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The Barn

by Bucky Goldstein

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Part 3

Steven was surprised to hear voices coming through his security system speakers, it was 9:00 on the Sunday evening of the Martin Luther King weekend. There were two persons coming out of the snowstorm who by the sound of their voices were women. It had been snowing now for almost two hours, there was probably three inches of snow on the ground with another seven expected.

It wasn’t until they were very close to the barn that he realized he was hearing Bobbie’s voice, “We can go in, but only for a few minutes.”

“Come on Bobbie, I really want to see this toy store of yours.” He knew even before they took their hats and goggles off who they were. This was a surprise though, he had not thought Bobbie would bring Amelia here, yet there she was.

As they approached the rear door of the barn he rolled his chair over to the security system of the Barn and brought up the door lock system and unlocked both the rear door and the door to the kinky room, then sat back to watch.

Bobbie and Amelia were approaching on snowshoes. By morning their tracks to and from the Barn would be gone, this was actually a pretty smart move on their parts.

They got to the door, took off their snowshoes, picked them up, and leaned them against the barn. Bobbie tried the barn door, it opened.

They both walked in, stopping to remove hat and goggles, then quietly stamping their feet of snow before walking over to the stairs and quietly going up, Amelia almost on tip-toes. They approached the kinky room door quietly and slowly. Bobbie was playing this up for Amelia; the last time she had visited she hadn’t tried to hide her visit in the slightest. She knew she was already being watched, there was no point. She was playing it up for Amelia.

Bobbie opened the door, and turned on the lights.

“Holy shit, Bobbie, this is a dungeon!” he heard Amelia whisper. She looked around the room slowly, “A really pretty one.”

Bobbie, still trying to move stealthily, walked over to the cupboard and used her key to unlock the padlock securing the storage, then opened the doors. “Okay, here is what you wanted to see. Knock yourself out.” She then looked over at the one new piece of furniture in the room. He had added, from what she now knew from research online, a spanking bench. She had seen one demonstrated on the education area of an adult toy store website. She walked over to it to inspect it while Amelia looked through the cupboard.

Amelia looked into the cupboard, and again said “Holy shit." She picked up a large dildo and giggled. “Look at this thing; I wonder if there is anyone we know with a dick this big.”

Bobbie laughed, “Yeah, as if you’re ever going to find out.”

He heard Amelia sigh, “Your mom is so good to you. She trusts you.” She giggled, “Not that she should, look at this room!” She turned back to the cupboard .

Over the next fifteen minutes or so Amelia went through many of the phalluses in the cupboard, picking up and inspecting the ones that had interested her, even turning on a couple with switches or rotating base dials.

Bobbie had finished inspecting the spanking bench and moved back to her favorite table, lifting herself onto it to sit. She then watched Amelia going through the penises like a young child in a candy store. Eventually she finished and moved on to the restraints in the cupboard. She spent almost as long on the restraints, even turning to Bobbie to model a ball gag at one point. Bobby giggled with her as Amelia turned around with it in her mouth.

Amelia saw the table Bobbie was sitting on, and came over. “What’s the story with this one?”

 ”This is a bondage table. I watched it being built over the span of two weeks last summer. Its intention was plain from the start.” Bobbie had gotten off the table, walked over to the cupboard, and grabbed a wrist cuff as she was talking. “There are slots in all four corners for the securing ring of wrist and ankle cuffs to go into.” She handed the cuff to Amelia, who took the cuff and inspected it. “At the base of the slots are super-magnets to hold them in place.”

Amelia slipped the ring on the cuff into the closest slot, feeling the tug of the magnet as the ring descended into the slot. Amelia pulled the ring out, and then tried it again, “They aren’t so strong so as to keep you from getting out, it may have been a mistake.” She then walked around the table trying the cuff in the other three corners.

“The table is padded in camping foam like you’d use under a sleeping bag. It’s actually pretty comfortable.”

“You’ve tried it? Bobbie!”

“Look at it, does it look “home made”? This guy put a lot of work into it; I wanted to see how it felt. I think he got it just right. When your wrists and ankles rings are in the slots you feel like you're going nowhere, but in a good way. It’s hard to describe.”

Amelia looked up, “What’s with the chain from the ceiling?”

“Once, when I was in here, there was a gag with a head harness attached to that, it’s for holding the attached person's head up. The attachment point was a ring at the top of the harness.” Bobbie smiled, thinking of how it felt to be secured that way to the table.

“Wow, that is seriously kinky.”

He was watching Bobbie, she nodded her head and wistfully smiled. “Well, now you’ve seen it, shall we get going?”

Amelia kept looking at the table, “You’ve tried this?”


Amelia went to the cupboard and got three more cuffs, “There’s no time like the present.”

Bobbie looked at her questioningly. “You want to try it?”

“Yeah. We are alone, you’re here, I couldn’t be safer.”

Amelia returned to the table with the three cuffs. Bobbie looked at them; there were three cuffs from one set, and another cuff from her favorite set. “I think you may have three wrist cuffs here, just a sec.”

Bobbie went back to the cupboard and exchanged the cuff she had grabbed for the fourth matching cuff to the set Amelia had grabbed. She then returned to Amelia, who was attempting to put on the first wrist cuff. “Here, let me do it.”

Bobbie set up the cuff on that wrist tightening it down correctly, then moved to the next wrist. Amelia had lifted the cuff up in front of her face and was inspecting it, rotating her wrist while Bobbie worked on the other wrist. When she finished Bobbie grabbed the other two, and attached those to her ankles after rolling down both of Amelia’s socks from just below her knees.

“Okay, you’re all set. Up on the table.”

Amelia climbed up on the table facing the opposite direction Bobbie normally did.

“Okay, now point your toes at the wall behind you.” Amelia pointed her toes at the wall, while Bobbie placed each of the cuff’s securing rings into their slots. The rolled up sock below the cuff didn’t make placing the ring easy, Bobbie pulled the sock off. As the first rings slipped into place, Amelia closed her eyes.

The second cuff quickly went into place once that sock was also removed. As Bobbie came around to the front Amelia opened her eyes to watch what Bobbie was doing. “Down on your elbows, the rings won’t go in if you are on your hands.”

The third ring went into place easily, Bobbie moved on to the last cuff, rotating the cuff on Amelia’s wrist, and placed the fourth ring into its slot.

“Wow, your right, you can feel the magnet pulling in the ring. This is a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be.” She stayed that way, looking at the cuffs around her, at the way she was attached to the table, while Bobbie walked around the table looking at Amelia.

Bobbie was seeing for the first time how she looked to Steven when she was on the table, and she was getting both turned on and embarrassed. She realized how completely exposed she was when she was in place on the table.

Amelia, pulled up both of her legs out of the slots, then did the same to the arms, “Doesn’t hold you very securely, must have been a design flaw.”

Bobbie smiled to herself, thinking, ‘you have no idea of the surprise you can’t see.’

Amelia took off the cuffs, and then put on her socks, then moved to the edge of the table and slipped over the side into her shoes resting on the floor. She knelt down to tie them while Bobbie returned the cuffs to their place in the cupboard, then closed the cupboard and locked it.

As they were leaving Bobbie asked Amelia, “do you think your parents are going to let you come up here for spring break?”

“I’m not sure; Mom seems to be warming to it.”

“Well regardless, I’ll be up here for that week. The skiing is always really good.”

As Amelia was following Bobbie out of the room, there was a look in her eyes that Steven saw as she got a last look at the room. He had seen that same look in Bobbies eyes that past summer.

Amelia came back to the room by herself on Tuesday of the third week of March; it was about 9:15 in the evening. She had come in quietly, the snow covering the ground making her approach even quieter. Steven hadn’t been aware of her until she tripped a motion detector that had caused a beeping on his security computer when she was about 15 feet from the rear door of the garage. Seeing who was approaching the garage Steven quickly opened both the rear door for the barn and the kinky room on the second floor. He watched as she made her way into the barn.

She was moving slowly, listening for any sounds, her senses on full alert. She climbed the stairs, and approached the kinky room door with caution. She got to the door and slowly opened it just a crack, the lights were out. She opened the door enough to slip in, and then closed it. She used her flashlight to find the light switch next to the door.

She smiled as she saw the room with its lights on. There was something new in the room, a cable hanging down from the ceiling that split into two about 2 feet from its end. There was a cuff hanging from each end of the cable. The doors to the cupboard were open; Amelia smiled and made her way over to the cupboard, inspecting the hanging cuffs as she passed them.

She went immediately to the leather items in the cupboard. She started trying on various smaller items, then she spotted the corset. She pulled off her polar fleece and then her t-shirt. Leaving her bra on she put on the corset. She then spent ten minutes trying to tighten it down. Eventually she got a mild squeeze out of the corset. Next she found the five-inch leather-heeled boots. She immediately put those on, with them on she was almost 6 feet tall. She wished she had a mirror; she must look really good in this get-up. She looked over at the hanging cuffs, and then walked over to them. There were four straps on each cuff for trapping each hand in them. The cuffs were at eye level with the heels on. She put one of them on.

Amelia considered the second cuff and then started putting that one on. When it was on, she bent at her knees, eventually being able to lift her feet off the floor, her arms holding her up. She closed her eyes and imagined hanging there, her feet not touching the floor. She had been hanging for about 15 seconds, her eyes closed, when she felt a slight jolt on her hands. She put her feet down, and kept putting them down, she was suspended above the floor, looking down she realized that the cable had been raised. The cuffs that had been easy to get into a moment ago were now trapping her.

She was doing a partial pull-up with one hand trying to figure out how she was going to get herself out of the cuffs when she heard footsteps on the stairs. She stopped struggling and turned her head to look at the door. A moment later she saw the knob turning.

The door opened, a man about 35 years old looked at her, smiled and said, “Little did I think when I put those cuff’s up that I was actually going to catch something. Good evening Amelia, how ya hanging?” He asked laughingly.

A minute later he finally composed himself. “Sorry, sometimes lines like that just get to me.”

Amelia looked at him questioningly, “how do you know my name?”

“Surveillance system, audio and video, this room has multiple cameras and mics.”

“So you saw us when we were here?’

“From before you came into the barn.”

“Does Bobbie know?”

“We’ve talked a couple of times in here.”

“A couple of times?”

“This conversation is not going to be about her. Let’s talk about you, does this room interest you?”

Amelia looked around the room, at all of the furniture, and the cupboard, “Some of it. Obviously, or I wouldn’t be here.”

“Would exploring this room interest you?”

“With you?”

“With me, without, the choice is yours. Just be aware that any time you are in here I will be monitoring you, it’s a safety thing. If something does go wrong there has to be someone who can help you nearby, that would be me.”

“What about the internet?”

“A good question, everything in this surveillance system is hard wired to a standalone computer. No wifi, no Bluetooth, no Internet. The only person who can see this system, and all of its feeds, is me.”

Amelia looked around the room, “I don’t see any cameras anywhere.”

“There are six in this room, I may install more. Now, let's get to you. First of all there is nothing embarrassing about what you are wearing, you could wear that get up out to a club, and no one would question it. The only thing possibly embarrassing is the fact that your arms are restrained. You’ve made a good start on that corset, would you like me to cinch it down correctly?”

“You know how to do that?” she asked in surprise.

Steve chuckled, “Online videos, you can learn most anything with videos these days.” He thought for a moment, “If I’m going to be adjusting that I will need to lower your feet to the ground so you would keep yourself from swinging as I pull.”

“Would you release my hands?”

“Is that what you would like?”

She thought for a moment, “I don’t know.”

“”Okay, let’s get your feet on the ground, and progress from there.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a smartphone. She saw him moving his finger around the screen, a moment later she started slowly descending to the floor. When her feet were on the floor, the lowering stopped.

“I’m going to walk over to you, may I touch you?”

She turned herself to face him and asked, “what if I say no?”

“Then I’ll stay where I am, and your corset won’t get adjusted. We’ll just talk.”

She looked at him closely, “You're serious, aren’t you?”

“Okay, let’s talk about that. Somehow I need to convince you that you can trust me. I do not mind that you use this room, but first you need to trust me. The only way I can earn your trust is by your saying yes or no, and my following those words to the letter. I would like you to trust me, but it is completely up to you.

“How about this; I will release one of your hands. You can remove your bra, and adjust your breasts so you are comfortable, and then I will adjust the corset the way it should be tightened. Leaving your bra on would most likely become uncomfortable or not give you the full effect of that corset.”

“Would you please release my right hand?”

Steven pushed himself off from the counter by flexing his butt and legs, walked over to her and reached up to start unbuckling her right hand. Less than a minute later her hand was free. He stepped back and returned to leaning against the counter.

Amelia stood there just looking at him. “That’s it? I could just release my left hand right now.”

Steven smiled, “You could, but what would be the fun in that?”

Amelia continued to look at him as he stood there. Then she reached into the corset and pulled up her bra and released the front hook, the bra separated. She pulled it up, and got the strap off of her right arm. “What do I do, just let it hang?”

“Would you like me to un-snap your left hand and remove it?”

She continued to look at him, “Yes, please.”

He again pushed himself away from the counter top with his butt and walked over to her. Keeping his eyes locked with hers he reached up , unsnapped the clip, reached down to the bra and lifted it off her arm. He threw it over to where her other clothes were, and reattached the cuff. “Would you like me to reattach your right hand?”

Still looking into his eyes she responded, “I think I might, yes.” She lifted her hand up and positioned it in the cuff.

He reached up, and attached all four straps of the cuff, then checked the left cuff and tightened a couple of those straps as well.

“There, how does that feel?’

“I really am at your mercy, aren’t I?”

“Okay, let's talk about safety. If you need everything to stop and be released you say ‘Red’. If you were to have a gag in your mouth you will grunt three times. Do you understand?”

“Are you going to gag me?”

“Would you like me to gag you?

“Not now.”

“Okay, if you need things to slow down, or something to be adjusted, you will say ‘yellow’ or ‘Mercy’, those two words will cease whatever is happening and I will check in with you. I need to know if anything gets uncomfortable or causes pain. Pain is a warning to you that something is wrong and it needs to be addressed. If you get thirsty or have an itch you need scratched let me know. If I am not here, I will be at least listening. If I hear any of those words or sounds I will come running.

“I’m going to adjust that corset now.” He walked around behind her and looked at the lacing, then untied the tie in the middle of the corset near her waist. He then started pulling the lacing to bring the two sides of the lacing closer together. When he had finished he tied it off and stepped back, “how does that feel?”

Amelia smiled warmly, “Really nice, thank you.”

He walked back to the cupboard, and reached in to grab a pair of matching cuffs to the wrist ones she was wearing, and then a spreader bar. He placed them on the countertop. He then went back to the cupboard and reached into the vibrator section and pulled out a not very large box and put that down next to the cuffs and the bar.

Amelia had been watching with a raised eyebrow.

He pulled out his phone, opened up the screen, and pressed a couple of buttons. A moment later her arms were being pulled up. In a few seconds her arms were fully extended above her, the lifting stopped before her feet began to lift.

She had been watching him. “What’s in the box?”

“A remote controlled egg, do you know what that is? We can talk about that later. Now, would you like your legs restrained? Do you think you might like to have these cuffs and this spreader bar put on?”

“Yes, I know what an egg is. Give me a little while with these wrist cuffs.”

Steven nodded, “So a question comes to mind, have you heard from Stanford yet?”

“You know about that?”

“I know that you are fluent in three languages, I know you had good SAT scores, and that you applied to Stanford.”

“You know a lot. I haven’t heard yet. I am getting a bit nervous. I had hoped to hear before now, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.”

“Did you apply to U.C. Berkeley – Go Bears!”

Amelia started laughing, “What is it with Stanford and Berkeley?”

Laughing, “If you get into Stanford you’ll find out.”

Turning red Amelia quietly asked, “Would you put the cuffs and bar on please?”

Steven grabbed the cuffs & bar and walked over to her. He dropped to his knees and lifted up the cuff of her jeans, and attached the cuff just above her ankle, and then moved to do the same to the other one.

He then started tapping the inside of her right knee. She moved her right foot out. When it was out about a foot and a half he attached the end of the bar to the cuff securing ring with a lock. He started tapping the inside of the left knee, that leg started moving out as well. Shortly the other end of the bar was attached to that side's cuff. “You okay?”

“Hmmmmm ," Amelia had closed her eyes.

“If you decide you might like to try the egg I will release one of your hands so you may put it in place, unless you want me to do it.”

Amelia stood there quietly for about three minutes, then very quietly said, “Would you please put the egg in me.”

Steven opened up the box with the egg, pulling out the black bag inside. He opened the bag, removing both the elongated double balled ended egg and its circular controller. He felt for a button on the side of the egg, and pushed it, the egg vibrated to signal it was activated. He then reached for the remote, and turned on the egg, He held down the “+” button until he felt the egg barely come to life on both the egg, and the vibrating controller. There was a feedback loop so he could feel in his hand what she was feeling. The egg was barely vibrating. He then approached her, making sure she could hear his footsteps. He held the egg up to her face, letting her feel the vibrations against her cheek,

She moaned as she felt the vibrations. With his other hand he reached down and unbuttoned her pants, then he unzipped them slowly. He then slid his hand into the top of her panties and drove it down feeling the top of her pubic hair, continuing he felt for the beginning of her pussy lips. As he slid his finger past her clit to the entrance of her vagina he felt moisture, “You’re really enjoying this ," he said as he felt how wet she was. He wetted the tip of his finger then pulled his hand back to rest on her clit, and rubbed it.

As soon as he touched her clit she let out a deep moan. He continued rubbing until he felt her hips move slightly. He slid his hand back down and slid his finger in her vagina, feeling for the area of her g-spot. He then pulled his hand out of her pants, took the vibrator from his other hand , and slid his hand back in her panties. Reaching down to her vagina, he slowly wetted the egg in her juices before slipping it into her, and pushed it in, trying to estimate where it was so as to position it against her g-spot. When it was in place he pulled his hand out of her pants completely. He then brought his mouth near her ear and whispered, “I think you might need a blindfold.”

Amelia smiled nodding, and moaned happily.

Steven went back to the cupboard , reached in and selected a large leather blindfold with a fleece backing. He walked back over to her, and standing in front of her he set up the blindfold, then said, “Open your eyes.”

She opened her eyes to see the blindfold approaching her face, a minute later it was covering her eyes and tightened down. He stepped back, and then pressed the “+” button of the remote twice, the intensity of the vibrating increased a bit with each push of the remote. This was a special egg that vibrated on one end, and rotated inside of the bulbous other end, she could feel both

It was about a minute later that she moaned slightly and started mildly thrusting her hips. He hit the “+” button again. About a minute after that he hit the power button, which changed the vibrating from a constant vibration to a patterned vibrating so she wouldn’t orgasm. He would switch patterns about every three minutes so she couldn’t get used to any one pattern. He was going to work her up to almost having an orgasm and then see how long he could keep her there. The game was on.

It was five minutes later that Amelia asked, “You aren’t letting me orgasm on purpose, are you?”

“That would be correct. My objective is to keep you as close to having an orgasm as I can without putting you over the edge. It is called ‘Edging’. This brings up another point, when I am in this room with you, you may not have an orgasm without my permission.”

“I have to ask you for an orgasm? Really?”

“Yes. The failure to do so would result in punishment, and you can be sure I will delve into your head, and find out what it is that really bothers you, and then put that to work against you. If I have left the room you can assume you may orgasm, unless I have told you otherwise.”

“May I please have an orgasm?”

“Oh, Amelia,” he said laughingly, “we are just getting started. No.” Amelia responded by growling.

Forty-five minutes later Amelia had progressed from asking to cum, to begging to cum, to pleading to cum.

Steven walked over to the cupboard, stooped down and took out a rectangular box from the bottom of the shelves. He opened it up and took out a small wand massager. He walked over to Amelia, pulled out the top of her panties and stuck the vibrator down to rest on her clit.

Smiling wickedly, he asked, “You need to cum?”

“Yes, please, please let me cum.”

“Okay, her you go.” He turned on the vibrator to maximum, and withdrew his hand leaving the vibrator in place, then zipped up her jeans as far as he could. The vibrator wasn’t going anywhere.

Nine minutes later Amelia was coming down from her fourth orgasm, barely able to stay standing on her own. He reached in her pants and switched the wand off. He bent to his knee and took the bar off. Then he stood, pulled the phone from his pocket. A moment later her wrists descended. He was ready, taking her around the waist in one arm, and reaching up to release both cuffs from the wires from the ceiling with the other. He picked her up and carried her over to the leather covered table and deposited her on it so she could lie down.

He gently removed the blindfold. He then removed the wrist suspension cuffs, and then removed the ankle cuffs. He next moved to her back, and loosened the corset. Finally he went back to her feet and unlaced and removed the high heels on her feet. He then went to pick up her bra, t-shirt and fleece, and returned to put them on the table beside her.

She saw her things now on the table and smiled. “Thank you.”

She rested for about ten minutes then sat up and removed the corset while facing him. She had beautiful perky brown nipples, her breasts were proportionate to her body. She reached for her bra, put that on, followed by her t-shirt.

“So you don’t have a problem with my using this room?”

“When I built this room I was more or less satisfying a personal kink, I never expected to find someone to share it with. If you are comfortable coming here, I am overjoyed in your being here."

“Hmmmmm, something to consider.” She got up, put on her fleece to go. Suddenly the egg in her pussy jumped back to life. “Oops.” She opened up her jeans, reached down in, and pulled out the egg. She walked over to Steven and put it in his hand, smiling mischievously.

He quickly raised his hand and popped it into his mouth. She blushed.

“We are up here till Sunday. Bobbie is working tonight through Friday at the restaurant. May I come back to visit?”

“Of course, if you want some help just say, ‘I want to play’. I’ll hear you and come over; otherwise I’ll leave you to do whatever you decide to do in peace. Just be aware that if you are in this room that I am monitoring what is going on to be sure you are safe. If I am not watching, I can hear you.”

They started towards the door, “Do you want a ride back home?” he asked.

“That might not be a bad Idea, I’m exhausted.” She smelled her armpit, then laughingly said, “and I really need a shower.”

Bobbie had arrived home by the time Steven pulled into the driveway to Bobbie’s and Amelia’s house. As Amelia got out of his car she saw Bobbie looking out her bedroom window.

Amelia opened the door to the house as Bobbie was descending the staircase, “Was that Steven dropping you off?”

Blushing Amelia replied, “Yes.”

“Amelia Szu! You slut!”

“It takes one to know one, slut. Pardon me, I need a shower,” she smiled walking past Bobbie going up the stairs. “I have a feeling this is going to be a summer we may both remember fondly for the rest of our lives.”


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