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The Barn

by Bucky Goldstein

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© Copyright 2020 - Bucky Goldstein - Used by permission

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Part 1

Bobbie approached the barn from out of the woods, the barn being about 200 yards from the trail that snaked through the forest between the two southern Vermont towns where this barn was located. She could see the lights were out in the house, the barn being about 50 yards from the house. 

It had been raining, the woods were damp, she stopped at the tree line and watched the house for more than a minute. No signs of life.

Gathering up her courage she stepped into the clear and made a quick quiet run to the back door of the barn. The door was open! She opened the door, and then slipped off her shoes stepping into the barn, not wanting to risk leaving any tracks that she had been here, again.

She crossed the floor of the barn, and slowly started going up the stairs to the second floor, again being as quiet as possible. She smiled to herself remembering the first time she had visited this barn…

She had been on a hike along the trail earlier that spring during Easter vacation when a spring shower had come in quickly. The skies had opened up and in barely a minute she was soaked. She had seen the barn through the trees, and had come running to get out of the rain and lightning. The front door of the barn had been open; without a moment’s hesitation she had gone in. The rain had lasted about twenty minutes. 

At first she had remained at the door, but she was thirsty so she had gone in search of water. She had found a rudimentary bathroom under the stairs. In the bathroom was a mirror, it wasn’t until she looked in the mirror that she realized the soaking wet white t-shirt she was wearing did nothing to hide her bra and boobs underneath, the bra was a single layer white one. She screamed, and then quickly closed her mouth realizing that her scream would only cause unwanted attention. Still in the bathroom she took off the t-shirt and started twisting it over the sink, trying to wring as much water out of it as possible.

Once she had done that she had opened the door to the bathroom, checked the space for anyone, and had quietly snuck out holding the t-shirt in her hand. She looked around the barn, saw the stairs, and quickly went up, relaxing a little upon reaching the second floor. She knew she would hear anyone coming up the stairs, and could get dressed before she was discovered. She then started exploring the second floor. There was a large open space, and two doors for rooms on the left side and a wall in the back with another door facing the front of the barn. She tried all of the doors. The two side doors were storage rooms with hardware for the house in one and for the property in the second. The wall in the back looked to be much newer than the rest of the barn. She opened the door, the room was dark. She turned on the light switch inside the door and stopped.

Well this was a surprise. There was a rope hanging from the ceiling with a pair of leather wrist cuffs hanging from it. On the wall in front of her was a flogger, riding crop, and black rubber paddle and a couple of other leather impact items, none of which she understood, except the riding crop. She saw a cupboard next to where everything was hanging on the wall with its doors open. There were more leather items on one shelf and a couple of vibrators and dildos on the shelf below, most of the phalluses in their original packages.

Bobbie’s original plan had been to also take off her bra, let both the t-shirt and bra dry out by hanging them up while she waited a little while. Instead she quickly put on the t-shirt, pulled it away from her chest, and ran leaning forward down the stairs and out of the barn at a sprint back to the trail. She had been able to make it home, a mile away, without anyone seeing her. She ran up the stairs to her room and quickly changed. She then sat down on her bed and thought about what she had seen. Most of it she didn’t understand, but the cuffs and the phalluses had grabbed her attention, and she couldn’t stop thinking about them. 

She had visited the barn again, this time late at night on Memorial Day weekend. She had come up for a job interview for the summer; this time she visited after 11:30 at night. The house was dark. She had brought a small flashlight. The back door to the barn was open, how nice to be in rural Vermont. She had entered stealthily, made her way up to the second floor, and had gone in to explore in the “kinky” room again.

What she had planned to be a quick 5 minute visit turned into half an hour. She had looked at and inspected all of the phalluses, even turning on the unwrapped ones that vibrated. She had blushed and giggled to begin with, but by the fourth one she had settled down into quizzical exploration. Once done with those she moved on to the cuffs. These were as interesting to her mind as the phalluses below them. She even wrapped and buckled down one of the smaller cuffs to her wrist, holding it up in the air below where she had seen the cuffs hanging on her first visit. She imagined herself attached to that rope; it was making her hot.

She had not returned to the barn again until just over a week later when she had moved up for the summer. The night after her family had returned she had paid another late night visit, this time she had picked up a battery powered portable camping lantern to bring with her, so she would have light without having to turn on the lights in the room. She didn’t arrive until almost 12:30, she had taken her time in approaching the Barn. When she had finally made it up into the room it was like Toy Land. Everything she had remembered from the last visit was there, plus a couple of new items. On the wall was a St. Andrew’s Cross with attachment eye bolts in all four corners. There was a reclining chair with straps on the armrests and legs. The cupboard had also been augmented. Bobbie had smiled to herself, what had promised to be a fun summer was looking even better. 

A few days later she had started her job at the local fast food restaurant. It would keep her with an income source all summer long and busy until well after 11:00 on those nights she worked. She could have visited the barn as often as she liked after work. She had a calendar on her bedroom wall on which she kept track of visits to the barn as well as her periods. She never visited two nights in a row, and never at the same time. Sometimes it was as early as 11:30, and once as late as 2:00. She would stay for as long as an hour and a half, and then go home, masturbating before sleep.

At the end of June she took one of the small vibrators home with her. The doors to the barn were locked for the next week and a half. It was on her fifth attempt since taking the vibrator that the door was open again. This time there was a lock on the cupboard and a pair of cuffs hanging from the rope again, this time from a snap hook. She had gotten the cuffs off the rope, put them on, then attached one of the cuffs back onto the rope. She imagined the other cuff also attached to the rope, standing on her tippy toes, naked.

The next time she had returned, the door to the Kinky room was locked.

The next time the doors were open both to the barn and the kinky room, and the cupboard as well, the lock sitting on a counter next to the cupboard with two keys next to it. She had spent almost two hours in the room that night, trying on all of the items she had tried before. Just before leaving she pocketed one of the keys, with the idea of having a copy made.

Her next visit 3 days later the door to the kinky room was locked, two days after that the doors were open, but the cupboard was locked. Bobbie took the keys from around her neck, and opened the lock. She looked at the counter next to the cupboard and saw a notebook resting on it that had been there the last time she had visited; she lifted it up and placed the original key she had taken under it, and put it down exactly as she had found it. Feeling especially proud of herself she spent almost two hours putting on leather items and vibrating through her panties. She also noticed some new items in the cupboard, two different washes for cleaning and sanitizing the various dildos and vibrators. 

Three days later a new vibrator appeared on the counter, a rabbit vibrator that was as pretty as it appeared functional. It was plugged into a charger sitting on the counter top. She picked it up, still plugged in and turned it on. A huge smile came across her face. The vibrator was quiet and powerful. She put it down and started to gather leather items to put on. She was surprised to find a face harness with a ball gag. Two minutes later she was playing with the buckles cinching it down to her head, including a chin strap, to keep her mouth from opening with the ball in it. The two straps going up either side of her nose, joining on her forehead was setting her off. She was getting hornier by the minute.

Her next visit she had gone in with the idea that she would walk away with the new vibrator and its charger. Upon entering the room she spied a new box on the countertop. As she approached it she could smell leather. There was a name and address on the box, Steven Wright. She carefully folded back the two top flaps to reveal a rather large penis gag and another leather item below that. She took the gag out and examined it, the penis was longer than anything else in the collection of gags. She tried putting it in her mouth, when it hit the back of her mouth she started gagging. She pulled it out and then tried again. A minute later she took the other item out of the box. It was a hood, with a strap going around the neck with round holes that could be secured by pushing the hole down on a post fixed to the other end of the strap. It had zippers that went from the top down the front and another down the back. The back zipper could also be attached to the post. it would go over the collar belt; there was a hole in the top of the post. The inside of the hood featured grommets for lacing so it could be tightened down to the captive’s face, only the top of the lacing was in place. Bobbie opened up the hood, and put her face in the hood. There were two eye holes, nostril holes and a large mouth opening. She breathed deeply through the hood, holding it in place for thirty seconds, then took it off and placed it on the counter. Picking up the gag again, she fitted it into her mouth. Five minutes later she was able to buckle the gag loosely before her gag instinct kicked in. Ten minutes later it was cinched down, the leather backing to the gag tight against her mouth. She wore the gag for the rest of her visit, a challenge to herself. 

Just before leaving she packed up the vibrator and its charger to take with her. She went back to the hood and put it over her head, and buckled it around her neck. She kept it on for a minute, then visibly shaking, she took it off, and placed it back in the box, she placed the now cleaned gag back in as well. She picked up the vibrator and its charger and left

She had been called into work late the next morning. They liked her because she was diligent at her work and never in a hurry to leave at the end of the night. The morning shift was happy, because they knew they were coming into a clean, prepped kitchen. Bobbie had been given a raise and was told she would be closing up the restaurant by the middle of July, which would give her another raise.

She visited the barn the next night. The cupboard was again locked, she pulled out the key now hanging around her neck, and opened it up. She smiled to herself seeing all of the now familiar items, “hello old friends” she said before grabbing the hood. It was now loosely laced all of the way down the back. She pulled out the rubber band holding her long brunette ponytail and then pulled the hood on to her head. She tightened the lacing down, tied a bow at the bottom, pulled the bottom collar belt of the hood around her neck so it was firmly held in place but not choking her, sliding the appropriate hole of the belt down onto the post. Lastly she pulled the back zipper down and slid the zipper handle onto the post. She smiled to herself at the sensation. She then started gathering other items to put on. 

Gone was any of the shyness of earlier in the summer, she was now attaching cuffs, belts and other things with purpose. In a short time she was attaching a spreader bar to her ankle cuffs, and then attaching one of her wrist cuffs to the rope hanging from the ceiling. She then imagined both of her wrists attached to the rope. 

Just before the end of July a new piece of furniture appeared in the kinky room, a table that stood almost waist high for her, in the center of the room. The top was made of ¾ inch plywood. It was 42 inches long and 36 inches wide. On the table were drawn four squares, one in each corner, with a cuff at each corner beside the box. The boxes were pivoted to point at an angle to the corner of the table, with cuffs resting beside each box. These were her favorite cuffs, so she took note of each cuff’s position, then took each one and put it on. On went the hood, and new to the cupboard a pair of leather high heel boots that seemed to fit. Putting them on she realized they were taller heels than she had ever worn before, probably 5 inches. She regularly stood 5’-5”, she liked the feeling of being over 5’-10”. Also in the cupboard was a leather corset that had never been there before. She held it up to her body, nodded, and put it back in the cupboard.

The next time she had come to the barn the table had slots cut into the drawn out boxes. Three days after that, two six-inch wide strips of plywood had been added under the table, going from side to side directly under the square boxes with the slots. One of the slots had been fitted with a cuff’s attachment ring in it. Bobbie admired the job so far, whoever was building this was taking time to build it right. She pulled on the cuff whose attachment ring was fitted in the slot, and with a not too firm tug it came out, the slot was magnetic. Bobbie smiled, and then went around the table testing each of the slots. Each corner worked the same way, now Bobbie was smiling from ear to ear.

The next time she visited a 5/8” blue foam pad like the kind used by backpackers for going under a sleeping bag had been glued to the table top with indentations cut in the foam forming its own bowl around each slot. That night she had put on the hood, wrist and ankle cuffs, and climbed onto the table. She had placed the ankle cuff’s securing rings in first, and then one of the wrist cuff rings. The feeling of being immobilized was beyond words, she almost came when she felt the wrist cuff being pulled in by the magnet. She left the other one out, if the magnets wouldn’t release she would still have one hand free to take off the other wrist cuff.

The next time she had come in a few days later the foam had been covered in black clothing grade leather, the leather appeared to have been treated, it shined. There were stainless steel metal disks with slots now covering the bottom of each bowl, giving the table the look of a professional finish. Each of the disks had four screws in its face. Bobbie bent over and looked under the table, there were steel plates where she could see the bolts had come through with lock nuts on the end of each. The leather had been pulled over each of the table’s sides, which were now rounded over to form a bumper type appearance on all four sides. Leaning her body against the closest side she realized they must have been formed with the same foam as the top, but somehow layered and rounded to form what she was leaning against. She spent at least five minutes admiring the table before moving to the cupboard. That night she tried on the corset for the first time over her bra and t-shirt, it felt nice.

On that same visit she had been really surprised to find a new leather item in the cupboard, a chastity belt with two plugs attached. The one in front being a phallus shaped dildo, not too thick but about 7 inches long with a soft silicon pad extending from its base that was nubbed for stimulating a clit, and a medium sized plug for the back. She inspected it for almost five minutes before putting it aside and putting on the cuffs and hood. Again she climbed on the table and then slipped the ankle rings and one wrist cuff ring into their respective slots. As each ring was magnetically drawn into its slot the smile grew bigger on Bobbie's face. She could just imagine herself completely secured down to the table, with the hood on. When she imagined adding the chastity belt she got a tingle in her crotch that was about as close to an orgasm as she could have gotten.

The next time she came to visit two days later the barn doors were locked, The next time three days later the kinky room door was locked, oh how she wished she had a key for that door. As she was about to start descending the steps she looked back at the closed rear door longingly. Three days later the door to the barn and the kinky room door were both open. She again spent almost five minutes looking at the new chastity belt, going so far as to attach the belt around her waist and just barely getting the end of the crotch belt through her crotch and up to the front buckle. She could feel the two tips of the plugs pressing into her through her shorts. She climbed onto the table and placed the ankle cuff loops into the slots, this time the opposite wrist cuff ring into the front one from the one she had attached the week before. Resting the forth cuff over its respective slot, but with the ring nowhere near the slot gave her a massive thrill. This was so cool!

She visited two more times that week. On the second visit a new surprise had been added, a chain hanging from the ceiling with a snap hook right where her head would be. She set herself up on the table as the three previous times and then raised her head up, it wasn’t until her head was completely vertical that she felt the top of the hood touch the snap. Getting off the table she went back to the cupboard and started going through the other items. Another surprise, the face harness had had its ball gag replaced with the long penis gag, the top of the harness having a securing ring already on it, which she surmised would attach to the clip above the table. She took off the hood and put on the face harness easily taking in the penis now, not even gagging once. She then climbed back on the table and arranged herself in place. When the top of the harness ring touched the clip she had her first hint of an orgasm, a moment later - with the two plugs rubbing her through her shorts - she came. It was the first time she had an orgasm in the room.

On her next visit she had decided to take off her t-shirt and shorts, she would be wearing just her undies. She had another orgasm on the table. The following visit she had attached the right wrist cuff very loosely. She slipped in the ankle cuffs into their respective slots first. While standing on her knees she attached the chain snap to the ring at the top of the head harness. Then slowly started bending at the waist and reaching down fitted the first ring into its slot. She then settled down onto that side's elbow, and then leaned over to the other side. As she lowered herself down so her other elbow rested on the table the chain attached to the harness top pulled at her head. She fitted the loosely fitting cuffs ring into its respective slot, and felt it drawn in by the magnet. There, she was in position on the table, and it felt wonderful. She pulled her hand free of the cuff, to satisfy herself that she could, and then slipped it back in again. She had another orgasm a moment later. 

Two visits later she pulled her panties aside in front, and slipped in the front dildo, then buckled the belt so the plug was pressing against her butt through her panties, with the front one most of the way in. She buckled the loose cuff a little tighter; she had yet to have a problem getting out of the slots by just sharply pulling up each cuff from the slot. Before climbing on the table she took her bra off for the first time. When she finished setting herself up on the table, with both elbows resting on the table she got a new appreciation of how it would feel to be immobilized on the table, her boobs hanging free was a wonderful new sensation. She looked down at them, her nipples were fully erect pointing down at the table. She came a moment later, this being the most powerful orgasm she had felt to date. She smiled to herself, this was becoming addicting.

The summer was passing quickly. On her next visit she switched the harness for the hood, buckling it on tightly and then took off her undies before putting on the chastity belt. She lubed up the plugs, felt the plug pressing against her butt, then fitted the dildo into her vagina, she pulled the belt through the buckle then gave it a sharp tug down, the plug was forced in a little deeper, and the dildo slipped in so it was 2/3’s of the way in, the nubby part barely touching the top of her vaginal lips. She got herself on the table and after a couple of tries got herself into position on the table. The orgasms were getting better, still. 

On her next visit the hood had disappeared, she was disappointed, although the head harness with the penis gag was still a welcome experience. With everything including the chastity belt, the plug still not settled completely into her butt yet on every visit it was getting further in. She had yet another orgasm on the table.

She was getting ever more confident in the room. She was tightening down the loose fitting cuff a little more on each visit. Last week she had finally cinched all four cuffs down, they had come out of the slots as they always did, and the hood had returned, but now it had a ring attached to each side of the top of the zippered sides. The hood could now be attached to the chain above the table! This just kept getting better and better...

Which brought her back to tonight. Tonight she was going to put on the chastity belt the way it was supposed to be worn. She had been thinking about tonight for two weeks. She just couldn’t get enough of this room!

She went up the stairs, the door was open. She slowly entered the room, placing the light in its usual place. She went to the locked cabinet and opened it using her key and started gathering what she would need. Her favorite cuffs, the hood and the chastity belt. She slowly put on each of the cuffs then put the hood on her head. She pulled the lacing tight so the front of the hood was pulled tightly to her face. She buckled the hoods collar tightly around her neck, but not too tight, then zipped the back zipper down to the post so it would be held in place, covering the lacing. She even felt where a lock was supposed to go through the post to hold everything in place. Finally she began to get ready for the chastity belt. She took off her clothes completely and fitted the belt tightly around her waist. She then reached between her legs and brought the belt through placing first the plug then the dildo into place at their respective entrances. She then brought the belt up and through its buckle, and tightened that up, she felt the tips enter her. She then reached around and started slowly pumping the plug ever deeper. A minute later Bobbie was ready to finally push the plug all of the way in. She did, and moaned as her anus stretched more than it ever had before, then it was in. It didn’t feel so bad once the bulbous part had gone in. She pushed it deeper so she could feel the base of the plug and the belt touching her butt cheeks. She then brought her hand back to the buckle and pulled the belt tightly into place. Everything was now fitting exactly as it should, and it felt divine!

She walked over to the table and climbed up on it. She placed the first ankle ring, and then the second in their respective slots. Once in place she reached up and grabbed the chain and clip, and attached that to the two rings at the top of the hood. She then reached her right arm down and lowered herself so the first of her wrist cuffs rings slid into its slot. Lastly she reached her left arm down and lowered herself so the fourth ring slid into its slot. She lowered herself slowly down onto her remaining elbow, her head now being pulled up slightly by the chain attached to the hood. She lifted her right arm, the magnetic bond breaking and her arm came back up. She relaxed and put it back down in, feeling the magnetic tug as it slipped back into the slot and settled into place, then relaxed to enjoy the sensations she was experiencing. It wasn’t a minute more before her hips started thrusting and she felt the beginnings of an orgasm coming on. As she let out a deep moan there were four loud bangs around the table at the same time, and a red light flashed on on the wall facing her.

Bobbie’s breath caught. She tried to lift her wrists, they lifted up about a quarter of an inch and then firmly stopped, the same with the ankles. She was locked to the table. She tried again, her limbs were not going to move one bit. The cuffs were all tightened down correctly, there was no way for her to loosen them up. The hood was being held up by the chain, she couldn’t use her teeth to get to the cuff straps to loosen them up. She was resoundingly trapped in place. The confidence she had felt a minute before was now completely gone. She began to panic, oh god what had she done!

A minute later she heard footsteps climbing the stairs, despair was setting in. As the steps approached the door she started sobbing, she knew she was in a world of trouble. The door opened and she froze in place. She was naked, firmly attached to a table with a hood on her head and double plugs in the privates. Could the situation be any worse?

A man came into view, maybe 35 years old, he wasn’t bad looking. Bobbie spoke first, “what are you going to do to me?”

The man leaned against the counter facing the table and smiled. “An interesting question, I have two answers to that. The first more flippant response that comes to mind is that it appears you have done a pretty good job of doing it to yourself. The more important response would be, what would you like me to do to you?”

Bobbie immediately stopped everything. She looked at the smiling man’s face, he was serious. A moment before she had thought she was either going to be raped or turned over to the police. 

“Let’s get introductions out of the way, I’m Steven. Who might you be?”

Bobbie could see he was quite serious. “I’m Bobbie.”

“Bobbie, as in short for Roberta?”

“Please don’t call me that, I hate that name.”

“Okay” he nodded, “Bobbie.”

“Um, I think you should know, I’m a virgin.”

“The two plugs on that chastity belt dispute that response.” He thought for a moment. “Wait a moment, how old are you?” Concern coming onto his face.

“I’ll be 18 in November”, she said trying to make herself sound older.

“Oh, shit! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, SHIT! I’m so very sorry! I’ll get you out of there right away.”

As Steven started to move towards her to release her head, she realized he was completely serious.

“Wait a minute Steven. Can we please talk for a moment?”

“Bobbie this isn’t good at all. I thought watching you over the summer that you were at least 20. The confidence you displayed every time you came here was not that of a 17 year old.” He reached up and unclipped the hood from the chain.

Bobbie kept her head up, “STOP!” she said loudly, enough to get his attention. He stopped. “I’ve thought about getting caught many times over the past four and a half months.”

Steven stepped back in horror. “You discovered this room four months ago?”

“Yes, don’t look so surprised, it was totally by accident. I found it trying to get out of a spring rain shower. The barn was open and I need a place to get out of it. I was wearing a white t-shirt.”

Steven started laughing, “really?”

“Yes”, she started chuckling to herself, “It’s funny now, it wasn’t back then. I haven’t bought a white t-shirt since.”

“I discovered this room trying to find a place to let my t-shirt and bra dry before going out again. You can imagine my embarrassment seeing all of those cocks in the cupboard”. She laughed again, “I was embarrassed, but also curious, very curious. I came back, my curiosity built on every visit.”

“I didn’t know. I’m sorry, this room should have been locked.”

Bobbie smiled through the mask. “Don’t be sorry. Everything in this room has been both educational and very stimulating.”

“I didn’t know that someone had been here until the vibrator disappeared. That was you, wasn’t it?” She nodded her head.

“I installed a surveillance system that covered all of the approaches to the barn and the stairs to the second floor, from the front of the barn looking at this room, and five in here.”

Bobbie was turning beet red under the mask. “You’ve been watching me in here most of the summer?”

“Yes. You have been most entertaining to watch. I thought I had found my ideal play mate.” He made another move as if going somewhere else in the room.

“Wait, are you going to turn me in?” 

“Turn you in, that would be incredibly stupid, and possibly hurt both of us. You irreparably if this ever got out. No, I am going to release you, let you get dressed and leave, and then lock this door for good.”

“Wait; let me think for a moment.”

Steven stopped what he was doing and looked at her questioningly.

“What if you walk away, and let me get myself out of this, and I promise never to come back before I am 18?” 

“You want to come back? Really?”

“Hey, this room has made my summer as much fun as I could ever have imagined. I’m not using drugs, in a gang, or otherwise getting myself in trouble, and most of all this was entirely my doing.”

“So what are you saying?”

“Let me finish what I started this evening. This will be my “end of the summer fling”, and I promise I won’t be back before I turn 18.”

“When do you turn 18?”

“November 16th.” She said looking him straight in the eyes.

Steven looked her right back, thinking. Then he started laughing. “You know I had been waiting for tonight all summer long. I had promised myself that I wouldn’t activate the electromagnetic locking systems until you were completely and properly attired in all that you are wearing. It certainly took you long enough. You wear it very well.”

“Thank you”.

“okay, I’ll give you your request. I’ll even make it more interesting for you. The dildo in your vagina is actually a vibrator. He reached into his pocket, and came out with a remote control fob. He placed it below her right hand. You have the control to turn it on, the choice is completely up to you, but a warning to you - activating the vibrator will mean you are locked to the table until the program ends. I’ll walk away, and release you when I am back in the house if you don’t activate the vibrator. Don’t bother trying to come back again until November; I’ll open the doors again on November 17. The next time you come have your driver’s license with you, I want to see proof of your birth date before anything more happens between us.”

He was walking towards the door when he glanced up at the chain. “Before I leave, do you want me to attach the chain back to the hood?”

Bobbie thought for a moment before responding, “Yes, please”.

Steven walked over to her, grabbed the chain, and attached it to the two rings at the top of the hood. He stepped away, and was out of sight walking to the door. He turned off the lights before he left, so she was only illuminated by the lantern she had brought with her. She heard the door close, and then his footsteps leaving towards the stairs. He was walking to the house when his phone, now in his hand, lit up. She had touched the control to turn on the vibrator. He pushed the controller that turned the vibrator program on, and laughed to himself. She didn’t control the vibrator function, he did, Bobbie was going to have a very interesting next hour.

He walked slowly back to his house, thinking of the beautiful girl he had just walked away from. First he was going to wipe the surveillance systems hard drive; he wasn’t a pedophile! Then he would turn off the front, sides and back cameras on the table, but he would leave the sound on, and the camera from above – just to be sure she was safe, and that she was okay when the programming for the vibrator ended. Yup, that girl was in for one heck of a next hour.

Forty-five minutes later he heard her voice through the systems speakers pleading to have an orgasm, he smiled to himself. He had watched her all summer long, he thought he had a pretty good idea of her responses, and he appeared to be right. He thought to himself, ‘be careful what you wish for’.

Twelve minutes later he heard her pleading for the vibrating to stop, she was about to have her third orgasm in a row. He didn’t know she had never had more than one in a night before. Glancing at the monitor for the computer controlling the vibrator he saw she had just over three minutes left. 

With a little more than a minute left he reached over to the computer controlling the vibrator, and turned it off, she had just finished her fourth orgasm.

When the vibrator shut down he heard the electromagnets release, and then watched to see that she was okay. It was almost a minute before she lifted her arms off the table. She sat up and reached up to release the hood. Once she had done that she lowered herself back down to the table and rested, she was there for almost half an hour. One moment he looked at the monitor and saw her resting, the next time he glanced at it she had disappeared off the table. He heard her taking everything off and then getting dressed and leaving. The last he saw of her was her disappearing into the woods towards the trail that she had arrived from.

Early the next afternoon he had gone back up to the room, everything she had worn was resting on the counter, He wasn’t surprised that she hadn’t cleaned it and put it back where she found it. The notebook on the counter was open, she had written a quick note.

Thank you for a wonderful summer! 

I’ll be back in town the day after Thanksgiving. I hope to visit again that night.


He smiled, locking the door to the room as he was leaving, three months until they got to play for real.

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