.

After a few more minutes the second timer broke free and Justin hastily rolled off the bed. He glowered at her as he stalked towards the door, his shoulders up and arms swinging low. As he palmed the doorknob open with the mitts, he heard the timer warning go off. Beep… Beep… Only five minutes left! He succeeded in opening the door and hurried into the kitchen. He bashed the knife block onto its side spilling cutting implements onto the counter. A man on a mission, he would not be denied. He palmed a serrated bread knife and sat on his buttocks, gingerly maneuvering it between his feet. Using the mitts, he managed to get the knife clamped upright between his feet with the blunt side toward himself. Taking a deep breath, he positioned the mitt on his right hand with the tip poking near the wrist, his palm flat and fingers up. He carefully forced the knife through the material, the fresh air a welcome relief on his sweaty palms. The incision made all the way to his fingertips and out the top, he dropped the knife and forced his digits through, unbuckling the penis gag. “HHrrughh!” he growled loudly as he picked up the meat scissors and severed the zip ties, tossing the mitts aside.

Justin raged into the bedroom, penis gag in his fist. “Justin! Sir! Look I was only kidding, I wouldn’t have left you locCGggghh! HMMrr!!!” Justin grasped her neck and roughly forced the gag into her mouth, quickly buckling it tight. He ripped the small brass key from her neck, bending the feeble clip attached to the o-ring and sending it flying into the carpet. He hastily unlocked his cock and let the cage fall to the floor where he thunderously and repeatedly stomped it, bending and breaking the plastic as it cut into his heel. Not wholly satisfied with its destruction, picked up the largest piece that went over his shaft and smashed it violently between a dresser drawer and the cabinet body. Crushed, mangled, and jagged he let it fall to the floor as he snatched up a professional carabiner and fed it through her wrist cuff next to the lock, clicking it in place. 

Beep beep… Beep beep… 

He wanted to yell at her, scream into her face. How dare she even consider being anyone else’s, much less lock him away from her! All her talk of finding other boyfriends, being submissive to them snapped something deep within him. He stood inches from her, breathing loudly as his body shook, looking at the fear etched over her face, her eyes beginning to well up. She knew she took her assignment much too far. Justin huffed loudly, his body red with jealousy.

He stared hard into her eyes, wanting to make her understand just how dire and threatened she made him feel, how he’d do anything for her, how special she was to him. This realization dawning, his breathing slowed as something else broke over him. He continued looking into her as his face softened, taking a step back. …She wanted me to win… She wanted me… He raised a hand and she flinched, rolling her head to the right and clamped her eyes shut, expecting him to strike her in the face. “Mphmph!” she yelped in shock when all he did was run the back of his hand softly down her cheek. She slowly opened her eyes as he continued gently down her neck, stopping over her heart. He turned off her vibe. A warming sensation began in her as he lightly traced the scar at her waistline with his other hand. Her fears ebbed as he was looking down, ashamed of himself for frightening her so. “I promised… I’d never hurt you… not on purpose…” a tear trickled down his face. She wanted to kiss him and take the hell she just put him through away. “There’s nothing in this world, I wouldn’t do to be with you.” 

Justin undid the gag, letting it drop to the floor as blood from his foot soaked into the carpet. Lin pulled at the restraints, not to break free but to wrap her man in her adoration. “Justin? Look at me… please?” He slowly lifted his gaze from her feet to her eyes, tears were forming. He couldn’t bear to see her cry, much less let her see him weep either, and almost looked away again. “It’s okay, I… I’m sorry! I wasn’t expecting… you weren’t supposed to make the timer!” Lin’s voice quavered. “I was only kidding you about other boyfriends and leaving you locked up. I pushed you too far, but… I saw something… Not just how much you want me. But, how much you need me to be yours. I felt it too… how much I need you.” Justin moved in closer, she could feel the heat coming off him. “You… You’ll always be… for me… won’t you.”

She wasn’t saying anything Justin didn’t already know. He wrapped his sapped arms around Lin and whispered to her, “I’ll only be for you.” A passion filled kiss followed. She had her man, and her man had her. And that’s all that mattered between two broken people, where needs and desires intertwined so much more than they could have ever known.

“Oh!” During their long embrace, Justin’s hand inconspicuously moved back to the control taped to Lin’s thigh. The thumbwheel was pushed to a low setting. Lin torqued in surprise as Justin remained tight to her.

“I seem to recall, you said something about having you anyway I wish, no safe word, if I freed myself in time?”

“Oooh, Sir!”

“…and you're right. I do prefer dominating you. You rather convinced me of that tonight in your own fashion… and much to your detriment.” Though his words sounded dangerous, she knew that he wasn’t going to hurt her, at least not more than she wanted him to. He picked up the small brass lock from the floor. “…and I don’t give a fuck how you explain it, you’re wearing that collar of yours for at least a week.” He reached behind her with both hands and clipped the lock through the buckle fastener. Her mouth formed a small, shocked O, as words failed her. “I might be convinced to let you out early. You can start working it off the rest of tonight.” Embarrassed, she was nevertheless turned on by his newfound air of possession over her.

“Yes Sir… Oohh!” the combination of his authority and the vibrations gave her stronger reactions than before. She had to concentrate on her breathing all the more as he slowly limped away from her. “Sir! I… I love you!”

Justin was nearly at the door when he stopped. He couldn’t help torturing her just a little bit more as he looked at her over his shoulder out of the corner of his eye, “…Thanks…” He limped to the bathroom to put a large bandage over his cuts, using adhesive to wrap it securely over the bottom of his foot. He heard Lin clearly struggling to maintain herself as he went to the kitchen to return all the knives to their block. Coming back to the bedroom with the bondage strap from the bed, he looked at her as she shuddered and convulsed on the wall. He dropped the gear near the door and grabbed a couple items from the toy drawer before slowly returning to her as her mouth hung open and her breathing became jagged. He looped a finger through her collar O-ring, tugging her away from the wall. “I love you too.” He kissed her fervently as lightning passed between them, the heat of their passion for each other threatening to start the room on fire. It seemed like time froze for an eternity, until she quivered.

“OH! Sir! Please can I cum!?”

“…No.” He turned her vibes off with a grin as she whined in disappointment.

“Sir, please?”

“You’ve got a long way to go, before I allow you to.” His emphasis made her despair in her horniness. 

“Sir, please! I’ll do anything!”

“Oh, you’ll be doing anything I want. Now open fuck toy!” She was all too eager to comply as he fit an O-ring gag into her mouth and behind her teeth. Fastening it, she explored it with her tongue. 

“Aaugh!” The vibes resumed their wicked assaults on her clit and pussy, the stream of wetness almost at her knee now.

He backed away, “I’m going to clean up a little while you think about how you’re going to service your master. And if you cum before I’m ready,” he menaced “that collar will only stay on longer. I’m serious…”

“Aaayyhh Hhgrr!” her agreement in hand, not that it mattered, Justin began with the shattered remains of the cock cage, holding them up for her to see as he shook his head disapprovingly. Hobbling to the kitchen, he unceremoniously tipped them and what was left of the bondage mitts into the garbage can, letting the lid clang shut.

“Aaaah, Auughhgg!” Lin’s body contorted and spasmed as she worked on maintaining deep breaths. Justin didn’t look at her as he put the ball stretcher on, retrieving a bottle of clit stimulant, lube, a jackrabbit vibe, the black leather leash, medical tape, and to Lin’s astonishment a black rubber torpedo shaped butt plug with a large ring at the base. She knew she was going to have to work off her indiscretions indeed! “AahhuuGHh!” Lin all but on the verge of breaking, Justin slowly arranged the items on the nightstand before walking back to her. He turned off the bullet vibes again without a word and pumped some of the stimulant on his fingers, rubbing them gingerly on either side of her clit. Lin exhaled sharply, the stimulant providing a heightened sensation, warming and tingling her sex. Justin clipped the leash to her collar, then released her ankles from the eyebolts and attached them together with a carabiner. He released her wrists and forced them behind her back, pulling her into his chest as he clipped these together as well. She swooned and ground her pelvis against his now massive pillar. “Huummmnn,” she ached for him to be inside her, but he had different plans.

He turned and gave a quick yank to the leash, prompting her to shuffle forward though she could only manage three inches of travel at a time. He kept the tension on the leash as he led her to the bed. He admired her body, relenting to his bonds as he scooped her up despite how sore and tired his muscles were. She marveled at just how much energy he had left as he placed her down on the edge of the bed before rolling her on her stomach. He unclipped her wrists and commanded her firmly, “Put your hands by your ankles, ass in the air.” He got harder as she wriggled her knees forward aligning her joints, putting her into a modified downward-facing yoga pose. Her ass and vagina felt hopelessly exposed as he clipped the restraints together, making her moan as she guessed at what was going to happen to her.

He turned the bullet vibes on again. The stimulant had a definite effect on her ability to control herself. She yowled like a cat in heat through her forced open mouth. Justin applied lube down her butt crack letting it slide to her anus. He applied more to his fingers, the jackrabbit, and the anal plug. She tensed in expectation and excitement. Justin started with two fingers in her pussy, slowly driving into her angle, pushing the bullet vibe deeper. He continued this at a slow pace, stroking inside her as she moaned in pleasure. At last, he took himself out and put his index finger on her butthole. “Oh?, Oh! Oh!” she protested until… “OoHHaah!” She squealed in forbidden pleasure as this new penetration caused her nerves to electrify with indulgence. She was on the very edge of climax as he slowly worked his finger in and out of her tightest hole. SMACK! She tightened around his finger reflexively and screamed in depraved enjoyment as he gave her ass a firm open hand spank. Her whole body was trembling with the effort of not orgasming. Justin turned the vibe off, not ready to end his gratification and her punishments too early. “Huunngh?” she whimpered, soaking the bed covers with her saliva and pussy juices.

Calmly, Justin removed the bullet vibe taped to her clit and worked it around the ring of the butt plug, quietly telling her “I want you to take a deep breath.” He positioned the tip of it where his finger had just exited. “Just relax slave.” Her ass cheeks and thighs were still strained as she inhaled. “OOoohhhOOHH!!!” the torpedo slid slowly through, stretching her anus before it seated, the pleasure of its passage both oddly pleasing and a little unnerving to Lin. SMACK! “Auhhhh!” Justin spanked her again to ensure it wouldn’t slide out as she involuntarily gripped it snug. Lin could hear the tape being used before the jackrabbit vibe pushed into her now tighter pussy, the bullet vibe inside stretching into her innermost limit. The rabbit ears were carefully cupped around her now super sensitive and eager clit. “AAggOH, GHahO!!!” she wailed as she felt Justin securing the vibe in place with adhesive gripping the skin around her sex. SMACK! “You don’t cum until I cum and give you permission. Understand fuck toy!” Lin did the best she could to nod despite her face being angled into the bedspread. “Aoyeshh Shiirr!”

Justin turned all the vibes on low. Lin almost began crying as she worried she wouldn’t be able to hold out very long. Despicable tremors of delight shot down her anus and pussy. Her juices were trickling down both of her inner legs. “Let’s give you something to focus on, huh slave?” Justin got in front of Lin’s downward face, his legs spread into a V on either side her shoulders. He pulled her head up by the ponytail, letting her look at his massive purple hardon. She raised her eyebrows as her neck craned. He scooted himself under her face, aligning his cock with her involuntarily open mouth. “HUNNnggnngg!,” he let go of her hair as gravity forced her onto his unit, it reaching the back of her throat making her gag and drool. “You’re going to have to work hard slave. Either figure it out, or I’m going to shoot my load down your throat.”

Lin knew she didn’t want that and couldn’t hold him so far in very much longer either. She rocked back, his cock coming nearly all the way out before Justin pushed her back into it. “Oh! Yeah! Oooh! That’s it fuck toy! Keep it up. Don’t let it leave your mouth.” She could feel his cock pulsating against her tongue as she continued to rock back and forth on it, trying to stifle her gag reflex by curling her toes and breathing through her nose. She considered how right he was as this did take the focus off the pleasures she was receiving on her other end, though not in totality. She considered how fucking hot she felt being his and used so abrasively. “Hummh, Hummph, Guggphuh!!” She continued rocking on his cock to an increased rhythm. “OH! God! Fuck! You like how I use you slave?” He began bucking into her, gripping her ponytail and not letting her get as much relief as before. “Guggh, GruGGh, GuuuhHH…” He forced Lin to slide all the way up to his base and held her there a full ten seconds as she swallowed, wincing her eyes as she tried her hardest not to suffocate. He gave a few last-minute thrusts before pulling her up off his cock. It was a slobbery mess, as was Lin’s mouth.

“Hold out just a little bit longer slave!” SMACK! He struck her butt cheek hard as he left the bed. Lin started to become so very worked up again in short order as the vibes continued to send wave after wave of unyielding pleasure through her. Her pussy and ass quivering as juices spread over her skin and onto the bed uncontrolled. Justin pulled her head back once more and jammed the penis gag through the ring in her mouth, buckling it below the ring gag strap. “HummPh?!” Her jaw opened all the wider, the rubber bulge fed itself freely further back into her capitulated cavity.

He shifted to her rear end where he began slowly pulling then pushing the vibrating butt plug in and out of her. She gasped and moaned with perverted anguish as the feeling caused her to blush in satisfaction. Pulling it all the way out to the tip, he lingered, tickling her anus. She squirmed against her bonds as she giggled. Justin threw it aside and stood into a squat. Lin cocked her head trying to look at him but was only able to see his lower leg and foot. She felt the jackrabbit and remaining bullet vibe climb to medium, shrieking before she felt a pressure on her butthole. Justin had lubed his member and held it firmly, with his other hand on Lin’s hip. “MMMUUUHAHUUGH!” she felt him slide his cock in slowly, the head squeezing past her anus as he seated himself.

Lin was euphoric as she was airtight, loving it with wild abandon. The sensations, being totally helpless, owned and objectified, she couldn’t have desired anything so torridly passionate! Justin began slowly at first making sure he wouldn’t rip Lin’s delicate flesh. He sped up as she screamed with taboo pleasure into the bed. His balls began to slap the end of the jackrabbit forcing it deeper into her vagina in short bursts of carnal torture. He paused only to turn the vibes on high as he felt their waves through Lin’s backdoor and up his cock. She continued screaming in tortured ecstasy as he pumped her ass in faster, longer strokes. His thighs slammed into her rear end elicited a rhythmic clapping as he admired the tremors through her ass cheeks.

He continued a rapid animalistic pace into her as the rabbit vibe tortured her to the brink of failing her master. SMACK! She wailed and screamed through the gag as she gripped his cock tightly as only she could. “Ohh! OHhh! UGHhh! FUCK! Aghhh! FUCK! FUUUCK!” He just barely removed himself from Lin’s anus as his massive load shot all over her back and down her butt crack. He watched in depraved satisfaction as her hole slowly closed. SMACK! “Ooofff!! AoohH Gwuuwd! SHeearr?! HEEES CAANNn AAH CON!”, pleading to her master, she wasn’t going to hold out.

“You can cum fuck toy! Fucking cum!” as he shoved the vibrating butt plug back into her. She screamed, squirting wildly from her sex, bucking, rocking back and forth.

“FFUUGGHUUNN!!! FUUUGHHGGG!!! HOOOOMMMGGG!!!” The cataclysmic orgasm was more intense than she’d ever experienced before. The wave crested and the vibes began to torture her body in a post orgasmic blitz. Lin yelled into the gag looking fervently at Justin, pleading for him to make it stop. He had a huge grin as he gradually powered down the devices one at a time. She was sweating, shaking, and out of breath. Her body quaked as Justin first removed the anal plug, then the jackrabbit, thrusting it into her a few more times for good measure making her jump and moan with each insertion, and finally the other bullet vibe from deep inside her vagina. It startled her as it came out with a massive amount of her cum piled in front of it.

Justin held it up by the wire and watched some of it drip to the bedspread before putting it down. He unbuckled the gags, letting her push them out of her mouth of her own accord, then unclipped her ankles and wrists. She stayed in her bent position as she caught her breath, slowly moving her arms up to her shoulders. “HMmmhuh… Humm, Ohh! Fuck!… Oh, Fuh…Ooohhho…Uhhhnnn”, the post-orgasm effects on her body easing, she had no strength left to lift herself and simply rolled to her side. Justin watched her with affection and satisfaction. He moved behind her to cradle her exhausted body as lube and cum seeped from both of them. He whispered into her ear, “Mine…”

Her eyes closed, she smiled and whispered back, “Only yours… Sir…”

The following week at the office, Lin took to wearing thick turtleneck shirts with collars folded over to hide the locked slave collar, though a rough outline was present. When the few curious onlookers asked why she was wearing that type of garment, she claimed to have suffered a scrape while rock climbing and was sporting a bloodied bandage that she didn’t want others to see. She serviced her master with a daily morning blowjob, evening shower together, and erotic bedtime massage. Justin relented by Thursday morning, trading the collar for a remote-controlled panty vibe for the remainder of her sentence. The following several days, while at work, Lin wore a long thick bandage on her right near the collar-line to continue the ploy.

Justin claimed to have cut his heel after stepping on a broken bottle in his front yard. He blamed neighborhood teens for partying late on the weekend with ill-gotten beer. He kept his boot off behind his desk to air the wound out as Lin would bring and take paperwork with a wink and a smile. She sashayed her hips on the way out every time with a look over her shoulder to watch the Major watching her go. He couldn’t help but smile at her every time.

Lin thought to herself about the Major, now her master… her man, and the assignment as she sat back down. Did he choose to become my dominant? Or did I control him into it? Hmm… does it really matter? She felt safe, whole, and loved without question as a broad smile broke across her face. Just as soon as she was settled a surging pulsation from the vibe in her crotch began. She started typing as she bit her lip, quietly gasping as she crossed her legs…


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