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The Barn

by Bucky Goldstein

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© Copyright 2020 - Bucky Goldstein - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 2

Steven sat at his desk writing computer code. He was good at it; he had been writing and debugging code for over 15 years. The current code he was writing was for a piece of equipment he had helped design. A degree in Electrical Engineering, with a minor in programming was a useful commodity.

He wasn’t in good spirits tonight, as he had been for the past few weeks. He had been looking forward to last night for months. Bobbie was supposed to have returned, sadly she had not.

Almost immediately after he had watched her disappear into the forest behind his property at the end of August he had begun to plan for her return, “the night after Thanksgiving” she had written. The very first thing he had considered was the barn, it was not a “four seasons” barn.

November in Vermont can be cold, and snow wasn’t out of the question. The room in the barn could possibly be very cold, he had to prepare for that. The very first thing he did was set-up wiring for the entire space, prepping for video, audio, internet, electrical outlets and ceiling fans. For security purposes he was not going to trust wifi or Bluetooth for cameras. Then he contacted a local insulator to insulate the entire room. Once that was done he had the entire room dry-walled and painted. Next came solid oak floors. Once the floor was in place he had bought a wood pellet stove heater, and had it professionally installed. From that point on everything that was done was done only by him. He had also gone online and started shopping for items he thought might interest Bobbie.

He had not done this just for her. He was satisfying a serious kink himself, and he thought he had found a girl most willing to participate. The cupboard that had been moderately equipped before was now a dungeon master’s dream. He had taped a large square on the countertop next to the cupboard and written a note in the notebook, ‘What items in the cupboard interest you?’

To make the evening a little more fun he had locked the cupboard shut. Would she have her key with her, or would she have to return home for it? He didn’t want to make this too easy for her.

By 11:00 the night before, he had started watching the surveillance system eagerly awaiting her arrival although she had never arrived before 11:30 in the past. At midnight he began to question if she would arrive, and at 1:00 he was dejected, knowing she wasn’t going to.

He had slept fitfully during the night, and hadn’t even bothered to go out to the barn today. He had driven to a local restaurant for dinner, he didn’t feel like cooking, and then returned back to continue working on his latest work project, although he lacked motivation.

It was just after 9:30 when he heard the sound of something moving through the forest. His head spun to the video monitor for the security system to see Bobbie approaching through the trees on the barn’s night vision camera. She was in no way trying to hide her approach, a sharp contrast to all of her past visits. She was wearing jeans, and a Tuft’s sweatshirt. She came through the trees without even once stopping and walked directly towards the rear door to the barn. About 25 ft. from the barn she smiled up to the unseen camera and waved. “Hi” she said cheerfully as she waved.

Steven laughed at the massive difference from everything she had done in the past. She confidently opened the door, upon entering the barn she turned to the stairs and went up to the second floor, and on to the door of the kinky room. Not once did she break stride.

She opened the door to the room and stopped. The lights were on, and the sight she saw before her was far different that anything she had imagined. “Holy shit!” she exclaimed as she stepped into the room and closed the door. “Did you do this for me?” she asked to no one, having a pretty good idea Steven was listening.

Steven watched her spend the next minute just admiring the room. When she had last been here it had been a basic room in a barn, now it was a space worthy of a fine home. There were Persian rugs, canned lighting and a pellet stove heating the space. Ceiling fans were spinning slowly, pushing warmer air at the peak of the barn down. The table he now thought of as hers – he had built it just for her - was the focus of four of the cans; she smiled seeing how the table was lit.

She slowly crossed the room to the countertop and cupboard at the end of the barn, stopping and spinning admiringly a couple of times taking it all in along the way. She saw resting on the counter top her favorite pieces. Leather cuffs for wrist and ankles, there was the full zipper hood, and the full head harness penis gag, so she knew she had her choice there. She picked up the chastity belt, the front vibrator had been replaced, this one appeared to be the same length as the previous one, but was thicker. What intrigued her was a couple of new items, a new set of cuffs with a sticky note “Upper Thighs” attached to one. There was also a kind of open leather bra, although this bra wasn’t going to hide or support much of anything. Everything was arrayed neatly on the counter. Behind everything was a steel bar with at least a dozen small locks attached, one of them had a key in it.

A moment later she was taking her sweatshirt off. In short order she was down to underwear, but she didn’t stop there. Once naked she started putting on cuffs, wrists, ankles and thighs. She especially enjoyed the weight of each cuff going on; these were the real deal, heavy duty bondage gear. Next came the bra, he had arrayed it to make it as easy as he could for her to figure out. Shortly she was adjusting the bra to fit firmly but comfortably. Next came the chastity belt. She grabbed a bottle of lube, and lubed both the vibrator and the plug. Pulling the strap through her legs she aligned both of the plug tips to their appropriate orifice. Feeding the belt through its front buckle she pulled it tight. With experienced movements she reached behind herself and slowly pumped the plug all of the way in, then grasping the belt again she cinched the belt down tightly. Now came the choice, which would she choose, the gag or the hood? In the past she had favored the hood, but was also comfortable with the gag.

Without a moment’s hesitation she grabbed the gag and fitted it to her head, slipping the penis all of the way in without any problem. Once seated to her face she started buckling down the gag strap, the collar strap and finally the face strap that went up either side of her nose. It met to become one on her forehead, and continued over and back to a center buckle extending up from the gag strap. In short order it too was securely in place. She looked at the locks on the bar for a moment, then reached for the one with a key, and opened it.

She took the lock off the bar, and inspected it carefully. She closed the lock, and then opened it again. She nodded in satisfaction and quickly opened five more. She knelt and attached a lock to each of her ankle cuffs, followed by the thigh and wrist cuffs. She unlocked two more, and attached those to the chastity belt, then removed three more and attached those to the head harness. As she closed the last lock, Steve saw her shiver. He knew the room wasn’t cold.

She then looked at the note in the taped box again, then reached up to the wall. Much to Steven’s surprise she grabbed the rubber paddle and placed it in the box. He then saw her start writing on the notebook. She finished what she was writing quickly, and then with a flourish appeared to underline something a couple of times.

Bobbie spun and quickly walked over to the opposite end of “her” table. She stopped for a moment and reached down to adjust the two ankle cuffs. Steven noticed she only bent at the waist, aiming her butt at the camera she knew was aimed at the table, then climbed up. She got herself positioned then slipped the first ankle cuff attachment ring into its slot on the table. The second one quickly followed. Sitting on her legs she reached up and grabbed the chain and its clip hanging from the ceiling and attached it to the ring at the top of the face harness. He then watched as she expertly moved to position the first wrist cuff into place. As she lowered herself down her head reached the limit of the hanging chain, the top of her head would go no lower. She then reached down to fit the final ring into its slot. The ring went in as she felt the magnet tug it into place. Steve smiled to himself as he saw the fourth cuff ring sensor turn green on his monitor and heard the locking bolts for each corner slam into place, the indicator for all four bolts turning immediately red on his computer.

Bobbie was now attached to the table, she was going nowhere until he released her. He waited to see her settle herself down, when she stopped moving he tapped the enter key on the computer keyboard below the monitor. This was the moment he had been waiting for over the past three months. He smiled as Bobbie went rigid and screamed as both of the plugs in the chastity belt went to full power vibration for 2 seconds. At the end of the two seconds they shut down.

Steven had put his programming knowledge to use putting together a program just for Bobbie. A minute later Bobbie realized she wasn’t feeling the residual effects of that first surge, but rather that she was being softly stimulated by the vibrator in her vagina and on her clit. She let out a soft moan in anticipation of what was to come. If the last time was any indication of what she was in for, she was going to have a really good time tonight.

Steven smiled and went back to his programming, he was feeling much better. Over the next twenty minutes he listened to her frustration grow while reading and correcting the code he had written earlier that evening. As her frustration grew, his night only got better. She was responding to the program he had written exactly as he had expected.

Five minutes later a warning beeping started from the speakers above the keyboard that controlled the goings on over in the kinky room. He turned back to the security system monitor, switching the view to one of the side view cameras. Her hips were doing their best to somehow have an orgasm, but it wasn’t working. He watched a while longer and then got up to walk out to the barn.

As he walked across the yard to the barn he reflected on the opposite walk he had made back at the end of August. He had just met Bobbie for the first time after having watched her play in his barn for much of the summer. He had seen her interest in some items, and then augmented his collection of BDSM things to see how she would react. When he had come up with the table she was now attached to he did so with her specifically in mind. He built it slowly so she would be comfortable trying it. What she had not seen were the electromagnetic long throw bolts he had designed for all four attachment points of the wrist and ankle cuffs. At the base of each slot he had attached a small “Super Magnet” to make it feel like that was the only thing needed to hold the cuffs in place. He was just waiting for the right time to activate the long throw bolts that would go through each of the cuff rings. Once the bolts were thrown there was no escape until the electromagnets were turned off. Each bolt was 3/8” solid steel going into a steel housing on the other side, none of which she could see either from the top of the table, nor underneath, and she had looked. All she had seen was a plywood strap 6 inches wide going side to side across each end of the table below the slots. For tonight (well, actually last night) he had programmed the bolts to be thrown the moment all four of the cuff rings were verified by the system as being in place, the super magnets came in handy for that.

He walked up the stairs to the barn's second floor and crossed over to the kinky room door. The first she became aware of him was when the door opened. She tried to turn her head to see him.

As he came into view he smiled at her, ‘Good evening Bobbie, how are you doing?”

Bobby looked at him in frustration and moaned loudly. He walked to the end of the table to face her and looked down at her driver’s license. It was a Connecticut License, her name Roberta was showing; she had placed tape over the rest of her name and the address. The birthdate was plainly visible as November 16, and there was a picture that matched the face he had been watching over the most recent summer.

He walked over to the counter, and grabbed the key to the locks and pocketed it, then glanced at the notepad. She had written, EVERYTHING! I’ll try anything once. ☺

EVERYTHING had been underlined twice. There was also an arrow pointing at the paddle.

He turned around and walked over to her. “May I touch you? Blink your eyes once if yes, twice if no.”

She looked at him happily and closed her eyes, keeping them closed for three seconds, then opening them again. They didn’t close a second time.

He reached up to the chain from the ceiling, and unclipped her head. Then reached into his pocket for the key and unlocked and removed all three locks attached to her head harness. He quickly unbuckled it, and removed it from her head.

As the penis came out of her mouth she said, “I’m really sorry, my best friend wanted to celebrate my birthday at a school dance last night. I really wanted to be here, but it was important to her."

Steven blinked his eyes and started laughing, and couldn’t stop.

Bobbie was surprised by his response. As his laughter continued she asked, “What’s so funny?”

He pulled himself together. “Consider yourself right now, and then put that together with what you just said.” He lasted about two more seconds, then started laughing again.

Bobbie thought for a moment, and started laughing as well.

Once he regained his composure he reached down and touched her right breast. Her laughter ceased as he firmly started caressing her breast, then moved to her nipple and started pulling and squeezing. Instead of pulling her torso away from the squeeze she pushed her chest into his hand. He released his hand and spun to walk over to the cupboard. He reached into the cupboard and came out with a pair of Tweezer nipple clamps.

He walked back over to her and attached the first one to the now erect right nipple. He started tightening it down, it was firmly attached when she moaned, saying, “that feels nice." He moved to the other side and did the same.

When both tweezers were attached he started pulling down on each and watched as her breasts elongated. He smiled when she moaned as the pull got stronger. He abruptly released his grip on the tweezers and stepped back to lean against the counter.

“So what’s with the Tufts sweatshirt?”

I’ve applied for early admission.”

“Really? Good school. SAT’s?”

“1520, 780 math. I think I’m going to get in." she said confidently

“Why is that?”

“I am fluent in three languages for reading, writing and speaking – English, French and Mandarin. I should be lettering in two sports – Volleyball and Track, plus my SAT scores.

‘Mandarin, really? How did that happen?”

“My mom is Swiss- French, she went to school at Tufts undergrad, Stanford PhD. My dad was Princeton undergrad, Stanford Masters, they met as TA’s. My best friend for most all of my life, parents are both Stanford. Amelia’s Dad is American Born Chinese - ABC, her mom was born and raised in Shanghai. Both of Amelia’s parents had my mom & dad as TAs and became fast friends. I have lived within three blocks of Amelia’s house for most all of my life, regardless of where we lived – in California or here. My first language was French, my second was Mandarin. Amelia’s first language was Mandarin, her second was French. I have spent most all of my life living with 4 parents, who speak to me and Amelia in English, French or Mandarin.

Both Amelia and I speak better French than our High School’s French teacher. On our first day of French class in Junior High School we both walked into the classroom speaking French to each other. I said a joke in French just before class began, and the teacher and Amelia couldn’t stop laughing. Then it became a question of what to do with Amelia and I, we were leaps and bounds ahead of everyone in the school in French, it got worse in High School. We both take night classes twice a week at the local university, one night in French the other in Mandarin. We take the classes together.

I have already had an interview with a Tufts alumni; they sent someone who was Chinese. I suspect they wanted to check to see if I really was fluent. We had the whole interview in Mandarin. We talked about walking around Shanghai much of the time. I knew a couple of her favorite restaurants, and even had a photo on my phone with Amelia at one of them. If Amelia goes to China I often go with her andshe comes with me to Switzerland and France. Amelia is as comfortable in French as I am in Mandarin. Amelia is probably going to be Valedictorian of our school. I don’t mind, it’s important to her mom. We expect Amelia to be accepted at Stanford.”

Steven was shaking his head, “and yet here you are, attached to my table.”

“Well, yeah. I appear to have a serious domination thing thrown in. Too bad I couldn’t add that to my admissions profile.” she laughed.

“I’ll say! I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw you come into this room on my video system. You walked in looking all innocent, moving slowly and cautiously. Then as soon as you got to the leather stuff you went full blown kink. I couldn’t believe my eyes”

“I had no idea I was being watched, where are the cameras? I looked for them.”

Steven laughed, “the advantages of having a degree in Electrical Engineering, Cal Berkeley by the way, I hid them so they wouldn’t be obvious. Would you have come into, or stayed in the room if you had seen them?”

“I would have been out of here in a flash.”

“Ha, then I was right. I had a good idea it was a gal who had been in here when I saw just one vibrator missing, if it had been a guy most likely a lot more would have been missing. I closed up the barn for 2 weeks while I set up the monitoring system and got everything straightened out. I actually saw you approach the Barn once before I reopened the barn, trying the rear door; it was locked, so you left. Then you came back, and I had a pretty good idea I had found my intruder, a very pleasant surprise. By the way, I wiped all of the security system’s hard drive within 15 minutes of your leaving.”

“Thank you, I had been worried about that. I actually felt really comfortable with you when you asked, “What would you like me to do to you?” I knew I was going to be okay. When you asked that question, considering my situation at that moment, it was very comforting.”

“So that brings us back to tonight. Are you happy with the way things are going, or would you like to try something different?”

Bobbie thought for a moment, “How about I finish what you’ve started and we play it by ear from there? I’m up here alone tonight, so I have lots of time to play. I checked in with home before coming over, I had had a dinner with a bunch of friends I worked with last summer and was back at the house for the night. I have the night to play with."

Steven smiled, “By the time that program is done I may have to drive you home.”

He turned around and grabbed the paddle. “Before I use this, do you want the gag back again?”

Bobbie thought for a moment, “Yes, please”

Steven picked up the gag and harness and walked over to Bobbie. He put down the paddle, then held up the penis to her mouth. “Open wide.” He laughed, “My, it felt really satisfying to say that.” He slowly pushed the gag into her mouth, then started buckling it down. When it was firmly tightened down he reached up to the chain, and attached that to the securing ring on the top of the harness. He stepped back from the table. “Are you comfortable?”

Bobbie smiled and blinked her eyes slowly once.

“Okay, now lets deal with safety. If you need everything to stop, you grunt three times, do that for me right now.”

Bobbie grunted three times.

“Okay, if I hear that everything will stop, and I’ll come running.”

He then came back to the table and checked that the straps on the chastity belt and bra were still correctly tightened, he adjusted the bra a little tighter for the straps descending from the collar top of the bra. He picked up the paddle,

‘I believe you should be punished 10 strikes of the paddle for you failure to come last night as you had said you would. I am going to give you 5 swats to each side of your butt. When that is done I will take off the nipple clamps and then activate the plugs in that belt. Blink your eyes once when you are ready to begin.”

Bobbie immediately closed her eyes, and then opened them.

Steven walked around behind her and started rubbing the paddle around both of her butt cheeks in large circles. After fifteen seconds he gave her the first swat. He immediately started rubbing the opposite cheek while counting to ten, then swatted that cheek. He switched back to rubbing the first cheek for a count of ten, then swatted again firmly. The remaining swats were exactly the same.

Bobbie started moaning at the fifth stroke.

When he had finished he moved back to the front of the table and reached down to remove both nipple clamps. He removed them at the same time, placed them on the table and immediately started gently rubbing both nipples.

“What you are feeling right now is the blood returning to both nipples. Kind of funny isn’t it? You want the pain to stop, but now to do that you would need to put the clamps back on again.

As a safety protocol, I will never leave in place a clamp for more than twenty minutes. These had been on a little more than fifteen. And yes, it can hurt as much coming off as it does going on.”

He pulled out his phone from his pants pocket. He held it up so she could see what he was doing. He opened an app, she saw a controller appear on the phone. A start button was at the bottom of the screen and a large red stop button in the middle. He tapped the start button and the plug in her vagina immediately came to life in a most stimulating way.

“I am going to stay until you have had your first orgasm, then leave you to enjoy the rest of the program. Remember to grunt three times if you need it to stop.” Bobbie closed and opened her eyes once.

Steven picked up the clamps and paddle, leaving the phone on the table, and went back to put them in their respective storage places. As he was hanging the paddle he heard Bobbie’s first moan of passion through the gag. He moved over to the cupboard, and placed the clamps in their place. As he finished placing the clamps Bobbie started a rhythmic moaning, she was getting close. 45 seconds later the moans got deeper. Steven walked back to the table and gently squeezed and pulled both of her nipples. That was enough, Bobbie had the most powerful orgasm she had ever had. As she started coming down from the orgasm Steven tapped the screen of the phone then turned the phone for Bobbie to see. There was a large stop button in the middle of the screen. He tapped another button on the screen, the screen then showed 1:00:00 at the top of the screen. He tapped a smaller start button; the vaginal plug started gently vibrating as the timer started counting down.

‘There are cycles that will get progressively shorter, as a guess you will have another orgasm in 20 minutes, the next in 15, then 10, 6, at 4 it will keep you cumming until the end of the hour. Now again just to be sure, what do you do if you need this to stop?” Bobbie grunted three times.

“Very good. I have both video feeds and sound back at the house, the only time you’ll be alone is when I walk between here and there. You have a good time, if you want to continue playing after the hour, you can tell me when you’re ready, okay?” Bobbie again blinked her eyes once slowly.

Steven smiled, again as he reached up to caress both of her breasts, finishing by firmly squeezing and pulling her nipples. She moaned deeply as he finished pulling and let them go. He looked her in the eyes smiling, and then walked out of view saying, “Have fun.”

He walked slowly to the door, closed it behind him as he was leaving, and then at the same pace walked to the stairs and down. It wasn’t until he reached the bottom of the stairs and was on the barn’s concrete floor that he picked up his pace to a slow jog. He was back in the house in twenty seconds and in front of his monitor system in less than seven more. As he entered his office he heard her moan softly, the camera currently on a side view of her. It switched ten seconds later to the front view, every ten seconds the view changed, rotating around her.

He turned around and tried to continue correcting code; that lasted about three minutes. Hearing her moan was too damned distracting so he turned back to the monitor, leaned back in his chair and watched as her hips started gently thrusting. He remained in place until the first orgasm had passed, when she had begun to come down from the first orgasm of the program he clicked his mouse on a box on the computer system for the program running her plugs which started the next cycle. The program was a learning program he had written, he had just modified the program's maximum stimulation time. He got up and moved to his living room, turned on the television, and changed the input feed from the satellite feed to the security system for the barn feed. Bobbie appeared on the screen in almost life size. Steven made himself comfortable, the next thirty-five minutes were going to be fun, this was going to be better than football! He admired how she looked. Adorned as she was, she looked like a Bishop or Maplethorp piece of art.

Bobbie had been doing well, she was coming down from her first four minute orgasm when he heard three grunts. By the end of the third grunt he had turned off the program on his phone and was already getting ready to run to the Barn.

He was out of the house back door at a run, and didn’t slow down until he was by her side. He quickly reached up to the ceiling chain and released her head. Twenty seconds later he was taking the gag out of her mouth.

“That was wonderful, but I just couldn’t take anymore.”

“It’s okay. Would you like me to get you out of all of this," he asked, lifting her wrist cuff’s rings out of their slots.

“That would be nice." she replied quietly.

He moved to her ankles lifting them out of their slots, “There, you can lie down if you would like.”

Bobbie lowered herself down, and then rolled onto her side. “Thank you." she said and closed her eyes.

Steven then went to the countertop and picked up the key to the locks and starting with the wrist cuffs started unlocking the locks while leaving all of the items on her. When he finished at her ankles, he then started unbuckling and removing the cuffs, ankles, thigh and then wrist. Next came the bra, the buckles were all at the back which were easily accessible. He gently pulled that off of her. He was now down to the chastity belt.

“Bobbie, I’m going to take the belt off now, do you want me to take the plug out, or leave it in?” Bobbie smiled, and sleepily said, “You can leave it in.”

He first unthreaded the crotch belt out from the vibrator and the plug then reached down to the vibrator and gently removed it. She moaned as it came out. ”That is a really nice vibrator." Next he carefully pulled the belt from under her waist, then dropped the whole thing to the floor.

He went over to the counter and grabbed her neatly folded clothing and carried it back to the table. He set it down beside her, her eyes open just enough to see what it was. She grabbed at her sweatshirt, pulled it under her head and closed her eyes, resting her head on the sweatshirt.

Steven started collecting everything he had removed from her and took it back to the countertop. When he was done he dropped down to look at her from her level. “Bobbie, I’m going to get you dressed and carry you back to the house. Do you want your underwear on or go commando?”

Bobbie smiled wickedly, “Commando." She opened her eyes and sat up slowly. Steven helped her up, lifting her elbow, then reached for her t-shirt and bunched it so that he could get her arms and head through the appropriate holes. “Arms up." he said. Both of her arms went up in the air like a young child blessed with a beautiful set of breasts, he thought admiringly. He threaded both of her hands into the arm holes, then brought it down to get over her head. Once her head was through the hole he unraveled it down her body.

“Pants next. Do you want to leave the plug in?.”

Bobbie appeared to ponder that for a moment, then said laying back down on the table on to her stomach, “Would you take it out, please?”

Steven moved beside the table, and grasped the base of the plug firmly, and gently started pulling. The plug slipped out easily for the first inch, then as the bulbous part approached her opening the skin started stretching. She moaned just as the bulbous part appeared, and then rest of the plug came quickly out. “Thank you, again.”

He carried the now dirty plug back to the counter, and put it base down on the counter top. He quickly returned to the table, grabbed her jeans, “Okay, dear, time for your jeans."

Bobbie sat up hanging her legs over the side of the table, he threaded her feet through each of the pants legs and got the jeans up to her knees.

Bobbie smiled, “Time for me to stand up.” She slipped off the table onto her feet, then bent over to collect the waist of her jeans and pulled them up.

“Socks and shoes?”

Bobbie smiled, “Hmmm." and got back on the table letting her feet dangle. He grabbed her socks first and put them on, then fitted each running shoe on and tied it. As he tied the second one Bobbie smiled and said, “You know I could get used to this.”

He got up, went over to the sweatshirt, grabbed her bra and panties and stuffed them in the hand pouch. He put the sweatshirt over his shoulder, then turned to her, pulled her into his arms and easily picked her up. He carried her to the house.

He took her to the living room. As they entered she saw the television - with its changing views of the table in the kinky room. Bobbie started laughing and hugged him.

“Here I was thinking you were watching me on a computer monitor attached to a security system. This is entirely different. Wow.”

“I had you on my monitor in my office, but you became so distracting I gave up trying to work and moved in here. I was very comfortable.”

“Did I provide a good show?”

He chuckled, “you were most entertaining. You were also validating the programming I had done. There was a great deal of satisfaction in that.”


“I wrote the program that controlled what was happening to you, I even designed the app on my phone that controls it all. You’ve been a wonderful project over the past five months, a great diversion to get my mind off of work when I needed to get away from what I was doing.”

“I don’t know how to respond to that. Should I be flattered that you did this all for me, or insulted that I was ‘just’ a diversion?”

“You know for a high school student you’re awfully opinionated.”

Bobbie chuckled, “You have no idea.”

He set her down on the sectional couch, then straightened up. “Would you like something to drink or eat?”

“I could really go for a glass of water.”

He came back from the kitchen a short while later with a tall glass of water and gave it to her.

She immediately drank half of the glass. “Thank you.”

He sat down next to her. “Do you need to be hugged?”

“I think I would like that.”

She moved into his arms as he put his around her. They sat holding each other for a few minutes. Then she moved to bring her legs up on the soda, then shifted herself to rest her head in his lap and closed her eyes. They fell asleep that way. Thirty minutes later he awoke to her unzipping his pants.

“Uhm, what do you think you’re doing.”

“I’m going to give you a blowjob.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“I know, but I really want to." she said hungrily.

She smiled as she pulled his erect cock out of his pants and kissed the head. She opened her mouth and took his head to the back of her mouth, then pulled back and swirled her tongue around the head of his cock and then took him to the back of her mouth again. She repeated this for the next minute. Then arranging herself on her knees beside him, then opened her mouth and took him all of the way into her throat, her nose resting against the skin at the base of his dick.

A couple of minutes later he said that he was going to cum and he expected her to lift her mouth off of him. Instead she drove her mouth all of the way down his dick and stayed there. She felt the first spasm of his orgasm moving by her lips and tongue, as his hips came up trying to force more of himself into her mouth. She stayed in place. She stayed there until she needed a breath of air, then lifted her mouth up so just the tip of his cock was in her mouth. He spasmed one last time, she felt it arrive in her mouth. She sucked and twirled her tongue around his head for more. He was done. She lifted her mouth off of him, looked at him, and swallowed.

“Thank you," he said, “that was amazing."

“That was my first blowjob.”


“Hey! I’m not a slut." she laughed. “With that kinky room in the barn many of my ‘teenage’ needs and experimentations have been met up there. When you got that long penis gag I had motivation to learn to stifle my gag reflex. I did it at home on sausages we had. A long hot dog is tasty in a number of ways. There is a group of about a dozen of us at school hat hang out together all the time, but none of us are pairing off.

“My mom says that we are nothing like what it was like for her growing up in Switzerland. On the other hand, my mom says she thought nothing of hopping on a train on a Friday night or Saturday morning with her friends to go skiing for the weekend, staying in a student hostel, and returning for dinner on Sunday evening when she was 14 or 15 years old. When I said I was coming up here on Thursday evening Mom didn’t think anything of it, she just asked when I’d be home. Amelia’s parents won’t allow her that kind of freedom.”

“Does Amelia know about the barn?”

“She knows a little, I told her I found a place with cocks and vibrators. She has seen and played with the two vibrators I took. Thank you, by the way. But she has no idea of the extent of my play in that room, nor is she going to.”

“On the other hand she does have your address on her phone, as a safety precaution. If I were to disappear she would be able to give the police a place to start looking, and she knows the kinky stuff was/is in the barn.”

He smiled, “I see, so you did take precautions.”

“Yes.” She looked at the time. “I guess I should get going. Um, do you think I could take a vibrator to give to Amelia as a birthday present?”

Steven laughed, “Oh great, now I’m going to corrupt a second high school student.”

“Not corrupt, help her explore herself. I think it would be good for her.”

He thought for a moment, “Yes, take your pick. The door to the room is still open.”

She got up off the sofa, he quickly followed. He put himself back in his pants and did up his pants while she put her sweatshirt on. Then he escorted her to the door. She turned to him, kissed his cheek. “Thank you for a wonderful birthday present, a bit late, but much appreciated.”

He watched her walk over to the barn, and disappear inside. He walked back to the living room to see her walk into the kinky room and walk over to the cupboard. He saw her pick-up the butt plug, saying, “eew, gross” and spin and quickly walk out the room and down to the bathroom. A minute later she was walking back up the stairs. She held it up as she walked into the kinky room and said “all clean,” and smiled as she put it down on the counter top. She then moved to the cupboard and started looking at all of the toys. She ended up selecting one by the same manufacturer as the quiet one she had last taken.

She held it up with its charger and a black cloth pouch for keeping it in and said, “I thank you, and I’m sure Amelia does too. For the next few months I will be coming up with my family and Amelia’s. I don’t think I’ll be able to come back until maybe spring break in March.”

Bobbie then left, the cameras following her until she disappeared through the trees near the trail through the woods.


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