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Duty Bound

by Guy le Bouc

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© Copyright 2023 - Guy le Bouc - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; oral; collar; gag; cuffs; outdoors; strip; crop; sex; office; tape; rom; cons; X

Continues from

Part 6: August and Everything After

Colonel Kim cordially invites you to the retirements of Sergeant Lin and Major Justin at three o’clock on Friday, the twelfth of August, in the Unit Conference Hall. Refreshments and hors d’oeuvres provided following the ceremony. Formal uniform dress and business attire requested.

It was Monday, zero week. Justin stared at the card that had been on his desk the past month from the command staff’s office that Lin had crafted even earlier. A box in the corner held most of the Major’s effects from around his office, the walls stripped of old awards and mementos. He thought about how he never really looked at them anyway and resolved to store them in the basement at his house. He looked out of the blinds to the long, now browning grass which still waved in the wind, his mind wandering.

Knock, knock…

“Sir? Colonel Kim was wondering if you’ve got your farewell speech done. She needs some anecdotes for her part of the ceremony.” Lin surprised the Major, outlined as she was in his office doorway, breathtaking as ever.

He immediately started getting hard as soon as he laid eyes on her. “Oh, Li… Sergeant… um, I’ll get her something tomorrow.”

Lin took a few steps in behind the door and hissed in a hushed breath, “I thought you were working on that last night! What time did you come to bed?”

He whispered back, “Two a.m. I couldn’t think of anything!”

In an annoyed tone, “Well how about working on it here instead of at home?” She continued silkily, “…So you can work on me instead!”

Justin suppressed a smile. “Ok, but you got homework to start too!”

“What do you think I’ve been doing here at the office!?” Lin had been getting ahead of her class start date the last few weeks, particularly detailing the assignment in her ‘Intro to Psychology’ syllabus having to do with another’s affirmative choice or being controlled into a desired outcome from the night that she admitted her love for Justin, and his (eventual) reciprocation.

“You mean aside from procuring school supplies?” Justin noticed a growing stack of computer paper, folders, binders, and other items he recognized from work amassing in their home.

Still in a hushed voice, she put on her faux baby-daddy tone, “Oh Sir! You’ve found me out! Surely such thievery calls for some strict disciplining…” Lin struck a strut pose with her hip out to the left and the opposing leg straightened to the right, her hands folded behind her back as she leaned forward with her bust out. Justin’s erection stiffened as he straightened in his chair. Lin dropped her stance seeing as she had his full attention, “… IF you get your going-away speech done!”

Justin let a growl slip out, “Rrrr… Okay!”

“Oh, hi Lin! Hey Just!” John unexpectedly sauntered into the end of the conversation. Lin held a small smile as Justin shifted in his chair uncertainly, an awkward look on his face. “The commander wants a written portfolio to brief your replacement by the end of the day. You know, current projects, future outlays, risk analysis stuff, that kind of thing.”

A devious smile slowly curled as Lin’s eyes sparkled sinisterly. “Seems like you won’t be getting off early tonight, Sir. I’ll close down the office if you need me to.” She glanced at John. “(Sigh) My climbing date may turn into a solo… it’s always so much more fun with a partner though”, as she left the room. Her meaning was perfectly clear to the Major if he didn’t get everything done by nightfall.

John, oblivious, watched Lin leave and said, “Wow, she’s really gotten into this climbing thing!”

Major Justin shooed John out and closed his office door. Over the next three and a half hours, try as he might, images of Lin getting herself off in various positions, restraints, and with differing toys nagged at him as he tore through the commander’s request, not caring if the information was correct or complete.

Knock, knock…

The door cracked open as Lin stuck her head in. “Sir, are you taking lunch?”

Justin had just finished his first task for the commander as he squared the stack of papers. “No Sergeant, I have a speech to write. Then I’m planning some corrective actions for an unruly subordinate later.”

Lin pouted, “You should really eat something, Sir!”

“Fine. Get in here then. I’m in the mood for some hot and spicy Asian.”

She grinned deviously as Justin looked into her beautiful eyes. Lin stuck her right arm inside of the door, bent at the elbow and formed a loose fist, shaping her mouth into a perfect O while she mimed stroking a cock back and forth, her tongue repeatedly pushing out against the inside of her cheek. Justin wanted to run to the door and pull her inside. She giggled as she disappeared and closed him in, leaving Justin’s cock to throb under his desk. He pulled out a lined notebook and stared out the window into the grassy field once more. The Major started scribbling notes down at a measured pace, filling one page after the next…

“Uh-uh, not until I see what you wrote!”

“Do you have yours done?”

“A long time ago! Come on, let’s see it!”

“Ok, but It’s nothing great…” Justin tossed his notebook to his scantily clad girlfriend, his cock hardening under his uniform.

Lin flipped through his writings as she sat on the corner of the bed in black silk stockings, matching bra and lace panties. “Hmm…” Justin couldn’t take his eyes off her as he inhaled her aroma of coconut and hibiscus, slowly creeping up to her as she scanned each page. “…Blah, blah …enlisted …see the world …yada, yada… best times of my life… greatest people I’ve ever known… Well, it’s ok. Seems like you rushed to get it done.” She looked up at him accusingly though she wore a smirk.

“I did not! I really put some effort into it! You know I skipped lunch. Ok, I borrowed some from other farewells but…” Lin tossed the notebook over her shoulder and slid off the bed onto her knees. She quickly unbuckled Justin’s pants, pulling them and his underwear down to his socks. She roughly grasped his dick as she scooted herself forward. Justin was shocked at her sudden change in swagger, though his cock was more than willing to indulge her.

“Hmmm… seems like you had one last detail to do today”, said with a sex-filled lilt. “I’ve been such a bad, bad girl for taking all those things from work.”

“Uh, but, um… Ohhh!” Lin started vigorously sucking the head of his member while stroking the shaft. Her beautiful eyes sparkled looking up at him as her hair, which was down, softly brushed against his thighs at a regular pace. “Oh fuck, Ooh hu, ohh! Lin!” Justin tried to stop but put a hand on the back of her head instead as she continued unabated. “Ughn, mmmn, Lin… please, oh uhn fuugh, su-stop. Uhnn! S-stop.”

Lin ended with a suckling pop as she released his head, though she continued to hold his shaft. “What’s wrong?”

Justin’s base self wanted her to continue but his rational mind had an important item to take care of first. “Lin… listen, I wanted to get you a nice going-away gift for the ceremony too, but the commander wouldn’t go for it. They’re just getting you a plaque.”

“So?” Justin’s cock still in hand, near her mouth.

“Well…” He was still wearing his uniform top and fished something out of a pocket. “Um, here.” He held out a bulky, shiny object obscured in his cupped hand.

Lin looked at it and back at his face before she let go of Justin’s cock and took it from his hand. Holding it up, she practically yelled at him, “What the fuck did you do! Justin!” She looked back up at him in disbelief.

“Well, I hope you like it.”

“A Cartier watch! It’s too much! This is way too much! Take it back!”

“No, I can’t. Look on the back.”

Lin flipped the luxury watch over and found an inscription on the back. Thanks… I love you too. She looked back at Justin in disbelief who was now helping her to her feet. “How much did this cost!?”

Justin sprung a gob smacked expression at Lin’s reaction. “That… that doesn’t matter. I just thought you deserved something better than a plaque… and I wanted to give it to you.”

“Justin! You’re not gunna have any money for school!”

“Lin, you deserve it… and I love you.”

“I love you too ya jerk!” She kissed him and Justin took the watch, putting it on Lin’s wrist, snapping the watch clasp closed. As Lin looked at it, she was torn between how much of a gesture it was, and how it was really too expensive for her.

“I want you to wear it, and not just for special occasions.” Justin removed the rest of his uniform. “Now, you’re going to wear these because you’ve been such a bad girl and earned some punishment for all your procurements.” He held up the ball gag and slave collar. Lin made to take the watch off, but Justin stopped her, grasping her arm. “I said, I want you to wear it.”

Lin wanted to disobey him and take it off anyway lest it get scratched or damaged during play time. “…Yes Sir.”

“Safe word?”

“Sandwiches,” she replied with a smile.

Justin helped her put the bondage items on, as well as the extra restraints from the eyebolts on her wrists and ankles. Her neck collared and mouth muzzled, he clipped her hands together behind her back. Lin gave a questioning look as he took the four other manacles from the underbed restraints. Justin finished by attaching the leash to her and snatching up the riding crop. He kept the tension on the leash as he led her out of the bedroom and made for the back door. Night had fallen and it was a new moon, leaving a clear night sky open with pristine views of the stars and planets. “Hmmr?” Justin ignored her as he walked her out the back door to the patio where a padded chaise lounge was fully reclined, located in the middle of the lawn. Lin, a bit concerned about public exposure, noted how the high wooden fence surrounding the back of the house blocked the view from immediate neighbors. The darkness of night cloaked them from any would-be voyeurs.

“While I do have some punishment for you in mind, there’s something special in store as well.”

What’s more special than the watch?! Lin thought as she felt it on her wrist, brushing against the small of her back.

The cool evening air felt bracingly good on Lin’s skin. The act of being led into the openness of outside from the safety and refuge of their house gave Lin a wild rush that excited her. Adrenalin from the thrill of possibly being seen bound and gagged, watched as she was being led by her master, gave her an edge from total vulnerability. She became very horny with the thought of perchance being objectified and lusted after by an unknown peeping tom. Her master Justin, being fully nude and in control eased her fears and made her confident in his boldness with this new fantasy. Justin stopped and attached the extra manacles at four points along the arms and legs of the lounger. He then turned to Lin, “Use your safe word any time if this is too much.” She appreciated the respect given to back out without admonishment but had faith in her master all the same. Besides, she was curious as to the “something special” accompanying her punishment.

Justin slowly removed Lin’s bra and then her panty. Lin moaned as only her black silk stockings and bondage gear adorned her. Justin’s cock was rock hard as he pressed up against her, one hand feeling her shorn pubic hair and the wetness at her pussy, the other firmly running up her back. “Thank you for trusting me. Now, as for your punishment slave,” he put one hand up into her hair and pulled her head back while the other firmly gripped her left butt cheek, “maybe a dozen lashes should cover it?” Lin moaned some more as Justin began to roughly move his hands over her body, kissing her neck and nipples as she stood naked in the grass, her hands cuffed behind her. His course strong fingers caressing and pressing into her, she began to feel very warm under his touch. Slowing, he unclipped the leash and then her hands. He growled at her, “Get on the chair, doggy position.” She complied, crawling into place as Justin watched her, his cock standing on end with desire. He started clipping the restraints on her extremities to the manacles attached to the lounger. The chair’s padding made her captive position quite comfortable as Justin moved around her, his cock bouncing as he walked from spot to spot. Fully restrained to the chair with her ass up and exposed Justin stated, “Start counting bitch.”

SWAT! The first strike to her left butt cheek was hard and stung. Lin winced and squealed into her gag, “Ooomm! Oumn Hrrr!” The second came to her right butt cheek. SWAT! “Hoom Hrrr!” SWAT! “Hmee Hrrr!” Justin alternated strikes to either side as Lin nearly yelled out the count due to the force behind the crop. SWAT! “Hmorr Hrr!” By eight, Lin jangled the restraints with each lick, gripping the padding as her ass became hot and reddened. She tried to stifle how loudly she was responding as the sound of cracks filled the air. Lin supposed if anyone was listening, it sounded like a very prolonged slow-clap in the darkness. SWAT! “Mmmelvv Hrrr!” The final lash done, she was shaking slightly, aroused by the public act of her master disciplining her fully exposed under the stars, despite how enclosed the yard was.

“Good girl.” Smack! Justin gave one playful strike to her pussy making Lin jump and her sex pulsate. Justin placed the shaft of the crop between her butt cheeks, “You don’t want to drop this, or else I’ll find another way for you to hold it.” She clenched her rear gripping the crop, dreading any more licks to her derrière, or how she’d be forced to grip it differently lest she drop it. Justin moved to Lin’s front and loosened the ball gag, letting it hang around her neck. He glanced at Lin’s watch, the luminescent hands indicating the time. He grabbed Lin’s hair at the back of her head and moved his massive hardon directly in front of her lips. Lin opened as he filled her mouth.

Her master started slowly at first, allowing her to wet his shaft from tip to base. Justin became more vigorous with his thrusts in short order. “Gugck, guck, gugck…” Lin looked up at him silhouetted against the night sky as he kept a firm grip on the bulk of her silky black hair, keeping her mouth level with his pillar. He pulled her into him as he shoved his cock further back into her mouth. Her eyes began to water and breathing strained. Finally, he left himself far back into her as her neck strained and airway was cut off for a full ten seconds. Lin contorted her wrists and ankles trying to control her gag reflex as stifled sounds of protest came from her throat. “Aughuh, ughuh…” He released her, pulling out of her mouth and allowing her a moment to breathe. He repeated cutting off her airway with his throbbing rod several more times, each time eliciting a furrowed look of worry, twisted wrists and ankles, and the same guttural noises. After the final cramming into her mouth, he pulled out slowly, admiring the string of saliva clinging to his tip as she inhaled sharply. Justin moved behind her, Lin anticipating where her master was going to put his cock next. She felt a hand run up her right calf to her thigh, Justin feeling the sheer silk stocking. He took the crop from her and threw it to the ground. Her sex became even more wet as he placed his hands one at a time on her deliciously rounded ass. “Oh Sir! Ungh!” One knee on the lounger behind Lin, the other foot on the grass, Justin worked his iron rod into her waiting sex. “Ugh, oh, oh, ugh!” He began to drive into her harder and faster. SMACK! “OOh!” Justin’s beast ignited and he began fucking her fervently under the night sky, letting loose with intermittent spanks to her already tender cheeks. “Oooh! Sir, ohh! FUCK!”

“Fuckin’ take it! TAKE IT BITCH!” Justin growled through bared teeth.

“OOOh! Sir! F-Fuck me harder! OOohh! S-SIR! OOOh! OH!” His rapid ramming threatened to shake the metal frame of the lounger apart and Lin worried the squeaking, and their own hedonistic noises, really would alert someone as to their activities. Try as she might, however, Justin’s beast didn’t afford her the chance to reign in her own reactions. “OOOh! FUCK! SIR! I’m gunna CUM! OOOhhOOHH!” SMACK! The beast riding her from behind gripped her ass all the harder as his assault continued nonstop.

“RUrrrah! UGggh! RaaugH!” Lin’s eyes rolled back and her mouth stretched open as Justin achieved a pace so hard and fast, the legs of the chair began to dig into the turf. Lin’s breasts rotated in concentric patterns, intensely knocking into each other as they roughly completed a repeating circuit. Her nipples became hardened and sensitive, reactive to Justin’s thrusting and the night air. A dog began barking somewhere in the distance, a few blocks away.

“AAaaaHHH! OOOOH GOD! OOOOh!” Lin shook and her vagina convulsed under Justin hammering into her, the full length of his cock and balls dripping with her juices. “FUUCK! SIR! I’m gunna cum! I-I’M CUUUMMING!” Sprays of her essence issued, soaking the padding on the chair. “AAAHHH! OOh! Ugh! Ugh! OOOHhh!” Her arms and legs shook with the force of the orgasm as Justin kept up his pace unabated. He suddenly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as he gave her another powerful slap to her bottom, clinching him before she felt his cock tremble and pulsate within her. “OOOooHH! Oh! OH! OH!”

“RAAAHHH! RUgh! UGH! UGH! FUCK! Uuggh!” Justin ejaculated a massive load within her flower, his rhythm gradually slowing as she felt his shaft repeatedly convulse within. He released Lin’s sleek black hair as a cold sweat covered them both. His force spent, his cock slid from her wet and roughly used pussy. Both were breathing hard as Justin laid forward on her back, his contact keeping her warmed against the chill of the air. He released her arms as she collapsed forward on her chest, their breathing the only sounds now. He eventually unclipped her legs as well, returning to lay on top of her. It felt like hours passed as the heat of their bodies insulated them against the darkness.

Lin felt so very at peace with Justin cradling her, almost forgetting that they were totally exposed to the neighborhood. She was nearly asleep when Justin suddenly gasped sharply and grasped her watch to check the time. “Shoot! Lin, here, turn over.” Her eyes were groggy as Justin prodded her to twist with him, rotating to face the sky above. Justin pressed his body against her, spooning her for warmth. Lin wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be looking for at first as she squinted above. The stars and planets were beautiful enough as the darkened sky allowed an exquisite viewing of the heavens. She waited, questioningly glancing at Justin as he stared earnestly above, not wanting to break the silence and ask what he was looking for. She returned her gaze overhead, picking out the constellations she knew and looking at the brighter points of light. Justin slowly raised a finger to the north, indicating an area just over the fence line. Lin scanned the sky some more before, “Oh!” A brilliant streak of light quickly flashed from where Justin was pointing. “A shooting star!”

“Keep watching.”

Lin’s face quickly lit up, her eyes wide and mouth open in delight as first one, then two, then a half dozen streaks and flashes filled the heavens in short succession. She continued to look as a rare enchantment came over her. More and more falling stars filled the sky. The phenomenon gradually increased in intensity as dozens of delicate streaks showered above them every second. “How?…” Lin looked at Justin, amazed.

“Shhh. No words, just watch.” Justin smiled as he kept her close to him. Lin was astonished all the same, this was quite something special that she was never going to forget. The world went silent as the meteor shower made her gasp in wonder. She couldn’t help pulling her eyes away for a brief moment to give Justin a passionate kiss, running her hand through his hair and down his neck. They stayed on the lounger well into the wee hours watching the Perseids before the chill of the evening finally forced them inside. Justin lovingly showered Lin in the bath, rubbing warm soapy hands over her gracious body before they retreated to the bedroom. Lin fell asleep in his arms, a smile on her face.

It was Friday, the Major and Sergeant took separate cars to the office for the last time, keeping up appearances as usual. Lin wouldn’t let Justin see her dress before leaving the house. As she pulled into the parking lot, she saw the Major watching and seductively allowed her leg to slip from the slit in her skirt as she slowly exited her car, the black silk stocking visible all the way up her graceful leg ending at her thigh with an intricate lace edging, a black garter included just to torture him. Justin got an erection immediately as she smiled slyly at him. “Well, I must say Major, you look good all trussed up like that”, as she strutted up to him and straightened his tie. She was immaculately dressed in her formal uniform, exactly resembling the pin-up girl he’d imagined her to be, dangerously glamorous yet sophisticated, and completely out of his league. Justin admired the way the fabric hugged her curves, and how her jet-black hair was so elegantly fashioned into an elaborate weave. She would have definitely been on the cover of a military-themed pinup calendar in an earlier era. Lin made a point to flash her Cartier watch to him, the silver timepiece setting off her earrings and necklace.

Both finished packing away their office and desk items in the morning before they skipped off to dine at the base club together, figuring no one would think much of it on their last day. They met with the commander one last time in the early afternoon. “Well, as of 12:01 AM this morning, you both are officially retired from active service!” The Colonel held out their discharge papers.

“Yes Ma’am.”

“Oh stop it Justin! You can call me Kim now. You too Lin.”

Lin took her papers, “Thank you Ma’am.”

Colonel Kim gave a flustered look at the pair of them standing in front of her desk. “Alright, we’ll see y’all in the conference hall a little before three. You have any plans for the rest of the afternoon?”

Justin hadn’t really thought about it and was quite surprised when Lin spoke up first. “Oh, I think we can come up with something. There’s always been one thing I wanted to do before we left.” Justin maintained a poker face but was shocked at Lin’s provocative connotations. Perhaps it was just paranoia, given their besotted activities.

“Well just stay out of trouble you two”, Colonel Kim indifferent to Lin’s response, she proceeded to study her appointment calendar. Lin let a devious grin grow as her eyes shifted to Justin. He couldn’t help but notice as his unit again began to stiffen down the leg of his pants. “You’re dismissed.” Justin and Lin rendered proper parting salutes as the commander resignedly rendered one back.

Out in the hallway, “What the hell was that…”

“Shush! Follow me!” Lin led the way at a trot in her heels though she remained danger-close to Justin. Leading him firmly by the hand, she wore a huge grin the whole way back to their work area, Justin surprised that there was nobody around. Upon reaching Justin’s office, Lin all but shoved him inside and forcefully closed the door, locking it behind her. She turned with a devilish smile and dangerous eyes pointed at Justin, “Now, about that one last thing I always wanted to do…”

Justin was aghast but horny all the same at Lin’s suggestion. “What, here?!”

Lin slowly walked seductively with her hands behind her, one foot in front of the other, her chest heaved out, as her eyes gave a smolder so hot, they threatened to set the room ablaze. “You promised to give me what I desire, Sir.” She snatched up a roll of packing tape left on the desk and tossed it to the Major. “Just be careful with my hair, Sir. I just got it styled.”

“Oh… The hell with it!” Justin ripped open his uniform jacket, grabbing Lin around the waist, one hand worked up her back as the other grasped her rear. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her fingers in his hair as they made out in a wild passionate tempest, their tongues darting as Lin moaned rapturously. Justin’s beastly-self erupted, he needed to own and dominate her, exactly as she desired. He gave up his control freely, to become what she wanted, a wild sex-starved deviant that coveted only her.

“Fuck me in your uniform!” as he moved his animalistic kissing to her neck, one hand still gripping her ass, the other unbuttoning her shirt and moving onto her breast. “Oh! Please! No marks Sir!” Justin’s rational self overruled his visceral instinct to mark his lady; he resisted leaving a hickey. Eliciting a low growl he spun her around, pulling her wrists behind her and began wrapping the light brown packing tape quickly around her wrists. Partially bent over the edge of the desk with her shirt buttons undone, she panted with a gleeful smile. He gave her bottom a smart smack as he continued to grope her, his hand moving up the slit in her dress caressing the sheer black silk stocking. Justin was quite surprised to find she was wearing no panties as his tense fingers found her sex very wet with clit pronounced. Lin gave a little laugh at Justin’s shock. Gathering himself he growled, “Oh, you naughty fuck-toy!”, turning her around and getting her to her knees. Lin still held an open smile as Justin unzipped his fly, his cock sprang forward like a drawbridge. She opened wide as he grasped the back of her head and rammed his cock deep between her dark ruby lips.

“Ungngh, Mumngh!” Lin barely had the opportunity to moisten his rod before he stuffed his full length inside. She flexed her fingers, winced, and batted her eyes, trying not to ruin her mascara from having her throat fucked so hard. “Gugk, guck, guck! Ah, ah!.. Gugck, guck…” His unit felt like a baseball bat being crammed passed her lips, deepthroating her as a lock of hair fell down her face. He kept at it until he was almost ready to explode in her throat, but retracted, his cock hard thoroughly doused in saliva and tingly.

Lin looked up at him as he ripped a piece of packing tape and sealed her mouth. Her eyes went wide as she tried to open against the impromptu gag. Satisfied that she wouldn’t be able to, Justin got her to her feet and pushed her up against the wall, hiking her dress up to her hips as he roughly felt up her body. He got to his knees now as she looked down at him, her hands bound behind her and mouth forced shut. He dived into her pussy with his tongue, Lin threw her head back and moaned loudly in ecstasy. Down on one knee, Justin guided her right leg up and over his left shoulder, bracing one hand against the wall as he continued to fuck her clit and pussy with his tongue. Lin squealed her enjoyment of her sex being plundered so as Justin slowly inserted two fingers into her. “Mmommph MMmm Gmwodf!” Lin’s bust burst forth from her shirt as she heaved under the stimulation. He continued to drive his fingers into her wet lips, sucking on her clit in a pulsating manner, driving her wild. The garter on her thigh tickled his ear as he worked to drive her depravity as far as possible. He vigorously increased the momentum of his fingers and tongue as she writhed against the wall, pushing herself into his face. Justin took his hand from the wall and cupped her butt cheek, pulling her further into him. “Mummph! Mummph! MOooMMoph!” Lin was on the edge of cuming as her beast of a man spread her pussy lips wide with his strong fingers, flipping her clit side to side, up and down with his nimble tongue, while pulsing and suckling her bud with his lips. “MMOOoMMph! Mmmr! MMMRR!” Lin trembled and shook, orgasming loudly as her juices sprayed over Justin’s lips and down his neck. “Mumm! Mumm! MuuMM!” Justin kept at it a bit longer as she convulsed, riding the hot wave of pleasure she was receiving.

“Ah! Mmmm, you taste so sweet!” Justin licked his lips as he let Lin’s leg down. He stood and grabbed her by the waist, his rock-hard cock swinging side to side, quickly guiding her to the narrow end of the desk. Bending her over, he kicked her black leather heels widely apart and taped her ankles to the corner legs of the desk. He hiked her skirt up again as she strained to look at him in his uniform with his erect cock hanging out of his pants behind her.

Justin gripped her bare ass as he guided his unit into her wet throbbing sex. “MMMOoMMph!” His shaft slid into her up to his balls and he began thrusting into her lustfully. Her body quaked under his beastly rage as he drove into her harder and harder. SLAP! “OOOMmmm!” His open hand smack left a reddened print on her gorgeous rump as he quickened his pace. Her walls were quivering under his constant ramming, drawing out her orgasm into a long, pronounced tidal wave of cuming. “Mmmm! Mumm! MuMM! MooMM Mmm GMmmdDD! MMMooh! MMrrr!” She was so loud and her man so rapacious, the desk proceeded to scoot across the carpeting. Justin’s rational mind panicked that someone would hear what was going on in his office. His beast won over the argument though as he’d willingly given up his control to dominate his lady as she’d desired. He was literally and figuratively in too deep.

Justin’s pace increased more as Lin screamed through the tape gag, her ass rippling against his pounding. “AUUggh! Fuck! AUugh! Augh! Augh!” His shaft trembled and erupted within her gushing vagina. An immense load shot deep as his cock pulsed within, his pace gradually slowed, and Lin’s sounds of orgasmic pleasure became softer and softer. As Justin hurriedly removed the tape from her ankles, wrists, and mouth, he panted aloud “Oh, fuck! Oh, Lin… I fucking love you!”

“Oh my God! Sir! Oh, I love you too!” she breathed heavily, quickly trying to get her uniform back in order. She looked at her watch, “Shit! Sir, we’re going to be late!”

Justin grinned as he fixed his shirt, jacket, and pants. He gave her a kiss, “Hey, don’t worry about it. We can’t get in trouble, we’re already discharged!”

Lin gave a harangued look all the same and they quickly agreed to take five minutes in the restrooms to make sure they got themselves in order. They met back in the hall and walked at a brisk pace to the unit conference hall where Colonel Kim and John were waiting outside. “Where have you two been!”, the commander demanded.

Justin spoke up at once, “Ma’am, I allotted myself to be late to three things in my life: my birth, my retirement, and my funeral. I’m two for three so far.”

Colonel Kim snickered at his rejoinder, “Well, I guess you rate that. Ok let’s get going.”

The retirement ceremony began with the commander, the Major, and the Sergeant seated on stage. John served as MC and proffer from behind a podium. Justin kept looking over at Lin, she smiled sweetly back at him. “Attention to orders….” John read the awards decrees as final medals were pinned to their chests. The commander then proceeded to relate funny and poignant stories about the two of them and how distinguished their careers were. Justin’s mind was elsewhere, thinking about how none of it really mattered to him anymore. His thoughts were, for once on the future, and Lin, and how much he wanted her to be in his life.

Nearing the final part of the ceremony, Justin looked into Lin’s eyes once more. I really don’t deserve her. She could do so much better than me…

Colonel Kim summarized, “…and now I’ll turn it over to the Major and Sergeant for their parting thoughts!” She sat and the two of them looked at each other for a minute.

“Ladies first.”

“No Sir, you go.”

“But you should…”

“Sir! I insist!” There was a round of chuckling from the crowd.

Justin approached the podium, looking first at Lin’s graceful face, then the crowd with all eyes on him. She smiled as he thought for a moment, then quietly folded his speech, and put it in his pocket. He began slowly, almost speaking to himself. “…I am not brave, I’m not courageous, I’m not dashing or daring or particularly good looking. Those people, my friends, are mostly gone … except for one, a very special one. I spent a good deal of my life being afraid… afraid of who I am, afraid of trusting and letting someone in… The one, who saved me when I didn’t think I deserved saving, I owe them for the small period of happiness that’s elapsed in my life. I’d be wretched and angry about how I would be without them… I wouldn’t want to know me… how my life would be without them in it” The audience went deafeningly silent as they stared in confusion. “I missed out on my opportunity to die for my country, and I was left with living out the rest as best I could, alone. This uniform will come off today, be hung in a closet, and what would I have left?” His eyes began to water, “I would have devolved in a spiral as the one thing I had lived for, was now over. It was the greatest honor of my life to have served my country, but I never planned for it to end… and what would I have left? Nothing.” Lin was looking at him, full of compassion, on the edge of her seat, her eyes glossy. “But life hardly ever works out the way you think it will. And one thing wonderful happened to me, because they wanted me, and I needed them. Someone special broke into my shell of a life, and made me want to start living for them… to be with them. They made me realize, I’m not defined by my rank, my medals, my awards. They made me realize where true happiness is… I’ll cherish that person, for as long as I’m living… because they’re nice to me, they care for me. Love…. I’d lived so long without that, I thought it didn’t exist, much less how much I needed it. I hope… I’m lucky enough they will want to live with what’s left of me… because I’ll love them forever.” A tear finally ran, he reached in his jacket to wipe it away with his handkerchief. “Goodbye everyone, and good fortune.” He sat down, solemn faced, his heart aching for Lin.

There was a low murmur through the audience as Lin remained seated for a minute and dabbed her eyes. She took a deep breath before she boldly stood and stepped to the podium. The crowd went silent once more. In a strong voice she began, “I’m going to break a rule, the first rule… and I must strongly disagree with the Major…” Lin pulled a yellowed, wrinkled piece of paper from her pocket, carefully unfolded, and smoothed it. “I had a friend who became more than a friend, someone who thought they were broken, someone who falsely believed they were alone… someone who saved me and is everything they said they weren’t… Sometimes, when we try to find our way back… we just need a little help to get us where we deserve to be.” Lin looked from the audience to the Major, smiled and then turned her gaze on the note in front of her. She began to read aloud.


I hope you make it out of here. I wish it’d been me that took the hit. I was so scared that I’d lose you. Being around you gave me hope, your smile made me forget how desolate I am. You deserve to have someone who would love you, care for you, give you what you desire. You’re a beautiful soul in an unkind world. If things could be different, your warmth would be all I need. I was always too afraid to tell you, I wanted to be with you, to be yours alone, to be the man you wanted. You make me feel like I’m not hopeless. You’re the beautiful flower of my dreams. I wish I could be yours.

Safe journey home,


Some people in the audience gasped as a chitter broke between individuals. Lin refolded the note and placed it in her pocket, close to her heart. Softly but with conviction she continued, “The Major is an amazing man who doesn’t give himself enough credit, and never gave himself a chance… until lately.” She gave a devil-may-care grin with a sidelong glance at Justin. “He saved me, as much as he needed saving from himself. He’s right in that life hardly ever works out the way you think it will…. And sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.” Justin was in shock enough about her spilling the beans on their relationship, but to hint at what was his first time with her! “It’s so very rare when one’s wants and needs ever meet, let alone between two people. So rare, that I never want it to end, because he deserves all the love I have… And I do love him. He will never have to doubt that, ever. Justin, I love you!” As an aside Lin quickly said, “Thank you, it was an honor to serve.”

There was a fire in her eyes as she strutted to the Major, her man. She grabbed him by the tie as he got up to his feet. “Don’t worry Sir, we can’t get in trouble…” Lin put her arms around his neck and planted a bliss filled kiss on his lips that made the room freeze as if time stood still. Justin wrapped his arms around her body, his soul on fire for her. Lin lifted one leg in the air as a sudden burst of hoots, applause, and cheers filled the air. John and the commander stood along with everyone else with wide smiles and hands clapping. Justin and Lin finally broke from each other, hand in hand as they proceeded quickly between the rows and out into the hallway.

It was two weeks after their retirement ceremony and Justin was pouring over a book on statistical analysis techniques relative to data mining at the dining room table. Lin was in the office at the computer, typing away. “Sir! Do you think you could help me out with an assignment?”

Justin called back, “Yeah, whatcha’ need?” He heard her stop, move the chair back and pad out of the office.

“Well, I’ve been working on this paper about female sexual arousal and gratification denial, and I’m stuck. I think some practical application would help me better understand the subject, if you’ve got the time, Sir?” Lin appeared in the doorway with the ball gag and studded leather blindfold in hand, wearing her single O-ring leather slave collar, wrist and ankle restraints, and nothing else.

Justin stood, smiling broadly. “Well, I think I can help get you unstuck. It may take the better part of the weekend to get you the proper amount of… research.” She smiled slyly as she grinded her hips. They passionately kissed before he led her by the collar ring into the bedroom, and closed the door.


As I wrote this story piecemeal, more of the truth slipped in than originally intended. As mentioned in the beginning, the work contains elements of how my other half and I became… entwined. More so than planned. Which parts are true and which are fantasy? A gentleman will never kiss and tell…

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