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The Barn

by Bucky Goldstein

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© Copyright 2020 - Bucky Goldstein - Used by permission

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Continues from

Part 4

It was a delicious memory.

Damn, he thought to himself, here we go. Once he got started he couldn’t stop the video in his head.

Steven was sitting in his home office, he was writing code again. It was a nice early summer evening. The windows were open; there was a slight breeze, a smell in the air that could only happen in the country. It was one of the reasons he had moved out of the city. For many years nights like tonight had been a forgotten memory of his youth, then he had taken a vacation that brought it all back. He had bought this house three years ago, and had moved up to southern Vermont, working remotely, a short while later.

This memory was not of his youth, but rather of a four night stretch of the third week of March earlier that spring. First Amelia had shown up in the barn, then the next night Bobbie had shown up just after 11:30, then Amelia again the following night, and lastly again by Bobbie.

Steven glanced over at his security system monitor. He couldn’t help himself, this had almost become reflexive, starting back the previous summer. Bobbie had changed his life from the beginning, not that he was complaining. He was now working in his office through at least 1:00 in the morning most every night; he never knew when he would be paid a visit, or rather the room in the barn.

The memory of those four nights would probably be with him for the rest of his life. He had two completely different women; Amelia, who was a novice, that was just beginning to get an idea of where her desires were. With Bobbie, on the other hand, he could let his imagination run wild, and she was right there with him - encouraging him.

His eyes returned back to what he was working on. He had been in his office for almost 10 hours today, starting at 11:00 that morning. His work now called it “Steven Time”. There had been a little pushback to begin with, but both the volume and quality of his work had improved. Working uninterrupted from 9:00 PM till at least 1:00 AM most every night over the past summer had carried over to being an almost full time thing.

Steven had first become aware that someone had visited the barn at the end of June the previous summer. He had a collection of vibrators and dildo’s he had put together on one shelf, and a collection of leather restraints on the shelf above. He had spent some time in the barn one day, and when he had come back the next day a set of cuffs he had left at the front of the shelf had been pushed back. He knew this because the set that was in front was one he hadn’t used in weeks.

He took stock of everything, and started placing certain items in specific places on both shelves. Three days later one of the vibrators completely disappeared. Other items were disturbed, but one of the placed vibrators was gone completely. He quickly decided to find out who was visiting his barn. He locked the doors, both from the outside, and to his playroom upstairs. He went online, and after doing some research he started ordering bare bones electronic cameras and sound equipment.

The first cameras were easily placed outside facing the approaches to the barn entrances, front , rear and side.. He hid the cameras such that they were not easily recognized by casually looking for them. It was two days later while quickly going through the overnight recordings that he first saw Bobbie. Upon seeing it was a girl approaching the barn he quickly went online and bought another camera. This was another barebones camera, without a casing, so he could get creative with it’s placement. He didn’t place it next to or above the entrance to the play room, but rather at the other end of the barn, facing the door. The morning after he placed this indoor camera while going through the night's recordings he had caught Bobbie’s approach to the barn, and then she appeared on the second floor and immediately went to the locked door of the playroom. Bingo! He had quickly ordered three more cameras for inside his kinky room, one from above, and one each at either side of the room. These were again housingless cameras, so he could be inventive in how he placed them so as not to be easily recognizable.

Steven still smiled whenever he remembered watching Bobbie go into the room for the first time. Her stealthy approach to the barn. Her slow quiet approach to the kinky room door, and upon getting to the kinky room cupboard going full blown kink. She put on leather items confidently, and with no hesitation. He had a visitor who was pretty, and appeared to be as interested in bondage as he was.

Bobbie had arrived about 11:30 the night after Amelia’s first visit, she had gone directly to the room in the barn, taken off her hat, gloves and coat, then sat on her table and said, “I want to play." What had ensued over the next hour and a half, first attached naked to the St. Andrews Cross as he had slowly but effectively reddened her skin from mid thigh to collar with a flogger, a crop and a cane, at the same time being careful not to mark her, nor harm any internal organs. He had then attached to her table and kept her on edge for almost an hour, followed by watching her body stress against her bonds as he ripped the orgasms from her one after another, an experience he would not soon forget.

When she had returned back two nights later, again saying she wanted to play - he had been prepared. He had first attached her wrists to the hanging suspension wrist cuffs, and then stripped her bare. He then pulled her hair back into a ponytail centered in the back of her head, the ponytail tied tightly against her head with a short leather shoe lace, to which three very long leather laces had been attached with clove hitch knots centered on the long laces. He separated her hair into three strands, and proceeded to braid the hair with one pair each of the doubled laces incorporated into each of the long strands of hair. When done he was left with a very effective tether for her head. He had dropped down to the floor to attach ankle cuffs and finally wrist cuffs to her wrists once he had taken off the suspension cuffs. He led her over to her table and told her to get up on it on her back. He had gone to the cupboard and retrieved a spreader bar.

First he had attached the bar to the ankle cuffs, then told her to lift her legs up so she could place her feet flat on the table top. Once she had done this he attached her wrist cuffs to the bar as well. She was now almost immobilized. He then manhandled her body so she was positioned across the 36” width of the table with her head hanging over the side. He smiled mischievously as he took the leather laces extending from her ponytail and threaded them through an adjustable eye bolt hanging down from the edge of the table. He then pulled the strings across to the other side of the table and then back up and attached them up to the center of the spreader bar. She was now most effectively attached to the table, and even more so it was a predicament where moving her legs would only tighten her head to the eye bolt under the table. He had then spent the next hour licking, pinching, sucking, pulling, fingering and rubbing her nipples, clit and vagina without letting her cum.

Bobbie had been overjoyed to see him come into view, take his pants off and approach the table.

He watched her smile deeply and lick her lips as the head of his dick approached her mouth. He stopped with his dick barely touching her lips. Her mouth opened and her tongue extended out and aggressive swirled around the tip, as she strained to get it into her mouth.

“What would you have me do?” he had asked her.

“Fuck my mouth, while you make me cum over and over," she had replied without hesitation.

Moving forward to apply the large wand in his hand to her clit, he had happily obliged.

 …Amelia was trying to figure out if she was jealous or disgusted, or perhaps both. She had been sitting in the dining room of their house in Vermont. Their Prom had been last night, she and Bobbie’s group of friends had started making plans to come up almost a month ago. They had all dressed up, attired as they had been the night before, for dinner, which had started over three hours before. It appeared two of them were now upstairs and most likely no longer wearing any clothing.

The squeaking from the bedroom above had started two minutes before. Someone, probably Jenny and Bernie, were upstairs screwing in the room above the dining room. The problem was that that room was hers! Someone was screwing on, or maybe in, her bed. She had to get out of here!

She walked into the living room to find a game of spin the bottle going on. This was crazy. This group had been friends since the beginning of Freshman year of High School – a few of them much longer, they pushed each other academically. The thing was that they were also there for each other as well, if one of them was having problems, one or more of the others stepped in to help them. They often studied together in the cafeteria.

Amelia was in search of Bobbie, she wasn’t in the living room, maybe in the den. She crossed the hallway to the den and opened the door. Paula and Jake were well into the running in the competition for the “who would be the next couple to head upstairs." Paula’s bra was draped over the back of the sofa, Jake's hand was in the top of her gown, which appeared to be unzipped to her waist. Amelia rolled her eyes and closed the door. She turned towards the kitchen.

Amelia found Bobbie in the kitchen, two couples having what appeared to be a casual conversation about food. Amelia spoke in Mandarin, “I’m bored and a little horny, I think I’m going to go over to the barn. Will you be okay?”

Bobbie smiled, and looked out the window, and replied also in Mandarin, “It’s dusk, you had better hurry if you’re going to make it before it gets too dark. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Amelia laughed, “yeah, right!”

“As a suggestion, switch out of those heels into your runners, it will make the trip through the woods that much more comfortable.”

“Good Idea,” Amelia spun and went to the front hallway to switch shoes.

15 minutes later Amelia walked into the kinky room in the barn. She sat down on the table Bobbie liked so much, and looked to where she knew a camera was and smiled, “I want to play.”

Steven had seen Amelia approach through the trees. To say he was surprised to see her dressed the way she was would be a massive understatement. He saw the gown she was wearing, and immediately smiled, she was dressed for her prom. He rolled over to the security system computer and unlocked the doors for both the barn and the kinky room. He thought for a moment then got up and headed for his bedroom. He was going to meet her surprise with one of his own.

It was almost 10 minutes before she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She had begun to think Steven wasn’t at home.

Amelia’s eyebrows rose as Steven walked in wearing a tux. “But of course, you own your own tux.”

“Will wonders never cease?” Holding out his hand, “May I have this dance?”

“Um, don’t we need music?”

Steven reached into his inside chest pocket and pulled out two pairs of wireless earbuds. He handed her a set.

As she fitted the first plug into her ear she heard a Strauss Waltz playing. Amelia smiled widely, then frowned. “I love your choice of music, but do you know how to dance to this?”

Steve said nothing as he fitted in his second bud, and waited for her to finish putting in her second. As soon as she had the second bud in place, Steven raised his hands up, and waited for her to respond in kind. A few seconds later Amelia flowed into his arms and smiled again. Steven waited a few seconds for her to settle herself.

It took just five steps for Amelia to be amazed. Steven knew how to waltz, well!

As they moved around the floor Amelia’s smile grew even broader. “How do you know how to waltz?” she asked in wonder.

“Tenth grade of high school a couple of us ‘nerds’ decided to broaden our horizons. We tried out for the school fall theatre musical, which just happened to be ‘My Fair Lady’. I made the cut for the chorus. When I told my mom I was in the play, and that we were going to learn how to waltz, she took it one step further. She signed me up for dancing lessons at a dance studio that did both ballet and ballroom dancing.

“In my second week of dance classes I arrived early to the studio. The owner of the studio’s daughter, who was a year behind me at another school, was sitting at the front desk trying to do her math homework. I looked at what she was doing and said, ‘oh, that’s fun.’ She looked up at me, she was gorgeous, and said to me sternly, ‘you’re joking, right?’ She was not amused.

“I said no, and asked her if she wanted some help. It was twenty minutes before class. When her father saw me sitting with her he was not amused, he was used to seeing boys hit on his daughter. I saw the expression on his face, as he came over I said , ‘uh oh.’ Nathalie saw her dad, and smiled up at him, ‘It’s okay daddy, he’s helping me with my math homework.’

“Every class after that I arrived early, and helped Nathalie with her homework. Her father was skeptical until a parent/teacher meeting a month later, both her math and science teachers asked what had happened with Nathalie? She had appeared to have been struggling in both subjects, then all in a sudden she was asking questions, engaged in the classes, and she was now acing her quizzes and also the last test. Whatever had happened, they encouraged her parents to keep it up. Her father told me about this just before I graduated from high school.

“Natalie and I became best friends, then some of my nerd friends at her school found out that we were hanging out. Nathalie found herself being welcomed into the nerd circles of her school, which also helped encourage her involvement in math and science.

“Then I had to study Shakespeare, and Nathalie and a couple of her friends returned the favor. They helped me in the humanities, and me and my friends helped them in the maths and sciences. We became a team of friends helping and encouraging each other.

“About five weeks into my dance lessons, Nathalie decided to join the class as my partner, her father wasn’t quite happy. With Nathalie as my partner I began to understand the little things that make the whole. I can assure you that she loved to dance, and had benefited from both of her parents being dance instructors. What was supposed to have been a semester of dance extended into something more, especially when her grades came in at the end of that semester, she had gotten her first As in Math and Science.

“Her father took me aside at the end of the dance lessons and said that he would waive the class fees if I would continue to help his daughter. Thus began a friendship that has lasted to this day. She was my date to my Prom, and the first girl I ever slept with. She is a pediatric surgeon, and now married with two kids. I know she made me a better person, and I would like to think I had the same effect on her.”

“So she was a dancer?”

“Nathalie? She still is, she got into Columbia pre-med, but also managed to fit in some night time dance courses at Julliard. She spent two years after Columbia with the San Francisco Ballet, before being accepted into UCSF Med School. Which if you are going the med school route, it is one heck of a good med school.”

They had been dancing for almost twenty minutes when the first notes of “The Blue Danube” came through their ear buds. Amelia threw her head back and laughed. As the music began after the intro, they both began to dance with a flourish, Amelia’s grin getting ever bigger as the music and their dancing progressed. Steven obviously knew the music, and she responded to his every move as he led her with authority. Amelia closed her eyes.

When the music ended Amelia pulled out the ear buds. She looked into his eyes and kissed him. “Thank you. You have just fulfilled one of my bucket list items. To dance to The Blue Danube with someone who knows what they are doing. I thought I wasn’t going to fulfill that one until I visited Vienna, if ever.”

She looked up at Steven questioningly, “would you help me fulfill another fantasy of mine?”

“Your wish is my command," Steven replied happily.

Amelia stepped back from Steven and walked over to the cupboard to fetch a set of wrist cuffs. She walked back to Steven and said, “here, put these on," she said, handing them to him.

With a quizzical look on his face Steven took his coat off, then unbuttoned his shirt cuffs, and then quickly applied the cuffs on each wrist.

Amelia led him over to Bobbie’s table and told him to lay down on his back. Amelia moved to the other end of the table and placed both of his wrist cuffs securing rings in the slots in the table.

“I want you to imagine that your wrists are securely locked to this table.” Steven smiled.

Amelia moved back to the other end of the table, and unbuckled his pants. He was set up on the table so his legs below his knees were hanging over the edge. In no time his pants and underwear were on the floor, and Amelia took his cock in her right hand and pumped it happily. It was already hard. A moment later Amelia climbed up on the table, she kept climbing until she was standing on the table. She moved to stand astride Steven’s hips, and lowered herself down. When she was down on her knees she reached behind her, pulled up her gown to grab his cock, rubbed its head in her very wet slit, then continued sitting down. She didn’t stop until she was fully impaled.

Steven smiled up at her, “you aren’t wearing underwear.”

Amelia smiled back mischievously and giggled, “Oops, the secret is out. This gown is the only thing I have been wearing for the past,” she looked at her watch, “26 hours. I’ve been feeling progressively more naughty. I’ve been thinking about being in just this position for the past week.”

She then slowly raised herself up until only the head of his cock was inside her, then slowly sat down again. The smile on her face grew, “Prepare yourself, this may take a little while.”

Amelia slowly rode him thus for the next five minutes, then began to pick up speed. Eventually she switched from raising herself by the legs to leaning herself over him on her hands , which were either side of his chest. She then started progressing from using her legs to lift herself to thrusting her hips, still picking up speed. Eventually she let out a deep moan as she achieved her first orgasm.

As Steven realized she was cumming he lifted his arms off the table, and continued rising until he was sitting up, her still sitting on his dick, and held her as the orgasm swept over her. He waited until she had settled back down, all the while taking off the cuffs he was wearing. When she was done he took the first of the cuffs and attached it to her right wrist, then did the same with her left wrist.

“You ready for round two? I’ve been fantasizing about something with you.”

Amelia blushed, “I’m in one of your fantasies?”

Steven smiled back warmly, “oh, more than one.” Amelia giggled and blushed deeper.

Steven slid off the table with Amelia still impaled, then lifted her by the waist off of him, and lowered her to the floor. Taking her by the hand he led her over to a rope hanging down from the ceiling and attached both cuffs to the snap ring at the end of it. He went back to the table and retrieved his phone from his jacket pocket and a moment later her arms were rising up. He stopped the rope before it started lifting her off her feet.

Steven then walked behind her and undid the hook at the top of the zipper of her gown. He then took a hold of the zipper of her gown, and slowly pulled it down. The gown was form fitting all of the way down to the top of her hips, so it stayed in place until the zipper got to almost hip level. As the dress started to drop off her he let the zipper go. In the next moment the gown was in a pile at her feet, and she was completely naked, save for the shoes on her feet.

He reached around from behind her and softly grabbed her breasts. He fondled her, slowly ending up with both of her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers at which point he squeezed and pulled at the same time. Her back arched, and in a moment she made a sharp inhaling of breath between her teeth. He wasn’t squeezing very hard. She appeared to have a low pain threshold. He released both nipples and then slid his right hand slowly down her torso, he felt Amelia shiver as his hand approached her pubic hair.

Steven couldn’t see it, but Amelia was squeezing her eyes closed, and biting her upper lip. His fingers moved through her pubic hair approaching the top of her pussy, her breath caught. His fingers finally got to the top of her pussy, continued moving another ¼” and stopped on a ball. Amelia moaned.

“What?” came Steven’s surprised voice. “Amelia, you little minx. When did you get this?” he asked playfully as his finger played with the newly found adornment. Amelia moaned again as she tried to close her legs and pivot away from his touch, “I’m so sensitive!"

“I got it in New York the night before Good Friday. I had been thinking of getting one for the past year, and had done lots of research. I found a place in Manhattan that specialized in genital piercings, and went in to have it done right after school the first night of Easter Vacation. They even had a large selection of different length curved barbells so it would fit just right. No one knows about it, except now you.”

“So it’s almost two months old. Any problems?”

“Other than driving me crazy for the first day or so, no. I had a hard time sleeping that first night. I eventually had to rely on masturbating to help get me to sleep. Eventually the stimulation subsided as my body got used to it, but from time to time it lets me know it’s there. My first school dance a couple of weeks ago was a surprise, I had changed out the top ball for a door-knocked ball. I almost had an orgasm while dancing from the stimulation of the knocker while I kept pace to the music. It was kind of embarrassing, as I got progressively wetter while dancing with my friends.”

“Well this changes everything for this evening, prepare yourself, we are going to explore this new device in depth.” Amelia said nothing, just smiled rather sheepishly.

Steven released her from the two wrist cuffs, and led her over to the reclining chair, in short order he had strapped her arms and legs. Her legs were spread wide, completely exposing her hairy pussy. It was when he strapped down first her waist, and then her neck that the shivering began in earnest.

“Okay, Amelia. What do you say if you need everything to stop?”

Amelia stopped shivering and smiled, “Red."

“And if you need me to check in with you?”

Amelia’s smile grew wider, “yellow or mercy.”

Steven turned from her and walked over to the cupboard and started pulling out a combination of vibrators and dildos of all sizes, and a bottle of lube, placing them all in a wheeled cart which was next to the cupboard. Once he had the items he wanted he then pushed the cart back over to Amelia, and then fetched a wheeled garage stool of the kind that would be used in an auto repair shop and wheeled that over between her outstretched legs and sat down.

Amelia looked down at Steven with a look somewhere between lust and dread as he smiled up at her and said, “lets see how you react to various forms of stimulation.”

Over the next hour Steven rubbed, squeezed, patted, penetrated, vibrated and stroked Amelia into a quivering mess, all without her having an orgasm. Then he stood up, grabbed the small wand vibrator, and first impaled himself in her, then turned on the vibrator to its lowest setting and touched it to the top ball of the barbell, the vibrations transmitting through the length of the barbell directly to her clit. If she could have, Amelia would have arched her back. A minute and a half later her hips were thrusting of their own accord as she frantically reached her first orgasm, Steven increased the intensity of the wand yet again, Amelia screamed “FUCK." This was quickly followed by two more, Steven reached his peak on the third.

Once Steven had finished cumming, he stepped back, he moved the cart back to the cupboard, and left it there – he would clean everything and replace them in the cupboard later.

He turned to Amelia, “let me know when you are ready, and I’ll drive you home.”

Amelia smiled sheepishly, “Umm, would it be possible for me to spend the night here? When I left the house someone was screwing in my bed.”

Steven laughed, “interesting party. Sure, you want to spend the night with me, or do you need a bed to yourself?” He walked over and started releasing her, starting with her neck.

“I hadn’t considered spending the night with you. I’m going to need a shower, and clean this piercing.”

“Okay, let’s get you over to the house, and you can decide what you want to do from there.” He had released her arms, and had moved to her legs. “Did you leave your pubic hair on to hide the top barbell?”

Amelia blushed, “Yeah, I still had to take showers at school for gym class. I got the smallest sized balls for the barbell, which I use on days for gym. The hair hides it just fine, no one has any idea it’s there. Then after the shower I go to pee and clean up the piercing. I had planned it out very carefully before getting it done.”

“I knew I didn’t want to get it this fall, as I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford the possible distraction of it being new at University.” She smiled, “I did get into Stanford, Bobbie is going to Tufts by the way.”

Steven smiled, “Congratulations. You’re going to have a great time, even if you are going to the wrong school – Go Bears!”

Amelia laughed, shaking her head as she got herself out of the chair, and slowly walked over to her dress, stepped into it, and pulled it up. She pulled up the zipper as far as she could, while Steven put on his pants and slipped into his shoes. He then led her out of the room back to the house, offering his arm for the walk between the barn and house. Once inside he led her upstairs and into the guest room, and on to the bathroom. “Here’s a shower, towels are hanging up. You're welcome to stay in here for the night if you like. My room is at the end of the hall.”

Steven awoke the next morning to Amelia slipping into his bed about 6:30, she was naked. A minute later she had his cock in her mouth as she lifted her leg to straddle his face. A short while later she crawled down his torso, rubbed the head of his dick in her wet opening, and sat down.

A short while later Amelia found herself with her wrists tied together, attached to the beds headboard, her knees near her chest as Steven pounded into her, Amelia exclaiming, “Yes, faster, harder!”

Twenty minutes later, a freshly showered Steven was in the kitchen having already started the morning’s coffee. He was just setting up pans on the stove for bacon and eggs, when he saw Bobbie drive by the kitchen window and stop.

“Amelia, Bobbie just drove up," he yelled up the stairs.

“I hope she brought me a change of clothes! I have nothing to wear except my gown.”

A minute later Bobbie approached the house wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals, carrying a backpack in her hand.

A smiling Steven opened the door to the Kitchen as Bobbie approached, ”She’s upstairs in the guest room to the right. I think she’s just gotten out of the shower. I let her know you were here when I saw you drive up. She’s hoping you have a change of clothes for her,” he said nodding at the day pack in her hand.

He watched Bobbie leave the kitchen headed for the stairs, and a moment heard her call, “Amelia?” as she climbed the stairs

“I’m in here," he heard Amelia’s voice reply.

Bobbie returned to the kitchen a minute later, as she walked in he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Have you had breakfast, I’m making eggs and bacon? If you drink coffee there is a fresh pot brewing,” he said, nodding at the pot.

“Two eggs over easy and three bacon, please. Where are your mugs?”

“In the cupboard above the pot, there’s half and half in the fridge.” Steven watched admiringly as Bobbie spun and shifted to open the fridge to get the bottle on the door next to a jug of milk.

“I’m an early riser; most everyone back at the house is still asleep. I realized Amelia had left in her gown but no change of clothes, so I thought I’d better get her a change.” Booby sat down at a counter chair as Steven served her a plate with the eggs and bacon she had asked for.

Eight minutes later Bobbie was finishing her meal as Amelia walked into the kitchen. Amelia was dressed in loose fitting jeans, a t-shirt and her runners, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She sat down in front of a plate of eggs and bacon as Bobbie was getting up. Bobbie took her plate and cutlery over to the sink and placed them in, running water enough to cover the plate. She turned to Steven and Amelia and said, “I’ll be over in the barn." She tossed the keys to her car to Amelia.

Bobbie walked over to the barn and up into the kinky room. She walked in and walked over to the cupboard, pulling out her key to unlock it.

She bent down and first considered the boxes at the bottom of the cupboard, and after a moment’s hesitation she started opening them to see what was inside.

For the most part the boxes contained glass dildo’s, vibrators and Kegel exercisers. One box contained a large wireless wand. The one that caught Bobbie by surprise was a box in the back bottom corner that contained a steel cock cage, three different sized cock rings and a lock. Bobbie inspected it, tested the keys in the lock, and then put the whole contraption back in its box and placed it on the counter. She pocketed the keys. She went back to her exploration of the cupboard.

She was finishing her exploration when Steven walked in.

Bobbie went to the box on the counter. She opened it and, pulling out the cock cage, asked, “Have you ever worn this?”

“Yeah, a couple of times. I wanted to see what it would feel like.”

“What’s with the different sized rings?”

“The idea is to put on the smallest sized ring that will be tight but comfortable for extended periods of time. I can get the smallest one on, but for long term use it folds over skin and pinches. The middle ring is best for me. Once the cage is attached to the post on the cock ring, one’s balls are trapped, there is no getting out until the lock is removed.

Smiling mischievously Bobbie asked, “would you put it on for me?”


“Yeah, put it on, while I go to the bathroom before we get started. Oh, and I have the keys! The more you play with me, the more frustrated you’ll get. It’ll be fun when we take it off.” Steven started unzipping his pants as Bobbie walked out of the room.


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